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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 24018

Chapter 24018 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Ying, J.; Li, H.; Murray, P.; Gao, Z.; Chen, Y-Wen.; Wang, Y.; Lee, K.Yeung.; Chan, A.T.C.; Ambinder, R.F.; Srivastava, G.; Tao, Q., 2007:
Tumor-specific methylation of the 8p22 tumor suppressor gene DLC1 is an epigenetic biomarker for Hodgkin, nasal NK/T-cell and other types of lymphomas

Guidolin, D.; Nico, B.; Crivellato, E.; Marzullo, A.; Vacca, A.; Ribatti, D., 2008:
Tumoral mast cells exhibit a common spatial distribution

Bergman, R.M., 1941:
Tumoren bij slangen

dos Santos Junior, JR.; Vaz Saleiro, J., 1974:
Tumores em aves capturadas na Reserva Ornitologica de Mindelo

Beatti, M., 1943:
Tumores espontan eos de ratas salvayes

Anonymous, 1950:
Tumores y alimentacion. I. Efectos de las variaciones en la dieta de levadura sobre tumores melanicos de la Drosophila melanogaster

Peters, N.; Peters, G., 1970:
Tumorgenese, ein Energieproblem der Zelle? Untersuchungen an Papillomen des europaischen Aal Anguilla anguilla (L.)

Leone, V., 1958:
Tumori da metilcolantrene in Tritoni

Radulescu, I., 1967 :
Tumori tegumentare la guvizii din marea neagra tarmul romanesc

Ortega, A.; Carretero, J.; Obrador, E.; Estrela, Jé.M., 2008:
Tumoricidal activity of endothelium-derived NO and the survival of metastatic cells with high GSH and Bcl-2 levels

Mavrakis, K.J.; Zhu, H.; Silva, R.L.A.; Mills, J.R.; Teruya-Feldstein, J.; Lowe, S.W.; Tam, W.; Pelletier, J.; Wendel, H-Guido., 2008:
Tumorigenic activity and therapeutic inhibition of Rheb GTPase

Nadav, L.; Kalchenko, V.; Barak, M.Max.; Naparstek, E.; Geiger, B.; Katz, B-Zion., 2008:
Tumorigenic potential and disease manifestations of malignant B-cell variants differing in their fibronectin adhesiveness

Fujii, S.; Inai, K., 2008:
Tumorigenicity study of L-theanine administrated orally to mice

Kallinikova, V.D., 1964:
Tumorotropism of Trypanosoma cruzi as a basis for biotherapy of cancer with cruzin

Wadsworth, J.R., 1960:
Tumors and tumor-like lesions of snakes

Burdette, W.J., 1963:
Tumors in Drosophila

Jones, D.F., 1936:
Tumors in Drosophila Melanogaster Resulting from Somatic Segregation

McClure, H.M., 1973:
Tumors in nonhuman primates: observations during a six-year period in the Yerkes primate center colony

Richards, CS., 1973 :
Tumors in the pulmonary cavity of Biomphalaria glabrata: genetic studies

Reavill, D.R., 2004:
Tumors of pet birds

Sapierzynski, R., 2008:
Tumors of the hematopoietic tissue in dogs and cats. Part I. Canine lymphoma - diagnosis, treatment and prognosis

Falkmer, S.; Ostberg, Y.; Emdin, S., 1972:
Tumors of the liver of the hagfish, Myxine glutinosa

Macintyre, P.A., 1960:
Tumors of the thyroid gland in teleost fishes

Ostberg, Y. floquist, L.; Falkmer, S., 1972:
Tumors or hamartomas in endocrine pancreas of the hagfish, Myxine glutinosa.

