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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 23581

Chapter 23581 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Sebeok, T.A. ., 1969:
Semiotics and ethology

Golbach, R., 1970:
Semiotinae, neuva subfamilia de Elateridae(Col.)

Williamson, K.; Alexander, H.G., 1957:
Semipalmated Sandpiper at Fair Isle : a bird new to Scotland

Votier, Steve., 2002:
Semipalmated sandpiper at Uyeasound: second for SBC area, third Shetland record

Harrison, J.G.; Chapman, E.; Meikle, A., 1968:
Semipalmated sandpiper in Kent

Buck, W.F.A.G.eenland, A.J.; Harrison, J.G.; Scott, R.E., 1966:
Semipalmated sandpiper in Kent and the problem of identification

Phillips, AR., 1975:
Semipalmated sandpiper: identification, migrations, summer and winter ranges

Dai, J.Y.; LeBlanc, M.; Kooperberg, C., 2008:
Semiparametric estimation exploiting covariate independence in two-phase randomized trials

Zeng, D.; Lin, D.Y., 2008:
Semiparametric transformation models with random effects for joint analysis of recurrent and terminal events

Askeland Bjorn; Hobaek Halvor; Mjelde Rolf, 2008:
Semiperiodic chirp sequences reduce autocorrelation side lobes of pulsed signals

Short, J.W.; Springman, K.R.; Lindeberg, M.R.; Holland, L.G.; Larsen, M.L.; Sloan, C.A.; Khan, C.; Hodson, P.V.; Rice, S.D., 2008:
Semipermeable membrane devices link site-specific contaminants to effects: PART II - A comparison of lingering Exxon Valdez oil with other potential sources of CYP1A inducers in Prince William Sound, Alaska

Charlestra, L.; Courtemanch, D.L.; Amirbahman, A.; Patterson, H., 2008:
Semipermeable membrane device (SPMD) for monitoring PCDD and PCDF levels from a paper mill effluent in the Androscoggin River, Maine, USA

Kathrine, R.S.ringman; Jeffrey, W.S.ort; Mandy, R.L.ndeberg; Jacek, M.M.selko; Colin Khan; Peter, V.H.dson; Stanley, D.R.ce, 2008:
Semipermeable membrane devices link site-specific contaminants to effects: Part 1 - induction of cyp1a in rainbow trout from contaminants in prince william sound, Alaska

Anonymous, 2007:
Semiquantitative antiglobulin method for the determination of C3 and C4 complement components

Costa Lima, A.; Guitton, N., 1962:
Semirhytus anthurii, novo micro-himenoptero galicola (Braconidae, Rogadinae)

Ewaze, J.O.; Summerbell, R.C.; Scott, J.A., 2008:
Semiselective isolation of the ethanol-imbibing sooty mould Baudoinia of distillery aging warehouses

Kenneth,; Ponminor, S.K.mar; Victor Kuete; Gabriel, N.F.lefoc; Ephriam, A.N.engfack; Sundarababu Baskaran, 2008:
Semisynthesis and antitumoral activity of 2-acetylfuranonaphthoquinone and other naphthoquinone derivatives from Lapachol

Spiller, GA.; Amen, RJ., 1975:
Semisynthetic diets for adult Macaca nemestrina

Borisova, AE., 1972:
Semisynthetic medium for rearing the codling moth

Anonymous, 2008:
Semisynthology ”a pathway to probing protein function

Vachard, D.; Mouravieff, N., 1994:
Semiteatulariina new taxa (Foraminifera) from the French-Belgium Frasnian

Abe, W.; Takeda, M., 2005:
Semiterrestrial tardigrades from the Tokiwamatsu Imperial Villa, Tokyo, Japan

Sobat, M.R., 1966:
Semitextularia thomasi Miller and Carmer (Foram.) aus dem Wissenbacher Schiefer (Eifel-Stufe) von Meggen im Sauerland (Rheinisches Schiefergebirge)

Pokorny, V., 1956:
Semitextulariidae, a new family of Foraminifera

Kazubski, S.L., 1961:
Semitrichodina convexa sp. n. (Urceolariidae) from land snail Oochlodina laminata (Mont.)

