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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 23648

Chapter 23648 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Christensen, John F., 1938:
Species differentiation in the coccidia from the domestic sheep

Kessel, J.F.; Jankiewicz, A., 1931:
Species differentiation of the coccidia of the domestic rabbit based, on a study of the oocysts

Ferguson, GW., 1972:
Species discrimination by male side-blotched lizards Uta stansburiana in Colorado

Devine, MC., 1976:
Species discrimination in mate selection in free-living male garter snakes and experimental evidence for the role of pheromones. Herpetological

Bradshaw, W.N., 1965:
Species discrimination in the Peromyscus leucopus group of mice

Pyburn, W.F., 1955:
Species discrimination in two sympatric lizards, Sceloporus olivaceus and S. poinsetti

Moore, D.F.; Guzman, J.A.; McGee, C., 2008:
Species distribution and antimicrobial resistance of enterococci isolated from surface and ocean water

Anonymous, 2006:
Species distribution and diversity of Appendicularia in the east China Sea

Carchini, G.; D.D.menico, M.; Solimini, A.G.useppe.; Tanzilli, C., 2003:
Species distribution and habitat features in lentic Odonata

Hamza, O.J.M.; Matee, M.I.N.; Moshi, M.J.; Simon, E.N.M.; Mugusi, F.; Mikx, F.H.M.; Helderman, W.H.van.Palenstein.; Rijs, A.J.M.M.; van der Ven, Aé.J.A.M.; Verweij, P.E., 2008:
Species distribution and in vitro antifungal susceptibility of oral yeast isolates from Tanzanian HIV-infected patients with primary and recurrent oropharyngeal candidiasis

Tortorano, A.Maria.; Prigitano, A.; Dho, G.; Esposto, M.Carmela.; Gianni, C.; Grancini, A.; Ossi, C.; Viviani, M.Anna., 2008:
Species distribution and in vitro antifungal susceptibility patterns of 75 clinical isolates of Fusarium spp. from northern Italy

Mcalister, W.H., 1958:
Species distribution in a mixed Scaphiopus-Bufo breeding chorus

Krishnamurthy, K.; Santhanam, R.; Sundararaj, V., 1974:
Species distribution in aquatic environment

Anonymous, 2007:
Species distribution patterns, diversity scaling and testing for fractals in southern African birds

Vermeeren, H.; Vanreusel, A.; Vanhove, S., 2004:
Species distribution within the free-living marine nematode genus Dichromadora in the Weddell Sea and adjacent areas

Anonymous, 2006:
Species distributions from English Celtic Sea groundfish surveys, 1992-2003

Finney Stanley; Berry William; Cooper John, 2004:
Species diversification during mass extinction; graptolites during the Late Ordovician

Heyer, WR.; Berven, KA., 1973:
Species diversities of herpetofaunal samples from similar microhabitats at two tropical sites

Catalina-Martinez-Hernandez, H.; Arturo-Rodriguez-Trejo, D., 2008:
Species diversity after prescribed burns at different intensities and seasons in a high altitude Pinus hartwegii forest

Zhang,; Hwang, J.S.iou; Lian,; Tang,, 2005:
Species diversity and abundance distribution of pelagic siphonophores from Nanwan Bay of Taiwan Island in late autumn and early winter

Zhang, J.; Hwang, J.; Lian, G.; Tang, S., 2005:
Species diversity and abundance distribution of pelagic siphonophores in Nan Wan Bay of Taiwan, China, in late autumn and early winter

Anonymous, 2007:
Species diversity and biogeography of chaetognaths in the Indian Ocean

Lee, J.J.e; Hyun, J.M.n, 2002:
Species diversity and community structure of macrobenthic invertebrate inhabiting the intertidal zone near Songacksan Area, Jeju Island

Anonymous, 2008:
Species diversity and composition of forest vegetation of Sagar District in Central India

Nwe, D.T.n; San, A.M.; Min, N.W.h; Thu,; Oi, T.; Hamada, Y., 2005:
Species diversity and distribution of Primates in Myanmar

Martinez C.S., 1976:
Species diversity and distribution of fish in Lake Nicaragua

Huang, H.; Li, X.B.o; He, J.G.o; Zou, R.L.n, 2007:
Species diversity and distribution of gorgonian at Xuwen, Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province

D.M.sel, I.; Lee,; Vanhove, S.; Vincx, M.; Vanreusel, A., 2006:
Species diversity and distribution within the deep-sea nematode genus Acantholaimus on the continental shelf and slope in Antarctica

Pianka, E.R., 1966:
Species diversity and ecology of fiatland desert lizards in western North America

Weaver, P.L., 1969:
Species diversity and ecology of tidepool fishes in three Pacific coastal areas of Costa Rica

Bunker, D.E.; Naeem, S., 2006:
Species diversity and ecosystem functioning

Couli, BC., 1972:
Species diversity and faunal affinities of meiobenthic Copepoda in the deep sea. Marine

Yoshimura, C.; Tockner, K.; Omura, T.; Moog, O., 2006:
Species diversity and functional assessment of macroinvertebrate communities in Austrian rivers

Vellend, M., 2005:
Species diversity and genetic diversity: parallel processes and correlated patterns

Sihvonen, P.; Siljander, M., 2005:
Species diversity and geographical distribution of Scopulini moths (Lepidoptera: Geometridae, Sterrhinae) on a world-wide scale

Volvenko, I V.; Kafanov, AI., 2006:
Species diversity and ichthyofaunistics division of pelagical in northwestern Sea of Japan

Pimentel, D. ., 1969:
Species diversity and insect population outbreaks

Lianjin Guo; Wenhui Zhang; Guobin Liu, 2008:
Species diversity and interspecific association in development sequence of Hippophae rhamnoides plantations in the Loess Hilly Region, China

Sheldon, Andrew L., 1968:
Species diversity and longitudinal succession in stream fishes

Herz, A.; Heitland, W., 2005:
Species diversity and niche separation of cocoon parasitoids in different forest types with endemic populations of their host, the common pine sawfly Diprion pini (Hymenoptera: Diprionidae)

Kuriyama, M.; Nishida, S., 2006:
Species diversity and niche-partitioning in the pelagic copepods of the family Scolecitrichidae (Calanoida)

Anonymous, 2007:
Species diversity and occurrence of edible insects with special reference to coleopterans of Arunachal Pradesh

Soboleva, RG.; Bodrova, YuD., 1974:
Species diversity and phenology of gadflies (Diptera, Tabanidae) highland taiga station of Primorye Territory

Anonymous, 2007:
Species diversity and protection of amphibians and reptiles in Hengshui Lake Wetland, Hebei

Luo, J.; Gao, H.-ying.; Wang, Y.; Zhang, Y.-lin.; Cai, D.-mei.; Xiang, L.; Jian, X.-jun.; Qiao, X.-jin., 2005:
Species diversity and protection of amphibians in Chongqing Municipality

