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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 23941

Chapter 23941 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Papaconstantinou, J.; Julku, E.M., 1968:
The regulation of ribosomal RNA synthesis and ribosomal assembly in the vertebrate lens

Yuling Jie, ; Hongqiang Yang, ; Lianzhong Zhang, ; Xinsuo Luo,, 2008:
The regulation of root pruning and soil water content affects apple leaf water use efficiency

Ebling, F.J.P.; Barrett, P., 2008:
The regulation of seasonal changes in food intake and body weight

Maslennikova, V.A. ., 1968:
The regulation of seasonal development in parasitic insects

Brown, S.G.; Gallacher, M.; Olver, R.E.; Wilson, S.M., 2008:
The regulation of selective and nonselective Na+ conductances in H441 human airway epithelial cells

Losada, A., 2008:
The regulation of sister chromatid cohesion

Adolph, E.F., 1931:
The regulation of size as illustrated in unicellular organisms

Collins, H.H.; Adolph, E.F., 1926:
The regulation of skin-pattern in an amphibian, Diemyctylus

Steinbach, H.B., 1954:
The regulation of sodium and potassium in muscle fibres

Weidler, D.J.; Diecke, F.P.J., 1970:
The regulation of sodium ions in the central nervous system of the herbivorous insect Carausius morosus

Oordt, G.J. v.; Oordt, P.G.W.J. v., 1955:
The regulation of spermatogenesis in the frog

Turner, C.L., 1952:
The regulation of spontaneous structural anomalies in Pelmatohydra oligactis

Pembrey, M.S.; White, W.H., 1896:
The Regulation of Temperature in Hybernating Animals

Thiessen, D.D., 1971:
The regulation of territorial marking in the Mongolian gerbil

Thompson, W.F., 1929:
The regulation of the Halibut fisheries of the Pacific coast of North America

Valente, D.; Edwards, G.A., 1955:
The regulation of the activity rhythm of the crab (Trichodactylus petropolitanus)

Boycott, A.E., 1937:
The regulation of the haemoglobin in the blood of Mammals

Lockwood, A.P.M., 1959:
The regulation of the internal sodium concentration of Asellus aquaticus in the absence of sodium chloride in the medium

Hill, Margaret, 1931:
The regulation of the ovarian cycle

Latif, A-FA., 1973:
The regulation of the transition of fish into the spawning condition

Troshin, A.S., 1954:
The regulation of the water contained in protoplasma

Wedd, M., 1989:
The regulation of uranium mining in the Northern Territory

Mora, J.; Martuscelli, J.; Orti, P.Neda, J.; Soberon, G., 1965:
The Regulation Of Urea-Biosynthesis Enzymes In Vertebrates

Adolph, Edward, F., 1927:
The regulation of volume and concentration in the body fluids of earthworms

Jrgensen, C.B.rker; Dales, R.P.illips, 1957:
The regulation of volume and osmotic regulation in some nereid polychaetes

Green, J.W.; Harsch, M.; Barr, L.; Prosser, C.L.dd, 1959:
The regulation of water and salt by the fiddler crabs, Uca pugnax and Uca pugilator

Kelly, TJ., 1975:
The regulation of yolk deposition in the large milkweed bug Oncopeltus fasciatus

Bownes, Mary., 2005:
The regulation of yolk protein gene expression and vitellogenesis in higher Diptera

Anon., 1951:
The regulations issued in pursuance of the Whaling Act

Honek, A., 1976 :
The regulatiou of wing polymorphism in natural populations of Pyrrhocoris apterus (Heteroptera, Pyrrhocoridae)

Child, C.M., 1909:
The regulatory change of shape in Planaria dorotocephala

Anonymous, 2008:
The regulatory effects of quercetin combined with DDP on Bcl-2 and Bax expressions in transplanted lung adenocarcinoma in mice and their significance

Davidson, Eric, H., 2006:
The regulatory genome: gene regulatory networks in development and evolution

Narasimhan, M.J.; Ganla, V.G., 1968:
The regulatory influence of the submandibular salivary gland on growth

