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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 23924

Chapter 23924 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Brode, W.E., 1959:
The occurrence of the pickerel frog, three salamanders and two snakes in Mississippi caves

Thonglongya, K., 1966:
The occurrence of the pied stonechat (Saxicola caprata burmanicus Staart Baker) in eastern and southeastern Thailand

Cooper, RP., 1972:
The occurrence of the pilot-bird on Wilson's Promontory

Kudenov, JD., 1975:
The occurrence of the polynoid Harmothoe cf. lunulata from the tube of the maldanid Axiothella rubrocincta (Polychaeta)

Sarojini, R.; Nagabhushanam, R., 1969:
The occurrence of the procellanid crab, Petrolisthes teres Melin in India

Gibbs, B.J., 1962:
The occurrence of the protozoan parasite Histomonas meleagridis in the adults and eggs of the cecal worm Heterakis gallinae

Larsson, K., 1968:
The occurrence of the quail (Coturnix coturnix) and the corncrake (Crex crex) in the province of Narke, Central Sweden

Johnson, Ds, 1972:
The occurrence of the rare mud-shrimp, Laomedia astacina, in Malaysian waters

MacArthur, W.P., 1957 :
The occurrence of the rat in early Europe

Hansens, E.J., 1957:
The occurrence of the rat louse (Polyplax spinulosa) on the Norway rat in New Jersey

Thomas, P.A., 1967:
The occurrence of the red mullet (goatfish) Lipeneus luzonius Jordan and Seale in the Indian seas

Mann, CF., 1972:
The occurrence of the red-headed parrot in Uganda

Brues, Charles, T., 1908:
The occurrence of the remarkable braconid genus Helori morpha in America

Barron, RJC., 1976:
The occurrence of the rock goby, Gobius paganellus L. 1758 and the two-spot goby, Chaparrudo flavescens (Fabricius, 1779) in the Blackwater Eastuary, Essex (S.E. England)

Mansueti, Romeo, J., 1960:
The occurrence of the rough scad, Trachurus lathami, in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

Petersen, G.H., 1977:
The occurrence of the sand eel (Ammodytes dubius) in 0. 1 m2 van Veen grab samples taken during winter in Godhavn Havn, Disko Bugt

Rivington, H.S., 1906:
The occurrence of the scorpion spider (Phrynicus) (Karsch) in the Shevaroy Hills

Miller, P.J., 1961:
The occurrence of the shanny and other blennies in Liverpool Bay

Bruce, AJ., 1972:
The occurrence of the shrimp Metapontonia fangiacola Bruce (Crustacea, Decapoda, Pontoniinae) in Kenyan waters

Kado, Y.; Wakimoto, T.; Matsushima, O., 1972:
The occurrence of the simple ascidian, Molgula manhattensis (De kay) in the salty pond in Takehara city

Lawson, PF.; Parker, SA., 1976:
The occurrence of the singing bushlark Mirafra javanica in north-eastern South Australia

D'abreu, E.A., 1913:
The occurrence of the slender coral snake (Callophis trimaculatus) at Nagpur, Central Provinces

Corbin, P.G., 1950:
The occurrence of the smooth sand-eel, Gymnammodytes semisquamatus (Jourdain), in the Plymouth area, with notes on G. cicerelus (Rafinesque), and G. capensis (Barnard)

Jarrett, V.H.C., 1923:
The occurrence of the snail Achatina fulica in Malaya

Peters, James, A., 1956:
The occurrence of the snake genus Hypsiglena in Ecuador

Mccann, Charles, 1961:
The occurrence of the southern bottle-nosed whale, Hyperoodon planifrons Flower, in New Zealand waters

Tanonaka, G.K., 1957:
The occurrence of the square-tail, Tetragonurus cuvieri, on the high seas south of the Aleutian islands

Przybyt, A., 1976:
The occurrence of the sturgeon Acipenser sturio in the catchment area of the Warta river

Yasumatsu, K., 1960:
The occurrence of the sub-family Lepanillinae in Japan (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)

Nighbert, E.M., 1928:
The occurrence of the swine kidney worm (Stephanurus dentatus) in the urinary bladder and ureters of the host animal

