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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 23778

Chapter 23778 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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The Anthomyiid genus Atherigona in America (Diptera)

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The Anthomyiid genus Dichaetomyia Malloch (Diptera) in the Philippines

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The Anthomyiidae and Muscidae of the Great Smoky Mountains and Mt. Mitchell, North Carolina (Diptera)

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The Anthomyiidae species (Diptera) causing damage to cereal crops

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The Anthonomini from Malaysia, with notes on the Oriental taxa (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

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The Anthony Green Heron in the State of Washington

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The Anthony Vireo (Vireo huttoni obscurus)

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The Anthony Vireo not a tenable subspecies

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The Anthozoa of the Cullercoats District

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The Anthozoa of the Woods Hole Region

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The Anthracaridae

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The Anthracotheriidae of the Dera Bugti Deposits in Baluchistan

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The Anthribidae in the Indian Museum

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The Anthribidae of Mauritius

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The Anthribidae of the Bahama Islands, British West Indies (Coleoptera)

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The Anthropogene proboscideans of the USSR

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The anti-plague system and the Soviet biological warfare program

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The Anticosti Island Faunas

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The Antillean Eleutherodactylus of the auriculatus group

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The Antillean Grebe at Central Soledad, Cuba

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The Antillean spider fauna a study in geographic isolation

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The Antivenine Institute of America

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The Ants collected by the American Museum Congo Expedition. (Ants of the Amer. Mus. Congo Exped.)

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The Ants of Trinidad

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The Anura of Jamaica: a progress report

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The Anystid mites of Australia

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The aortic ring model of angiogenesis

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The Apache Longbow-Hellfire Missile Test at Yuma Proving Ground: Ecological Risk Assessment for Helicopter Overflight

Jones, Daniel S.; Efroymson, Rebecca A.; Hargrove, William W.; Suter, Glenn W.; Pater, Larry L. , 2008:
The Apache Longbow-Hellfire Missile Test at Yuma Proving Ground: Ecological Risk Assessment for Missile Firing

Peterson, Mark J.; Hargrove, William W.; Efroymson, Rebecca A., 2008:
The Apache Longbow-Hellfire Missile Test at Yuma Proving Ground: Ecological Risk Assessment for Tracked Vehicle Movement across Desert Pavement

Efroymson, Rebecca A.; Peterson, Mark J.; Jones, Daniel S.; Suter, Glenn W., 2008:
The Apache Longbow-Hellfire Missile Test at Yuma Proving Ground: Introduction and Problem Formulation for a Multiple Stressor Risk Assessment

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The Apdong Nb-Ta ore deposit, North Korea

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The Apennine lynx: first data

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The Apes of Gibraltar

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The Aphaereta Forster species of the Carpathian Basin (Central-Europe) (Hymenoptera, Braconidae: Alysiinae)

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The Aphalaran genera, Aphalara Forster, Craspedolepta Enderlein and Metaphalara Crawford, with special reference to the European species of Aphalara: Hemiptera-Homoptera, family Psyl-lidae

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The Aphaniptera of the Southslovakian Karst (A contribution to regional parasitology)

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The Aphid Aphis coprosmae Laing from New Zealand

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The Aphid fauna of Greenland

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The Aphid genus Flabello microsiphum in Utah

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The Aphid genus Forda

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The Aphid genus Kakimia in California

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The Aphid genus Pseudoepameibaphis

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The Aphid gonus Epameibaphis in Utah

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The Aphidae of Colorado. Part I

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The Aphidae of Colorado. Part II

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The Aphidae of Colorado. Part III

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The Aphides attacking Ribes, with descriptions of two new species

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The Aphides of Guernsey

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The Aphides on mangolds and allied plants

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The Aphides, with their food-plants

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The Aphididae of Lahore Edited with notes and an introduction by P. van der Goot

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The Aphididae of Nebraska

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The Aphididae of the Canadian Arctic (Homoptera)

