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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 23888

Chapter 23888 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Vesey Fitzgerald, Desmond Foster, 1966:
The habits and habitats of small rodents in the Congo River catchment region of Zambia and Tanzania

Waller, TR., 1973:
The habits and habitats of some Bermudian marine mollusks

Miller, M.C., 1969:
The habits and habitats of the opistho-branch molluscs of the British Solomon Islands

Comstock, J.A.; Henne, C.; Sala, F., 1958:
The habits and life histories of Cochisea sinuaria B. & McD. and Cochisea sonomensis B. & McD. (Lepidoptera: Geometridae)

Heeley, W., 1941:
The habits and life histories of Woodlice

Wilson, C.B., 1901:
The habits and life history of Argulus with reference to its economic importance

Dakin, W.J., 1938:
The habits and life history of a Penaeid Prawn (Penaeus plebejus Hesse)

Huie, Miss L.H., 1916:
The habits and life-history of Hylemyia grisea Fall. An anthomyiid fly new to the Scottish fauna

Jambunathan, N.S., 1905:
The habits and life-history of a social spider (Stegodyphus sarasinorum Karsch.)

Heeley, W., 1942:
The habits and lifehistories of Woodlice

Child, C.M., 1901:
The habits and natural history of Stichostemma

Essenberg, Christine., 1915:
The habits and natural history of the backswimmers Notonectidae

Abbott, R.T., 1954:
The habits and occurrence of the nudibranch Armina tigrina, in South-east United States

Studinka, L., 1946:
The habits and plumages of Montagu's Harrier

Clark, H.L., 1917:
The habits and reactions of a comatulid, Tropiometra carinata. Washington D.C

Short, L.L., 1970:
The habits and relationships of the Magellanicwoodpecker

Gamble, F.W.; Ashworth, J.H., 1898:
The habits and structure of Arenicola marina

Das, B.K., 1934:
The habits and structure of Pseudapocryptes lanceolatus, a fish in the first stages of structural adaptation to aerial respiration

Wickham, H.F., 1899:
The habits of American Cicindelidae

Davis, N.C.; Shannon, R.C., 1928:
The habits of Anopheles rondoni in the Argentine Republic

Smith, F.G., 1905:
The habits of Asemum striatum and Criocephalus ferus

Leutscher, Alfred, 1952:
The habits of British Amphibia

Heath, H., 1903:
The habits of California Termites

Harris, J.; Arthur., 1903:
The habits of Cambarus

Christy, C.C., 1915:
The habits of Chimpanzees in African forests

Klugh, A.B., 1923:
The habits of Cucumaria frondosa

Morton, J.E., 1960:
The habits of Cyclope neritea, a style-bearing Stenoglossan gastropod. Proc

Hartman, Carl., 1913:
The habits of Eumenes belfragei, Cress

Tamashina, Marquis Y., 1935:
The habits of Falcipennis falcipennis and an experience of the species in captivity

Gunther, E.R., 1949:
The habits of Fin Whales

Gurley, R.R., 1902:
The habits of Fishes

Willcox, J., 1894:
The habits of Florida littoral Mollusks

Linell, M.L., 1889:
The habits of Goes and Oneideres

Annandale, N., 1909:
The habits of Indian King Crabs

Ridley, H.N., 1899:
The habits of Malay Reptiles

Oberholzer, C., 1911:
The habits of Moose

Wheeler, W.M., 1900:
The habits of Myrmecophila nebraxcensis Bruner

Eycleshymer, Albert Chauncey., 1906:
The habits of Necturus maculosus

Linsley, E.G.; MacSwain, W., 1955:
The habits of Nomada opacella Timberlake with notes on other species (Hymenoptera: Anthophoridae)

