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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 23677

Chapter 23677 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Haapala, O.K.; Soyer, M.O., 1973:
Structure of dinoflagellate chromosomes

Gajendran, K.; Kathiravan, G., 2008:
Structure of duck egg and meat marketing system: the case of Tamil Nadu (South India)

Álvaro Corral, 2007:
Structure of earthquake occurrence in space, time and magnitude

Emelianov, PF., 1972:
Structure of elementary populations of Meriones vinogradovi in Transcaucasia

Prigodina-Lukosiene, I.; Naujalis, J.-Remigijus, 2007:
Structure of epiphytic lichen communities on common oak (Quercus robur) in Lithuania

Morard, G.; Sanloup, C.; Fiquet, G.; Mezouar, M.; Rey, N.; Poloni, R.; Beck, P., 2007:
Structure of eutectic Fe-FeS melts to pressures up to 17 GPa; implications for planetary cores

Bert Janssen; Lucio Gomes; David Fritzinger; Carl-Wilhelm Vogel; Hans Meeldijk; Dmitri Svergun; Roman Koning; Abraham Koster; Piet Gros, 2008:
Structure of factor B in complex with cobra venom factor gives insights into convertase formation

Roshdy, M.A., 1969:
Structure of female reproductive system of Ixodes vicinus (L. ) and its bearing on the affinity of Ixodes to other ixodid genera

Blomback, Birger; Blomback, Margareta; Grondahl, N.Jakob; Holmberg, E., 1966:
Structure of fibrinopeptides: Its relation to enzyme specificity and phylogeny and classification of species

Harmelin Vivien, M.; Harmelin, J G.; Almeida, A., 2001:
Structure of fish assemblages on coastal rocky shores of the Azores

Anonymous, 1977:
Structure of fish communities in streams which contain bass.140153, illust

Penczak, T., 1972:
Structure of fish groupings in the rivers and streams of the River Nida drainage basin

Nakamura, T., 1969:
Structure of flock range in the long-tailed tit. 1. Winter flock its home range and territory

Varghese, T.M., 1971:
Structure of floral gall in Prosopis spicigera induced by insects

Fulman, L.A.; Madden, K.M.; Williams, T.M.; Davis, R.W., 2007:
Structure of foraging dives by Weddell seals at an offshore isolated hole in the Antarctic fast-ice environment

Sekiguchi, K.; Sakagami, S.F., 1966:
Structure of foraging population and related problems in the honeybee, with considerations on the division of labour in bee colonies

Pirastru, M.; Cherchi, L.; Serreri, E.; Hadjisterkotis, E.; Manca, L.; E.S.erbini, S.; Masala, B., 2002:
Structure of four newly observed alleles of the adult -globin gene in Mediterranean goat

Mahmood, S.H., 1952:
Structure of gnathal appendages and their role in the mode of feeding of Aleurolobus barodensis M

O.S.Henk.J.L.U.Ai.S.P.Azolo, 2006:
Structure of grain boundaries in wet, synthetic polycrystalline, statically recrystallizing halite; evidence from cryo-SEM observations

Nagasawa, S.; Marumo, R., 1973:
Structure of grasping spines of six chaetognath species observed by scanning electron miscroscopy

Smironov, OP.; Noskov, GA., 1975:
Structure of great tit populations in the Leningrad region

Walken, J.J., 1951:
Structure of hen's egg membrane

Mario Cetina; Senka Djakovi?; Mojca ?aki? Semen?i?; Vladimir Rapi?, 2009:
Structure of heteroannularly disubstituted ferrocene derivatives containing acetamido group

Son, S-Young.; Ma, J.; Kondou, Y.; Yoshimura, M.; Yamashita, E.; Tsukihara, T., 2008:
Structure of human monoamine oxidase A at 2.2-A resolution: the control of opening the entry for substrates/inhibitors

Komulainen, SF.; Kruglova, AN.; Baryshev, IA., 2005:
Structure of hydrobiont communities in some rivers of Karelian coast of the White Sea

Gandzyura, VP., 2004:
Structure of hydrobionts energy balance in toxic environment

Xue, X.; Kanzaki, M., 2008:
Structure of hydrous aluminosilicate glasses along the diopside-anorthite join; a comprehensive one- and two-dimensional (super 1) H and (super 27) Al NMR study

