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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 23966

Chapter 23966 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Robbins, Cb, 1975:
The systematics, ecology, and zoogeography of the African gerbils, Taterillus (Rodentia: Cricetidae)

Seevers, C.H., 1965:
The systematics, evolution and zoogeography of Staphylinid beetles associated with army ants (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae)

Delany, M.J.; Bishop, I.R., 1960:
The systematics, life history and evolution of the bank-vole Clethrionomys Tilesius in north-west Scotland

Jorgensen, N.M., 1969:
The systematics, occurrence, and host preference of Culicoides (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) in southeastern Washington

Munroe, DD., 1974:
The systematics, phylogeny and zoogeography of Symmerus Walker and Australosymmerus Freeman (Diptera: Mycetophilidae: Ditomyiinae)

Takagi, S., 2008:
The systematization for carrot harvest work

Anonymous, 2007:
The systemic resistance induced in tomato by a non-pathogenic Pseudomonas strain is associated with the stimulation of the lipoxygenase pathway

Ehret, C.F.; Powers, E.L., 1956:
The systems and complexes of primary organelles in Paramecium

Reynolds, J.E.; III., 1976 :
The t-lorida manatee. Myth vs. truth

Anonymous, 2007:
The table grape cultivar Yongyou 1 and its cultural techniques

Sharma, D.R., 1958:
The tabular bone of certain insectivores and its significance

Klansnitzer, B., 1970:
The tachina fly Degeeria luctuosa Mg. (Diptera: Tachinidae) as a parasite of Synharmonia conglobata (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae)

Richter, V.; Wood, D., 2006:
The tachinid Macquartia plumbea Richter & Wood new for the European part of Russia (Diptera: Tachinidae)

O'hara, Je, 2003:
The tachinid fauna of Carnarvon National Park, Queensland, as revealed by hilltop collecting

Walton, W.R., 1915:
The tachinid fly Mauromyia pulla Coq. and its sexual dimorphism. Washington D.C

Walton, W.R., 1916:
The tachinid genus Argyrophylax B. and B. Washington D.C

Richter, Va, 1976:
The tachinids (Diptera, Tachinidae) of the Mongolian People's Republic

Western, R.W., 1892:
The tactics adopted by certain Birds when flying in the wind

Melaragno, H.P.; Montagna, W., 1953:
The tactile hair follicles in the mouse

Vincent, S.B., 1913:
The tactile hair of the white rat

Pei, Y.C.; Hsiao, S.S.; Bensmaia, S.J., 2008:
The tactile integration of local motion cues is analogous to its visual counterpart

Anonymous, 2007:
The tactile perception of stimulus orientation (vol 25, pg 5, 2008)

Eidietis, L., 2006:
The tactile-stimulated startle response of tadpoles: acceleration performance and its relationship to the anatomy of wood frog (Rana sylvatica), bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana), and American toad (Bufo americanus) tadpoles

Nunes, I.; Fusinatto, L.A.denghi; Cruz, C.A.berto Gonçalves, 2007:
The tadpole and advertisement call of Sphaenorhynchus palustris Bokermann, 1966 (Amphibia, Anura, Hylidae)

Shields, R.J.; Tidd, W.M., 1963:
The tadpole as a host for larval Lernaea cyprinacea

Bragg, A.N., 1955:
The tadpole of Bufo debilis debilis

Borteiro, C.; Kolenc, F.; Tedros, M.; Prigioni, C., 2006:
The tadpole of Chaunus dorbignyi (Dumeril & Bibron) (Anura, Bufonidae)

Gaudin, Anthony, J., 1964:
The tadpole of Hyla californiae Gorman

Rabb, G.B.; Mosimann, J.E., 1955:
The tadpole of Hyla robertsorum, with comments on the affinities of the species

Cardenas-Rojas, D.R.; Rabanal, F.; Formas, J.; Ramon, 2007:
The tadpole of Hylorina sylvatica (Anura: Cyclorhamphidae) in southern Chile