Hingston, R.W.G., 1928:
The habits of Oecophylla smaragdina

Howard, L.O., 1891:
The habits of Pachyneuron

Creighton, W.S., 1964:
The habits of Pheidole (Ceratopheidole) clydei Gregg (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Creighton, W.S.; Creighton, MP., 1959:
The habits of Pheidole militicida Wheeler (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Creighton, W.S., 1966:
The habits of Pheidole ridicula Wheeler with remarks on habit patterns in the genus Pheidole (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Potts, F.A., 1913:
The habits of Phylloehaetoplcrus

Prynne, G.M., 1949:
The habits of Roe Deer

Maxwell, Sir H., 1901:
The habits of Salmon

Yang, Yu-xiang.; Yu, Xiao-ting.; Zhang, Guo-fu.; Zhang, Guo-qing., 2004:
The habits of Scapharca subcrenata juveniles

Morton, J.E., 1957:
The habits of Scintillona zelandica (Odhner) 1824 (Lamellibranchia: Galeommatidae)

Dunn, E.R., 1926:
The habits of Sminthillus limbatus

Emerton, J.H., 1868:
The habits of Spiders

Riley, C.V., 1888:
The habits of Thalessa and Tremex

Hill, J.A., 1907:
The habits of Tree-runners

Lamborn, W.A., 1920:
The habits of a Dipteron predaceous on mosquitos in Nyasaland

Froom, B., 1965:
The habits of a captive smooth green snake

Heath, H., 1904:
The habits of a few Solenogastres

Emerson, W.O., 1906:
The habits of a mocking bird

Buzzard, C.N., 1952:
The habits of centipedes

Newman, H.H., 1906:
The habits of certain tortoises

Pearse, A.S., 1912:
The habits of fiddler-crabs

Knab, F., 1912:
The Habits Of Flies Of The Genus Cordylobia, Parasitic On Man In Africa

Osborn, Herbert., 1908:
The habits of insects as a factor in classification

Frost, S.W., 1931:
The habits of leaf-mining Coleoptera on Barro Colorado Island, Panama

Haas, F., 1942:
The habits of life of Homo West Coast bivalves (concluded from vol. 55, p. 113)

Haas, F., 1942:
The habits of life of some West Coast bivalves

Ward, M., 1928:
The habits of our common Shore Crabs

Gravely, F.H., 1912:
The habits of some tiger-beetles from Orissa

Cowles, R.P., 1913:
The habits of some tropical Crustacea

Cowles, R.P., 1915:
The habits of some tropical Crustacea: ii. Philippine

Ashmead, W.H., 1894:
The habits of the Aculeate Hymenoptera

Annandale, N., 1908:
The habits of the Amphipod Quadrivisio bengalensis Stebbing

Wilson, D.P., 1937:
The habits of the Angler-fish, Lophius piscatorius L., in the Plymouth aquarium

Stonor, C.R., 1947:
The habits of the Brush-tailed Poreupine (Atherurus macrourus)

Aplin, O.V., 1911:
The habits of the Crested Grebe

Clausen, C.P., 1941:
The habits of the Eucharidae

Milligan, H.N., 1915:
The habits of the Four-horned Spider-Crab

Moffat, C.B., 1922:
The habits of the Long-eared Bat

Taylor, E.W., 1914:
The habits of the Merlin

Pitman, C.R.S., 1914:
The habits of the Painted Spur-fowl (Galloperdix lunulata)

Randall, J.E., 1964:
The habits of the Queen conch

Richmond, N.D., 1945:
The habits of the Rainbow Snake in Virginia

Wigsten, H., 1955:
The habits of the Roller (Coracias garrulus) on Faro

Annandale, N., 1923:
The habits of the Termites of Barkuda

Levitt, V.C., 1938:
The habits of the Two-spined Spider

Phillips, Everett Franklin., 1906:
The habits of the bee and some misapprehensions

Traver, J.R., 1929:
The habits of the black-nosed dace, Rhinichtkys atronasus (Mitchell)

Thiagarajan, K.B., 1939:
The habits of the common earwig of Annamalainagar, Euborellia ' stali (Dohrn)

Greenwood, J.J.D., 1962:
The habits of the sika deer

Cout, H., 1951:
The habits of the skunk

Hancock, J.L., 1905:
The habits of the striped meadow cricket (OEcanthus fasciatus Fitch)