Osipov, DV., 1972:
The regulatory mechanisms of sexual process in ciliates

Steinberg, D.M., 1938:
The regulatory processes in insect metamorphosis. ii. The embryonic territories of wing and leg in the hypoderm of the caterpillars of Galleria melonella

Child, C.M., 1911:
The regulatory processes in organisms

Regenstein, JM., 1973:
The regulatory proteins of lobster striated muscle

Holwerda, DA. de Zwaan, A. van Marrewijk, WJA., 1973:
The regulatory role of pyruvate kinase in the sea mussel Mytilus edulis L

Lan, R.Y.; Selmi, C.; Gershwin, M.Eric., 2008:
The regulatory, inflammatory, and T cell programming roles of interleukin-2 (IL-2)

Merton, D.V., 1970:
The rehabilitation of Cuvier Island

Poles, E., 1967:
The rehabilitation of Eyass sparrowhawks

Anonymous, 1986:
The rehabilitation of Rum Jungle

Allen, C.G., 1984:
The rehabilitation of Whites overburden heap

Schuman, G.E., 1988:
The rehabilitation of mined lands for agricultural use in the United States

Parsons, N.J.; Tjorve, K.M.; Underhill, L.G.; Strauss, V., 2006:
The rehabilitation of swift terns Sterna bergii incapacitated by marine foam on Robben Island, South Africa

D.Castellanos, Z.J.A., 1967:
The rehabilitation of the genus Martialia Roch, and Mab. 1887 (Mol. Cephalopoda.)

Hopkins, A.L., 1958:
The rehydration contraction of frozen dried muscle

Werniuk Jane, 2000:
The reincarnation of the Red Lake Mine; what a difference a new orebody makes

Fridriksson, S., 1960:
The reindeer in Iceland

Vorren, xD., 1960 :
The reindeer industry

Beesley, W.N., 1969:
The reindeer warble fly, Oedemagena tarandi

Hershkovitz, P., 1953:
The reindeer-important to man in fact and fancy

Sphon, G.G., 1971:
The reinstatement of Hypselodoris agassizi(Bergh, 1894) (Mollusca: Opisthobranchia)

Climo, FM., 1972:
The reinstatement of Mactra murchisoni Deshayes, 1854 (Mollusca: Bivalvia: Mactridae). Records Dom

Ponder, Wf, 1975:
The reinstatement of the name Astralium teutoriiformis (Jonas) for Bellastraea Sirius of authors (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Turbinidae)

Sluiter, H., 2003:
The reintroduction and the present status of the beaver (Castor fiber) in the Netherlands: an overview

Curry Lindahl, K., 1966:
The reintroduction of eagle owls in Sweden

Meriggi, A.; Mazzoni Della Stella, R.; Brangi, A.; Ferloni, M.; Masseroni, E.; Merli, E.; Pompilio, L., 2007:
The reintroduction of grey and red-legged partridges (Perdix perdix and Alectoris rufa) in central Italy: a metapopulation approach

Gientka Michal, 2004:
The reintroduction of peat into the mineral resources list; ten years later

Love, JA., 1977:
The reintroduction of sea eagles to the Isle of Rhum

Simon, M.A.gel; Couto, S.; Carrasco, A.L.cio; Garcia-Baquero, M.J.sus; Godino, A.; Gutierrez, J.E.genio; Hernandez, F.J.; Jimenez, E.; Linan, M.; Lopez, M.; Padial, J.M.nuel; Salamanca, J.C.sar; Bautista, F. de Barco, M.; Cabrera, L.; Macias, E., 2007:
The reintroduction of the bearded vulture Gypaetus barbatus in Andalusia, southern Spain

Ionescu, G.; Ionescu, O.; Mot, R., 2001:
The reintroduction of the beaver (Castor fiber) in Romania

Daltry, JC., 2006:
The reintroduction of the critically endangered Antiguan racer Alsophis antiguae to Rabbit Island, Antigua

Kramer, H., 1968:
The reintroduction of the great eagle owl (Bubo bubo) in the Eifel area of Germany

Hatzofe, Ohad, 2003:
The reintroduction of the white-tailed sea eagle in Israel

Chase, R.S., 1968:
The rejection of large objects by the regenerating amphibian limb

