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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 23974

Chapter 23974 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

King, J.M., 1965:
The use of the oripavine derivative M.99 for the immobilisation of the black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) and its antagonism with the related compound M.285 or Nalorphine

Anonymous, 2007:
The use of the pre-imaginal stages of the Macaronesian Hipparchia species in the clarification of the numbers and ranks of the taxa present in Madeira and the Azores archipelago (Lepidoptera : Nymphalidae, Satyrinae) - Part 2.2: The populations of the central Azores islands of Terceira, Sao Jorge and Pico

Russell, P.; Jutzeler, D.; Volpe, G., 2007:
The use of the pre-imaginal stages of the Macaronesian Hipparchia species in the clarification of the numbers and ranks of the taxa present in Madeira and the Azores archipelago (Lepidoptera : Nymphalidae, Satyrinae) - Part 3: The populations of the western Azores islands of Flores and Corvo and general conclusions

Russell, P.; Jutzeler, D.; Volpe, G., 2004:
The use of the pre-imaginal stages of the Macaronesian Hipparchia species in the clarification of the numbers and ranks of the taxa present in Madeira and the Azores archipelago (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae, Satyrinae)

Arnold, Z.M., 1951:
The use of the precision lathe in the preparation of biological thin sections

Costa Salpietro, L.; Costanzo, M.; Genovese, L.; Dupont, S.; Costa, M., 2004:
The use of the preorbital bone as a suitable method to identify Italian species of mullets (Perciformes: Mugilidae)

Bailey, N.T.J. ii., 1949:
The use of the product formula for the estimation of linkage in intercrosses when differential viability is present

Clements, A.N., 1951:
The use of the prosternum in classifying Asilidae (Diptera)

Anonymous, 2007:
The use of the public trust doctrine in environmental law

Burbanck, W.D.; Grabste, R.; Comer, J.R., 1964:
The use of the radioisotope Zinc 65, in a preliminary study of population movements of the estuarine isopod, Cyathura poliia (Stimpson, 1855)

McGuire, J.U. jr., 1958:
The use of the range from Poisson populations to estimate the population variance

Buyukates, M.; Kargi, S.; Kandemir, O.; Aktunc, E.; Turan, S.A.; Atalay, A., 2007:
The use of the retinal nerve fiber layer thickness measurement in determining the effects of cardiopulmonary bypass procedures on the optic nerve

Faina, F.; Par, O., 1977:
The use of the rinsing of the digestive tract of live carps for the diagnosis of bothriocephalosis. Buletin Vyzk. Ust. Ryb

Anonymous, 2007:
The use of the road to health card monitoring child health

Alvarez, F.; Braza, F.; Norzagaray, A., 1976:
The use of the rump patch in the fallow deer (D. dama)

Kipling, C., 1962:
The use of the scales of the In-own trout (Salmo trutta L.) for the back-calculation of growth

Runham, N.W. ., 1969:
The use of the scanning electron microscope in the study of the gastropod radula: the radulae of Agriolimax reticulatus and Nucella lapillus

Echlin, P., 1968:
The use of the scanning reflection electron microscope in the study of plant and microbial material

Reish, Donald J., 1961:
The use of the sediment bottle collector for monitoring polluted marine waters

Zavatsky, BP., 1976:
The use of the skull in age determination of the brown bear

Tarshis, I.B., 1961:
The use of the sorptive dust SG67 for the control of the snake mite

Cooper, JE.; Frank, LG., 1974:
The use of the steroid anaesthetic CT 1341 in birds

Katsiadaki, Ioanna, 2007:
The use of the stickleback as a sentinel and model species on ecotoxicology

Wieczorek, K.; Wojciechowski, W., 2003:
The use of the structure of the male reproductive system of aphids (Hemiptera, Aphidoidea) in their phylogeny

Layne, J.N., 1951:
The use of the tail by an Opossum

Daubenmire, R.F., 1936:
The Use Of The Terms Coenocyte And Syncytium In Biology

Brown E.T.; Hocking G., 1976:
The use of the three dimensional boundary integral equation method for determining stresses at tunnel intersections

Kafri Uri; Goldman Mark, 2005:
The use of the time domain electromagnetic method to delineate saline groundwater in granular and carbonate aquifers and to evaluate their porosity

Amos, T.G., 1965:
The use of the time lapse photography for recording the behaviour of insects in humidity gradients

Taylor, R.L.; Freckleton, W.C., 1968:
The use of the tissue adhesive, methyl-2-cyanoacrylate monomer in invertebrate surgery

Ritter, W.E., 1896:
The Use Of The Tow-Net For Collecting Pelagic Organisms

Bovee, E.C., 1949:
The use of the uroid as a taxonomic criterion for certain amebas

Lockwood, SJ., 1974:
The use of the von Bertalanffy growth equation to describe the seasonal growth of fish

M.M.setti;; S.S.erlacchini, 2007:
The use of the weights-of-evidence modeling technique to estimate the vulnerability of groundwater to nitrate contamination

Townsend, Charles W., 1909:
The use of the wings and feet by diving birds

Barker, J.S., 1972:
The use of the zebra fish, Brachydanio rerio, for the study of embryological development in schools

Mackintosh, D.R., 1949:
The use of thermal currents by birds on migration

George, Klaus., 2006:
The use of thermal currents by cranes on the northern edge on the Harz mountains

Gauthreaux Sidney A.J.; Belser Carroll G., 2007:
The use of thermal imaging and vertically-pointing fixed-beam radar to quantify bird movements displayed on radar

Sulzer, A.J.; Wilson, M., 1967:
The use of thick-smear antigen slides in the malaria indirect fluorescent antibody test

Tsui, P.T.P., 1975:
The use of thoracic morphology in taxonomic and phylogenetic studies of the Leptophlebridae (Ephemeroptera)