Sokol, Otto, M., 1962:
The tadpole of Hymenochirus boettgeri

Dill Orrico, V.G.yannes; Mongin, M.M.ntoanelli; Carvalho-e-Sliva, A.M.ria Paulino Telles de, 2007:
The tadpole of Hypsiboas latistriatus (Caramaschi & Cruz, 2004), a species of the Hypsiboas polytaenius (Cope, 1870) clade (Amphibia, Anura, Hylidae)

Both, C.; Kwet, A.; Solé, M., 2007:
The tadpole of Hypsiboas leptolineatus (Braun and Braun, 1977), a species in the Hypsiboas polytaenius clade (Anura; Hylidae)

Prado, C.P.A.; d'Heursel, A., 2006:
The tadpole of Leptodactylus elenae (Anura: Leptodactylidae), with the description of the internal buccal anatomy

Orton, G.L., 1951:
The tadpole of Leptodactylus melanonotus (Hallowell)

Kolenc, F.; Borteiro, C.; Tedros, M.; Nunez, D.; Maneyro, R., 2006:
The tadpole of Physalaemus henselii (Peters) (Anura: Leiuperidae)

Norberto Weber, L.; Potsch de Carvalho-e-Silva, S.; Pedreira Gonzaga, L., 2005:
The tadpole of Physalaemus soaresi Izecksohn, 1965 (Anura: Leptodactylidae), with comments on taxonomy, reproductive behavior, and vocalizations

Chari, V.K.; Daniel, J.C., 1953:
The tadpole of Rana leithii Boulenger

Leong, T.M.ng; Lim, C.F.ng, 2003:
The tadpole of Rana miopus Boulenger 1918 from Peninsular Malaysia

Heyer, W.R., 1971:
The tadpole of Rana pileata

Menin, M.; Rodrigues, D.J.; Lima, A.P., 2006:
The tadpole of Rhinella proboscidea (Anura: Bufonidae) with notes on adult reproductive behavior

Orton, G., 1943:
The tadpole of Rhinophrynus dorsalis

Haas, A.; Mitgutsch, C.; Hertwig, S.; Dawood, A.; Channing, A., 2006:
The tadpole of Tomopterna luganga Channing, Moyer & Dawood, 2004 (Anura: Ranidae)

Kaplan, M.; Heimes, P.; Aguilar, R., 2006:
The tadpole of the Mexican treefrog Plectrohyla hazelae Taylor, 1940

Wogel, H.; Weber, L.N.; Abrunhosa, P.ícia A., 2006:
The tadpole of the casque-headed frog, Aparasphenodon brunoi Miranda-Ribeiro (Anura: Hylidae)

Hoffmann, Heinz, 2005:
The tadpoles of Hyla rufitela (Anura: Hylidae)

Mercurio, V.; Andreone, F., 2006:
The tadpoles of Scaphiophryne gottlebei (Microhylidae: Scaphiophryninae) and Mantella expectata (Mantellidae: Mantellinae) from Isalo Massif, south-central Madagascar

Bhaduri, J.L.; Daniel, J.C., 1956:
The tadpoles of Uperodon globulosum (Gunth.)

Lynch, John, D., 2006:
The tadpoles of frogs and toads found in the lowlands of northern Colombia

Mrosovsky, N., 1977:
The tag loss problem

Thomson, J.M., 1962:
The tagging and marking of marine animals in Australia

Hart, J.L.; Tester, A.L., 1938:
The tagging of Herring (Clupeapallasii) in British Columbia ; apparatus, insertions and recoveries during 1937-38

Hart, J.L.; Tester, A.L., 1937:
The tagging of Herring (Cluped pallasii) in British Columbia : methods, appara-tus, insertions, and recoveries during 1936-37

Alm, G., 1951:
The tagging of char, (Salmo alpinus, Linne) in Lake Vattern

Hart, J.L., 1941:
The tagging of herring (Clupca pallasii) in British Columbia: insertions and recoveries during 1940-41

Hart, J.L.; Tester, A.L., 1940:
The tagging of herring (Clupea pallasii) in British Columbia; insertions and recoveries during 1939-40