Kappers, C.U.R., 1926:
The rela-tion of the cerebellum weight to the total brain weight in human races and in some animals

Chernin, E., 1952:
The relapse phenomenon in Leucocytozoon simondi infection of the domestic duck

Chernin, E., 1950:
The relapse phenomenon in Leucocytozoon simondi infections in domestic ducks

Hindle, Edward., 1911:
The relapsing fever of Tropical Africa. A review

Davis, G.E., 1954:
The relapsing fevers : tick - spirochete specificity studies

Davis, G.E.; Hoogstraal, H., 1956:
The relapsing fevers: a survey of tick-borne spirochetes in Egypt

Hubbs, C.L., 1927:
The related effects of a parasite on a fish

Browning, I., 1949:
The relation be-tween potassium oxalate concentration and crossing over

Zeleny, Charles., 1909:
The relation between Degree of Injury and Rate of Regeneration. Additional observations and general discussion

Gamble, F.W., 1910:
The relation between Light and Pigment-formation in Crenilabrus and Hippolyte

Macmillan, C., 1895:
The relation between Metazom and Metaphytic reproductive processes

Rall, G., 1937:
The relation between Rodents and the mosaic landscape of the sandy semidesert

Herskowitz, I.H., 1954:
The Relation Between X-Ray Dosage And The Frequency Of Simulated Healing Of Chromosome Breakages In Drosophila Melanogaster Females

Savhagen, R., 1961:
The relation between X-ray sensitivity and stages of development of treated cells in spermato- and spermiogenesis of Drosophila melanogaster

McClendon, J.F., 1913:
The Relation Between Abnormal Permeability And Abnormal Development Of Fundulus Eggs

Cook, S.F.; Scott, K.G., 1932:
The relation between absorption and elimination of water by Termopsis anqusticollis

Bannister, W.H., 1965:
The Relation Between Acid Secretion And Oxygen Uptake By Gastric Mucosa Of The Frog

Dingle, Hugh, 1965:
The relation between age and flight activity in the milkweed bug, Oncopeltus

Harkness, RD., 1976:
The relation between an ant, Cataglyphis bicolor (F.) (Hym Formicidae) and a spider, Zodarium frenatum (Simon) (Araneae, Zodariidae)

Eastwood, E.H., 1923:
The relation between appendicitis, Oxyuris vermicularis and local eosinophilia in the appendix wall

Fennell, R.A., 1941:
The relation between attachment to the substratum, adherence of Chilomonads to the plasmalemma, and ingestion of food by Amoeba

Ahmed, Rg, 2006:
The relation between biological consequences and high temperature in mammals

Ahmed, Rg, 2006:
The relation between biological consequences and temperature on some non-mammalian species

Iwahashi, U., 1927:
The relation between birds and the eggs of parasites (in Japanese)

Shakuntala, K., 1977:
The relation between body size and number of eggs in the freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium lamarrei (H. Milne Edwards) (Decapoda, Caridea)

Lyon, R.M.Murray, 1930:
The relation between body weight and arterial cross-section

Kriebel, R.M.; Meetz, G.D.; Burke, J.D., 1976:
The relation between capillaries and neurons in the caudal neurosecretory system of Pomatomus saltatrix

Lumby, J.R., 1923:
The relation between catches of Mackerel and the surface temperature in situ

Mather, K., 1933:
The relation between chiasmata and crossing-over in diploid and triploid Drosophila melanogaster

Browne, Ethel Nicholson, 1910:
The relation between chromosome-number and species in Notonecta

Dingemans, K.P., 1969:
The relation between cilia and mitoses in the mouse adenohypophysis

Tyler, Albert, 1931:
The relation between cleavage and total activation in artificially activated eggs of Urechis

Hameed, B.; Pilcher, J.; Heron, C.; Kiely, P.D.W., 2008:
The relation between composite ultrasound measures and the DAS28 score, its components and acute phase markers in adult RA

Rigler, F.H., 1961:
The relation between concentration of food and feeding rate of Daphnia magna Straus

Lillie, Ralph Stayner., 1906:
The relation between contractility and coagulation of of the colloids in the Ctenophore swimming-plate

