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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 23820

Chapter 23820 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Brinkhurst, Ro, 1971:
The aquatic Oligochaeta known from Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, and the adjacent islands

Brinkhurst, R.O., 1963:
The aquatic Oligochaeta recorded from Lake Maggiore with notes on the species known from Italy

Stickland, J., 1924:
The aquatic Protozoa of the Melbourne District. Pt. II

Annandale, N., 1921:
The aquatic and amphibious mollusca of Manipur

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The aquatic and amphibious mollusca of the Northern Shan States, Burma

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The aquatic and marsh vegetation of Minnesota and its value to waterfowl

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The aquatic and semi-aquatic Hemiptera-Heteroptera of the Mongolian-German biological expedition, 1964. Results of the Mongolian-German biological expeditions since 1962, No. 18

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The aquatic and semiaquatic Hemiptera of northern Florida. Part 1 : Gerridae

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The aquatic and semiaquatic Hemiptera of northern Florida. Parts 2-4

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The aquatic and terrestrial Mollusca of Dernford Fen

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The aquatic animal and its environment

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The aquatic beetles in post-exploitation water bodies in Poland

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The aquatic birds of Great Britain and Ireland

McKey-Fender, D.; Mac-Nab, J.A., 1953:
The aquatic earthworm Criodrilus lacuum Hoffmeister in North America (Oligochaeta Glossoscoleci-dae)

Collins, D.S., 1937:
The aquatic earthworms (Microdrili) of Reelfoot lake

Allen, KR., 1975:
The aquatic environment. Proceedings ecol

Maitland, P.S.; Adams, C.E., 2005:
The aquatic fauna of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs: what have we got; why is it important; how do we look after its future

Annandale, N., 1921:
The aquatic fauna of Seistan. A summary

Browne, P.; Freethy, M.; Gledhill, T., 1970:
The aquatic fauna of some caves in the Buckfastleigh area of Devon'

Anonymous, 2008:
The aquatic flora and fauna in the Nara Campus of Kinki University

Scott, W., 1936:
The aquatic habitat

Herrera, K.; Bailey, A.C.istina; Callisto, M.; Ordonez, J., 2000:
The aquatic habitats of Laguna del Tigre National Park, Peten, Guatemala: water quality, phytoplankton populations, and insects associated with the plant Salvinia auriculata

Stille, W.T., 1947:
The aquatic habits of Cnemidophorus sexlincatus

Okada, Y.; Horasawa, I., 1934:
The aquatic insects at Nikko

Jaeger, JWA., 1977:
The aquatic insects of Cedar creek, Ozaukee and Washington counties, Wisconsin

Horasawa, I., 1935:
The aquatic insects of the Daimonsawa River (Nagano) in summer

Schmidt, DC.; Olson, TM., 1977:
The aquatic invertebrate fauna of a small eastern Montana stream

Benham, W.B., 1905:
The aquatic larva of the fly Ephydra

Biesiadka, E.; Cichocka, M.; Moroz, MD., 2006:
The aquatic mites (Acari: Hydracarina) in the Berezinski Biosphere Reserve of the Rivers

Baba, Karoly, 2004 :
The aquatic mollusc fauna of river Tisza and its tributaries

Hannibal, Harold., 1912:
The aquatic molluscs of southern California and adjacent regions, a transition fauna. (A census of the land and fresh-water mollusks of south-western California, Part 2.)

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The aquatic mollusk fauna of River Tisza and its tributaries

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The aquatic mollusks of the Belgian Congo. With a geographical and ecological account of Congo malacology. With field notes by the collectors, H. Lang and J. P. Chapin

Gilbert, C.H., 1905:
The aquatic resources of the Hawaiian Islands. II. The deep-sea fishes

Anonymous, 1905:
The aquatic resources of the Hawaiian Islands. Part I. The shore fishes of the Hawaiian Islands, with a general account of the fish fauna

Winter T.C., 2004:
The aquatic systems continuum

Forbes, W.T.M., 1910:
The aquatic-caterpillars of Lake Quinsigamond

Cole, D.F., 1968:
The aqueous and vitreous humours of the giant toad, Bufo marinus

Lowson R.T., 1983:
The aqueous chemistry of acid mining drainage

Gray D., 1989:
The aqueous chemistry of gold in the weathering environment

Barbosa, P.R.; Valvassori, S.S.; Bordignon, C.L.; Kappel, V.D.; Martins, Márcio.R.; Gavioli, E.C.; Quevedo, Jão.; Reginatto, Fávio.H., 2008:
The aqueous extracts of Passiflora alata and Passiflora edulis reduce anxiety-related behaviors without affecting memory process in rats

Saha Dipankar; Upadhyay S.; Dhar Y.R.; Singh R., 2007:
The aquifer system and evaluation of its hydraulic parameters in parts of south Ganga Plain, Bihar

Bernard, F.R., 1968:
The aquiferous system of Polinices lewisi (Gastropoda, Prosobranchiata)

Snow, K.R., 1970:
The arachnids : an introduction

Zodrow Erwin L.; Tenchov Yanaki G.; Cleal Christopher J., 2007:
The arborescent Linopteris obliqua plant (Medullosales, Pennsylvanian)

Krivolutsky, Da, 2004:
The arboricular (tree habitat) oribatid mites as bioindicators of environment quality

Perez-Gonzalez, A.; Santonja, M.; Soto, E.; Sese, C.; Ruiz Zapata, B.; Mora, R.; Villa, P.; Aleixandre, T.; Gallardo, J.; Benito Calvo, A., 1999:
The archaeo-palaeontological sites of the Middle Pleistocene at Ambrona and Torralba (Soria)

Tyrberg, Tommy, 2002:
The archaeological record of domesticated and tamed birds in Sweden

Burton, RJ., 1971:
The archaeological view from the Harvey site, Sq-18

Campbell M., 2005 :
The archaeology of kakahi (Hyridella menziesi)

Schofield, J., 2006:
The archaeology of ornithology: the rituals of ringing - Lundy's Heligoland traps in context

Williams E., 1988:
The archaeology of the Cooper Basin: report on field work

Kidd, Rs, 1971:
The archaeology of the Fossil Bay site, Sucia Island, northwestern Washington State, in relation to the Fraser delta sequence

