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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 23968

Chapter 23968 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Chasey, D., 1974:
The three-dimensional arrangement of radial spokes in the flagella of Chlamydomonas reinhardii

Anderson, R.H.; Smerup, M.; Sanchez-Quintana, D.; Loukas, M.; Lunkenheimer, P.P., 2008:
The three-dimensional arrangement of the myocytes in the ventricular walls

Kimbell Geoffrey S.; Richards Philip C., 2008:
The three-dimensional lithospheric structure of the Falkland Plateau region based on gravity modelling

Riddell, N.; Arsenault, G.; Lough, A.; McAlees, A.; McCrindle, R.; Meissner, J.; Robertson, V., 2008:
The three-dimensional structural characterization of hexachlorocyclopentenyl-dibromocyclooctane (HCDBCO)

Muniz, Jão.R.C.; Ambrosio, A.L.B.; Selistre-de-Araujo, H.S.; Cominetti, Márcia.R.; Moura-da-Silva, A.M.; Oliva, G.; Garratt, R.C.; Souza, D.H.F., 2008:
The three-dimensional structure of bothropasin, the main hemorrhagic factor from Bothrops jararaca venom: insights for a new classification of snake venom metalloprotease subgroups

Anonymous, 2007:
The three-dimensional structure of ryegrass mottle virus at 2.9 Graphic character omitted resolution

Pitcher, TJ., 1973:
The three-dimensional structure of schools in the minnow, Phoxlnus phoxinus.

Gudger, E.W., 1930:
The three-eyed haddock, Melanogmmmus aeglefinus, a fake.

Galat, A., 2008:
The three-fingered protein domain of the human genome

Rose, W., 1955:
The three-horned chameleon

Bustard, R., 1963:
The three-horned chameleon (C. jacksoni)

Duckworth, J.; Rattray, G.B., 1948:
The three-quarter-bred Holstein-Zebu heifer. Pt. II. Growth from birth to two years of age. Part III. The age of puberty

Ghysen, A.; Dambly-Chaudière, C., 2005:
The three-sided romance of the lateral line: glia love axons love precursors love glia

Lemmetyinen, R.; Mankki, J., 1975:
The three-spined stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus) in the food chains of the northern Baltic

Ghaffar, A.; Khan,; Umm-e-Amara.; Bhatti, Z.H.meed.; Nayyer, A.Q.yyum.; Akhtar, M., 2006:
The three-toed horse Hipparion perimense (Mammalia, Perissodactyla, Equidae) from the Siwalik hills of Pakistan

Kiiski, N., 1967:
The three-toed woodpecker (Picoides tridact-ylus) breeding in the commune of Kalanti, southwestern Finland

Hofmeister A.M.; Yuen David A., 2004:
The threshold dependencies of thermal conductivity and implications on mantle dynamics

Wang Zongzhi; Jin Juliang; Zhang Lingling, 2007:
The threshold hybrid regressive model and its application to prediction of water table in Jinan City

Macomber, D., 1923:
The threshold of fertility in rats and its relation to diet deficiency

Boyd, Mark F., 1938:
The threshold of parasite density in relation to clinical activity in primary infections with Plasmodium vivax

Guanghui Jiang; Fang Guo; Jichun Wu; Huaju Li; Hailong Sun, 2008:
The threshold value of epikarst runoff in forest karst mountain area

Ishizaki, T.; Hosaka, Y.; Ito, Y.; Kutsumi, H., 1970:
The thresholddilution of parasitic antigen solution for positive skin response and its practical value. Proc. 2nd Int. Congr. Parasit. (Washington 6-12 Sept. 1970)

Sierka, W.; Halgos, J., 2003:
The thrips (Insecta, Thysanoptera) of the Sur Nature Reserve near Bratislava, Slovakia

Derbeneva, NN., 1975:
The thrips (Thysanoptera) in the fauna of the Crimea 3

Bailey, S.F., 1957:
The thrips of California. Part I: Suborder Terebrantia

Sabrosky, C.W., 1957:
The throat bot fly: Gasterophilus nasalis or veterinus? (Diptera, Gasterophilidae)

Wagstaffe, R., 1951:
The throat-streak in the female House-sparrow Passer domesticus domesticus (L.)

