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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 23779

Chapter 23779 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Stephenson, W.; Hudson, J.J., 1957:
The Australian portunids (Crustacea; Portunidae). I. The genus Thalamita

Franca, H., 1965:
The Australian potoroo

Mcneill, F., 1958:
The Australian prawn industry

Long John A., 2007:
The Australian prehistoric megafauna; an overview of discoveries and controversies

Ingersoll, J.M., 1964:
The Australian rabbit

Kjar A. R., 1997:
The Australian research outlook

Buchan, John., 2004:
The Australian ringnecks

Watts, C.H., 1973:
The Australian rodents Notomys alexis and Pseudomys australis as laboratory animals

Baehr, M., 2006:
The Australian scaritine genus Steganomma Macleay (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Scaritinae)

Maxwell, JW.; Foster, GG.; Arnold, JT.; Konowalow, C., 1975:
The Australian sheep blowfly, Lucilia cuprina

Gardner, MR., 1972:
The Australian sod fly Altermetoponia rubriceps (Macquart) in Martin County, California

Toledano, L., 2005:
The Australian species of Bembidion Latreille, 1802: a taxonomic treatment, with notes about Gondwana as an evolutionary source area (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Bembidiini)

Bayly, I.A.E., 1966:
The Australian species of Diaptomus (Copepoda: Calanoida) and their distribution

McAlpine, D.K., 1967:
The Australian species of Diplogeomyza and allied genera (Diptera: Heleornyzidae)

Alexander, C.P., 1929:
The Australian species of Leptotarsus and Semnotes (Fam. Tipulidae; Ord. Diptera)

Dodd, A.P., 1933:
The Australian species of Macroteleia and Prosapegus (Scelionidae Hymenoptera)

Hamond, R., 1971:
The Australian species of Mesochra (Crustacea: Harpacticoida), with a comprehensive key to the genus

Eyer, J.R.; Turner, A.J., 1925:
The Australian species of Oncopera (Hepialidae, Lepidoptera)

Hamond, R., 1973:
The Australian species of Robertsonia (Crustacea, Harpaticoida), with a revised key to the genus

Livingstone, A.A., 1932:
The Australian species of Tosia (Asteroidea)

Baehr, M., 2005:
The Australian species of the genus Anomotarus Chaudoir, subgenus Anomotarus s. str. (Insecta: Coleoptera: Carabidae: Lebiinae)

Dibb, J.R., 1932:
The Australian species of the genus Aulacocyclus (Col., Passalidae)

Lea, A.M., 1924:
The Australian species of. Aulacophora (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae)

Anonymous, 2007:
The Australian viticulture sector: an organisational model adapted to new markets?

Darby, JT., 1972:
The Australian white-browed wood swallow in New Zealand

Taylor, R.W., 1968:
The Australian workersless inquiline ant Strumigenys xenos (Brown) (Hymenoptera-Formicidae) recorded from New Zealand

Bhatt, V.S., 1969:
The Australian/New Zealand meeting on decapod Crustacea. Sydney, October 24-28, 1967

Boehm, E.F., 1947:
The Australiau Bustard : with special reference to its post and present status in South Australia

Robinson, J.T., 1952:
The Australopithecine-bearing deposits of the Sterkfontein area

Costa, W.J.M., 2002:
The Austrolebias alexandri species group: a taxonomical revision of an annual fish clade (Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae) in southern Brazil

Koenigswald, G.H.; Rvon., 1953:
The Austrolopithecinae and Pithecanthropus. I. 403-413 3 figs. II. 427-43S 9 figs

Kelleher, R.J.; Bear, M.F., 2008:
The autistic neuron: troubled translation?