I D Nagtegaal; P Quirke, 2008:
Tumour deposits in colorectal cancer: the challenge is continuing

Anders, F., 1967:
Tumour formation in platyfish-swordtail hybrids as a problem of gene regulation

Warlow, R., 1981:
Tumour immunobiology

L'helias, Colette, 1960:
Tumour induction factor provoked by folic acid in Pieris brassicae during the diapause

Harnly, M.H.; Burton, L.; Friedman, F.; Kopac, M.J., 1954:
Tumour induction in Drosophila melanogaster by injection of elltu larval fluid

Anonymous, 2008:
Tumour necrosis factor- alpha and interleukin-6 concentration in the serum of sows with the MMA syndrome

Williams, G., 1929:
Tumourous growths in fish

Tyzzer, E.E., 1902:
Tumours and Sporozoa in Fishes

Lina, P.H.C., 1969:
Tumours and wart-like excrescences on feet and legs of some wild birds

Montpellier, J.; Dienzeide, R., 1932:
Tumours cutantees du cyprin (Carassiusauratus L.)

Sutton, J.B., 1885:
Tumours in Animals

Stolk, A., 1958:
Tumours in amphibians. II a-b. Adenoma of the parotoid gland in Bufo marinus

Gorski, A., 1963:
Tumours in animals

Stolk, A., 1957:
Tumours in fishes. XVII-XIX

Stolk, A., 1958:
Tumours in fishes. XXII

Stolk, A., 1962:
Tumours in fishes. XXXII. Adenoma of the pharyngeal glands in the mouthbreeding anabantid Betta anabatoides Bleeker

Stolk, A., 1957:
Tumours in reptiles. I. Melanoma of the skin in the viper Vipera berus

Stolk, A., 1958:
Tumours in reptiles. II-III

Stolk, A., 1958:
Tumours in reptiles. III

McCallion, J., 1954:
Tumours in the amphibia

Effron, M., 1977:
Tumours in wild animals

Lavoipierre, M.M.J.; Rajamanickam, C.; Ward, P., 1965:
Tumours induced by harpyrhynchid mites in a bird

Wisniewski, J., 1967:
Tumours observed on worker ants Formica polyctena Forst. (Hym., Formicidae)

Stolk, A., 1959:
Tumours of Amphibians. IX. Xanthophoroma in the frog Hyla arborea

Stolk, A., 1959:
Tumours of amphibians

Stolk, A., 1958:
Tumours of amphibians I-II. Adenoma of the skin in Rana arvalis Nilson (preliminary note)

Stolk, A., 1958:
Tumours of amphibians. IV A-B

Stolk, A., 1961:
Tumours of amphibians. IX. The inhibitory effect of colchicine upon the cutaneous fibroma in the toad Bufo bufo japonicus

Stolk, A., 1959:
Tumours of amphibians. VII. Erythrophoroma in Dendrobates typographicus

Stolk, A., 1959:
Tumours of amphibians. VIII. Guanophoroma in the frog Hyla arborea meridionalis

Stolk, A., 1961:
Tumours of amphibians. VIII. Transplantation experiments with the cutaneous fibroma in the toad Bufo bufo japonicus

Stolk, A., 1959:
Tumours of fishes, 29. Lipoma in the eel Anguitta anguilla

Stolk, A., 1959:
Tumours of fishes, 30. Epidermoid carcinoma of the lower lip in the cichlid Hemichromis Umaculatus

Stolk, A., 1959:
Tumours of fishes, XXVI. Erythrophoroma in the oviparous cyprinodont Nothobranchius guentheri (Pfeffer)

Stolk, A., 1956:
Tumours of fishes. Epithelioma of the oval mucosa in the scylliid Scyliorhinus catulus (L.)

Stolk, A., 1953:
Tumours of fishes. I. An ovarian teratoma in the viviparous Cyprinodont Lebistes reticulatus Peters. II. Chromophobe adenoma of the pituitary gland in the viviparous Cyprinodont Lebistes reticulatus Peters. III. Carcinoma of the epidermis in the black va

Stolk, A., 1954:
Tumours of fishes. VI. Mesenchymal tumour of the skin in the viviparous Cyprinodont Xiphophorus maculatus Gunther (red variety)

Stolk, A., 1955:
Tumours of fishes. VII. Congenital teratoma of the skin in the viviparous cyprinodont Lebistes reticulatus (Peters)

Stolk, A., 1956:
Tumours of fishes. VIII. Thyroidal tumour in the cyprinid Tanichthys albonubes Lin