Loomis, W.F.; Jr., 1968:
The relation between cytod ifferentiation and inactivation of a developing controlled enzyme in Dictyostelium discoideum

Leakey, C.L.A.; Perry, D.A., 1966:
The relation between damage caused by insect pests and boll rot associated with Glomerella cingulata (Stonem.) Spauld. & von Schrenk (Colletotrichum gossypii Southw.) on upland cotton in Uganda

Hou Kejun; L.Y.nhe; Wan Defang; Yue Guoliang, 2006:
The relation between delta (super 33) S values of Archean sedimentary sulfide and contemporaneous volcanic activities

Zheng, L.; Gao, F.; Liu, W., 2001:
The relation between diet and tooth size and morphology - application to the diet analysis for Yuanmou hominoid

Glenny, A.T., 1925:
The relation between dosage and death-time

Horvat, D.; Magdic, D.; Simic, G.; Dvojkovic, K.; Drezner, G., 2008:
The relation between dough rheology and bread crumb properties in winter wheat

Figler, MH., 1972:
The relation between eliciting stimulus strength and habituation of the threat display in male Siamese fighting fish, Betta splendens

Imaizumi, Y., 1962:
The relation between endemic species and geographical distribution in Japanese mammals

Morgan, T.H.; Tyler, A., 1938:
The relation between entrance point of the spermatozoon and bilaterality of the egg of Chaetopterus

Bennet Clark, H.C., 1963:
The relation between epicuticular folding and the subsequent size of an insect

Lasker, R., 1971:
The relation between exercise and biochemical changes in red and white muscle and liver in the jack mackerel, Trachurus symmetricus. Fishery

Spofford, J.B., 1956:
The Relation between Expressivity and Selection against Eyeless in Drosophila Melanogaster

Parkes, A.S.; Drummond, J.C., 1928:
The relation between fatness and sterility

Anokhica, L.E., 1959:
The relation between fecundity and fatness in the Baltic herring (Clupea harengus membras L.)

Anonymous, 2006:
The relation between feeding behaviour in the first 72 hours of life and the weight at the time the foster stops for the Karakul lambs

Degtereva, A.A., 1965:
The relation between feeding of cod larvae and pelagic fry and the distribution and abundance of their principle food organisms

Lloyd, R.E., 1909:
The relation between fertility and normality in Rats

Hopkins, Dwight Lucian, 1937:
The relation between food, the rate of locomotion and reproduction in the marine amoeba, Flabellula mira

Stephenson, TA., 1933:
The relation between form and environment in corals

Child, C.M., 1906:
The relation between functional regulation and form-regulation

Hamilton, J.; Stevenson., 1911:
The relation between game and tsetse flies

Gray, I.E., 1940:
The relation between gill eurface and aotivity in marine fishes

Gray, I.E., 1947:
The relation between gill surface and activity in marine fishes

Pentelow, F.T.K., 1939:
The relation between growth and food consumption in the Brown Trout (Salmo trutta)

Rzehak, K., 1960:
The relation between growth and regeneration in tadpoles of Xenopus laevis Daud

Fennell, R.A., 1951:
The relation between growth substances, cytochemical properties of Tetrahymena geleii, and lesion induction in the chorioallantois

Anonymous, 2008:
The relation between heavy metals and trace elements levels in blood of sheep reared on sewage-polluted plants

Wallis, D.I., 1962:
The relation between hunger, activity and worker function in an ant colony

Kimball, R.F., 1950:
The relation between induced mutation and retardation of cell division brought about by ultraviolet irradiation of Paramecium aurelia

Burnett, A.L.; Diehl, N.A.; Mutterperl, E., 1962:
The relation between inductive regions and interstitial cell distribution in Hydra pirardi , Tubularia crocea and Hydractinia sp.

