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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 23745

Chapter 23745 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

King, J.E., 1965:
Swallowing modifications in the Ross Seal

Groves, F., 1964:
Swallowing of shed skin by the snake Lampropeltis getulus getulus Linnaeus

Niftrik, J.J.Van, 1958:
Swallowing of young by snakes

George, P.V., 1965:
Swallows Hirundo rustica Linnaeus roosting on wires

Hosking, E.; Newberry, C., 1949:
Swallows and Martins in flight, pp. 303-309, 9 photos. Nesting habits of the Nightjar, p. 1239, 4 photos

Fletcher, J.A., 1906:
Swallows and Robins

Warren, Edward, R., 1913:
Swallows and bed-bugs

Dawson, JP., 1976:
Swallows and house martins singing from the ground

Scott, R.E., 1968:
Swallows and house martins taking insects while in the hand

Rolls, JC.; Rolls, MJ., 1977:
Swallows and sand martins roosting in maize

Norris, C.E., 1956:
Swallows and swifts

Currier, N.; Howorth, M., 1957:
Swallows apparently feeding on torpid flies

Whitelegg, J.R., 1961:
Swallows associating with Starlings to feed

Lingwood, E.R., 1963:
Swallows at Martlesham

O'Connor, R.J., 1961:
Swallows attacking Sand Martins' nest-holes

Marshall, T., 1965:
Swallows building nest inside blackbird's. Brit

Rosair, DB., 1975:
Swallows chasing bats

Tugendhat, M., 1966:
Swallows deserting traditional nest-sites when shelves erected below

Cassidy, M., 1973:
Swallows feeding from cobwebs

Hodson, N.L., 1962:
Swallows feeding on froghoppers

Gabriel, KR., 1975:
Swallows feeding wasps to young

Goodwin, D., 1959:
Swallows following man to catch insects disturbed from ground

Anonymous, 1950:
Swallows following transported nest

Hanford, DM., 1976:
Swallows hawking insects at 04.00 hours

Elliott, C., 1971:
Swallows in the south

Pimm, SL., 1970:
Swallows in wing-moult in southern Spain

Wallace, D.M., 1961:
Swallows killed by brambles

Shrubb, M., 1975:
Swallows nesting in old nest of robins

Jenner, E.W.C., 1945:
Swallows of first brood assisting parents to build second nest and feed second brood

Macmillan, A.T., 1961:
Swallows rearing brood in Robins' nest

Tutt, H.R., 1961:
Swallows rearing brood in Spotted Flycatachers' nest

Allen, J,., 1970:
Swallows rearing two broods in blackbirds' nest

Fairhurst, J., 1968:
Swallows repeatedly taking flies while in the hand

Francis, W.J., 1968:
Swallows roosting indoors in Japan

Batten, L.; Marchant, J., 1975:
Swallows take a dive

Oatley, T.B., 1960:
Swallows taken by tigerfish

King, B., 1960:
Swallows taking winged insects from the surface of the sea

King, B.; Penhallurick, RD., 1977:
Swallows wintering in Cornwall

Redway, C.B., 1947:
Swallows wintering in Malaya

Owen, J.H., 1957:
Swallows' nest with eleven eggs

Carcasson, RW., 1974:
Swallowtail butterflies of British Columbia

Heath, Phil., 2004:
Swallowtails Papilio machaon

Thorne, K.J., 1977:
Swallowtails in south western Ontario, Canada

Wright, M.; Green, R.; Reed, N., 1971:
Swallowtails of Royal Palm

Dumortier, B., 1969:
Swammerdam, precurseur au 17e siecle de la decouverte des glandes retrocerbrales de l'insecte. Essai historique sur les premieres descriptions des Corpora cardiaca et allata

Svensson, I., 1954:
Swammerdamia lapponica Petersen i Sverige (Lep.)