Kazubski, S.L., 1958:
Semitrichodina gen. nov. sphaeronuclea (Lorn, 1956) (Peritricha-Urceslariidae) in Schistophallus orientalis Cless. (Pulmonata-Zonitidae) in Poland

Pyrcz Michael, J.; Deutsch Clayton, V., 2006:
Semivariogram models based on geometric offsets

Charles, J.W.schler; William, W.N.zaroff, 2008:
Semivolatile organic compounds in indoor environments

Koehler, G.; Samietz, J., 2006:
Semivoltine Entwicklung der Waldgrille, Nemobius sylvestris (Bosc.), an ihrem mitteldeutschen Arealrand

Anonymous, 2008:
Semliki Forest Virus: A Probe for Membrane Traffic in the Animal Cell

Popescu, V.; Banarescu, P., 1960:
Semnalarea lui Benthophiloides brauneri (Pisces, Gobiidae) in delta Dunarii

Rusu, A., 1972:
Semnalarea unui nivel cu Nucula comta in bazinul Transilvaniei si implicatiile lui stratigrafice

Ceuca, T., 1967:
Semnalari de noi diplopode in fauna Romaniei

Spengel, J.W., 1897:
Semon's Schilderung des Mesonephros von Myxine

Weismann, August., 1906:
Semons Mneme urd die Vererbung erworbener Eigenschaften.

Bergh, R., 1904:
Semper's Reisen im Archipel der Philippinen

Kobelt, W.; Winter, G.C., 1912:
Semper, Reisen im Archipel der Philippinen Wissenschaftl

Molander, A.R., 1922:
Semperina parvisplculosa n. sp., eine neue Art von Juan Fernandez

Volta, A.; Dalla., 1926:
Semplice procedimento di dimostrazione degli elementi cuticolari delle formazione pilifere

Ivanov, M.A.; Head, J.W., 2007:
Semuni Dorsa; an extinct zone of convergence, underthrusting and subduction on Venus?

Forsius, R., 1911:
Sen aggkull af Scolopax rusticola.

von Haartman, L., 1976:
Sen ankomst av bastardnaktergal Hippolais icterina

Barth, E.K., 1963:
Sen fodsel av reinkalv

Persson, T., 1974:
Sen hackning av hussvala Delichon urbica

Vaernbo, H., 1973:
Sen yngleforekomst af mursejler (Apus apus)

Kuroda, N., 1917:
Sen-Man san honyurui no shosaishubutsu ni tsuite.

Rangnow, H., 1925:
Sen. Beitrage zur Biologie einiger Noctuiden und uber vermeintliche oder wirkliche Schadigkeit ihrer Rail pen

Standfuss, M., 1913:
Sen. Einiges aus Wespen und Hummelstaaten, verglichen mit den entsprechenden Lebenserscheinungen im Bienenstock

Tullgren, A., 1915:
Senapsbaggen. (Phaedon cochleariae Fabr.) jamte nagra andra skadedjur pa pepparrot och deras bekampande

Anonymous, 2006:
Senckenberg Forschung fuer die Zukunft

Struve, W., 1977:
Senckenberg Nachrichten, Roman Kozlowski t

Anon., 1939:
Senckenberg steht auf dem Posten

Jung, Rudolf., 1909:
Senckenberg und seine Stiftung

Prevelige, P.E., 2008:
Send for reinforcements! Conserved binding of capsid decoration proteins

Yabe, H., 1928:
Sendai and Matsushima. Excursion to Matsushima and Sendai; geological guide

Suzuki, H.; Kurooka, M.; Hiroaki, Y.; Fujiyoshi, Y.; Kaneda, Y., 2008:
Sendai virus F glycoprotein induces IL-6 production in dendritic cells in a fusion-independent manner

María D.G.rcía-Pedrajas; Marina Nadal; Michael Bölker; Scott, E.G.ld; Michael, H.P.rlin, 2008:
Sending mixed signals: redundancy vs. uniqueness of signaling components in the plant pathogen, Ustilago maydis

Katherine, J.Curtis White, 2008:
Sending or receiving stations? The dual influence of railroads in early 20th-century Great Plains settlement

Patrick, M.Stephanie., 2008:
Sending the right message: how ADA's public policy workshop can work for you and nutrition policy in America