Anonymous, 2007:
The Automatic Milking System in the west of France: technical and economic results, breeding practices and work

Whitaker, B., 1958:
The Autumn movement of tits. Notes on nesting sea birds

Mueller, H.C.; Mueller, N.S.; Berger, D.D.; Kaspar, J.L.; Bowers, J., 2005:
The Autumn of 2004 at Cedar Grove

Witchell, C.A., 1898:
The Autumn-song of birds

Ellison, A., 1888:
The Autumnal Migration of Birds in Ireland

Krokhin, E.M.; Kurenkov,., 1967:
The Avachn lakes

Romanoff, A.L.; Romanoff, A.J., 1949:
The Avian Egg. Pp. xii + 918 424 figs

Oberholser, H.C., 1905:
The Avian genus Bleda Bonaparte and some of its allies

Johnson, C.W., 1918:
The Avicula candeana of d' Orbigny, from Bermuda

Tinkler, John E., 1892:
The Avifauna of Arkengarthdale, Swaledale, and the New Forest

Murray, J.A., 1890:
The Avifauna of British India

Murray, J.A., 1889:
The Avifauna of British India and its Dependencies. A systematic account, with descriptions of all the known species of Birds inhabiting British India, observations on their habits, nidification, &c.,; tables of their geographical distribution in Persia, Beloochistan, Afghanistan, Sind, Punjab, N. W. Provinces and the Peninsula of India generally; with woodcuts, lithographs, and coloured illustrations

Stoliczka, Ferdinand, 1875:
The Avifauna of Kashgar in Winter

Sok O.M,, 1966:
The Avifauna of Korea

Rothschild, W., 1893:
The Avifauna of Laysan and the neighbouring Islands; with a complete history to date of the Birds of the Hawaiian possessions

Rothschild, W., 1900:
The Avifauna of Laysan and the neighbouring islands; with a complete history to date of the Birds of the Hawaiian Possessions. Illustrated with 25 coloured plates and 2 black plates by Messrs Keulemans and Frohawk

Beyer, G.E., 1900:
The Avifauna of Louisiana

Peake, E., 1896:
The Avifauna of Settle and Upper Ribblesdale

Beavan, R.C., 1867:
The Avifauna of the Andaman Islands

Brodkorb, P., 1957:
The Avifauna of the Bone Valley Formation

Ramsay, E.P., 1876:
The Avifauna of the Fijian Group

Baepler, D.H., 1962:
The Avifauna of the Soloma region in Huekuetenango, Guatemala

Ali, S., 1945:
The Avocet (Recurvirostra avocetta Linn.) breeding in India

Anon., 1947:
The Avocet again nests in Suffolk

Allen, Arthur A., 1910:
The Avocet and other shore birds at Ithaca during the fall of 1909

Turner, E.L., 1921:
The Avocet at home

Oordt, G.J. van., 1919:
The Avocet win-tering in Holland

Ellis, A.E., 1953:
The Avocets of Havergate Island

Orr, N., 1975:
The Avon goose wardening project 1963-1973

Tuck, M.C., 1926:
The Avonian Succession between Wickwar and Chipping Sodbury (Glos.)

Bush, G.E., 1920:
The Avonian Succession of Spring Gardens and Vallis Vale, Frome, Somerset

Wallis, F.S., 1924:
The Avonian of Cannington Park, near Bridgwater, Somerset

Tuck, M.C., 1926:
The Avonian succession between Wiekwar and Chipping Sodbury (Glos.)

Hulen Jeffrey B., 1999:
The Awibengkok, Indonesia, geothermal research project

Child, C.M., 1925:
The Axial Gradients in Hydrozoa. VI. Embryonic Development of Hydroids

Child, C.M., 1925:
The Axial Gradients in Hydrozoa. VII. Modification of Development through Differential Susceptibility

Child, C.M., 1919:
The Axial gradients in Hydrozoa

Anonymous, 1969:
The Axis deer impending threat to the Big Island

Fosberg, FR., 1975:
The Axis deer problem

Brunst, V.V., 1955:
The axolotl (Siredon mexicanum). II. Morphology and pathology

Smith, A.D.B., 1937:
The Ayrshire breed

Na aman I.; Frumkin A.; Dimentman C., 2008:
The Ayyalon Cave, Israel; a new underground world

Bujak Jonathan, 2008:
The Azolla story; implications for climate change and Arctic petroleum source rocks