Wheeler, William Morton., 1906:
The habits of the tent-building ant (Cremustogaster lineolata Say)

Essenberg, C., 1915:
The habits of the water-strider Gerrie remiger

Bather, F.A., 1895:
The habits of the young Sepia

Haagner, A., 1910:
The habits of the-Great-tailed Widow Bird (Diatroprura procne)

Boycott, A.E., 1936:
The habits of young Helix pomatia

L.B.ff, C.R.; Jr., 1951:
The habits of young smooth green snakes (Opheodrys vernalis) in captivity

Drew, Gilman Arthur., 1906:
The habits, anatomy, and embryology of the giant scallop, (Pecten tenuicostatus, Mighels)

Herrick, F.H., 1888:
The habits, colour variation, and development of Alpheus

Iyer, M.M.N., 1944:
The habits, external features and skeletal system of Calotes versicolor. II. The skull

Iyer, M.M.N., 1943:
The habits, external features and skeletal system of Calotes versicolor. PartI

Porter, James P., 1906:
The habits, instincts, and mental powers of spiders, genera Argiope and Epeira

Clayton, F.L.; Hinde, R.A., 1968:
The habituation and recovery of aggressive display in Betta splendens

Ravizza, R.J.; Masterton, B., 1971:
The habituation of auditory reflexes in the decorticate opossum (Didelphis virginiana)

Stough, H.B., 1910:
The hackberry Psylla, Pachypsylla cettidismammae Riley. A study in comparative morphology

Comstock, J.H., 1906:
The hackled band in the webs of certain spiders

Wolff, Torben, 1960:
The hadal community, an introduction

Needler, A.B., 1931 :
The haddock

Raitt, D.S., 1948:
The haddock at Iceland with special reference to Faxa Bay

Mckenzie, R.A., 1946:
The haddock fishery of grounds fished by Canadians

Saetersdal, G.S., 1954:
The haddock in Norwegian waters

Saetersdal, G.S., 1954:
The haddock in Norwegian waters. II. Methods in age and growth investigations

Bowman, A.; Russell, E.S., 1932:
The haddock population of the North Sea

Ossowski, L.L.J., 1952:
The hadedah ibis, Hagedashia hagedash hagedash (Latham) and its relation to pest control in wattle plantations

Lobo, S.A.L.; Almeida, Cúdia.C.; Carita, Jão.N.; Teixeira, M.; Saraiva, Lígia.M., 2008:
The haem-copper oxygen reductase of Desulfovibrio vulgaris contains a dihaem cytochrome c in subunit II

Biddle, F.; Belyavin, G., 1963:
The haemagglutination inhibitor in edible bird-nest: its biological and physical properties

Campbell, J.L., 1967:
The haemal and digestive systems of the purple sea urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus (Stimpson)

Mackerras, M.J.sephine; Mackerras, I.M., 1961:
The haematozoa of Australian frogs and fish

Mackerras, M.Josephine, 1961:
The haematozoa of Australian reptiles

Oosthuizen, J.H.; Markus, M.B., 1968:
The haematozoa of South African birds. 4. Leucocytozoonosis in nestlings

Oosthuizen, Jh, 1975:
The haematozoa of South African birds. 6: Avian malaria. Veterinary

Buchanan, R.M., 1894:
The haematozoa of malaria

Bhatia, M.L., 1941:
The haemocoelomic system of the Indian leech, Hirudinaria granulosa

Hall, R.L.; Pearson, J.S.; Wood, E.J., 1975:
The haemocyanin of Lymnaea stagnalis L. (Gastropoda: Pulmonata)

Anonymous, 1970:
The haemocyanin of Pila leopoldvillensis I. Preparation and study of the dissociation by zone electrophoresis and light scattering

Bois D.; Enghien, A.P.; Elliott, F.G.; Bartels, W.J.; Van Bruggen, EFJ., 1971:
The haemocyanin of Pila leopoldvillensis. 2. Quaternary structure and oxygenation