Hallgrimsson, G.T.or; Summers, R.W.; Etheridge, B., 2005:
Sendlingar merktir a Islandi finnast i V-Evropu

Bryk, F., 1950:
Sendschreiben an Herrn Pfarrer Dr. Otto Klein-schmidt uber Vogel, Schmetterlinge, Linne und die Museologie

Juday, C., 1925:
Senecella calanoides a recently described fresh-water Copepod

Correa, A., M.R.; Bezerra-Junior, P., S.; Pavarini, S., P.; Santos, A., S.; Sonne, L.; Zlotowski, P.; Gomes, G.; Driemeier, D., 2008:
Senecio brasiliensis (Asteraceae) poisoning in Murrah buffaloes in Rio Grande do Sul

Anonymous, 2006:
Senecio glandulifer (Senecioneae, Asteraceae): a new species from northwest Argentina

Poole, H.S., 1915:
Senecio jacobaea and Callimorpha jacobaea (the cattle-killing ragwort and the cinnabar moth)

Anonymous, 2008:
Senecio pondoensis (Asteraceae), a new cliff-dwelling species from the Mzamba River Gorge, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Minot, C.S., 1891:
Senescence and Rejuvenation

Rao, H.S., 1936:
Senescence and death in Invertebrate Animals

Jennings, H.S., 1943:
Senescence and death in Protozoa and Inverte-brates

Anonymous, 2007:
Senescence and liquid accumulation of forage

Martinez, Daniel, E., 2002:
Senescence and rejuvenation in asexual metazoans

Inagaki, H., 1972:
Senescence dans la croissance chez le male de Littorina saxatilis var. rudis (Olivi), mollusque gasteropode, mise en evidence par la regression sexuelle et la diminution de l ' intensite respiratoire

Inagaki, H., 1973:
Senescence du male de Littorina saxatilis var. rudls (Olivi), mollusque gasteropode: transformation morphologique quantitati ve et variation du taux de calcium de la coquille

Berreur-Bonnenfant, J.; Inagaki, H., 1970:
Senescence du mile de Ligia oceanica (L. ) crustace isopode

Gabritschevsky, E., 1928:
Senescence embryonnaire, rajeunissement et determinisme des formes larvaires de Miastor metraloas (Cecidomyidae, Diptera)

Martinus Jacobus Antonius Weterings; Suzanne Maria Weterings-Schonck; Henricus Franciscus Maria Vester; Sophie Calmé, 2008:
Senescence of Manilkara zapota trees and implications for large frugivorous birds in the Southern Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Krizhanovsky, V.; Yon, M.; Dickins, R.A.; Hearn, S.; Simon, J.; Miething, C.; Yee, H.; Zender, L.; Lowe, S.W., 2008:
Senescence of activated stellate cells limits liver fibrosis

Gray, J., 1931:
Senescence of spermatozoa, II

Ananieva, K.; Ananiev, Eéni.D.; Doncheva, S.; Georgieva, K.; Tzvetkova, N.; Kamínek, M.; Motyka, Václav.; Dobrev, P.; Gajdosová, S.; Malbeck, J., 2008:
Senescence progression in a single darkened cotyledon depends on the light status of the other cotyledon in Cucurbita pepo (zucchini) seedlings: potential involvement of cytokinins and cytokinin oxidase/dehydrogenase activity

Young, A.P.; Kaelin, W.G., 2008:
Senescence triggered by the loss of the VHL tumor suppressor

Sykorova, B.; Kuresova, G.; Daskalova, S.; Trckova, M.; Hoyerova, K.; Raimanova, I.; Motyka, V.; Travnickova, A.; Elliott, M.C.; Kaminek, M., 2008:
Senescence-induced ectopic expression of the A. tumefaciens ipt gene in wheat delays leaf senescence, increases cytokinin content, nitrate influx, and nitrate reductase activity, but does not affect grain yield

Green, M.R., 2008:
Senescence: not just for tumor suppression

Cláudia Neto; Corina Carranca; Josué Clemente, 2009:
Senescent leaf decomposition in a Mediterranean pear orchard

Wiedersheim, R., 1899:
Senescenza filogenetica

Polyakova, TA.; Kirin, MP., 2005:
Senga sharpiloi sp. nov. (Cestoda: Ptychobothriidae) - a new cestode species from Channa micropeltes (Pisces: Channidae) from Singapore