Kolska Horwitz, L.; Tchernov, E.; Mienis, H.K.; Hakker-Orion, D.; Bar-Yosef Mayer, D.E., 2002:
The archaeozoology of three early bronze age sites in Nahal Besor, north western Negev

Kuusi, T., 1960:
The archencephalic induction process in the light of tracer experiments

Kuusi, T., 1961:
The archencephalie induction process in the light of tracer experiments

de Saussure Raymond, 1953:
The archeology and paleontology of the California and Nevada caverns

Losey, Tc, 1975:
The archeology of Fort Enterprise

Lembeck, F., 2008:
The archeology of substance P

Heald, C., 1968:
The archer fishes

Gill, Theodore., 1909:
The archer-fish and its feats

Anonymous, 2007:
The architectonics of integument collagen stroma of chiken (gallus domesticus)

Emslie, R.D.; Winmann, J.P., 1949:
The architectural pattern of the boundary between epithelium and connective tissue of the gingiva in the rhesus monkey

Michele Marroni; Luca Pandolfi, 2007:
The architecture of an incipient oceanic basin; a tentative reconstruction of the Jurassic Liguria-Piemonte Basin along the Northern Apennines-Alpine Corsica transect

Urmanov, MI., 1973:
The architecture of efferent blood vessels of liver in some Chondrichthyes

Chen, Z.; Speck, C.; Wendel, P.; Tang, C.; Stillman, B.; Li, H., 2008:
The architecture of the DNA replication origin recognition complex in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Odhiambo, T.R., 1969:
The architecture of the accessory reproductive glands of the male desert locust: 1: types of glands and their secretions

Craigie, E.H., 1942:
The architecture of the cerebral capillary bed in lungfishes

Ross, J.; Sonnenblick, E.H.; Covell, J.W.; Kaiser, G.; Spiro, D., 1967:
The architecture of the heart in systole and diastole. Technique of rapid fixation and analysis of left ventricular geometry

Mahdihassan, S., 1941:
The architecture of the lac-cell

Quadri, N-N.; Mandihassan, S., 1970:
The architecture of the normaland crown-shaped lac cells

Beams, H.W.; King, R.L., 1931:
The architecture of the parietal cells of Anar salivary glands of the grasshopper

Howell, A.Brazier, 1933:
The architecture of the pectoral appendage of the codfish

Herbert, E.J., 1967:
The architecture of the rabbit larynx: a macro- and microscopic study

Oxnard, C.E., 1968:
The architecture of the shoulder in some mammals

Goldstein, A.M.; Brothers, M.R.; Davis, E.A., 1969:
The architecture of the superficial layer of the gastric mucosa

Isler, H.; Sarkar, K.; Thompson, B.; Tonkin, R., 1968:
The architecture of the thyroid gland: a 3-dimensional investigation

Moore, J.E.S., 1894:
The archoplasm and attraction-sphere

Rawlins, J.E.F., 1967:
The arcianello a new game bird?

Soper, J.D., 1943:
The arctic char at Nettilling Lake, Baffin Island, N.W.T. Canad

Sdobnikov, V.M., 1960:
The arctic fox in Taymyr

Alessa, L.; Kliskey, A.; Lammers, R.; Arp, C.; White, D.; Hinzman, L.; Busey, R., 2008:
The arctic water resource vulnerability index: an integrated assessment tool for community resilience and vulnerability with respect to freshwater

Rollefsen, G., 1948:
The arctonorwegian stock of Cod

Mark E.Kuchta, 2002:
The area between a one-dimensional ordinary Brownian curve and a straight-line approximation

Pieperhoff, S.; Franke, W.W., 2008:
The area composita of adhering junctions connecting heart muscle cells of vertebrates. VI. Different precursor structures in non-mammalian species S.; D.G.ande A.; Fontolan G.; Brambati Antonio, 2000:
The area of Punta Catalina in the Magellanic postglacial evolutionary framework

Belopolskaya, MM., 1977:
The area of distribution of cestodes of the genus Aploparaksis Clerc 1903, from snipes of the USSR

Craigie, E.E., 1940:
The area of distribution of the middle cerebral artery in certain Birds

Grusdev, V.V., 1970:
The area peculiarities of reproduction anddeath-rate of the Grey hare

Bonython C.W., 1955:
The area, volume and salt content

Ehgelis, YuK.; Lobanova, TI.; Akhundov, MG., 1972:
The areal and the zonal disribution of Meriones tristrami Thom. in Azerbaidjan

Ehgelis, YuK.; Lobanova, TI.; Akhundov, MG., 1972:
The areal and zonal distributions of Meriones persicus Blanf. in Azerbaidjan

Keve, A., 1956:
The areal expansion of the Syrian Woodpecker

Chekunova, V.I., 1969:
The areas of spring distribution of the Kam-chatka crab

Darevski, I.S.; Muskhelishvili, T.A., 1966:
The areas of various subspecific forms of Lacerta saxicola Eversmann in Eastern and Southern Georgia Soobshch

Kruijt, JP. de Vos, GJ.; Bossema, I., 1972:
The arena system of black grouse

Seton, E.T., 1920:
The aretic prairies: a canoe journey of 2,000 miles in search of the Caribou: being the account of a voyage to the region north of Aylmer lake

Ramsay, G.W., 1968:
The argasid tick Ornithodoros capensis Neumann, from the Kermadec Islands

Cerny, V.; Dusbabek, F., 1967:
The argasid ticks (Ixodoidea) of Cuban bats

Anonymous, 2006:
The argent & sable Rheumaptera hastata (L.) (Lep.: Geometridae) feeding on bog myrtle Myrica gale in southern England

Schofield, G., 1952:
The argentaffin and mucous cells of the small and large intestines of the mouse

Schofield, G., 1951:
The argentaffin cells of the small intestine of the guinea-pig

Hadler, W.A.; Gonçalves, R.P., 1965:
The argentophil cells of the interstitial tissue of the testis

Daborn, GR., 1975:
The argillotrophic lake system

Nikolaishvili, K., 1973:
The arginase activity in Ascaridia galli tissues

Needham, A.E., 1960:
The arginase activity of the tissues of the earthworms Lumbricus terrestris L., and Eisenia foetida (Savigny)

Lovejoy, Arthur O., 1909:
The argument for organic evolution before The origin of species.