Lunt, S.R., 1967:
The use of thoracic setae in the classification of the Aedes mosquitoes of Nebraska

Lunt, S.R., 1967:
The use of thoracic setae in the identification of adult Aedes mosquitoes of Nebraska

Manning P.F., 1983:
The use of tissue heavy metal concentrations of fish and invertebrates as indicators of environmental contamination with reference to the Ok Tedi copper/ gold mine, Papua New Guinea

A.F.Rahnaky.A.A.Basi.J.J.Malian.G.M.Sbahi, 2008:
The use of tomato pulp powder as a thickening agent in the formulation of tomato ketchup

Parker, C.E., 1968:
The use of tools by apes

Morse, D.H., 1968:
The use of tools by brown-headed nuthatches

Chaplin, R.E.; White, R.W.G., 1969:
The use of tooth eruption and wear, body weight and antler characteristics in the age estimation of male wild and park Fallow deer (Dama dama)

Hannan J.C., 1981:
The use of topsoil in coal mine rehabilitation programmes

Moore, G.P., 1966:
The use of trabecular bands as growth indicators in spines of the sea urchin Heliocidaris erythrogramma

Karulin, B.E., 1970:
The use of tracers for studying the mobility and activity of small mammals

Novikov, G.A., 1962:
The use of tracking method in the study of mammalian ecology. Symposium Theriologi-cum (Proc. Int. Symp. Meth. Mamm. Invest. Brno, 1960)

Phillips, I.R.; Grist, S.M., 1975:
The use of transabdominal palpation to determine the course of pregnancy in the marmoset (Callithrix jacchus)

Wessels, J.T.; Hoffman, R.M.; Wouters, F.S., 2008:
The use of transgenic fluorescent mouse strains, fluorescent protein coding vectors, and innovative imaging techniques in the life sciences

Anonymous, 2007:
The use of traps for monitoring the coffee borer

Chen, F.Y.; Sim, B.K., 1968:
The use of triple superphosphate as a fertilizer in the Chinese system of fish culture in Malaya

Grillo, R.S.; Urso, P.; Willix, R.D.; Roberts, J.P., 1964:
The use of tritiated thymidine for cell proliferation studies in tissues of the newt, Triturus viridescens

Kaleta, Z.; Nikulski, A., 1968:
The use of tritium water (HTO) in studies on metabolism

Aminin, D.L.; Shevchenko, V.P.; Nagaev, I.Yu.; Gladkikh, R.V.; Kapustina, I.I.; Likhatskaya, G.N.; Avilov, S.A.; Stonik, V.A., 2008:
The use of tritium-labeled triterpene glycosides from the holothurian Cucumaria japonica in pharmacokinetic studies

Eiseman, F.B., 1955:
The use of turtle shells in the ceremonial dances of the Hopi Indians

Latham, R., 1970:
The use of turtles for food by man on Long Island

Crumeyrolle P.; Renaud I.; Suiter J., 2007:
The use of two- and three-dimensional seismic to understand sediment transfer from fluvial to deepwater via sinuous channels; example from the Mahakam shelf and comparison with outcrop data (south central Pyrenees)

Sahin, E.H.; Yardimci, M.; Cetingul, I.S.; Bayram, I.; Sengor, E., 2008:
The use of ultrasound to predict the carcass composition of live Akkaraman lambs

Christopher F.G.een; Pasquale V.S.arpino, 2001:
The use of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) in disinfection of airborne bacteria

Kamp Krueger, K., 1974:
The use of ultraviolet light in the study of fossil shells

Kokhanskaya, Y.M., 1970:
The use of ultraviolet radiation for the control of disease in eggs and fishes (the MBU-3 compact bactericidal plant)

Novikov, GA., 1973 :
The use of under-snow refuges among small birds of the sparrow family

Standifer, LN.; Owens, CD.; Gebert, JR.; Mills, JP., 1974:
The use of uniform honeybee colonies to evalvatp supplementary test rations for the simulation of brood rearing

Willis, J.N.; Jones, N.Y., 1977:
The use of uniform labelling with zinc-65 to measure stable zinc turnover in the mosquito fish, Gambusia affirm-1. Retention

Kukleta, Miloslav, 1967:
The use of unilateral cortical spreading depression in the study of subcortical storage of memory traces in rats

Borisov, VM.; Kotenev, BN.; Klochkov, DN.; Shatokhin, BM., 2006:
The use of up-to-date techniques of studying living resources for synoptic monitoring of the Barents Sea cod stocks

Jarrett, W.F.H., 1959:
The use of vaccination against parasitic worms

Sucre, E., B.; Harrison, R., B.; Turnblom, E., C.; Briggs, D., G., 2008:
The use of various soil and site variables for estimating growth response of Douglas-fir to multiple applications of urea and determining potential long-term effects on soil properties

Anonymous, 2006:
The use of various yeast strains for removal of pine wood extractive constituents

Votava, CL.; Martin, EW.; Parrish, J W.; Jr., 1973:
The use of ventilation rate in determining the low critical partial pressure of oxygen in the house sparrow (Passer domesticus)

Boon, P.J., 1977:
The use of ventral sclerites in the taxonomy of larvel hydropsychids

E.Bolock, AR., 1972:
The use of vertebrae for determining age and growth of the Nile catfish Clarias lazera (Cuv. & Val.) in the A.R.E

Koryakov, E.A., 1959:
The use of vertical diurnal migrations of aquatic animals for fishing with fixed gear

J.B.A.L.omans; L.C.K.anenburg; P.R. van Weeren; A.B.rneveld, 2008:
The use of veterinary medicinal products in equine practices in The Netherlands: balancing between the law and good veterinary practice