Roth, P.; CJ., 1956:
Senil d'action de la tetraiododes-aminothyronine sur la nietamorphose des tetards de Rana temporaria L

Konzhukova, E.D., 1964:
Senile individual of a melosaur from the Upper Permian of Vjatka

Kircher, H.W.; Heed, W.B.; Russell, J.S.; Grow, J., 1967:
Senita cactus alkaloids: their significance to Sonoran desert Drosophila ecology

Mertens, R., 1972:
Senkrecht-ovale Pupillen bei Taggeckos und Skinken

Eyndhoven, G.; Lvan., 1952:
Sennertia cerambycina in Nederland (Acar.)

Lang, A., 1898:
Sennett's Nighthawk (Chordeiles virginianus. sennetti) at Madison, Minn

Anonymous, 2007:
Sennoside content in senna leaves and pods as influenced by growth and nutrition

Anonymous, 2004:
Senojo Vilniaus universiteto geologines kolekcijos Ignoto Jakovickio katalogo analizes pagrindu

Jessen, A.; Odum, H., 1923:
Senon og Danien ved Voxlev. Danmarks geol

Housa, V.; Spinar, Z.V., 1962:
Senonian conchostracans (conchostraca) from South Bohemia

Ponton Maurizio, 2005:
Senonian extensional tectonics in the Montasio Group (southeastern Alps)

Milovanovic, B., 1951:
Senonska transgresija u okolini Beograda .

Dedic, L., 1966:
Senonske facije na podrucjima sela Dobrodoljana and Crnoljeve

Pozaryski, W., 1938:
Senonstratigraphie im Durchbruch der weichsel zwischen Rachow und Putawy in Mittelpolen.

Chapman, F.M., 1940:
Senor Sparrow

Simintzis, G.; Fiasson, S., 1950:
Senotainia tricuspis Meig., parasite larvaire de l'abeille adulte (Apis mellifica)

Shikama, T., 1954:
Senryuemys kikarai, gen. and sp. nov., a new terrapin from the Oligo Miocene of North Kyusya

Millot, J., 1946:
Sens chimiques et sens visuel chez les Araignees

Pieron, H., 1909:
Sens de l'orientation et memoire topographique de la patelle

Buytendijk, F.J.J., 1921:
Sens de localisation et acquisition d'habitudes chez les oiseaux

Pieron, H., 1936:
Sens du temps et horloge chimique de l'abeille a l'homme

Matsakis, J.; Petit, G., 1957:
Sens et etendue des variations de la forme du corps chez Idotea viridis, isopode valvifere

Heusser, H., 1972:
Sensation am Froschteich: Quaken da nur Bastarde?

Anonymous, 2002:
Sensation im Bernstein!

Litvin, S.W., 2008:
Sensation seeking and its measurement for tourism research

Graeme Galloway; Richard Mitchell; Don Getz; Geoffrey Crouch; Ben Ong, 2008:
Sensation seeking and the prediction of attitudes and behaviours of wine tourists

Lepp, A.; Gibson, H., 2008:
Sensation seeking and tourism: tourist role, perception of risk and destination choice

Agrusa, J.F.; Maples, G.; Kitterlin, M.; Tanner, J.R., 2007:
Sensation seeking, culture, and the valuation of experiential services

Anonymous, 2007:
Sensation-targeted motor control: Every spike counts? Focus on: Whisker movements evoked by stimulation of single motor neurons in the facial nucleus of the rat

Wernicke, K., 1977:
Sensationelle Adlerbeobachtung auf Scharhorn

Kallweit, Silvia, 2005:
Sensationelle Entdeckung im Regenwald von Papua-Neuguinea - Eine wohl neue, fischfangende Spinne

de Grahl, W., 1976:
Sensationelle Lorizuchtungen

Ramachandran, V.S.; Rogers-Ramachandran, D., 2008:
Sensations referred to a patient's phantom arm from another subjects intact arm: perceptual correlates of mirror neurons

Reijnders, P.; Brasseur, S.; Abt, K.; Sibert, U.; Tougaard, S.; Vareschi, E., 2003:
Sense and sensibility in evaluating aerial counts of harbour seals in the Wadden Sea