Carrier, R.C., 2004:
The argument from biogenesis: probabilities against a natural origin of life

Waters, C.; Kenneth., 2003:
The arguments in the Origin of Species

Uvarov, B.P., 1957:
The aridity factor in the ecology of locust and grasshoppers of the Old World

Mironov, A.D.; Beltyukova, O.P., 1977:
The arising of territorial relationships and feeding behaviour in young individuals of the common vole

Yonge, KS., 1975 :
The aristocrat of northern lakes

Rosenthal, M.; Tauber, C.; Uhlir, E., 2003:
The ark in the park. The story of Lincoln Park Zoo

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The ark under way

Layne, JN., 1976:
The armadillo - one of Florida's oddest animals

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The armadillo in Florida

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The armadillo, Dasypus novemcinctus, in experimental biology

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The armadillo. Quadruple producing quadruped

Sugita Y.; Kurihara K.; Tanimoto C., 1976:
The armor pipe roofing method in urban tunnelling

Teague, G.W., 1961:
The armored Sea-robins of America. A revision of the American species of the family Peristediidae

McDaniel, B., 1968:
The armored scale insecta of Texas (Homoptera: Coccoidea, Diaspididae)

McDaniel, B., 1970:
The armored scale insects of Texas (Homoptera: Coccoidea: Diaspidae)

McDaniel, B., 1974 :
The armored scale insects of Texas (Homoptera: Coccoidea: Diaspididae) Part 7

McDaniel, B., 1971:
The armored scale insects of Texas (Homoptera:Coccoidea: Diaspidae) Part 5. The tribe Diaspidini

Lucas, F.A., 1904:
The armour of Zeuglodon

Haas, G., 1969:
The armour of placodonts from the Muschelkalk of Wadi Ramon (Israel)

Seeley, H.G., 1908:
The armour of the extinct reptiles of the genus Pareiasaurus

Abe, T.H., 1967:
The armoured Dinoflageliata: 2. Proro centridae and Dinophysidae (C)-Ornithocercus, Histi-oneis, Amphisolenia and others

Abe, T.H., 1967:
The armoured Dinoflagellata: 2. Prorocentridae and Dinophysidae (A)

Abe, T.H., 1967:
The armoured Dinoflagellata: 2. Prorocentridae and Dinophysidae (B)-Dinophysis and its allied genera

Abe, T.H., 1966:
The armoured dinoflagellata: 1. Podolampidae

D'Ascoli, A., 1972:
The armoured scale insects of Venezuela (Homoptera: Coccoidea: Diaspididae)

Jawad, L.A.; Al-Badri, M.E., 2005:
The armoured sea robin, Peristedion cataphractum (Linnaeus, 1758) in the coastal water of Mukallah, Yemen

Arendt, Y.A., 1970:
The arms of Phyllocrinus (Crinoidea, Cyrtocrinida)

Adriaan D.R.jnsdorp; Jan Jaap Poos; Floor J.Q.irijns; Reinier HilleRisLambers; Jan W.D.W.lde; Willem M.D.n Heijer, 2008:
The arms race between fishers

Schneirla, T.C., 1943:
The armv ant behavior pattern

Spotila, J.R.; Avery, H.W., 2004:
The army and the desert tortoise. Can science inform policy decisions?

Schneirla, T.C., 1956:
The army ants

Froggatt, W.W., 1904:
The army worm (Leucania unipuncta Haw.) in Australia

Metcalf, Z.P., 1908:
The army worm at Durham, North Carolina

Crumb, S.E., 1927:
The army worms

B.G.D.filippi; W.S.n Juan; H.V.ldés; M.A.M.ya-León; R.I.fante; R.C.mpos-Vargas, 2009:
The aroma development during storage of Castlebrite apricots as evaluated by gas chromatography, electronic nose, and sensory analysis

Baumes, R., 2008:
The aroma potential of grapes: a multi-faceted parameter

Venator, E.R., 1967:
The arousal continuum: Effects of sensory input complexity on activity, response time, and attention in the rat

Weinstein, A., 1939:
The arrange-ment of the chromatids in crossing over

Stettenheim, P.; Lucas, A.M.; Denington, E.M.; Jamroz, C., 1963:
The arrangement and action of the feather muscles in chickens

Johnson, R.I., 1963:
The arrangement and contents of the genera described in J. C. Chance's &Illustrations Conchybiologiques& (1843-53)

Furness, J.B.; Iwayama, T., 1972:
The arrangement and identification of axons innervating the vas deferens of the guinea-pig

Bahr, GF.; Mikel, U., 1972:
The arrangement of DNA in the nucleus of rodent malaria parasites

Cepek, P., 1965:
The arrangement of Protozoa in the collections of the Naturhistorisches Museum in Vienna. Problems of the determination of A. E. Reuss' foraminiferal material

Cepek, P., 1965:
The arrangement of Protozoa in the collections of the Naturhistorisches Museum in Vienna. Problems of the determination of A. E. Reuss' foraminiferid material

Anders, A.; Anders, F.; Klinke, K., 1974:
The arrangement of chromatophore determining loci and regulating elements in the sex chromosomes of xiphophorin fish, Platypoecilus maculatus and Platypoecilus variatus

Dodge, C.W., 1901:
The arrangement of cilia in Paramoecium

Cockayne, E.A., 1938:
The arrangement of collections of British Lepidoptera in museums

Metz, C.W., 1920:
The Arrangement of Genes in Drosophila Virilis

Elliott, A., 1974:
The arrangement of myosin on the surface of paramyosin filaments in the white adductor muscle of Crassostrea angulata

Meurling, P.; Björklund, A., 1970:
The arrangement of neurosecretory and catecholamine fibres in relation to the pituitary intermedia cells of the skate, Raja radiata

Skirkyavichyus, A.; Buda, V., 1975:
The arrangement of plate organs on the antennae of worker bee (Apis mellifica L.) and its possible role in olfactory orientation