Pritchard, A.L., 1933:
The tagging of spring salmon in British Columbia in 1929 and 1930

Cole, Leon, J., 1909:
The tagging of wild birds as a means of studying their movements

Cole, Leon, J., 1910:
The tagging of wild birds: Report of progress in 1909

Kulik, IL., 1975:
The taiga faunistic complex of mammals in North America as compared with the Eurasian taiga complex

Lassey, Andrew., 2003:
The taiga flycatcher at Flamborough. A new bird for Yorkshire

Buck, C.W.; Tolman, N.; Tolman, W., 1925:
The tail as a balancing organ in mice

Wika, M.; Pische, A., 1976:
The tail as thermoregulatory organ in resting mustkrat (Ondatra zibethica L.) in both warm and cold environments

Eyal-Giladi, H., 1960:
The tail darkening phenomenon in hypophysio-privic urodele larvae Pleurodeles waltlii, Ambystoma mexicanum and Triturus cristatus

Mayr, E.; Mayr, M., 1954:
The tail molt of small owls

Naik, R.M.; Shivanarayan, N., 1969:
The tail moult of the Houseswift, Apus affinis

Naik, RM.; Shivanarayan, N., 1972:
The tail moult of the house swift, Apus affinis

Dijk, D.E. van., 1955:
The tail of Ascaphus: A histological resume and new histological anatomical details

Liston, J J.; Noe, LF., 2004:
The tail of the Jurassic fish Leedsichthys problematicus (Osteichthyes: Actinopterygii) collected by Alfred Nicholson Leeds - an example of the importance of historical records in palaeontology

Littlejohns, R.T., 1937:
The tail of the Lyre Bird

Pradel, A.; Sansom, I.J.; Gagnier, P-Yves.; Cespedes, R.; Janvier, P., 2007:
The tail of the Ordovician fish Sacabambaspis

Maplestone, P.A.; Stundar Rao, S., 1939:
The tail of the male Wuchereria bancrofti

Bagnara, JT., 1974:
The tail-darkening reaction of phyllomedusine tadpoles

Whistler, H., 1930:
The tail-racket of Disaemurus paradiseus

Poulton, E.B., 1926:
The tailed mimetic female of Papilio dardanus hodsoni, Poult., taken in S.W. Abyssinia by Mr. Arnold Hodson

Clyne, D., 1966:
The tailed spider

M'Donald, J., 1930:
The tailless trout of Loch Enoch

Campbell, C.H., 1967:
The taipan (Oxyuranus scutellatus) and the effect of its bite

Wang-Rui; Shen-Hui-Mei; Hu, G.; Chen-Xiao; Zhai-Bao-Ping, 2008:
The takeoff behavior of Laodelphax striatellus and its relation to the ovarian development

Gallo, E., 2008:
The takeover of the off season USA market by the Peruvian asparagus cluster

Fitzsimons, James, A., 2002:
The taking of a dead prickly toadfish Contusus brevicaudas by a white-bellied sea-eagle Haliaeetus leucogaster

Viosca, P.; Jr., 1925:
The tale of Old Fire Eyes.

Coombs, D., 2005:
The tale of a central Otago volcano revisited, and related notes

Anon., 1965:
The tale of a dinosaur

Murray, M.E.W., 1956:
The tale of a hare

Damien, C.T.lly; Mario, A.F.res, 2008:
The tale of a modern animal plague: Tracing the evolutionary history and determining the time-scale for foot and mouth disease virus

McMillan, N., 1975:
The tale of a snail in Orkney

Jones, PL., 1977:
The tale of the golden sparrow

Anna Maerker, 2006:
The tale of the hermaphrodite monkey: classification, state interests and natural historical expertise between museum and court, 1791-4

Galbreath, R.; Brown, D., 2004:
The tale of the lighthouse-keeper's cat: discovery and extinction of the Stephens Island wren (Traversia lyalli)

Bousfield, EL.; Hendrycks, EA., 2002:
The talitroidean amphipod family Hyalidae revised, with emphasis on the North Pacific fauna: systematics and distributional ecology

