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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 23786

Chapter 23786 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Brookes G., 1999:
The DIGS system - digital conversion of geological reports and client access

Pandya Rajul E.; Pyrtle Ashanti J.; Wilmore Christy, 2003:
The DLESE Ambassadors Program

Geary Edward; Aivazian Bryan; Manduca Cathryn A.; Mogk David, 2003:
The DLESE community services center

Buhr Susan M.; Barker Lecia J.; Reeves Thomas C., 2003:
The DLESE evaluation core services project

Frederick R.Bieber, 2008:
The DNA Wars: Part I

Friz, C.T., 1963:
The DNA and RNA concentration of the amoeba Chaos chaos as compared to that of Amoeba proteus

Hay, E.D.; Revel, J.P., 1964:
The DNA component of the nucleolus, studied in autoradiographs viewed with the electron microscope

Anonymous, 2008:
The DNA concentration effect on DNA radiation damage induced by 7Li ions and γ rays

Schreiber, G.; Camey, T., 1966:
The DNA content in nuclei of the blastomeres of Biomphaliaria glabrata (Say) (Moll. Gaster.)

Hinegardner, R.T., 1961:
The DNA content of isolated sea urchin egg nuclei

Hughes-Schrader, S., 1956:
The DNA content of the nucleus as a tool in the cytotaxonomic study of insects

Walsh, C.J., 1969:
The DNA metabolism of the avian malaria parasite Plasmodium lophurae

Adam, K.M.; Blewett, D.A.; Flamm, W.G., 1969:
The DNA of Acanthamoeba spp.; a method for extraction and its characterization

Miyagishi, A.; Ando, T., 1973:
The DNA of Tetrahymena pyriformis GL strain. A mild method for preparation and its characterization

Aurisicchio, S.; Quagliarotti, G., 1971:
The DNA of sea urchin (Arbacia lixula) in the germinal, embryonic and adult cells. Rivista

Spadafora, C.; Bellard, M.; Compton, J.L.; Chambon, P., 1976:
The DNA repeat lengths in chromatins from sea urchin sperm and gastrula cells are markedly different

Hinegardner, R.T.; Rao, B.; Feldman, D.E., 1964:
The Dna Synthetic Period During Early Development Of The Sea Urchin Egg

Skirycz, A.; Radziejwoski, A.; Busch, W.; Hannah, M.A.; Czeszejko, J.; Kwaśniewski, Mław.; Zanor, M-Inès.; Lohmann, J.U.; D.V.ylder, L.; Witt, I.; Mueller-Roeber, B., 2008:
The DOF transcription factor OBP1 is involved in cell cycle regulation in Arabidopsis thaliana

François Barlier, 2005:
The DORIS system; a fully operational tracking system to get orbit determination at centimeter accuracy in support of Earth observations

Joanne Voisey; Christopher D Swagell; Ian P Hughes; C Phillip Morris; Angela van Daal; Earnest P Noble; Burnett Kann; Karen A Heslop; Ross McD Young; Bruce R Lawford, 2009:
The DRD2 gene 957C>T polymorphism is associated with posttraumatic stress disorder in war veterans

Zoltan Villanyi; Bernadett Papp; Szilard Szikora; Imre Boros; Janos Szabad, 2008:
The DRE motif is a key component in the expression regulation of the importin-β encoding Ketel gene in Drosophila

McMahon, C.G., 2007:
The DSM-IV-TR definition of premature ejaculation and its impact upon the results of epidemiological studies

Brown, W.L.Jr, 1952:
The Dacetine ant genus Mesostruma Brown

Hardy, D.E., 1955:
The Dacus (Afrodacus) Bezzi of the World (Tephritidae, Diptera)

Hardy, D.E., 1954:
The Dacus subgenera Neodacus and Gymnodacus of the World (Diptera, Tephritidae)

Bassindale, R.; Barrett, J.H., 1957:
The Dale Fort Marine Fauna

Killington, F.J., 1932:
The Dale collect ion of British Neuroptera

Walker, J.J., 1932:
The Dale collection of British Coleoptera

Smit, F.G.A.M., 1960 :
The Dale collection of British Siphonaptera

Cowan, I.M., 1944:
The Dall Por-poise (Phocaenoides dalli) , of the Northern Pacific Ocean