Jian Luo.; Gao, H.-ying.; Zhou, Y.-yuan., 2004:
Species diversity and protection of reptiles in Chongqing Municipality

Galkovskaya, G.A.; Molotkov, D.V.; Mityanina, I.F., 2006 :
Species diversity and spatial structure of pelagic zooplankton in a lake of glacial origin during summer stratification

Wang, Z.; Chen, M.; Lu, C.; Xu, C.-Ren; Lei, G., 2006:
Species diversity and spatio-temporal distribution patterns of icefishes (Salangidae) in Poyang Lake

Wu, X.-hui.; Liu, J.-shou.; Zhu, A.-ming.; Xiao, Y.-kun.; Li, S.-ping., 2003:
Species diversity and succession of phytoplankton in Fuqiaohe Reservoir

Shi, H.-yan.; Liu, H.; Wu, Y.; Liu, Z.-gang., 2006:
Species diversity and threatened status of cave-dwelling bats in Mianyang, Sichuan

Garlitska, L., 2004:
Species diversity and type of harpacticoid copepod distribution in water areas with high anthropogenic influence

Zhao, Q.; Zhao, Q.-L.; Deng, Z., 2004:
Species diversity change of birds inhabiting during autumn and winter at Island Xinglongsha (Qidong, Jiangsu) in the ten year period

Anonymous, 2008:
Species diversity change pattern in gap gradient in karst forest in Maolan Nature Reserve, Guizhou Province

Sutherland, Jp, 1976:
Species diversity gradients: sythesis of the roles of predation, competition, and temporal heterogenicity

Reed, C.C., 1977:
Species diversity in aquatic microecosystems

Whiteside, M.C.; Harmswortfa, R.V., 1967:
Species diversity in chydorid (Cladocera) communities

Owen, DF.; Owen, J., 1974:
Species diversity in temperate and tropical lchneumonidae

Brown, M.T.; Cohen, M.J.; Bardi, E.; Ingwersen, W.W., 2006:
Species diversity in the Florida Everglades, USA: A systems approach to calculating biodiversity

Raup, D.M., 1977:
Species diversity in the Phanerozoic

Sheehan, P.M., 1977:
Species diversity in the Phanerozoic. A reflection of labor by systematists?

John A.C.mmito; Serena Como; Benjamin M.G.upe; Wendy E.D.w, 2008:
Species diversity in the soft-bottom intertidal zone: Biogenic structure, sediment, and macrofauna across mussel bed spatial scales

Li, Y.C.un; Chen, Zhong; Long, Y.R.; Zhou, Feng; Zhong, You Ren, 2006:
Species diversity of Chiroptera in Ma'anling volcano area, Hainan Island

Movsessian, SO.; Nikogossin, MA., 1997:
Species diversity of Davaineidae cestodes registered in Russian Federation

Jarvinen, O.; Vaisanen, RA., 1976:
Species diversity of Finnish birds, 2: Biotopes at the transition between taiga and tundra

Jarvinen, O.; Valsanen, RA., 1973:
Species diversity of Finnish birds. l. Zoogeographical zonation based on land birds

Nirmala Pradhan; Joshi, S.D., 2007:
Species diversity of Hornworts (Anthocerotae: Bryophyta) in lowland Nepal with an account of Foliocerus assamicus D.C. Bhardwaj, a new report to the country

Yang, D.-de.; Huang, W.-juan.; Chen, W.-hua., 2006:
Species diversity of amphibians and reptiles in Wugongshan National Forest Park of Jiangxi Province

Chen, B.; Liu, C.; Dai, X., 2005:
Species diversity of amphibians and reptiles in mountain Taishan, Shandong

Kivrak, E.; Gurbuz, H.; Altuner, Z.; Sulun, A., 2006:
Species diversity of benthic algae in water bodies of the northeastern region of Turkey (Erzurum vicinity)

Mathis, BJ., 1973:
Species diversity of benthic macroinvertebrates and limnological conditions in a 1st order mountain stream

Mathis, BJ., 1973:
Species diversity of benthic macroinvertebrates and limnological conditions in a lst order mountain stream

Wilhm, J.L.; Dorris, T.C., 1966:
Species diversity of benthic macroinvertebrates in a stream receiving domestic and oil refinery effluents

Mathis, B.J., 1968:
Species diversity of benthic macroinvertebrates in three mountain streams

Bong Kyun Kim.; Duck Keun Choi., 1977:
Species diversity of benthonic Foraminifera in the Tertiary strata of Pohang Basin. Korea

Li, L.; Ran, J.; Zeng, Z.; Liu, S., 2006:
Species diversity of breeding bird communities at different elevations in Chongqing section of the Three Gorges Reservoir region

Brauze, Tomasz, 2004:
Species diversity of breeding waterbirds of oxbow lakes on the flood terrace of the Vistula River between Ciechocinek and Solec Kujawski

Jiro Kodani, 2006:
Species diversity of broad-leaved trees in Cryptomeria japonica plantations in relation to the distance from adjacent broad-leaved forests

Zhu, L.X.n; Wu,, 2006:
Species diversity of butterflies in Langyashan National Forest Park

Nair, VR., 1976:
Species diversity of chaetognaths along the Equatorial region of the Indian Ocean with comments on the community structure

Abele, LG., 1974:
Species diversity of decapod crustaceans in marine habitats

Maldonado-Ocampo, J.A.ejandro; Albert, J.S., 2003:
Species diversity of gymnotiform fishes (Gymnotiformes, Teleostei) in Colombia

Tikhonenkov, D.Victorovich.; Mazei, Y.Alexandrovich.; Mylnikov, A.Petrovich., 2006:
Species diversity of heterotrophic flagellates in White Sea littoral sites

Lattirasuvan, T.; Sanitjan, S., 2005:
Species diversity of insects in three difference habitats along a stream

Li, B.; Li, X.; Wang, H.; Zhang, B., 2006:
Species diversity of macrobenthic mollusk fauna in Jiaozhou Bay, Shandong

Lappalainen, A.; Kangas, P., 1975:
Species diversity of macrofauna in a Zostera marina community in Tvbrminne, S Finland

Yang-Zhen-Yin; Su-Jian-Rong; Li-Cong-Fu; Wang-Yun; Li-Zheng-Hong, 2008:
Species diversity of main communities in hot and dry valley, Yuanmao County

Boesch, Df, 1972:
Species diversity of marine macrobenthos in the Virginia area

Anonymous, 2008:
Species diversity of medical entomology and zoology in mountain area in the western of Hubei and its zoogeography

Wu, W-L.; Chang, K-H., 1977:
Species diversity of molluscan fauna in Chin-Shan area, northern Taiwan. Bulletin malac