Storer, R.W., 1959:
The arrangement of songbird families

Baker., 1904:
The arrangement of the Collection of Mollusca in the Chicago Academy of Sciences

Scudder, S.H., 1888:
The arrangement of the New England species of Thanaos

Parsons, F.G., 1902:
The arrangement of the branches of the Mammalian aortic arch

Woodworth, C.W., 1930:
The arrangement of the major orders of insects

Jenkinson, J.W., 1904:
The arrangement of the maternal and foetal glycogenic cells in the placenta of the Mouse

Popham, E.J., 1953:
The arrangement of the ommatidia in the eyes of Corixa distincta (Fieb.) (Hem., Cori-xidae) and its relation to the posture positions of this insect

Walton, L.B., 1903:
The arrangement of the segmental muscles in the Geophilidae, and its bearing upon the double nature of the segment in the Hexapoda and Chilopoda

Peng, X.-dong.; Liu, P.-ju.; Lin, Y.-dang., 2002:
The arranging system of heterocorall septa

Shinawi, M.; Cheung, S.Wai., 2008:
The array CGH and its clinical applications

Holz, G.G.; Scherbaum, O.H.; Williams, N., 1957:
The arrest of mitosis and stomatogenesis during temperature-induction of synchronous division in Tetrahymena pyriformis, mating type 1, variety 1

Chettleburg, M.R.; Larner, R.M., 1956:
The arrival and dispersal of Redwings and Fieldfares in Essex in October 1955

Priestland, RN., 1975:
The arrival and spread of the grey squirrel in Leicestershire. Transactions Leicester lit. phil

Cropper, Robert., 2006:
The arrival and spread of the long-winged cone-head Conocephalus discolor (Thunberg) in Somerset and the Bristol district, 1995-2005

Seth-Smith, D., 1933:
The arrival of Humming Birds.

McRitchie, J.M., 1954:
The arrival of Spring migrants, 1953

Rauck, G., 1974:
The arrival of different groups of young plaice in the German Wadden Sea

McRitchie, J.A., 1949:
The arrival of spring migrants in 1948

Anonymous, 1950:
The arrival of spring migrants in 1949, pp. 205-207. How to begin the study of bird song

McRitchie, J.A., 1952:
The arrival of spring migrants, 1951

McRitchie, J.A., 1953:
The arrival of spring migrants, 1952

McRitchie, J.A., 1955:
The arrival of spring migrants, 1954

Pearton, J.E., 1956:
The arrival of spring migrants, 1955

McRitchie, J.A., 1939:
The arrival of summer migrants 1938. A summary of county records

Spangenberg, E.P., 1960:
The arrival of the os-hawk in the Tundra

Nimmo, Andrew P., 1966:
The arrival pattern of Trichoptera at artificial light near Montreal, Quebec

Ogilvie, C.S., 1958:
The arrow-tailed flying squirrel

Jones Bob, 2006:
The arsenates and vanadates; Part 1, A colorful, collectible mineral series

Kulp T.R.; Hoeft S.E.; Miller L.G.; Baesman S.M.; Oremland R.S., 2004:
The arsenic cycle in Searles Lake, California; an arsenic-rich, salt-saturated soda lake; I, Sediment experiments

Switzer Blum J.; Hoeft S.E.; Stolz J.F.; Langley S.; Beveridge T.J.; Kulp T.R.; Oremland R.S., 2004:
The arsenic cycle in Searles Lake, California; an arsenic-rich, salt-saturated soda lake; II, Isolation of arsenic-metabolizing microbes

Johnsgard, P.A., 2006:
The art and artistic legacy of Louis Agassiz Fuertes

Bohart, R.M., 1961:
The art and practice of key-making in entomology

Nicholson, E.M., 1931:
The art of Bird-watching: A practical guide to field observations

Snow, C.F.F., 1946:
The art of Mole trapping

Eichhorst, T., 2007:
The art of Robert J. Lang

Fogel, G., 2003:
The art of armadillo lizards (Cordylus cataphractus): fifteen years of captive observations

Matthews, N., 1975:
The art of badger watching

S.T., 1949:
The art of calling Roe Deer

Ellis, P., 1968:
The art of coarse birdwatching

Gulbahce, N.; Lehmann, S., 2008:
The art of community detection

Dutton A.; Marcuson S.W., 1994:
The art of converting at Flin Flon forty years ago

Harris, R.A.; Duff, K.R., 1969:
The art of culling Roe deer

Kleinman, Seymour, 2005:
The art of everything

Hanneman W.W., 1991:
The art of gemology

Eibl-Eibesfeldt, I., 1964:
The art of keeping marine iguanas

Anonymous, 2007:
The art of medicine - Taking sensible precautions

Van Vliet, Erik., 1999:
The art of telling a different story

Anonymous, 2008:
The art state of the forest biomass estimation and carbon in forest formation

Pillai, T.S., 1957:
The arteria laryngotrachealis of Calotes versicolor (Daud.)

Shmalgauzen, II., 1954:
The arterial arches and development of the circula-tion in gills in amphibians and fish

Griffin, L.E., 1900:
The arterial circulation of Nautilus pompilius

Graham, T., 1961:
The arterial circulation of the kidney of a young elephant (Elephas indicus)

Hanai, H.; Hanai, T.; Otsuka, H.; Yamanaka, A., 1975:
The arterial distribution of the lips in the crab-eating monkey by plastic injection method

Laryea, A.A. ., 1969:
The arterial gland of Agriolimax reticulatus (Pulmonata, Limacidae)

Jaya, Y., 1958:
The arterial pattern of skeletal muscles

Daron, G.H., 1936:
The arterial pattern of the tunica mucosa in the uterus of Macaccus rhesus

Crock, H.V., 1960:
The arterial supply and venous drainage of the vertebral column of the dog

Voris, H.C., 1928:
The arterial supply of the brain and spinal cord of the Virginian Opossum (Didelphis virginiana)

Shellshear, J.L., 1930 :
The Arterial Supply of the Cerebral Cortex in the Chimpanzee (Anthropopithecus Troglodytes)

Bugge, J., 1967:
The arterial supply of the middle ear of the rabbit with special reference to the contribution of the stapedial artery to the development of the superior tympanic artery and the petrosal branch