Burmann, K., 1956:
Swammerdamia zimmermami Now. (Lepidoptera, Yponomeutidae)

Stockley, C.H., 1951:
Swamp Deer

Serventy, V.N., 1960:
Swamp Tortoise attacking Birds

Spinaze, M., 1966:
Swamp birds near Casino, N.S.W

Anonymous., 1973:
Swamp deer in Kanha National Park

Holloway, C., 1973:
Swamp deer in Uttar Pradesh

Vestjens, WJM., 1972:
Swamp harrier drowned during predation

Sharland, M., 1947:
Swamp-Harrier's sense of smell

Cook, F.J., 1984:
Swamped in the Waikato

Sandsten, Håkan.; Klaassen, M., 2008:
Swan foraging shapes spatial distribution of two submerged plants, favouring the preferred prey species

Evans, ME., 1972:
Swan research. Sightings of Slimbridge marked Bewick's swans. Bulletin Int. Waterfowl

Yarham, E.R., 1950:
Swan upping daies

Hobbs, A.E., 1945:
Swan's big brood

McCall, K., 1949:
Swan's large family

Wada, K., 1961:
Swan's natural history

Curtis, M.; Rees, H.; Limpenny, D.; Smith, B.; Campbell, S.; Pendle, M.; Vanstaen, K., 2006:
Swanage Bay dredgings disposal ground survey 2004 - a preliminary assessment of status

Metcalfe, C., 1955:
Swans and their ways

Storer, R., 1975:
Swans are exasperating

Lossy, F., 1955:
Swans at Tapioszecso

Tavistock, Marquess of., 1927:
Swans in aviculture

Meszaros, G.L., 1950:
Swans near Ozora

Macdonald, D., 1918:
Swans on Possil Marsh

Gilmer, DS., 1974:
Swans resting on the surface of a dry lake

Anonymous, 2008:
Sward characteristics and herbage accumulation of Tanzania grass submitted to sward heights

O'donovan, M.; Delaby, L., 2008:
Sward characteristics, grass dry matter intake and milk production performance is affected by timing of spring grazing and subsequent stocking rate

Michal Hejcman; Irena Žáková; Miloslav Bílek; Pavla Bendová; Pavla Hejcmanová; Vilém Pavl?; Martina Stránská, 2008:
Sward structure and diet selection after sheep introduction on abandoned grassland in the Giant Mts, Czech Republic

Cooke, H.G., 1948:
Swarm behaviour of Hexagenia atrocaudata in relation to temperature and relative humidity (Ephemeroptera)

Scheetz, Rw, 1975:
Swarm cell ultrastructure in Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa

Kar, R.K.; Sharma, N.K.r, R., 2005 :
Swarm cells of slime molds in sexual conjugation from sixty-five million year old sediments, Madhya Pradesh, India

Passino, K.M. {a}; 1 ; Seeley, T.D.; Visscher, P.K.rk; 1 Email: passino@ece.osu.edu, 2008:
Swarm cognition in honey bees

Wood, J.B., 1969:
Swarm of Eurema lisa under mercury vapor lamp

Haagmans, R.; Friis Christensen, E.; Luehr, H.; Hulot, G., 2004:
Swarm; the Earth's magnetic field and environment explorers

Bill, J.P., 1932:
Swarming Chirono midae

Chiang, H.C., 1966:
Swarming activity of Anarete sp. (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae)

Stergar, A., 1971:
Swarming and distribution of chironomid species (Dipt. ) in Postojna and Planina caves

Daschaudhuri, PC., 1976:
Swarming and its role in the reproduction of the mosquito, Culex pipiens fat igans Wiedemann

Syrjamaki, J., 1964:
Swarming and mating behaviour of Allochironomus cmssiforceps Kieff. (Dipt., Chironomi-dae)

Nielsen, E.T.tens; Haeger, J.S., 1960:
Swarming and mating in mosquitoes

Corbet, P.S.; Ayne, G.L., 1968:
Swarming and mating in the ant Lasius sirkaensis Pergande

Guthrie, C.C., 1933:
Swarming And Mating Of Ants

Owen, D.F., 1965:
Swarming and polymorphism in the African edible grasshopper, Homorocoryphus nitidulus (Tettigonioidea, Conocephalidae)

Nielsen, H.T., 1964:
Swarming and some other habits of Mansonia perturbans and Psorophora ferox (Diptera: Culicidae)