Barth, G.P., 1907:
The occurrence of the syrphid fly, Condidea lata Coq., in Wisconsin

Taylor, H.L., 1968:
The occurrence of the teiid lizard Cnemidophorus tigris marmoratus in Arizona

Sixl, W., 1973:
The occurrence of the tick Haernaphysalis concinna Koch in relation of tickborne encephalitis

Berdyev, AA., 1973:
The occurrence of the tick Ixodes eldacaricus on rodents in Kopetdag

Burtt, E.T., 1943:
The occurrence of the tick parasite Ixodiphagus caucurtei du Buysson (Hymenoptera: Chaloidoidea : fam. Encyrtidae) in Great Britain

Bafalski, J., 1956:
The occurrence of the ticks Argas vespertilionis Latr. and Argas reflexus Fabr. in Poland (Arachnida, Ixodoidea)

Hambleton, E.J., 1938:
The occurrence of the tropical mite Tarsonemus latus Banks in cotton fields of Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Becuwe, M., 1971:
The occurrence of the turnstone, Arenaria interpres(L.) and the purple sandpiper, Calidris marctuna (Brunnich) in, Belgium and Zeeuws-Vlaanderen (The Netherlands)

Saari, L., 1976:
The occurrence of the two-barred crossbill Loxia leucoptera in NE Finland

Barraclough, W.E., 1956:
The occurrence of the two-pronged hatchetfish. Argyropelecus sladeni, in British Columbia

Cooper, G.A., 1967:
The occurrence of the two-spined form of Thysanoessa inermis (Crustacea: Euphausiacea) in the North Sea

Hewitt, C.G., 1914:
The occurrence of the warble-fly (Hypoderma bovis De Geer) in Canada

Maim, CF., 1971:
The occurrence of the whiskered tern in Uganda

Jackson, J.W., 1906:
The occurrence of the white form of Helicigona lapicida (L)

Chapman, D.L., 1967:
The occurrence of the white stoat, Mustela erminea L., in Essex

Saunders, DA., 1974:
The occurrence of the white tailed black cockatoo, Calyptorhynchus baudinii. Australian Wildl

Gyllin, R.; Larsson, K., 1967:
The occurrence of the white-backed woodpecker (Dendrocopos leucotos) and the three-toed woodpecker (Picoides tridactylus) in the Province of Narke, Central Sweden

Ford, J.; Parker, S., 1973:
The occurrence of the yellow chat in south-western Queensland

Dowsett, R.J., 1965:
The occurrence of the yellow wagtail Motacilla flava flavissima in Central Africa

Humphries, C.P., 1967:
The occurrence of the yellow-tufted honeyeater on the coast

Antipa, G.A.; Small, E.B., 1971:
The occurrence of thigmotrichous ciliated Protozoa inhabiting the mantle cavity of unionid molluscs of Illinois

Fowler, H.W., 1903:
The Occurrence Of Three Interesting Fishes On The New Jersey Coast

O'Rourke, F.J., 1946:
The occurrence of three mermithogynes at Roundstone, Connemara, with notes on the ants of the area

Little, C.C., 1916:
The occurrence of three recognised colour mutations in mice

Ashby, E., 1921:
The occurrence of three species of Stenochiton in Western Australia

Ellis, JR., 2004:
The occurrence of thresher shark off the Suffolk coast

Gurumani, N., 1971:
The occurrence of thyroid follicles in the head-kidney of Mystus vittatus (Bloch)

Anonymous, 1977:
The occurrence of time-saving mechanisms in the breeding biology of the great tit, Parus major 153-169, illust

Kusaka, M.; Ikeda, D.; Funabara, D.; Hartshorne, D.J.; Watabe, S., 2008:
The occurrence of tissue-specific twitchin isoforms in the mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis

Valtonen, M.; Andersson, P., 1968:
The occurrence of toxoplasmosis in game animals in Finland

Smith, G.M.; Coates, C.W., 1939:
The occurrence of trematode ova, Hapalotrema constrictum (Leared), in fibro-epithelial tumors of the marine turtle, Chelonia mydas (Linnaeus)