Stolk, A., 1956:
Tumours of fishes. X. Thyroidal tumour with infiltration of the gills in the cichlid Cichlasoma biocellatum (Regan)

Stolk, A., 1956:
Tumours of fishes. XI. Carcinoma of the skin in the anabantid Colisa labiosa (Day)

Stolk, A., 1957:
Tumours of fishes. XII-XIII

Stolk, A., 1957:
Tumours of fishes. XVI. Fibroma of the intestine in the viviparous cyprinodont Lebistes reticulatus (Peters)

Stolk, A., 1958:
Tumours of fishes. XXIII A-B, XXIV

Stolk, A., 1959:
Tumours of fishes. XXVII-XXVIII

Stolk, A., 1960:
Tumours of fishes. XXXI. Epidermoid carcinoma in a strain of the eichlid Etroplus maculatus (Bloch)

Stolk, A., 1958:
Tumours of reptiles. 4. Multiple osteomas in the lizard Lacerta viridis

Montpellier, J.; Dleuseide, R., 1935:
Tumours parasitaires des Labrides

Pesta, O., 1937:
Tumpeluntersuchungen im Gebiet der Kelchalpe bei Kitzbuhel, Tirol

Laird, M.G.; Bassett, K.N.; Bradshaw, J.D.; Morgans, H.E.G.; Schirler, P., 2001:
Tumult at Tora; the K/ T succession in SE Wairarapa

Leyendekkers, J.V., 1964:
Tuna - International fish

Tibbo, S.N.; McKenzie, R.A., 1964:
Tuna and bonitos

Suda, A., 1971:
Tuna fisheries and their resources in the IPFC area

Suda, A., 1973:
Tuna fisheries and their resources in the Indian Ocean

Martin, C., 1938:
Tuna fishery and long-line fishing in Davao Gulf, Philippines

Sampson, W.G., 1962:
Tuna fishing in Australia and its possible application in New Zealand

Merrett, N.R., 1968:
Tuna fishing research in the Indian Ocean

Roberts, PE.; Baker, D.; Slack, EB., 1975:
Tuna in New Zealand waters. Occasional Publs Fish

Anonymous, 1969:
Tuna investigations east coast area of New Zealand 1965-1967

Merrett, N.R., 1968:
Tuna longline survey in the equatorial western Indian Ocean

Wilson, R.C.; Shimada, B.M., 1955:
Tuna longlining: Results of a cruise to the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean

Fonteneau, Alain, 2007:
Tuna management and closed areas

Fonteneau, A.; Pallares, P., 2005:
Tuna natural mortality as a function of their age: the bigeye tuna (Thunnus obesus) case

Springer, S., 1957:
Tuna resources of the tropical and sub-tropical Western Atlantic

Anonymous., 1974:
Tuna supersensitive to temperature

Robins, JP., 1975:
Tuna survey in waters off the Western Australian coast during the period August 1973 to August 1974

Godsil, H.C., 1936:
Tuna tagging

Blunt, C.E.; Messersmith, J.D., 1960:
Tuna tagging in the eastern tropical Pacific, 1952-1959

Patterson, J., 1939:
Tuna, how big-how fast

Piran, A.A., 1957:
Tunaria andicola, especie y genero nuevos de la fauna de Bolivia (Hemiptera, Pentatomidae)

Watson, M.E., 1964:
Tunas (genus Thunnus) of the western North Atlantic, Part 1. Key to the species of Thunnus based on skeletal and visceral anatomy

Mather, F.J., 1964:
Tunas (genus Thunnus) of the western North Atlantic, Pt. II. Description comparison and identification of species of Thunnus based on external characters. Pt. III. Distribution and behaviour of Thunnus species

Siga Junior Oswaldo; Gomes Celso de Barros; Sato Kei; Passarelli Claudia Regina, 2007:
Tunas alkaline complex, Parana; new geochronologic data

Van Campen, W.; Hoven, E.E., 1956:
Tunas and tuna fisheries of the world: an annotated bibliography, 1930-53

Gaikov, VZ.; Gaikova, EV., 2005:
Tunas of the Atlantic Ocean

Bullis, H.R.; Mather, F.J., 1956:
Tunas of the genus Thunnus of the Northern Caribbean

