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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 23893

Chapter 23893 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Anonymous, 2007:
The impact of anthropogenous factors on the assimilation apparatus of Silver birch (Betula pendula Roth)

Cammeraat, E.L.H.; Risch, A.C., 2008:
The impact of ants on mineral soil properties and processes at different spatial scales

Anonymous, 2007:
The impact of art, design and environment in mental healthcare: a systematic review of the literature (vol 128, pg 85, 2008)

Preston, A.; Woodhead, DS.; Mitchell, NT.; Pentreath, RJ., 1972:
The impact of artificial radioactivity on the oceans and on oceanography

Xavier, V.F.; Chandrasekar, A.; Singh, D., 2008:
The impact of assimilation of satellite derived wind observations for the prediction of a monsoon depression over India using a mesoscale model

Daniel Laubhann; Hubert Sterba; Gert Jan Reinds; Wim, D.V.ies, 2009:
The impact of atmospheric deposition and climate on forest growth in European monitoring plots: An individual tree growth model

Leach, M.; Liu, A.; Winsor, R., 2008:
The impact of attitudes, word-of-mouth, and value congruence on conference participation: a comparison of attending and non-attending organizational members

Anonymous, 2008:
The impact of biofuels on global grain and oilseed markets

Kurz, W.; James-Pirri, MJ., 2002:
The impact of biomedical bleeding on horseshoe crab, Limulus polyphemus, movement patterns on Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Turner, E.C.; Snaddon, J.L.; Johnson, H.R.; Foster, W.A., 2007:
The impact of bird's nest ferns on stemflow nutrient concentration in a primary rain forest, Sabah, Malaysia

Andrieux, P.; McKenzie, C.; Heilig, J.; Drolet, A., 1994:
The impact of blasting on excavation design - a geomechanics approach

Rey, P.F.; Houseman, G., 2006:
The impact of body forces on Archaean orogenic processes

Sheu, B-Shyang.; Cheng, H-Chi.; Chang, W-Lun.; Chen, W-Ying.; Kao, A-Wen., 2007:
The impact of body mass index on the application of on-demand therapy for Los Angeles grades A and B reflux esophagitis

Gwinner, K.; Bennett, G., 2008:
The impact of brand cohesiveness and sport identification on brand fit in a sponsorship context

Anonymous, 2008:
The impact of buckwheat biomass on the overwinter survival, productivity and disease rate

Yin Chen; Niall, P.M.Namara; Marc, G.D.mont; Levente Bodrossy; Nancy Stralis-Pavese; J.C.lin Murrell, 2008:
The impact of burning and Calluna removal on below-ground methanotroph diversity and activity in a peatland soil

Ngenyi, A.; Nzooh, Z.; Usongo, L., 2003:
The impact of capture and trade in African grey parrot populations (Psittacus erithacus) in Lobeke National Park, south east Cameroon

Podolska, M.; Mulkiewicz, E.; Naplerska, D., 2008:
The impact of carbofuran on acetylcholinesterase activity in Anisakis simplex larvae from Baltic herring

Evison, David, 2007:
The impact of carbon credits on New Zealand Radiata pine forestry profitability

E.S.azly, E.E.-Din, A.; Elshabrawy, H.A., 2000:
The impact of certain pulse seeds on the development of Callosobruchus maculatus (F.) and Callosobruchus chinensis L. (Coleoptera: Bruchidae)

Baze, C.; Monk, B.J.; Herzog, T.J., 2008:
The impact of cervical cancer on quality of life: a personal account

Youhua Tang; Pius Lee; Marina Tsidulko; Ho-Chun Huang; Jeffery, T.M.Queen; Geoffrey, J.D.Mego; Louisa, K.E.mons; Robert, B.P.erce; Anne, M.T.ompson; Hsin-M.L.n; Daiwen Kang; Daniel Tong; Shaocai Yu; Rohit Mathur; Jonathan, E.P.eim; Tanya, L.O.te; George Pouliot; Jeffrey, O.Y.ung; Kenneth, L.S.here; Paula, M.D.vidson; Ivanka Stajner, 2009:
The impact of chemical lateral boundary conditions on CMAQ predictions of tropospheric ozone over the continental United States

Capuzzo, JM., 1974:
The impact of chromium accumulation in an estuarine environment