Parker, R.A.; Helm, R., 1965:
The relation between inorganic phosphate uptake and oxygen consumption by Daphnia schodleri Sars

Pitts, B.F.Mast, O.M., 1933:
The relation between inorganic salt concentration, hydrogen ion concentration and physiological processes in Amoeba proteus. I. Rate of locomotion, gel/sol ratio, and hydrogen ion concentration in balanced salt solutions

Pitts, R.F.; Mast, S.O., 1934:
The relation between inorganic salt concentration, hydrogen ion concentration and physiological processes in Amoeba proteus. II. Rate of locomotion, gel/sol ratio, and hydrogen ion concentration of single salts

Barth, L.G.; Barth, L.J., 1963:
The relation between intensity of inductor and type of cellular differentiation of Rana pipiens presumptive epidermis

Baker, J.R., 1939:
The relation between latitude and breeding seasons n Birds

Sweatman, G.K., 1955:
The relation between lesions in lambs and the development of the cysticerci of Taenia hydatigena Pallar 1766

Streett, J.C., 1958:
The relation between liver weight and degree of restoration after partial hepatectomy in Rana pipiens

Mann, KH., 1973:
The relation between lobster abundance, sea urchins and kelp beds

Hopkins, D.L., 1936 :
The relation between locomotion and temperature in the marine amoeba, Flabellula mira Schaeffer, with special reference to adaptation to temperature

Dolley, William, L., 1930:
The relation between luminous intensity and the length of the refractory period in the eye of Eristalis tenax

Mast, S.O.; Stahler, N., 1937:
The relation between luminous intensity, adaptation to light, and rate of locomotion in Amoeba proteus (Leidy.)

Perrone, M.; Jr., 1976:
The relation between mate choice and parental investment patterns in fish who brood their young: theory and a case study

Orkand, R.K., 1962:
The relation between membrane potential and contraction in single crayfish muscle fibres

Noguchi, S.; Toramaru, A., 2004:
The relation between microlite textures and discharge rate during 1990-1995 at Unzen, Japan

Peterson, EA.; Levison, M.; Lovett, S.; Feng, A.; Dunn, SH., 1974:
The relation between middle ear morphology and peripheral auditory function in rodents, l: Sciuridae. Journal aud

Brown, E.S., 1951:
The relation between migration-rate and type of habitat in aquatic insects, with special reference to certain species of Corixidae

Applegate, V.C.; Johnson, B.G.H.; Smith, M.A., 1966:
The relation between molecular structures and biological activity among mononitrophenols containing halogens

Kidd, W., 1904:
The relation between muscular activity and beauty of form in animals

Zika, J.; Singer, M., 1965:
The relation between nerve fiber number and limb regenerative capacity in the lizard, Anolis

Matsuo, Junichi, 2005:
The relation between nests in which jungle and carrion crows used wire hangers and the vegetation coverage in Osaka City and Sakai City

Pelluet, D.; Lane, N.J., 1961:
The relation between neuro-secretion and cell differentiation in the ovotestis of slugs (Gasteropoda: Pulmonata)

Morgan.; Torelle, E., 1904:
The relation between normal and abnormal development (iv), as determined by Roux's experiment of injuring the first formed blastomeres of the frog's egg

Morgan, T.H., 1902:
The relation between normal and abnormal development of the embryo of the Frog as determined by injury to the yolk-portion of the egg

Morgan, T.H., 1903:
The relation between normal and abnormal development of the embryo of the Frog, as determined by the effect of Lithium Chloride in solution

Morgan, T.H., 1904:
The relation between normal and abnormal development of the embryo of the Prog (III) as determined by some abnormal forms of development

Morgan., 1904:
The relation between normal and abnormal development of the embryo of the frog (iii), as determined by some abnormal forma of development

Morgan, T.H., 1905:
The relation between normal and abnormal development of the embryo of the frog. IX. As determined by insufficient aeration

Morgan, T.H., 1905:
The relation between normal and abnormal development of the embryo of the frog. VI. As determined by incomplete injury to one of the first two blastomeres

Morgan, T.H., 1905:
The relation between normal and abnormal development of the embryo of the frog. VII. As determined by injury to the top of the egg in the two and four-cell stages

Morgan, T.H., 1905:
The relation between normal and abnormal development of the embryo of the frog. VIII. As determined by injuries caused by a low temperature

Morgan, T.H., 1905:
The relation between normal and abnormal development of the embryo of the frog. v. As determined by the removal of the upper blastomeres of the frog's egg