Hynd, J.S.; Jones, B.B.; Kerr, I.C.S.roston, N., 1969:
Tunas. Rep. Div. Fish

Bostock, D.H., 1937:
Tunde the Potto

DeLong Jack, M., 1951:
Tundra Field, Van Zandt County, Texas

Shelford, V.E.; Twomey, A.C., 1941:
Tundra animal communities in the vicinity of Churchill, Manitoba

Benedict, J.B., 2005:
Tundra game drives: an arctic-alpine comparison

Frohne, W.C., 1955:
Tundra mosquitoes at Naknek, Alaska Peninsula

Lilly Michael, R.; Paetzold Ron, F.; Kane Douglas, L., 2008:
Tundra soil-water content and temperature data in support of winter tundra travel

Kucheruk, VV.; Dobrokhotov, BP.; Meshcheryakova, IS.; Nekrasova, LL., 1976:
Tundra type of tularemian natural foci on the Yamal and Yugorsky peninsula

Wotton, M., 1967:
Tundra wings

Knorr, E., 1927:
Tundra-Blau-kehlchen am Niederrhein

Pettersson, J., 1973:
Tundrapipare Pluvialis dominica for andra gAngen funnen ; Sverige

Grice Joel, D.; Rowe Ralph; Poirier Glenn; Wight Quintin, 2008:
Tundrite-(Ce) from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec; crystal-structure analysis and species characterization

Boss Stephen, K.; Beller Caroline, 2006:
Tune in, turn on, link up! Earth system science at the University of Arkansas

Smits van Burgst, C.A.L., 1912 :
Tunesian Ichneumonidae

Zingel, D., 1972:
Tunesien. Vogel in Oasen

Calzada Sebastian; Peybernes Bernard; Kamoun Fekri; Ben Youssef Mohamed, 1994:
Tunethyris, a new genus of Triassic brachiopod from central Tunisia

Budija, F., 2008:
Tung oil

Li, K. chen.; Chin, T. hsiung., 1957:
Tunga callida sp. nov., a new species of sandflea from Yunnan

Mascarenhas, Rita, D.Cassia Siriano, 2002:
Tunga penetrans (Siphonaptera: Tunginae) na fala popular

Pinto, C.; Dreyfus, A., 1927:
Tunga travassosi n. sp. parasita de Tatusia novemcinctus do Brasil

Ravi, S.; Rau, T.K.; Reddy, N.S.; Nayak, S.S., 2007:
Tungabhadra kimberlite field, Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh

Meinert, F., 1886:
Tungens Udskydelighed hos Steninerne en Slaegt af Staphylinernes Familie

Saemundsson, B., 1931:
Tunglfisksseydi rekid i Grindavik

Knight, N.D., 1987:

Quitte Ghylaine; Zanda, B., 2007:
Tungsten and nickel isotopes in two enstatite achondrites; Itqiy and Zaklodzie

A.N.H.lliday; B.J.W.od; A.M.rkowski, 2006:
Tungsten isotopes and oxidation in early planetary mantles

Keita Irisawa; Takafumi Hirata, 2006:
Tungsten isotopic analysis on six geochemical reference materials using multiple collector-ICP-mass spectrometry coupled with rhenium-external correction technique

Takamasa, A.; Nakai, S.; Sahoo, Y.V.; Hanyu, T.; Tejada, M.L.G., 2007:
Tungsten isotopic composition of south Polynesia islands and Ontong Java Plateau

Markowski, A.; Quitte, G.; Halliday, A.N.; Kleine, T., 2006:
Tungsten isotopic compositions of iron meteorites; chronological constraints vs. cosmogenic effects

J.I.M.rtins; José L.F.C.L.ma; A.M.reira; S.C.C.sta, 2007:
Tungsten recovery from alkaline leach solutions as synthetic scheelite

Connah, T.H., 1965:
Tungsten, molybdenum and bismuth ore deposits of Queensland.; 2