Bugge, J., 1968:
The arterial supply of the rabbit nose and oral cavity

Clegg, E.J., 1954:
The arterial supply of the seminal vesicle and coagulating gland in the rat, and the effects of its interruption

Ghoshal, N.G.Getty, R., 1967:
The arterial supply to the appendages of the goat (Capra hircus)

Ghoshal, N.G.Getty, R., 1968:
The arterial supply to the appendages of the sheep Ovis aries)

Shao,; Ding,; Yu,; Wang, J.L.n, 2005:
The arterial supply to the brain of the yak

Fried, L.C.; Doppman, J., 1974:
The arterial supply to the lumbo-sacral spinal cord in the monkey: a comparison with man

Knox, M.Caulay, H.; Morrell, M.T.; Potts, D.M.; Preston, T.D., 1960:
The arterial supply to the spinal cord of the guinea pig

Silva, P.H.D.H. de., 1955:
The arterial system in Ceylon snakes-(2) Natrix piscator asperrimus (Boulenger)

Silvade, P.H.D.H., 1953 :
The arterial system in Ceylon snakes-Naja naja naja Linn6 (the Ceylon cobra)

Muzhchinkin, VF., 1971:
The arterial system in northern fur seals and variations in its structure. Trudy vses nauchno-issled

Basch, P.F., 1969:
The arterial system of Biomphalaria glabrata (Say)

Silva, P.H.D.H. de., 1956:
The arterial system of Calotes versicolor (Daudin) with notes upon the arterial system of Calotes calotes (Linne) and Calotes nigrilabris Peters

Brody, M.S.; Perkins, E.B., 1930:
The arterial system of Palaemonetes

Kenny, L.R.; Inamdar, N.B., 1961:
The arterial system of Semperula maaulata (Templeton 1858; Semper 1885)

Charan, D., 1969:
The arterial system of Varanus monitor (Linn.)

Bishop, M., 1923:
The arterial system of a two-headed Pig

Mathur, P.N., 1940:
The arterial system of the Pond-Turtle Lissemys punctata (Bonnaterre)

Bhaduri, J.L.; Biswas, B.; Das, S.K., 1957:
The arterial system of the domestic pigeon (Columba livia Gmelin)

Tokioka, T., 1973:
The arterial system of the spinal cord in the rat

E.Hagri, M.A.A.M., 1945:
The arterial system of the udder of the cow. I

Ozgel, O.; Dursun, N., 2005:
The arterial vascularization of septum interventriculare in donkeys (Equus asinus L.)

D.Kock, L.L., 1959:
The arterial vessels of the neck in the pilot-whale (Globicephala melaena Traill) and the porpoise (Phocaena phocaena L.) in relation to the carotid body

Davis, D.D., 1941:
The arteries of the forearm of the Carnivora

Nilges, Richard G., 1944:
The arteries of the mammalian cornu ammonis

Ghoshal, N.G., 1972:
The arteries of the thoracic limb of the cat

Holler, G.C., 1907:
The arteriolae recta; of the Mammalian kidney

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The arthropods

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The articulation of the vertebrate jaw

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The artificial Brokopondo lake of the Suriname river. Its biological implications

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The artificial and hand-raising of a king vulture (Sarcorhamphus papa L.) at Catskill Game Farm

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The artificial culture of fruit flies and their parasites

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The artificial culture of jellyfish Craspedacusta sp

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The artificial feeding of phosphanidon to Myzus persicae. 1. Intraspecific differ-ences exhibited by the aphid on feeding through a para-film membrane

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The artificial fertilization and rearing of the eggs of Coregonus clupeoides Lacepede

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The artificial formation from paraffin wax of structures resembling molluscan shells

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The artificial incubation of crayfish eggs: review and report from an experimental study concerning the effects of offspring origin (maternal or artificial incubation) on the survival and growth of juvenile signal crayfish ( Pacifastacus leniusculus , A

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The artificial induction of antler cycles in female red deer

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The artificial induction of symmetrical claws in male Fiddler Crabs

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The artificial insemination and hatching of Trichiurus lepturus

Anonymous, 2008:
The artificial insemination and its effect on partial productivity index of dual-purpose cattle farms

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The artificial insemination of Mammals and subsequent possible fertilisation or impregnation of their ova

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The artificial islands as a perspective way how to multiply the nesting sites for wild ducks in fishponds of Latvia

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The artificial production of Echinoderm larvae with two water vascular systems, and also of larvac devoid of a water-vascular system

Macbride, E.W., 1918:
The artificial production of Echinoderm larvae with two water-vascular systems, and also of latvae devoid of a water-vascular system

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The artificial production of a single median cyclopean eye in the fish embryo by means of sea water solutions of Magnesium Chloride

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The artificial production of eye abnormalities in the chick embryo

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The artificial production of seminal ejaculation

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The artificial production of spores in spores by a reduction of the temperature

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The artificial production of the parthenogenetic and sexual phases of the life cycle of Hydatina senta

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The artificial propagation and growth of the common white sucker, Catostomus c. commer-sonnii and its value as a bait and forage fish

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The artificial propagation of Sea-eggs

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The artificial rearing of larval fish of Triborodon sp

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The artificial reproduction of the carp. The results obtained by the Ovidin Centre between 1962-1966

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The artificial roost. A new management tool for California Quail

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The artificial termite mound: an alternative feeder for anteaters

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The artificial transmission of Globidium brsnoiti Marotet, 1912, to cattlo and rabbits

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The artistry of the Satin-Bird

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The ascaridosis of small intestine in pigs (Sus domestica) pathomorphologic estimation

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The ascending branch of Mauthner's axon in Xenopus: its possible role in startle reflexes

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The ascending effect of the 'reticular' neurons of the macrocellular nucleus of the frog oblongata

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The ascent of falls by salmon

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The ascent of man: deductions based on a multivariate analysis of the brain

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The ascidian fauna of Western Port, Victoria, and a comparison with that of Port Phillip Bay

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The ascidians Styela barnharti, S. plicata, S. clava, and S. montereyensis in Californian waters

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The ascidians of Australia. IV Aplousobranchiata Lahille: Polychinidae Verrill (continued)