Belozerov, V.N., 1961:
Structure of integument in gamasid mites (Parasitiformes, Gamasoidea)

Takeuchi, N., 1968:
Structure of intraganglionic capillary in neurophilof the cerebral ganglion of earthworm with special reference to the neurosecretion

Tutman, P.; Glavic, N.; Kozul, V.; Glamuzina, B.; Skaramuca, B., 2001:
Structure of juvenile fish assemblage in Lopud Bay, structure of juvenile fish assemblage in Lopud Bay, Island of Lopud, south-east Adriatic Sea

Adams, M.J.; Ford, G.C.; Koekoek, R.; Lentz, P.J.; McPherson, A.; Rossmann, M.G.; Smiley, I.E.; Schevitz, R.W.; Wonacott, A.J., 1970:
Structure of lactate dehydrogenase at 2-8 A resolution

Suzuki, K., 1959:
Structure of larval associations of mosquito found in Bannosawa, Sapporo

Matysiak, K., 1976:
Structure of leech groups (Hirudinea) in polluted parts of the catchment area of the Rivers Bzura and Ner Part I. Field investigations

Hori, Michio., 1997:
Structure of littoral fish communities organized by their feeding activities

Buck, J.B., 1939:
Structure of living salivary gland chromosomes

Polyakoya, R.S.Sokolov, A.S., 1965:
Structure of locomotor organs in the volant squirrel, Pteromys volans L. in relation to its plane flight

Iwai, T., 1971:
Structure of luminescent organ of apogonid fish, Siphamia versicolor

Perova, SN.; Shcherbina, GKh., 2001:
Structure of macrozoobenthos in different parts of the Gorky Reservoir

Agadzhanyan, AK., 2001:
Structure of mammalian population of northern Eurasia during Late Pleistocene

Haitlinger, R., 1967:
Structure of medulla and cortical substance of the hair in native representatives of the genus, Apodemus Kaup, 1829

Emelyanov, P.F.K.imchenko, I.Z.K.zumov, D.M.D.hebrailov, D.D.; Vishnyakova, L.K.G.dzhiev, G.G.; Aliev, I.B., 1977:
Structure of micropopulations of the red-tailed gerbil Meriones erythrourus in survival habitats in Transcaucasia

J.Darbyshire, 1954:
Structure of microseismic waves; estimation of direction of approach by comparison of vertical and horizontal components

Yilkilmaz, M.S.lih.; Deveci, O., 2004:
Structure of midgut and peritrophic matrix in the last instar larvae of Culex pipiens (Diptera: Culicidae)

Mukha, DV.; Mysina, VA.; Schal, C., 2005:
Structure of minor variants of the external transcribed Spacer of the German cockroach, Blattella germanica, rDNA

Marsh, Me, 1975:
Structure of molluscan bivalve hinge ligament, a unique calcified elastic tissue

Witaliński, W.; Loesch, A., 1975:
Structure of muscle fibres and motor end plates in extraocular muscles of the grass snake, Natrix natrix L

Witaliński, W., 1974 :
Structure of muscle fibres and motor end-plates in the intercostal muscles of lizard, Lacerta agilis L

Malakhov, Vv, 1977:
Structure of musculo-cutaneous sac of some free-living nematodes

Davis, LA., 1973:
Structure of neurosecretory cells with special reference to the nature of the secretory product

Odell, D.K., 1977:
Structure of northern elephant seal population breeding on San Nicolas Island, California in 1971

Chatterjee, N., 1968:
Structure of nuclear membrane of the oocytes of a teleost fish

Franke, W.; Kartenbeck, J., 1969:
Structure of nuclear membranes isolated from brain cells

Avksenteva, LI., 1975:
Structure of nuclei of granular cells and oligodendrocytes in the mammal brain

Haynes, M.; Garrett, R.A.; Gratzer, W.B., 1970:
Structure of nucleic acid-poly base complexes

Tworzydło, Wław.; Biliński, S.M., 2008:
Structure of ovaries and oogenesis in dermapterans. I. Origin and functioning of the ovarian follicles