Epifanov Vladimir Alexsandrovich (Epifanov Vladimir Aleksandrovich); Tatianin Gennadi Michailovich, 2004:
Tunguska gas catastrophe as prevention of possible man-made explosions

Terakado, K., 1970:
Tunic formation in the larva of an ascidian, Perophora orientalis

Amor, A., 1967:
Tunicados pelagicos de la operation convergencia en el Atlantico sur (1961)

Seeliger, O., 1900:
Tunicata (Mantelthiere)

Seeliger, Osw., 1897:
Tunicata (Mantelthiere) in :

Hartmeyer, R., 1910:
Tunicata (Manteltiere). Begonnen v. Osw. seeliger. H. G

Seeliger, OSWALD., 1905:
Tunicata (Mantoltiere)

Buckmann, A., 1926:
Tunicata (Urochordata) in : Grimpe G. and Wagler E

Ihle, J.E.W., 1935:
Tunicata : Desmomyaria

Anonymous, 1907:
Tunicata fur 1904

Matzdorff, Carl., 1909:
Tunicata fur 1906.

Hartmeyer, R., 1910:
Tunicata fur 1907 mit Nachtragen.

Hartmeyer, R., 1910:
Tunicata fur 1908 mit Nachtragen.

Ritter, W.E., 1893:
Tunicata of the Pacific Coast of North America. I. Perophora annectens, n. sp

Kott, P., 1954 :
Tunicata. Ascidians

Michaelsen, W., 1919:
Tunicata. Beitrage zur Kenntnis der Meeresfauna Westafrikas

Huus, J.; Ihle, I.E.W.; Lohmann, H.; Neumann, G., 1934:
Tunicata. Kukenthal & Krumbach

Apstein, C., 1911:
Tunicata. Resume des observations sur le Plankton des Mers explorees par le conseil pendant les annees 1902-1908

Raftos, D.; Nair, S., 2004:
Tunicate cytokine-like molecules and their involvement in host defense responses

Parrinello, N.; Patriculo, E.; Canicatti, C., 1977:
Tunicate immunology. 1. Tunic reaction of Ciona intestinalis L. to erythrocyte injection

Sluiter, C.; Ph., 1895:

Sluiter, C.Ph, 1900:
Tunicaten aus dem Stillen Ocean

Hartmeyer, Robert., 1904:
Tunicaten von AEgina

Drasche, R.Von, 1886:
Tunicaten von Jan Mayen, in Oster

Korotneff, A., 1894:

Carlsson, J.G., 1918 :
Tunicater ifrau Sveriges vastkust

Monniot, F.; Monniot, C., 1976:
Tuniciers abyssaux du bassin argentin recoltes par lAtlantis 2'

Monniot, C.; Monniot, F., 1977:
Tuniciers benthiques profonds du Nord-Est Atlantique. Resultats des campagnes Biogas

Godeaux, J., 1960:
Tuniciers pelagique du Golfe d'Eglath

Godeaux, J., 1962:
Tuniciers pelagiques

Godeaux, J., 1972:
Tuniciers pelagiques de I'Ocean Indien

Godeaux, J., 1973:
Tuniciers pelagiques recoltes au cours de la troisieme croisiere atlantique de lArmauer Hansen (1922)

Godeaux, J., 1963:
Tuniciers pelagiques recoltes sur la cote occidentale d'Israel

Sluiter, C.; Ph., 1898:
Tuniciers recueillis en 1896 par la Chazalie dans la mer des Antilles

Sluiter, C.; PH., 1905:
Tuniciers recueillis en 1904 par M. Ch. Gravier, dans le Golfe de Tadjourah (Somalie franYaise)

Sluiter, C.; PH., 1905:
Tuniciers recueillis on 1904 par M. Ch. Gravier dans le Golfe de Tadjourah (Somalie franYaise)

Pennetier, G., 1906:
Tuniciers, acquisitions

Harant, H.; Vernieres, P., 1933:
Tuniciers: I. Ascidies

Godeaux, J., 1963:
Tuniciers; embryologie, histologic et morphologic

Hansen, J.E.; Perrotta, R.G., 2004:
Tunidos y especies afines que habitan la plataforma continental y/o la zona economica exclusiva Argentina y areas adyacentes