Polaszek, A.; Wilson, E.O., 2006:
Sense and stability in animal names

Anonymous, 2006:
Sense and stability in taxon names

Pink, Sarah, 2008:
Sense and sustainability: The case of the Slow City movement

Bodenheimer, F.S., 1933:
Sense ecology, a neglected factor in insect epidemiology

Asadullah, Mohammad Niaz, 2008:
Sense in sociability? Maternal education, social capital and child schooling in rural Bangladesh

Burton, M., 1953:
Sense of direction in moles and mole-rats

Peckham, G.W.; Peckham, E.G., 1895:
Sense of sight in Spiders

Petrunkevitch, Alexander., 1911:
Sense of sight, courtship and mating in Dugesiella hentzi (Girard), a Theraphosid spider from Texas

Seibt, U., 1973:
Sense of smell and pair-bond in Hymenocera picta Dana

Sevostianov, VF., 2004:
Sense of smell and some unknown meaning it at the communication between sea otters (Enhydra lutris)

Bartsch, A., 1961:
Sense of smell in fishes

Meston, D.G., 1946:
Sense of smell of Tiger and Leopards

Rudolph, A.Riemersma, 2000:
Sense or nonsense?

Hilton, W.A.; XXVI., 1926:
Sense organs (chiefly Annulata)

Spoel, S. van der., 1964:
Sense organs in Spongiobranchaea australis d'Orbigny, 1835 (Gastropoda, Pteropoda)

Pritchard, G., 1965:
Sense Organs In The Labrum Of Aeshna Interrupta Lineata Walker (Odonata; Anisoptera)

Cokl, A.; Virant-Doberlet, M.; Zorovic, M., 2006:
Sense organs involved in the vibratory communication of bugs

Thakur, M.K.; Tembe, V.B., 1954:
Sense organs of Nephila maculata

Tretiakov, D.K., 1925:
Sense organs of Petromyzon fluviatilis

Single, CL., 1974:
Sense organs of hydromedusae

Zacharuk, R.Y., 1962:
Sense organs of the head of larvae of some Elateridae (Coleoptera): their distri-bution, structure and innervation

Szabo, T., 1965:
Sense organs of the lateral line system in some electric fish of the Gymnotidae, Mormyridae and Gymnarchidae

Sekhon, Ss, 1974:
Sense organs on the antenae of two species of thrips (Thysanoptera, Insecta)

Slifer, E.H., 1967:
Sense organs on the antennal flagella of earwigs (Dermaptera) with special reference to those of Forficula auricularia

Slifer, E.H., 1968:
Sense organs on the antennal flagellum of a giant cockroach, Gromphadorhina portentosa, and a comparison with those of several other species (Dictyoptera, Blattaria)

Slifer, E.H., 1968:
Sense organs on the antennal flagellum of a praying mantis, Tenodera angustipennis, and of two related species (Mantodea)

Slifer, E.H.Sekhon, S.S., 1963:
Sense organs on the antennal flagellum of the small milkweed bug, Lygaeus kalmii Stal (Hemiptera, Lygaeidae)

Slifer, EH.; Sekhon, SS., 1973:
Sense organs on the antennal flagellum of two species of embioptera (Insecta)

Buerger, Gisela, 1967:
Sense organs on the labra of some blood-feeding Diptera

Tamasige, M., 1973:
Sense organs, nervous control, and movement in Medusae

Anon., 1942:
Sense organs, vii

Shaw, S.R., 1969:
Sense-cell structure and interspecies comparisons of polarized-light absorption in arthropod compound eyes

D.Haan, Cornelius, C., 2006:
Sense-organ-like parietal pits, sporadically occurring, found in Psammophiinae (Serpentes, Colubridae)

Bateson, W., 1889:
Senses and Habits of Crustacea

Caldwell, DK.; Caldwell, MC., 1972:
Senses and communication

Bolwig, Niels, 1946:
Senses and sense organs of the anterior end of the house fly larvae

Riley, C.V., 1895:
Senses of insects with many figures

Blanc, G.; Delage, B., 1951:
Sensi-bility de l'ecureuil de Getule (Atlan-toxerus getulus L.) a la leptospirose hemorragique