Ebersda, A.G., 1939:
The Azor horizon of Kuban

Van Vegten, J.A., 1968:
The Azores bullfinch not extinct

Steigedal, M.; Sletta, Håvard.; Moreno, S.; Maerk, M.; Christensen, Børn.E.; Bjerkan, T.; Ellingsen, T.Erling.; Espìn, G.; Ertesvåg, H.; Valla, S., 2008:
The Azotobacter vinelandii AlgE mannuronan C-5-epimerase family is essential for the in vivo control of alginate monomer composition and for functional cyst formation

Kuznetsov, A.P., 1970:
The Azov and Baltic Seas marine benthic fauna trophic composition and zonation

Sabinetskii, BV., 1977:
The Azov-Black-Sea coast of the Ukraine as a complex reservation of waterfowl and wader

Jackson, J.W., 1916:
The Aztec Mooncult and its relation to the Chankcult of India

Faveri, S.B.; Vasconcelos, H.L., 2004:
The Azteca-Cecropia association: Are ants always necessary for their host plants?

Prokof'ev, M.A., 1962:
The Azur-winged Magpies on the territory of the Buryat fruit-growing research station

Stormont, C.; Owen, R.D.; Irwin, M.R., 1951:
The B and C systems of bovine blood groups

Viquez, N.M.; Li, C.R.; Wairkar, Y.P.; DiAntonio, A., 2006:
The B' protein phosphatase 2A regulatory subunit well-rounded regulates synaptic growth and cytoskeletal stability at the Drosophila neuromuscular junction

Salim Ali., 1963:
The B.N.H.S./W.H.O. Bird Migration Study Project-2. Activities from 15-12-61 to 15-10-62

Johnson, R., 1968:
The B.O.C. Christmas camp of 1967

Blindell, RM., 1974:
The B.T.O. and the Essex estuaries. South

Cornwallis, R.K.; Smith, A.E., 1964:
The B.T.O. guide to ageing and sexing

Flegg, JJM., 1970:
The B.T.O. in the seventies

Forster, RHB., 1975:
The B.T.O. register of ornithological sites in Surrey. Surrey

Reddy, S.K.; Hu, T.; Gudivada, R.; Staines, K.A.; Wright, K.E.; Vickerstaff, L.; Kothlow, S.; Hunt, L.G.; Butter, C.; Kaspers, B.; Young, J.R., 2008:
The BAFF-Interacting receptors of chickens

Acklen, J.; Bates, Z.; Campbell, D., 2004:
The BB Line - evaluating the role of birds in line faults

Felice D'Alessandro; Giuseppe R.T.masicchio, 2008:
The BCI criterion for the initiation of breaking process in Boussinesq-type equations wave models

Rogers Allan, 1997:
The BGS in the community; geology from a politician's perspective

Anonymous, 1979:
The BHP Gregory coal project

Boggs D.B.; Lee J.B.; Maddever R.A.M.; van Leeuwen Edwin H.; Turner R.J.; Downey M.A.; McCracken K.G.; Liu G., 2005:
The BHP-Billiton digital gravity gradiometer

E.L.B.adley; U.H.nkalampi-Hämäläinen; A.W.ber; M.A.A.dersson; F.B.rtaud; L.C.stle; O.D.hlman; P.H.kulinen; D.H.ornstra; J.-C.L.uguenot;; M.S.lkinoja-Salonen; D.R.S.eck; I.S.verin; A.S.ammati; L.T.rco; F.Z.cco; A. von Wright, 2008:
The BIOSAFEPAPER project for in vitro toxicity assessments: preparation, detailed chemical characterisation and testing of extracts from paper and board samples

McKim, S.M.; Stenvik, G-Elisabeth.; Butenko, M.A.; Kristiansen, W.; Cho, S.Ki.; Hepworth, S.R.; Aalen, R.B.; Haughn, G.W., 2008:
The BLADE-ON-PETIOLE genes are essential for abscission zone formation in Arabidopsis

Ali, S., 1964:
The BNHS/WHO bird migration field project report no. 9, 10

Ali, S., 1964:
The BNHS/WHO bird migration study project. 4. Activities from 13-9-1963 to 23-3-1964