Toshtchev, A.P.; Bayanov, M.G., 1963:
The occurrence of trichinosis in sable

Ogilvie, J.M.G.; Warren, A.A., 1957:
The occurrence of trimethylamine oxide in Fundulus heteroclitus

Beran, V.; Prvora, M.; Samsinak, K., 1956:
The occurrence of tropical mite Ornithonyssus bacoti in Czechoslovakia

Shaver, J.R., 1951:
The occurrence of twinning in Fundulus heteroclitus after centrifugation

Dodge, H.R., 1937:
The occurrence of two European Nitidulid beetles in Wisconsin

Beland, R.D., 1953:
The occurrence of two additional Centrarchids in the Lower Colorado River, California

Jorgensen, J., 1972:
The occurrence of two biological different population of Hylemya floras Fall. (Anthomyidae, Diptera) in Denmark

Kuroyanagi Azumi; Tsuchiya Masashi; Kawahata Hodaka; Kitazato Hiroshi, 2008:
The occurrence of two genotypes of the planktonic foraminifer Globigerinoides ruber (white) and paleo-environmental implications

Dampf, A., 1944:
The occurrence of two male forms, dichoptic and holoptic, in Simulium exiguum Roubaud (Diptera, Simuliidae)

Martenson, R.E.; Deibler, G.E.; Kies, M.W., 1971:
The occurrence of two myelin basic proteins in the central nervous system of rodents in the suborders Myomorpha and Sciuromorpha

Shaw, T.H., 1939:
The occurrence of two rare Birds within the territory of Hopei Province

Sapiro, J.J.; Hakansson, E.G.; Louttit, C.M., 1942:
The occurrence of two significantly distinct races of Endamoeba histolytica

Gilbert, H.A., 1935:
The occurrence of two species of Cecidomyids on meadow foxtail (Alopecurus pratensis L.) hitherto unreported in Canada

Dice, Lee, R., 1931:
The occurrence of two subspecies of the same species in the same area

Cummings, W.C. ., 1965:
The occurrence of underwater sounds of biological origin off the west coast of Bimini, Bahamas

Ryder, Jp, 1976:
The occurrence of unused ring-billed gull nests

Hall, F.T., 1936:
The occurrence of unusual Rhopalocera in Indiana

Meredith Will; Snape Colin, E.; Carr Andrew, D.; Nytoft Hans Peter; Love Gordon, D., 2007:
The occurrence of unusual hopenes in hydropyrolysates generated from severely biodegraded oil seep asphaltenes

Rothstein, SI., 1973:
The occurrence of unusually small eggs in three species of songbirds

Chaplin, R.E.; Atkinson, J., 1968:
The occurrence of upper canine teeth in roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) from England and Scotland

Junner, N.R., 1959:
The occurrence of uranium in ancient conglomerates; reply

Asana, J.J.; Makino, S., 1937:
The occurrence of v-shaped centrioles in the spermatocytes of some Neuropteran insects

Ratcliffe, P.R., 1970:
The occurrence of vestigial teeth in badger(Meles meles), Roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) and fox (Vulpes vulpes) from the county of Argyll, Scotland

Lance, V.; Leung, HC., 1974:
The occurrence of visceral uric acid gout in the Asiatic cobra, Naja naja

Harvey, WG., 1974:
The occurrence of waders in the Dar es Salaam area of Tanzania - part one

Harvey, WG., 1974:
The occurrence of waders in the Dar es Salaam area of Tanzania - part three

Sobolevskij, Ei, 1971:
The occurrence of walruses to the south of their habit

Jablonski, W.; Meyer, H., 1938:
The occurrence of wandering cells in cultures of nervous tissue in vitro, and the changes in their form in various media

Lanse, R., 1965:
The occurrence of warmouth Chaenobryttus gulosus (Cuvier), in the Lower Colorado river

Kowalik, Witold., 2002:
The occurrence of water mites (Hydrachnidia, Acari) in saline waters from a stone coal-mine in Bogdanka (south-eastern Poland)