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The ascidians of South Australia III. Northern sector of the Great Australian Bight and additional records

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The ascidians of the Baltic proper. Distribution andecology

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The ascorbic acid contents of the anterior hypophysis and gonads. 1. The ascorbic acid contents of the anterior hypophysis and gonads in normal and steroid-sterilized male and female rats

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The ascorbic acid contents of' the anterior hypophysis and gonads. II. The ascorbic acid contents of the gonads in rats of different ages

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The aseptic cultivation of the cestodes Ligula intestinalis and Schistocephalus solidus in vitro

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The asexual cycle in Leucocytozoon anatis

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The asexual cycle of Planaria velata in relation to senescence and rejuvenescence

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The asexual cycle of development in Arcella vulgaris

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The asexual generations, life-cycle and systematic relations of Microphallus limuli Stunkard, (Trematoda: Digenea)

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The Asexual Life Cycle Of The Avian Malaria Parasite, Plasmodium Circumflexum

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The asexual multiplication of the malaria parasite of Australian flying foxes

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The ash of clam muscle in relation to its osmotic properties

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The ash-leaf bug, Neoborus amoenus Reut

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The ashy minivet : an addition to the Indian avifauna

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The ashy-faced owl Tyto glaucops (Kaup 1852)

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The ashy-headed goose

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The asp erous systems of three marine Demospongiae

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The aspara-gus fly, Platyparea poeciloptera Sohr

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The asparagus beetles

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The asparagus miner (Agromyza simplex Loew)

Kim JiHong; Chung SangHoon, 2006:
The aspect of natural regeneration for major tree species by spatial pattern analysis in the natural deciduous forest

Anonymous, 2006:
The aspects about quality of swine carcass growing in the North-East of Romania

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The aspects of integrated control with reference to aphids and scale in insects

Anonymous, 2007:
The asphyxial point and oxygen consumption in tench (Tinca tinca)

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The assassin bug genus Emesopsis (Heteroptera, Reduviidae, Emesinae) in Thailand

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The assassin bugs of South Louisiana

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The assay of sex hormones

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The assemblage native copper, cobaltian kamacite, and troilite in ordinary chondrites; dissociation products not related to a shock event

Anonymous, 2007:
The assemblages of corticioid fungi (Basidiomycetes) in broadleaf-spruce forests in Belarusian Moraine Ridge physiographic province

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The assemblages of microfossils in the Upper Cretaceous of the Crimea plain

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The assembly of West Gondwana; the view from the Rio de la Plata Craton

Anonymous, 2008:
The assembly of a novel enzyme biosensor for aflatoxin B1 detection

Daley, D.O., 2008:
The assembly of membrane proteins into complexes

Ternes Lorne J., 2004:
The assertion of aboriginal and treaty rights; current developments in law and policy

Anonymous, 2006:
The assess of the genetic structure for B-lactoglobulin gene (LGB) at H-F cows and the gene polymorphism impact on milk quality and production

Harries G., 1988:
The assessment and optimization of blasting

Kear, J., 1965:
The assessment by grazing trial of goose damage to grass

Bunnell, T., 2002:
The assessment of British hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus) casualties on arrival and determination of optimum release weights using a new index

Anonymous, 2007:
The assessment of High Conservation Value Forest (HCVF) of the South-East Pahang Peat Swamp Forest, Malaysia - a case study

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The assessment of age and growth in fish. A short account of the development of present methods and main literature on the subject. (Sammelbericht.)

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The assessment of ago in the Rio Grando cut-throat trout

Anonymous, 2007:
The assessment of animal maintenance in ecological farmholds in Poland in the view of domestic requirements

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The assessment of anthropometric measurements of the students attending Fatih Sultan Mehmet Primary School

Brown, B.B., 1968:
The assessment of behavioral (personality) traits in spontaneously behaving cats

Anete Keiša; Nigel Maxted; Brian Ford-Lloyd, 2008:
The assessment of biodiversity loss over time: wild legumes in Syria

Manijeh, M.; Mohammad, J.; Roha, K.K., 2008:
The assessment of biofilm formation in Iranian meat processing environments

Anonymous, 2007:
The assessment of cattle's welfare in household units from Rucar - Bran area

Nascimento, N.; Machado, M.L.a; Baptista, M.; D.P.ula E Silva, A., 2007:
The assessment of damage caused by floods in the Brazilian context

Anonymous, 2007:
The assessment of food consumption patterns of female students of a selected catering school

Safriel Uriel N., 2007:
The assessment of global trends in land degradation

Kear, J., 1965:
The assessment of goose damage by grazing trials

Anonymous, 2006:
The assessment of grazing influence on genetic variability in two Gentiana species

Tang Ligua; Zhang Sicong; Yao Wenfeng, 2007:
The assessment of groundwater vulnerability in China

Horst, TJ., 1975:
The assessment of impact due to entrainment of ichthyoplankton

Seelig, H. , D.; Hoehn, A.; Stodieck, L.S.; Klaus, D.M.; Adams, W.W.Iii; Emery, W.J., 2008:
The assessment of leaf water content using leaf reflectance ratios in the visible, near-, and short-wave-infrared

Cain, A.J. ., 1968:
The assessment of new types of character in taxonomy

Keramat, A.; Patwardhan, B.; Larijani, B.; Chopra, A.; Mithal, A.; Chakravarty, D.; Adibi, H.; Khosravi, A., 2008:
The assessment of osteoporosis risk factors in Iranian women compared with Indian women

Moller Pillot, H.K.M., 1977:
The assessment of pollution in lowland streams by means of macrofauna

Kowalczyk Sebastian, 2005:
The assessment of pore pressure experimental distributions during continuous loading consolidation tests

Anonymous, 2008:
The assessment of sediment production yield from forest road using sediment prediction model

Anonymous, 2006:
The assessment of small games on fadama land in southeastern Nigeria and the potential for development

Goodwin, L., 1974:
The assessment of subtidal geoduck clam populations by visual and photographic techniques

Magos, L.; Clarkson, T.W., 2008:
The assessment of the contribution of hair to methyl mercury excretion