Morgan, T.H., 1905:
The relation between normal and abnormal development of the embryo of the frog. x, A re-examination of the early stages of normal development from the point of view of the results of abnormal development

Morgan, T.H., 1906:
The relation between normal and abnormal development of the embryo of the frog: 6-10

Morgan, T.H., 1905:
The relation between normal and abnormal development of the frog's egg

Dethier, V.G., 1952:
The relation between olfactory response and receptor population in the blowfly

Lemon, R.E., 1968:
The relation between organization and function of song in cardinals

Powers, E.B., 1930:
The relation between pH and aquatic animals

Hammen, L. van der., 1964:
The relation between phylogeny and post-embryonic ontogeny in actinotrichid mites

Olson, W.P.; O'brien, R.D., 1963:
The relation between physical properties and penetration of solutes into the cockroach cuticle

Bruin, G.H.P. de., 1957:
The relation between pigment migration and vision in Crustacea

Dunson, MK.; Dunson, WA., 1975:
The relation between plasma Na concentration and salt gland Na-KATPase content in the diamondback terrapin and the yellow-bellied sea snake

Kaai, G., 1964:
The relation between population density of Ditylemhus dipsaci and the amount of damage in some crops

Licht, P., 1966:
The relation between preferred body temperatures and testicular heat sensitivity in lizards

Banta, A.M., 1925:
The relation between previous sexual reproduction and the production of male offspring in Moina macrocopa

Tolrin, B.P.; Tokim, I.B., 1959:
The relation between processes of the ovogenesis and budding with Hydra oligactis

Mallart, A.; Martin, A.R., 1968:
The relation between quantum content and facilitation at the neuromuscular junction of the frog

Pitts, Robert, F., 1933:
The relation between rate of locomotion and form in Amoeba proteus

Fumiki Kaai; Yoshifumi Kawana; Hamako Sasamoto, 2008:
The relation between recalcitrancy of a mangrove plant, Kandelia obovata, and high endogenous level of abscisic acid

Clark, A.H., 1914:
The relation between recent crinoids and the temperature of their habitat

Teshirogi, W.; Jin, A., 1964:
The relation between regeneration and the nervous system in the freshwater planarian, Bdellocephala brunnea. I. Regeneration by a cut piece lacking the ventral nerve cords

Teshirogi, W.; Yagiashi, M., 1968:
The relation between regeneration and the nervous system in the freshwater planarian, Bdellocephala brunnea.2. Distribution and form of nerve cells in brain-nerve cords

Child, C.M., 1906:
The relation between regulation and fission in Planaria

Bianca, W., 1958:
The relation between respiratory rate and heart rate in the calf subjected to severe heat stress

Lansing, A.I.; Rosenthal, T.B., 1952:
The relation between ribonucleic acid and ionic transport across the cell surface

Edman, K.A.P., 1966:
The relation between sarcomere length and active tension in isolated semitendinosus fibres of frog

Smith, S.B., 1955:
The relation between scale diameter and body length of Kamloops trout, Salmo gairdneri kamloops

Kojima, Y., 1959:
The relation between seasonal migration and spawning of a periwinkle, Littorina brevicida (Philippi)

Azarpazhooh, M.R.; Rafi, S.; Etemadi, M.M.; Khadem, N.; Fazlinejad, A., 2008:
The relation between short-term oral contraceptive consumption and cerebrovascular, cardiovascular disorders in Iranian women attending Hajj

Peterson, Bjorn, 1950:
The relation between size of mother and number of eggs and young in some spiders and its significance for the evolution of size

Mast, S.O., 1917:
The relation between spectral color and stimulation in the lower organisms

Sherrington, C.S., 1899:
The relation between structure and function, as examined in the arm

Anonymous, 2008:
The relation between submissive behaviours and self esteem state among nursing students

Meats, A., 1967:
The relation between survival and water loss in larvae of Tipula oleracea and Tipula paludosa (Diptera) on exposure to unsaturated air

Hopkins, D.L., 1933:
The relation between temperature and locomotion in a marine amoeba, Flabellula mira Schaeffer

Hopkins, D.L., 1937:
The relation between temperature and locomotion in the marine amoeba, Flabellula mira Schaeffer, with special reforence to adaptation to temperature