Putchim, L.; Chavanich, S.; Viyakarn, V., 2002:
Species diversity of mushroom corals (family Fungiidae) in the Inner Gulf of Thailand

Morrison, R., 1971:
Species diversity of net zooplankton and physiochemical conditions in Keystone Reservoir, Oklahoma

Waegele, H.; Burghardt, I.; Anthes, N.; Evertsen, J.; Klussmann Kolb, A.; Brodie, G., 2006:
Species diversity of opisthobranch molluscs on Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Sushchenya, L.; Semenchenko, V.; Galkovskaya, G., 2001:
Species diversity of pelagian zooplankton of lakes of different types

Tanchenko, E.; Anissimova, O., 2006:
Species diversity of periphytonic and bentonic algae and its seasonal changes in small reservoirs of Central Black Earth reserve (Kursk region)

Anonymous, 2008:
Species diversity of phytophagous nematodes in selected districts of Andhra Pradesh

Anonymous, 2008:
Species diversity of pteridophytes in evergreen broad-leaved communities in Jiulianshan of subtropical China

Lin-Chang-Song; Zuo-Jing-Hui; Liao-Wen, 2008:
Species diversity of rare plant Dipentodon sinicus communities in Yushe National Forest Park

Zhang, M.-Wen.; Wang, K.-Rong.; Wang, Y.; Li, B., 2003:
Species diversity of rodent communities in the Dongting Lake area of China

Luo, T.; Yu, X.; Zhou, H., 2006:
Species diversity of sarcosaprophagous beetles (Coleoptera) in larch plantations at different stages of reforestation in Wolong Natural Reserve, southwestern China

Karthikeyan, R.; Balasubramanian, T., 2007:
Species diversity of sea snake (Hydrophiidae) distributed in the Coramantal coast (east coast of India)

Brown, JH., 1973:
Species diversity of seed-eating desert rodents in sand dune habitats

Derunkov, AV., 2004:
Species diversity of staphylinid beetles (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae) in the pine plantations of different age in Berezinsky reserve

Cadk, JE., 1976:
Species diversity of stream salamanders on two southern Appalachian watersheds with contrasting vegetation types. Herpetological

Getz, LL., 1974:
Species diversity of terrestrial snails in the Great Smoky Mountains

Serafin, E., 2004:
Species diversity of the caddisflies (Trichoptera) in the left-bank river bug valley

Scibior, R., 2004:
Species diversity of the chrysomelid beetles (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) in marsh and alder swamp of the Lasy Janowskie Landscape Park

Gomez, E.D., 1977:
Species diversity of the epibenthos in a highly disturbed coral reef community in the Philippines

Sumarokov, AM., 2003:
Species diversity of the fauna of beetles (Coleoptera) in biocoenoses of the steppe zone of Ukraine.

Chen, H.; Gao, J.; Wen, S., 2005:
Species diversity of the genus Phortica Schiner in Yunnan, China, with descriptions of nine new species (Diptera, Drosophildae)

Stuge, TS.; Bartosh, ES., 2003:
Species diversity of the planktonic crustaceans in the waterbodies of Nura river basin and evaluation of society state and water quality on materials 1998

Jia-Yan-Chun; Zhang-Feng, 2008:
Species diversity of the plant community alongside Wanjiazhai Yellow River Diversion Project, Shanxi

Yang, Yuewei; Xia, Guirong; Ma, Renfan; Chen, Yuzhao; Ding, Ping, 2005:
Species diversity of water birds in the wetland of Yueqing Bay, Zhejiang Province

Liu, Peng., 2006:
Species diversity survey and protection of snakes in Heilongjiang Province

Pupila, A.; Bergmanis, U., 2006:
Species diversity, abundance and dynamics of small mammals in the eastern Latvia

Ahmed, A.; Okiwelu, S.; Samdi, S., 2005 :
Species diversity, abundance and seasonal occurrence of some biting flies in southern Kaduna, Nigeria

Wijesundara, C.; D.S.lva, M., 2005:
Species diversity, abundance and some aspects of the ecology of birds in selected habitats in the hill region of Sri Lanka

Aravind, N.; Rajashekhar, K.; Madhyastha, N., 2005:
Species diversity, endemism and distribution of land snails of the Western Ghats, India

Mitchell, W.A.; Kotler, B.P.; Brown, J.S.; Blaustein, L.; Dall, S.R., 2005:
Species diversity, environmental heterogeneity, and species interactions

Hooper, D U.; Solan, M.; Symstad, A.; Diaz, S.; Gessner, MO.; Buchmann, N.; Degrange, V.; Grime, P.; Hulot, F.; Mermillod-Blondin, F.; Roy, J.; Spehn, E. van Peer, L., 2002:
Species diversity, functional diversity, and ecosystem functioning

Grassle, JF., 1972:
Species diversity, genetic variability and environmental uncertainty. European mar

Anonymous, 2007:
Species diversity, population structure and impact of animals and fungi on forest functions in anthropogenically affected spruce forests, Frydek-Mister, Czech Republic, 2-4 October 2007

Khan, M Monirul H., 2005:
Species diversity, relative abundance and habitat use of the birds in the Sundarbans East Wildlife Sanctuary, Bangladesh

Stinson, N.; Jr., 1977:
Species diversity, resource partitioning, and demography of small mammals in a subalpine deciduous forest

Witkowski, Z., 1973:
Species diversity, stability and succession. Studies on weevils (Curculionidae, Coleoptera) and their host plants during the succession of mowed meadows under the influence of draining

Grassle, JF., 1974:
Species diversity. genetic variability and environmental uncertainty

Spight, T.M., 1967:
Species diversity: a comment on the role of predator

Uetz, G., 1974:
Species diversity: a review

Bezzi, M., 1920:
Species duae novae generis Oedaspis, s.l. (Dipt.)

Bulling, M.T.; Solan, M.; Dyson, K.E.; Hernandez-Milian, G.; Luque, P.; Pierce, G.J.; Raffaelli, D.; Paterson, D.M.; White, P.C.L., 2008:
Species effects on ecosystem processes are modified by faunal responses to habitat composition

Westerlund, C.A., 1888:
Species et varietates nonnullas minus cognitas vol novas

Horvath, G., 1918:
Species europeae goneris Euphyllura

Scott, P., 1973:
Species extinction in birds

Earle K.L.; Saunders T.D.A.; Pemberton S.G., 2002:
Species feces; a detailed look at Ophiomorpha borneensis

Podobina, VM.; Tatianin, GM., 2001:
Species formation and evolution of organisms (on the pattern of foraminifers)

Huxley, J.S., 1938:
Species formation and geographical isolation

Rand, A.L., 1970:
Species formation in the Blue monarch flycatchers genus Hypothymis

Anonymous, 2007:
Species from Colombia, Ecuador and Peru belonging to the genus Gerwasia Raciborski from the order Uredinales

Hancock, J.L., 1915:
Species from outside the Indian Empire in the Indian Museum

Kiener, L.C., 1880:
Species general et Iconographie des Coquilles vivantes, continue par Dr. P. Fischer. Genres: Calcar, Trochus, Xenophora, Tectarius, et Risella

Kiener, L.C., 1876:
Species general et Iconographie des Coquilles vivantes, continue par P. Fischer

Horvath, G., 1917:
Species generis Corizus Fall. (Therapha Am. Serv.)