Matzdorff, Carl, 1905:
Tunikaten fur 1903

Swederus, M.B., 1886:
Tunikater frau Sibiriens Ishaf och Berings Haf, &c

Belkaid, Y.; Oldenhove, G., 2008:
Tuning microenvironments: induction of regulatory T cells by dendritic cells

Porch, Clay, E., 2001:
Tuning age-structured models to independent estimates of mortality rate with application to West Atlantic bluefin tuna

Stanford, Richard, 2004:
Tuning ecosystem models to past data

Traversa, E.; Mecheri, B.; Mandoli, C.; Soliman, S.; Rinaldi, A.; Licoccia, S.; Forte, G.; Pagliari, F.; Pagliari, S.; Carotenuto, F.; Minieri, M.; D.N.rdo, P., 2008:
Tuning hierarchical architecture of 3D polymeric scaffolds for cardiac tissue engineering

Laycock, G., 1964:
Tuning in on wildlife (hooking up radio sets to all manner of wild creatures.)

Grigg, G., 1974:
Tuning in to crocodiles

Elgar, G.; Vavouri, T., 2008:
Tuning in to the signals: noncoding sequence conservation in vertebrate genomes

Alberto Dalla Fontana, 2008:
Tuning of a thunderstorm index for north-eastern Italy

Raghava, S.; Gupta, M.N., 2008:
Tuning permeabilization of microbial cells by three-phase partitioning

Not given., 1888:
Tunis, Sponge Fishery at. Report of Consul

Wi g an, RGM., 1973:
Tunisia's wildlife

Aloui Tahar; Chaabani Fredj, 2007:
Tunisian Neogene sand used in portland white cement

E.A.rem Hayouni; Imed Chraief; Manaf Abedrabba; Marielle Bouix; Jean-Yves Leveau; Hammami Mohammed; Moktar Hamdi, 2008:
Tunisian Salvia officinalis L. and Schinus molle L. essential oils: their chemical compositions and their preservative effects against Salmonella inoculated in minced beef meat

Anonymous, 2008:
Tunisian Table Olive Phenolic Compounds and Their Antioxidative Capacity

Tlili, Faten; Mahjoub, Abdelwahab; Lefèvre, Pierre; Bellaj, Tarek; Ben Romdhane, Habiba; Eymard-Duvernay, Sabrina; Holdsworth, Michelle, 2008:
Tunisian Women's Perceptions of Desirable Body Size and Chronic Disease Risk

Ben Othman, N.; Roblain, D.; Thonart, P.; Hamdi, M., 2008:
Tunisian table olive phenolic compounds and their antioxidant capacity

Ufimtsev, G.F.; Shchetnikov, A.A., 2003:
Tunkinskiy Rift

Snyder, L.L., 1940:
Tunnel Fliers and window fatalities

Embery, B.D., 1976:
Tunnel boring in the Mount Lyell Mine

Bergman, S.E., 1987:
Tunnel boring under Stockholm city

Kehew Alan, E.; Kozlowski Andrew, L., 2007:
Tunnel channels of the Saginaw Lobe, Michigan, USA

Lukins, P., 1987:
Tunnel construction by TBM Sand Bar Hydroelectric Project

Skoozen, S., 1958:
Tunnel digging by the mole (Talpa europaea Linne)

Awad, H.; Peck, W., 1976:
Tunnel investigations in the Terrigal Formation of New South Wales

Brown, LN.; Hickman, GC., 1973:
Tunnel system structure of the southeastern pocket gopher

Voigt, E., 1975:
Tunnelbaue rezenter und fossiler Phoridea

Voigt, E., 1975:
Tunnelbaue rezenter und fossiler Phoronidea. Palaentologische

Lee, S-Hee.; Yang, R-Ling.; Su, N-Yao., 2008:
Tunneling response of termites to a pre-formed tunnel

Wittke Walter; Tegelkamp Meinolf; Wittke Gattermann Patricia; Zuechner Frank, 2001:
Tunneling beneath the Stuttgart airport using the sprayed concrete lining method