Anon., 1915:
The Dall banquet

Flinn Derek, 2007:
The Dalradian rocks of Shetland and their implications for the plate tectonics of the northern Iapetus

Finch-Davies, C.J., 1917:
The Damaraland Hornbill

Sevastopulo, D.G., 1944:
The Danaus species of Calcutta

Keith, E.D., 1916:
The Dance of the Ghost Moth

Yerkes, Robert M., 1907:
The Dancing Mouse ; a study in animal behaviour

Blegvad, H., 1944:
The Danish Biological Station through 50 years 1889-1939

Rathbun, Mary J., 1910:
The Danish Expedition to Siam 1899-1900. V. Brachyura

Bergh, R., 1902:
The Danish Expedition to Siam, 1899-1900. I. Gasteropoda Opisthobranchiata

Mortensen, Th., 1923:
The Danish Expedition to the Kei Islands 1922

Hansen, H.J., 1913:
The Danish Ingolf Expedition. Vol. 3. 3: Crustacea malacostraca II

Jensen, A.S., 1912:
The Danish Ingolf-Expedition Pt. i. Lamellibranchiata. 2

Clark, A.H., 1923:
The Danish Ingolf-Expedition, pt. 5. Crinoidea

Wesenberg-Lund, E., 1941:
The Danish Ingolf-Expedition. Brachiopoda

Boeggild, O.B., 1901:
The Danish Ingolf-Expedition. First volume. 3. The deposits of the sea-bottom. 4to, ii + 90 pp., 7 charts and list of stations

Mortensen, Th., 1907:
The Danish Ingolf-Expedition. Volume IV. 2. Echinoidea (Part II)

Mortensen, T., 1903:
The Danish Ingolf-Expedition. Volume iv. I. Echinoidea (Part 1). Translated by Torben Lundbeck

Mortensen, T., 1921:
The Danish Ingolf-Expodition.

Madsen, F.J., 1943:
The Danish Octocorals from the Waters inside Skagen. Zoogeographical and Ecological Remarks

Glue, D., 1976:
The Danish atlas

Paludan, K.; Fog, J., 1956 :
The Danish breeding population of wild living Cygnus olor in 1954

Mortensen, T., 1904:
The Danish expedition to Siam 1899-;1900. II. Echinoidea (l)

Rasmussen, CJ., 1951:
The Danish finds of female eel (Anguilla anguilla) in spawning or partial spawning dress

Lindhard, J., 1910:
The Danish north-east Greenland expedition 1906-8; provisional results

Frydenberg, O., 1956:
The Danish species of Drosophila (Dipt.)

Hansen, V., 1947:
The Danish species of the genus Ptiliolum Flach Subg, Ptiliolum s. str. (Ptiliidae, Coleoptera)

Hansen, V., 1960:
The Danish species of the genus Stenostola Muls. (Coleopt, Cerambycidae)

Elson, Kgr, 1971:
The Danish trout farm industry

Barcak, C., 1966:
The Danube as an important migration way of aquatic birds

Anonymous, 2006:
The Danube delta avifauna

Anonymous, 2006:
The Danube delta ecosystems

Goriup, P.; Baboianu, G.; Chernichko, J., 2007:
The Danube delta: Europe's remarkable wetland

Szynkiewicz Anna; Bialek Dawid, 2004:
The Dariganga basalt plateau (southeastern Mongolia); expedition of the Student Geologists Club at Wroclaw University

Daniel, J.C., 1959:
The Darjeeling tree frog (Philautus annandalii, Boulenger)

Raevskaya, EG.; Volkova, NA.; Sivertseva, IA., 2006:
The Darriwilian acritarch assemblage from Ordovician deposits of the Arkhangelsk Oblast, the northern Russian Plate

Bishop D.G., 1975:
The Dart Glacier Project

Hudson, W.H., 1900:
The Dartford Warbler (Sylvia provincialis). How to save our rare birds. Humane Review, April