Horvath, G., 1897:
Species generis Galeatus Curt

Mehely, Lv., 1929:
Species generis Hyloniscus. (Systematische und descendenztheoretische Betrachtungen)

Horvath, G. xEza., 1909:
Species generis Lygaeidarum Clerada Sign

Horvath, G., 1905:
Species generis Ommatidiotus Spin

Semenov-Tian-Shanskii, A.; Medvedev, S., 1932:
Species generis Oryctes. III. Faunae rossicae et mesasiaticae (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae)

Horvath, G., 1895:
Species generis Pionosomus, Fieb

Dlabola, J., 1945:
Species generis Psammotettix Hpt. Bohemiae et Moraviae (Homopt. Auchenorrhyncha).

Horvah, G. xEza., 1909:
Species generis Reduviidarum Sirthenea Spin

Tomosvary, Odon, 1883:
Species generis Smynthurus Faunae Hungaricae

Horvath, G. xEza., 1912:
Species generis Tingitidarum Stephanitis

Nakaya, K.; Sato, K., 1999:
Species grouping within the genus Apristurus (Elasmobranchii: Scyliorhinidae)

Soule, DF.; Soule, JD., 1974:
Species groups in Watersiporidae

Sheard, Keith, 1965:
Species groups in the zooplankton of eastern Australian slope waters, 1938-41

Gaudin, AJ., 1973:
Species groups of North American chorus frogs (genus Pseudacris: family Hylidae)

Tibor Érsek; Zoltán Á. Nagy, 2008 :
Species hybrids in the genus Phytophthora with emphasis on the alder pathogen Phytophthora alni : a review

Kilham, P.; Klopfer, P.H.; Oelke, H., 1968:
Species identification and colour preferences in chicks

Bondensen, P., 1975:
Species identification and description of some European Acrocephalus vocalizations

Gelin, A.; Souty-Grosset, C., 2006:
Species identification and ecological study of the genus Palaemonetes (Decapoda: Caridea) in the French Mediterranean

Kang, D.; Shin, H.; Kim, S.; Lee, Y.; Hwang, D., 2003:
Species identification and noise cancellation using volume backscattering strength difference of multi-frequency

Culbertson, J.R.; Hull, R.W., 1962:
Species identification in Trichophrya (Suctorida) and the occurrence of melanin in some members of the genus

S.R.a; G.S.orani; N.M.scaro; R.S.occhi; A.R.L.schi, 2009:
Species identification in anchovy pastes from the market by PCR-RFLP technique

Anonymous, 2008:
Species identification in fish products

Jonker, K.M.; Tilburg, J.J.H.C.; Hagele, G.H.; de Boer, E., 2008:
Species identification in meat products using real-time PCR

Fu, B.Q.; Liu, M.Y.; Yao, C.Y.; Li, W.H.; Li, Y.G.; Wang, Y.H.; Wu, X.P.; Zhang, D.L.; Cai, X.P.; Blaga, R.; Boireau, P., 2008:
Species identification of Trichinella isolates from China

Brazaitis, P., 1971:
Species identification of commercial crocodilian skins

Li, T.; Ito, A.; Nakaya, K.; Qiu, J.; Nakao, M.; Zhen, R.; Xiao, N.; Chen, X.; Giraudoux, P.; Craig, P.S., 2008:
Species identification of human echinococcosis using histopathology and genotyping in northwestern China

Anonymous, 2007:
Species identification of mammalian mtDNA using PCR-RFLP

Foster, DW.; Tiller, DV., 1973:
Species identification of nestling egrets and observations of cattle egret food habits in California

Pennak, R.W., 1963:
Species identification of the fresh-water cyclopoid Copepoda of the United States

Rivière-Dobigny, T.; Doan, L.Pham.; Quang, N.Le.; Maillard, J-Charles.; Michaux, J., 2009:
Species identification, molecular sexing and genotyping using non-invasive approaches in two wild bovids species: Bos gaurus and Bos javanicus

Yu, D.H.i; Chu, K.H.u, 2006:
Species identity and phylogenetic relationship of the pearl oysters in Pinctada Roeding, 1798 based on ITS sequence analysis

Anonymous, 2003:
Species importance and context: spatial and temporal variation in species interactions

Dall, N.H., 1882:
Species in Buccinum

Dobzhansky, T., 1963:
Species in Drosophila

Rubtzov, J.A., 1959:
Species in Simuliidae

Anon., 1958:
Species in danger of extinction

Shatalova, Sp, 1974:
Species indices of reproduction in mammals and peculiarities of their geographic variation (Leporidae taken as an example)

Jollie, M., 1976:
Species interrelationships of three corvids

Gay, F.J. ., 1969:
Species introduced by man

Anonymous, 2006:
Species introductions and the Panama Canal

Winfield, I J.; Fletcher, JM.; James, JB., 2002:
Species introductions to two English lake fish communities of high conservation value: a 10-year study

Stachowicz, J.J.; Tilman, D., 2005:
Species invasions and the relationships between species diversity, community saturation, and ecosystem functioning

Ying,; Lin, H.L.n; Chen, R.X.a; Gu,, 2002:
Species investigation and fauna analysis of butterflies in Ningbo District

Gerald, JW., 1970:
Species isolating mechanisms in the genus Lepomis

Brown, R.G.B., 1967:
Species isolation between the herring gull Larus argentatus and the lesser black-backed gull L

Peake, JF., 1973:
Species isolation in sympatric populations of the genus Diplom4matlna (Gastropoda, Prosobranchia, Cyclophoridae, Diplommatininae)

Filipponi, A.; Pegazzano, F., 1963:
Species italiane de gruppe-subbadius (Acarina, Mesostigmata, Macrochelidae)

Geisen, M.; Young, J.R.; Probert, I.; Saez, A.G.; Baumn, K.; Bollmn, J.; Cros, L. de Vargas, C.; Medlin, L.K.; Sprengel, C., 2004:
Species level variation in coccolithophores

Wetmore, A., 1957:
Species limitations in certain groups of the Swift genus Chaetura

Payne, RB., 1974:
Species limits and variation of the New World green herons Butorides virescens and striated herons B. striatus

Watson, David M., 2005:
Species limits in birds: A response from Watson

Townsend, C.H.T., 1914:
Species limits in the genus Lucilia

Stiles, F Gary; Krabbe, N.K.; Schulenberg, T.S., 2006:
Species limits in the genus Urosticte (Trochilidae)