Rooshnaa, U., 1967:
The occurrence of white storks in Viljandi district

Nilsson, L., 1970:
The occurrence of whooper swans (Cygnus cygnus) in the neighbourhood of Trollhattan 1956/1957-1967/1968

Brues, C.T., 1919:
The occurrence of wing-less Phoridae on tho Fiji islands

Wheeler, W.M., 1923:
The occurrence of winged females in the ant genus Leptogenys Roger, with descriptions of new species

Goin, C.J., 1948:
The occurrence ofamyda spinifera aspera in Florida

Xiao Hua.; Zheng Wenwu.; Zhan Ning., 2003:
The occurrence principle of Pissodes nitidus in Yichun Forest Region

Anonymous, 2007:
The occurrence regulation of two spotted red mite on plum trees and its control

Yang-Kyoo Lee; Hee-Wook Ryu; Jai-Young Lee; Jung-Geun Han; Kyong-H.C.ang; Jae-H.L.e, 2007:
The occurrence time estimation of oil contaminated source considering hydro-geological features

Harthill Michalann, 2006:
The occurrence, bioavailability and toxicity of arsenic from drinking or irrigation water; a widespread health issue

Anonymous, 2007:
The occurrence, damage characters and control of citrus borer

Lu, Hong-Da., 1997:
The occurrence, development and histopathology of hepatopancreatic parvovirus (HPV) disease in Penaeus chinensis

Walker, G., 1974:
The occurrence, distribution and attachment of the pedunculate barnacle Octolasmis mulleri (Coker) on the gills of crabs, particularly the blue crab, Callinectes sapidus Rathbun

Fraser, J.H., 1936:
The occurrence, ecology and life history of Tigriopus fulvus (Fischer)

Sonneborn, T.M., 1941:
The occurrence, frequency and causes of failure to undergo reciprocal cross-fertilization during mating in Paramecium aurelia, variety 1

Parrish, DW., 1972:
The occurrence, geographical distribution and wild vertebrate host relationships of ticks (l xodoidea) on Luzon lsland Philippines, with descriptions of three new species

Bushnell, J.H.; Porter, T.W., 1967:
The occurrence, habitat, and prey of Craspedacusta sowerbyi (particularly polyp stage) in Michigan

Bolster, R.C., 1922:
The occurrence, habits and breeding of the Spotted Sandgrouse (Pteroclurus senegallus) in the Bahawalpur State, Punjab

Long, CA., 1976:
The occurrence, status and importance of bats in Wisconsin with a key to the species

Yoder, Monroe, C., 1926:
The occurrence, storage and distribution of glycogen in Hydra viridis and Hydra fusca

Hawkins, H.L.ader; Hampton, S.M.rion, 1927:
The occurrence, structure and affinities of Echinocystis and Palaeodiscus

Netting, M.G.G.een, N.B.; Richmond, N.D., 1946:
The occurrence; of Wehrle's Salamander, Plethodon wehrki Fowler and Dunn, in Virginia

Sealy, SG.; Nelson, RW., 1973:
The occurrences and status of the horned puffin in British Columbia

Ruttledge, R.F., 1957:
The occurrences by months and counties of the Smew and Spotted Redshark in Ireland

Ardley, Edward., 1912:
The occurrences of Ostrea in the Pleistocene Deposits of the vicinity of Montreal

McCaskie, G., 1970:
The occurrences of four species of Pelecaniformes in the southwestern United States

Sealy, SG., 1971:
The occurrences of some western birds in Saskatchewan

Taghipour Batoul; Noorbehesht Iraj, 2007:
The occurrences of turquoise in advanced argillic alteration of Darreh-Zerresk and Ali-Abad porphyry copper deposits, Taft-Yazd Province, central Iran

Samuel, N., 1966:
The occurrences of waxwings in the Carpathian basin (1950-1958)

Thomson, J.G., 1936:
The occurrenoe of Glugea anomala (Moniez, 1887, 1893) in the stickleback Gasterosteus aculeatus in ponds and streams in England

Wierzbicka, J.; Wierzbicki, K., 1973:
The occurreuce of nematodes of the genus Skrjabillanus igin et Sigma, 1958 (Nematoda, Skrjabillanidae) in Poland