Durand, S.; L.B.l, M.; Juniper, S.; Kim.; Legendre, P., 2002:
The use of video surveys, a Geographic Information System and sonar backscatter data to study faunal community dynamics at Juan de Fuca Ridge hydrothermal vents

Darmody S.; Cartwright W., 1998:
The use of virtual environments for the representation of spatial information

Bradbury, J.W.; Nottebohm, F., 1969:
The use of vision by the little brown bat, Myotis lucifugus, under controlled conditions

Davis, W.H.; Barbour, R.W., 1965:
The use of vision in flight by the bat Myotis sodalis

Stubbs, T.H., 1946:
The use of visual aids in the teaching of biology

Palm, N.B., 1950:
The use of vital staining methods in insect histology research

Sluijs, G.K. van der., 1957:
The use of voles for strati-graphic correlations

Konrad, K.R.; Hedrich, R., 2008:
The use of voltage-sensitive dyes to monitor signal-induced changes in membrane potential-ABA triggered membrane depolarization in guard cells

Hengari, G.; Cunningham, P.; Adank, W., 2004:
The use of vultures by traditional healers in Namibia

Pastoriza, L.; Bernárdez, M.; Sampedro, G.; Cabo, M.L.; Herrera, J.J.R., 2008:
The use of water and ice with bactericide to prevent onboard and onshore spoilage of refrigerated megrim (Lepidorhombus whiffiagonis)

Fisler, G.F., 1962:
The use of water as bait for Microtus californicus

Zhutchkova, NI., 1976:
The use of water-formal method for detection of biogenic amines in Ascaris suum and Ascaridia galli

Mosimann, J.E., 1959:
The use of weight in estimating size and growth, in reptiles

Clark, WH.; Comanon, PL., 1973:
The use of western harvest ant. Pogonomyrmex occidentalis (Cresson). seed stores by heteromyid rodents

Geizentanner, KI.; Clark, WH., 1974:
The use of western harvester ant mounds as strutting locations by sage grouse

Puzyrev N.N., 2006:
The use of wide-angle reflections in Moho imaging; fifty years of experience

Reynolds, JF., 1975:
The use of wings by feeding storks

House, J.H., 1968:
The use of winstrol as a metabolic booster and appetite stimulant in snakes

Hallock, R.J.; Fry, D.H.; LafaunceDon A., 1957:
The use of wire fyke traps to estimate the runs of adult salmon and steelhead in the Sacramento River

Cunningham C.V.B., 1988:
The use of wireline logging to control blasting

Anonymous, 2008:
The use of xylanases from different microbial origin in bread baking and their effects on bread qualities

Williams I. S.; Collins W. J.; Hand M., 1992:
The use of zircon U-Pb to provide a time base for the structural and metamorphic evolution of the northern Arunta Inlier, central Australia

Graham Ian T.; Spencer Lee; Yaxley Gregory; Barron Larry, 2007:
The use of zircon in diamond exploration; a preliminary case study from the Cempaka Deposit, SE Kalimantan, Indonesia

Mikheev, Bp, 1971:
The use of zooplankton of water reservoirs as food for fish in pens

Wilson,, S.G.; McKean, J.L., 1965:
The use ofmist nets in Australia

Thorborg, J.V.; Hansen, K., 1951:
The use ofxenopus laevis, Bufo bufo, and Rana esculenta as test animals forgonadotrophic hormones. III. Quantitative investigations on the sensitivity of the animals to chorionic gonadotro-phin

Donika, IS., 1969:
The useful and harmful activities of sparrows in Moldavia

Hall, R., 1907:
The useful birds of Southern Australia

Safford, W.E., 1905:
The useful plants of the island of Guam with an introductory account of the physical features and natural history of the island, of the character and history of its people, and of their agriculture

Lozinsky, V.A.; Oksyutich, G.P., 1967:
The useful role of Lasius niger L. in flooded areas

Anonymous, 2007:
The usefulness for ensiling of chosen plant forms of species of Silphium genus

Joanna Zajkowska; Maciej Kondrusik; Sambor Grygorczuk; S?awomir Pancewicz; Aneta I?ycka, 2008:
The usefulness of 'in vivo' antigens in the diagnosis of human Lyme borreliosis

Canton, JH.; Slooff, W., 1977:
The usefulness of Lymnaea stagnalis L. as a biological indicator in toxicological bio-assays (model substance a-HCH)

Goodrich, C., 1933:
The usefulness of Mollusca in local biological studies. Opportunity for Investigation in Natural History for High School Teachers

Angelica Feurdean; Katherine J.W.llis, 2008:
The usefulness of a long-term perspective in assessing current forest conservation management in the Apuseni Natural Park, Romania

Anninos, Pa, 1975:
The usefulness of artificial neural nets as models for the normal and abnormal functioning of the mammalian CNS

Anonymous, 2008 :
The usefulness of automatic weather station for meteorological cover in agriculture

Ali, S.; Santapau, H., 1958:
The usefulness of bats

Eisenberg, J.F.; Kleiman, D.G., 1977:
The usefulness of behaviour studies in developing captive breeding programmes for mammals

Pawlaczyk-Szpilowa, M.; Moskal, M.; Wereteinik, J., 1972:
The usefulness of biological tests for determining the toxicity of some chemical compounds in waters

Mautz, W.W.; Petrides, G.A., 1967:
The usefulness of chromium-51 in digestive studies of the white-tailed deer

Weiland, G.; Emokpare, C.I., 1968:
The usefulness of complement fixation in identification of antibodies in tick infestation

Spychała, Jław., 2008:
The usefulness of cyclic diamidines with different core-substituents as antitumor agents

Boudreaux, H.B.; Dosse, G., 1963:
The usefulness of new taxonomie characters in females of the genus Tetranychus Dufour (Acari : Tetranychidae)