Klar Assaf; Marshall Alec, M.; Soga Kenichi; Mair Robert, J., 2008:
Tunneling effects on jointed pipelines

Gurke, S.; Barroso, Jão.F.V.; Hodneland, E.; Bukoreshtliev, N.V.; Schlicker, O.; Gerdes, H-Hermann., 2008:
Tunneling nanotube (TNT)-like structures facilitate a constitutive, actomyosin-dependent exchange of endocytic organelles between normal rat kidney cells

Eugenin, E.A.; Gaskill, P.J.; Berman, J.W., 2009:
Tunneling nanotubes (TNT) are induced by HIV-infection of macrophages: a potential mechanism for intercellular HIV trafficking

Klenowski, G., 1976:
Tunnelling in Archaean rocks of the Darling Range, Western Australia

Naito, T.; Kaji, S., 1987:
Tunnelling in unsolidified water bearing sandstone - construction of Tsugaru Tunnel (Futamata Construction Section)

Iwata, T.; Fukushima, A.; Shimizu, R.; Shibata, Y., 1987:
Tunnelling under steep, dangerous slopes

Stebbings, RE., 1973:
Tunnels in S. west Wiltshire

Anonymous, 2005:
Tunnista harvinaiset hietayokkoset - miten estaa harvinaisten Euxoa-yksiloiden joutumisen riskakoriin

Murray, D.K.W., 1932:
Tunny (Thunnus thynnus L.) in the North Sea

Russell, F.S., 1934:
Tunny investigations made in the North Sea on Col. E. T. Peel's Yacht, St. George, Summer, 1933. Part I. Biometric data

Gardiner, A.C., 1934:
Tunny migrations. Views of ancient and modern investigators

Hannow, N., 1969:

Francis, RC., 1974:
Tunpop, a computer simulation model of the yellowfin tuna population and the surface tuna fishery of the eastern Pacific Ocean

Grant, C.H.B.; Mackworth-Praed, C.W., 1957:
Tunstall's Ornithologia Britannica 1771

Kaisila, J., 1949:
Tunturiperhosia kerailemassa Kilpisjarvella

Kalela, O., 1950:
Tunturisopulin vaelluksista ja nuden biologisesta merkityksesta

Lind, E.A., 1961:
Tunturusopulin, Lemrnus lemmus (L.), suhtautumisesta vihollisiin

Anonymous, 2005:
Tuoksut houkuttavat - feromonien taikaa

Anonymous, 2001:
Tuore Dicerca moesta - havainto Paraisilta (Buprestidae)

Emmons, Louise, H., 2000:
Tupai: a field study of Bornean treeshrews

Boguth, Ar, 1975:
Tupfelbuntbarsche - etwas fur sanfte Gemuter

Nielsen, E., 1954:
Tupilakosaurus heilmani n.g. et n.sp. An interesting batracho-morpha from the Triassic of East Greenland

Toledo, L.F.lipe; Peralta, D.A.meida Prado, C.; Vieira Andrade, D., 2004:
Tupinambis merianae (tegu lizard). Fungivory

Souza, I.F.anca E.; Silva, H.L.cio Rodrigues; da Silva, N.J.rge, : Jr, 2002:
Tupinambis teguixin (Teiu tegu). Diet

Dolan, J.M., 1965:

Gretillat, S.; Brygoo, E.R.; Capron, A., 1960:
Tur madagascariensis n. sp. (Acarina, Mesostigmata) parasite de perruche verte Agapornis cana (Gmelin)

Sclater, P.L., 1868:
Turacoes and their Distribution

Gray, H.H., 1971 :
Turacos in the Benue Valley

Phillips, J.F.V., 1928:
Turacus corythaix corythaix Wagler ( Loerie ) in the Knysna forests

Lindahl, W.W.; Ritota, M.C.; Metzger, T.B., 1945:
Turalemia.Report of six cases of tick borne origin

Coutsis, J.G.; Borie, J.-Pierre, 2007:
Turanana dushak new to Iran, a re-description of its valva and of the valva of Turanana panaegides, and new sampling locality data for Turanana endymion endymion and Turanana endymion ahasveros (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae)

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