Stark, M.J.; Rohde, K.; Maher, J.E.; Pizacani, B.A.; Dent, C.W.; Bard, R.; Carmella, S.G.; Benoit, A.R.; Thomson, N.M.; Hecht, S.S., 2007:
The impact of clean indoor air exemptions and preemption policies on the prevalence of a tobacco-specific lung carcinogen among nonsmoking bar and restaurant workers

Anonymous, 2007:
The impact of climate change on African agriculture: a Ricardian approach

Anonymous, 2007:
The impact of climate change on livestock management in Africa: a structural Ricardian analysis

J.R.if; P.V.?íšek; K. Št'astný; M.K.schová; V.B.j?ek, 2008:
The impact of climate change on long-term population trends of birds in a central European country

Basher, L.R., 1991:
The impact of climate change on soils and landscape processes

Shiyu Wang; Ray McGrath; Jenny Hanafin; Peter Lynch; Tido Semmler; Paul Nolan, 2008:
The impact of climate change on storm surges over Irish waters

Akhtar, M.; Ahmad, N.; Booij, M.J., 2008:
The impact of climate change on the water resources of Hindukush-Karakorum-Himalaya region under different glacier coverage scenarios

Jacqueline, M.H.milton; Richard, S.J.T.l, 2007:
The impact of climate change on tourism in Germany, the UK and Ireland: a simulation study

Mills, J.A.; Yarrall, J.W.; Bradford-Grieve, J.M.; Uddstrom, M.J.; Renwick, J.A.; Merilä, J., 2008:
The impact of climate fluctuation on food availability and reproductive performance of the planktivorous red-billed gull Larus novaehollandiae scopulinus

S.M.Hsu, A.M.F.Yen and T.H.H.Chen, 2008:
The impact of climate on Japanese encephalitis

Svardson, G.; Molin, G., 1973:
The impact of climate on Scandinavian populations of the sander.Stizostedion lucioperca (L.)

W.M.M.oij; L.N.D.S.nerpont Domis; S.H.lsmann, 2008:
The impact of climate warming on water temperature, timing of hatching and young-of-the-year growth of fish in shallow lakes in the Netherlands.

Salvador Barrios; Bazoumana Ouattara; Eric Strobl, 2008:
The impact of climatic change on agricultural production: is it different for Africa?

Root, T.L.; Price, J.T.; Hall, K.R.; Schneider, S.H.; Rosenzweig, C.; Pounds, J.; Alan, 2005:
The impact of climatic change on wild animals and plants: a meta-analysis

Burton Graeme, R.; Rosman Kevin, J.R.; Candelone Jean Pierre; Burn Laurie, J.; Boutron Claude, F.; Hong Sungmin, 2007:
The impact of climatic conditions on Pb and Sr isotopic ratios found in Greenland ice, 7-150 ky BP

Twiss, S.D.; Thomas, C.; Poland, V.; Graves, J.A.; Pomeroy, P., 2007:
The impact of climatic variation on the opportunity for sexual selection

Croft, J. B., 1977:
The impact of coal mining on the environment of the upper Hunter region

Younho Seong; Ann, M.B.santz, 2008:
The impact of cognitive feedback on judgment performance and trust with decision aids

Todd, C.R.; Ryan, T.; Nicol, S.J.; Bearlin, A.R., 2005:
The impact of cold water releases on the critical period of post-spawning survival and its implications for Murray cod (Maccullochella peelii peelii): a case study of the Mitta Mitta River, southeastern Australia

Sarahrudi, K.; Mousavi, M.; Grossschmidt, K.; Sela, N.; König, F.; Vécsei, V.; Aharinejad, S., 2009:
The impact of colony-stimulating factor-1 on fracture healing: an experimental study

Anonymous, 2006:
The impact of community-oriented primary care in Trongsa Dzongkhag, Kingdom of Bhutan

Anonymous, 2007:
The impact of computer aided techniques and new materials on the process of furniture design

Waring, Paul, 2004:
The impact of coppicing and harvesting small-leaved lime Tilia cordata upon scarce hook-tip Sabra harpagula (Esp.)