Krapp-Schickel, T.; Bousfield, EL., 2002:
The talitroidean amphipod genus Hyale Rathke, 1837, sens. str. in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean regions

Bazata, K., 1973:
The talon of some Nebraska succineids

Talbot, L.M.; Talbot, M.H., 1966:
The tamarau (Bubalus mindorensis (Heude)). Observations and recommendations

Harrisson, T., 1969:
The tamaraw and Philippine conservation

Anonymous, 1952:
The tamarisk moth Amblypalpis tamaricella Dan. and the phenomenon of the synchronised diapause of its parasite

Dorrien-Smith, I., 1913:
The tameness of Wild Geese

Barth, E.K., 1961:
The tameness of some Scandinavian waders

Anon., 1968:
The tammar

Joshi, B.B., 1943:
The tampan ticks of Marwar

Spencer, GC., 1973:
The tang and I

Colonnier, M., 1964:
The Tangential Organization Of The Visual Cortex

Barge, M.uel; Werner, F.; Perry, I.; Fogarty, M., 2004:
The tangled web: global fishing, global climate and fish stock fluctuations

Kempe, J.E., 1950:
The tap-dancer of the forest

Shipley, A.E., 1909:
The tape-worms (Cestoda) of the Red Grouse (Lagopus scoticus)

Fitch, J.E., 1967:
The tapertail ribbonfish, Trachipterus fukuzakii Fitch, added to the marine fauna of California

Nicol, J.A.C., 1961:
The tapetum in Scyliorhinus canicula

Nicol, JAC.; Zyznar, ES., 1973:
The tapetum lucidum in the eye of the big-eye Priacanthus arenatus Cuvier

Nicol, J.A.; Zyznar, E.S.; Thurston, E.L.; Wang, R.T., 1975:
The tapetum lucidum in the eyes of cusk-eels (Ophidiidae)

Wang, R.T.; Nicol, J.A., 1974:
The tapetum lucidum of gars (Lepisosteidae) and its role as a reflector

Nicol, J.A.C., 1969:
The tapetum lucidum of the sturgeon

Davis, H.E., 1947:
The tapeworm Cittotaenia sandgroundi transferred to Diplogynia

Baer, Jean, G., 1954:
The tapeworm genus Wyominia Scott, 1941

Fasten, N., 1922:
The tapeworm infection in Washington trout and its related biological problems

Ransom, Brayton, H., 1905:
The tapeworms of American chickens and turkeys

Cobb, N.A., 1905:
The tapeworms of Australia

Meggitt, F.J.; Subramanian, K., 1927:
The tapeworms of rodents of the subfamily Murinae, with special reference to those occurring in Rangoon

Meggitt, F.J., 1924:
The tapeworms of the Rangoon pigeon

Barba, R.; Dominguez-Rodrigo, M., 2005:
The taphonomic relevance of the analysis of bovid long limb bone shaft features and their application to element identification: study of bone thickness and morphology of the medullary cavity

Behrensmeyer, Ak, 1975:
The taphonomy and paleoecology of Plio-Pleistocene vertebrate assemblages east of Lake Rudolf, Kenya

Matthews, T.; Parkington, J.E.; Denys, C., 2006:
The taphonomy of the micromammals from the Late Middle Pleistocene site of Hoedjiespunt 1 (Cape Province, South Africa)

Medway, Lord., 1959:
The tapir at Niah

Gahan, C.J., 1910:
The taps of the death watch beetle

Baker, N.W., 1957:
The tarantulas

Curtin, C.B., 1948:
The tardigrade fauna of the District of Columbia

Juillerat-Jeanneret, L., 2008:
The targeted delivery of cancer drugs across the blood-brain barrier: chemical modifications of drugs or drug-nanoparticles?