Corbin, G.B., 1907:
The Dartford Warbler Sylvia undata) in Hants

Bond, W.R.G., 1939:
The Dartford Warbler in Dorset

Barrington, R.M., 1912:
The Dartford Warbler in Ireland

Bentham, H., 1937:
The Dartford Warbler, Sylvia undata dartfordiensis

Ashford, C., 1883:
The Darts of British Helicidae

Ashford, C., 1885:
The Darts of British Helicidae. VII

Bates, M.; Humphrey, P.S., 1957:
The Darwin Reader

Dorrance, Anne., 1910:
The Darwin centennial address. Charles Darwin 1809-1909

Stecher, R.M., 1964:
The Darwin-Innes letters

Studitskii, AN., 1974:
The Darwin-Severtsov rule and its importance for the modern evolutionary theory. Nauchnye Dokl. vyssh. Shk

Anonymous, 1908:
The Darwin-Wallace celebration hold on Thursday 1st July 1908 by the Linnean Society of London

Ruse, M., 2005:
The Darwinian Revolution, as seen in 1979 and as seen Twenty-Five Years Later in 2004

Romanes, G.J., 1885:
The Darwinian Theory of Instinct

Pascoe, F.P., 1890:
The Darwinian Theory of the Origin of Species

Reif, W., 2007:
The Darwinian dilemma of the first species and the principle of pseudo-monophyly of Phanerozoic diversity

Herbert, S., 2005:
The darwinian revolution revisited

Ruse, Michael., 1999:
The Darwinian revolution: science red in tooth and claw. Second edition

Mclntosh, W.C., 1909:
The Darwinian theory in 1867 and now

Romanes, G.J., 1895:
The Darwinism of Darwin, and of the Post-Darwinian Schools

Legg, T.H., 1969:
The Dascyllus damsel fishes

Antonio Scipioni; Anna Mazzi; Marco Mason; Alessandro Manzardo, 2009:
The Dashboard of Sustainability to measure the local urban sustainable development: The case study of Padua Municipality

Vinson, J., 1946:
The Dasytidae of the Mascarene Islands

Champion, G.C., 1923:
The Dasytinae of South Africa

Waterhouse, F.H., 1885:
The Dates of Publication of some of the Zoological Works of the late John Gould, F.R.S

Cowan, C.F., 1968:
The Daubentons and Buffon's birds

Hussain, S.T.; West, R.M.M.nthe, J.; Lukacs, J.R., 1977:
The Daud Khel local fauna: a preliminary report on a Neogene vertebrate assemblage from the Trans-Indus Siwaliks, Pakistan

Anonymous, 1995 :
The Daunia coal deposit

Gauzov, O., 1958:
The Daurian Partridge in suburbs of Moscow

Wilder, G.D., 1934:
The Daurian Redstart. A study of the nesting of one pair

Karamsin, A.N., 1927:
The Daurian Swallow in Manchuria, Hirundo daurica L. (= H. rufula)

Wilkinson, R.S., 1966:
The David Gardiner method of feeding lepidopterous larvae on a semi-synthetic diet

Rooney James W.; Riddle Charles H., 2008:
The Davidson Ditch; a historical review

Davis J., 2006:
The Davyhurst, Sand King and Lady Ida gold projects, Coolgardie W.A

Jacobson, M,k, 1977:
The De La Torre exhibit at the south Florida shell show

Kibre, P., 1954:
The De occultis naturae attributed to Albertus Magnus

Ezersky M.; Legchenko A.; A.Z.ubi A.; Camerlynck C., 2008:
The Dead Sea sinkhole hazards; new findings based on the multidisciplinary geophysical study

Kumerloeve, H., 1969:
The Dead Sea sparrow: a second breeding-place on Turkish and the first-known breeding-place on Syrian territory

Lensky N.G.; Nehorai R.; Shif S.; Lensky I.M.; Gertman Isaac; Gavrieli Ittai, 2007:
The Dead Sea's surface temperature; observations from satellites and a buoy

Lane, C.E., 1963:
The Deadly Fisher

Fayrer, J., 1889:
The Deadly Wild Beasts of India

Evans, W., 1909:
The Deal fish or Vaagmaer, Trachypterus arcticus (Brunn), on the coast of East Lothian