Anonymous, 2007 :
The BOADICEA model of genetic susceptibility to breast and ovarian cancers: updates and extensions (vol 98, pg 1457, 2008)

Christians, M.J.; Gingerich, D.J.; Hansen, M.; Binder, B.M.; Kieber, J.J.; Vierstra, R.D., 2008:
The BTB ubiquitin ligases ETO1, EOL1 and EOL2 act collectively to regulate ethylene biosynthesis in Arabidopsis by controlling type-2 ACC synthase levels

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The BTO Barn Owl Monitoring Programme : 2nd report: second year 2001

Leech, DI.; Barimore, CJ.; Crick, HQP.; Shawyer, CR., 2006:
The BTO Barn Owl Monitoring Programme: sixth year 2005

Leech, DI.; Crick, HQP.; Shawyer, CR., 2005:
The BTO barn owl monitoring programme: fifth year 2004

Leech, DI.; Crick, HQP.; Shawyer, CR., 2005:
The BTO barn owl monitoring programme: fourth year 2003

Leech, Dave., 2007:
The BTO's nest record scheme: the value of counting your eggs before they hatch

Smith, Judith., 2007:
The BTO/RSPB/JNCC Breeding Bird Survey in the Manchester region 2006

Anonymous, 2006:
The BTO/RSPB/JNCC Breeding Bird Survey in the Manchester region, 2005

Anonymous, 2005:
The BTO/RSPB/JNCC breeding bird survey in the Manchester region, 2004

Donald, C.H., 1929 :
The Babbler as a barometer

Calvert, W.J. jun., 1943:
The Bachman's Sparrow

Benson, C.W.; Irwin, M.P.S., 1966:
The Bachystegia avifauna

Heinrich, J.; Lundén, T.; Kontinen, V.P.; Wiegert, T., 2008:
The Bacillus subtilis ABC transporter EcsAB influences intramembrane proteolysis through RasP

Huestis S.P., 1992:
The Backus-Gilbert problem for sampled band-limited functions

White, Gershom Franklin., 1906:
The Bacteria of the Apiary, with special reference to bee diseases

Gilmour, E.F., 1959:
The Bactocerini of Borneo, with the description of a new genus and species from Sumatra (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lamiinae)

Pocock, R.I., 1918:
The Baculum or os penis of some genera of Mustelidac

Cope, E.D., 1881:
The Bad Lands of the Wind River and their Fauna

Babel M.; Bogucki A., 2007:
The Badenian evaporite basin of the northern Carpathian Foredeep as a model of a meromictic selenite basin

Gasiewicz Andrzej; Czapowski Grzegorz; Paruch Kulczycka Jolanta, 2004:
The Badenian-Sarmatian boundary in the geochemical record in the Carpathian Foredeep area; stratigraphic implications

Ellison, N.P., 1944:
The Badger (Meles meles L.), in Wirral, Cheshire

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The Badger : its habits and life history

Cowen, G.A., 1974:
The Badger Act 1973

Pitt, F., 1941:
The Badger in Britain

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The Badger in Cumberland

Pitt, F., 1933:
The Badger in GreatBritain

Patterson, Arthur H., 1908:
The Badger in Norfolk

Tregarthen, J.C., 1930:
The Badger in West Cornwall

Vesey-Fitzgerald, D., 1949:
The Badger's face

Ellison, N.F., 1945:
The Badger, Meles meles (L.) in Wirral

Lyon, M.W., 1932:
The Badger, Taxidea taxus (Schreiber), in Indiana

Batten, H.M., 1923 :
The Badger: Afield and underground

Friedmann, H., 1949:
The Baer Pochard, a bird new to the North American fauna

Hughes, V.R., 1953:
The Bagin-ton bird sanctuary

Bonhote, J.L., 1904:
The Bahama Amazon Parrot (Chrysotis bahamensis)