Jenkins, J.S., 1954:
The thromboplastic activity of Russell's viper venom and its relationship to factor VII

Taylor R.G., 1965:
The throw of the Great Cross Course in the Camborne-Redruth Mining district, Cornwall

Bjarvall, A., 1965:
The thrush nightingale (Luscinialuscinid) in the neighbourhood of Stockholm

van Nierop, F., 1976:
The thrush nightingale, Luscinia luscinia

Hough, F.N., 1964:
The thrushes (Turdidae): their occurrence in Ulster County, N. Y

Ricci, J., 2001:
The thrushes hunted in Europe: conservation status and number estimates

Johnston, D.W., 1969:
The thrushes on Grand Cayman Island, B.W.I

Das S.; Nasipuri P.; Bhattacharya A.; Swaminathan S., 2008:
The thrust contact between the Eastern Ghats Belt and the adjoining Bastar Craton (eastern India); evidence from mafic granulites and tectonic implications

Sudol Stan, 2005:
The thunder from Down Under; everything you wanted to know about laterites but were afraid to ask

Guiler, Eric R., 1958:
The thylacine

Stivens, D., 1973:
The thylacine mystery

Morris, D., 1962:
The thylacine rediscovered

Kostowiecki, M., 1963:
The Thymic Macrophages

Goldstein, A.L.; Asanuma, Y.; White, A., 1970:
The thymus as an endocrine gland: properties of thymosin, a new thymus hormone

Csaba, G.; Hodinka, L., 1970:
The thymus as the source of mast cells in the blood

Symington, J., 1898:
The Thymus Gland in the Marsupialia

Al-Hussaini, A.H.; Rizkalla, W., 1957:
The thymus gland of the cichlid fish Tilapia nilotica

Yadav, M.; Stanley, N.F.; Waring, H., 1972:
The thymus glands of a marsupial, Setonix brachyurus (quokka), and their role in immune responses. Structure and growth of the thymus glands

Yadav, M.; Stanley, NF.; Waring, H., 1972:
The thymus glands of a marsupial, Setonix brachyurus, (quokka), and their rolein immune responses. Effect of thymectomy on somatic growth and blood leucocytes

Johnstone, J., 1898:
The thymus in the Marsupials

Galletti, G.; Cavallari, A., 1972:
The thymus of marmots: spontaneous, natural seasonal thymectomy?

Oksanen, A.; Tuurala, O., 1970:
The thymus, a lymphatic and epithelial organ of the snake (Vipera berus)

Gericke, A.M., 1934:
The thyroid and other endocrine glands in relation to plumage colour in Fowls

Cave, Aje, 1976:
The thyroid and parathyroid glands in the Rhinocerotidae

Cave, AJE., 1975:
The thyroid and parathyroid glands in the giant panda, Ailuropoda melanoleuca

Thompson, F.D., 1910:
The thyroid and parathyroid glands throughout Vertebrates

Thompson, F.D., 1910:
The thyroid and parathyroid glands throughout Vertebrates, with observations on some other closely related structures

Thaplujal, J.P.Pandha, S.K., 1967:
The thyroid and the hypophysial gonadal axis in the female spotted rmmia, Uroloncha punctulata

Butler, E.G., 1929:
The thyroid and the rate of cell division

Oakeson, B.B.; Lilley, B.R., 1959:
The thyroid cycle in migratory and resident White-crowned Sparrows (Zonotrichia leucophrys)

Jonek, J., 1957:
The thyroid gland adipose tissue of hedgehog in the annual cycle

Lynn, W.G.; Wachowski, H.E., 1952:
The thyroid gland and its functions in cold-blooded vertebrates

Turner, J.E., 1971 :
The thyroid gland and tail regeneration in the lizard, Anolis carolinensis

Slebodziński, A.; Srebro, Z., 1968:
The thyroid gland and the neurosecretory activity of the hypothalamus in the newborn rabbit

Hoar, W.S.; Bell, G.M.ry, 1950:
The thyroid gland in relation to the seaward migration of Pacific salmon