Scherbak, VI.; Sirenko, LA.; Korniychuk, NN., 2006:
Structure of phytomicroepilithic algae communities in the Teteriv River (Ukraine)

Li, X.; Jiao, L.; Zhang, X.; Tian, W.; Chen, S.; Zhang, L., 2008:
Structure of polysaccharides from mycelium and culture medium of Phellinus nigricans using submerged fermentation

Sano, M., 1973:
Structure of population range in Passer montanus

Monakhov, G.I., 1968:
Structure of population, dynamics of reproduction and problems of rational utilization of resources of the sable in Predbaikalje and Zabaikalje

Gaigalas, K., 1976:
Structure of population, resources and fishery of roach in the lagoon of Kursiu Marios durin the limited fishing season in 1960-1972

Gulai, Vi, 1975:
Structure of populations and number of wader waterfowl from the upper south Bug

Grigelis, A., 1975:
Structure of populations of the dominating benthic organisms of Lake Dusia (2. Chironomus anthracinus Zett. in 1969-1972)

Grigelis, A., 1974:
Structure of populations of the dominating benthic organisms of Lake Dusia (l. Potamothrix hammoniensis Mich. in 1969-1971)

Rice, M.E., 1968:
Structure of possible boring organs in Sipunculids

Kato, H.; Suzuki, T.; Okada, K.; Kimura, T.; Sakakibara, S., 1973:
Structure of potentiator A, one of the five bradykinin potentiating peptides from the venom of Agkistrodon halys blomhoffii

Kedrovsky, B.V., 1945:
Structure of protoplasm

Casarrubea, M.; Sorbera, F.; Crescimanno, G., 2008:
Structure of rat behavior in hole-board: I) multivariate analysis of response to anxiety

Anonymous, 2008:
Structure of recombinant capsids formed by the b-annulus deletion mutant - rCP (48-59) of Sesbania mosaic virus

Chavez Comparan, J.C.; Macias Zamora, R., 2006:
Structure of reef fish communities in the littoral of Colima, Mexico

Metz, C.W., 1941:
Structure of salivary gland chromosomes

Metz, C.W., 1939:
Structure of salivary gland chromosomes in Diptera

Metz, C.W.; Gay, E.H., 1934:
Structure of salivary gland chromosomes in Sciara

Metz, C.W.; Lawrence, E.G., 1937:
Structure of salivary gland ohromo-somes in Sciara

Bhatia, M.L.; Wattal, B.L.; Kalra, N.L., 1957:
Structure of salivary glands in mosquitoes; a preliminary note

Uradnik, M.; Kulfan, J., 2002:
Structure of sawfly pseudocaterpillar (Hymenoptera: Symphyta) assemblages feeding on Norway spruce and their seasonal changes

Feuer, R.C., 1962:
Structure of scales in a eaecilian (Oymnopis mexicanus) and their use in age determination

Saito, T., 1940:
Structure of scales of Kamchatka silver salmon, Oncorhyn-chus keta (Walb.), in relation to the locality from which the fish are taken

Fotheringham, N., 1975:
Structure of seasonal migrations of the littoral hermit crab. Clibanarius vittatus (Bose)

V'yushkova, VP., 1976:
Structure of seasonal zooplankton complexes of Volgograd reservoir

Anonymous, 2007:
Structure of secondary forests after two different systems of land use in the northeastern Para state, Brazil

Suvorov, V.D.; Mishen kina Z.R., 2005:
Structure of sedimentary cover and basement beneath the south basin of Lake Baikal inferred from seismic profiling

Petrushevskaya, Mg, 1975:
Structure of skeletal spicules in Spumellaria and Nassellaria (Radiolaria)

Sokolov, V.E.; Sumina, E.B., 1962:
Structure of skin in Insectivora

Liao, W.B.; Hu, J.C.u; Li, C.; Liu, T.; Jiang, B.P.ng, 2005:
Structure of small mammal community and its periodic fluctuations in the central Sichuan square hills

Anonymous, 2005:
Structure of small mammal community in Nanchong city, Sichuan

Fukami, Y.; Hunt, C.C., 1970:
Structure of snake muscle spindles

Reiss, Z., 1960:
Structure of so-called Eponides and some other Rotaliiform Foraminifera