Freudenberg, Nicholas; Galea, Sandro, 2008:
The impact of corporate practices on health: implications for health policy

Sepehr, M.; Cosgrove, J.; Moieni, M., 2006:
The impact of cover rock rheology on the style of folding in the Zagros fold-thrust belt

Schenk Paul, M., 2007:
The impact of cratering in the outer solar system

R.I.G.bitov; A.L.C.hen; G.A.G.etani; M.H.lcomb; E.B.W.tson, 2006:
The impact of crystal growth rate on element ratios in aragonite; an experimental approach to understanding vital effects

Thomas, M.M.; Millard, P.; Watt, M.S.; Turnbull, M.H.; Peltzer, D.; Whitehead, D., 2008:
The impact of defoliation on nitrogen translocation patterns in the woody invasive plant, Buddleia davidii

Long, R.; Bange, M., 2008:
The impact of defoliation timing on fibre quality and textile performance

Rabor, D.S., 1959:
The impact of deforestation on birds of Cebu, Philippines, with new records for that island

Nguyen, N.Q.; Fraser, R.J.; Bryant, L.K.; Burgstad, C.; Chapman, M.J.; Bellon, M.; Wishart, J.; Holloway, R.H.; Horowitz, M., 2008:
The impact of delaying enteral feeding on gastric emptying, plasma cholecystokinin, and peptide YY concentrations in critically ill patients

Wheeler, A.J., 2005:
The impact of demersal trawling on northeast Atlantic deepwater coral habitats: the case of the Darwin Mounds, United Kingdom

Jae, S.L.e; Ming-Han Li, 2009:
The impact of detention basin design on residential property value: Case studies using GIS in the hedonic price modeling

Murray, M.V.rsteeg, M.H.go, J, 2008:
The impact of diarrhoea in infants on the quality of life of low-income households

Trought, M.C.T.; Dixon, R.; Mills, T.; Greven, M.; Agnew, R.; Mauk, J.L.; Praat, J. , P., 2008:
The impact of differences in soil texture within a vineyard on vine vigour, vine earliness and juice composition

Anonymous, 2007:
The impact of different insurance types on the risk of wheat production in the Nitra region

Sansone, C.; Menzenmayer, R., 2005:
The impact of different tillage practices on arthropods in cotton in the southern rolling Plains of Texas

Waagbø, R.; Hosfeld, C.Diesen.; Fivelstad, S.; Olsvik, Pål.A.; Breck, O., 2008:
The impact of different water gas levels on cataract formation, muscle and lens free amino acids, and lens antioxidant enzymes and heat shock protein mRNA abundance in smolting Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L

Rae, B.B., 1968:
The impact of dog fish shoals on Scottish fisheries

Anonymous, 2007:
The impact of domestic and international commodity price volatility on agricultural income instability in Ghana, Vietnam, and Peru

Wright, JF.; Gunn, RJM.; Winder, JM.; Wiggers, R.; Kneebone, NT.; Clarke, RT., 2002:
The impact of drought events in 1976 and 1997 on the macroinvertebrate fauna of a chalk stream

Hewitt, C.D.; Senior, C.A.; Mitchell, J.F.B., 2001:
The impact of dynamic sea-ice on the climatology and climate sensitivity of a GCM; a study of past, present, and future climates

Anonymous, 2007:
The impact of early intervention on children' intelligence development

Anonymous, 2005:
The impact of ecological agriculture upon soil microorganisms. Case study at an ecological farm from Bacau County (Romania)

Anonymous, 2008:
The impact of ecological factors on work of bloodhounds

Suleyman, A.M.yibi; Abdul Raufu Ambali; Garoot Suleiman Eissa, 2008:
The impact of economic development on water pollution: trends and policy actions in Malaysia

Mumby, P., J.; Hastings, A., 2008:
The impact of ecosystem connectivity on coral reef resilience

Ntengwe, F.W.; Maseka, K.K., 2006:
The impact of effluents containing zinc and nickel metals on stream and river water bodies; the case of Chambishi and Mwambashi streams in Zambia

Kirk, R.K.; Jørgensen, B.; Jensen, H.E., 2008:
The impact of elbow and knee joint lesions on abnormal gait and posture of sows

Relhan, N.; Panwar, T.S., 2008:
The impact of electricity transfer on the distribution of pollution loads: An Indian case study

Leggett, W.C.; Savoy, T.F.; Tomichek, C.A., 2004:
The impact of enhancement initiatives on the structure and dynamics of the Connecticut River population of American shad

Chen Xiaoming,.; Wang Zili,.; Chen Yong,.; Wang Shaoyun,.; Feng Ying,, 2007:
The impact of environmental factors on the wax excretion by Chinese white wax scale (Ericerus pela Chavannes)

