Verbreitung und Bestandssituation der Kreuzotter (Vipera berus berus (Linnaeus, 1758) ) in Bayern

Gruber, H.J.; Hansbauer, G.; Heckes, U.; Voelkl, W.

Mertensiella 1 Dezember; 15: 117-124


Accession: 024106505

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In Bavaria there are two main areas of distribution of the adder, which are very important for the conservation of the species in Germany: the eastern highlands and the pre-alpine hills and moorlands. Within these areas the adder still seemed to be rather widespread. In many other parts of its Bavarian range, however, it has vanished completely or is restricted to small isolated areas. Recent investigations in selected areas have shown that even populations within the distribution centres are partly declining due to an ongoing loss of habitats.