Haverschmidt, F., 1977:
The occurreuce of the crimson fruit crow Haematoderus militaris in Surinam

Murray, Sir, J., 1914:
The ocean : a general account of the science of the sea

Stewart, R.W., 1990:
The ocean and climate

Helvarg, David ., 2005:
The ocean and coastal conservation guide, 2005-2006

Brunner, Bernd., 2005:
The ocean at home: an illustrated history of the aquarium

Glauert, L., 1943:
The ocean birds of the Perth beaches

Faulkner, D., 1971:
The ocean community: lesson for man

Sheehy, D.J.; Shenonda, S.Y.K.; Alton, A.J.; Saila, S.B.; Constantinides, S.M., 1977:
The ocean pout: an example of underutiuzed fisheries resource development

Van Hyning, Jack, M., 1951:
The ocean salmon troll fishery of Oregon

Cheng, L., 1973:
The ocean strider Halobates (Heteroptera Gerridae) in the Atlantic Ocean

Harrison, T., 1954:
The ocean sun-fish in Sarawak, 1954

Houghton, J.D.R.; Doyle, T.K.; Davenport, J.; Hays, G.C., 2006:
The ocean sunfish Mola mola: insights into distribution, abundance and behaviour in the Irish and Celtic Seas

Fraser-Brunner, A., 1951:
The ocean sunfishes (family Molidae)

Anonymous, 1971:
The ocean world. Proceedings of joint Oceanographic Assembly IAPSO IABO CMG SCOR 13 25 September 1970, Tokyo, Japan

Marchitto, T.M.; Lehman, S.J.; Ortiz, J.D.; van Geen, A., 2006:
The ocean's great deglacial CO (sub 2) release; evidence from deep sea CaCO (sub 3) preservation and intermediate water (super 14) C activity

Cheng, L., 1974:
The ocean-strider Halobates (Heteroptera: Gerridae)

Dell, R.K., 1964:
The oceanic crab, Pachygrapsus marinus (Rathbun) in the south-west Pacific

Pearcy, W.G.; Forss, C.A., 1969:
The oceanic shrimp Sergestes similis off the Oregon Coast

Lea, Einar, 1929:
The oceanic stage in the life history of the Norwegian herring

Betchaida, D.P.yot; Sebastien Jego; Rene, C.M.ury; Mireille Polve; Michel Gregoire; Georges Ceuleneer; Rodolfo, A.T.mayo Jr; Graciano, P.Y.mul Jr; Herve Bellon; Joseph Cotten, 2007:
The oceanic substratum of northern Luzon; evidence from xenoliths within Monglo adakite (the Philippines)

Rice, AL., 1975:
The oceanography of John Ross's Arctic Expedition of 1818; a re-appraisal

Cooper, L.H.N., 1961:
The oceanography of the Celtic Sea. I. Wind drift

Yoshida, M., 1969:
The ocellar pigment of the anthomedusa Spirocodon saltatrix: does its photoreduction bear any physiological significance?

Walker, B., 1974:
The ocellated featherback - a graceful knife fish

Boos, HEA., 1974:
The ocellated gecko

Weber, G.; Renner, M., 1976:
The ocellus of the cockroach, Periplaneta americana (Blattariae). Cell Tiss

Hardwick, D.F., 1965:
The ochrogaster group of the genus Euxoa (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), with description of a new species

Grensted, L.W., 1943:
The ocourrence of Hydropsyche aaxonica McLach. in Britain with a key to the British species of the genus Hydropsyche Pict. (Trich., Hydropsychidae)

Clarke, W.E., 1909:
The ocourrence of Phylloscopus borealis, not P. viridanus at Sule Skerry: a correction

Doetschman, W.H., 1941:
The ocourrence of mites in Pinnipeds, including a new species from the California sealion, Zalophus californianus,

Malaisé, M.; Schätzl, H.M.; Bürkle, A., 2008:
The octarepeat region of prion protein, but not the TM1 domain, is important for the antioxidant effect of prion protein