Anonymous, 2007:
Species limits in the house bunting complex

Selander, R.K.; Giller, D.R., 1963:
Species limits in the woodpecker genus Centurus (Aves)

Rabor, D.S., 1955:
Species limits of the Plain-throated Bulbul, Microscelis, of the Philippines: 107-108 Notes on mammals and birds of the central northern Luzon highlands Philippines. Part II. Notes on birds: 253-311

Rossman, D.A.; Burbrink, F.T., 2005:
Species limits within the Mexican garter snakes of the Thamnophis godmani complex

Anonymous, 2003:
Species list for 2000

Gerlach, G.; Gerlach, R., 2004:
Species list of marine molluscs on Silhouette island

Schleich, H.; Hermann.; Anders, C.; Kaestle, W., 2002:
Species list with annotations

Schnoor, Jerald, L., 2007:
Species matter

Horton, DR., 1974:
Species movement in zoogeography

Horvath, G. xEza., 1913:
Species mundi antiqui generis Calisius

Anonymous., 1970:
Species named for Walter J. Eyerdam

Dall, W.H., 1921:
Species named in the Portland Catalogue: I, American

Ukrainsky, A.S., 2007:
Species names homonymy in the ladybirds (Coleoptera : Coccinellidae)

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Species nova Jassidarum ex Hispania

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Species nova Notonectidarum madagascariensis

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Species nova aethiopica generis Gonocerus Latr. (Hemiptera-Homoptera, Coreidae)

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Species nova europaea Cimicum sanguisugorum

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Species nova generis Aristochroa Tsch. (Coleoptera, Carabidae)

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Species nova generis Capsidarum Allodapus, Fieb

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Species nova generis Donacia Fab

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Species nova generis Drilus Oliv. e Persia septen-trionali (Coleoptera, Cantharididae)

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Species nova generis Harpactor

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Species nova generis Marmessoidea

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Species nova generis Penthophonus (Reitt. 1900) Tsch. 1901. (Coleoptera, Carabidae)

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Species nova generis Platyscelis Latr. (Col., Tenebrionidae) Pl. ezekessyi spec. nov

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Species nova generis Poduridarum Sira, Lubb

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Species nova generis Reduviidarum Lisarda Stal

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Species novae vel minus cognitoe Gyponae, generis Homopterorum

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Species of Victorian Lampreys

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Species of acridios (Orthoptera: Acridoidea) associated to the blueberry crop (Vaccinium corymbosum) in Concordia, Entre Rios, Argentina

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Species of adult Odonata from three natural areas in Mississippi

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Species of amphibians bred in captivity during 1966

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Species of animals bred in zoos and aquaria during 1960

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Species of animals bred in zoos and aquaria during 1962. Mammals

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Species of animals bred in zoos and aquaria during 1964

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Species of barking deer (genus Muntiacus) in the eastern Himalayan Region

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Species of beetles of the genus Lactica from the West Indies closely related to L. tibialis (Olivier)

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Species of birds collected at St. Mathews cocoa estate, Heights of Aripo, Trinidad

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Species of brown root stink bugs and their host plants in production systems of Mato Grosso do Sul State, Brazil

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Species of crane flies (Diptera, Tipulidae) new for Tuva and Russia

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Species of fireflies in Jamaica (Coleoptera, Lampyridae)

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Species of fish bred in captivity during 1966

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Species of genus Hymenoscyphus SF Gray at territory of Moscow city and Moscow district

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Species of genus Lepidocyrtus Bourlet, 1839 (Collembola, Entomobryidae s.l.) in the USSR fauna

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Species of helminthosporioid fungi (hyphomycetes) from soil in the warm temperate zone of eastern China

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Species of lchneumonidae (Hym.) reared from phytophagous insects. (2.)

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Species of mammals bred in captivity during 1966

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Species of mammals new to the Bulgarian fauna

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Species of marine lsopoda (Crustacea, Peracarida) from southern Brazil

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Species of mealy-bugs (Homoptera, Coccoidea, Pseudococcidae) new for Mongolia

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Species of megranate root-knot nematode from Yunnan Province in China

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Species of mollusks and their communities worthy of protection in the district of Poznan

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Species of mollusks collected by the Stanford Expedition 1941 to be added to the list published by H. N. Lowe 1935

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Species of oribatid mites serving as intermediate hosts to tapeworms of the suborders Ano-plocephalata Skrjabin1933and Mesocestoidata Skrjabin 1940

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Species of parasitic nematode in pine host and pathogenicity

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Species of parsimony in comparative studies of cognition

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Species of porcellanid crabs from Karachi

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Species of reptile helminthes new from the fauna of the U.S.S.R. Dopov

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Species of reptiles bred in Zoos and Aquaria during 1964

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Species of reptiles bred in captivity during 1966

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Species of reptiles bred in zoos and aquaria during 1963

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Species of soil inhabiting termites (Insecta: Isoptera) collected in eucalyptus plantations in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil

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Species of sub-genera Collinella and Leptocera of North America

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Species of the Amata (Syntomis) pfeifferae group (Lepidoptera: Ctenuchidae)

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Species of the Cnemidophorus exsanguis subgroup of whiptail lizards

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Species of the Coleopterous genus Rhyncogonus Sh. (Curculionidae) from the Marquesas Islands

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Species of the Genus Schwagerimi and their stratigraphical significance

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Species of the Greater Himalaya

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Species of the Heterodera avenae group (Nematoda: Heteroderidae) from Iran

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Species of the Nigerian ariid catfishes, their taxonomy, distribution and preliminary observations of the biology of one of them

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Species of the Paramecium aurelia complex in Russia (western region of European Russia) with molecular characteristics of Paramecium novaurelia

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Species of the Poecilia sphenops complex (Pisces: Poeciliidae) in Mexico

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Species of the Trans-Himalaya and other arid tracts

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Species of the circumtropical fish genus Brotula

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Species of the collaris and impressus groups of Pedilus (Coleoptera, Anthicidae, Pedilinae)

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Species of the families Anisopodidae, Hesperinidae and Ptychopteridae (Diptera: Nematocera) in the Western Rhodopes (Bulgaria)

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Species of the family Limnobiidae new for Czechoslovakia (Dipt.)