Hamaker, J.I., 1934:
Swarming Beetles

Thompson, P.H., 1967:
Swarming behavior of Mansonia perturbans (Walker)

Nielsen, E.T., 1950:
Swarming habits of mosquitoes

Aitken, J.J., 1960:
Swarming in Meganyctiphanes norvegica (M. Sars) in Strangford Lough, Co

Lai, S.; Tremblay, J.; Déziel, E., 2008:
Swarming motility: a multicellular behaviour conferring antimicrobial resistance

Arnaud, P.H., 1952:
Swarming of Blacus sp. in California (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)

Della Croce, N.; Holthuis, L.B., 1965:
Swarming of Charybdis (Goniohellenus) edwardsi Leene & Buitendijk in the Indian Ocean (Crustacea Decapoda, Portunidae)

Sen, P.; Das Gupta, S.K., 1958:
Swarming of Culicoides alatus (Ceratopogonidae: Diptera)

Benham, BR., 1976:
Swarming of Helophorus brevipalpis Bedel (Col., Hydrophilidae) in north Devon

Berkeley, E., 1935:
Swarming of Odontosyllis phosphorea Moore, and of other Polychaeta near Nanaimo, B.C

Colyer, C.N., 1954:
Swarming of Phoridae (Diptera)

Scott, H., 1943:
Swarming of Psectrosciara tenuicauda Duda (Dipt., Scatopsidae)

Perry, I., 1974:
Swarming of Tipula lunata L. (Diptera: Tipulinae) at Lode, Cambridgeshire

Savolainen, E.; Syrjamaki, J., 1972:
Swarming of Trichocera maculipennis Meig. (Diptera, Trichoceridae)

Sakthivel, M., 1976:
Swarming of a pteropod Cavolinia uncinata pulsata (Rang, 1829; Spoel, 1969) in the inshore waters off Cochin

Knab, Frederick., 1908:
Swarming of a reduviid

Bhatia, H.L., 1937:
Swarming of an Indian Cecidomyid midge (Diptera)

Schunger, I.; Dietz, C.; Merdschanova, D.; Merdschanov, S.; Christov, K.; Borissov, I.; Staneva, S.; Petrov, B., 2004:
Swarming of bats (Chiroptera, Mammalia) in the Vodnite Dupki Cave (central Balkan National Park, Bulgaria)

Polyakova, PE., 1976:
Swarming of bloodsucking mosquitoes in the region of the Backarskie bogs from Tomsk region

Forsyth, D.C.T.; Jones, L.T.A.ams, J.A., 1965:
Swarming of crustaceans at Lerwick

Sumenkova, NI., 2002:
Swarming of nematode populations under conditions of mushroom industry - is adaptation for distribution

Rice, A.L., 1969:
Swarming of swimming crabs

Clark, L.B.; Hess, W.N., 1942:
Swarming of the Atlantic palolo worm, Leodice fucata (Ehlers)

Kannowski, P.B., 1958:
Swarming of the ant Stenamma brevicorne (Mayr)

Bognar, S., 1950:
Swarming of the codling moth (Cydia pomonella L.) at Koszegfalva, 1950

Clark, L.B.; Hess, W.N., 1938:
Swarming of the palolo worm (Eunice fucata) under natural conditions with observations on reactions of free living sexual ends

O'Toole, MJ., 1972:
Swarming of the polychaete worm Platynereis dumerulii (Audouin and Milne Edwards) in Galway Bay

Naidu, W.D., 1977:
Swarming of the tintinnids (Protozoa: Ciliatea) in the Vellar estuary

Roonwal, ML.; Rathore, NS., 1975 :
Swarming, egg-laying and brood-care in termites of genus Microtermes (Termitidae) in the lndian Desert

Larochelle, A., 1977:
Swarmings of Lebia pumila Dej

Zollweg Jim; Metzger Ann, G., 1981:
Swarms and other features of recent seismic activity in northwest Tennessee

Basab Mukhopadhyay; Sujit Dasgupta, 2008:
Swarms in Andaman Sea, India ” a seismotectonic analysis

