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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 23620

Chapter 23620 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Cushman, Joseph A., 1926:
Some Pliocene Bolivinas from California

Hatai, K., 1956:
Some Pliocene Otoliths from Chiba Prefecture, Japan

Makiyama, J., 1923:
Some Pliocene mollusks from Maiko, near Kobe

Sage, B.L., 1963:
Some Pochard x Lesser Scaup hybrids

Struthers, J., 1888:
Some Points in the Anatomy of a Megaptera longimana

Earle, C., 1893:
Some Points In The Comparative Osteology Of The Tapir

Bridge, T.W., 1889:
Some Points in the Cranial Anatomy of Polypterus

Kingsley, J.S., 1883:
Some Points in the Development of Molgula manhattensis

MacBride, E.W., 1907:
Some Points in the Development of Ophiothrix fragilis

Robinson, A., 1891:
Some Points in the Early Development of Mus musculus and Mus decumanus; the Relation of the Yolk-sac to the Decidua and Placenta

Scott, W.B., 1886:
Some Points in the Evolution of Horses

Pycraft, W.P., 1901:
Some Points in the Morphology of the Palate of the Neognathae

Haswell, W.A., 1883:
Some Points in the Myology of the Common Pigeon

Mummery, J.H., 1891:
Some Points in the Structure and Development of Dentine

Blandy, H., 1884:
Some Points of Interest in the Comparative Anatomy of Teeth

Ward, Henry B., 1912:
Some Points on the General Anatomy of Gyrocotyle

Dubern, G., 1891:
Some Points on the Histology of Spermatozoa and allied Matter

Day, J.H., 1965:
Some Polychaeta from the Israel South Red Sea Expedition, 1962

Okuda, S., 1933:
Some Polychaete annelids used as bait in the inland sea

Moore, J.; Percy., 1908:
Some Polychaetous Annelids of the northern Pacific coast of North America

Ortenburger, A.I., 1924:
Some Polynesian Lizards

Petty, S.L., 1899:
Some Polyzoa etc. from Walney and Bardsea, North Lancashire

Petty, S.L., 1901:
Some Polyzoa etc. of the Cumberland coast

Kershaw, J.A., 1931:
Some Port Phillip fishes

Anonymous, 1925:
Some Practical Aspects of Correlation A Criticism

Wright, R.R., 1885:
Some Preliminary Notes on the Anatomy of Fishes. I. On the Cutaneous Sense-organs, II. On the Fate of the Spiracular Cleft in Amia and Lepidosteus. III. On the Auditory Organ of Hypophthalmus

Scott, T., 1886:
Some Preliminary Notes on the Land and Fresh-water Mollusca about Tarbert, Loch Fyne

Marshall, W., 1884:
Some Preliminary Remarks on the Gemmules of the Fresh-water Sponges

Jacot, A.P., 1936:
Some Primitive Moss-Mites of North Carolina

Gressitt, J.L., 1939:
Some Prionoceridae from China, Hainan, Formosa and Cochin-China (Coleoptera)

Hartog, M.M., 1892:
Some Problems of Reproduction : a Comparative Study of Gametogeny and Protoplasmic Senescence and Rejuvenescence

Hartog, M.M., 1891:
Some Problems of Reproduction: a Comparative Study of Gametogeny and Protoplasmic Senescence and Rejuvenescence

Richards, H.C., 1938:
Some Problems of the Great Barrier Reef

Hirose, E.; Akahori, M.; Oka, A.T.; Kurabayashi, A., 2004:
Some Prochloron-bearing didemnid ascidians collected from the reef shores of Iriomote Island (Okinawa, Japan)

Emerson, R., 1929:
Some Properties Of The Pigment Of Blepharisma

Fantham, A.B.; Robertson, K.G., 1928:
Some Protozoa found in South Africa XI

Fantham, H.B.; Peterson, NF., 1923:
Some Protozoa found in certain South African soils, III-V

Fantham, H.B.; Taylor, E., 1922:
Some Protozoa found in certain South African soils. I & II

Fantham, H.B., 1924:
Some Protozoa found in soils in South Africa

Wilson, Guy West, 1908:
Some Protozoa from Fayette, Iowa

Bentham, T., 1915:
Some Protozoa from Fishes occurring in the vicinity of Cullercoats, Northumberland

Sandon, H.; Cutler, D.W., 1924:
Some Protozoa from the Soils collected by the Quest Expedition (1921-1922)

Calkins, G.N., 1901:
Some Protozoa of especial interest from Van Cortlandt Park, New York

Banks, N., 1940:
Some Psammocharidae from Madagascar (Hymenoptera)

Banks, N., 1938:
Some Psammocharidae from Singapore

Cooke, P., 2002:
Some Pselaphidae (Coleoptera) from Ryton Wood, near Coventry

Beier, M., 1967:
Some Pseudoscorpionidea from Australia, chiefly from caves

Beier, M., 1947:
Some Pseudoscorpions from tho Upper Nile territory

Hagen, H.A., 1881:
Some Psocina of the United States

Welch, R.C., 1968:
Some Psocoptera from Monks Wood National Nature Reserve, Huntingdonshire

Mockford, Edward L., 1957:
Some Psocoptera from Tikal, Guatemala

Wong, S.K., 1966:
Some Psocoptera from West Bengal, India

Mockford, Edward L., 1967:
Some Psocoptera from plumage of birds

Pearman, J.V., 1928:
Some Psocoptera from the New Hebrides

Banks, N., 1894:
Some Psychodidae from Long Island, N. Y

Banks, N., 1932:
Some Psychodidae from the Girolina Mountains

Hodgson, C.J., 1967:
Some Pulvinaria species (Homoptera: Coccidae) of the Ethiopian region

Marumo, N., 1936:
Some Pyralid moths collected from Taiwan University Forest

Barnes, W.; McDunnough, J., 1917:
Some Pyralid notes

Graves, P.P., 1925:
Some Pyralids from Southern Palestine

Baker, F.; Hanna, G.D.llas; Strong, A.M., 1928:
Some Pyramidellidae from the Gulf of California

Liu, C., 1961:
Some Quaternary mammalian fossils from nothern Anhwei

Flecker, P.O., 1946:
Some Queens-land bowel parasites

Evans, J.W., 1940:
Some Queens-land leaf-hoppers (Jassoidea Homo-ptera) that attack lucerne

Chisholm, A.H., 1965:
Some Queensland 'mystery birds'

Longman, H.A., 1924:
Some Queensland fossil Vertebrates

McClellan, W.H., 1939:
Some Questions on Eumeces in Maryland

Cantrall, I.J., 1968:
Some R. R. Dreisbach collecting localities in southeastern Texas and northeastern Mexico

Krasheninnikov, V.A., 1961:
Some Radiolaria from the Lower and Middle Eocene of western Pre-Caucasus

Lozyniak, PYu., 1975:
Some Radiolaria in Cretaceous beds of the Skiba-zone of the Ukrainian Carpathians

Peile, A.J., 1937:
Some Radula problems (Presidential Address)

Baily, W.S., 1917:
Some Rails and Gallinules

Harrington, H.H., 1909:
Some Rangoon Birds

Taverner, P.A., 1911:
Some Raptorial migrations in Southern Ontario

Walton, C.L.; Rees, O.M., 1913:
Some Rare and Interesting Sea Anemones from Plymouth

Gloyd, H.K., 1946:
Some Rattlesnake dens of South Dakota

Jones, N.S., 1939:
Some Recent Additions to the Off-shore Fauna of Port Erin

Cushman, J.A.; Moyer, D.A., 1930:
Some Recent Foraminifera from off San Pedro, California

Goodale, G.L., 1890:
Some Recent Investigations relative to Cell-contents

Beddard, F.E., 1892:
Some Recent Observations upon Mimicry

Yabe, H.; Sugiyama, T., 1932:
Some Recent and fossil corals of the genus Stephanophyllia H. Michelin from Japan

Mayland, HJ., 1976:
Some Red Sea fishes

Spiers, W., 1889:
Some Remarkable Fossils. IV. Sea Lilies

Seebohm, H., 1887:
Some Remarks on Sundevall's Account of the number of Secondaries in Birds