Berry, S.S., 1916:
The octopod Ocythoe in California

Rosenberg, Nd, 1974:
The octopus 'cowardly lion' of the sea

Linden, Eugene., 2002:
The octopus and the orangutan: new tales of animal intrigue, intelligence, and ingenuity

Hochner, B.; Shomrat, T.; Fiorito, G., 2006:
The octopus: a model for a comparative analysis of the evolution of learning and memory mechanisms

Molleda, Jé.M.; Tardón, R.H.; Gallardo, Jé.M.; Martín-Suárez, E.M., 2007:
The ocular effects of intravitreal triamcinolone acetonide in dogs

Dukes, T.W., 1969:
The ocular fundus of normal White-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus)

Stefanov, SB., 1975:
The ocular insertion for complete stereological measuring of microscopic objects

Dilly, PN.; Herring, PJ., 1974:
The ocular light organ of Bathothauma lyromma (Mollusca: Cephalopoda)

Ten Kate, J.H., 1969:
The oculo-vestibular reflex of Esox

Blacklock, B., 1917:
The ocurrence of Ankylostoma ceylanicum in West African dogs

Greve, E., 1975:
The ocurrence of Sarcocystis miescheriana in a stock of bacon pigs. An investigation of the frequency during a year

Boring.; Alice, M., 1913:
The odd chromo some in Cerastipsocus venosus

Boring, A.M.; Pearl, R., 1914:
The odd chromosome in the spermatogenesis of the Domestic Chicken

Colthrup, C.W., 1912:
The odd egg in a clutch

Piccioli Resta, G.; Viva, C., 2000:
The odd types of the Museo Missionario Cinese di Storia Naturale of the Minor Friars

Pfeiffer, CB., 1977:
The odd world of galls

Thompson, D., 1975:
The odd-ball goose

Oliver, J.A., 1956:
The oddest-looking crocodilian

Yamaguchi, M., 1975:
The odonate fauna established at an artificially prepared pond in Heirinji temple forest

Futahashi, R.; Futahashi, H.; Araki, Y., 2002:
The odonate fauna of Noto Peninsula, Hokuriku District, Honshu

Bose, G.; Mitra, TR., 1976:
The odonate fauna of Rajasthan

Asahina, S., 1968:
The odonate fauna of Rikuchu

Anonymous, 2006:
The odonate fauna of the Noto Peninsula, Hokuriku district, Honshu (2)

Yang, X.; van den Dolder, J.; Walboomers, X.Frank.; Zhang, W.; Bian, Z.; Fan, M.; Jansen, J.A., 2007:
The odontogenic potential of STRO-1 sorted rat dental pulp stem cells in vitro

Bowell, E.W.W., 1897:
The odontophores of mollusca

Beuerman, RW., 1973:
The odor evoked extracellular field potential of the chelonian olfactory bulb

Semyanov, V.P.; Vagina, N.P., 2001:
The odor of aphids as a signal for termination of the trophic diapause in the lady beetle Harmonia sedecimnotata (Fabr.) (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae)

Humphrey, P.S.; Phillips, R.E., 1958:
The odor of the Crested Auklet

Sun, P.; Yu, H.; Zhao, Y.; Zhao, X., 2007:
The odor recognition of cross-fostered female root vole (Microtus oeconomus) to male' urine

Roth, Louis, M., 1945:
The odoriferous glands in the Tenebrionidae

Gilchrist, T.L.; Stansfield, F.; Cloudsley-Thompson, J.L., 1966:
The odoriferous principle of Piezodorus teretipes (Stal) (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae)

Fleay, D., 1949:
The odorous and curiously-named Cuscus

Wharton, D.R.A.; Miller, G.L.; Wharton, M.L., 1954:
The odorous attractant of the American cockroach, Periplaneta americana (L.). I, II

Poglayen, I., 1973:
The odorous olingo

Anonymous, 2008:
The odour language of animals

Johnson, W.G., 1899:
The odour of Coccidae

LaSalle, J.M., 2007:
The odyssey of MeCP2 and parental imprinting

Embury, L., 1940:
The odyssey of Uncle Sam's Eagle

Halaszfy, C.E., 1954:
The oecol-ogy and distribution of the Brachy-platid and Cydnid species in Hungary and the neighbouring countries

Crossland, C., 1905:
The oecology and deposits of the Cape Verde marine fauna

Stanchinsky, V.V., 1927:
The oecotropic factors as a special category of factors of distribution of birds

Kapitonov, V.I., 1960:
The oekology of the marmot (Marmota camtschatica Pall.)