Redfield, A.C., 1934:
The haemocyanins

Wigglesworth, V.B., 1956:
The haemocytes and connective tissue formation in an insect, Rhodnius prolixus (Hemiptera)

Kanungo, K.; Naegele, J.A., 1964 :
The haemocytes of the acarid mite Caloglyphus berlesei (Mich. 1903)

Salt, G., 1961:
The haemocytic reaction of insects to foreign bodies

Itoh, H., 1939:
The haemoflagellates of insects. Volumen Jubilare pro Prof. S

Shaw, J.J., 1969:
The haemoflagellates of sloths. London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Memoir

Small, J.V.; Davies, H.G., 1970:
The haemoglobin in the condensed chromatin of mature amphibian erythrocytes: a further study

Amiconi, G., 1970:
The haemoglobin of Amphibia. 9. Functional properties of haemoglobin from Ambystoma tigrinum tigrinum and Mexican axolotl

Braunitzer, G.; Braig, S.; Buse, G.; Neuwirth, H., 1968:
The haemoglobin of Chironomus thummi thummi: a study about the polymorphism of protein

Fox, H.Munro, 1948:
The haemoglobin of Daphnia

Karnaukhov, V.N.; Fin, R.T., 1967:
The haemoglobin structure of the frog's erythrocyte cytoplasm

Weber, RE.; Sullivan, B.; Bonaventura, J.; Bonaventura, C., 1977:
The haemoglobin systems of the bloodworms Glycera dibranchiata and G. americana. Oxygen binding properties of haemolysates and component haemoglobins

Riggs, A., 1972:
The haemoglobins

D.T.ot, PJ.; Hattingh, J.; Schabort, JC., 1973:
The haemoglobins of Labe() umbratus (Smith) and Laheo capensis (Smith)

Hattingh, J.;, P.J., 1973:
The haemoglobins of the yellowfish and barbel

Mohammed, A.H.H.; Mansour, N.S., 1959:
The haemogregarine complex. (An analytical systematic review)

Socha, R., 1971:
The haemolymph and tissue proteins in relation to moulting and yolk formation in Dixippus morosus Br. (Phasmoidea)

Vincent, S.; Harrison, H.S., 1897:
The Haemolymph Glands of some Vertebrates

Meyer, Arthur W., 1908:
The haemolymph glands of the Sheep

Selye, H.; Schenker, V., 1939:
The haemolymph nodes of the rat (iron pigment lymph nodes)

Tomaszewska, B., 1969:
The haemolymph proteins of the honey-bee (Apis mellifica L.) as found in normal individuals and in those from colonies affected by a disease

Gopinath, R.; George, KC., 2000:
The haemolymph response of Penaeus indicus to the extracellular products of Aeromonas hydrophila

Zmeev, G., 1939:
The haemopara-sites of several wild vertebrates of Turkmenia. Problems of regional parasitology

Macfarlane, R.G.; Barnett, B., 1934:
The haemostatic possibilities of Snake Venom

Barnett, B., 1935:
The haemostatic uses of Snake Vonom

Lamborn, W.A., 1955:
The haemotophagous fly as a possible vector of Leishmania

Leidy, J., 1924:
The haemotoxins of intestinal parasites. A critical summary with notes on some cases

Holmberg, K., 1971:
The hagfish retina: electron microscopic study comparing receptor and epithelial cells in the Pacific hagfish, Polistotrema stouti, with those in the Atlantic hagfish, Myxine glutinosa

Wolbach, S.B., 1951:
The hair cycle of the mouse and its importance in the study of sequences of experimental carcinogenesis

Claxton, J.H., 1966:
The hair follicle group in mice

Lovell, J.E.; Getty, R., 1957:
The hair follicle, epidermis, dermis, and skin glands of the dog