Hagen, H.A., 1878:
Some Remarks on White Ants

Vallentin, R., 1890:
Some Remarks on the Anatomy of Stephanoceras eichornii

Nielsen, K.B., 1914:
Some Remarks on the Brachiopods of the Chalk in Denmark

Scharff, R., 1886:
Some Remarks on the Egg-Membranes of Osseous Fishes

Monticelli, F.S., 1889:
Some Remarks on the Genus Taphozous

Smithe, F.Lucy, W.C., 1891:
Some Remarks on the Geology of Alderton, Gretton, and Ashton-under-Hill

Ford, J., 1888:
Some Remarks on the Migration of Mollusks

Feilden, H.W., 1881:
Some Remarks on the Natural History of Franz-Josef Land

Travers, W.T.L., 1884:
Some Remarks upon the Distribution of the Organic Productions of New Zealand

Parker, H.W., 1931:
Some Reptiles and Amphibians from S.E. Arabia

Dunn, E.R., 1920:
Some Reptiles and Amphibians from Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama

Gaige, H.T., 1936:
Some Reptiles and Amphibians from Yucatan and Campeche, Mexico

Garman, S., 1901:
Some Reptiles and Batrachians from Australasia

Andersson, L.G., 1924:
Some Reptiles and Batrachians from Central-Borneo

Barbour, T., 1921:
Some Reptiles from Old Providence Island

Gaige, H.T., 1938:
Some Reptilian records from caves in Yucatan (in A. S. Pearse's Fauna of the Caves of Yucatan)

Macleay, W., 1884:
Some Results of Trawl Fishing outside Port Jackson

Welch, R., 1904:
Some Results of a Flood in North Ireland

Twitchell, D.G.; Harris, M.B., 1925:
Some Results of the First Season's work at the University of Maine's Summer Biological Station at Mt. Desert Island (1924). Part II. Pitch Pine Region, Peckett Mountain

Riabinin, A.N., 1938:
Some Results of the studies of the Upper Cretaceous Dinosaurian Fauna from the vicinity of the Station Sary-Agach, South Kazakstan.

Uchida, T., 1934:
Some Rheophilous Water-Mites from Japan

Murray, J., 1907:
Some Rhizopods and Heliozoa of the Forth area

Nakahara, W., 1926 :
Some Rho-palocera of Eastern United States, including three new forms

Pead, C.H., 1910:
Some Rhodesian Cicadidae and observations on Economic Entomology

Irwin, MPS.; Benson, CW., 1970:
Some Rhodesian and Mozambique records of the bronze naped pigeon Columba delegorguei Delegorgue

Tasman, K., 1958:
Some Rhodesian geckos

Harwin, R.M., 1969:
Some Rhodesian longevity records

Griffith, John., 1904:
Some Rhondda cairns

Hine, J.S., 1922:
Some Robberflies in the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology and the description of a new species

Kennedy, C.H., 1911:
Some Robins' and Mourning Doves' nests in the lower Yakima valley, Washington

Cockerell, T.D.A., 1916:
Some Rocky mountain andrenid bees

Major, C.J.; Forsyth., 1899:
Some Rodents from OEningen

Hada, Y., 1954:
Some Rotatoria from sea and brackish water

Russell, C.R., 1953 :
Some Rotatoria of the Chatham Islands

Murray, James., 1906:
Some Rotifera of the Sikkim Himalaya

Ohaus, F., 1932:
Some Rutelinae from the lowlands of British North Borneo

Nakahara, W., 1926:
Some Sagha-lien butterflies : notes and descriptions

Chamberlin, E.B., 1928:
Some Salamanders from Caesar's Head, South Carolina

Bragg, A.N., 1947:
Some Salientian adaptations

Bomford, T.L., 1913:
Some Salps taken by R.I.M.S.S. Investigator in the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea

Malloch, J.R., 1940:
Some Sapro-myzidae (Diptera) from the Solomon Islands and New Caledonia

Bezzi, M., 1927:
Some Sarcophagid flies (Diptera) from the South Pacific Islands

de Souza Lopes, H., 1967:
Some Sarcophagidae (Diptera) from the Bismarck Islands and the Philippines

James, M.T., 1957:
Some Sarginae collected in South India (Diptera, Stratiomyidae)

Howard, L.O., 1895 :
Some Scale-insects of the orchard

Ferreira, M.C., 1954:
Some Scarabaeina in the Durban Museum and Art Galley

Browne, F.G., 1960:
Some Scolytidae and Platypodidae (Coleoptera) from the Oriental region

Evans, W., 1907:
Some Scottish Ixodidae (Ticks)

Murray, J., 1904:
Some Scottish Rotifers (Bdelloida)

Murray, J., 1902:
Some Scottish Rotifers, with descriptions of new species

Ritchie, J., 1950:
Some Scottish animals of the past

Baxter, E.V.; Rintoul, L.J., 1922:
Some Scottish breeding ducks, their arrival and dispersal. Pp. vi 90

Koo, S.Y., 1940:
Some Sea Pens (Pennatulacea) from Amoy Island

Reagan, Albert B., 1908:
Some Sea Shells from La Push, Wash

Straughan, V.D., 1967:
Some Serpulidae from Heron Island, Queensland

Baughman, J.L., 1943:
Some Serranid fishes of Texas, the Centropomidae, Moronidae and Epinephelidae

Wroughton, R.C., 1910:
Some Servals and an Otomys from East Africa

Jordan, D.S., 1922:
Some Shark's teeth from the Californian Pliocene

Blincoe, B.J., 1929:
Some Shore-bird records for the Miami valley, Ohio

Ray, M.S., 1909:
Some Sierran nests of the Brewer Blackbird

Ruedemann, R., 1925:
Some Silurian (Ontarian) Faunas of New York

Yayorskii, V.I., 1965:
Some Silurian and Devonian Stromato poridea in Pechora basin

Yavorski, V.I., 1965:
Some Silurian and Devonian Stromatoporoidea of Pechora Basin

Prantl, F., 1957:
Some Silurian corals from the Glacifluvial Deposits in Silesia (Vidnava)

Sherrard, K., 1960:
Some Silurian lamellibranchs from New South Wales

Sapel'nikov, V.P., 1962:
Some Silurian representatives of the genus Conchidium from the eastern slope of the Urals

Petryk, A.A., 1967 :
Some Silurian stromatoporoids from north-western Baffin Island, District of Franklin

Carlsson, G., 1969:
Some Simuliidae (Diptera) from southern Spain

Deraniyagala, P.E.P., 1951:
Some Sinhala combative field and aquatic sports and games

Jordan, K., 1937:
Some Siphonaptera from Morocco

Jordan, Karl, 1936:
Some Siphonaptera from South America

Dunn, E.R., 1923:
Some Snakes from North Western Peru

Stewart, M.A., 1935:
Some Society Islands Siphonaptera

Lawrence, R.F., 1954:
Some Solifugae in the collection of the British Museum (Natural History)

Frewin, GL., 1973:
Some Somerset beetles

O'Donoghue, C.H., 1957:
Some South African Bryozoa

Cawston, F.G., 1921:
Some South African Cercariae

Womersley, H., 1932:
Some South African Machilidae (Thysanura)

Broom, Robert, 1948:
Some South African Pliocene and Pleistocene mammals

Mockford, E.L., 1965:
Some South African Psocoptera from termite nests

Broch, H., 1940:
Some South African Shallow Water Octactinians

Murray, J., 1907:
Some South African Tardigrada

Power, J.H., 1934:
Some South African herpetological problems

Orr, V., 1961:
Some South African isehnochitons

Porter, A., 1930:
Some South African larval flukes

Cawston, F.G., 1918:
Some South African snails and the Cercariae which attack them (abstract)

Cawston, F.G., 1919:
Some South African snails and the cercariae which attack them

Anon., 1966:
Some South African snakes

Skaife, S.H., 1950:
Some South African solitary bees

Capener, Al, 1972:
Some South African species of Anchon (Hemiptera: Homoptera: Membracidae)

Cawston, F.G., 1919:
Some South Afriean snails and the Cereariae which attack thern

Essig, E.O., 1956:
Some South American Aphids from Paraguay (Homoptera: Aphidae)