Vigliottá, G.; Tala, A.; Maria Giudetti, A.; D.S.efano, M.; Del Giudice, L.; Alifano, P., 2007:
The impact of environmental perturbation on microbial community structure and dynamics: Factors affecting growth of Clonothrix fusca in groundwater

Williams, G.J.; Gantt, R.W.; Thorson, J.S., 2008:
The impact of enzyme engineering upon natural product glycodiversification

Stefani Marco Michele; Vincenzi Stefano; Cibin Ubaldo, 2004:
The impact of eustatic, climatic and anthropic controls on the Po Delta depositional architecture and environmental evolution over late Quaternary times

Birch, L.C., 1952:
The impact of evolution on modern thought

Anonymous, 2006:
The impact of exotic grass invasions on nitrogen cycling: a mini-review

Mumby, P.J., 2006:
The impact of exploiting grazers (Scaridae) on the dynamics of Caribbean coral reefs

Ben-Ezra, M.; Palgi, Y.; Essar, N., 2007:
The impact of exposure to war stress on hospital staff: a preliminary report

Cardoso, P.G.; Raffaelli, D.; Pardal, M.A., 2008 :
The impact of extreme weather events on the seagrass Zostera noltii and related Hydrobia ulvae population

Anne, H.Gauthier, 2007:
The impact of family policies on fertility in industrialized countries: a review of the literature

Nies, G.; Zachos, FE.; Hartl, GB., 2005:
The impact of female philopatry on population differentiation in the European roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) as revealed by mitochondrial, DNA and allozymes

Pons, P.; Wendenburg, C., 2005:
The impact of fire and forest conversion into savanna on the bird communities of west Madagascan dry forests

Bamford, M.J.; Roberts, J.; Dale, 2003:
The impact of fire on frogs and reptiles in south-west western Australia

Yarnell, R.W.; Metcalfe, D.J.; Dunstone, N.; Burnside, N.; Scott, D.M., 2008:
The impact of fire on habitat use by the short-snouted elephant shrew (Elephantulus brachyrhynchus) in North West Province, South Africa

Martell, D., L.; Sun, H., 2008:
The impact of fire suppression, vegetation, and weather on the area burned by lightning-caused forest fires in Ontario

Thériault, Véronique.; Dunlop, E.S.; Dieckmann, U.; Bernatchez, L.; Dodson, J.J., 2008:
The impact of fishing-induced mortality on the evolution of alternative life-history tactics in brook charr

Hill, H.; Fahrig, S., 2008:
The impact of fluctuations in boat velocity during the rowing cycle on race time

Shoji Hashimoto; Masakazu Suzuki, 2004:
The impact of forest clear-cutting on soil temperature: a comparison between before and after cutting, and between clear-cut and control sites

Karen Wuyts; Kris Verheyen; A.D.S.hrijver; Wim, M.C.rnelis; Donald Gabriels, 2008:
The impact of forest edge structure on longitudinal patterns of deposition, wind speed, and turbulence

David, N.L.band; Anwar Hussain; Armando González-Cabán, 2008:
The impact of forest service litigation success on administrative appeals of proposed fuels reduction actions

Martin, Geoff, 2006:
The impact of frozen tissue and molecular collections on natural history museum collections

Styn, M.A.; Nukui, T.; Romkes, M.; Perkins, K.; Land, S.R.; Weissfeld, J.L., 2008:
The impact of genetic variation in DRD2 and SLC6A3 on smoking cessation in a cohort of participants 1 year after enrollment in a lung cancer screening study

Elliott David, 2007:
The impact of geogenic factors on human health

Panagopoulos, T.; Vidic, M.; Ramos, B.R., 2007:
The impact of golf course development on a constantly changing Mediterranean landscape

Anonymous, 2008:
The impact of golf course management on concentrations of nutrients in the soil solution

A.J.M.son; G.M.H.nderson, 2006:
The impact of growth rate on trace-element and Li-isotope composition of inorganically precipitated calcium carbonates

Boettcher, A.; Long, H.; Duque, A., 2003:
The impact of heat stress on queen conch larval metamorphosis

Molly, E.P.ente; George, G.K.nnedy; Fred Gould, 2008:
The impact of herbivore-induced plant volatiles on parasitoid foraging success: a general deterministic model

Murillo Viu, Joaquín; Romaní Fernández, Javier; Suriñach Caralt, Jordi, 2008:
The impact of heritage tourism on an urban economy: the case of Granada and the Alhambra