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Species of the family Lysianassidae (Amphipoda, Gammaridea) first recorded for the Barents Sea

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Species of the family Sciomyzidae (Diptera) new to Central Europe and description of a new Pherbellia from Czechoslovakia

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Species of the fuscus and vittatus groups of Pedilus (Coleoptera, Anthicidae: Pedilinae)

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Species of the genera Helodrilus, Allolobophora, Nicodrilus (Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae) in the fauna of the USSR

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Species of the genera Tachardiaephagus Ashmead, 1904 and Mashhoodia Shafee, 1972 (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae) from india

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Species of the genus Actias Leach (Lepidoptera, Saturnidae) from the fauna of the USSR

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Species of the genus Adelphophylus Wagner (Heteroptera: Miridae) on the Balkan Peninsula

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Species of the genus Agonum (Coleoptera, Carabidae) and its allied genera from Mt. Hiko, Kyushu (The Carabidae-fauna of Mt. Hiko, V)

Anonymous, 2008:
Species of the genus Alternaria on apple trees

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Species of the genus Baranisobas Heinrich, 1972 in Belarus. A description Baranisobas sinetuber sp. n. (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Ichneumoninae)

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Species of the genus Batrisodes from the Pacific slope of western North America (Coleoptera: Pselaphidae)

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Species of the genus Bembidion from Mt. Hiko Kyushu (The Carabidae-fauna of Mt. Hiko, X) (Coleoptera)

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Species of the genus Brachyopa of the eastern United States

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Species of the genus Caillardia Bergevin (Homoptera, Psyllidae) injurious to Haloxylon

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Species of the genus Cardiochiles Nees (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) parasitizing on Cnaphalocrocis medinalis Guenee (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in China

Vinokurov, NN., 2007:
Species of the genus Chartoscirta Stal (Heteroptera, Saldidae) of Russia and adjacent countries

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Species of the genus Chilostomella and related genera

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Species of the genus Chorosoma Curtis (Heteroptera, Rhopalidae) of the USSR and Mongolia

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Species of the genus Crictopus v.d. Wulp (Diptera, Chironomidae) and its closest relatives in eastern Fennoscandia, especially in Finland

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Species of the genus Curculio L

Perel', TS., 1972:
Species of the genus Dendrobaena in the fauna of the USSR

Tobias, Vi, 2004:
Species of the genus Dinotrema Foerster (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Alysiinae) without prescutal pit, with widely sculptured propodeum and short mandibles from Russia and neighbouring territories

Tryapitsyn, V.A., 1957:
Species of the genus Encyrtus Latr. (Hymenoptera, Encyrtidae) in the USSR

Viktorov, G.A., 1957:
Species of the genus Enicospilus Stephens (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae) in USSR

Kos, MS., 1977:
Species of the genus Eurytemora (Copepoda, Calanoida) in northern part of the Pacific Ocean. Systematics, distribution, variability

I.V.Stonik, 2007:
Species of the genus Eutreptiella (Euglenophyceae) from Russian waters of east/Japan Sea

Johnson, Charles W., 1913:
Species of the genus Gaurax of the eastern United States

Puchkov, VG., 1975:
Species of the genus Glaucopterum Wagner, 1963 (Heteroptera, Miridae) of the Soviet Union fauna

Coetzee, V., 1966:
Species of the genus Granonchulus and Cobbonchus (Mononcbidae) occurring in southern Africa

Vinokurov, Nn, 2006:
Species of the genus Harpocera Curt. from the Russian Far East (Heteroptera: Miridae)

Nielsen, T., 1966:
Species of the genus Helophilus (Dipt., Syrphidae) found on Jaeren, Rogaland

Shtakel'berg, A.A., 1949:
Species of the genus Hercostomus Lw. (Diptera, Dolichopodidae) of the Central Asiatic fauna.

Rasulova, Zk, 1974:
Species of the genus Heteromurus Wankel 1860 (Collembola, Entomobyridae, s.l.) in the USSR fauna

Slyusarev, Gs, 2002:
Species of the genus Intoshia occurring in the White and Barents Seas (Mesozoa, Orthonectida)

Coetzee, V., 1967:
Species of the genus Iotonchus (Nematoda: Mononchidae) occurring in southern Africa

Tanasiichuck, V.N., 1959:
Species of the genus Leucopis Mg. (Diptera, Cfaamaemyiidae) from the Crimea

Singh, S.N., 1953:
Species of the genus Linderina from the Kiothars of Kolayat, Bikaner, Rajasthan, India

Anonymous, 1954:
Species of the genus Linnaemyia Rob. Desv. (Diptera, Larvaevoridae) of the fauna of the USSR

Leloup, E., 1961:
Species of the genus Liolophura Pilsbry1893(Mollusca Polyplacophora)

Voloshina, A.M., 1965:
Species of the genus Lituola Lam. (Foraminifera) from Ukrainian Upper Cretaceous and Palaeocene deposits

Kovalev, VG., 1974:
Species of the genus Lonchaea Fll. similar to L. limatula Collin (Diptera Lonchaeidae)

Fedoseeva, L.I., 1964:
Species of the genus Meromyza Mg. (Diptera, Chloropidae) in the Asiatic part of the USSR

Macpherson, E.; Segonzac, M., 2005:
Species of the genus Munidopsis (Crustacea, Decapoda, Galatheidae) from the deep Atlantic Ocean, including cold-seep and hydrothermal vent areas

Korchagin, V.I., 1965:
Species of the genus Nonionella from the Upper Cretaceous deposits in the Tadzik depression

Martynova, EF., 1976:
Species of the genus Onychiurus Gervais 1841 (Collembola, Onychiuridae) from the north and north-east of Asia

Trjapitzin, V.A., 1963:
Species of the genus Oobius, gen.n. (Hymenoptera, Encyrtidae) in the USSR

Marinov, T., 1967:
Species of the genus Ophelia Savigny (Opheliidae, Polychaeta) in the Black Sea

Menon, NR., 1973:
Species of the genus Parasmittina Osburn (Bryozoa, Ascophora) from Indian waters

Yasnosh, V.A., 1968:
Species of the genus Physcus How. (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea), parasites of scale insects in the USSR

Sakai, T., 1934:
Species of the genus Pinnixa (Pinnotherid Crab) found in the Far East

Zaodniuk, I., 2001:
Species of the genus Plecotus in the Crimea and neighbouring areas in the northern Black Sea region

Clay, T., 1949:
Species of the genus Saemundssonia (Mallophaga) from the Sterninae

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Species of the genus Schwagerina and their stratigraphical significance

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Species of the genus Scrupocellaria Van Beneden (Bryozoa, Anasca) from Indian waters

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Species of the genus Syneta of the World (Coleoptera : Chrysomeloidea)

Nikol'skaya, M.N.Hhkojiic kuji, M.H., 1948:
Species of the genus Telenomus (Hymenoptera, Scelionidae), parasites of the eggs of Tabanids.