Hungerford, H.B., 1928:
Some South American Corixidae

Bharadwaj, R.K.Kapoor, V.C., 1967:
Some South American Dermaptera

Cockerell, T.D.A., 1918:
Some South American bees

Murray, James, 1907:
Some South American rotifers

Restall, R., 1977:
Some South American starlings

Marcus, Eveline, 1953:
Some South American triclads

Anonymous., 1974:
Some South Australian muricids

Mules, M.W., 1935:
Some South Australian skipper butterflies (Family Hesperidae)

Neuhauser, HN.; DiSalvo, AF., 1972:
Some South Carolina bat records

Rao, C.R.N., 1920:
Some South Indian Batrachians

Fletcher, T.B., 1914:
Some South Indian insects and other animals of importance considered especially from an economic point of view

Louwerens, C.J., 1969:
Some South Pacific Carabidae with descriptions of new Agonini on the Bismark Islands

Fleming, C.A., 1949:
Some South Pacific Sea-bird logs

Dodd, A.P., 1913:
Some South Queensland Proctotrypoidea

Gery, J., 1960:
Some South-American characoid fishes in the Senckenberg Museum, with the description of a new Leporinus

Carter, T., 1903:
Some South-western notes

Cooke, B.H., 1931:
Some Spanish moths

Ryland, J.S., 1962:
Some Species of Bugvla (Polyzoa) from the Bay of Naples

Herrington, H.B.; Roscoe, E.J., 1953:
Some Sphaeriidae of Utah

Itami, H., 1968:
Some Sphecidae collected at the foot of Mt. Iide, Yamagata Pref. (Hym.)

Haneda, Y., 1968:
Some Sphecidae collected in the Ina District, Nagano Prefecture

Tsuneki, K., 1967:
Some Sphecidae from Mt. Hyonosen, Western Japan

Jordan, K., 1919:
Some Sphingidae from the East

Banks, Nathan., 1902:
Some Spiders and Mites from the Bermuda Islands

Banks, Nathan., 1901:
Some Spiders and other Arachnida from Porto Rico

Banks, Nathan., 1901:
Some Spiders and other Arachnida from Southern Arizona

Banks, N., 1899:
Some Spiders from Northern Louisiana

Barnard, J.T.H., 1937:
Some Spiders of the Cape Peninsula

Kintner, E., 1935:
Some Spiders of the genus Tetragnatha

Klink, P.Christiaan., 2008:
Some spikes are more informative than others

Andrews, Gwendolen F., 1897:
Some Spinning Activities of Protoplasm in Starfish and Echinus Eggs

Lukoschus, F., 1971:
Some Spintumicidae (Acarina:Mesostigmata) from Surinam bats. Parasitic mites of Surinam 9

Lukoschus, F., 1971:
Some Spinturnicidae (Acarina: Mesostigmata) from Surinam bats. Parasitic mites of Surinam 9

Carter, H.J., 1882:
Some Sponges from the West Indies and Acapulco, in the Liverpool Free Museum, described, with general and classificatory remarks

Annandale, N., 1915:
Some Sponges parasitic on Clionidae with further notes on that family

Carpenter, G.H.; Evans, W., 1904:
Some Spring-tails new to the British Fauna, with description of a new species

Varty-Smith, J.C., 1919:
Some Staffordshire Myriapods

Holt, E.W.L., 1890:
Some Stages in the Development of the Brain of Clupea harengus

Ewer, D.W.; Hanson, J., 1945:
Some Staining Reactions of Invertebrate Mucoproteins

Simmons, W.J., 1892:
Some Stalked Actinophyrans

Bergstrom, E.A., 1961 :
Some Starlings resident ia Connecticut

Feng, X.-wu.; Gao, X.; Jin, C.-zhu.; Xu, C.-hua., 2005:
Some Stegodon orientalis fossils discovered in the second terrace of the Three Gorges, Yangtze River

Elliott, E.A., 1919:
Some Stephanidae in the British museum

Morley, C., 1917:
Some Stephanidae, with descriptions of new species

Burr, M., 1949:
Some Stork stories

Anonymous, 1950:
Some Stratiomyidae (Diptera) from Okinawa and Guam

Tristram, H.B., 1889:
Some Stray Ornithological Notes

Pasteels, Jean J., 1958:
Some Strepsiptera from Pretoria

Van Bruggen, A.C., 1971:
Some Streptaxidae (Mollusca) from West and southern Africa with the description of a new species of Gulella

Gorsky, I.I., 1938:
Some Stromatoporoids from Palaeozoic Beds of Novaya Zemlya

Baerg, W.J., 1928:
Some Studies of a Trapdoor Spider (Araneae; Aviculariidae)

Aston, Alasdair., 2006 :
Some Suffolk butterflies, 25 July to 6 August 2005

Whybrow, C., 1948:
Some Sukuma bird names

Brade-Birks, H.K.; Brade-Birks, S.G., 1920:
Some Sussex Diplopoda and Chilopoda

Feilden, H.W., 1909:
Some Sussex Ravens

Benson, C.W., 1909:
Some Swiss birds observed at the Rhone Glacier, Kleine Scheidegg, and Macolin, Jura Bernoise, in 1909

Fletcher, T.Bainbridge, 1927:
Some Swiss butterflies in 1925 and 1926

Lucas, W.J., 1924:
Some Swiss insects : 1923

Scheller, U., 1962:
Some Symphyla and Pauropoda from South-Western Germany

Scheller, U., 1962:
Some Symphyla and Pauropoda, Myriapoda from South-western Germany

Hull, F.M., 1944:
Some Syrphid fly genera (Diptera)

Fluke, C.L., 1953:
Some Syrphid fly synonymy

Curran, C.H., 1925:
Some Syrphid synonymy (Diptera)

Oldroyd, H., 1960:
Some Tabanidae (Dipt.) from Madagascar

Oldroyd, H., 1957:
Some Tabanidae (Dipt.), from Ceylon

Patrick, C.R.; Hays, K.L., 1968:
Some Tabanidae (Diptera) from eastern Ecuador

Pechuman, L.L., 1957:
Some Tabanidae (Diptera) not previously recorded from Canada

Stone, Allan, 1944:
Some Tabanidae from Venezuela

Power, J.H., 1927:
Some Tadpoles from Griqualand West

Ortlepp, R.J., 1938:
Some Taenias from large wild carnivores. Onderstepoort

Edwards, F.W., 1935:
Some Tahitian Mycetophilidae and Chironomidae

Dastych, H., 1975:
Some Tardigrada from the Himalayas (Nepal) with a description of Echiniscus (E.) nepalensis n. sp

Murray, J., 1907:
Some Tardigrada of the Sikkim Himalaya

Smiley, R.L., 1964:
Some Tarsonemidae from the Republic of the Congo (Acarina)

Dove, H.S., 1916:
Some Tasmanian Birds' nests

Douglas-ogilby, J., 1897:
Some Tasmanian Fishes

Ingram, Doris M., 1957:
Some Tasmanian Hirudinea

Littler, F.M., 1904:
Some Tasmanian case-bearing Lepidoptera

Hickman, V.V., 1957:
Some Tasmanian harvestmen of the sub-order Palpatores

Miedecke J.G., 1992:
Some Tasmanian mines AMD control/ treatment experiences

Robson, J.P., 1927:
Some Teesdale records of Lepidoptera

Roback, Slewyn S., 1959:
Some Tendipedidae from Montana

Roback, S.S., 1957:
Some Tendipedidae from Utah

Soot-Ryen, T., 1942:
Some Tendipedids (Chironomids) from Spitsbergen collected by Sven Somme and determined by Dr. M. Goetghebuer

Decker, C.E., 1936:
Some Tentative Correlations on the Basis of Graptolites of Oklahoma and Arkansas

Ilyina, A.P., 1960:
Some Tertiary Mollusca of Western Pre Aral

Miller, A.K., 1937:
Some Tertiary Nautiloids from Venezuela and Trinidad

Eames, F.E.; Cox, L.R., 1956:
Some Tertiary Pectinacea from East Africa, Persia, and the Mediterranean region

Cotton, B.C., 1947:
Some Tertiary fossil molluscs from the Adelaidean stage (Pliocene) of South Australia

Olsson, Axel A., 1961:
Some Tertiary fossils from the Goajira Peninsula of Colombia