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The Aphidiidae of Italy (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonoidea)

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The Aphis-eaters

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The Aphrodite discovery: implications for exploration strategy in a mature belt

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The Apion subgenus Perapion Wagner in North America (Curculionidae)

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The Aplysiidae of the Hawaiian Islands

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The Apoda of Ceylon

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The Apodemes of Apus and the Endophragmal System of Astacus

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The Apodi Graben, southwestern region of the Potiguar Basin, RN, an interpretation based on data obtained from seismic sections and well logs

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The Apodous Holothurians: A monograph of the Synaptidoe and Molpadiidoe. Including a report on the representatives of these families in the collections of the United States National Museum

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The Apoidea of the Babia G6ra Mountain

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The Apoidea of the Pieniny National Park. Part I. Megachilidae and Apidae (partim)

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The Apoids as pollinators

Redmond, W.L.; Wei, C-Hong.; Kreuwel, H.T.C.; Sherman, L.A., 2008:
The apoptotic pathway contributing to the deletion of naive CD8 T cells during the induction of peripheral tolerance to a cross-presented self-antigen

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The Appa Island and its fringing reef in the Gulf of Mannar

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The Appalachians; an accretionary and collisional orogen

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The Apparatus for Differentiating the Sexes in Bees and Wasps. An anatomical investigation into the structure of the receptaculum seminis and adjacent parts

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The Appendix lynx: first data - a response

Anonymous, 2008:
The Application of Photodynamic Inactivation to in vitro inhibit Candida spp. Growth and Adhesion to Buccal Epithelial Cells

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The Application of Poli's Generie Names

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The application of a new-type bioreactor in the ex vivo expansion of hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells

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The Application of the Names Gomphina, Marcia, Hemitapes, and Katelysia

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The April ornithological investigations in the Kara-Kum desert

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The Apt-Albian boundary and its position in the cross-section of the Gissar ridge south-west spurs

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The Apterygota fauna of Poland in relation to the World-fauna of this group of insects. Tribe Orchesellini

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The Apterygota of Hertfordshire

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The Apterygota of Somerset

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The Apterygota of Yorkshire and Derbyshire

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The Apterygota of the Seychelles

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The Apterygota of the South-West of England. III

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The Apterygota of the South-west of England

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The Apterygotan fauna of Poland in relation to the world-fauna of this group of insects. Family: Onychiuridae

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The Apterygotan fauna of Poland in relation to the world-fauna of this group of insects. Family: Sminthuridae

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The Aptian-Cenomanian members of the ammonite genus Tetragonites

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The Aptychus

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The Aquarium. Report of the Director

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The Aquatic Warbler (Acrocephalus aquaticus), a new Irish bird

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The Aquatie Chelonia of the Mahanadi and its tributaries

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The Arabian Camel

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The Arabian Large-crested Sea Tern breeding off Sind coast

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The Arabian Oryx (Oryx leucoryx Pallas) : 2

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The Arabian and the Bactrian Camel

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The Arabian oryx (Oryx leucoryx Pallas)

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The Arabian oryx Oryx leucoryx its destruction, captive history and propagation

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The Arabian oryx. Unicorn of Myth?

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The Arabian oryx: a desert tragedy

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The Arabian tahr: a review of its biology and conservation

Anonymous, 2008:
The Arabidopsis At1g45130 and At3g52840 genes encode O-galactosidases with activity toward cell wall polysaccharides

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The Arabidopsis BRAHMA chromatin-remodeling ATPase is involved in repression of seed maturation genes in leaves

Dohmann, E.M.N.; Levesque, M.P.; De Veylder, L.; Reichardt, I.; Jürgens, G.; Schmid, M.; Schwechheimer, C., 2008:
The Arabidopsis COP9 signalosome is essential for G2 phase progression and genomic stability