Green, E.E., 1909:
The hair of caterpillars a protection against ants

Jones, F.W., 1925:
The hair pattern of a kangaroo : a study in cause and effect

Boardman, W., 1943 :
The hair tracts in Marsupials

Boardman, W., 1946:
The hair tracts in Marsupials. Fart II. Description of species, continued

Boardman, W., 1949:
The hair tracts in Marsupials. Part III. Description of species, concluded

Boardman, W., 1950:
The hair tracts in Marsupials. Part IV. Direction characteristics of whorls and meristic repetition of radial fields

Boardman, W., 1946:
The hair tracts in Monotremes; their relationship to the Mammalian primitive condition

Boardman, W., 1950:
The hair tracts in marsupials. Part V. A contribution on causation, pp. 254-266. Part VI. Evolution and genetics of tract pattern. pp. 267-272. Part VII. A system of nomenclature, pp. 273-278, 2 figs

Standen, R., 1910:
The hairworm (Gordius aquaticus Linn.): its folklore and life-history

Lawrence, R.F., 1966:
The hairy baboon spider (Harpactira)

Smith, H.G., 1971:
The hairy blob

Anonymous, 2006:
The hairy frog Trichobatrachus robustus

Reddell, J.R., 1968:
The hairy-legged vampire, Diphylla ecaudata, in Texas

Sedwitz, W., 1936:
The half-hardy birds that wintered through 1933-1934 in the New York City region

Marking, LL.; Dawson, VK., 1972:
The half-life of biological activity of antimycin determined by fish bioassay. Transactions Am. Fish

Wakefield, J., 1972:
The halfway bird

Bell, F.H.; Best, E.A., 1968:
The halibut fishery south of Willapa Bay, Washington

Bell, F.Heward, 1967:
The halibut fishery, Shumagin Islands and westward not including Bering Sea

Wenley, R.M., 1909:
The halo of a hundred years (February 1809 to February 1909)

Cameron, A.T.; Walton, C.H.A., 1928:
The halogen content of animal tissues

Stone, Alan, 1953:
The halteres of Anopheles walkeri Theobald

Oatley, Terry., 2006:
The hamerkop

Kokhnenko, Os, 2000:
The hametogenesis of pike (Esox lucius L.) under conditions of water reservoirs radioactive contamination in Belarus

Talwar, PK., 1974:
The hammerhead shark, Sphyrna lewini (Griffith and Smith) from the east coast of India, with remarks on its taxonomy

Goonewardene, TP., 1971:
The hammerhead sharks in Ceylon seas (family Sphyrnidae)

Anonymous, 2007:
The hammonasset bunting lazuli or not lazuli that is the question

Gnezdilov, V.G., 1957:
The hamster (Mesocricetus auratus) as potential definitive host of the dog tapeworm (Diphyllobothrium latum)

Vitale-Calpe, R.; Aoki, A., 1970:
The hamster cauda epididymidis after coitus

Pook, AG., 1975:
The hand-rearing and reintroduction to its parents of a saddleback tamarin Saguinus fuscicollis at the Jersey Zoological Park

Raine, AF.; Abernethy, KE., 2006:
The hand-rearing of an abandoned Bermuda petrel Pterodroma cahow chick from Nonsuch Island, Bermuda

Ortiz Merry, Luis J., 2004:
The hand-rearing of an umbrellabird

Mallet, MA., 1975:
The hand-rearing of the horned eagle owl Bubo virginianus at the Jersey zoological park

Young, E., 1967:
The hand-rearing of the young of the cat tribes

Whitley, G.P., 1949:
The handfish

Blackith, R.E., 1962:
The handling of multiple measurements

Konts, N., 1959:
The handling of objects by primates (apes and monkeys) in the light of anthropogenesis

Sevastopulo, D.G., 1953:
The handling of papered insects

Jones, D.M., 1976:
The handling of ungulates

Rajab Mohammed R.; Ibrahim; Garrity John; van Baaren P.; Smart A., 2007:
The hands-off approach to seismic for the 21st century; a case study in the use of very high channel recording systems