Marshall, P.; Murdocoh, R., 1920:
Some Tertiary mollusca, with descriptions of new species

Hancock, J.L., 1899:
Some Tettigian studies

Pratt, W.L.; Jr., 1964:
Some Texas localities for Helicidae

Foote, R.H., 1967:
Some Texas records of the genus Hexachaeta Loew (Diptera: Tephritidae)

French, G.H., 1889:
Some Texas, Arizona, and California moths

Cushman, J.A., 1925:
Some Textulariidae from the Miocene of California

Lalicker, C.G.; McCulloch, I., 1940:
Some Textulariidae of the Pacific Ocean

Naidu, K.V., 1966:
Some Thecamoebae (Rhizopoda: Protozoa) from India

White, F.B., 1881:
Some Thoughts on the Distribution of the British Butterflies

Clark, F.le.G., 1887:
Some Thoughts on the Evolution and Affinity of Disease

Crawford, D.L., 1909:
Some Thysanoptera of Mexico and the south. 1

Gozmany, L.A., 1967:
Some Tineid moths, Lepidoptera from the National Museum, Rhodesia

Drake, C.J., 1948:
Some Tingidae (Hemiptera) from China, Japan and India

Drake, C.J.; Ruhoff, F.A., 1962:
Some Tingidae (Hemiptera) in the South Australian Museum

Drake, C.J.; Gomez-Menor, J., 1954:
Some Tingidae from Spanish Guinea (Hemiptera)

Drake, C.J., 1955:
Some Tingidae from the French Cameroons (Hemiptera)

Drake, C.J., 1954:
Some Tingids from the Belgian Congo (Hemiptera: Tingidae)

Drake, C.J., 1930:
Some Tingitidae (Hemiptera) from Brazil

Poor, M.E., 1937:
Some Tingitidae (Hemiptera) from Oceania

Poor, M.E., 1939:
Some Tingitidae (Hemiptera) from the eastern hemiephere

Drake, C.J., 1928:
Some Tingitidae (Heteroptera) from Honduras

Monte, O., 1940:
Some Tingitidae from Brasil (Hemiptera)

Drake, C.J., 1937:
Some Tingitidae from China, East Indies and India

Drake, C.J., 1923:
Some Tingitidae from Japan (Hemip.)

Drake, C.J.; Poor, M.E., 1939:
Some Tingitidae from the Republic of Argentina (Hemiptera)

Takeya, C., 1931:
Some Tingitidae of the Japanese Empire

Drake, C.J., 1936:
Some Tingitoidea from Argentina (Hemiptera)

Drake, Carl J., 1929:
Some Tingitoidea from Central and South America

Schmidt, J., 1901:
Some Tintinnodea from the Gulf of Siam

Stubbs, A.E., 1968:
Some Tipulidae and Ptychopteridae (Diptera) from golden cap, Dorset

Alexander, C.P., 1963:
Some Tipulidae from Tibet and Upper Burma in the British Museum (Natural History) (Diptera)

Greer, T., 1939:
Some Tortrices from East Tyrone

Page, W.T., 1917:
Some Toucans

Hou, Y.T., 1953:
Some Tremadocian Ostracods from Taitzeho Valley, Liaotung

Lebour, Marie V., 1907:
Some Trematodes in Mytilus

Arnald, J.G., 1933:
Some Trematodes of the common bullhead Ameiurus nebulosus (Le Sueur)

Scott, Thomas., 1911:
Some Trematodes parasitic on British fishes

Tipper, G.H., 1907:
Some Triassic Ammouites from Baluchistan

Yamagiwa, N., 1963:
Some Triassic Corals from Portuguese Timor. Palaeontological Study of Portu-guese Timor (II)

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Some Triassic ammonites from Indonesia and Malaysia. Geology

Tamura, M., 1973:
Some Triassic bivalves from Malaya. Geology Paleont

Sastry, M.V.A., 1962:
Some Triassic fossils from the Eastern Byans, central Himalayas

Yen, T.C., 1951:
Some Triassicfreshwater gasteropoda from northernArizona

Hems, J., 1968:
Some Trichogaster species

Botoc, M., 1972:
Some Trichogrammatidae (Chalcidoidea, Trichogrammatidae) new for Romania's fauna. Studia Univ. Babes-Bolyai (Ser

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Some Trichoptera, and allied insects, from Newfoundland

Peile, A.J., 1936:
Some Tristram types

Bezzi, M., 1928:
Some Trypaneidae (Diptera) from South Africa in the Transvaal Museum

Mihalyi, F., 1969:
Some Trypetidae (Diptera) from southern Spain

Tsuneki, K., 1977:
Some Trypoxylon species from the southwestern Pacific (Hymenoptera, Sphecidae, Larrinae)

Laskey, A.R., 1957:
Some Tufted Titmouse life history

Hyman, Libbie H., 1959:
Some Turbellaria from the coast of California

Darlington, J.T., 1957:
Some Turbellaria of the Highlands, North Carolina area

Stock, J.H., 1962:
Some Turkish pyenogonid records

Bartsch, P., 1944:
Some Turrid Mollusks of Monterey Bay and vicinity

Nomura, S.; Zinbo, N., 1940:
Some Turrid molluscs from Northeast Hosyu Japan.

Baker, E.W., 1946:
Some Tydeidae (Acarina) from the fig tree (Ficus carica L.)

Dworakowska, I., 1968:
Some Typhlocybinae (Homoptera, Cicadellidae) from Korea, with descriptions of six new species from Korea and one from Vietnam

Dworakowska, I., 1967:
Some Typhlocybinae (Homoptera, Cicadellidae) from Mongolia with descriptions of two new species

Dworakowska, I., 1968:
Some Typhlocybinae (Homoptera, Cicadellidae) from Mongolia with descriptive of a new species and a new subspecies

Prasad, V., 1968:
Some Typhlodromus mites from Hawaii

Jacot, A.P., 1934:
Some Tyroglyphina (Sarcoptiformes) of the Marquesas Islands

Coues, E., 1873:
Some United States Birds, new to Science, and other things Ornithological

Delo, David M., 1930:
Some Upper Carboniferous Ostracoda from the Shale Basin of western Texas

Igo, H., 1974:
Some Upper Carboniferous conodonts from the Akiyoshi limestone, southwest Japan

Bowmaker, A.P., 1970:
Some Upper Congo fish which may offer a means of biological control of the nsail vectors of bilharziasis

Bowmaker, A.P., 1968:
Some Upper Congo fish which offer a means of biological control of the snail vectors of bilharziasis

Amano, M., 1956:
Some Upper Cretaceous fossils from south-western Japan (Part 1)

Ghambashidze, RA., 1974:
Some Upper Cretaceous species of Inoceramus from the Debeda-Shamkhor-Chai interfluve

Unsalaner, C., 1951:
Some Upper Devonian Corals and Stromatoporoids from South Anatolia

Ting, P.C., 1963:
Some Upper Permian brachiopods from Tibet

Stasinska, A., 1970:
Some Upper Silurian Tabulata from L zyce-Belcz section (Holy Cross Mts. )

Huang, T.K., 1931:
Some Uralian corals from Northern Kuangsi collected by Dr. V. K. Ting in 1930

Sanborn, C.C., 1929:
Some Uruguay records

McComb, D.; Knowlton, G.F., 1950:
Some Utah Coleoptera belonging to minor families

Knowlton, G.F.J.nes, M.J.; Thomas, W.L., 1933:
Some Utah Diptera

Rehn, J.A.G., 1906:
Some Utah Orthoptera

Knowlton, G.F.; Hanson, WJ., 1949:
Some Utah Tachinidae

Knowlton, G.F., 1936:
Some Utah flesh flies

Knowlton, G.F., 1934:
Some Utah leaf hoppers

G.F.Knowlton and S.C.Ma, 1950:
Some Utah mites. 1949

Laing, H.M., 1934:
Some Vancouver Island Bird notes

Stafford, E.W., 1943:
Some Vene zuelan Mallophaga

Katto, J.; Hattori, M., 1964:
Some Veneridae from the Shimantogawa Group in the outer zone of Shikoku, Japan

Funkhouser, W.D., 1944:
Some Venezuelan Membracidae

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Some Venezuelan and Caribbean mollusks