Teng, S.; Rognoni, S.; Bentsink, Lónie.; Smeekens, S., 2008:
The Arabidopsis GSQ5/DOG1 Cvi allele is induced by the ABA-mediated sugar signalling pathway, and enhances sugar sensitivity by stimulating ABI4 expression

Kant, S.; Bi, Y-Mei.; Weretilnyk, E.; Barak, S.; Rothstein, S.J., 2008:
The Arabidopsis halophytic relative Thellungiella halophila tolerates nitrogen-limiting conditions by maintaining growth, nitrogen uptake, and assimilation

Angela Raffaella Ciarbelli; Andrea Ciolfi; Samanta Salvucci; Valentino Ruzza; Marco Possenti; Monica Carabelli; Alberto Fruscalzo; Giovanna Sessa; Giorgio Morelli; Ida Ruberti, 2008:
The Arabidopsis Homeodomain-leucine Zipper II gene family: diversity and redundancy

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The Arabidopsis OBERON1 and OBERON2 genes encode plant homeodomain finger proteins and are required for apical meristem maintenance

Anonymous, 2008:
The Arabidopsis P4-ATPase ALA3 Localizes to the Golgi and Requires a b-Subunit to Function in Lipid Translocation and Secretory Vesicle Formation

Lee, Y.; Kim, E.-S.; Choi, Y.; Hwang, I.; Staiger, C. J.; Chung, Y.-Y.; Lee, Y., 2008:
The Arabidopsis Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase Is Important for Pollen Development

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The Arabidopsis Phosphatidylinositol Phosphate 5-Kinase PIP5K3 Is a Key Regulator of Root Hair Tip Growth

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The Arabidopsis Phytochrome-Interacting Factor PIF7, Together with PIF3 and PIF4, Regulates Responses to Prolonged Red Light by Modulating phyB Levels

Ram Kishor Yadav; Lynette Fulton; Martine Batoux; Kay Schneitz, 2008:
The Arabidopsis Receptor-like Kinase STRUBBELIG Mediates Inter-cell-layer Signaling during Floral Development

Jeon, B. W.; Hwang, J.-U.; Hwang, Y.; Song, W.-Y.; Fu, Y.; Gu, Y.; Bao, F.; Cho, D.; Kwak, J. M.; Yang, Z.; Lee, Y., 2008:
The Arabidopsis Small G Protein ROP2 Is Activated by Light in Guard Cells and Inhibits Light-induced Stomatal Opening

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The Arabidopsis class VIII myosin ATM2 is involved in endocytosis

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The Arabidopsis Phosphatidylinositol Phosphate 5-Kinase PIP5K3 is a key regulator of root hair tip growth

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The Arabidopsis phytochrome-interacting factor PIF7, together with PIF3 and PIF4, regulates responses to prolonged red light by modulating phyB levels

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The Arabidopsis small G protein ROP2 is activated by light in guard cells and inhibits light-induced stomatal opening

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The Arabidopsis sweetie mutant is affected in carbohydrate metabolism and defective in the control of growth, development and senescence

Isayenkov, S.V.; Maathuis, F.J.M., 2008:
The Arabidopsis thaliana aquaglyceroporin AtNIP7;1 is a pathway for arsenite uptake

Ueda, A.; Li, P.; Feng, Y.; Vikram, M.; Kim, S.; Kang, C.Ho.; Kang, J.Sook.; Bahk, J.Dong.; Lee, S.Yeol.; Fukuhara, T.; Staswick, P.E.; Pepper, A.E.; Koiwa, H., 2008:
The Arabidopsis thaliana carboxyl-terminal domain phosphatase-like 2 regulates plant growth, stress and auxin responses

Daskalova, S.M.; Pah, A.R.; Baluch, D.P.; Lopez, L.C., 2009:
The Arabidopsis thaliana putative sialyltransferase resides in the Golgi apparatus but lacks the ability to transfer sialic acid

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The Arabidopsis thaliana response regulator ARR22 is a putative AHP phospho-histidine phosphatase expressed in the chalaza of developing seeds