Belsare, D.K., 1962:
The thyroid gland in some Indian air-breathing fishes

Caylor, H.D.; Sohlotthauer, C.F., 1926:
The thyroid gland of Swine

Gorbman, A., 1958:
The thyroid gland of Typhlomolge rathbuni

Papakonstantinou, C., 1977:
The thyroid gland of some Meditteraneau Blennii (Pisces, Blennidae).2

Hoar, William S., 1939:
The thyroid gland of the Atlantic salmon

Sumulong, M.D., 1931:
The thyroid gland of the Carabao

Harrison, R.J.; Young, B.A., 1970:
The thyroid gland of the common (Pacific) dolphin, Delphinus delphis bairdi

Gudernatsch, J.F., 1911:
The thyroid gland of the Teleosts

Purohit, M.S.; Rathor, S.S., 1958:
The thyroid gland of the camel in comparison to that of an ox

Al-Hussaini, A.H.; Rizkalla, W., 1957:
The thyroid gland of the cichlid fish. Tilapia nilotica

Bensley, R.R., 1914:
The thyroid gland of the opossum

Krupp, P.P.; Young, R.A.; Frink, R., 1977:
The thyroid gland of the woodchuck, Marmota monax: a morphological study of seasonal variations in the follicular cells

Barrington, E.J.W., 1952:
The thyroid gland: A problem in comparative physiology

Shiow-Ching Wang.; Shuenn-Shyong Liou.; Chueng-Shyang Ma, R., 1975:
The thyroid hormone secretion rate of muscovy ducks. Memoirs Coll. Agric. natn. Taiwan

Chavin, W., 1976:
The thyroid of the sarcopterygian fishes (Dipnoi and Crossopterygii) and the origin of the tetrapod thyroid

Grant, F.B., 1967:
The thyroid response to purified mammalian thyrotropin and partially purified fish thyrotrophic factors in goldfish Carassius auratus and killifish Fundulus heteroclitus

Mess, B., 1967:
The thyroid-regulating habenular mechanism and the thyrotrophic area of the anterior hypothalamus

Wachowski, H.E., 1954:
The thyrotrophic field effect of the immature amphibian hypophysis) in Rana and Ambystoma

Mattheij, J.A., 1969:
The thyrotropin secreting basophils in the adenohypophysis of Anoptichthys jordani

Kasyakina, V.I., 1966:
The tibial organ of Dolichopus Latr. (Diptera, Dolichopodidae).

Philpott, A., 1924:
The tibial strigil of the Lepidoptera

Lewis, O.J., 1964:
The Tibialis Posterior Tendon In The Primate Foot

Tindall, A.R., 1965:
The tibiotarsai articulation of the metathoracic leg of Triaenodes bicolor (Curtis), (Trich., Leotoceridae)

Balashov, J.S.Stanjukovich, A.K., 1969:
The tick Alveonasus canestrinii (Birula), 1895 (Ixodoidea, Argasidae) new to the fauna of the USSR

Vershinina, T.A., 1964:
The tick Ixodes apronophorus P. Sch. (1924) in Shegark district, Tomsk region

Hackman, W., 1977:
The tick Rhipicephalus sanguineus (Acarina, Ixodidae) found in Finland. Memoranda Soc

Pandazis, George P., 1947:
The tick fauna of Greece

Roberts, F.H.S., 1964:
The tick fauna of Tasmania

Campbell, J.A., 1951:
The tick problem in Scotland

Moore, William., 1912:
The tick problem in South Africa

Naumov, K.G.; Mesentseva, A.A., 1942:
The tick relapsing fever and its vector Ornithodorus papillipes in South Kirghisia

Schuijt, T.J.; Hovius, J.W.R.; van Burgel, N.D.; Ramamoorthi, N.; Fikrig, E.; van Dam, A.P., 2008:
The tick salivary protein Salp15 inhibits the killing of serum-sensitive Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato isolates

Golikoya, V.L., 1939:
The tick's Dermacentor silvarum Olen. development cycle in laboratory conditions

Munderloh, U.G.; Jauron, S.D.; Kurtti, T.J., 2005:
The tick: a different kind of host for human pathogens