Wichtermann, R., 1955:
The usefulness of the one-celled animal, Paramecium, in studying the biological effect of high dosage X-radiation

Anonymous, 2007:
The usefulness of the willow (Salix viminalis) in the production of hardboards

Popham, E.J., 1960:
The uses and limitations of light traps in the study of the ecology of Corixidae (Hemiptera Heteroptera)

Edelman, N.M., 1970:
The uses of antimetabolites in applied entomology

Pierce, W.D., 1915:
The uses of certain weevils and weevil products in food and medicine

Stabl, J.B., 1969:
The uses of chironomids and other midges in interpreting lake histories

Terranova Remo; Brandolini Pierluigi; Nicchia Paolo, 2004:
The uses of dry stone in the construction of agricultural terraces in coastal landscape of the Cinque Terre (Italy)

Holyland P.W., 1995:
The uses of high resolution digital elevation models in geochemical exploration and landform analysis

Lane-Petter, W., 1953:
The uses of laboratory animals in Great Britain

Pablo L.Rendón, 2008:
The uses of truncated series in describing the propagation of high-intensity broadband noise

Anonymous, 2007:
The using of new gene Xa22 in Yunnan Japonica No. 1 and the establishment MAS system

Miller, R.R., 1945:
The uso of the names Hyporhamphus roberti and Hy-porhamphus hildebrandi for the same half-beak fish of tropical America

Favaloro, Norman, 1942:
The usurpation of nests, nesting sites and materials

Flynn, T.T., 1930:
The uterine cycle of pregnancy and pseudo-pregnancy as it is in the Diprotodont Marsupial, Bettongia cuniculus

Floyd, A.D.; Swartz, F.J., 1969:
The uterine epithelium of Ascaris lumbricoides as a model system for the study of polyploidy

Anonymous, 2008:
The uterine relaxant effect of curcumin in rats; an in vitro study

Patterson, J.T.; Wieman, H.L., 1912:
The uterine spindle of the polyclad Planocera inquilina

Hafez, E.S., 1963:
The uterotubal junction and the luminal fluid of the uterine tube in the rabbit

Conaway, C.H., 1958:
The uterus masculinus of Castor canadensis

Nicol, T., 1932:
The Uterus of Cavia after Intravitam Staining with Trypan Blue

Evans, H.M.; Swezy, O., 1931:
The uterus-ovary relationship and its bearing on the time of ovulation in the Primates

Kumari, E.V. ., 1966:
The utilisation and protection of the wild birds of Estonia

Alfeev, N.I., 1945:
The utilisation of Hunterellus hookeri How. for the control of the ticks Ixodes ricinus L. and Ixodes persulcatus P.Sch. with reference to peculiarities of their metamorphosis under the conditions of the Province of Leningrad

Swan, Andy., 2000:
The utilisation of Molinia caerulea (purple moor-grass) tussocks by overwintering beetles at Epping Forest

Dey, B.B.; Giriraj, M.; Srini-vasan, V.; Dey, M., 1940:
The utilisation of by-products of the shark liver oil industry

Kjerskog-Agersborg, H.P., 1920:
The utilisation of cohinoderms and of gastropod mollusks

Poulton, E.B., 1923:
The utilisation of derived plant-pigments in the colouring of Lepidoptera

Kjerskog-Agersborg, H.P., 1920:
The utilisation of echinoderms and of gastropod mollusks

Bonner, W.N. ., 1968:
The utilisation of elephant seals in South Georgia

Sagryazhskii, BA.; Mass, AV.; Chernyi, AG., 1974:
The utilisation of filming for the investigation of the locational behaviour of Asio otus

Evans, A.C., 1939:
The utilisation of food by certain Lepidopterous larvae

Evans, A.C.; Goodlifle, E.R., 1939:
The utilisation of food by the larva of the mealworm Tenebrio molitor L. (Coleopt.)

Evans, A.C., 1939:
The utilisation of food by the larvae of the buS-tip, Phalera bucephala (Linn.) (Lepidopt.)

Hamilton, T.S.; Card, L.E., 1924:
The utilisation of lactose by the Chicken

Haverschmidt, F., 1965:
The utilisation of mangroves by South American birds

Reader, D.E., 1951:
The utilisation of sharks

Miserque, O.; Breuse, D., 2008:
The utilisation of soil decompacters on the materials harvested from chicory

Monaghan, P., 1977:
The utilisation of urban resources by the herring gull (Larus argentatus). The utilisation of urban resources by the herring gull (

Anonymous, 2008:
The utilisation of veterinary nurses in practice

Tanaka, K., 2006:
The utility Web applications for MetBroker

Minoprio, J.L., 1947:
The utility of Cajal'a trichomic coloration method

Brimo, F.; Dion, D.; Huwait, H.; Turcotte, R.; Nahal, A., 2008:
The utility of MDM2 and CDK4 immunohistochemistry in needle biopsy interpretation of lipomatous tumours: a study of 21 Tru-Cut biopsy cases

Miqia Wang; Ronald Van den Berg; Gerard Van der Linden; Ben Vosman, 2008:
The utility of NBS profiling for plant systematics: a first study in tuber-bearing Solanum species

Dwyer, T.A.; Earl, D.E.; Wang, L., 2008:
The utility of a new in vitro model of the stroke penumbra

Falk, T.M., 2004:
The utility of complete cytochrome b sequences for phylogenetic studies on African tilapiines (Teleostei, Cichlidae)

J.E.H.ulahan; K.C.ttenie; G.S.C.mming; D.J.C.rrie; C.S.F.ndlay; U.G.edke; P.L.gendre; J.J.M.gnuson; B.H.M.Ardle; R.D.S.evens; I.P.W.iwod; S.M.W.ndzell, 2008:
The utility of covariances: a response to Ranta et al