Walker, A., 1930:
The handstand and other habits of the Oregon Spotted Skunk

Yutuo, L.M., 1947:
The hanging, drop method of isolating a single trypanosome and its inoculation into mice

Schwenkert, I.; Eltrop, R.; Funk, N.; Steinert, Jörn.R.; Schuster, C.M.; Scholz, H., 2008:
The hangover gene negatively regulates bouton addition at the Drosophila neuromuscular junction

Myers, W.A., 1977:
The harbor porpoise in captivity: a myth refuted

Ackman, R.G.; Hooper, S.N.; Hingley, J., 1972:
The harbor seal Phoca vitulina concolor De Kay: comparative details of fatty acids in lung and heart phospholipids and triglycerides

Caldwell, D.K., 1961:
The harbor seal in South Carolina

Bjorge, A., 2003:
The harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) in the North Atlantic: variability in habitat use, trophic ecology and contaminant exposure

Reijnders, Pjh, 1976:
The harbour seal (Phoca vitulina) population in the Dutch Wadden Sea: size and composition

J.O.B.C.rioca; Regis; M.C.P.ixoto, 2008:
The hard choice for alternative biofuels to diesel in Brazil

Wharton, G.W.; Parrish, W.B., 1963:
The hard cuticle of the spiny rat mite Echinolaelaps echidninus

Hassan, A.A.G.; Habib,, G.I., 1959:
The hard ticks of Egypt (Arthropoda-Acarina-Ixodidae)

Key, H.A.S., 1948:
The hard winter and its effect on bird life

Gordon-Williams, C., 1965:
The hard winter of 1962-63

Teagle Damon A.H.; Banerjee Neil R.; Belghoul Akram; Cordier Carole; Crispini Laura; Einaudi Florence; Galli Laura; Gao Yongjun; Gelatt Alan; Geldmacher Joerg; Gilbert Lisa; Herrero Bervera Emilio; Holter Sara; Laverne Christine; Lledo Haroldo; Durand Sedelia R.; Sakuyama Tetsuya; Sano Takashi; Smith Duque Christopher; Tartarotti Paola; Tominaga Masako; Umino Susumu; Veloso Andres; Wilson Douglas, 2005:
The hard yards; deep basement drilling of an in situ section of oceanic crust formed at a superfast spreading rate; recent results from IODP Expedition 309 to Hole 1256D, Eastern Equatorial Pacific

Greenewalt, Ch, 1971 :
The hard-to-get humming bird

Dennell, R., 1958:
The hardening of insect cuticles

Astley, H.D., 1909:
The hardihood of Gardiner Bower Birds

Shaw, C.E., 1970:
The hardy (and prolific) soft shelled tortoise

Allen, A., 1972:
The hardy European reptiles amd amphibians in captivity (Part 5)

Filipascu, A., 1971:
The hare - an actual scientific and hunting problem

Deevey, E.S., 1960:
The hare and the haruspex: a cautionary tale

Popov, Va, 1971:
The hare as a factor in biological productivity increase in the game areas of Kama-Volga

Abildgird, F.; Anderson, J.; Barndorff-Nielsen, O., 1972:
The hare population (Lepus europaeus Pallas) of Illumo lsland, Denmark. A report on the analysis of the data from 1957-1970

Osborn, D.J., 1964:
The hare, porcupine, beaver, squirrels, jerboas and dormice of Turkey

Setzer, H.W., 1958:
The hares of Egypt

Chittenden, F.H., 1908:
The harlequin cabbage bug

Frank, S., 1974:
The harlequin catfish, Microglanis poecilus

Savage, Jm, 1972:
The harlequin frogs, genus Atelopus, of Costa Rica and western Panama

Tomey, Wa, 1971:
The harlequin shrimp

Anonymous, 2007:
The harmful effect of cleavers (Galium aparine) in winter wheat

Durden, Wendy Noke., 2005:
The harmful effects of inadvertently conditioning a wild bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) to interact with fishing vessels in the Indian River Lagoon, Florida, USA