Andrews, E.A., 1893:
The Bahama Amphioxus

Riley, J.H., 1913:
The Bahama Barn Owl. Washington D.C

Bangs, O., 1914:
The Bahama Swallow in Cuba

Clough, G.C., 1969:
The Bahaman hutia: a rodent refound

Bohlke, J., 1957:
The Bahaman species of Emblemariid blennies

Todd, W.E.C., 1911:
The Bahaman species of Geothlypis

Mayer, A.G., 1903:
The Bahamas v. Tortugas as a station for research in marine zoology

Mayer, A.G., 1903:
The Bahamas versus Tortugas as a station for research in marine zoology

Owen, D.F., 1949:
The Bahaviour of Nightjars at dawn

Harrison, J.M., 1958:
The Baikal Teal in the British Isles ; a new record and a note on the incidence of the bridled face pattern

Hubendick, B., 1969:
The Baikal limpets and their phylogenetic status

Rind, B., 2008:
The Bailey affair: political correctness and attacks on sex research

Vantassel, Stephen., 2006:
The Bailey beaver trap: modifications and sets to improve capture rate

Findley, J.S., 1959:
The Bailey pocket monse in New Mexico

Hubbard, J.B., 1969:
The Bailey-Law collections

Gavet, M., 2002:
The Bailiwick of Guernsey sea mammal report 2000

Morris, T.O., 1938:
The Bain Boulder-Bed : A glacial episode in the Siwalik series of the Marwat Kundi Range and Shekh Budin, North West Frontier Province, India.

L.W.n Bo; Chen Yan Jing; Lai Yong, 2005:
The Bainaimiao Cu deposit in Inner Mongolia, China; a possible orogenic-type Cu deposit

Cox, P.Z., 1898:
The Baira Antelope of Somaliland

Easterla, D.A., 1967:
The Baird's sparrow and burrowing owl in Missouri

Sapunov, Ig, 1971:
The Bajocian ammonite genus Bradfordia S. Buckman, 1910, (Oppeliidae) in Bulgaria

Baker, E.P., 1947:
The Bakers take a trip to Mexico

Mageau Kevin R.; Leckie Dale A.; Maguire Rick, 2001:
The Bakken Formation of west-central Saskatchewan and east-central Alberta; a depositional history, stratigraphy and facies distribution of Bakken shelf sand ridges using the Cactus Lake Field as a working model

Elles, G.L., 1922:
The Bala Country: its Structure and Rock-succession

Groom, T.; Lake, P., 1908:
The Bala and Llandovery Rocks of Glyn Ceiriog. (North Wales)

Cemerski, S.; Das, J.; Giurisato, E.; Markiewicz, M.A.; Allen, P.M.; Chakraborty, A.K.; Shaw, A.S., 2008:
The balance between T cell receptor signaling and degradation at the center of the immunological synapse is determined by antigen quality

Abney, George, 1909:
The Balance of Nature, and Modern Conditions of Cultivation: a Practical Manual of Animal Foes and Friends

Johnson, R.; Bruwer, J., 2007:
The Balancing Act between Regionality and American Viticultural Areas (AVAs)

Mclain, R.B., 1902:
The Bald Eagle (Haliaetus leucocephalus) in Ohio County, West Virginia

Imler, R.H.; Kalmbach, E.R., 1955:
The Bald Eagle and its economic status

Davis, M., 1945:
The Bald Eagle nesting in captivity

Bagas Leon; Huston D., 2005:
The Bald Hill gold deposits in the Paleoproterozoic Tanami Group, Western Australia

Jourdain, F.C.R., 1934:
The Bald Ibis (Comatibis eremita)

Parnell, F.I., 1942:
The Bald Ibis in Basutoland

Johnstons, M.A., 1906:
The Bald-headed Starling (Sarcops calvus)

Hanafin, M.; Hussey, H., 2002:
The Balearic woodchat shrike in Co. Cork

Slade, Brian., 2005:
The Balearic woodchat shrike in Somerset

Turner, Sir W., 1914:
The Baleen Whales of the South Atlantic

Christoff, Peter, 2008:
The Bali roadmap: Climate change, COP 13 and beyond

The Bali roadmap: new horizons for global climate policy

Anonymous, 2002:
The Balikpapan dengue control program

Sody, H.J.V., 1932:
The Balinese Tiger, Panthera tigris balica (Schwarz)