Herdman, W.A., 1893:
Swarms of Amphipoda (Orchestia gammarellus)

Bernheim, J.L., 1917:
Swarms of butter-flies

Adams, Lionel, E., 1908:
Swarms of insects, etc., in the Crimea

Petersen Tanja, 2007:
Swarms of repeating long-period earthquakes at Shishaldin Volcano, Alaska, 2001-2004

Okubo, P.G.; Wolfe, C.J., 2008:
Swarms of similar long-period earthquakes in the mantle beneath Mauna Loa Volcano

Grandperrin, R.; Auzende, J.-Marie.; Henin, C.; Lafoy, Y.; Richer de Forges, B.; Seret, B.; Van de Beuque, S.; Virly, S., 1999:
Swath-mapping and related deep-sea trawling in the southeastern part of the economic zone of New Caledonia

Tokuno, C.D.; Garland, S.Jayne.; Carpenter, M.G.; Thorstensson, A.; Cresswell, A.G., 2008:
Sway-dependent modulation of the triceps surae H-reflex during standing

Adams, P.N.; Anderson, R.S.; Storlazzi, C.D., 2004:
Swaying and shaking of sea cliffs; fatigue and failure mechanisms on rocky coasts

Barlow, J.C., 1963:
Swaying display of a female Bell's Vireo

Baleta, A., 2008:
Swaziland nurses the wellbeing of its health workers

Anon., 1964:
Swaziland's only Game Sanctuary officially opened by Mrs. J. Stevenson-Hamilton

Barrows, Em, 1976:
Sweat bees

Johnson, K.G.; Maloiy, G.M.; Bligh, J., 1972:
Sweat gland function in the red deer (Cervus elaphus)

Palmer, M.S.; Spriet, L.L., 2008:
Sweat rate, salt loss, and fluid intake during an intense on-ice practice in elite Canadian male junior hockey players

Robertshaw, D.; Taylor, C.R.; Mazzia, L.M., 1973:
Sweating in primates: secretion by adrenal medulla during exercise

Dawson, T.J.; Robertshaw, D.; Taylor, C.R., 1974:
Sweating in the kangaroo: a cooling mechanism during exercise, but not in the heat

Sugiyama, K.; Tokura, H., 1975:
Sweating in the patas monkey (Erythrocebus patas) exposed to a hot ambient temperature

Adelman, S.; Taylor, C.R.; Heglund, N.C., 1975:
Sweating on paws and palms: what is its function?

Evans, C.L.; Smith, D.F., 1956:
Sweating responses in the horse

Whitford, W.G.; Sherman, R.E., 1976:
Sweating responses in the rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta)

Osterlof, S., 1963:
Swedish Bird-Ringing

Lonnberg, E., 1929:
Swedish Birds. A review

Westergard, A.H., 1939:
Swedish Cambrian Asaphidae

Backlund, H.O., 1947:
Swedish Enchytraeida

Backlund, H.O., 1946:
Swedish Enchytraeida i, with anatomical remarks, and with notes on three Lumbricidae

Moberg, J.C., 1896:
Swedish Graptolites

Molander, A.R., 1950:
Swedish Haddock fishery during three decades

Anonymous, 1948:
Swedish Hybocrinida (Crinoidea Inadunata Disparata; Ordovician Lower Silurian)

Hoglund, N.H., 1962:
Swedish Sportsmen' Association's marking of game in1959and 1960

Hoglund, N.H., 1962:
Swedish Sportsmen's Association's marking of game in 1959 and 1960

Broberg, L., 1964:
Swedish bird-ringing in Ethiopia

Nord, G.; Stille, H., 1987:
Swedish experiences of bore and blast in different rock

Molander, A.R., 1956:
Swedish investi-gations on ling (Molva vulgaris Fleming)

Erikson, C.O., 1954:
Swedish notes on breeding of Grey Wagtails

Bourlakis, M.; Bruckmeier, K.; Prutzer, M., 2007:
Swedish pig producers and their perspectives on animal welfare: a case study

Danielsson, Bengt, 1957:
Swedish recoveries of birds ringed abroad

Odsjo, T.; Edelstam, C., 1975:
Swedish research on chemical hazards to birds

Lindroth, A., 1970:
Swedish salmon research, some examples

Mathiasson, S., 1963:
Swedish studies in bird migration

Mathiasson, S., 1963:
Swedish studies on bird migration

Gössling, S.; Michael Hall, C., 2008:
Swedish tourism and climate change mitigation: an emerging conflict?