Herdies, D.L.; Kousky, V.E.; Ebisuzaki, W., 2007:
The impact of high-resolution SALLJEX data on global NCEP analyses

Martinez-Solano, I.; Rey, I.; Garcia-Paris, M., 2005:
The impact of historical and recent factors on genetic variability in a mountain frog: the case of Rana iberica (Anura: Ranidae)

Barnes, C.S.; Kennedy, K.; Gard, L.; Forrest, E.; Johnson, L.; Pacheco, F.; Hu, F.; Amado, M.; Portnoy, J.M., 2008:
The impact of home cleaning on quality of life for homes with asthmatic children

Feurdean Angelica; Astalos Ciprian, 2005:
The impact of human activities in the Gutaiului Mountains, Romania

Murison, Giselle., 2002:
The impact of human disturbance on the breeding success of nightjar Caprimulgus europaeus on heathlands in south Dorset, England

Kerbiriou, C.; Leviol, I.; Jiguet, Fédéric.; Julliard, R., 2007:
The impact of human frequentation on coastal vegetation in a biosphere reserve

Thirgood, S.; Woodroffe, R.; Rabinowitz, A., 2005:
The impact of human-wildlife conflict on human lives and livelihoods

Woodroffe, R.; Thirgood, S.; Rabinowitz, A., 2005:
The impact of human-wildlife conflict on natural systems

Pelczarski, W.; Kedra, M., 2005:
The impact of hydrological conditions on the catch results of bigeye tuna in Polish longline fishing

Grech, K.; Chan, B.H.K.; Anders, R.F.; Read, A.F., 2008:
The impact of immunization on competition within Plasmodium infections

Cardoso, Lícia.O.; Vicente, A.S.T.; Damião, J.J.; Rito, R.V.V.F., 2008:
The impact of implementation of the Breastfeeding Friendly Primary Care Initiative on the prevalence rates of breastfeeding and causes of consultations at a basic healthcare center

Bates, John, M., 1962:
The impact of impoundment on the mussel fauna of Kentucky Reservoir, Tennessee River

Anonymous, 2007:
The impact of improved nutrition on disease prevention

Larter Steven, R.; Bennett Barry; Huang Haiping; Adams Jennifer; Jiang Chunqing; Koksalan Tamer; Liao Yuhong; Rodgers Ryan, P.; Klein Geoffrey, C.; Marshall Alan, G., 2007:
The impact of in-reservoir biodegradation processes on non GC-amenable fractions of crude oil and advanced thermal recovery processes for heavy oil

Lisa Bamborough; Stephen, P.C.mmings, 2009:
The impact of increasing heavy metal stress on the diversity and structure of the bacterial and actinobacterial communities of metallophytic grassland soil

Polanczyk, G.; Faraone, S.V.; Bau, C.H.D.; Victor, M.M.; Becker, K.; Pelz, R.; Buitelaar, J.K.; Franke, B.; Kooij, S.; van der Meulen, E.; Cheon, K-Ah.; Mick, E.; Purper-Ouakil, D.; Gorwood, P.; Stein, M.A.; Cook, E.H.; Rohde, L.Augusto., 2008:
The impact of individual and methodological factors in the variability of response to methylphenidate in ADHD pharmacogenetic studies from four different continents

David, P.L.ndstrom; Gebre-Egziabher Kiros, 2007:
The impact of infant and child death on subsequent fertility in Ethiopia

Nordstrom, M.; Bonsdorff, E.; Salovius, S., 2006:
The impact of infauna (Nereis diversicolor and Saduria entomon) on the redistribution and biomass of macroalgae on marine soft bottoms

Longhorn Roger, A., 2006:
The impact of information policy and technology on coastal spatial data infrastructure

Greenslade, D.J.M.; Young, I.R., 2005:
The impact of inhomogenous background errors on a global wave data assimilation system

Majer Ernest, L.; Peterson John, E., 2007:
The impact of injection on seismicity at The Geysers, California geothermal field

Baker, M.C.; McFarland, D.A.; Gonzales, M.; Diaz, M.Janet.; Molyneux, D.H., 2007:
The impact of integrating the elimination programme for lymphatic filariasis into primary health care in the Dominican Republic

Anonymous, 2007:
The impact of intensity in cattle production on environment, economic viability and employment