Shtakel'berg, A.A., 1963:
Species of the genus Tetanocera Dum. (Diptera, Sciomyzidae) in the European part of the USSR

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Species of the genus Trichotichnus (Coleoptera, Carabidae) from Mt. Hiko, Kyushu (The Carabidae-fauna of Mt. Hiko, VI)

Kozakevich, Sm, 1974:
Species of the genus Udea Gn. (Lepidoptera, Pyranstidae) in the western regions of the Ukraine

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Species of the genus Uniomerus

Kugler, J., 1966:
Species of the genus, Leucostoma (Tachinidae, Phasiinae) in Israel

Bell, R.T., 1955:
Species of the pallipes group of Nebria in the eastern United States (Coleoptera, Carabidae)

Orr, J., W.; Hawkins, S., 2008:
Species of the rougheye rockfish complex: resurrection of Sebastes melanostictus (Matsubara, 1934) and a redescription of Sebastes aleutianus (Jordan and Evermann, 1898) (Teleostei: Scorpaeniformes)

Shaw, J.G., 1962:
Species of the spatulata group of Anastrepha (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Slipka, J., 1949:
Species of the sub-family Hexatominae, new for Czechoslovakia (Dipt. Nematocera)

Menon N.R., 1973:
Species of the sub-order Ctenostomata (Bryozoa) from Indian waters

Menon, NR., 1972:
Species of the sub-order Ctenostomata Busk (Bryozoa) from Indian waters

Gorham, H.S., 1900:
Species of the subfamily Languriides contained in the Civic Museum of Genoa

Womersley, H., 1954:
Species of the subfamily Phytoseiinae (Acarina: Laelaptidae) from Australia

Filippova, N.A., 1967:
Species of the subgenus Ixodiopsis (Ixodoidea, Ixodidae, Ixodes) in the fauna of the Soviet Union

Shluger, E.G.G.okhovskaya, I.M.; Dan-Van-Ngu.; Nguen-Xuen-Hoe.; Do-Kin-Tung., 1960:
Species of the subgenus Leptotrombidium (Acariformes, Trombiculidae) from the Northern Viet Nam

Carapezza, A.; Kerzhner, IM., 2005:
Species of the subgenus Psacasta s. str. (Heteroptera: Scutelleridae)

D.M.raes, G.J.; Zannou, I.D.; Ueckermann, E.A.; Oliveira, A.R.; Hanna, R.; Yaninek, J.S., 2007:
Species of the subtribes Arrenoseiina and Proprioseiopsina (tribe Amblyseiini) and the tribe Typhlodromipsini (Acari: Phytoseiidae) from sub-Saharan Africa

Taylor, D.J.; Mulrennan, J.A.; Thurman, D.C., 1948:
Species of ticks associated with Rocky Mountain spot-ted fever cases in Florida

Anonymous, 2008:
Species of ticks on camels and their monthly population dynamics in Arar city, KSA

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Species of trees used as roost places by Bronzed Grackles and avian associates at Ames, Iowa

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Species of trombiculid larvae and their distribution

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Species of waterfowl and age and sex ratios of ducks and geese harvested in Canada during the 1975 season

Benson, Da, 1974:
Species of waterfowl and age and sex ratios of ducks harvested in Canada during the 1969-70 season

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Species of waterfowl and age and sex ratios of ducks harvested in Canada during the 1970 season

Cooch, FG.; Newell, K.; Raible, H., 1975:
Species of waterfowl and age and sex ratios of ducks harvested in Canada during the 1974 season

Benson, Da, 1974:
Species of waterfowl taken in Canada during the 1968-69 hunting season

Pinter, L.J., 1968:
Species of widow spiders in Northern Argentina (Latrodectus: Theridiidae)

Jarvis, C., 1967:
Species of wild animals bred in captivity during 1965

Jarvis, C., 1968:
Species of wild animals bred in captivity during 1966

Anonymous, 1969:
Species of wild animals bred in captivity during 1967 Fishes

Anonymous., 1970:
Species of wild animals bred in captivity during 1968

Anonymous., 1972:
Species of wild animals bred in captivity during 1970

Anderson, DW.; Hickey, JJ.; Anonymous., 1973:
Species of wild animals bred in captivity during 1971

Anonymous., 1975:
Species of wild animals bred in captivity during 1973 and multiple generation captive births

Anonymous., 1976:
Species of wild animals bred in captivity during 1974 and multiple generation captive births

Anonymous., 1977:
Species of wild animals bred in captivity during 1975 and multiple generation captive births

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Species of zooplankton as a means of identifying different surface waters and demonstrating their movements and mixing

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Species or subspecies? The dilemma of taxonomic ranking of some south-east Asian hawk-eagles (genus Spizaetus)

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Species packing and niche complementarity in three sunfishes

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Species packing and predation pressure

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Species packing and the competition function with illustrations from coral reef fish

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Species packing in two dimensions

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Species palae-arcticae generis Stenolaemus Sign

Reutter, O.M., 1896:
Species palaearcticae generis Acanthia, Fabr., Latr

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Species palaearcticae generis Coryza Putz. (Coleoptera, Carabidae)

Stackelberg, A., 1928:
Species palaearcticae generis Cynorrhina (Dipt., Syrphidae)

Stackelberg, A., 1926:
Species palaearcticae generis Oligochaetus Mik (Diptera, Dolichopodidae)

Horvath, G., 1916:
Species palaearcticae goneris Melanocoryphus

Shestakov, A., 1926:
Species palaearcticae novae Braconidarum subfamiliae Braconinarum (Hymenoptera)

Shestakov, A., 1914:
Species palaearetieae novae generis Ceceris Latr

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Species peculiarities in morphology of the mammals ovicells

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Species pollution. Introduced animals and the balance of nature

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Species prioritization for monitoring and management in regional multiple species conservation plans

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Species problems in scleractinian corals

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Species profile: black-footed tree-rat scientific name: Mesembriomys gouldii family: Muridae

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Species profile: brindled ochre Dasypolia templi (Thunb.)

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Species profile: scarce blackneck Lygephila craccae (D. & S.)

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Species profile: the large-eared tenrec (Geogale aurita)

Maree, S.; Bennett, N.C.; Bronner, G.N., 2005:
Species profile: the rough-haired golden mole Chryospalax villosus

Anonymous, 1914:
Species quatuor novae Roduviidarum generis Ulpius Stal

Reuter, O.M., 1895:
Species quatuor novae familiae Anthocoridarum

Reuter, O.M., 1910:
Species quinque novae generis Reduviolus Kirby, subgeneris Stenonabis Reuter

Checklist Committee of Georgia Ornithological Society., 1977:
Species recently accepted in the official list of Georgia birds

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Species recently added to the list of Ghana birds

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Species recognition and reproductive isolation in two species of sunfish (Centrarchidae)

Kroodsma, RL., 1974:
Species recognition behaviour of territorial male rose breasted and black headed grosbeaks (Pheucticus)

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Species recognition in ground-nesting and hole-nesting ducklings

Byers, G.W., 1958:
Species recognition in immature crane flies (Diptera: Tipulidae)

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Species recognition in paleoanthropology: implications of small sample sizes