Mutton, D., 1998:
The targeted exploration initiative and private/ public potential

Arnett, R.H. jr., 1962:
The tarnished beetles. A study of underpopulation

Gill, T., 1905:
The tarpon and lady-fish and their relatives

Randall, J.E.; Moffett, A.W., 1958:
The tarpon has many secrets

Dethier, V.G., 1955:
The tarsal chemoreceptors of the housefly

Deonier, C.C.; Richardson, C.H., 1935:
The tarsal chomoreceptor response of the housefly, Musca domestica L., to sucrose and levulose

Justine, A.S.lton; Frederick, S.S.alay, 2004:
The tarsal complex of Afro-Malagasy Tenrecoidea: a search for phylogenetically meaningful characters

Hughes, B., 1968:
The tarsus of rhynchocephalian reptiles

Szalay, F.S., 1966:
The tarsus of the Paleocene leptictid Prodiacodon (Insectivora, Mammalia)

Kurz, D., 2008:
The task for physical education

Anonymous, 2007:
The task of saving energy

Zenkevitch, L.A., 1947:
The task, the object and the methods of marine biogeography

Kozhin, N.I.; Nikolski, G.V., 1951:
The tasks of Ichthyology in connection with the reconstruction of the flow of our southern rivers

Anonymous, 1950:
The tasks of experimental morphology

Skalonge, V.N., 1961:
The tasks of hunting management to the XXII Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

Balogh, J., 1969:
The tasks of soil zoology

Skalogne, V.N., 1959:
The tasks of wild-life management and hunting in the light of the resolutions adopted by the XXI Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

Anon., 1962:
The tasks of zoological science in relation to the decisions of the XXII Congress of the CPSU

Pavlovsky, E.N., 1961:
The tasks of zoology in relation to the Resolution of the Plenum, of the CPSU taken on January 18, 1961, and to the forthcoming XXII Congress of the CPSU

Dransfield, E., 2008:
The taste of fat

McCaughey, S.A., 2008:
The taste of sugars

Tateda, H., 1964:
The Taste Response Of The Isolated Barbel Of The Catfish

Talavera, K.; Yasumatsu, K.; Yoshida, R.; Margolskee, R.F.; Voets, T.; Ninomiya, Y.; Nilius, B., 2007:
The taste transduction channel TRPM5 is a locus for bitter-sweet taste interactions

Reutter, K., 1971:
The taste-buds of Amiurus nebulosus (Lesueur). Morphological and histochemical investigations

Smirnov, P.K., 1966:
The tautochrones as a graphic method to characterize the thermal conditions of inhabitants of animals

Walker, B., 1975:
The tawny dragon catfish, Pseudobagrus fulvidraco

Tarr, HE., 1976:
The tawny frogmouths of Blackburn Lake Reserve, Victoria

Tast, J., 1967:
The tawny owl (Strix aluco) and the mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) found nesting successively in the same hole of a tree during the same spring

Bradley, J.C., 1957:
The taxa of Campsomeris (Hymenoptera: Scoliidae) occurring in the New World

Juterbock, JE., 1977:
The taxanomic status of Desmognathus welteri Barbour and a comparison with two sympathetic congeners

Chi Defu,.; Yan Shanchun,.; Zhao Xiaohong,.; Wen Zhenhong,, 2003:
The taxis of chalcid parasitoids to their host and analysis of the volatile from fixed first instar nymphae of Quadraspidiotus gigas (Thiem & Gerneck)

Gillham, N.W., 1954:
The taxo-nomic identity of Melitaea (Athaliae-formia) mayi Gunder (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae)

Chamberlin, J.C., 1943:
The taxo-nomy of the false scorpion genus Synsphyronus with remarks on the sporadic loss of stability in generally constant morphological characters (Arachnida; Chelonethida)

Betrem, J.G., 1962:
The taxon Dielis (Hymenoptera: Scoliidae) and its type

Oltra-Moscardo, M.; Teresa; Jimenez-Peydro, R., 2005:
The taxon Rasivalva (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) in the palaearctic region and description of Rasivalva pyrenaica new species from Andorra

Betrem, J.G., 1962:
The taxon Trielis (Hym. Scoliidae) and its type

Nagy, C.G., 1969:
The taxon of the genus Pseudotiphia Ashm. (Hymenoptera, Tiphiidae)