Cursiter, J.W., 1896:
The Deal-Fish in Orkney

Campbell, Bruce, 1968:
The Dean nestbox study, 1942-1964

Campbell, B., 1967:
The Dean nestbox study. 1942-64

Palmer, T.S., 1944:
The Deane collection of portraits of ornithologists

Brittan, M.R., 1967:
The Death Valley fishes - an endangered fauna

Newman, Edward, 1868:
The Death of Species

Bury, C., 1869:
The Death's Head and the Bees

Jennifer A.Moore, Ben D.Bell, and Wayne L.Linklater, 2008:
The Debate on Behavior in Conservation: New Zealand Integrates Theory with Practice

White Jonathan L. (leader); Dessenberger Nancy C. (leader); Ellis William L. (leader); Higgins Jerry (leader); Gaffney Sean (leader), 2007:
The Debeque Canyon landslide at Interstate 70, Mesa County, west-central Colorado

Marcot, B.G.; Mellen, K.; Livingston, S.A.; Ogden, C., 2002:
The DecAID advisory model: wildlife component

Oswald, Felix., 1907:
The Decadence of Ammonites

Hay, W.P.; Shore, C.A., 1918:
The Decapod Crustaceans of Beaufort, N.C., and the surrounding region

Creaser, E.P.; Ortenburger, A.I., 1933:
The Decapod Crustaceans of Oklahoma

Rathbun, M.J., 1900:
The Decapod Crustaceans of West Africa

Creaser, E.P., 1932:
The Decapod Crustaceans of Wisconsin

Rathbun, Mary J., 1919:
The Decapod Crustaceans of the Canadian Arctic Expedition, 1913-18

Henderson, J.R., 1887:
The Decapod and Schizopod Crustacea of the Firth of Clyde

Tesch, J.J., 1918 :
The Decapoda Brachyura of the Siboga Expedition. ?I. Goneplacidae and Pinnotheridae. Uitkomsten . . . H. M. Siboga

Anonymous, 1921:
The Decapoda Reptantia of the Coasts of Ireland. Part ii. Paguridea

Kemp, S., 1910:
The Decapoda collected by the Huxley from the North side of the Bay of Biscay in August 1906

Meek, Alexander., 1902:
The Decapoda of Northumberland

Man, J.G. de., 1911:
The Decapoda of the Siboga Expedition. Part II. Family Alpheidae. Uitkomsten op zool., botan., ocean., geol. gebied, verzameld in Ned. Indie 1899-1900 aan boord H. M. Siboga, onder commando van Lt. t-z 1e Kl. G. F. Tyde-man, uitgegeven door Max Weber.

Man, J.G. de., 1920:
The Decapoda of the Siboga Expedition. Part IV. Families Pasiphaeidae, Stylodaotylidao, Hoplophoridae, Nematocaroinidae, Thalassocaridae, Pandalidae, Psalidopodidae, Gnathophyllidae, Procesaidae Glyphoerangonidae and Crangonidae. Uitkomsten op zool. botan, ocean. geol, gebied verzameld in Ned. Indie 1899-1900 aan bord H. M. Siboga, onder commando van Lt. t/z le Kl. G. F. Tydeman, uitgegevon door Dr. Max Weber.

Man, J.G. de., 1922:
The Decapoda of the Siboga Expedition. Pt. v. On a collection of Macrurous Decapod Crustacea of the Siboga Expedition, chiefly Penaeidae and Alpheidae. Livr. xciii Monogr. xxxix a4 of the Siboga Expedition

Man, J.G. de., 1913:
The Decapoda of the Siboga expedition. Plates of Part I (Fam. Penaeidae). Uitkomsten op. zool., botan., ocean., geol. gebied, verzameld in Ned. Indie 1899-1900 aan boord H.M, Siboga onder commando van Lt. t/z 1e kl. G. F. Tydeman, uitgegeven door Max Weber.