Bashaw, M.J.; Bloomsmith, M.A.; Maple, T.L.; Bercovitch, F.B., 2007:
Structure of social relationships among captive female giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis)

Krafsur, E.S.; Marquez, J.G.; Ouma, J.O., 2008:
Structure of some East African Glossina fuscipes fuscipes populations

Merling, P., 1958:
Structure of some Rotaliidea

Agrawal, B.D., 1970:
Structure of some leaf and stem galls of insects

Matyokin, PV.; Ivan'kova, AF., 1975:
Structure of some polymorphous species of Bradybaenidae from Tian-Shan

Martin, DJ., 1976:
Structure of songs and organization of singing in fox sparrows breeding in northern Utah and southern Idaho

Åse Jespersen; Jørgen Lützen, 2009:
Structure of sperm, spermatozeugmata and 'lateral organs' in the bivalve Arthritica (Galeommatoidea: Leptonidae)

Aksenova, TG., 1973:
Structure of spermatozoan heads in some species of the genus Microtus (Rodentia, Cricetidae)

Zhang, B.-shi.; Zhu, M.-sheng.; Song, D.-xiang., 2004:
Structure of spider community and diversity in the leucanthous melilot fields

Plotnikova, S.I., 1959:
Structure of spinal nerves D9-L3 in the rabbit

Pylilo, I.V., 1970:
Structure of swimming plates and meridian cana lin the ctenophore, Beroe cucumis Fabr

Artyukhina, N.I., 1966:
Structure of synapses in rat motor cortex

V.A.Semenov, 2007:
Structure of temperature variability in the high latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere

Bowman, B.R.; Lee, S.; Wang, S.; Verdine, G.L., 2008:
Structure of the E. coli DNA glycosylase AlkA bound to the ends of duplex DNA: a system for the structure determination of lesion-containing DNA

D.Jong, W.W.W., 1971:
Structure of the 8-chain of chimpanzee haemoglobin A2. Nature, Lond, (New

Lankester, E.; Ray., 1904:
Structure of the Arachnida

Shiljaeva, L.M., 1971:
Structure of the Arctic fox (Alopex lagopus) population and role of different generations in the control of its population density

Day, C.L.; Smits, C.; Fan, F.Cindy.; Lee, E.F.; Fairlie, W.Douglas.; Hinds, M.G., 2008:
Structure of the BH3 domains from the p53-inducible BH3-only proteins Noxa and Puma in complex with Mcl-1

Crites, C.D., 1948:
Structure of the Buccal Mass of the mollusk Crepidula plana

E.B.kkouri, M.; Seiradake, E.; Cusack, S.; Ruigrok, R.W.H.; Schoehn, G., 2008:
Structure of the C-terminal head domain of the fowl adenovirus type 1 short fibre

Florian Bleibinhaus; John, A.H.le; Trond Ryberg; Gary, S.F.is, 2007:
Structure of the California Coast Ranges and San Andreas Fault at SAFOD from seismic waveform inversion and reflection imaging

Vishnyakov, I.B.; Gavrilko, G.A.; Gonik, I.O.; Gonik, O.V., 2006:
Structure of the Carboniferous deposits of the inner zone of the Lvov Paleozoic deep in the context of the problem of gas presence forecast of the Devonian complex

Stefaniuk Michal; Florek Radoslaw; Klitynski Wojciech, 2003:
Structure of the Carpathian basement in the vicinity of the Pieniny Klippen Belt in Poland as a result of magnetotelluric survey

Badulina, N.V., 2007:
Structure of the Cenomanian-Turonian boundary beds in the Mount Sel'bukhra Section (South West Crimea)

Smith, G.E., 1896:
Structure of the Cerebral Hemisphere of Ornitho-rhyncus

Anonymous, 2008:
Structure of the Covalent Adduct Formed between Mycobacterium tuberculosis b-Lactamase and Clavulanate

Christophers, Sir, S.R., 1945:
Structure of the Culex egg and egg-raft in relation to function (Diptera)

Hsu, Y.; Jubelin, G.; Taieb, Fédéric.; Nougayrède, J-Philippe.; Oswald, E.; Stebbins, C.Erec., 2008:
Structure of the cyclomodulin Cif from pathogenic Escherichia coli