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Species recognition in the Hyla versicolor complex

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Species recognition, dewlap function and faunal size

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Species recording schemes, museum collections and the role of local museums

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Species recovery work on butterflies and moths: an overview

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Species relationships in the avian genus Aimophila

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Species removal studies of rodent communities : effects of removing Reithrodontomys upon Sigmodon

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Species removal studies. l. Dispersal strategies of sympatric Sigmodon hispidus and Reithrodontomys fulvescens populations

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Species replacement as a factor affecting distribution of Formica opaciventris Emery (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

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Species report PSG 213: Malacomorpha jamaicana (Redtenbacher, 1906)

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Species resilience in Pleistocene hominids that traveled far and ate widely: an analogy to the wolf-like canids

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Species responses to nitrogen fertilization in herbaceous plant communities, and associated species traits Ecological Archives E089-070

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Species restoration: a vision for the endangered species act in its fourth decade

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Species review of Animal dispersion in relation to social behaviour, by V. C. Wynne-Edwards

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Species richness - variability relationships in multi-trophic aquatic microcosms

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Species richness and abundance of birds in Mt Lofty ranges stringybark habitat: year 2000 survey

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Species richness and adaptive capacity in animal communities: lessons from China

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Species richness and biogeographic outlines of the fish assemblage of the Portofino Marine Protected Area (Ligurian Sea)

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Species richness and community structure of reef-building corals on the nearshore Great Barrier Reef

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Species richness and composition of amphibians and reptiles in a fragmented forest landscape in northeastern Bolivia

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Species richness and diversity of moth communities in Tianjin wetlands; implications for environmental management

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Species richness and habitat associations of non-flying mammals in Gibraltar Range National Park

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Species richness and identity affect the use of aboveground space in experimental grasslands

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Species richness and seasonality of forest avifauna in three South African afromontane forests

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Species richness changes lag behind climate change

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Species richness in Atlantic deep-sea fishes assessed in terms of the mid-domain effect and Rapoport's rule

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Species richness in streams an alternative mechanism

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Species richness of breeding birds at a landscape scale: which habitat type is the most important?

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Species richness of eriophyid mites on Finnish trees and shrubs

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Species richness of herbivores on exotic host plants increases with time since introduction of the host

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Species richness of the Bulgarian mammal fauna and directions for its conservation

Supiyanit Maiphae; Pornsilp Pholpunthin; Henri J.D.mont, 2005:
Species richness of the Cladocera (Branchiopoda: Anomopoda and Ctenopoda) in southern Thailand, and its complementarity with neighboring regions

Anonymous, 2007:
Species richness of tropical wood-inhabiting fungi provides support for species-energy theory (vol 97, pg 751, 2005)

Bonnie J.R.pley; Marie A.S.movich, 2009:
Species richness on islands in time: variation in ephemeral pond crustacean communities in relation to habitat duration and size

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Species richness, abundance, and body size relationships from a neotropical chironomid assemblage: looking for patterns

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Species richness, area and climate correlates

Thapa, Tej Bahadur., 2006:
Species richness, endemism and conservation of biodiversity in Nepal Himalaya

Sheftel, B.I.; Hanski, I., 2002:
Species richness, relative abundance and habitat use in local assemblages of Sorex shrews in Eurasian boreal forests

Anonymous, 2008:
Species richness, relative abundance, and habitat of reproduction of terrestrial frogs in the Triangulo Mineiro region, Cerrado biome, southeastern Brazil

Reed, A.W.; Kaufman, G.A.; Kaufman, D.W., 2006:
Species richness-productivity relationship for small mammals along a desert-grassland continuum: differential responses of functional groups

Dehart, A., 2004:
Species selection and compatibility

Zhang, Shengyu., 2006:
Species selection and restocking technique for artificial releasing in lake

Norris Joanne E.; Antonino; Stokes Alexia; Nicoll Bruce C.; Achim Alexis, 2008:
Species selection for soil reinforcement and protection

de Magalhaes, Joao Pedro., 2006:
Species selection in comparative studies of aging and antiaging research

Dechraoui, M-Yasmine.Bottein.; Wacksman, J.J.; Ramsdell, J.S., 2006:
Species selective resistance of cardiac muscle voltage gated sodium channels: characterization of brevetoxin and ciguatoxin binding sites in rats and fish

Hajra, B., 1959:
Species sensitivity to soil amoebae

Yi, Z.-Z.; Song, W.; C., Z.-Gui; Hu, X.; Shao, C.; Li, L., 2006:
Species separation and identification of three Pseudokeronopsis and five Holosticha (Protozoa, Ciliophora, Hypotrichida) based on RAPD fingerprinting

Harris, M.P., 1969:
Species separation in gulls

Mocsary, A., 1897:
Species septem novae generis Euglossa Latr

Mocsary, A., 1888:
Species sex novae generis Pepsis, Fab., e collcctione Musaei bremensis

Compin, A.; Park, YS.; Lek, S.; Cereghino, R., 2005:
Species spatial distribution and richness of stream insects in south-western France using artificial neural networks with potential use for biosurveillance

Anonymous, 2008:
Species specialization in cytokine biology: Is interleukin-4 central to the T H 1 “T H 2 paradigm in swine?

Gemmell, M., 1967:
Species specific and cross-protective functional antigens of the tapeworm ebmryo

Anonymous, 1958:
Species specific differences in free animo-acids and peptides in sea-urchin eggs and embryos (pure species and hybrids)

Greenberg, M.J., 1966:
Species specific effect of acetylcholine on bivalve rectums

Anonymous, 2008:
Species specific interaction of seminal plasma on sperm-neutrophil binding

Anonymous, 2008:
Species specific molecular diagnosis of Ditylenchus destructor populations occurring in China

Braude, M.I., 1969:
Species specific morphological peculiarities of the eye in birds of the families Laridae and Sternidae

Salmenkova, Ea, 1975:
Species specificity and intraspecific constancy of electrophoretic properties and thermostability of haemoglobins in some fishes of the order Clupeiformes

Jorgensen, C.B., 1964:
Species specificity and organ specificity towards neurohypophysial hormones in amphibians

Hultin, T., 1948:
Species specificity in Fertilization Reaction. I. The role of the vitelline membrane of sea-urchin eggs in species specificity

Hultin, T., 1948:
Species specificity in Fertizilation Reaction. II. Influence of certain factors on the cross fertilization capacity of Arbacia lixula (L.)

Faiman, C.; Ryan, R.J.; Greslin, J.G.; Reichert, L.E., 1967:
Species specificity of FSH and LH as determined by radioimmunoassay

Ugolev, A.M., 1957:
Species specificity of blood amylase in cats and rabbits

Mutolo, V.; Giudice, G.; Hopps, V.; Donatuti, G., 1967:
Species specificity of embryonic ribosomal proteins

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