Goodliffe, F.D., 1939:
The taxono-mic value of wing venation in the larger Dytiscidae (Coleoptera)

Barsukov, VV., 1972:
The taxonomic analysis of the group Sebastes wakiyai - S. paradoxus - S. steindachneri. Report 1. Containing a description of a new species

Fishpool, L.D.C., 2006:
The taxonomic and conservation status of Chapin's crombec Sylvietta (leucophrys) chapini

Matteson, M.R., 1948:
The taxonomic and distributional history of the freshwater mussel Elliptio complanatus (Dillwyn, 1817)

Harrison, FW., 1977:
The taxonomic and ecological status of the environmentally restricted spongillid species of North America. 3. Corvomeyenia carolinensis Harrison 1971

Harrison, FW.; Johnston, L.; Stansell, KB.; McAndrew, W., 1977:
The taxonomic and ecological status of the environmentally restricted spongillid species of North America. I. Spongilla sponginosa Penney 1957

Harrison, FW.; Harrison, MB., 1977:
The taxonomic and ecological status of the environmentally restricted spongillid species of North America. II. Anheteromevenia biceps (Lindenschmidt, 1950)

Ashton, EH.; Flinn, RM.; Oxnard, CE., 1975:
The taxonomic and functional significance of overall body proportions in Primates

Frey, D.G., 1959:
The taxonomic and phylogenetic significance of the head pores of the Chydoridae (Cladocera)

Musser, Gg, 1971:
The taxonomic association of Mus faberi Jentink with Rattus xanthurus (Gray), a species known only from Celebes (Rodentia: Muridae)

Holcik, J.; Duyvene de Wit, J.J., 1962:
The taxonomic characteristics of hybrid Rhoedeus

Thurman, E.B.; Johnson, P.T., 1950:
The taxonomic characters of the larvae of the genus Culiseta Felt, 1904 in California (Diptera, Culicidae)

Nikolajev, GV., 2003:
The taxonomic composition of the subfamily Bolboceratinae (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae) from Palaearctic faunistic region

Pokorny, V., 1964:
The taxonomic delimitation of the subfamilies Trachyleberidinae and Hemicytherinae (Ostracoda, Crustacea)

Mahendra, B.C., 1938:
The taxonomic description of Rhinophis travancoricus

Bsrger, J., 1963:
The taxonomic distinctiveness of the echinophilous pleuronematine ciliates

Nesterova, OI., 2002:
The taxonomic diversity of Belarus leaf beetles (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) fauna

Xu, B.D.o; Jin, X.S.i; Liang, Z.L.n, 2005:
The taxonomic diversity of fish communities in the Yellow Sea

Anonymous, 2007:
The taxonomic diversity of the parasites of agnathans and fishes in the Volga basin. III. Aspidogastrea and Trematoda

Page, T.J.; Choy, S.C.; Hughes, J.M., 2006:
The taxonomic feedback loop: symbiosis of morphology and molecules

Tate, G.H.H., 1932:
The taxonomic history of South and Central American Akodont Rodent genera: Thalpomys, Deltamys, Thaptomys, Hypsimys, Bolomys, Chrocomys, Abrothrix, Scotinomys, Akodon, Microxus, Podoxymys, Lenoxus, Ory-micterus, Notiomys and Blarinomys

Tate, O.H.H., 1932:
The taxonomic history of certain South and Central American Rodentia: Neotomys with remarks upon its relationships; the Cotton Rats. (Sigmodon and Sigmomys) and the fish-eating Rats (Ichthyomys, Anotomys, Rheomys, Neusticomys and Daptomys)

Tate, G.H.H., 1932:
The taxonomic history of the South American Cricetid genera Euneomys (Subgenera Euneomys and Oalenomyi), Auliscomya, Chelemyscus, Chinchillula, Phyllotis, Paralomys, Groomys, Eligmodonta and Hesperomys

Tate, G.H.H., 1932:
The taxonomic history of the South and Central Oryzomine genera of Rodents (excluding Oryzomys: Nesoryzomys, Zygodontomys, Chilomys, Delomys, Phaenomys, Rhagomys, Rhipidomys, Nyctomys, Oecomys, Thomasomys, Inomys, Aepeomys, Neacomys and Scolomys