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Some Venezuelan aquatic Hemiptera

Schwarz, H.F., 1943:
Some Venezuelan bees

Restall, RL., 1977:
Some Venezuelan bird notes

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Some Venezuelan mollusks. Part 1

Hodson, F.; Hodson, H.K., 1931:
Some Venezuelan mollusks. Part 2

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Some Victorian Copepoda new to Science

Colbert, E.H., 1962:
Some Victorian and the dinosaurs. Problems and personalities marked first decades of excavating

Campbell, A.G., 1906:
Some Victorian winter notes

Spiro, T.A., 1961:
Some Visean and Namurian chaetetids from the Moscow region

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Some Vital Books in Science: 1848-1947

Saunt, J.W., 1925:
Some War-wickshire Tenthredinidae, Siricidae etc. (Sawflies)

Youngworth, W., 1931:
Some Warbler records at Sioux City, Iowa

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Some Washington bird notes

Wood, J.C., 1905:
Some Wayne County, Michigan, notes, 1905

Warren, P., 1959:
Some Wellington impressions by a North Auckland collector

Barbour, T., 1911:
Some West African amphibians

Parker, H.W., 1933:
Some West African snakes

Carlgren, Oskar, 1936:
Some West American sea anemones

Lipscomb, CG., 1976:
Some West Country migrants in 1975

Bond, J., 1941:
Some West Indian Birds' eggs

Knab, F., 1915:
Some West Indian Diptera

Burton, R.A., 1939:
Some West Indian Snakes of the Genus Alsophis

Danforth, S.T., 1934:
Some West Indian records of Charadriiformes

Hicks, L.E., 1946:
Some West Virginia breeding-season records

Glauert, L., 1946:
Some Western Australian frogs

Hawken, M., 1964:
Some Western Queensland birds

Pringle, M., 1906:
Some Western district notes

Stoddard, H.L., 1923:
Some Wisconsin Shore-bird records

Noland, L.E., 1965:
Some Wisconsin biologists of the past and the significance of their work

Congreve, W.M., 1929:
Some Woodpecker experiences in Transsylvania

Friend, H., 1912:
Some Worcetershire Annelids

Henderson, Junius., 1913:
Some Wyoming snails

Utinomi, H., 1950:
Some Xeniid Alcyonarians from Japan and Adjacent Localities

Patterson, A.H., 1919:
Some Yarmouth Bird-notes for 1917

Stainforth, T., 1919:
Some Yorkshire Arthropods

Cheetham, C.A., 1934:
Some Yorkshire Diptera

Anonymous, 1900:
Some Zonitidoe collected by J. H. Ferriss in Arkansas and Choctaw Nation

Boulgakow, B.; Demerdashe, M., 1951:
Some abdominal organs of the female Gambusia affinis

Gloyd, Howard K., 1935:
Some aberrant color patterns in snakes

Yamamoto, H., 1968:
Some aberrant forms of Mellicta ambigua niphona Butler from Nagano Prefecture

Murayama, S., 1968:
Some aberrant forms of Papilio and a new species of Neptis in Formosa

Harrison, J.M., 1961:
Some aberrant plumages in the covert pheasant

Wheeler, W.M., 1934:
Some aberrant species of Camponotus (Colobopsis) from the Fiji Islands

Ishimura, K., 1935:
Some aberrations in the pupae of Pieris melete Menetries

Andrews, E.A., 1894:
Some abnormal Annelids

Roth, Barry, 1966:
Some abnormal chitons from Washington State

Leela, K., 1973:
Some abnormal cilia in the nasopharynx of the slow loris (Nycticebus coucang)

Miller, G.S.; Junr., 1897:
Some abnormal colour markings

Hickman, V.V., 1945:
Some abnormal conditions of the reproductive system of the saltwater orayfish, Jasus lalandii (Milne Edwards)

Collinge, W.E., 1915:
Some Abnormal Developments in the Vascular System of the Frog (Rana temporaria)

Matuda, S., 1941:
Some abnormal eggs of Ascaris lumbricoides Linnaeus 1758

Matuda, S., 1939 :
Some abnormal eggs of Ascaris lumbricoides Linnaeus. Volumen Jubilare pro Prof

M.William, J.M., 1927:
Some abnormal eggs of wild Birds

Chacko, P.T., 1955:
Some abnormal features in the venous system of the garden lizard, Calotes versicolor

Ford, E., 1930:
Some abnormal fishes received at the Plymouth laboratory

Lindquist, W.D., 1950:
Some abnormal host relationships of a rat nematode, Nippostrongylus muris

Goodwin, D., 1948:
Some abnormal sexual fixations in birds, pp. 46-48. Incubation habits of the Golden Pheasant

Ohmori, Y., 1960:
Some abnormal specimens found in Anopheles pupae

Lo, C.T., 1970:
Some abnormal tentacles and eyes of Pachydrobia pellucida Bavay, 1895 (Gastropoda: Hydrobiidae)

Bhattacherjee, N.S.; Raghavan, M.V., 1967:
Some abnormal variation in the wing venation of Prodenia litura (Fabricius) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Shull, Charles Albert., 1909:
Some abnormalities and regeneration of pleiopods in Cambarus and other Decapoda

Prantl, F., 1947:
Some abnormalities in Crotalocephalus Salter (Trilobitae)

Padley, C.; Shipley, J., 1941:
Some abnormalities in a pair of Siamese-twin Lamba

Kumar, P., 1972:
Some abnormalities in male Pediculus humanus Buxton

Qutubuddin, M., 1961:
Some abnormalities in sandflies (Diptera, Psychodidae) of the Sudan Republic

Bhatia, M.L., 1932:
Some abnormalities in the Indian leech, Hirudinaria granulosa

Sharma, S.C., 1956:
Some abnormalities in the venous system of Rana tigrina Daud

Wannop, C., 1968:
Some abnormalities of the chick embryo

Yao, Y.T.; Wu, C.C., 1936:
Some abnormalities of the morphology of the male hypopygia of Anopheles hyrcanus var. sinensis Wied., in Nanking

MacPherson, J., 1931:
Some aboriginal animal names

Barney, Robert J. ., 2002:
Some abstracts from the 87th Meeting of the Kentucky Academy of Science

Melander, A.L., 1913:
Some acalyptrate Muscidae

Papp, L., 2005:
Some acalyptrate flies (Diptera) from Taiwan

Nickol, Bb, 1973:
Some acanthocephalans from Panama and Colombia

Woolley, T.A., 1953:
Some acaro-Iogical techniques

Gavrilov, G.B., 1970:
Some acclimatized invertebrates in the food of Aral Sea commercial fishes

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Some account of Bridport and its neighbourhood from the point of view of the Lepidopterist, particularly having regard to the geological distribution of the species

Couch,., 1866:
Some account of a newly discovered British fish of the family Gadidae and the genus Couchia

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Some account of our species of Geotrupes

Hart, H.C., 1891:
Some account of the Fauna and Flora of Sinai, Petra, and Wady Arabah

Sclater, W.L., 1902:
Some account of the Ground Hornbill, or Brom-Vogel (Bucorax cafer)

Streets, T.H., 1877:
Some account of the Natural History of the Fanning Group of Islands

Froggatt, W.W., 1894:
Some account of the gall-making insects of Australia

Woodward, M.F., 1899 :
Some account of the synonymy and affinities of Donovania minima (Mont.)

Vinogradov, K.A., 1968:
Some accounts and tasks in plankton investigations in the Black Sea (1953-1963)

Stanwell-Fletcher, J.F. stanwell-Fletcher, T.C., 1943:
Some accounts of the Driftwood Valley region of north central British Columbia

Fletcher, J.F.S., 1943:
Some accounts of the flora and fauna of the Driftwood Valley Region of North Central British Columbia. (Amphibia, pp. 41-43.)

Brinkhurst, R.O.; Kennedy, C.R., 1962:
Some acjuatic oligochaeta from the Isle of Man with special reference to the Silver Burn Estuary

Leblanc, P.; Lievremont, M., 1975:
Some actions of purified toxins from Bungarus fasciatus venom on isolated pig-heart mitochondria

Nakai, T., 1953:
Some actions of the secre- tions of the integumental poison glands of Natrix tigrina on the white mouse

Andrews, E.A., 1897:
Some activities of polar bodies

Morley, A., 1937:
Some activities of resident Blackbirds in winter

Dingle, J.H.P., 1965:
Some activities of the Board of tick control laboratory

Cowles, R.B., 1945:
Some activities of the Sidewinder.