Anonymous, 1950:
The Decapoda of the Siboga-Expedition Part X. The Palaemonidae collected by the Siboga and Snellius Expeditions with remarks on other species. I. Subfamily Palaemoninae

Man, J.G. de., 1915:
The Decapoda of the Siboga-Expedition. Plates of Part II Family Alpheidac. Uitkomsten op zool. botan. ocean, geol. gebied ver-zameld in Ned. Indie 1899-1900 aan boord H.M. Siboga, onder commando van Lt. t-z 1. kl. G. T. Tydeman, uitgegeven door Max Weber.

Kemp, Stanley., 1909:
The Decapods of the genus Gennadas collected by H.M.S. Challenger.

Newman, T.H., 1910:
The Deceptive Turtledove

Mika Marttunen; Raimo P.H.mäläinen, 2008:
The Decision Analysis Interview Approach in the Collaborative Management of a Large Regulated Water Course

Kirchner, Joachim, 2007:
The Declining Social Rental Sector in Germany

Caudell, A.N., 1907:
The Decticinae (a group of Orthoptera) of North America

Caudell, A.N., 1902:
The Decticinean genus Eremopedes

Lovegrove, R., 1975:
The Dee Estuary

Eades, RA., 1972:
The Dee Estuary bird counts - results for 1973

Schultz P.H.; Ernst C.; A.H.arn M.F.; Eberhardy C.; Sunshine J.M., 2006:
The Deep Impact collision; a large-scale oblique impact experiment

Melosh H.J., 2006:
The Deep Impact experiment; a small-scale moldavite simulation?

Jeffreys, J.G., 1880:
The Deep Sea Mollusks of the Bay of Biscay

Hansen, H.J., 1903:
The Deep-Sea Isopod Anuropus branchiatus Bedd. and some remarks on Bathynomus giganteus A. M. Edw

Murray, J.; Chumley, J., 1924:
The Deep-sea Deposits of the Atlantic Ocean

Whitehead, K., 1965:
The Deer Act of 1959 and 1963

Roosevelt, T., 1902:
The Deer Family

McNair, G.T., 1931:
The Deer Mouse, Peromyscus, a valuable laboratory Mammal

Shadle, A.R.; Stullken, D., 1943:
The Deer of Alleghany State Park

Lydekker, R., 1892:
The Deer of Asia

Quelch, J.J., 1893:
The Deer of British Guiana

McLean, D.D., 1940:
The Deer of California, with particular reference to the Rocky Mountain Mule Deer

Lydekker, R., 1908:
The Deer of Central Asia

Best, J.W., 1949:
The Deer of Dorset

Lydekker, R., 1891:
The Deer of South America

Lydekker, R., 1898:
The Deer of all lands, a Natural History of the Cervida

Whitehead, G.K., 1949:
The Deer-stalking season, 1948

Clay, T., 1958:
The Degeeriella (Insecta: Mallophaga) parasitic on Pernis (Aves: Falconiformes)

Oswald, Felix., 1909:
The Degeneration of armour in animals

Watson, D.M.S., 1914:
The Deinocephalia, an Order of Mammal-like Reptiles

Schoenky, C., 1968:
The Dekay's snake

Thomas, O., 1928:
The Delacour exploration of French Indo-China. Mammals. II. On Mammals collected during the winter of 1926-27

Thomas, O., 1929:
The Delacour exploration of French Indo-China. Mammals. III. Mammals collected during the winter of 1927-28

Prose David A., 2005:
The Delaware Basin Barnett Shale; the next big shale play?

Vasuki N.C., 1989:
The Delaware reclamation plant: a unique resource recovery system

Barrington, E.J.W., 1946:
The Delayed Development of the Stomach in the Frog (Rana temporaria) and the Toad (Bujo bufo)

Martini J.E.J.; Horn G.F.J., 1996:
The Delmas silica deposit, Transvaal; a mega-sinkhole filled with beach sand during the Pretoria Group transgression

Baldwin B.J.; Thurston P.C.; Kamber B.S.; Houle M.G., 2008:
The Deloro-Tisdale SIZ of the Abitibi greenstone belt; an example from McArthur Township, Ontario