Umanski, E.A.; Varshavski, B.M.; Kudokotzev, V.P., 1946:
Sensi-bility of tissues to X-rays

Markhaseva, E.L.; Schulz, K., 2006:
Sensiava longiseta (Copepoda, Calanoida): a new genus and species from the abyss of the Weddell Sea

Pallares, P.; Die, D.; Delgado, D.M.lina, A.; Ariz, J., 2001:
Sensibilidad de las evaluaciones globales del rabil atlantico a diferentes modelos, opciones de ajuste y tasas de aumento del poder de pesca del cerco

Dios, R.L.; Bonacci, H., 1943:
Sensibilidad de los sapos (Bufo aren-arum) a la inoculacion experimental del Trypanosoma cruzi. Segunda comuni-cacion.

Mayer, H.F., 1967:
Sensibilidad del 'hamster' esplenectomizado a Trypanosoma equinum Voges, 1901

Talice, R.V.; Gurri, J.; Perez-Moreira, L., 1954:
Sensibilidad ex-perimental de Ctenomys torquatus (tucu-tucu) a Toxoplas?na gondii

Talice, R.V.; Gurri, J.; Moreira, L.P., 1954:
Sensibilidad experimental de Ctenomys torquatus (tucu-tucu) a Toxoplasma gondii

Sawaya, P., 1951:
Sensibilidade do musculo longitudinal radial de Holoturia a Acetilcolina (efeito da acetilcolina)

Rodrigues, A., B.; Athayde, A.-Celia, R.; Rodrigues, O., G.; Silva, W., W.; Faria, E., B., 2007:
Sensibilidade dos nematoides gastrintestinais de caprinos a anti-helminticos na mesorregiao do Sertao Paraibano

Durand, P.; Mathis, M., 1954:
Sensibilie de trois rongeurs sauvages tunisiens Mus musculus spretus, Dipo-dillus campestris et Meriones shawi au Plasmodium berghci Vincke et Lips 1948. C.R

Pasteels, J., 1938:
Sensibilisateurs et realisateur dans l'activation de l'oeuf de Barnea Candida

Ferron, P.H.rpin, B.; Robert, P.H., 1969:
Sensibilisation des larves de Melolontha L. a la mycose a Beauveria tenella par une infection prealable a Bacillus popilliae

Godeaux, J., 1942:
Sensibilisation des muscles d'invertebres aux ions

Mazzella, H., 1947:
Sensibilisation du coeur et du muscle strie a l'acetyl-choline par la strophantine

Bohn, Georges., 1909:
Sensibilisation et desensibilisation des Coralliaires fouisseurs

Bohn, Georges., 1909:
Sensibilisation et desensibilisation dues a des excitations repetees

de Carneri, I., 1970:
Sensibilita ai farmaci di amebe del suolo dei generi Hartmannella e Naegleria, agenti eziologici di meningoencefaliti

Lanza, B., 1949:
Sensibilita del testicolo di Rana esculenta L. alla gonadotrofina corionica squibb (follutein) nel mese di giugno

Taibel, A.M., 1949:
Sensibilita emotiva in Gallus gallus domesticus L. nella espressione mimica e vocale, pp. 53-68. Inusitata ubicazione di un nido di Turdus merula (L.), pp. 167-171 photos

Truckenbrodt, W., 1965:
Sensibilitat undifferenzierter und differenzierter Kerne nach hontgen bestrahlung in der fruhen Eientwicklung der termite Kalotermes flavicollis

E.Rahmao, A., 1972:
Sensibilitatea albinei polenizatoare a lucernei Megachile rotundata Fabr., la trei insecticide in conditii de laborator

Kitamura, K., 1932:
Sensibilitatsanderugen der Haut gegen Haken-wurmlarven durch intrakutane Impfungen der Stoffwechselprodukte dieser Larven

Marchal, M., 1976:
Sensibilite a Beauveria brongniartii (Fungi imperfecti, Moniliales) des larves de Melolontha melolontha L. (Col.: Scarabaeidae) parasitees par Pseudomonocystis sp. (Sporozoaire, Eug regarinaria)

Pieron, H., 1928:
Sensibilite a la pesanteur et reactions geotropiques chez les limaces. Dissociation des lois d'excitation et des facteurs d'incitation reactionnelle