Anonymous, 2005:
The assessment of the eco-climatics conditions with some synthetic indicators in the hilly viticultural area of Muntenia and Oltenia

Treasure, J.; Sepulveda, A.R.; MacDonald, P.; Whitaker, W.; Lopez, C.; Zabala, M.; Kyriacou, O.; Todd, G., 2008:
The assessment of the family of people with eating disorders

Hartley, P.H.T., 1948:
The assessment of the food of birds

Tzitzishvili, T.D.; Tumanishvili, G.D., 1968:
The assessment of the functional state of heart under conditions of its exclusion from the blood system

Anonymous, 2008:
The assessment of vegetation seasonal dynamics using multitemporal NDVI and EVI images derived from modis

Srivastava, H.K., 1971:
The assigned functions of mucopolysaccharidesin the life history stages of Eimeria species

Pratt, Edith M., 1903:
The assimilation and distribution of nutriment in Alcyouium digitatum

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The assimilation by Valvata piscinalis of algae suspended in various concentrations

Prus, T., 1971:
The assimilation efficiency of Asellus aquatlcus L. (Crustacea, Isopoda)

Tsikhon-Lukanina, E.A.; Sorokin, J.I., 1965:
The assimilation of food by Valvata piscinalis (Gastropoda)

Yanni, M., 1964:
The assimilation of fructose and galactose in the different tissues of Clarias lazera

Gabbott, Pa, 1971:
The assimilation of nutrients from compounded diets by the prawns Palaemon serratus and Pandalus platyceros

Chervin, MRB., 1977:
The assimilation of particulate organic carbon by estuarine and coastal copepods

Wells, L.H.; Cooke, H.B.S., 1942:
The associated fauna and culture of the Vlakkraal thermal springs, O.F.S

Cotton, B.C., 1941:
The associated mollusca

Long, E.R., 1968:
The associates of four species of marine sponges of Oregon and Washington

Anonymous, 2005 :
The association Doronico austriaci-Adenostyletum alliariae Horvat ex Horvat et al. 1974 on the Mt. Sneznik (Liburnian karst, NW Dinaric Mts.)

Meggit, M.J., 1965:
The association between Australian aborigines and dingoes

Carson, H.L., 1967:
The association between Drosophila carcinophila Wheeler and its host, the land crab Gecar-cinus ruricola (L.)

Svensson, B., 1976:
The association between Epoicocladius ephemerae Kieffer (Diptera: Chironomidae) and Ephemera danica Muller (Ephemeroptera)

Ryland, J.S., 1962:
The association between Polyzoa and algal substrata

Friedrich, N.; Husemoen, L.Lotte.N.; Petersmann, A.; Nauck, M.; Völzke, H.; Linneberg, A., 2008:
The association between alcohol consumption and biomarkers of alcohol exposure with total serum immunoglobulin E levels

Meehan, K.; Harrison, G.G.; Afifi, A.A.; Nickel, N.; Jenks, E.; Ramirez, A., 2008:
The association between an electric pump loan program and the timing of requests for formula by working mothers in WIC

Anonymous, 2007:
The association between body condition score change during the dry period and the incidence of calving-related disorders, and

Zbyszek Boraty?ski; Pawe? Koteja, 2009:
The association between body mass, metabolic rates and survival of bank voles

Trench, RK.; Boyle, JE.; Smith, DC., 1973:
The association between chloroplasts of Codium fragile and the mollusc Elysia viridis. 2. Chloroplast ultrastructure and the photosynthetic carbon fixation in E. viridis

Trench, RK.; Boyle, JE.; Smith, DC., 1974:
The association between chloroplasts of Codium fragile and the mollusc Elysia viridis. 3. Movement of photosynthetically fixed 1' C in tissues of intact living E. viridis and in Tridachia crispata

Sitrin, D.; Bishai, D., 2008:
The association between cigarette smoking and work status among Egyptian adolescent males

Skilton, M.R.; Laville, M.; Cust, A.E.; Moulin, P.; Bonnet, F., 2008:
The association between dietary macronutrient intake and the prevalence of the metabolic syndrome

Tina Birk Jensen; Niels Peter Baadsgaard; Hans Houe; Nils Toft; Søren Østergaard, 2008:
The association between disease and profitability in individual finishing boars at a test station

Audi, C.Aparecida.Ferrari.; Corrêa, A.M.Segall.; Latorre,á; Santiago, S.M., 2008:
The association between domestic violence during pregnancy and low birth weight or prematurity

Thumma, J.; Aiello, A.E.; Foxman, B., 2008:
The association between handwashing practices and illness symptoms among college students living in a university dormitory

Morgan Davies, A.M., 1961:
The association between impala and olive baboon

Stefan Johansson, Anastasia Iliadou, Niklas Bergvall, Ulf dé Fairé, Michael S. Kramer, Yudi Pawitan, Nancy L. Pedersen, Mikael Norman, Paul Lichtenstein and Sven Cnattingius, 2008:
The association between low birth weight and type 2 diabetes: contribution of genetic factors

Costa, M., 1964:
The association between mesostigmatic mites (Acarina, Mesostigmata) and Scarabaeida (Coleoptera)

Hao, Z.; Konta, T.; Takasaki, S.; Abiko, H.; Ishikawa, M.; Takahashi, T.; Ikeda, A.; Ichikawa, K.; Kawata, S.; Kato, T.; Kubota, I., 2007:
The association between microalbuminuria and metabolic syndrome in the general population in Japan: the Takahata study

Koziołek, M.; Krzyzanowska-Swiniarska, B.; Maczyńska, I.; Miazgowski, T.; Giedrys-Kalemba, S., 2008:
The association between past Chlamydia pneumoniae infection and markers of chronic inflammation in obese women

Romani, W.A.; Gallicchio, L.; Flaws, J.A., 2009:
The association between physical activity and hot flash severity, frequency, and duration in mid-life women

Warren J. K., 1993:
The association between reefs, evaporites and petroleum

Ahmad Reza Ghasemi; Davar Khalili, 2008:
The association between regional and global atmospheric patterns and winter precipitation in Iran

Anonymous, 2007:
The association between self-reported periodontitis and coronary heart disease - From MY Health Up Study