Allen, G.M., 1924:
The Delphinus occiduus of Leidy

Yu, X.; Abler, D., 2009:
The Demand for Food Quality in Rural China

Cobb, N.A., 1930:
The Demanian vessels in female nemas of the genus Oncholaimus

Hansen R.A.; Stachnik J.C.; Roush J.J.; Siemann K.; Nixon I., 2004:
The Denali Earth Science Education Project

Roush James J.; Hansen Roger A., 2003:
The Denali Earthscope Education Partnership; creating opportunities for learning about solid Earth processes in Alaska and beyond

Anonymous, 2006:
The Dengie hundred and its birds: a history of Bradwell Bird Observatory 1954-2003

Elkington P.A., 1988:
The Denison Trough gas development project

Dietl Gerd, 2007:
The Dentalienton Formation (Bathonian) of the Swabian Jurassic; description and stratigraphic subdivision

Russell, L.R., 1948:
The Dentary of Trotidon,a genus of Theropod Dinosaurs

Topper Ralf, 2007:
The Denver Basin; legislatively sanctioned groundwater mining

Braun Y.; Bar Matthews M.; Ayalon A.; Kagan E.; Agnon A., 2007:
The Denya Cave project for dating paleo-seismic activity in the Quaternary

Gaigalat, L.; Schlueter, J.-Philip; Hartmann, M.; Mormann, S.; Tauch, A.; Puehler, A.; Kalinowski, J., 2007:
The DeoR-type transcriptional regulator SugR acts as a repressor for genes encoding the phosphoenolpyruvate: phosphotransferase system (PTS) in Corynebacterium glutamicum

Paul Star; Tom Brooking, 2007:
The Department of Agriculture and pasture improvement, 1892-1914

Anonymous, 2008:
The Department of Biosystems Engineering (BSE) at Jordan University of Science and Technology

Holmes G.G., 1987:
The Department of Mineral Resources natural zeolite project

Noble, G.K., 1925:
The Department of Reptiles and Amphibians in the American Museum

Hamazaki, T.; Suzuki, N.; Widyowati, R.; Miyahara, T.; Kadota, S.; Ochiai, H.; Hamazaki, K., 2008:
The depressive effects of 5,8,11-eicosatrienoic Acid (20:3n-9) on osteoblasts

Godfrey, G.H., 1925:
The Depth Distribution of the Root-knot Nematode Heterodera radicicola in Florida soils

Murray,; Hjort, J., 1912:
The Depths of the Ocean. A general account of the modern science of Oceanography, based largely on the scientific researches of the Norwegian steamer Michael Sars in the North Atlantic. With Contributions from A. Appellof, H. H. Gran and B. Helland-Hanser

Urquhart, F.A., 1942:
The Der-maptera of Ontario

Seth-Smith, D., 1926:
The Derbyan Parrakeet (Palaeornis derbyana Fraser)

Tavistock, Marquess of., 1929:
The Derbyan Parrot

Crampton, G.C., 1922:
The Derivation of certain types of Head Capsule in Insects from Crustacean Prototypes

Auld, R.C., 1888:
The Derivation of the Domestic Polled Cattle

Locy, W.A., 1893:
The Derivation of the Pineal Eye

Hincks, W.D., 1938:
The Derma-ptera of Oceania

Hincks, W.D., 1938:
The Derma-ptera: historical notes

Steven, D.M., 1963:
The dermal light sense

Burr, Malcolm., 1910:
The Dermaptera (Earwigs) of the United States National Museum

Chopard, L., 1924:
The Dermaptera and Orthoptera of Barkuda Island

Hubbell, T.H., 1922:
The Dermaptera and Orthoptera of Berrien County, Michigan

Hebard, M., 1922:
The Dermaptera and Orthoptera of Hawaii

Hebard, Morgan, 1934:
The Dermaptera and Orthoptera of Illinois

Hebard, Morgan, 1935:
The Dermaptera and Orthoptera of the Marquesas Islands

Hebard, M., 1943:
The Dermaptera and Orthopterous families Blattidae, Mantidae and Phasmidae of Texas

Buckell, E.R., 1929:
The Dermaptera of Canada

Brindle, A., 1970:
The Dermaptera of Ceylon

Zhang, X.; Huang, B.; Yang, C., 1999:
The Dermaptera of Fujian with descriptions of one new species