Legay, J.M., 1959:
Sensibilite au gaz carbonique de la Bruche du Haricot, Acanthoscelides obsoletus Say

Mesnil, F.; Blanchard, M., 1916:
Sensibilite au serum humain normal de Trypanosomes d'origine humaine

Niaussat, M.M., 1967:
Sensibilite auditive de la souris et crise audiogene

Dietrich, J.; Diacono, J.; Coraboeuf, E., 1968:
Sensibilite aux milieux hypocalciques du coeur de rat normal et surrenalectomise. Cr. Seanc

Legay, J.M.; Teulade, P., 1962:
Sensibilite aux rayons X de la duree de developpement des oeufs de Bombyx rnori lorsque l'irradiation est effectuee quelques heures apres Ie debut de l'incubation

Fromentin, H., 1960:
Sensibilite aux tripanocides, in vivo et in vitro, d'une souche de Trypanosoma gambiense, normal et des lignees arseno-resistantes

Simitch, T.; Tomanovitch, B.; Bordjochki, A.; Petrovitch, Z.; Savin, Z., 1960:
Sensibilite comparee de Citellus citellus et de la souris blanche a lapos;infection avec la souche RH de Toxoplasma gondii

Cantacuzene, A., 1925:
Sensibilite comparee de divers Infusoires a certains alcaloides du quinquina

Smirnoff, WA., 1974:
Sensibilite de Lambdina fiscellaria (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) a l'infection par Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner seul ou en presence de chitinase

Ranque, J.; Faure, A., 1956:
Sensibilite de Sciuris vulgaris a la leishmaniose viscerale

Anonymous, 2005:
Sensibilite de deux populations de Lymantria dispar L. au virus de la polyedrose nucleaire

Balinschi, I.; Ceianu, I.; Mihalache, G., 1969:
Sensibilite de differents lepidopteres a 1'action des bacteries entomopathogenes

Blanc, G.; Noury, M.; Fischer, M., 1933:
Sensibilite de l'Ecureuil de Getulie (Atlantoxerus getulus) au virus de la fievre boutonneuse

Blanc, G.; Martin, L.A.; Baltazard, M., 1942:
Sensibilite de l'ecureil marocain Xerus (Atlantoxerus) getulus au kala-azar

Blanc, G.; Martin, L.A.; Baltazard, M., 1942:
Sensibilite de l'ecureuil marocain Xerus (Atlantoxerus) getulus au Kala-Azar

Brygoo, ER.; Rajenison, S., 1972:
Sensibilite de la chauve-souris frugivore de Madagascar, Pteropus rufus, a l'inoculation de Yersinia pestis. Compte r. Searle. Soc

Juminer, B.; Goudineau, J.A., 1960:
Sensibilite de la gerbille (G. hirtipes) a Trypanosoma lewisi

Besson, S., 1947:
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Sensing in situ

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Sensitive stages of fruit and seed development of chili pepper (Capsicum annuum L. var. Shishito) exposed to high-temperature stress

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Sensitive, label-free protein assay using 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate-supported microchip electrophoresis with laser-induced fluorescence detection

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Sensitive, selective, and irreversible inhibition of cyclooxygenase-2 activity by copper

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Sensitivity among geophilic keratinophilic fungi and dermatophytes

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Sensitivity analysis of glacier systems to climate warming in China

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Sensitivity analysis of spatial models

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Sensitivity analysis of the parameters of earthquake recurrence time power law scaling

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Sensitivity analysis on the daily water temperature model for paddy fields in Red River Delta, Vietnam

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Sensitivity analysis related to the phenomena of consolidation delay by construction work using prefabricated vertical drain method in deep-soft clay deposits

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Sensitivity analysis to evaluate the consequences of conservation actions

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Sensitivity and adaptation of Myrmica sabuleti workers (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) to light

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Sensitivity and error propagation analysis for the Goulburn River simulation model built by REALM

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Sensitivity and response of beryllium-10 in marine sediments to rapid production changes (geomagnetic events); a box model study

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Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis from a coupled 3-PG and soil organic matter decomposition model

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Sensitivity of Allactaga severtzovi Vinogr. to acutely necrotizing skin leushmaniasis