Kuamo'o, D.G.; Higashi, G.R.; Parham, J.E., 2007:
Structure of the Division of Aquatic Resources Survey Database and use with a Geographic Information System

Packard, A.S., 1880:
Structure of the Eye in Limulas

Hopper, J.R.; Funck, T.; Tucholke, B.E., 2007:
Structure of the Flemish Cap margin, Newfoundland; insights into mantle and crustal processes during continental breakup

Withnall, I.W.; Lang, S.C., 1988:
Structure of the Graveyard Creek Subprovince

Smith, L.K.; White, R.S.; Kusznir, N.J.; Christie, P.A.F.; Roberts, A.M.; Spitzer, R.; Lunnon, Z.C.; Parkin, C.J.; Roberts, A.W.; Hurst, N.W.; Tymms, V., 2005:
Structure of the Hatton Basin and adjacent continental margin

Parshad, R., 1958:
Structure of the Heteropteran kinetochore. The behaviour of the long chromosomes in some Lygaeid and Coreid bugs during mitosis and meiosis

Anonymous, 2008:
Structure of the Integrin aIIb Transmembrane Segment

Anonymous, 2008:
Structure of the Integrin b3 Transmembrane Segment in Phospholipid Bicelles and Detergent Micelles

Edmiston Mark, A.; Lepong, P.; Blenkinsop Thomas, G., 2008:
Structure of the Isan Orogeny under cover to the east of the Mount Isa Inlier revealed by multiscale edge analysis and forward and inverse modelling of aeromagnetic data

Woodall, R., 1964:
Structure of the Kalgoorlie goldfield

Woodall, R., 1965:
Structure of the Kalgoorlie goldfield.; 2

Beu, C.C.L.; Orsi, A.M.; Domeniconi, R.F., 2008:
Structure of the lining epithelium of the cauda epididymis of the golden hamster

Fernandez Fernandez, E.M.; Jabaloy Sanchez, A.; Nieto, F.; Gonzalez Lodeiro, F., 2007:
Structure of the Malaguide Complex near Velez Rubio (eastern Betic Cordillera, SE Spain)

Vepsalainen, K., 1968:
Structure of the Motacilla flava L. population in the border zone between South and North Finland

Klingelhoefer, F.; Edwards, R.A.; England, R.W.; Hobbs, R.W., 2005:
Structure of the NE-Rockall Trough from wide-angle seismic data modelling; the role of pre-break-up extension on the formation of continental margins

Ulusoy Inan; Labazuy Philippe; Aydar Erkan; Ersoy Orkun; Cubukcu Evren, 2008:
Structure of the Nemrut Caldera (eastern Anatolia, Turkey) and associated hydrothermal fluid circulation

Dev, B., 1963:
Structure of the Nephridia of the Indian Cattle Leech, Hirudinaria granulosa (Savigny), with remarks on their Nephridial microflora

Korsch, R.J.; Nicoll, M.G.; Rogers, L.; Lund, D.G.; Cox, S.J.D., 1997:
Structure of the New England Orogen and Australia's eastern basins

Kadlec, J.A.; Drury, W.H., 1968:
Structure of the New England herring gull population

Giacosa Raul, E.; Heredia, C.N., 2004:
Structure of the North Patagonian thick-skinned fold and thrust belt, southern Central Andes, Argentina (41 degrees -42 degrees S)

Kawasaki, K., 1966:
Structure of the Pacific population of the mackerel

Anonymous, 2008:
Structure of the Parathyroid Hormone Receptor C Terminus Bound to the G-Protein Dimer Gβ 1 γ 2

Crowley, C.S.; Sawaya, M.R.; Bobik, T.A.; Yeates, T.O., 2008:
Structure of the PduU shell protein from the Pdu microcompartment of Salmonella

Wlliston, S.W., 1890:
Structure of the Plesiosaurian Skull

Rohlich Pavel, 2007:
Structure of the Prague Basin; the deformation diversity and its causes (the Czech Republic)

Roszkowski, W., 1938:
Structure of the Prostate of Fossaria truncatula (Muller).