Kupyanskaya, AN., 1973:
The harmful entomological fauna of forests in the green zone around the towns in the south of Primorye Territory

Anonymous, 2008:
The harmful factors and countermeasure influencing development of cassava fuel-alcohol industry

Anonymous, 2007:
The harmfulness Cydia pomonella L. in the fruit production in Jablanica District

Tanskiy, V.I., 1970:
The harmfulness of the cotton bollworm,Heliothis obsoleta F. (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae), in southern Tadzhikistan

Ha, Vu Song, 2008:
The harmony of family and the silence of women: sexual attitudes and practices among rural married women in northern Viet Nam

Zajaczkowski, J., 2007:
The harmony of tradition and innovation in silvicultural forest management as a condition of stable multifunctionality of forest

Melentyev, VV.; Chernook, VI.; Sandven, S., 2004:
The harp seal of the White Sea and pra-Baltic: habitat, its climatic and paleogeographic changeability, influence on the arrangement of population and whelping migration features

Lavigne, DM.; Ronald, K., 1972:
The harp seal, Pagophilus groenlandicus (Erxleben 1777). 23. Spectral sensitivity

Casson, DM.; Ronald, K., 1975:
The harp seal, Pagophilus groenlandicus (Erxleben, 1777) - 14. Cardiac arrythmias

George, UC.; Ronald, K., 1975:
The harp seal, Pagophilus groenlandicus (Erxleben, 1777) 17. Structure and metabolic adaption of the caval sphincter muscle with some observations on the diaphragm

Ramprashad, F.; Corey, S.; Ronald, K., 1971:
The harp seal, Pagophilus groenlandicus (Erxleben, 1777). 13. The gross and microscopic structure of the auditory meatus

Ramprashad, F.; Money, KE.; Ronald, K., 1972:
The harp seal, Pagophilus groenlandicus (Erxleben, 1777). 21. The structure of the vestibular apparatus

George, JC.; Ronald, K., 1973:
The harp seal, Pagophilus groenlandicus (Erxleben, 1777). 25. Ultrastructure and metabolic adaptation of skeletal muscle

Terhune, J.M.; Ronald, K., 1972:
The harp seal, Pagophilus groenlandicus (Erxleben, 1777). 3. The underwater audiogram

Ronald, K., 1971:
The harp seal, Pagophilus groenlandicus (Erxleben, 1777). 7. A histophysiological study of certain skeletal muscles

Sumner-Smith, G.; Pennock, PW.; Ronald, K., 1972:
The harp seal, Pagophilus groenlandicus (Erxleben, 1777): 16. Epiphyseal fusion

Ronald, K., 1973:
The harp seal, Pagophilus groenlandicus, (Erxleben 1777). 14. The gross and microscopic structure of the middle ear

Anonymous., 1977:
The harp seal: cause for unease. IUCN

Hamond, R., 1973:
The harpaticoid copepods (Crustacea) of the Saline Lakes in Southeast Australia, with special reference to the Laphontidae

McElroy, H., 1974:
The harris hawk in Arizona

Farrell W.M.; Delory G.T.; Atreya S.K.; Jackson T.L., 2007:
The harsh electro-chemical environment in Martian dust storms

Hanney, P., 1964:
The harsh-furred rat in Nyasaland

Roantree, W.B., 1960:
The HARVEST mite

Anonymous, 1954:
The harvest mite Explanatory leaflet

Bryja, J.; Benes, B., 2001:
The harvest mouse (Micromys minutus) in the mountains of the Czech Republic

Johnson, M., 1977:
The harvest mouse (Micromys minutus). Current distribution and nesting habits in Lincolnshire

Hoffmeister, D.F.; Warnock, JE., 1955:
The harvest mouse (Reithrodontomys megalotis) in Illinois and its taxonomic status

Birkenholz, D.E., 1967:
The harvest mouse (Reithrodontomys megalotis) in central Illinois

Rands, DG.; Banks, C., 1973:
The harvest mouse Micromys minutus in Bedfordshire. Interim report

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