Kaminski, Michael A., 2005:
The utility of deep-water agglutinated foraminiferal acmes for correlating Eocene to Oligocene abyssal sediments in the north Atlantic and western Tethys

Bronshtein, M.; Zimmer, E.Z.; Blazer, S., 2008:
The utility of detailed first trimester ultrasound examination in abnormal fetal nuchal translucency

Moin-ud-din Ahmad., 1950:
The utility of fish as larvicides in Sind

Barrett, L.; Henzi, S.; Peter., 2001:
The utility of grooming in baboon troops

Anonymous, 2007:
The utility of liver function tests in dengue

Nutting, C.C., 1899:
The utility of phosphorescence in deep-sea animals

Dickson, D.W.; Sasser, J.N.; Huisingh, D., 1968:
The utility of polyacrylamide-gel electrophoresis for distinguishing between species of Meloidogyne and showing taxonomic relationships

Kim, G.Hoon.; Shim, J.Bo.; Klochkova, T.A.; West, J.A.; Zuccarello, G.C., 2008:
The Utility Of Proteomics In Algal Taxonomy: Bostrychia Radicans/B. Moritziana (Rhodomelaceae, Rhodophyta) As A Model Study(1)

Kretchmar, R.Scott, 2008:
The utility of silos and bunkers in the evolution of kinesiology

Macbeth, W.G.; Broadhurst, M.K.; Millar, R.B., 2004:
The utility of square mesh to reduce bycatch in Hawkesbury River prawn trawls

Rosen M.R.; Close M.E.; Muller M.S., 2000:
The utility of the ELISA high sensitivity atrazine test kit as an indicator of pesticide contamination in New Zealand groundwater

Weiss, B.J.; Calleo, J.; Rhoades, H.M.; Novy, D.M.; Kunik, M.E.; Lenze, E.J.; Stanley, M.A., 2008:
The utility of the Generalized Anxiety Disorder Severity Scale (GADSS) with older adults in primary care

Herbert, A.B., 1905:
The utility of the Tit tribe

Janda, J., 1965:
The utility of young pheasant (Phasianus colchicus L.)

Brown., 1905:
The utility principle in relation to specific characters

Holm, S.Norgaard, 1966:
The utilization and management of bumble bees for red clover and alfalfa seed production

Kaplank, J.N.; Robbins, W.E.; Tabor, L.A., 1960:
The utilization and metabolism of 4-C14-cholesterol by the adult house fly

Anonymous, 2007:
The utilization of AFLP techniques on fruit genetic breeding

Vo.B.And.T.; Agosin.M., 1955:
The utilization of Krebs cycle intermediates by the culture forms of Trypanosoma cruzi and Leishmania tropica

Gulidov, M.V.; Soloviev, L.G., 1965:
The utilization of Van Dam's micromethod for the estimation of intensity of oxygen consumption in fish embryos

Fritz, T.E.; Dipert, M.H.; Flynn, R.J., 1967:
The utilization of a digital computer for analysis and management of rodent breeding data

Anonymous, 2007:
The utilization of access to information about organic agriculture and its internationalization

Flavin, M.; Graff, S., 1951:
The utilization of adenine for nucleic acid biosynthesis by Tetrahymena geleii

Juday, C., 1943:
The utilization of aijufttio food resources

Stow, D.; Brewster, A.E.; Bradshaw, B.K., 2001:
The utilization of airborne digital multispectral image dynamics and kinematic global positioning systems for assessing and monitoring salt marsh habitats in southern California

Kidder, G.W., 1944:
The utilization of amino acids by the ciliate Tetrahy menageleii

Likhachev, G.N., 1962:
The utilization of artificial bird's nests by Apodemus flavicollis in the southern part of the Moscow region

Brosens, I., 2008:
The utilization of assisted reproductive technology

Anonymous, 2007:
The utilization of assisted reproductive technology - Reply

Marchal, Paul., 1908:
The utilization of auxiliary entomophagous insects in the struggle against insects injurious to agriculture.

Barna, I.; Weis, D.S., 1973:
The utilization of bacteria as food for Paramecium bursaria

Bertholf, L.M., 1927:
The utilization of carbohydrates as food by honeybee larvae

Hornell, J., 1916:
The utilization of coral and shells for lime-burning in the Madras Presidency

Robbins, W.E.; Kaplanis, J.N.; Monroe, R.E.; Tabor, L.A., 1961:
The utilization of dietary cholesterol by German cockroaches

Okonski, J.; Lengemann, F.W.; Comar, C.L., 1960:
The utilization of egg iodine by the chicken embryo

Pace, D.M., 1948:
The utilization of ethyl alcohol as source of carbon in Chilomonas paramecium

Wilimovsky, N.J., 1956:
The utilization of fishing resources by the Arctic Alaskan Eskimo

Kolodziejczyk Urszula, 2004 :
The utilization of flood embankments in German defensive strategy

Mann, H. ., 1968:
The utilization of food by Tilapia melanopleura, Dum

Hussain, N.; Pfadt, RE., 1976:
The utilization of food by bigheaded grasshopper, Aulocara elliotti (Thomas)

Kryuchkova, N.M., 1969:
The utilization of food by the zooplankton

Evans, D.A.; Brown, R.C., 1972:
The utilization of glucose and proline by culture forms of Trypanosoma brucei

Waithe, W.I., 1963:
The utilization of glucose by Tetrahymena pyriformis

D.Z.aan, A.; Zandee, DI., 1972:
The utilization of glycogen and accumulation of some intermediates during anaerobiosis in Mytilus edulis L

Williams, C.M.; Bainess, L.A.; Sawyer, W.H., 1943:
The utilization of glycogen by flies during flight and some aspects of the physiological ageing of Drosophila