Rymer, M.J.; Catchings, R.D.; Goldman, M.R.; Gandhok, G.; Steedman, C.E., 2004:
Structure of the San Bernardino Basin between the San Jacinto and San Andreas faults

Fyfe, H.E., 1982:
Structure of the South Island

van der Linden, W. J. M., 1966:
Structure of the South West Pacific Ocean

Guo, F.; Gooding, A.R.; Cech, T.R., 2004:
Structure of the Tetrahymena ribozyme: base triple sandwich and metal ion at the active site

Wieland, G.R., 1904:
Structure of the Upper Cretaceous Turtles of New Jersey: Adocus, Osteopygis, and Propleura

Ormo Jens; Lepinette Alain; King David, T.J.; Petruny Lucille, W., 2007:
Structure of the Wetumpka impact crater; drill-core, field data, and numerical simulation

M.J.nfeng; Morozov Igor, B., 2007:
Structure of the Wollaston Lake Reflector (Trans-Hudson Orogen, Canada) from reflection AVO analysis; fractured diabase intrusion, fluids, or silicified shear zone?

Anonymous, 2008:
Structure of the a2e2 Ni-dependent CO dehydrogenase component of the Methanosarcina barkeri acetyl-CoA decarbonylase/synthase complex

Paavilainen, V.O.; Oksanen, E.; Goldman, A.; Lappalainen, P., 2008:
Structure of the actin-depolymerizing factor homology domain in complex with actin

Grahame, T., 1926:
Structure of the aesophagus of Domestic Animals

Emanov, A.A. (Yemanov, A.A.; Leskova, E.V., 2005:
Structure of the aftershock process of the Chuya earthquake (Gorny Altai)

Quartey, SQ.; Kumar, R., 1973:
Structure of the alimentary and reproductive organs of some adult Neuroptera

Cameron, Alfred, E., 1912:
Structure of the alimentary canal of the stick-insect, Bacillus rossii Fabr.; with a note on the parthenogenesis of this species

Vacca, Jg, 1973:
Structure of the alpha keratin microfibril of porcupine quill tip

Antoniadou, C.; Krestenitis, Y.; Chintiroglu, C., 2004:
Structure of the amphioxus sand community in Thermaikos Bay (eastern Mediterranean)

Il'niskij, OB.; Chekmasova, NM.; Cherepnov, VL., 1974:
Structure of the ampullate organs of the lateral line system of some representatives of elasmobranchs

Janssen, P.H.; Kirs, M., 2008:
Structure of the archaeal community of the rumen

Anonymous, 2008:
Structure of the avian pineal gland

Cleland, K.W., 1955:
Structure of the bandicoot sperm-tail

Zhuravlev, V.A.; Shipilov, E.V., 2008:
Structure of the basins of the White Sea rift systems

Jegla, T.C.; Greenberg, M.J., 1968:
Structure of the bivalve rectum. 1. Morphology

Jegla, T.C.; Greenberg, M.J., 1968:
Structure of the bivalve rectum. 2. Notes on cell types and innervation

Kaur, D., 1973:
Structure of the bony palate in some Indian reptiles

Saxena, P.K., 1967:
Structure of the brain and its correlation with the habits and habitat in Notopterus notopterus (Pallas) and Amphipnous cuchia (Ham)

Singla, O.P., 1968:
Structure of the brain of Periplaneta americana L. (Dictyoptera)

Satija, R.C.; Singla, O.P., 1967:
Structure of the brain of Periplaneta arnericana L. (Dictyoptera)

Niewenhugs, R.; Opdam, P., 1976:
Structure of the brain stem

Mişcalencu, D., 1973:
Structure of the branchia in some oceanic teleosts

Smyth, J.D., 1942:
Structure of the branchiae of Carcinus maenas

Vogrin, M.; Miklic, A., 2004:
Structure of the breeding bird assemblages in the fields with wheat (northeastern Slovenia)

Gadamski, R., 1969:
Structure of the bulbus olfactorius and bulbus olfactorius accessorius of the sheep

Ivanov, VD.; Melnitsky, SI., 2006:
Structure of the caddisfly, Dajella tenera Sukatsheva (Trichoptera, Glossosomatidae): Taxonomic identity of the species and an evidence of the pheromone communication of insects in the Mesozoic

