Some comments to the description of Stephanostomum pristis (Deslongchamps, 1824) Loos, 1899 (Trematoda: Acanthocolpidae)

Gaevskaya, V.

Ekologiya Morya 59: 17-20


Accession: 023622580

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Details of morphological features of a trematode, Stephanostomum pristis (Deslongchamps, 1824) based on the materials from three gadid species, namely Trisopterus luscus, T. minutus, and T. esmarkii from the Celtic Sea are presented. T. esmarkii is a new host for S. pristis. Significance of such morphological signs as the number and sizes of oral spines, position of vitellines for a systematic of Stephanostomum species is discussed.