Clarke, J., 1970:
The tickbird has the itchiest feet of all

Dumbleton, L.J., 1961:
The ticks (Acarina : Ixodoidea) of sea birds in New Zealand waters

Anastos, G., 1956:
The ticks (Acarina: Ixodoidea) of the J. Klapperich Afghanistan Expedition,1952and 1953

Kaiser, M.N., 1958:
The ticks (Ixodoidea) of Iraq: keys, hosts, and distribution

Dumbleton, L.J., 1953:
The ticks (Ixodoidea) of the New Zealand sub-region

Anonymous, 1945:
The ticks Haemaphysalis concinna Koch, as vec-tors of tick-borne spotted typhus in the Far East. Third Conference on Parasito-logical Problems, March 1941, Moscow Summary of report p. 14

Grebenyuk, R.V., 1961:
The ticks Ixodoidae of Kirghizia, their station and vertical distribution

Kusov, V.N., 1961:
The ticks Ornithodoros papillipes in Kazakhstan

Kusov, V.N., 1962:
The ticks Ornithodoros papittipes in Kazakhstan

Brown, J.H.; Kohls, G.M., 1950:
The ticks of Alberta with special reference to distribution

Lewis, E.A., 1939:
The ticks of East Africa. Pt. I. Species, distribution, influence of climate, habits and life histories. Pt. II. Tick-borne diseases and their control

Anonymous, 1950:
The ticks of Glamorgan

Fairchild, G.B.; Kohls, G.M.; Tipton, V.J., 1967:
The ticks of Panama (Acarina: Ixodoidea)

Feldman Muhsam, B., 1960:
The ticks of Sinai

Eads, R.B.; Menzies, G.C.; Hightower, B.G., 1956:
The ticks of Texas, with notes on their medical significance

Jones, EK.; Clifford, CM.; Keirans, JE.; Kohls, GM., 1972:
The ticks of Venezuela (Acarina: lxodoidea) with a key to the species of Amblyomma in the western hemisphere

Zumpt, F., 1952:
The ticks of sea birds

Mikacic, D., 1963:
The ticks of the coastal belt of Yugoslavia. 2. The genus Haemaphysalis with reference to the distribution between H. punctata and H. ckolodkovskyi

Anonymous, 1950:
The ticks of the family Ixodidae in White Russia.

Anastos, G., 1957:
The ticks or ixodides of the U.S.S.R.; a review of the literature

Kleiber, M., 1944:
The Tidal Air Of Laboratory Animals

Manning, Rb, 1971:
The tidal areas, still the home of abundant life

Jones, D., 1974:
The tidal flats of the Cairns esplanade with reference to other marine ecosystems

Heron, S.F.; Ridd, P.V., 2008:
The tidal flushing of multiple-loop animal burrows

Tiffany, W.J., 1971:
The tidal migration of Donax variabilis Say (Mollusca: Bivalvia)

Turner, H.J.; Belding, D.L., 1957:
The tidal migrations of Donax variabilis Say

Hughes, D., 1966:
The tidal movements of Penaeus duorarum Burkenroad (Penaeidae: Crust.)

Colman, J.S.Segrove, F., 1955:
The tidal plankton over Stoupe Beck Sands, Robin Hood's Bay (Yorkshire, North Riding)

Morton, J.E., 1956:
The tidal rhythm and action of the digestive system of the lamellibranch Lasaea rubra

Morton, B., 1970:
The tidal rhythm and rhythm of feeding anddigestion in Cardium edule

Forward, R.B.Jr; Diaz, H.; Cohen, J.H., 2005:
The tidal rhythm in activity of the mole crab Emerita talpoida

Gibson, R.N., 1970:
The tidal rhythm of activity of Coryphoblennius galerita (L.) (Teleostei, Blenniidae)

Enright, James T., 1963:
The tidal rhythm of activity of a sand-beach amphipod

Evans, F., 1964:
The tide generating machine for laboratory use

Delany, J.; Myers, A.; McGrath, D., 2002:
The tide pools at Portnakilly: experimental disturbance