Dantsig, E.M.Sugonyayev, E.S., 1970:
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The utilization of mesh meteorological data maps for agricultural activity in hilly and mountainous area

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Anonymous, 2007:
The utilization of molecular methods for evaluation of resistance to fire blight (Erwinia amylovora) in apple (Malus x domestica) and pear (Pyrus communis)

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The utilization of monoclonal antibodies in immunocapture RT-PCR and dot blotting immunobinding assays for the detection of Cucumber mosaic virus

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The utilization of morphological, ecological, and life history evidence in the classification of Protocalliphora (Diptera: Calliphoridae)

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The utilization of pelts of the dune mole, (Bathyergus suillus) in the fur trade

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The utilization of reserve substances in Drosophila during flight

Anonymous, 2007:
The utilization of sawdust as a source of energy

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The utilization of selected forage organisms by channel catfish

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The utilization of solar energy by aquatio organisms

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The utilization of sugars by insect cells in culture

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The utilization of the California Crab resource

Anonymous, 2005:
The utilization of the collected and evaluated germ plasma resources, from plants with multiple uses diversification of the actual assortment, as well as their usage in the breeding process

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The utilization of the energy of intracellular respiration seen as a problem in molecular cytology

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The utilization of the food base related to the fish diet in Azov Sea

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The utilization of the starch-charcoal mixture in the cultivation of Balantidium from guinea-pigs

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The utilization of various Asclepias species by larvae of the monarch butterfly, Danaus plexippus

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The utilization of various organic nitrogen compounds for the growth of Chilomonas paramecium

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The utilization of water colloids and material in solution by aquatic animals with especial reference to mosquito larvae

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The utilization of wind-tunnel to estimate the dust content of chosen bedding materials

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The utilized territory of the Ovenbird

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The utriculo-endolymphatic valve and duct and its relation to the endolymphatic and saccular ducts in man and Guinea Pig

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The vacuole systems of a freshwater limacine Amoeba.

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The vacuome and so-called canalicular system of Odpidium

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The vagrant seal

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The vale of Ewyas. Gwent

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The valence of titanium in refractory forsterite

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The valence strength of negative stimuli modulates visual novelty processing: Electrophysiological evidence from an ERP study

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The valid name for the Grey Wagtail

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The valid name for the north-west Australian subspecies of the shining flycatcher Myiagra alecto (Monarchidae)

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The valid name of the banteng: Bibos javanicus (D'Alton)

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The valid species name of 'Ascolaphus libelluloides' of recent authors (Neur.)

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The valid specific name of the streaked fantail

M.K.R.V.R.ja; S.I.G.tman; J.G.Y.e; L.M.M.millin;, 2008:
The validation of AIRS retrievals of integrated precipitable water vapor using measurements from a network of ground-based GPS receivers over the contiguous United States

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The validation of two names in Anopheles

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The validation protocol used for Bio-Rad TeSeE test: a practical approach

Anonymous, 2007:
The validation protocol used for ELISA tests in viral diseases diagnosis: a practical approach

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The validity and change of name of two species of Wyeomyia (Diptera, Culicidae)

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The validity and reliability of a performance assessment procedure in ice hockey

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The validity and reproducibility of food-frequency questionnaire-based total antioxidant capacity estimates in Swedish women

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The validity and status of the roundscale spearfish Tetrapterus georgei

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The validity of Acanthochondrites inflatus (Bainbridge, 1909) a parasitic copepod occurring on Raja radiata Donovan, 1806 in the North Sea

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The validity of Aegithalas smithii Jardine

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The validity of Brissonian Genera

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The validity of Candacia tuberculata Wolfenden and comparison with C. bradyi Scott (Copepoda. Calanoida)

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The validity of Crotalus viridis decolor Klauber

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The validity of Galaxias kayi Ramsay and Ogilby

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The validity of Harpactes fasciatus legerli Koelz

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The validity of Hynobius turkestanicus Nikolski, 1909 (Amphibia, Caudata, Hynobiidae)

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The validity of Lophius americanus Val. as a species distinct from L. piscatorius Linn., with notes on the rate of development

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The validity of Malacoraja Stehmann, 1970 (Chondrichthyes, Batoidei, Rajidae) and its phylogenetic significance

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The validity of a substitute name

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The validity of autoradiographic labeling

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The validity of enzymatic assay of adenosine phosphates in crude extracts of some marine bivalves

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The validity of estimating length and rate of growth by scales from various sec tions of the sardine (Sardinops melano sticta)

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The validity of otolith ages of Southern Grand Bank cod

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The validity of some genera of larks (Alaudidae)

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The validity of some generic terms

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The validity of the 'consistency test' for phylogenetic hypotheses

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The validity of the Penobscot Field Mouse

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The validity of the Red-legged subspecies of Black Duck

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The validity of the genus Megalo-prepia Reichenbach

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The validity of the genus Stylomyleodon

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The validity of the higher taxonomie categories in the tribe Scymnini (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)

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The validity of the name Eulima Candida Marrat

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The validity of the name curtipennis (Harris) for North American Chorthippus (Orthoptera: Acrididae)

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The validity of the names Testacella maugei Fer. and T. haliotidea Drap

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The validity of the separation of Thrips physapus L. and T. hukkineni Priesner (Thysanoptera: Thripidae)

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The validity of the subgenus Senilia (Bivalvia: Arcidae, Anadarinae, Anadara)

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The validity of the subgenus Senilia Gray, 1842 (Bivalvia: Arcidae)

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The validity of the wear-age technique for Alberta pronghorns

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The validity of using a resource selection functions model to predict den habitat of the Tibetan fox (Vulpes ferrilata)

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The valley of the Tacony

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The valuation of mining and petroleum exploration tenements