Herbst, A., 2008:
The impact of international and European standards on German regulations on chemical application

Anonymous, 2003:
The impact of introduced deer on the natural environment

Alam, Q.M.; Elias, S.M., 2007:
The impact of irrigation on income distribution across households in a selected barind area of Bangladesh

Anonymous, 2008 :
The impact of irrigation over soil-water resources

Wysolmerski, T., 1975:
The impact of isopod ingestion and food preference upon forest litter

Burns, J.M.; Calrk, C.A.; Richmond, J.P., 2005:
The impact of lactation strategy on physiological development of juvenile marine mammals: implications for the transition to independent foraging

Sawyer, J.T.; Apple, J.K.; Johnson, Z.B., 2008:
The impact of lactic acid concentration and sodium chloride on pH, water-holding capacity, and cooked color of injection-enhanced dark-cutting beef

Holla, L., 1992:
The impact of land subsidence due to underground coal mining on the surface environment

Boix-Fayos, C.; de Vente, J.; Martinez-Mena, M.; Barbera, G.G.; Castillo, V., 2008:
The impact of land use change and check-dams on catchment sediment yield

Ngai, J.T.; Kirby, K.R.; Gilbert, B.; Starzomski, B.M.; Pelletier, A.ée J.D.; Conner, J.C.Ross, 2008:
The impact of land-use change on larval insect communities: testing the role of habitat elements in conservation

Anne Berland; Trisalyn Nelson; Gord Stenhouse; Karen Graham; Jerome Cranston, 2008:
The impact of landscape disturbance on grizzly bear habitat use in the Foothills Model Forest, Alberta, Canada

Yong Lin; Xiaohua Wei, 2008:
The impact of large-scale forest harvesting on hydrology in the willow watershed of Central British Columbia

Newby, J.; Sofiamma, P.; Saramma, AV., 1998:
The impact of lead on growth, chlorophyll and productivity potentials of Tetraselmis gracilis (Kylin)

Anonymous, 2007:
The impact of light pollution on environment and health

Jorgensen Anders Stuhr; Ingeman Nielsen Thomas, 2008:
The impact of light-colored pavements on active layer dynamics revealed by ground-penetrating radar monitoring

Chao, W.-Liang; Chao, C.-Ching, 2007:
The impact of long-term organic farming on the soil microbial populations and activitie

Islam, M.N.zrul; Von Bernuth, R.D.B.b, 2005:
The impact of low dissolved oxygen in recharge water on arsenic pollution in groundwater of Bangladesh

Anonymous, 2007:
The impact of macroeconomic variables on agricultural prices. Analysis based on VAR methodology

Daugherty, H.E., 1970:
The impact of man on the zoogeography of El Salvador

Murphy, Robert, C., 1951:
The impact of man upon nature in New Zealand

Michalowski, J., 1965:
The impact of man's economic operations upon the isolating mechanisms in amphibia

Anonymous, 2008:
The impact of market liberalisation on the Mauritian telecommunications sector

Wardle, R.A., 1954:
The impact of mathematics upon zoology

Lines, Gill, 2007:
The impact of media sport events on the active participation of young people and some implications for PE pedagogy

Hsieh, C-Hsun.; Wu, C-Ze.; Hsiao, F-Ching.; Lin, J-Diann.; Li, J-Chuan.; Wan, H-Lin.; Kuo, S-Wen.; Hung, Y-Jen.; Su, C-Chieh.; Pei, D., 2008:
The impact of metabolic syndrome on insulin sensitivity, glucose sensitivity, and acute insulin response after glucose load in early-onset type 2 diabetes mellitus: Taiwan Early-Onset Type 2 Diabetes Cohort Study

Anonymous, 2007:
The impact of micro credit on livestock enterprise development in district Abbottabad (a case of SRSP micro credit programme)

Anonymous, 2007:
The impact of milk temperature monitoring on milk quality on Ontario dairy farms

Park, P.; Upadhyaya, C.; Garton, H.J.L.; Foley, K.T., 2008:
The impact of minimally invasive spine surgery on perioperative complications in overweight or obese patients

Huggard Christopher, J., 1994:
The impact of mining on the environment of Grant County, New Mexico to 1910

Van-Niel, T., G.; Mcvicar, T., R.; Li, L.; Gallant, J., C.; Yang, Q., 2008:
The impact of misregistration on SRTM and DEM image differences