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Sensitivity of Artemia eggs to y-irradiation. VII. Relationship between the degree of biological damage and the decay of free radicals in irradiated eggs

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Sensitivity of Australian rainfall to inter-El Nino variations

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Sensitivity of D/ H in Mars atmosphere to time varying processes in the water cycle, water reservoir sizes and exchange rates; what D/ H history might be found by drilling in the north polar cap and what it might mean

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Sensitivity of Drosophila to poisoning by oxygen

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Sensitivity of East Asian climate to the progressive uplift and expansion of the Tibetan Plateau under the mid-Pliocene boundary conditions

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Sensitivity of erythemally effective UV irradiance and daily exposure to temporal variability in total ozone

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Sensitivity of GIA models with a low-viscosity earth layer to the ice-load history in relation to the resolving power of GOCE

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Sensitivity of Hyphantria cunea Drury to damaging physical and chemical influences at different stages of postembryonic development. l. Sensitivity to high temperatures and potassium cyanide

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Sensitivity of Iraquis to the toxoplasmin intraderrnal test. Part II. The reaction of children to the antigen

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Sensitivity of Lebanese and Syrians to toxoplasmin and to a similar antigen prepared from Leishmania tropica

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Sensitivity of MRI versus conventional screening in the diagnosis of BRCA-associated breast cancer in a national prospective series

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Sensitivity of P. vivax gamonts to the action of hematoschizotropic drugs

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Sensitivity of Paramaecium caudatum to toxic agents at various stages of ontogenesis

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Sensitivity of Paramecium thermotaxis to temperature change

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Sensitivity of Soil Restoration Indicators during P ramo Succession in the High Tropical Andes: Chronosequence and Permanent Plot Approaches

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Sensitivity of Staphylococcus aureus strains to broadband visible light

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Sensitivity of Trypanosoma equiperdum to the action of tumor-inhibitory antibiotics in vitro

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Sensitivity of a Giardia antigen test in persistent giardiasis following an extensive outbreak

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Sensitivity of a lumped and semi-distributed hydrological model to several methods of rainfall interpolation on a large basin in West Africa

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Sensitivity of adenylyl cyclase signaling system of the mollusk Anodonta cygnea ganglions to serotonin and adrenergic agonists

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Sensitivity of adult females of the Holstein, Brown Swiss and Girolando breeds to the hoof affections in the Northern of the State of Pernambuco

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Sensitivity of air quality model prediction to parameterization of vertical eddy diffusivity

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Sensitivity of air quality simulation to smoke plume rise

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Sensitivity of alpine and subalpine lakes to atmospheric deposition in Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

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Sensitivity of amoebae to chloroquine or erythromycin

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Sensitivity of an ecological model to soil moisture simulations from two different hydrological models

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Sensitivity of an ocean general circulation model to a parameterization of near-surface eddy fluxes

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Sensitivity of ancient Lake Ohrid to local anthropogenic impacts and global warming

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Sensitivity of aphid, Lipaphis erysimi (Kalt.) to Metarhizium anisopliae (Metschnikoff) Sorokin conidiospore

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Sensitivity of aquatic insect species richness to disturbance in the Adour-Garonne stream System (France)

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Sensitivity of atmospheric dispersion simulations by HYSPLIT to the meteorological predictions from a meso-scale model

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Sensitivity of blood cell counts in juvenile coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) to stressors including sublethal concentrations of pulpmill effluent and zinc

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Sensitivity of broiler starters to three doses of an enzyme cocktail in maize-based diets

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Sensitivity of chlorophyll meters for diagnosing nitrogen deficiencies of corn in production agriculture

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Sensitivity of ciliated protozoa to polycyclie hydrocarbon carcinogens

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Sensitivity of coastal dune systems to past climate change

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Sensitivity of coastal erosion ground ice contents; an Arctic-wide study based on the ACD classification of Arctic coasts

Anonymous, 2008:
Sensitivity of common soil microfungi to the UV-photodegradation derivatives of pesticides

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Sensitivity of compound eyes to ultraviolet light

Anonymous, 2007:
Sensitivity of cropping patterns in Africa to transient climate change

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Sensitivity of crustal velocities in Fennoscandia to radial and lateral viscosity variations in the mantle

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