Dementiev, G.P., 1952:
The Balkan form of Tawny Owl

Oliver G.J.H.; Stone P.; Bluck B.J., 2002:
The Ballantrae Complex and Southern Uplands Terrane.; 4

Walker L., 1996:
The Ballarat West project, project description

Valovirta, I., 1977:
The Baltic Island Survey, a malacological cooperation between Scotland and Finland 1974

Kaljo, D., 1957:
The Baltic Ordovician and Llandoverian Codonophyllacea

Leppakoski, E.; Olenin, S.; Gollasch, S., 2002:
The Baltic Sea - a field laboratory for invasion biology

Harff Jan; Lemke Wolfram; Lampe Reinhard; Lueth Friedrich; Luebke Harald; Meyer Michael; Tauber Franz; Schmoelcke Ulrich, 2007:
The Baltic Sea coast; a model of interrelations among geosphere, climate, and anthroposphere

Carpenter, F.M., 1954:
The Baltic amber Mecoptera

Carpenter, F.M., 1957:
The Baltic amber snake-flies (Neurcptera)

Smirnov, A.N., 1971:
The Baltic herring in the Gulf of Finland. (brief review)

Podarveva, Zs, 1971:
The Baltic herring inhabiting the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland, its peculiarities from the viewpoint of its biology and commercial fishing

Lfeidroth, A., 1965:
The Baltic salmon stock its natural and artificial regulation

Prestwich, A.A., 1959:
The Baltimore Hangnest

Moore, R.T., 1912:
The Baltimore Oriole (Icterus galbula) wintering in New Jersey

Anonymous, 1947:
The Baltimore Oriole Maryland's State Bird

Burton, Major R.G., 1908:
The Baluchistan Gazelle

Fenton, L.L., 1910:
The Baluchistan I ear

Bigot, J.M.F., 1891:
The Baluchistan Melon Fly

Ramazi Hamidreza; Jigheh Hossein Soltani, 2006:
The Bam (Iran) earthquake of December 26, 2003; from an engineering and seismological point of view

Anonymous, 2008:
The Banana Collection

Guthrie, J.E., 1924:
The Banana Snake, Boa imperator

Shufeldt, R.W., 1912:
The Band-tailed Pigeon (Columba fasciata fasiata) in North Dakota

Sharp, C.S., 1903:
The Band-tailed Pigeon (Columba fasciata) in San Diego County

Harris Ron A., 2007:
The Banda Arc-continent collision; modern analog of the early accretion of western North America

Barrett, C., 1937:
The Banded Anteater

Tate, G.H.H., 1951:
The Banded Anteater, Myrmecobius Waterhouse (Marsupialia)

Green, J.M., 1970:
The Banded gunnel, Pholis fasciatus, in New-foundland

Neal, E., 1970:
The Banded mongoose, Mungos mungo Gmelin

Neal, E., 1970:
The Banded mongoose, a little known carnivore

Thomas, O., 1922:
The Bandicoots of Nuyts Archipelago, S. Australia, and of Cape York, N. Queensland

Morata Diego; Oliva Claudia; de la Cruz Rita; Suarez Manuel, 2005:
The Bandurrias Gabbro; late Oligocene alkaline magmatism in the Patagonian Cordillera

Talbot, L.M., 1966:
The Bangkok Conference

Hoxie, W.J., 1910:
The Bank Swallow at Savannah, Georgia

Talmadge, R.R., 1947:
The Bank Swallow breeding in Humboldt County California, p. 38, Emperer Geese again on Humboldt Bay, California, p. 172

