Zachranny transfer mihule potocni (Lampetra planeri) a strevle potocni (Phoxinus phoxinus) na Ohrazenickem potoce ve vojenskem vycvikovem prostoru Brdy

Dusek, M.; Svatora, M.; Fischer, D.

Lampetra 5: 81-84


Accession: 024150074

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In this paper is described save transfer of populations brook lamprey (Lampetra planeri) and minnow (Phoxinus phoxinus) with respect of reconstruction of the pond Pstruhovy rybnik. Both species were obtained in June 2000 within three times repealed ichthyological research applying electrofishing in the brook Ohrazenicky potok (the tributary of the river..). Ichthyological research resulted in findings of the abundance of the brook lamprey as 5,54 ex/m2 of the suitable fine sediments, 1,62 ex/m2 of total bottom square, respectively. The electrofishing was carried out in section of 120 m long. In total 194 larvae of the brook lamprey and 258 specimens were tranferred to other sections of brooks Ohrazenicky potok and Sipsky potok (both brooks lay in the Protected landscape area Krivoklatsko).