Murota, T., 1975:
Some aculeate Hymenoptera collected in the Amami Group of the Ryukyus

Formozov, An, 1975:
Some adaptation of the thin-fingered souslik and jerboas to life in the desert

Cullen, E., 1955:
Some adaptations in the Kittiwake Rissa tridactyla to cliff-nesting

Donnelly, B.G.; Irwin, M.P.S., 1969:
Some adaptations in the crombecs Sylvietta rufescens (Vieillot) and Sylvietta whytii Shelley as reflected by their osteology

Bishop, J.A., 1967:
Some adaptations of Limnadia stanleyana King (Crustacea: Branchiopoda: Conchostraca) to a temporary fresh water environment

Alyakrinskaya, I.O., 1971:
Some adaptations of Mytilus galloprovincialis (Bivalvia) and Planorbic corneus (Gastropoda) to the absence of water

Mathisen, O.A., 1966:
Some adaptations of sockeye salmon races to limnological features of Iliamna Lake, Alaska

Linsenmair, KE., 1975:
Some adaptations of the desert woodlouse Hemilepistus reaumuri (lsopoda, Oniscoidea) to desert environment

O.Brien, F.X., 1976:
Some adaptations of the seastar, Leptasterias littoralis (Stimpson) to life in the intertidal zone

Brafield, AE., 1972:
Some adaptations to low environmental oxygen in marine beaches

Il'lchev, V.D., 1961:
Some adaptations to the life in water in the structure of the external part of the auditory analyser in birds

Ewer, R.F., 1954:
Some adaptive features in the dentition of Hyaenas

Drnry, S.M., 1970:
Some adaptive features of reindeer under polar conditions

Simmons, KEL., 1972:
Some adaptive features of seabird plumage types

Sinclair, John G., 1950:
Some adaptive features of the porpoise head

Gurr, L., 1975:
Some adaptive mechanisms affecting the distribution of bumblebees in New Zealand

Flerov, C.C., 1969:
Some adaptive modifications of the bony palate and choanae in mammals

Ivanova, E.I., 1963:
Some adaptive pecularities of eardio-pulmonary-vasciilar system of the musquash Desmana moschata

Tarchevskaya, V.A., 1967:
Some adaptive peculiarities of the eye in ducks

Hesse, A.J., 1938:
Some adaptive responses of insect life to semi-arid conditions in South Africa

Brues, C.T., 1939:
Some adaptive responses of taxonomy to a changing environment

Snyder, DH., 1973:
Some adaptive values of brooding behaviour in Aneides aeneus

Ermolova, N.M., 1963:
Some adaptive, peculiarity of extremities by reindeer

Mitchell, T.B., 1941:
Some addi-tional intersexes in Megachile (Hymen i-ptera, Megachilidae)

Gwynn, A.M., 1953:
Some addi-tions to the Macqauene Island list of birds

Knappen, P., 1934:
Some additional Audubon copper-plates

Collin, J.E., 1953:
Some additional British Anthomyiidae (Diptera)

Smith, F., 1900:
Some additional Data on the Position of the Sacrum in Necturus

Manter, H.W., 1960:
Some additional Digenea (Trematoda) from New Zealand fishes

Wilson, S.S., 1899:
Some additional New Mexican birds

Dell, R.K., 1959:
Some additional New Zealand cephalopods from Cook Strait

Brewer, T.M., 1879:
Some additional Notes upon Birds observed in New England, with the names of Five Species not included in his previous List of New England Birds

Mitchell, J., 1920:
Some additional Trilobites from New South Wales

Lowe, Percy R., 1942:
Some additional anatomical factors bearing on the phylogeny of the Struthiones

Barbour, R.W., 1963:
Some additional bat records from Kentucky

Cockerell, T.D.A., 1909:
Some additional bees from Prussian amber

Kilburn, F., 1922:
Some additional bird records for Aroostook and Washington Counties, Maine

Belton, W., 1973:
Some additional birds for the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Lerner, J.; Martin, V.; Eddy, C.R.; Taylor, M.W., 1968:
Some additional characteristics of methionine transport in the chicken intestine

Williston, S.W., 1899:
Some additional characters of tho Mosasaurs

Adler, K.K., 1958:
Some additional county records and a minimum size for the eastern milk snake in Ohio

Stepanyan, L.S., 1964:
Some additional data for the ornithological geography of the Caucasus and Turan

Makushok, V.M., 1961:
Some additional data on morphology and systematica of wrymouths (Cryptacanthodidae, Blennioidei, Pisces)

Anonymous, 2006:
Some additional data to the Lower Triassic of the west Pingdingshan Section in Chaohu, Anhui Province, China

Pocock, R.I., 1943:
Some additional external characters of the Okapi (Okapia johnstoni) that died in the Society's Gardens

Pitman, C.R.S., 1965:
Some additional field notes on Vipera hindii Boulenger received from C. J. P. lonides on 15th November 1964

Wheeler, N.H., 1949:
Some additional host plants of three species of leafhoppers of the genus Empoasca (Homoptera, Cicadellidae)

Smith, EC., 1974:
Some additional information on birds in Afghanistan

Waterhouse, G.A., 1938:
Some additional information on the dates of publication of Hewitson's Illustrations exot. Butterflies.

Barbour, R.W., 1957:
Some additional mammal records from Kentucky

Shaeffer, C., 1905:
Some additional new genera and species of Coleoptera found within the limit of the United States

Blatchley, W.S., 1925:
Some additional new species of Heteroptera from the southern United States, with characterisation of a new genus

Laan, P.A. van der., 1954:
Some additional notes about the nematode-catching amoeboid organism, Theratromyxa weberi Zwillenberg

Moulton, J.C., 1912:
Some additional notes on Buprestidae found in Sarawak, together with a brief comment on the geographical distribution of all the species of Buprestidae now known from the island of Borneo

Kinnear, N.B., 1931:
Some additional notes on James Hepburn (1810-1869)

Edgren, R.A.; Jr., 1948:
Some additional notes on Michigan Pseudemys

Lowe, P.R., 1939:
Some additional notes on Miocene Penguins in relation to their origin and systematics

Rothschild, N.C., 1909:
Some additional notes on fleas dealt with in previous papers

Lowe, P.R.; Ovey, C.D., 1946:
Some additional notes on miocene penguins in relation to their origin and systematics. Ovey, C. D. Note on the geological age of Pachydyptes novae-zealandiae and Palaceudyptes antarcticus.

Bianchi, V., 1914:
Some additional notes on the Birds of Formosa

Rudebeck, G., 1958:
Some additional notes on the Buzzard, Buteo buteo trizonatus

Ross, A., 1915:
Some additional notes on the birds of Islay

Symonds, E., 1907:
Some additional notes on the birds of the Kroonstad district, Orange River Colony

Bell, A.W., 1957:
Some additional notes on the circulation of the earthworm

Christison, A.F.P.; Ticehurst, C.B., 1942:
Some additional notes on the distribution of the avifauna of northern Baluchistan

Carmin, J., 1955:
Some additional notes on the fauna of the tidal zone of our Mediterranean and Red Sea

Carmin, J., 1955:
Some additional notes on the fauna of the tidal zone of the Mediterranean and the Red Sea

Pammel, L.H.; Kenoyer, L.A., 1917:
Some additional notes on the pollination of red clover

Vallenduuk, H., 2003:
Some additional notes to Savage, A.A. (1999): Key to the larvae of British Corixidae

Keck, W.R., 1925:
Some additional observations on Sphenodon punctatum in captivity

Cottrille, BD., 1974:
Some additional observations on the nesting of the black-backed three-toed woodpecker in Michigan

Maruyama, Munetoshi, 2005:
Some additional or new records of Paussinae (Carabidae) from Asia

Williams, P.L.; Wendell-Smith, C.P., 1971:
Some additional parametric variations between peripheral nerve fibre populations

Waters, B.H., 1891:
Some additional points on the Primitive Segmentation of the Vertebrate Brain

Meyer, A.B., 1877:
Some additional proof, if needed, of the fact that the Bed Eclecti are the females of the Green ones

George, R.S., 1955:
Some additional records of Arachnida from Gloucestershire, including four species of mites new to Great Britain

Miller, L.S.; Robertson, W.B., 1950:
Some additional records of Harvest Mice (genus Reithrodontomys) in the Mississippi River Valley

Ross, CC., 1973:
Some additional records of albinism in North American birds

Thompson, G.B., 1936:
Some additional records of an association between Hippoboscidae and Mallophaga together with a bibliography of the previous records

McLean, D.D., 1969:
Some additional records of birds in California

Fitter, R.S.R., 1950:
Some additional records of mammals, reptiles and amphibia in the London area

Small, A., 1959:
Some additional records of the Skua from California

Mishima, T., 1968:
Some additional records to the 4th edition of 'the hand-list of the Japanese birds.'