Cole, W.J., 1929:
The relation between temperature and pedal rhythm of Balanus

Shortess, George, S., 1942 :
The relation between temperature, light and rate of locomotion in Peranema trichophorum and response to changes in temperature

Hill, M.; Parkes, A.S., 1930:
The relation between the Anterior Pituitary Body and the Gonads. I. The factors concerned in the formation of the corpus luteum, pp. 30-38 1 pl. II. The induction of ovulation in the anoestrous Ferret, pp. 39-49 3 pls

Brinck, P., 1960:
The relation between the South African fauna and the terrestrial and limnic animal life of the southern cold temperate zone

Hast, S.O.; Pace, D.M., 1938:
The relation between the age of the cultures from which Chilomonas is taken and the rate of reproduction in fresh culture fluid

Kido, T.; Kishida, Y.; Asakura, K.; Yamada, M., 1965:
The relation between the aggregation pattern and the concentration of cells dissociated from Callyspongia elongata

Anonymous, 1931:
The relation between the anterior pituitary body and the gonads. Part III. Fractionation and dilution of ovary-stimulating extracts

Kamal, A.M., 1965:
The relation between the auditory capsule and the basal plate, and the commissures between them in Squamata

Moses, M.J., 1958:
The relation between the axial complex of meiotic prophase chromosomes and chromosome pairing in a salamander (Plethodon cinereus)

Mileikovsky, S.A., 1970:
The relation between the breeding and the spawning of marine shallow shelf bottom invertebrates and the water temperature

Singer, M.; Rzehak, K.; Maier, C.S., 1967:
The relation between the caliber of the axon and the trophic activity of nerves in limb regeneration

Hama, T., 1963:
The relation between the chromatophores and pterin compounds

Shinkawa, Hideaki, 1961:
The relation between the ciliary activity of some species of Japanese oysters and the concentration of sea water

Burke, C.V., 1911:

Hashimoto, I., 1960:
The relation between the copulation and shell character of Oncomelania nosophora

Wada, K., 1960:
The relation between the crystalline structure of the cultured pearls and the elongation of the transplanted mantle tissue in the process of pearl-sac formation

Shiraishi, Y.; Fukada, Y., 1966:
The relation between the day-length and the maturation in four species of salmonid fishes

Mayer, Alfred Goldsborough., 1914:
The relation between the degree of concentration of electrolytes of sea-water and the rate of nerve-conduction in Cassiopea

Oordt, G.J. van., 1925:
The relation between the development of the secondary sex characters and the structure of the testis in the Teleost Xiphophorus helleri Heckel

Williamson, K., 1945:
The relation between the duration of hatching and the incubation period

Kikkawa, H., 1942 :
The relation between the egg-color and the hatchiability of Bombyx mori

Lillie, R.S.; Cattell, W., 1923:
The Relation Between The Electrical Conductivity Of The External Medium And The Rate Of Cell Division In Sea Urchin Eggs

Jones, J.R.E., 1939:
The relation between the electrolytic solution pres sures of the metals and their toxicity to the Stickleback (Gasterosteus aculealus)

Turner, C.W.; Frank, A.H., 1931:
The relation between the estrus-producing hormone and a corpus luteum extract on growth of the mammary gland

Whitfield, F.G.S., 1925:
The relation between the feeding-habits and the structure of the mouth-parts in the Asilidae (Diptera)

Vyalov, O.S., 1963:
The relation between the first and second ostracod beds of the Caucasus Oligocene

Andrew, R.J., 1966:
The relation between the following response and precocious adult behaviour in the chick

Blackburn, M., 1957:
The relation between the food of the Australian barracouta, Thyrsites atun (Euphrasen), and recent fluctuations in the fisheries

Chalkley, H.W.; Daniel, G.E., 1932:
The relation between the form of the living cell and the nuclear phases of division in Amoeba proteus (Leidy)

McClendon, J.F., 1911:
The relation between the formation of the fertilization membrane and the initiation of the development of the Echinoderm egg

Kamal, A.M., 1969:
The relation between the glossopharyngeal nerve and the chondrocranium in Squamata