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The value and identification of Owls in the Rocky Mountain region

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The value and limitations of echocardiography in small animal practice

Anonymous, 2003:
The value and management of wastewater treatment works for breeding and wintering birds in lowland eastern England

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The value and significance of vaginal cytology

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The value constrained production decline model and its application in reserve valuation

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The value of Abbot's manuscript drawings of American Spiders

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The value of Birds to Man

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The value of ECG lead aVR in the differential diagnosis of acute inferior wall myocardial infarction

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The value of Foraminifera as guide fossils: with special reference to the Australian cainozoic sediments

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The value of MODIS snow cover data in validating and calibrating conceptual hydrologic models

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The value of Mussel distribution in tracing stream confluence

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The value of Myology as an aid in the classification of animals

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The value of Nature Societies to the State

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The value of Pre-Linnean Works on Conchology

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The value of Quaternary insect faunas in the interpretation of ancient ecology and climate

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The value of RTUs and parataxonomy versus taxonomic species

Anon., 1967:
The value of Zoogeographic studies

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The value of ammonites for the stage differentiation of the Upper Cretaceous in the Tadjik depression

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The value of angular displacement in the description of the andromal migrations in the genus Salmo

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The value of animal behavior in evaluations of restoration success

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The value of anorexia nervosa subtypes

Anonymous, 2007:
The value of anorexia nervosa subtypes - Dr. Eddy replies

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The value of ant-hills in grasslands

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The value of atoms in the diet of Michigan deer

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The value of barcoding - reply

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The value of bird life

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The value of bird watching

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The value of bird-ringing in the study of migration

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The value of breeding programmes

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The value of chaetotaxy in systematic studies of larval ticks

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The value of climate forecasting

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The value of coarse woody debris to vertebrates in the Pacific Northwest

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The value of colour in the struggle for life

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The value of colour-ringing: the case of a yellow-billed egret Egretta intermedia

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The value of commercial meat meal as a food for the largemouth black bass.

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The value of concentrating the cysts of Protozoan parasites in examining the stools of dysenteric patients for pathogenic Entamoebae

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The value of creep feed for laboratory rabbits

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The value of cultural methods in surveys for parasitic amebae of man

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The value of data from four Iowa quail seasons

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The value of different tree and shrub species to wildlife

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The value of egg counts and the use of tracer animals in epidemiological studies on trichostrongylidosis of ruminants. Proc. 2nd Int. Congr. Parasit. (Washington 6 12 Sept. 1970)

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The value of energy efficiency programs for US residential and commercial buildings in a warmer world

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The value of esophageal structures in nemio classification

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The value of evidence about past abundance: marine fauna of the Gulf of California through the eyes of 16th to 19th century travellers

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The value of failures

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The value of farm programs for providing winter cover and food for Minnesota pheasants

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The value of fossil Mollusca in Coal-measure stratigraphy

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The value of fossil collections

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The value of fossil insect faunas in the understanding of Quaternary ecologies and climates

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The value of hatchery trout for stocking rivers. Growth in unstocked rivers

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The value of hatchery trout for stooking rivers

Anonymous, 1936:
The value of hatchery trout for stooking rivers. Hatchery trout dropping downstream

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The value of head characters in Nematode taxonomy and relationship

Anonymous, 2004:
The value of home gardens to small farmers

Kwack BeyoungHwa, 2007:
The value of human life with horticultural practices and products

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The value of i ossil fragments

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The value of in vivo real time ultrasonography in assessing loin muscularity and carcass composition of rabbits

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The value of incidence for the assessment of schistosomiasis control; a study in Southern Rhodesia

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The value of individual marking of birds, pp.38-43 3 pls. Feeding of young Barn Owls

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The value of information in fishery management

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The value of insect parasitism to the American farmer

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The value of intact tissue sections for studying metabolic inter-actions between the cytoplasm and mitochondria

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The value of larval stages in systematic studies of the Trichoptera, with particular reference to the Hydropsychidae from Africa south of the Sahara

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The value of life history data in the study of the evolution of the Amphibia

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The value of magnetic resonance spectroscopy in tumour imaging

Anonymous, 2007:
The value of marketing for cherry in Turkey

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The value of measurements in the study of wader migration, with particular reference to the Oystercatcher

Wilson, S.J., 1963:
The value of mist netting

Raun, E.S., 1956:
The value of mite and louse control on laying hens

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The value of muscular and skeletal scores in the live animal and carcass classification scores as indicators of carcass composition in cattle

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The value of ovipositional ability in tick taxonomy

Webster, F.M., 1907:
The value of parasites in cereal and forage crop production

Anonymous, 2008:
The value of parks

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The value of plant extracts with antioxidant activity in attenuating coccidiosis in broiler chickens

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The value of plant genetic diversity to resource-poor farmers in Nepal and Vietnam

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The value of predaceous beetles in destroying insect pests

Hamilton, W.J., 1937:
The value of predatory Mammals

Manders, N., 1912:
The value of protective resemblance in moths

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The value of renesting in game birds

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The value of riparian forest buffers as habitat for birds in the Coastal Western Hemlock Zone, British Columbia: a pilot study

Jose L.P.nero; V.A.F.nk, 2008:
The value of sampling anomalous taxa in phylogenetic studies: major clades of the Asteraceae revealed

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The value of sesame-specific IgE levels in predicting sesame allergy

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The value of sharp rings for the age determination of sardine (Sardina pilchardus Walb.)