Roepke, W., 1919:
Some additional remarks concerning Mr. Girault's descriptions of new Javanese Chalcid-flies

Bequaert, J., 1929:
Some additional remarks on the Masarid wasps (Hymenoptera)

Banarescu, P., 1969:
Some additional remarks on the genus Squalidus Dybowski (Pisces: Cyprinidae)

Lowe, Percy R., 1944:
Some additional remarks on the phylogeny of the Struthiones

Shannon, Frederick A., 1950:
Some additional remarks on the status of the species Sceloporus occidentalis

Raw, Lrg, 1975:
Some additional snake records for Zululand

Cockerell, T.D.A., 1896:
Some additional species of Prosapis

Beven, G., 1963:
Some additions and amendments to the checklist of birds of Bookham Common during fifteen years

Irwin, M.P.S., 1964:
Some additions and connections to a check list of the birds of Northern Rhodesia. Number 5

Kabak, II.; Ovtchinnikov, SV., 2002:
Some additions and corrections for the cadastre of the genetic fund of Kyrgyzstan. Fam. Cicindelidae - tiger beetles and fam. Carabidae - ground beetles (Coleoptera)

Benson, C.W., 1958:
Some additions and corrections to a check list of the birds of Northern Rhodesia

Anon., 1918:
Some additions and corrections to the B.O.U. List of British Birds. By the Committee appointed to draw up the List

Stelfox, A.W., 1939:
Some additions and corrections to the list of Irish bees, wasps and ants

Sterki, V., 1902:
Some additions and corrections to the list of land and fresh-water Mollusca of Tuscarawas Co., Ohio

Dickinson, E.C.; Tubb, J.A., 1964:
Some additions and corrections to the preliminary list of the birds of Khao Yin National Park

Frick, K.E., 1953:
Some additions and corrections to the species list of North American Agromyzidae (Diptera)

Wayne, A.T., 1918:
Some additions and other records new to the ornithology of South Carolina

Chujo, M., 1937:
Some additions and revisions of Bruchidae (Coleopiera) from the Japanese Empire

Chujo, M., 1938:
Some additions and revisions to the Japanese Endomy-chidae (Coleoptera)

Goodfellow, C.F., 1966:
Some additions to Jacot-Guillarmod's 'Catalogue of the birds of Basutoland' (1963)

Bridgman, J.B., 1881:
Some additions to Mr. Marshall's Catalogue of British Ichneumonidae

Sawyer, F.C., 1957:
Some additions to Peter Stageman's bibliography of the first editions of Philip Henry Gosse (1955)

Barlow, C., 1900:
Some additions to Van Denburgh's list of land birds of Santa Clara Co., Cal

Swales, R.H., 1912:
Some additions to a list of the winter birds of southeastern Michigan. Part 3

Bemmel, A.C.Vvan, 1951:
Some additions to a revision of the Rusine deer in the Indo-Australian Archipelago

Hartman, F.A., 1957:
Some additions to nesting date of Panamanian birds

Dendy, A.; Hindle, E., 1907:
Some additions to our knowledge of the New Zealand Holothurians

Engel, H., 1936:
Some additions to our knowledge of the genus Notarchus

Womersley, H., 1956:
Some additions to the Acarina Mesostigmata of Australia

Riley, J.H., 1933:
Some additions to the Bird fauna of Siam

Shortt, T.M., 1941:
Some additions to the Bird-list from Lake St. Martin, Manitoba

Shiino, S.M., 1937:
Some additions to the Bopyrid fauna of Japan

L.Quesne, W.J., 1960:
Some additions to the British Deltocephalinae (Hem., Cicadellidae) with notes on synonymy

Hincks, W.D., 1960:
Some additions to the British Mymaridae (Hym., Chalcidoidea)

Morice, F.D., 1910:
Some additions to the British list of Crabro species

Elmhirst, Richard., 1914:
Some additions to the Clyde Marine Fauna

Womersley, H., 1930:
Some additions to the Collembola of Britain

Logan, W.N., 1899:
Some additions to the Cretaceous Invertebrates of Kansas

Dolgopolskaja, M., 1938:
Some additions to the Crustacean fauna of the Black Sea

Johnson, Charles W., 1910:
Some additions to the Dipteran fauna of New England

Scott, Andrew., 1901:
Some additions to the Fauna of Liverpool Bay

Djakanov, A.M., 1961:
Some additions to the Key of Ophiuroidea of U.S.S.R. seas

Yamashina, Marquis., 1940:
Some additions to the List of the Birds of Micronesia.

Mclachlan, R., 1894:
Some additions to the Neuropterous fauna of New Zealand, with notes on certain described species

Roche, C.; Hood, D., 2002:
Some additions to the Ngala butterfly list

Wheeler, W.M., 1915:
Some additions to the North American ant-fauna

Leney, F., 1910:
Some additions to the Norwich Castle Museum in 1909

Coigan, Nathaniel., 1913:
Some additions to the Nudibranch fauna of County Dublin

Baba, K., 1940:
Some additions to the Nudibranch fauna of the Northern part of Japan

Shannon, W.G., 1921:
Some additions to the Palaeontology of South-east Devon

Hare, E.J., 1910:
Some additions to the Perlidae, Neuroptera-Planipennia and Trichoptera of New Zealand

Russell, C.R., 1956:
Some additions to the Rotatoria of the Chatham Islands

Herbert, E.G., 1916 :
Some additions to the Siamese avifauna

Sutton, J., 1937:
Some additions to the South Australian Museum collection

Pilsbry, H.A., 1889:
Some additions to the United States Snail Fauna

Allin, A.E., 1942:
Some additions to the Vertebrate fauna of Darlington Township, Durham County, Ontario

Gascoigne, T., 1972:
Some additions to the aquatic fauna list of the Inner Farne. Transactions nat. Hist

Uchida, S., 1923:
Some additions to the avifauna of Formosa

Dixon, K.L.Davis, W.D., 1958:
Some additions to the avifauna of Guerrero, Mexico

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Some additions to the bird fauna of the South West African Sandveld Kalahari

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Some additions to the birds of India

Choudhury, Anwaruddin, 2003:
Some additions to the birds of Nagaland, north-east India

Miodonski, T., 1946:
Some additions to the butterfly fauna of the environs of Cracow.

Israelson, G., 1969:
Some additions to the coleopterous fauna of the Canary Islands (Coleoptera)

Cooke, J.A.L., 1954:
Some additions to the county records of spiders

Southern, W.E., 1965:
Some additions to the distributional list of Michigan birds

Laidlaw, F.F., 1915:
Some additions to the dragonfly fauna of Borneo

Kennedy, W.P., 1937:
Some additions to the fauna of Iraq. (Reptilia and Amphibia, pp. 747-749.)