Anonymous, 2007:
Structure of the canola and biodiesel industries

Anonymous, 2008:
Structure of the capsid amino terminal domain from the Betaretrovirus, Jaagsiekte sheep retrovirus

Shier, WT.; Lin, Y.; DeVries, AL., 1975:
Structure of the carbohydrate of antifreeze glycoproteins from an Antarctic fish

Fager, L.Y.; Alben, J.O., 1972:
Structure of the carbon monoxide binding site of hemocyanins studied by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy

Blair, W.F., 1958:
Structure of the cell & relationships of Bufo microscaphus Cape

Kolmogrova, E.J., 1959:
Structure of the central parts of the nervous system in Opisthorchis felineus

Ando, Y., 1973:
Structure of the chorion in the false melon beetle, Atrachya menetriersi Faldermann (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Solari, A.J., 1965:
Structure Of The Chromatin In Sea Urchin Sperm

Vorontsov, N.N., 1969:
Structure of the chromosomes of Citellus undulatus and history of the ranges of C. undulatus and C. parryi

Pachori, GN., 1972:
Structure of the coccygeal region in the hawk, Astur badius dussumieri (Temm. and Laug

Macan, TT., 1975:
Structure of the community in the vegetation of a moorland fishpond

Tavener-Smith, R.; Williams, A., 1970:
Structure of the compensation sac in two ascophoran bryozoans

Sharma, O.; Yamashita, E.; Zhalnina, M.V.; Zakharov, S.D.; Datsenko, K.A.; Wanner, B.L.; Cramer, W.A., 2007:
Structure of the complex of the colicin E2 R-domain and its BtuB receptor. The outer membrane colicin translocon

Matsui, M., 1972:
Structure of the compound eye in the longicorn beetles with relation to their activity

X.L.li; Rondenay Stephane; van der Hilst Robert, D., 2007:
Structure of the crust beneath the southeastern Tibetan Plateau from teleseismic receiver functions

Lukaszewska-Otto, H., 1966:
Structure of the cusps and commissures of the left atrioventricular valve in Macacus rhesus and Macacus cynomolgus

Belkovich, V.M., 1964:
Structure of the cutaneous covering in certain pinnepeds

Tsvileneya, V.A.; Mashansldi, V.F., 1965:
Structure of the cuticle in some ticks

Smrz, J., 2005:
Structure of the cuticle of some ptyctimine oribatids (Acari: Oribatida)

Burton, PJK., 1973:
Structure of the depressor mandibulae muscle in the Kokako Callaeas cinerea.

Erkinaro, E., 1973:
Structure of the diet activity period in Tengmalm's owl, Aegolius funereus, and the short eared owl, Asio flammeus, and its seasonal changes

Yamamoto, K.I.hi; Handa, T.; Kondo, M., 2004:
Structure of the digestive diverticula of the pearl oyster, Pinctada fucata martensii

Verigina, I.A.; Medani, Y.I., 1968:
Structure of the digestive tract in Distichodus niloticus (L.) and Distichodus rostratus (Gunth.) in relation to the nature of food

Verigina, IA., 1969:
Structure of the digestive tract of the Lake Sevan Khramulya (Cyprinidae, Varicorlinus capocta sevangi (F.)

Pak, TP., 1976:
Structure of the distribution area of Crimean hemorrhagic fever in Tadzhikistan

Sokolov, VE., 1973:
Structure of the dolphin's tongue

Saban, R., 1975:
Structure of the ear region in living and subfossil lemurs

Liberty Lee, M.; Pratt Thomas, L., 2008:
Structure of the eastern Seattle fault zone, Washington State; new insights from seismic reflection data

Roonwal, M.L., 1954:
Structure of the egg-masses and their hairs in some species of Lymantria of importance to forestry (Insecta: Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae)

Lincoln, D.C.R., 1965:
Structure of the egg-shell of Culex pipiens and Mansonia africana (Culicidae, Diptera)

Hayes, T.G., 1970:
Structure of the ellipsoid sheath in the spleen of the armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus). A light and electron microscopic study

A.V.K.yuchevskii; F.L.Z.ev, 2007:
Structure of the epicenter field of earthquakes in the Baikal region

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