Williams, P., 1998:
Swedish variations on Australian Proterozoic ore themes?

Swedlund, AC., 1975:
Swedlund replies to Cartmill, Shaklee and Shaklee, Byles, Eckhardt, and Washburn

Koeslag, Ann., 2007:
Swee waxbills nesting on the Constantiaberg

Claridge, E.L.; Qiu, S., 1991:
Sweep efficiency comparisons of horizontal and vertical wells

Janzen, DH., 1973:
Sweep samples of tropical foliage insects: description of study sites, with data on species abundances and size distributions

Janzen, DH., 1973:
Sweep samples of tropical foliage insects: effects of seasons, vegetation types, elevation, time of day, and insularity

Domiter, V.; ?alik, B., 2008:
Sweep-line algorithm for constrained Delaunay triangulation

McKenna, MC., 1973:
Sweepstakes, filters, corridors, Noah's arks, and beached viking funeral ships in palaeogeography

Keutgen, Norbert; Keutgen, Anna J.; Janssens, Marc J. J., 2008:
Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.) Cultivated as Tuber or Leafy Vegetable Supplier As Affected by Elevated Tropospheric Ozone

Bragdon, K.E., 1917:
Sweet Potato Root Weevil in Florida

Galloway, W.Evans, 2008:
Sweet Rewards

Anonymous, 2007:
Sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum) wilt in Brazil: causal agent, host range and seed transmission

Albert Linton Charles; Tzou-Chi Huang, 2009:
Sweet cassava polysaccharide extracts protects against CCl 4 liver injury in Wistar rats

R.S.M.rtin; T.A.M.ther; D.M.P.le; S.F.L.W.tt; J.A.D.y; S.J.C.llins; T.E.W.ight; A.A.uppa; S.C.labrese, 2009:
Sweet chestnut ( Castanea sativa) leaves as a bio-indicator of volcanic gas, aerosol and ash deposition onto the flanks of Mt Etna in 2005-2007

Balharry, R., 1968:
Sweet mart

Johnson, Steven, D., 2007:
Sweet pickings: pollination of plants by occasional avian nectarivores

Anonymous, 2008:
Sweet potato glycemic index in relation to serum glucose level in human participants

Maskew, Frederick, 1912:
Sweet potato stem borer (Omphisa auastomosalis Guen.)

Huang, G.-Jhong; Ho, Y.-Ling; Chen, H.-Jung; Chang, Y.-Shiun; Huang, S.-Shyun; Hung, H.-Jung; Lin, Y.-Huei, 2008 :
Sweet potato storage root trypsin inhibitor and their peptic hydrolysates exhibited angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitory activity in vitro

Anonymous, 2008:
Sweet potato viral diseases

Anonymous, 2008:
Sweet potato viruses in South Africa and the effect of viral infection on storage root yield

Anonymous, 2007:
Sweet sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L): a supplemental sugar crop for ethanol production

Anonymous, 2007:
Sweet sorghum in combined sowings with spring rape in the Central Chernozem Region

Frings, H., 1951:
Sweet taste in the cat and the taste-spectrum

O'Rourke, FA., 1974:
Sweetocoris, a new genus of Stygnocorini from South Africa with the description of fourteen new species (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae)

Klataske, R., 1970:
Sweetwater moose

Roewer, C.; Fr., 1936:
Swei sonderbare Pachylinen aus Peru

Schiemenz, P., 1897:
Sweisommerigen Karpfen mit vollkommen geschlossenem Munde

Onal Muserref, 2007:
Swelling and cation exchange capacity relationship for the samples obtained from a bentonite by acid activations and heat treatments