Kershaw, J.A., 1928:
Some additions to the fish fauna of Victoria

Distant, W.L., 1914:
Some additions to the genera and species in the Homopterous family Fulgoridae

Beddard, F.E., 1905:
Some additions to the knowledge of the anatomy, principally of the vascular system of Hatteria, Crocodilus and certain Lacertilia

Petersen, Ebsen., 1910:
Some additions to the knowledge of the neuropterous fauna of Romania

Laidlaw, F.F., 1918:
Some additions to the known dragon fly fauna of Borneo, with an account of new species of the genus Coeliccia

Evans, W., 1915 :
Some additions to the list of Forth Nematoda

Roberts, A., 1924:
Some additions to the list of South African Mammals

Carpenter, G.H.; Evans, W., 1897:
Some additions to the list of Spiders collected in the neighbourhood of Edinburgh

Knepp, T.H., 1941:
Some additions to the list of amphibians and reptiles of Bedford County

Stevens, W.E.; Hohn, E.O., 1958:
Some additions to the list of birds of the Mackenzie Delta N. W. T

Gladkov, N.A., 1937:
Some additions to the list of the Birds of Amu-Darja

Tate, R., 1893:
Some additions to the list of the Marine Gastropoda of S. Australia

Repkina, L.V., 1971:
Some additions to the method of determination of the physiological age of ixodid ticks (on the example of Ixodes persulcatus P. Sch. of the Western Sayan)

Turchenko, LN., 1972:
Some additions to the methods of investigating blood-sucking mosquitoes

Vimmer, A., 1925:
Some additions to the morphology of the tracheal system of Diptera

Young, J.G.; Nuevarez, B.C.ristian P.; Poquita, R.C.lia M.; Remolino, D.S.; Ybanez, M.D., 2001:
Some additions to the phytoplankton of Hilutangan Channel, Cebu

Pfanner, DE., 1975:
Some additions to the preliminary list of birds of Khao Yai National Park

Borley, H.J.H., 1931:
Some additions to the sponge fauna of Plymouth

Ono, N., 1962:
Some additions to the urine precipitin reaction for Schistosoma japonicum

Rehn, J.A.G., 1951:
Some additipns to our knowledge of the Desmopterini (Orthoptera: Acridi-dae: Pyrgomorphinae)

van Utrecht, WL., 1973:
Some adventures with scales

Imai, M.; Mineda, T.; Oikawa, M., 1975:
Some affinities and differences between the tree-shrews (Tupaia), insectivora and primates

Lindeman, R.L., 1939:
Some affinities and varieties of the planktonic rotifer, Brachionus havanaensis Rousselet

Cockerell, T.D.A., 1910:
Some african bees- of the genus Anthophora

Ryabov, L.S., 1962:
Some age peculiarities in the morphology of Martes martes and Martes foina of the Caucasus

Bezrukov, N.I., 1970:
Some age-related changes in the hypothalamicpituitary system of the Bactrian camel

Anonymous, 2006 :
Some agro-physiological studies on faba bean (Vicia faba L.)

Anonymous, 2008:
Some agronomic properties of local pea population collected from different areas of Turkiye

Brown, Leland R., 1958:
Some aids for field photography of insects

Cumber, R.A., 1958:
Some aids in the collection of smaller terrestrial Mollusca and Arthropoda

Nilsson, S., 1977:
Some aims and methods in bird census work

Oldham, C., 1934:
Some albinistic varieties of Arianta arbustorum

Cooper, J.E., 1958:
Some albino reptiles and polydactylous frogs

Sealy, S.G., 1968:
Some alcid leg sizes and band sizes

Reeder, R.L., 1969:
Some algae isolated from Helisoma trivolvis (Say)

Rhodes, R.G.; Terzis, A.J., 1970:
Some algae of the upper Cuyahoga River system in Ohio

Schonemann, P.H., 2007:
Some algebraic relations between involutions, convolutions and correlations, with applications to holographic memories (vol 56, pg 367, 1987)

Blair, K.G., 1948:
Some alien Colcoptera occasionally found in Britain

Winterbottom, J.M., 1966:
Some alien birds in South Africa

Bather, F.A., 1891:
Some alleged cases of Misrepresentation

Endo, H., 1976:
Some alpine moths from Mt. Hakuba

Lynes, H., 1936:
Some alterations in the classification of the Cisticolas and description of new races

Niblett, M., 1948:
Some alternating generations in Cynipidae (Hym.)

Bole, B.P., 1938:
Some altitude records for Mammals in the Inyo-White Mountains of California

Stevenson, H.M., 1959:
Some altitude records of reptiles and amphibians

Vavra Norbert, 2004:
Some amber-like organic minerals; a critical review of their chemistry and mineralogy

Hawkins, H.L., 1910:
Some ambulacral structures in the Holectypoida

Bovee, E.C.; Wilson, D.E.; Telford, S.R., 1961:
Some amebas and ameboflagellates inquilinie in Florida reptiles

Bovee, E.C., 1958:
Some amebas of warm mineral springs, near Venice, Florida

Anonymous, 1950:
Some amendments of nomenclature in the genus Meligethes Stephens (Col., Nitidulidae)

Johnson, C., 1966:
Some amendments to the British list of Anisotomidae (CoL)

Cookerell, T.D.A., 1916:
Some america fossil insects

Crawford, J.C., 1916:
Some american Hymenoptera

Strong, F.E.Sakamoto, S.S., 1963:
Some amino acid requirements of the green peach aphid, Myzus persicae (Sulzer) determined with glucose-U-C14

Leschukch, R.; Kukuruza, O.; Lysenko, M.; Lysenko, V., 2005:
Some ammonites from the Albian roaming boulders of the south-western part of the Mountain Crimea

Leshchukh, RI., 1975:
Some ammonites from the Lower Cretaceous south-east part of the Ukrainian Carpathians

Long, CA.; Long, CA., 1976:
Some amphibians and reptiles collected on islands in Green Bay, Lake Michigan

Haas, G., 1957:
Some amphibians and reptiles from Arabia

Tuck, R.G.; Jr., 1974:
Some amphibians and reptiles from Iran

Owens, D.W., 1941:
Some amphibians and reptiles from Southern Illinois

Bond, D.H., 1931:
Some amphibians and reptiles of Monongalia County, West Virginia

Lynn, W.G., 1958:
Some amphibians from Haiti and a new subspecies of Eleutherodactylus schmidti

Inger, Robert F., 1956:
Some amphibians from the lowlands of North Borneo

Kandamby, Dharma Sri, 2001:
Some amphibians observed in Galle District, Sri Lanka

Nau, BS., 1975:
Some amphipod records from Bedfordshire and neighbouring counties

Simkiss, K.; Jenkins, N.K.; Taylor, J.H., 1969:
Some analyses of artificially incubated eggs and hatchlings of green and loggerhead sea turtles

Crow, J.F. ., 1968:
Some analyses of hidden variability in Drosophila populations

Iwao, S., 1959:
Some analyses on the effect of population density on larva, coloration and growth in the armyworm, Leucania unipuncta Haworth (Phase variation in the armyworm, Leucania unipuncta, III)

Ueno, H., 1953:
Some analysis on the growth of the larvae of the common cabbage butterfly, Pieris rapae crucivora

Cheng, P.L., 1964:
Some anatomical and histological studies on the development of reproductive organs of 2 to 8 month-old boars

Hassouna, Eman MA., 2001:
Some anatomical and morphometric studies on the esophagus and stomach in goose, turkey, sparrow, kestrel, hoopoe, owl and darter

Lowe, P.R., 1938:
Some anatomical and other notes on the systematic position of the genus Picathartes together with some remarks on the Families Sturnidae and Eulabetidae

Loosjes, FE.; Loosjes-van Bemmel, ACW., 1973:
Some anatomical and systematic data on Asiatic Clausiliidae (Gastropoda, Pulmonata),

Drabek, C.M., 1975:
Some anatomical aspects of the cardiovascular system of Antarctic seals and their possible functional significance in diving

Berger, A.J., 1960:
Some anatomical characters of the Cuculidae and the Musophagidae

Crampton, G.C., 1930:
Some anatomical details of the pupa of the archaic Tanyderid Dipteron Protoplasa fitchii, O.S

Crampton, G.C., 1920:
Some anatomical details of the remarkable winged Zorapteron, Zorotypus hubbardi Caudell, with notes on its relationships

Imai, M., 1972:
Some anatomical differences in the organ of sight existing between Primates and man

Khan, N.R.; Musgrave, A.J., 1966:
Some anatomical differences of possible taxonomic value in the female reproductive organs of Sitophilus (Curculionidae: Coleoptera)

Zambriborshtch, F.S., 1951:
Some anatomical features of Black Sea Mugilidae

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