Anon., 1899:
The Banting

Wikramanayake, E.B., 1970:
The Bar headed goose

Kydyraliev, A., 1967:
The Bar-headed Goose in Tian Shan

Service, R., 1908:
The Bar-tailed Godwit (Limosa belgica) as a Solway bird

Robertson, J., 1909:
The Bar-tailed Godwit (Limosa lapponica) in East Renfrew

Portenko, L., 1936:
The Bar-tailed Godwit and its races

Sclater, W.L., 1901:
The Bar-tailed Godwit at Durban, South Africa

Nutting, C.C., 1918:
The Barbados-Antigua Expedition from the State of Iowa

Veroman, H., 1970:
The Barbary ape

England, D., 1955:
The Barbary apes of Gibraltar

Clifford, RJ.; Callanan, C.; Smith, SEG., 1972:
The Barbary apes of Gibralter

Mazak, V., 1970:
The Barbary lion, Panthero leo leo (Linnaeus,1758); some systematic notes, and an interim list of the specimens preserved in European museums

Hodges, J.; Cortes, J., 2006:
The Barbary macaque: biology, management and conservation

Taylor, E.W., 1935:
The Barbastelle Bat in Yorkshire

Pavlov, P.J., 1938:
The Barbel of the Lake Sevan viewed as a Food Fish

Jubb, R.A., 1968:
The Barbus and Varicorhinus species (Pisces: Cyprinidae) of Transvaal

McArdle, T.D., 1958:
The Bare-headed Rockfowl Picathartes gymnocephalus

Derjugin, K.M., 1924:
The Barent's Sea on the meridian of Kola (33 30' 0)

Kashulina G.; Salminen R.; Chekushin V.; Bogatyrev I.; Tenhola M.; Niskavaara H., 2007:
The Barents Ecogeochemistry Project; ecogeochemical mapping of 1,500,000 km (super 2) in NE-Europe

Aars, J.; Andersen, M.; Belikov, SE.; Boltunov, AN.; Buckland, S.; Marques, T.; Wiig, O., 2004:
The Barents Sea polar bear (Ursus maritimus) population size estimated by line transects

Chapman, F., 1894:
The Bargate Beds of Surrey and their microscopic contents

Anonymous, 1975:
The Bargo Colliery project

Cahn, A.R., 1939:
The Barking Frog, Hyla gratiosa, in Northern Alabama

Barrett, C., 1938:
The Barking Spider

Jackson, T.H., 1904:
The Barn Owl (Strix pratincola) in Chester County, Pennsylvania

Blaker, G.B., 1933:
The Barn Owl in England. Results of the census

Rippingale, F.G.; Fisher, J.T., 1949:
The Barn Owl in flight

Hall, E.R., 1927:
The Barn Owl in its relation to the Rodent population at Berkeley, California

Cowin, W.S., 1936:
The Barn Owl in the Isle of Man

Saunders, W.E., 1916:
The Barn Owl nesting in south-western Ontario

Davis, D.H.S., 1959:
The Barn Owl's contribution to ecology and palaeoecology

Sweatman, G.K., 1951:
The Barn Swallow at Cambridge Bay, N.W.T

Emerson, G., 1954:
The Barn Swallow in the Midwest

Seide, J., 1961:
The Barnacle Goose myth in the Hebrew literature of the Middle Ages

Johnston, T.L., 1933:
The Barnacle Goose on the English Solway

Nilsson-Cantell, C.A., 1932:
The Barnacles Stephanolepas and Chelonibia from the Turtle Eretmochslys imbricata

Cronger, J.C., 1959:
The Barnacles had them guessing

Dyar, H.G., 1917:
The Barnes and McDunnough list

Bowker Kent A., 2006:
The Barnett Shale play of north Texas; current issues

Bone Marion R., 2004:
The Barnett Shale play; a time and place for 3-D

Steward Dan B., 2007:
The Barnett Shale play; phoenix of the Ft. Worth Basin, a history

Darden Glenn, 2005:
The Barnett Shale; a 25-year overnight success

Marble William, 2004:
The Barnett Shale; redefining the play

Gladstone, J., 1961:
The Barochan falconry heirlooms

Miklouho Maclay, N.De, 1885:
The Barometro Araucano from the Chiloe Islands

Gudger, E.W.; Breder, C.M.; Jr., 1928:
The Barracuda (Sphyraena) dangerous to man

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