Sviluppo di una rete di sorveglianza della qualita delle acque Marino-Costiere del Mediterraneo nord occidentale attraverso l'uso di bioindicatori (mussel watch attivo) : approccio metodologico e risultati preliminari delle indagini svolte lungo le coste Liguri e Toscane

Scarpato, A.; Giordano, P.; Calabretta, E.; Romanelli, G.; Amici, M.; Amato, E.; Cicero, A.

Biologia Marina Mediterranea 13(Part 1): 423-433


ISSN/ISBN: 1123-4245
Accession: 023743843

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ICRAM with IFREMER and other European Institutes of Research is working on an International Research Project, "MYTILOS"", whose purpose is to evaluate chemical contamination in marine costal water of the North West Mediterranean Sea. This study is carried out using a "sentinel organism" such as mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis). One time a year during the sexual dominancy, mussels are transplanted from a contamination free area to the survey stations along the West mediterranean coast. They are immersed in cages for twelve weeks in the investigation sites. Once the mussels are recovered biometric measures and chemical analyses are performed. Chemical analyses are regarding to the determination of pollutants strictly connected to the industrial activity (TPH, PAH, PCBs and heavy Metals), agriculture (Pesticides and Metals) and urban wastes (Surfactants). A methodological approach and the preliminary results regarding PCBs and pesticides analyses are presented.