M.M.H.lmer; H.-U.S.hmincke, 2003:
The impact of moderate-scale explosive eruptions on stratospheric gas injections

Melissa, B.Miller, 2008:
The impact of molecular diagnostics on women's health

Heikkila, R.; Hokkanen, P.; Kooiman, M.; Ayguney, N.; Bassoulet, C., 2003:
The impact of moose browsing on tree species composition in Finland

Anonymous, 2008:
The impact of mycotoxins in animal feeds

Ganesan, A., 2008:
The impact of natural products upon modern drug discovery

Toohey, E.S.; Hopkins, D.L.; Stanley, D.F.; Nielsen, S.G., 2008:
The impact of new generation pre-dressing medium-voltage electrical stimulation on tenderness and colour stability in lamb meat

Karvanen, J.; Silander, K.; Kee, F.; Tiret, L.; Salomaa, V.; Kuulasmaa, K.; Wiklund, P-Gunnar.; Virtamo, J.; Saarela, O.; Perret, C.; Perola, M.; Peltonen, L.; Cambien, F.; Erdmann, J.; Samani, N.J.; Schunkert, H.; Evans, A.; Salomaa, V.; Juolevi, A.; Vartiainen, E.; Jousilahti, P.; Virtamo, J.; Kilpeläinen, H.; Kuulasmaa, K.; Cepaitis, Z.; Haukijärvi, A.; Joseph, B.; Karvanen, J.; Kulathinal, S.; Niemelä, M.; Saarela, O.; Peltonen, L.; Silander, K.; Knaappila, S.; Alanne, M.; Laiho, P.; Pero, 2008:
The impact of newly identified loci on coronary heart disease, stroke and total mortality in the MORGAM prospective cohorts

Matthiessen, P.; Allen, Y.; Bamber, S.; Craft, J.; Hurst, M.; Hutchinson, T.; Feist, S.; Katsiadaki, I.; Kirby, M.; Robinson, C.; Scott, S.; Thain, J.; Thas, K., 2002:
The impact of oestrogenic and androgenic contamination on marine organisms in the United Kingdom: Summary of the EDMAR programme

Levine, J.R., 1991:
The impact of oil formed during coalification on the generation and storage of natural gas in coalbed reservoir systems

Booze, T.; Bundy, S.; Zhang, J., 2005:
The impact of okra-leaf cotton on beneficial insect populations

Reed, A.; Boyd, H., 1974:
The impact of opening weekend hunting on local black ducks breeding in the St Lawrence Estuary and on transient ducks

Kirkham, F., W.; Tallowin, J., R.B.; Sanderson, R., A.; Bhogal, A.; Chambers, B., J.; Stevens, D., P., 2008:
The impact of organic and inorganic fertilizers and lime on the species-richness and plant functional characteristics of hay meadow communities

S.K.cuk; A.A.pbaz, 2008:
The impact of organic pollution on the Kirmir Creek and Sakarya River in Turkey

Wu, Xiaoyi; Wang, Chunben, 2008:
The impact of organizational justice on employees' pay satisfaction, work attitudes and performance in Chinese hotels

Anonymous, 2008:
The impact of overfishing and El Nià o on the condition factor and reproductive success of Peruvian hake, Merluccius gayi peruanus

Anonymous, 2005:
The impact of parasitoids on Plutella xylostella populations in South Africa and the successful biological control of the pest on the Island of St. Helena

Anonymous, 2008:
The impact of participation in the conservation reserve program on the economiy of farm households

Anonymous, 2008:
The impact of pasture improvement on stream phosphorus concentrations in an upland catchment in Northern England

Muratori, F.; Boivin, G.; Hance, T., 2008:
The impact of patch encounter rate on patch residence time of female parasitoids increases with patch quality

Breuning-Madsen, H.; Ehlers, C.B.och; Borggaard, O.K., 2008:
The impact of perennial cormorant colonies on soil phosphorus status

Mendelssohn, H., 1971 :
The impact of pesticides on bird life in lsrael

Anonymous, 2005:
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The impact of the pedagogical training upon the student's personality

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The impact of the replacement rate of gilts and boars on the reproductive efficiency of the pig production unit

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The impact of the somatic cell count on the milk quality

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The impact of tourism for a small city: a CGE approach

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The impacts of forestry decentralization on district finances, local communities and spatial planning: a case study in Bulungan District, East Kalimantan

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The implementation of the SAPARD system in Romania