Hodgkin E.P.; di Lollo V., 1958:
The tides of south-Western Australia

Gurney, Robert., 1911:
The tides of the river Bure and its tributaries

Orphan Victoria J.; Pernthaler Annelie; Dekas Anne; Gammon Crystal; House Christopher H., 2007:
The ties that bind; dynamics of syntrophic associations in marine methane seeps

Schaller, G.B., 1966:
The tiger and its prey

Coggins, Chris., 2002:
The tiger and the pangolin: nature, culture, and conservation in China

Neumann-Denzau, Gertrud., 2006:
The tiger as scavenger: case histories and deduced recommendations

Dawson, R.W.; Horn, W., 1928:
The tiger beetles of Minnesota

Sawada, H.; Wiesner, J., 2000:
The tiger beetles of Paraguay (Insecta: Coleoptera: Cicindelidae). 67th contribution towards the knowledge of Cicindelidae

Gaumer, G.C.; Kurczewski, E.J., 1970:
The tiger beetles of Presque Isle State Park, Pennsylvania

Cartwright, O.L., 1935:
The tiger beetles of South Carolina with the description of a new variety of Tetracha virginica (L.) (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae)

Naviaux, R.; Pinratana, A., 2004:
The tiger beetles of Thailand (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae). Second revised edition

Daniel, JC., 2001:
The tiger in India: a natural history

Anonymous, 1970:
The tiger in India: an enquiry 1968-69

Bannikov, AG.; Sokov, AI., 1973:
The tiger in Tadzhikistan

Haines, L.C., 1969:
The tiger moths of the County of Cumberland, New South Wales

Hensley, Max, 1964:
The tiger salamander in northern Michigan

Gudger, E.W., 1948:
The tiger shark, Galeocerdo tigrinus, on the north Carolina coast and its food and feeding habits there

Groenewald, A.A. v J., 1955:
The tiger-fish (Hydrocyon vittatus)

Eisenmann, E., 1965:
The tiger-herons (Tigrisoma) of Argentina

Blanchard, F.N., 1923:
The tigerbeetles (Cicindelidae) of Cheboygan and Emmet Counties, Michigan

Chaudhuri, AB.; Chakrabarti, K., 1974:
The tigers of the Sundarbans are a 'myth', yet their size can be ascertained

Shen, L.; Weber, C.R.; Turner, J.R., 2008:
The tight junction protein complex undergoes rapid and continuous molecular remodeling at steady state

Payan, E.; Trujillo, L.A., 2006:
The tigrilladas in Colombia

Anonymous, 2008:
The tilapia genome will soon reveal its secrets

Lowe-McConnell, Rosemary Helen., 2006:
The tilapia trail: the life story of a fish biologist

Sandiford Mike, 2007:
The tilting continent; a new constraint on the dynamic topographic field from Australia

Anonymous, 2008:
The timber market in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Atwood, William Henry, 1955:
The timber rattlesnake in Michigan

Fitch, H.S.; Pisani, G.R., 2006:
The timber rattlesnake in northeastern Kansas

Brukoff, J.M.; Walsten, D.M., 1974:
The timber wolf on trial

Zimmerman, J.L., 1971:
The time and energy budget of the male dickcissel (Spiza americana)

Nixon, M., 1969:
The time and frequency of responses by Octopus vulgaris to an automatic food dispenser

Meng, T.H., 1934:
The time and order of appearance of ossification centers in Mus musculus

Kapoor, A.S., 1961:
The time and order of formation of sensory canals in the fishes OpMcephalus punctatus (Ophicephalidae) and Wallago attu (Siluridae)

McAllister, R.E.; Noble, D., 1966:
The time and voltage dependence of slow outward current in cardiac Purkinje fibres

Fisher, M.L., 1917:
The time birds get up in the morning

Zeitz, L.; Garfinkel, E.; Ferguson, R., 1971:
The time course of DNA synthesis in the early post-fertilization sea urchin egg. A reevaluation based on uptake of 3H-bromodeoxyuridine

Hauk, O.; Shtyrov, Y.; Pulvermüller, F., 2008:
The time course of action and action-word comprehension in the human brain as revealed by neurophysiology