Hanson, F.B.; Heys, F., 1931:
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The relation between the proteolytic and blood clotting activity of snake venoms

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The relation between the rate of growth and the rate of ossification in the foetus of the Rabbit

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The relation between the rate of induced translocations and treated cell stages in males of Drosophila melanogaster

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The relation between the rearing temperature of Shijimiaeoides divinus barine pupa and the period of adult emergence, fecundity and length of fore wing, and the effective accumulative temperature of pupal stage

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The relation between the responses by Amoeba to mechanical shock and to sudden illumination

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The Relation between the Size of the Artery and the Capillary Bed in the Embryo

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The relation between the stimulating efficiency of intermittent light and the length of the light and the dark periods

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The Relation Between The Structure Of The Epidermis Of The Rat And The Guinea Pig, And The Proliferative Power Of Normal And Regenerating Epithelial Cells Of The Same Species

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The Relation Of Instinct To Intelligence In Birds

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The relation of muscle cell to the muscle fibre in voluntary striped muscle

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The relation of neuron dose to chromosome changes and point mutation in Drosophila. I

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The relation of nuclei and cytoplasm in the intestinal cells of land Isopods

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The relation of nucleic acid and protein to pancreatic secretion in the Rana clamitans tadpole

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The relation of nucleolini to nucleolar vacuoles in the living cell

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The relation of numbers of animals to survival in toxic concentrations of electrolytes

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The relation of nutritional levels to the growth of populations of Tribolium confusum Duval

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The relation of nutritional levels to the growth' of populations of Tribolium confusum

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The relation of organic acids to the presence of shells and opercula in sediments

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The relation of organic chemistry to biology

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The relation of oxygen consumption to body size and to temperature in the larvae of Chironomus riparius Meigen

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The relation of oxygen consumption to body weight and starvation in Rana pipiens and Rana catesbeiana

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The relation of oxygen consumption to temperature in some tropical, temperate, and boreal anuran amphibians

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The relation of oxygen tension to oxygen consumption in the Insects and the Crayfish

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The relation of pH to the activity of inclusion bodies of a Heliothis nuclear polyhedrosis

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The relation of parasitic amebae to disease

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The relation of parasitic worms to affections of the skin

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The relation of parasitism to wild life conservation

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The relation of phosphoprotein phosphatase activity to yolk platelet utilization in the amphibian embryo

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The Relation Of Pigmentation To Temperature In Deep-Sea Animals

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The relation of plankton to some parameters of the herring population of the north-western North Sea

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The relation of plumage to ovarian condition in a Barred Plymouth Rock Pullet

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The relation of polychaetous Annelids to harbor pollution

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The relation of polymorphic trypanosomes, developing in the gut of Glossina, to the peritrophic membrane

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The relation of rabbit tick populations to spacing in host populations

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The relation of reduplication, recombination, synapsis & chromosome coiling

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The relation of resp i ratory surfaces in the gas exchange of Urodela and its importance in the evolution of the group

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The relation of respiration of fishes to environment

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The relation of respiration of fishes to environment a review

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The relation of respiration of fishes to environment. XII. Carbon dioxide as a factor in various physiological respiratory responses in certain fresh-water fishes

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The relation of respiration of fishes to environment. XIII. Notes on the effect of the carbon dioxide tension of the water on the haemoglobin of the blood and upon the composition of the swim bladder gas

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The Relation Of Respiration To Rhythm In The Cardiac Ganglion Of Limulus Polyphemus

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The relation of rhythms and endomixis, their periodicity and synchronism in Paramoecium aurelia

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The relation of schistosomiasis to the control of malaria

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The relation of sea-growth and spawning frequency in Salmo salar

Anonymous, 2008:
The relation of seasonal changes in water and organic osmotica to freezing tolerance in the leaves of Sabina

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The relation of serum calcium levels to the reproductive cycle, egg production, eggshell thickness, hatchability, soil calcium, and growth of the red-winged blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus)

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The relation of sex hormones to pigmentation and to testis descent in the opossum and ground squirrel

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The relation of sex ratio to physiological age in the wild rat

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The relation of sex to heliotropism in the brown-tail moth

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