Collette, B.B., 1967:
The taxonomic history of the darters (Percidae: Etheostomatini)

Tate, G.H.H., 1932:
The taxonomic history of the genus Reithrodon Waterhouse (Cricetinae)

Lee, JJ.; Crockett, LJ., 1974:
The taxonomic identity and physiological ecology of Chamydomonas hedleyi sp. nov., algal flagellate symbiont from the foraminifer Archais angulatus

Nomura, K.; Anker, A., 2005:
The taxonomic identity of Alpheus gracilipes Stimpson, 1860 (Decapoda: Caridea: Alpheidae), with description of five new cryptic species, from Japan

Musser, G.G., 1970:
The taxonomic identity of Mus bocourti A.Milne Edwards (1874) (Mammalia: Muridae)

Hall, B.P., 1957:
The taxonomic importance of variation in non-breeding plumage in Aegithina tiphia and A. nigrolutea

Ramirez-Lopez, I.; Villegas-Rios, M., 2007:
The taxonomic knowledge of Geoglossaceae sensu lato (Fungi : Ascomycetes) in Mexico with emphasis in the center

Liptak, P., 1977:
The taxonomic method in Hungary and its application in the palaeoanthropological research

Harrison, C.J.O.; Parker, S.A., 1966:
The taxonomic of the New Guinea genera Paramythia and Oreocharis

Calman, W.T., 1930:
The Taxonomic Outlook in Zoology

Hancock, Dl, 2006:
The taxonomic placement of Campiglossa vaga Hardy & Drew and Mesoclanis campiglossina Hering (Diptera: Tephritidae: Tephritinae)

Avram, Emil, 2002:
The taxonomic position and biostratigraphic value of the genus Pseudocrioceratites Egoian, 1969 (Lytoceratina, Lower Cretaceous)

Bogachev, A.V., 1968:
The taxonomic position and geographical origin of the darkling beetle Emmenastus compactus Motsch. (Coleoptera, Terebrionidae)

Wasawo, David, P.S., 1962:
The taxonomic position of Alma worthingtoni Stephenson

Hoffman, Richard, L., 2005:
The taxonomic position of Antrogonodesmus (Polydesmida: Chelodesmidae: Chondrodesmini)

Mukerji, S.; Ramdas Menon, M.G.; Chatterjee, S.N., 1957:
The taxonomic position of Caryedon fuscus (Goeze) C. gonager (Fabricius) and C. langidus (Gyllenhal) (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) based on a study of the genitalia

Hubbs, C.; Springer, V.G., 1954:
The taxonomic position of Gobioclinus gobio and Clenichthys interrupta, two names for blennioid fishes

Morris, J.C.H., 1948:
The taxonomic position of Idiogarypus hansenii (With)

Lefkovitch, L.P., 1961:
The taxonomic position of Laemophloeus raffrayi Grouvelle

Abdullah, M.; Abdullah, A., 1968:
The taxonomic position of Lagrioida with a proposed new tribe of the Eurygeniinae (Col., Anthicidae)

Topal, G., 1971:
The taxonomic position of Myotis dobsoni (Trouessart 1879) and some statistical data to the subspecific examination of Myotis blythi (Tomes 1857)

Barrows, W.M., 1919:
The taxonomic position of Mysmena bulbifera (Glenognatha bulbifera) Banks, with some observations on its habits

Cliburn, J.William, 1961:
The taxonomic position of Natrix sipedon insularum Conant and Clay

Matekin, P.V., 1956:
The taxonomic position of Succinea chinensis Pf. 1857 (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Stylommatophora)

Baer, J.G., 1956:
The taxonomic position of Taenia madagascariensis Davaine, 1870, a tapeworm parasite of man and rodents

Talwar, Pk, 1971:
The taxonomic position of Umbrina dussumieri Valenciennes, 1833 and Umbrina macroptera Bleeker, 1853 (Pisces, Sciaenidae)

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