Agafonova, Gv, 2004:
The time course of changes in Ixodes persulcatus ticks in a subarea of the South Taiga of the Middle Urals

Degens, H.; Koşar, Sükran.Nazan.; Hopman, M.T.E.; de Haan, A., 2008:
The time course of denervation-induced changes is similar in soleus muscles of adult and old rats

Dale, O.; Nilsen, T.; Bjørgaas, T.; Borkamo, A.; Aadahl, P., 2008:
The time course of exhaled ethane in six intensive care cases

Josephson, R.K.; Rushforth, N.B., 1973:
The time course of pacemaker inhibition in the hydroid Tubularia

Kugel, M., 1977:
The time course of the electronetinogram of compound eyes in insects and its dependence on specific recording conditions

Kugel, M., 1977:
The time course of the electroretinogram of compound eyes in insects and its dependence on specific recording conditions

Milligan, J.V., 1965:
The Time Course Of The Loss And Recovery Of Contracture Ability In Frog Striated Muscle Following Exposure To Ca-Free Solutions

Hersh, A.H., 1934:
The Time Curve Of Facet Determination In An Ultrabar Stock Of Drosophila Melanogaster

Glisic, I.; Milosevic, T.; Glisic, I., 2007:
The time dimension in formation of the cultivation form of some plum cultivars grown under the dense system

Milner, MJ., 1977:
The time during which fi-ecdysone is required for the differentiation in vitro and in situ of wing imaginal discs of Drosophila melanogaster

Hardy, G.H., 1960:
The time element in development of colour on adult Diptera and on that of a cicada (Homoptera)

Parker, G.H., 1944:
The time factor in chromatophore responses

Wright, P.A., 1948:
The time factor in frog ovulation in vitro

Corbett, J.J., 1959:
The time factor in nutrition of Tetrahymena pyriformis

Sheail, J., 1971:
The time factor in understanding the ecology of wildlife

Nathan H.J.B.ttner; Kent E.W.llner; Gregory S.M.rrick, 2007:
The time gap between Pd-103 prostate brachytherapy and supplemental beam radiation does not impact on rectal morbidity or likelihood of cure

Hartig, F. {a}; 1 ; Drechsler, M.; 1 Email:, 2008:
The time horizon and its role in multiple species conservation planning

James B.Kitzmiller, 1950:
The time interval between determination and differentiation of wings, ocelli, and wing muscles in the Aphid Macrosiphum sanborni (Gillette)

Balabai, P.P., 1948:
The time needed in metamorphosis of Lampetra mariae Berg

Schacht, L.E., 1959:
The time of X-ray induction of crossovers and of translocations in Drosophila melanogaster males

Haldane, J.B.S., 1932:
The time of action of genes, and its bearing on some evolutionary problems

Brehme, K., 1937:
The time of action of the CLB lethal in Drosophila melanogaster

Alikhanyan, S.I., 1948:
The time of action of the gene curly.

Miller, Wilmer J., 1953:
The time of appearance of species-specific antigens of Columba guinea in the embryos of backcross hybrids

Piperberg, J.; Wilde, C E.; Jr., 1974:
The time of appearance of specific proteins in embryogenesis

Browne, P.W.P., 1954:
The time of autumn migration peaks on the coast

Alikhanyan, S.I.; Polkanov, F.M., 1947:
The time of development of character curly in Drosophila melanogaster

Zubova, Se, 1971:
The time of differentiation of gonads and the sex ratio of the young Volga sterlet Acipenser ruthenus L

Pollister, A.W.; Pollister, P.F., 1941:
The time of division of the centromere in spermatogonesis of Viviparid snails

Brody, G., 1940:
The Time of Effect of Some Second Chromosome Lethals in Drosophila Melanogaster

Bellmer, E.H., 1963:
The time of embryonic fusion of the malleus and incus of the guinea pig

Shull, A.F., 1933:
The Time of Embryonic Segregation in Aphids as Determined from Intermediate Types

Anonymous, 1970:
The time of emergence and the periodicity of occurrence of the tiger beetle, Cicindela cancel/ate: Dej. (order: Coleoptera family: Cicindelidae)