Brindle, A., 1966:
The Dermaptera of Madagascar

Hincks, W.D., 1954:
The Dermaptera of Sumba and Flores

Brindle, A., 1968:
The Dermaptera of Venezuela

Rehn, J.A.G., 1924:
The Dermaptera of the American Museum Congo Expedition, with a catalogue of the Belgian Congo species

Brindle, A., 1969:
The Dermaptera of the Azores and Madeira

Hincks, W.D., 1951:
The Dermaptera of the Belgian Congo. Part I. Pygidicranidae

Steinmann, H., 1975:
The Dermaptera of the Moravske Muzeum, Brno (CSSR)

Brindle, A., 1971:
The Dermaptera of the Naturhistoriska Riksmuseum Stockholm

Brindle, A., 1968:
The Dermaptera of the Naturhistoriska Riksmuseum, Stockholm. Part 2

Brindle, A., 1968:
The Dermaptera of the Naturhistoriska Riksmuseum, Stockholm. Part 3

Hincks, W.D., 1952:
The Dermaptera of the New Hebrides

Brindle, A., 1976:
The Dermaptera of the New Hebrides. Records S. Aust

Mutchler, A.J.; Weiss, H.B., 1927:
The Dermestid beetles of New Jersey, including the carpet beetles and those which feed on animal products

Shufeldt, R.W., 1887:
The Dermo-Tensor Patagii Muscle. An answer to L. Stejneger

Mook, C.C., 1921:
The Dermo-supra-occipital Bone in the Crocodilia

Majka, Christopher G., 2007:
The Derodontidae, Dermestidae, Bostrichidae, and Anobiidae of the Maritime Provinces of Canada (Coleoptera: Bostrichiformia)

Hindwood, K.A.; McGill, A.R., 1951:
The Derra Derra 1950 camp-out of the R.A.O.U

Garstang, W.; Gurney, R., 1940:
The Descent of Crustacea from Trilobites and their Larval Relations

Bancroft, B.B., 1935:
The Descent of Genera in Cryptolithinae

Darwin, C., 1871:
The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex

Buckman, S.S., 1889:
The Descent of Sonninia and Hammatoceras

Comstock, J.H., 1892 :
The Descent of the Lepidoptera. An application of the Theory of Natural Selection to Taxonomy

Knowlton, G.F.; Smith, C.F., 1935:
The Desert Gridiron-tailed lizard

Tabo, R.; Koala, S.; Cheruiyot, H.; Gandah, M.; Soumare, A.; Mharapara, I.; Tamba, A.; Kayombo, B.; Kellner, K.; Ouedraogo, S.; Kruger, B., 2007:
The Desert Margins Program: elements of agro-biodiversity conservation and use in the desert margins of sub-Saharan Africa

Lahtonen, I., 1963:
The Desert Warbler recorded in Finland

Schmidt-Nielsen, K.; Schmidt-Nielsen, B., 1969:
The Desert rat

Stenhouse, J.H., 1928:
The Desert-Wheatear (Enanthe d. deserti) at Fair Isle

Avram, Emil., 1999:
The Deshayesites Kazansky, 1914 (Ammonoidea) representatives in Romania, a link between the West-European and Caspian assemblages of this genus

Ropolo, P.; Moullade, M.; Gonnet, R.; Conte, G.; Tronchetti, G., 2006:
The Deshayesitidae Stoyanov, 1949 (Ammonoidea) of the Aptian historical stratotype region at Cassis-la Bedoule (SE France)

Mook, C.C.; Borker, L.R., 1934:
The Deslongchamps publications on fossil Crocodiles

Patch, Edith M., 1909:
The Desmodium aphid, Microparsus variabilis n. sp

Anonymous, 1970:
The Desmosomatidae (Isopoda, Asellota) of theGay Head Bermuda transect,

Stradling, A., 1882:
The Desquamation and Digestion of Serpents from a new point of view

Elliott, H.W., 1885:
The Destruction of Carp by the Musk Rat (Fiber zebethicus)

North, A.J., 1901:
The Destruction of Native Birds in New South Wales

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