Beach Tarra M.; Bradley Michael W.; Painter Roger; Byl Thomas D., 2008:
The value of single-well tracer studies for characterizing karst sites

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The value of small bowel magnetic resonance imaging in the management of enteropathy associated T-cell lymphoma

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The value of small mammals. Nature Conservation in Western Malaysia, 1961

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The value of small size: loss of forest patches and ecological thresholds in southern Madagascar

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The value of some immunobiological methods for the diagnosis of helminthiases. Proc. 2nd Int. Congr. Parasit. (Washington 6-12 Sept. 1970)

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The value of some mammals and birds as destroyers of noxious insects

J.S.ith; Simon Potts; Paul Eggleton, 2008:
The value of sown grass margins for enhancing soil macrofaunal biodiversity in arable systems

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The value of spiral threads in the identification of certain small land snails

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The value of stomach and body weight in analysing the populations of small rodents

Corliss, J.O., 1965:
The value of stomatogenesis in studies of ciliate phylogeny and systematics

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The value of stress protein 70 as an environmental biomarker of fish health under field conditions

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The value of subspecies to the field naturalist

Parsons, M.S.; Greatorex Davies, N., 2006:
The value of sweet chestnut Castanea sativa as a foodplant for Lepidoptera

Stewart, P.A., 1954:
The value of the Christmas bird counts

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The value of the IUCN Red List for conservation

Moss, W., 1894:
The value of the Radula as an aid to Classification

Johnson, W.B.; Lester, H.M.O., 1929:
The value of the adhesion phenomenon in estimating wild game trypanosome reservoirs and as an aid to diagnosis in human trypanosomiasis

Evans, G.O., 1964:
The value of the chaetotaxy of the pedipalps in the classification of the Gamasina and Uropodina (Acari : Mesostigmata)

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The value of the complement fixation test and of the immunofluorescent method in the laboratory diagnosis of toxoplasmosis

Baerends, G.P., 1959:
The value of the concept releasing mechanism.

Gorna-Bartel, H.; Rutkowiak, B., 1968:
The value of the contrast-radiography for the classification of young specimens of Alligator genus

Feldman-Muhsam, B., 1956:
The value of the female genital aperture and the peristigmal hairs for special diagnosis in the genus Rhipicephalus

Feldman-Muhsam, B., 1951:
The value of the female genital aperture for scientific diagnosis in the genera Amblyomma and Dermacentor

Strzepek, K., M.; Yohe, G., W.; Tol, R., S.J.; Rosegrant, M., W., 2008:
The value of the high Aswan Dam to the Egyptian economy

Krach, W., 1958:
The value of the macro-fauna in the stratigraphy of the Miocene in Poland

Gretillat, S., 1966:
The value of the morphological and anatomical characteristics of the genital pore in the classification of trematodes of the genus Carmyerius (Gastro-thylacidae)

Macbride, E.W., 1896:
The value of the morphological method in zoology

Oiarnley, H.W.; Jr., 1966:
The value of the propodeal orifice and the phallic capsule in Vespid taxonomy (Hymen-optera, Vespidae)

Mosely, M.E., 1941:
The value of the publication of records

Emsley, M.G.; Nickle, D.A.; Wayne Moss, W., 1967:
The value of the stridulatory file and other characters in tettigoniid taxonomy (Orthoptera)

Champion, G.; Dewar, A.; Gough, S.; Haylock, L.; Henderson, I.; May, M., 2005:
The value of the sugar beet crop for birds and the farm environment (report A - uncropped headlands)

Walcott, C.D., 1891:
The value of the term Hudson River Group, in Geologic Nomenclature

Hume, E.M.; Smith, H.H., 1927:
The value of the ultra-violet rays in the prophylaxis and cure of rickets in Monkeys

Reid, B.E.; Bailey, C., 1966:
The value of the yolk reserve in Adelie penguin chicks

Borders, B.E.; Harrison, W.M.; Clutter, M.L.; Shiver, B.D.; Souter, R.A., 2008:
The value of timber inventory information for management planning

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The value of type specimens and importance of their preservation

Craig, Michael D., 2004:
The value of unlogged buffers for vulnerable bird species in the jarrah forest of south-west Western Australia

Sweeting, H.R., 1911:
The value of variation to a species

Anonymous, 2007:
The value of water based on the regional market. The case of rice production with irrigation on the litoral region of Argentina

Schomberg, G., 1970:
The value of zoological collections in conservation

Jarvis, C., 1967:
The value of zoos for science and conservation

Chisholm, A.H., 1908:
The values of Babblers as Insect destroyers

Zhigarev, IA., 2005:
The valuing stability of small mammal populations size

Bayer, M.B., 1964:
The valvae of the male genitalia in the Agrotinae (Lepidoptera-Noctuidae)

Bayer, M.B., 1960:
The valvae of the male genitalia in the genera Prodenia, Laphygma and Spodoptera (Lepideptera-Noctuidae)

lukaszewska-Otto, H.; Zajac, S., 1968 :
The valves of the posterior vena cava and coronary sinus of the heart in the dog

lukaszewska-Otto, H., 1968:
The valves of the posterior vena cava and coronary sinus of the heart in the pig, ox and stag

Cable, WD., 1973:
The valvular membrane in young macbrid clams, Spisula solidissima

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The vampire bat in Sonora, with notes on other bats from Southern Sonora

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The vampire bat. A field study in behavior and ecology

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The vampire snalis (Colubraria) occurring in the Red Sea

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The vanadium and selected metal contents of some ascidians

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The vanishing follicle in women aged over forty: premature, mechanical, LH-independent luteinization may reflect oocyte-follicle low quality?

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The vanishing jungle

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The variability of quantitative traits in postirradiation generations of Lebistes reticulatus (Poeciliidae; Pisces)

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The variability of the branch numbers of stag antlers in the Carpathian Basin

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The variability of the catch from gill nets set for pike Esox lucius L

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The variability of the degradability of protein meals used within Romanian market: its influence on their nutritive value

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The variability of the oocysts of the parasite Eimeria arabiana Veisov in Vinogradov's gerbil

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