Knovich, M.Ann.; Il'yasova, D.; Ivanova, A.; Molnár, Ián., 2008:
The association between serum copper and anaemia in the adult Second National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES II) population

Gericke, A.M., 1941:
The association between sexual maturity, winter pause, persistency and annual egg production. S. Afr

D.M.rco, M.; Thorburn, S., 2008:
The association between sociodemographic factors, participation in assistance programs, and food insecurity among Oregon residents

Dougherty, Jr; Russell, Michael P., 2005:
The association between the coquina clam Donax fossor Say and its epibiotic hydroid Lovenella gracilis Clarke

Carbajal de la Fuente, A.L.; Porcasi, X.; Noireau, F.; Diotaiuti, L.; Gorla, D.E., 2008:
The association between the geographic distribution of Triatoma pseudomaculata and Triatoma wygodzinskyi (Hemiptera: Reduviidae) with environmental variables recorded by remote sensors

Sutton, L., 1961:
The association between the hermit crab Dardanos arrosor (Herbst) and the sea anemone Calliactis parasitica (Couch)

Sutton, L., 1961:
The association between the hermit crab Dardanus arrosor (Herbst) and the sea anemone Calliactis

Gunther, C.E.M., 1939:
The association between the larva described as Trombicula hirsti var. bulohensis Gunther1939and Trombicula minor Berlese 1904 (Acarina : Trombidiidae)

Anderst, W.J.; Tashman, S., 2009:
The association between velocity of the center of closest proximity on subchondral bones and osteoarthritis progression

Dahl, Erik, 1961:
The association between young whiting, Gadus merlangus, and the jelly-fish Cyanea capillata

Rhoads, C.P.; Miller, D.K., 1935:
The Association Of Bartonella Bodies With Induced Anemia In The Dog

Armitage, J., 1933:
The association of Birds and a moor-grass on the Pennines in winter

Cutress, C.; Ross, D.M.; Sutton, L., 1970 :
The association of Calliactis tricolor with its pagurid, calappid, and majid partners in the Caribbean

King, G.B., 1902:
The association of Coccidae

Butler, PA.; Childress, R.; Wllson, AJ., 1973:
The association of DDT residues with losses in marine productivity

Anonymous, 2002:
The association of EDTA-tromethamine and chemical antibiotics in the control of bovine mastitis caused by staphylococcus aureus. In vitro and in vivo studies

Pearce, S.S., 1903:
The association of Helix nemoralis and Helix hor tensis

Jukes-browne, A.J., 1899:
The association of Schloenbachia inflata with Hoplites interruptus

Larson, L.V., 1967:
The association of Vorticella and Epistylis (Protozoa :Ciliata) with mosquito larvae

Heath, Harold., 1910:
The association of a fish with a hydroid

Jackson, D.J., 1959:
The association of a slime bacterium with the inner envelope of the egg of Dytiscus marginalis (Coleoptera), and the less common occurrence of a similar bacterium on the egg of D. semi-sulcatus

Bender, E.A., 1965:
The association of blood types with performance of two trout species of the genus Salmo

Jackson, J.W., 1920:
The association of freshwater mollusca with crustacea

Anonymous, 1977:
The association of hydractiniid hydroids and hermit crabs with new observations from north Florida.467 476, illust

Mills, CE., 1976:
The association of hydractiniid hydroids and hermit crabs, with new observations from north Florida

Oddy, W.H.; Kickett-Tucker, C.;, J.; Lawrence, D.; Cox, A.; Silburn, S.R.; Stanley, F.J.; Zubrick, S.R., 2008:
The association of infant feeding with parent-reported infections and hospitalisations in the West Australian Aboriginal Child Health Survey

George, W.C., 1968:
The association of invading white-winged crossbills with a southern tree

Heldmann Jennifer L.; Mellon Michael T.; Pollard W.H.; Andersen D.T.; McKay C.P., 2003:
The association of liquid water springs with permafrost regions on Earth and Mars

Whitehead, A.G., 1964:
The association of males and females in the genus Meloidogyne Goeldi

Walker, B.E., 1961:
The association of mucopolysaccharides with morphogenesis of the palate and other structures in mouse embryos

Ellis, James D.; Delaplane, Keith S.; Cline, Andrew; McHugh, Joseph V., 2008:
The association of multiple sap beetle species (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae) with western honey bee (Apis mellifera) colonies in North America

Slack, H.D., 1938:
The association of non-homologous chromosomes in Corixidae (Hemiptera-Heteroptera)

Zonfrillo, M.R.; Seiden, J.A.; House, E.M.; Shapiro, E.D.; Dubrow, R.; Baker, M.Douglas.; Spiro, D.M., 2008:
The association of overweight and ankle injuries in children

A.F.C.oper;, 2000:
The association of potassic trachytes and carbonatites at the Dicker Willem Complex, southwest Namibia; coexisting, immiscible, but not cogenetic magmas

McWilliams, J.M.; Pesho, G.R., 1969:
The association of solar nearultra violet irradiation and wheat stem sawfly infestations

Thomson, M.; Spence, J.C.; Raine, K.; Laing, L., 2008:
The association of television viewing with snacking behavior and body weight of young adults

Sands, W.A. ., 1969:
The association of termites and fungi

Altson, A.M., 1933:
The association of termites with the soil found in tree-holes, and the influence on the Dipterous larvae (Psychodidae, Culicidae, etc.) breeding in them

Barrett-Connor, E.; Dam, T-Tien.; Stone, K.; Harrison, S.Litwack.; Redline, S.; Orwoll, E., 2008:
The association of testosterone levels with overall sleep quality, sleep architecture, and sleep-disordered breathing

Boswall, J., 1970:
The association of the northern carmine bee-eater Merops n. nubicus with mammals, birds and motor vehicles in Ethiopia

Anderson, ES., 1973:
The association of the nudibranch Rostanga pulchra MacFarland 1905 with the sponges Ophlitaspongia pennata, Esperiopsis originalis and Plocamia karykina

Dutson, VJ. , 1974:
The association of the roof rat (Rattus rattus) with the Himalayan blackberry (Rubus discolor) and Algerian ivy (Hedera canariensis) in California

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