Matsuo, N.; Banno, H., 2008:
The Arabidopsis transcription factor ESR1 induces in vitro shoot regeneration through transcriptional activation

Mukhtar, M.Shahid.; Deslandes, L.; Auriac, M-Christine.; Marco, Y.; Somssich, I.E., 2008:
The Arabidopsis transcription factor WRKY27 influences wilt disease symptom development caused by Ralstonia solanacearum

Anonymous, 2008:
The Arabidopsiss cax3 mutants display altered salt tolerance, pH sensitivity and reduced plasma membrane H+-ATPase activity

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The Arachnid fauna of the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park. Part l. A revision of the genus Chelypus Purcell 1901 (family Hexisopodidae)

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The Arachnida

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The Arachnida from the Province of Natal, South Africa, contained in the collection of the British Museum

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The Arachnida from the Regions of Lakes Nyasa and Tanganyika contained in the collections of the British Museum

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The Arachnida of Bookham Common

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The Arachnida of Colorado

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The Arachnida of Florida

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The Arachnida of St. Croix, V.I.

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The Arachnida of Suffolk. The remaining Arachnida

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The Aral loath in the waters of Tadzhikistan

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The Araneae and Opiliones on the Subantarctic islands of New Zealand

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The Araneida of Dallas County : Preliminary note

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The Arapaima expedition

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The Arapaima one of the four largest freshwater fish

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The Araphipoda of Southern New England

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The Ararat cochineal (Porphyrophora hamelii Brandt; Coccoidea, Margarodidae) and its preservation

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The Arc Hydro MODFLOW data model

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The Arcas Fan; a 1 megayear event? Andean deformation and sedimentary response

Anonymous, 2008 :
The Archaea

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The Archaean of the Ahaggar; geochronology and geodynamic evolution

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The Archaean of the Pilbara Block

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The Archaeocyathae of Siberia and their importance in Lower Cambrian stratigraphy

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The Archaeocyathinae from the Cambrian of South Australia, with an account of the morphology and affinities of the whole class

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The Archaeocyathinae of Siberia. Part II. Fossils of the Cambrian Limestones of Altai Mountains. Moscow and Leningrad

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The Archbishop Tanager (Tanagra ornata)

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The Archbold Biological Station

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The Archean BIF-hosted Cuiaba gold deposit, Quadrilatero Ferrifero, Minas Gerais, Brazil

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The Archean Pulozero-Polnek Tundra enderbite-granulite complex of the Central Kola Block; stages and formation conditions (Kola Peninsula)

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The Archer Fish

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The Archipelago of the Recherche. Part 2, Birds

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The Archipsocidae (Psocoptera) of Australia

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The architects of B and T cell immune responses

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The Archives in the era of online first ahead of print

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The Arcid subfamily Anadarinae in Japan and its adjacent areas (Mollusca)

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The Arctic day of Errol, Perthshire

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The Arctic fauna of Eurasia and its origin. (A study based mainly on Lepidoptera.)

Anonymous, 2008 :
The Arctic mutation alters helix length and type in the 11-28 β-amyloid peptide monomer - CD, NMR and MD studies in an SDS micelle

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The Arctic or Mountain Bluebird (Sialia corrucoides)

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The Arctic or Richardson's Skua (Stercorarius p. parasiticus (L.)) in Shetland

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The Arctic plankton collected by the Nautilus Expedition 1931. Part I. General Account

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The Arctic prairies ; a canoe journey of 2,000 miles in search of the caribou ; being the account of a voyage to the region north of Aylmer lake.

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The Arctic skua project on Fair lsle: an introduction

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The Arctic skuas on Fair Isle: a progress report

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The Arctic species of Molpadia (Holothurioidea), and some remarks on Heding's attempt to subdivide the genus

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The Arctic tern Sterna macrura

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The Australian geomorphological environment

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