Sensitivity of field isolates of Eimeria to monensin in the Turkey

Chapmana, H.D.; Rathinam, T.

Avian Diseases 51(4): 954-957


ISSN/ISBN: 0005-2086
PMID: 18251407
DOI: 10.2307/27565676
Accession: 023580787

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A method previously described by Jeffers and Bentley, involving calculation of a growth and survival ratio and optimal anticoccidial activity index, was used to investigate the sensitivity of 23 field isolates of Eimeria obtained from turkey flocks to the ionophorous antibiotic monensin. Isolates were obtained from litter and intestinal samples from several major turkey-growing regions of the United States, and in most cases contained at least two species of Eimeria. A mixture of strains that had been maintained in the laboratory for many years in the absence of exposure to anticoccidial drugs was found to be sensitive to monensin. Six of the field isolates were judged sensitive, seven partially resistant, and ten resistant to the drug, judged by the Jeffers and Bentley criteria. This is the first report of the acquisition of resistance to monensin in isolates of Eimeria from turkey flocks in the United States.