Rahman, R.; Mltra, TR.; Biswas, SK., 1975:
The time of emergence of Opeas gracile (Hutton) (Mollusca; Gastropoda; Subulinidae). Journal interdiscipl. Cycle

Prakash, I., 1960:
The time of emergence of the pipistrelle

Chernyshev, V.B., 1961:
The time of flight of different insects to light

Barclay, A.E.; Franklin, K.J., 1938:
The time of functional closing of the foramen ovale in the lamb

Brewer, R.; Harrison, KG., 1975:
The time of habitat selection by birds

Frost, D.; Dalton, H.C.ark, 1953:
The time of migration of axolotl melanoblasts

Racey, PA., 1973:
The time of onset of hibernation in pipistrelle bats. Pipistrellus pipistrellus

Smirnov V.N.; Borozdina G.N.; Desyatnichenko L.I.; Ivanov K.S.; Medvedeva T.Y.; Fadeicheva I.F., 2006:
The time of opening of the Uralian paleo-ocean; biostratigraphic and geochemical data

Parker, G.H., 1925:
The time of submergence necessary to drown Alligators and Turtles

Alikhanyan, S.I.; Polkanov, F.M., 1947:
The time of the development of symptoms of curly in Drosophila melanogaster

Prikhodko, B.I., 1961:
The time of the vestige of the first annual ring in the scale and the dates of the sexual ripening of the Caspian sprat

Talysin, F.F.; Ptchelkina, AA., 1946:
The time of venom preservation in the dessicated skin of Bufo viridis

Yamamoto, T., 1937:
The time required for the hatching of the eggs of the Japanese Killifish, Oryzias latipes (Temminck & Schlegel) and the Dutch-Lion-Head Goldfish, Carassius auratus (Linnaeus)

Gabaldon, A., 1956:
The time required to reach eradication in relation to malaria constitution

Allen, R.D.; Griffin, J.L., 1958:
The time sequence of early events in the fertilization of sea urchin eggs. I. The latent period and the cortical reaction

Markman, B.; Allen, R.D.; Rowe, E.C., 1958:
The time sequence of early events in the fertilization of sea urchin eggs. II. The production of acid

Brunk, C.F., 1972:
The time sequence of events during excision repair in Tetrahymena pyriformis

Bruun, A.F.; Hemmingsen, A.M., 1960:
The time sequence of events in multiple nest-buiiding by Black-bird (Turdus merula L.)

Ethridge, L.; Benjamin, M., 1977:
The time sequence of response of the prolactin cells of a freshwater teleost, Poecilia reticulata, to an altered environmental salinity

Anonymous, 2008:
The time series of flowering and leaf bud burst of boreal trees (1846 “2005) support the direct temperature observations of climatic warming

Dettai, T.A.; Zubova, S.E., 1962:
The time taken for maturation and for embryonic development in the sturgeon and sevruga

Ginzburg, A.S., 1957:
The time when sperm makes contact with the egg during the fertilization process in sturgeon

Dong Weibin; Zhao Xiaoming; Liu Fang; Zhao Guo, 2008:
The time-frequency electromagnetic method and its application in western China

Brondsted, A.; Brondste, H.V., 1954:
The time-graded regeneration field in Pla-naria (Dugesia) lugubris

Brondsted, H.V., 1949:
The time-graded regeneration field in planarians

Kinosita, H., 1936:
The time-intensity relation in the cathodal galvanic effect of Paramecium

Sadler P.M., 1993:
The time-scale dependence of the rate of unsteady geological processes

Leedale, G.F., 1959:
The time-scale of mitosis in the Euglenineae

Trumbull Robert B.; Riller Ulrich; Oncken Onno; Scheuber Ekkehard; Munier Kerstin; Hongn Fernando, 2006:
The time-space distribution of Cenozoic volcanism in the south-central Andes; a new data compilation and some tectonic implications

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The timeless Tuatara

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The trade and production of agricultural products in Big Lake African countries and all around the world

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The tradition of all the dead generations

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The traditional Chinese medicine used to cure cow mastitis caused by Candida albicans

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The traditional Thai medicine

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The tragedy of the Hungarian Natural History Museum

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