Cuissinat, C.; Navard, P.; Heinze, T., 2008:
Swelling and dissolution of cellulose. Part IV: Free floating cotton and wood fibres in ionic liquids

Biró, J., 1968:
Swelling in tissues of nephrectomized rats

Lagarrigue, S.; Alvarez, G.; Cuvelier, G.; Flick, D., 2008:
Swelling kinetics of waxy maize and maize starches at high temperatures and heating rates

Szubinska, B., 1964:
Swelling of Amoeba proteus during fixation for electron microscopy

Marshak, A.; Benoit, R.P., 1958:
Swelling of the nuclei of Asterias eggs

Selverston, A.; Brandt, P.W.; Reuben, J.P., 1966:
Swelling of the tubular system (TTS) in twitch fibres of Carcinus maenas

Herbert, H.-Juergen; Kasbohm, J.; Sprenger, H.; Fernandez, A.M.ria; Reichelt, C., 2008:
Swelling pressures of MX-80 bentonite in solutions of different ionic strength

Tolpin, D.W.D.hlman, C.H.; Klyce, S.D., 1970:
Swelling properties of dogfish cornea

Monroy, A., 1957:
Swelling properties of the mitochondria of unfertilized and newly fertilized sea urchin eggs

Stark, B.P.; Baumann, R.W., 2007:
Sweltsa yurok (Plecoptera: Chloroperlidae), a new stonefly from California, U.S.A

Lilleborg, W., 1874:
Sweriges och Norges Ryggradsdjur. I. Daggdjuren

Pawlovski, J., 1963:
Swiat Zwierzecy Babiej Gory. 5. Fauna wod babiogorskich

Bednarz, Zdzislaw, 2002:
Swiat gadow w zyciu Lasowiakow - jak wykorzystac w ochronie przyrody strach przed zmijami

Wierzejski, R., 1903:
Swiat zwierzat bezkregowych

Kowalski, K.; Sych, L., 1963:
Swiat zwierzecy Babiej Gory. 2. Ssaki. Wydawn. Pop

Pawlowski, J., 1963:
Swiat zwierzecy Babiej Gory. 4. Bezkregowce Ladowe

Pawlowski, J., 1963:
Swiat zwierzecy Babiej Gory. Uwagi ogolne

Mills, Michael Sl, 2007:
Swierstra's Francolin Francolinus swierstrai: a bibliography and summary of specimens

Baj, M., 1974:
Swierszcz domowy

Anonymous, 2007:
Swift (Apus apus L.) 2006 survey

Svardson, G., 1951:
Swift (Apus apus L.) movements in summer

Watt, Hugh Boyd., 1903:
Swift (Cypselus apus) nesting on Lochnagar

Mcgee, B., K.; Ballard, W., B.; Nicholson, K., L., 2007:
Swift Fox, Vulpes velox, den use patterns in northwestern Texas

Moehrenschlager, A.; Cypher, B.L.; Ralls, K.; List, R.; Sovada, M.A., 2004:
Swift and kit foxes: comparative ecology and conservation priorities of swift and kit foxes

Holmes, G.O.; Vaughan, E.J.W., 1945:
Swift census 1947

King, B., 1972:
Swift clinging to another which was perched on edge of roof gutter

Thompson, C., M.; Augustine, D., J.; Mayers, D., M., 2008:
Swift fox response to prescribed fire in shortgrass steppe

Harris, P., 1967:
Swift in Essex in February

Joy, N.H., 1945:
Swift migration, June 12 to July 3 1945

Brook, R., 1972:
Swift migrations in southern Africa

Gibb, J.A.; Dunnet, G.M., 1969:
Swift on Motunau Island

Limpens, J.; Heijmans, M.M.P.D., 2008:
Swift recovery of Sphagnum nutrient concentrations after excess supply

Noonan, D.; Simpson, K.; Wheeler, R., 1967:
Swift reports 1966-67 season

Cox, R.A.F., 1953:
Swift roosting in tree

Lowe, C.J., 1962:
Swift roosting on wall

Graham, T.B., 1949:
Swift seen in November

Wheeler, R., 1969:
Swift survey report of 1967-1968 summer season

Jones, A.W., 1960:
Swift tapeworms : the genus Notopentorchis Burt in Ceylonese and American trochilids