Rastogi, S.C., 1965:
The oesophageal valve of some terrestrial and aquatic Heteroptera

Harrison, R.J.J.hnson, F.R.; Young, B.A., 1970:
The oesophagus and stomach of dolphins (Tursiops, Delphinus, Stenella)

Kirtisinghe, P., 1939:
The oesophagus of the earthworm Pheretima peguana (Rosa)

Marshall, F.H.A., 1903:
The oestrous cycle and the formation of the corpus luteum in the sheep

Marshall, F.H.A., 1904:
The oestrous cycle in the Ferret

Hartman, C., 1923:
The oestrous cycle in the Opossum

Seaborn, E., 1925:
The oestrous cycle in the mare and some associated phenomena

Suomalainen, Hannu, 1949:
The oestrous cycle of the mouse as studied by the colchicine method

Hutchinson, JSM., 1972:
The oestrous cycle with particular reference to the neural control of the ovary

Meltzev, J., 1947:
The oestrus cycle of Rhodeus amarus Bloch

Butler, H., 1967:
The oestrus cycle of the Senegal bush baby (Galago senegalensis senegalensis) in the Sudan

Klochkov, DV.; Alekhina, TA.; Trapezov, OV.; Petrenko, OI., 2005:
The oestrus cycle, folliculogenesis and brain catecholamines after stimulation by chorionic gonadotropin of the reproductive system of female minks selected for their behaviour.

Kawamura, T., 1951:
The off-spring of trioloid males of the frog, Rana nigromaculata

Wade, J.S., 1936:
The officers of our society for fifty years (1884-1934)

Hudon, Jocelyn., 2005:
The official list of the birds of Alberta: now 400 species and counting

Brogie, Mark, A., 2004:
The official list of the birds of Nebraska: 2003

Anonymous, 1950:
The official record of proceedings of the section on nomenclature of the Thirteenth International Congress of Zoology held in Paris in July 1948

Horstman, E.L.; Purcell, P.G., 1988:
The offshore Canning Basin - a review

Stahl, Jb, 1971:
The offshore bottom fauna of Lake Patzcuaro, Mexico

Porter, H.J.; Chestnut, A.F., 1960:
The offshore clam fishery of North Carolina

Johnson, M.W., 1960:
The offshore drift of larvae of the California spiny lobster Panulirus interruptus

Connor, David., 2001:
The offshore environment and marine nature conservation - the developing programme

Field, William, L.W., 1910:
The offspring of a captured female Basilarchia proserpina

Kawamura, T.; Yokota, R., 1959:
The offspring of sex-reversed females of Rana japonica Guenther

Zuanon, J.; Sazima, I., 2005:
The ogre catfish: prey scooping by the auchenipterid Asterophysus batrachus

Ramaswami, L.S., 1945:
The ohon- drocranium of Gambusia (Cyprino- dontes) with an account of the osteo- cranium of the adult

Ramaswami, L.S., 1948:
The ohondrocraniuin of Gecgenophis (Apoda,amphibia)

Howarth, I., 1990:
The oil and gas correspondent. Discovering new fields: confronting new issues

Katz, H. R., 1970:
The oil and natural gas map of the East Coast, North Island

Whitley, G., 1948 :
The oil fish in Australia

Esterly, Calvin, O., 1913:
The oil fly of southern California.

Anonymous, 2005:
The oil for ape scandal: how palm oil is threatening orang-utan survival

Elder, William, H., 1954:
The oil gland of birds

Aribert Christ, R.P., 1991:
The oil industry towards 2000

Zykov, Y.D.; Koshurnikov, A.V.; Anisimova, I.V.; Mironova, T.E., 2008:
The oil pollution influence of frozen soils on their geophysical characteristics

Brown, E.S., 1967:
The oiled birds problem

Dennis, R.H., 1970:
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