Cooper, J.; Pringle, JS., 1977:
Swift terns and Hartlaubs gulls breeding at the Strandfontein sewage works

Cooper, J., 1977:
Swift terns and Hartlaubs gulls breeding in the Berg river estuary

Cooper, J., 1977:
Swift terns breeding on Marcus Island

Bundy, G., 1975:
Swift wing-clapping

Lim Chan Koon.; Earl of Cranbrook., 2002:
Swiftlets of Borneo: builders of edible nests

Masuda, K., 1972:
Swiftopecten of the northern Pacific. Transactions

Abdulali, H., 1940:
Swifts and Terns at Vengurla Rocks

Cleland, J.B., 1967:
Swifts and atmospheric disturbances

McCsiIIoch, E.M., 1966:
Swifts and bushfires

Chislett, R., 1947:
Swifts at Masham

Lacey, E., 1910:
Swifts eating drones of the hive bee

Vernon, Rae., 2003:
Swifts feeding by artificial light

Roper, E.N., 1960:
Swifts fighting. Brit

Hutson, H.P.W., 1946:
Swifts in Syria

Lack, D., 1956:
Swifts in a tower

Simpson, John, E., 1967:
Swifts in sea-breeze fronts

Brooker, J.B., 1953:
Swifts in the old sanatorium

Schmidt, R.K., 1965:
Swifts on Table Mountain

Lack, D., 1958:
Swifts over the sea at night. Weather movements of Swifts 1955-1957

Elliot, E.A.S., 1907:
Swifts returning to different colonies at different times

Moiseev, A.P., 1958:
Swifts' departure from Moscow province

Otte, E., 1970:
Swim bladder disease

Larsson, P.; Wathne, I., 2006:
Swim or rest during the winter - what is best for an alpine daphnid?

Bianki, V.L., 1964:
Swim-Bladder Receptor Function And Cerebellum

Horn, MH., 1975:
Swim-bladder state and structure in relation to behaviour and mode of life in stromateoid fishes

Evans, RR., 1975:
Swimbladder anatomy in four species of western Atlantic Peristedeon (Peristediidae)j with notes on its possible classificatory significance

Schwarz, A., 1971:
Swimbladder development and function in the haddock, Melanogrammus aeglefinus L

Marshall, NB., 1971 :
Swimbladder development and the life of deep-sea fishes

Börjeson, H.; Höglund, L.B., 1976:
Swimbladder gas and root effect in young salmon during hypercapnia

Sundnes, G.; Gytre, T., 1972:
Swimbladder gas pressure of cod in relation to hydrostatic pressure

Butler, JL.; Pearcy, WG., 1972:
Swimbladder morphology and specific gravity of myctophids off Oregon

McCutcheon, F.H., 1962:
Swimbladder volume control in the pinfish Layodon rhombnides (Linn.)

Ikeda, Y.; Ozaki, H.; Uematsu, K., 1975:
Swimbladder volume in cultured yellow-tal

Hunter, G.W., 1959:
Swimmer's itch in Colorado

Thors, C.; Linder, E.; Bylund, G., 2003:
Swimmers' itch

Swanson, G.A.; Ericksora, H.R.; Mackiewicz, J.S., 1960:
Swimmers' itch in farm ponds in New York State

Yentsch, C.S.; Pierce, D.C., 1955:
"Swimming" Anemone from Puget Sound

Ryan, M.Bebej, 2009:
Swimming Mode Inferred from Skeletal Proportions in the Fossil Pinnipeds Enaliarctos and Allodesmus (Mammalia, Carnivora)

Fisher, C., 1940:
Swimming Sloth

Koch, DL.; Contreras, GP., 1972:
Swimming ability and effects on stress on the cui-ui lakesucker (Chasmistes cujus Cope)

Tsukamoto, K.; Kajihara, T.; Nishiwaki, M., 1975:
Swimming ability in fish

Stock, AD., 1972:
Swimming ability in kangaroo rats

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