Zur Kenntnis von Bembecia joesti Bettag, 1997 aus Marokko (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae)

Bartsch, D.

Entomologische Zeitschrift 116(5): 211-215


ISSN/ISBN: 0013-8843
Accession: 024167721

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The little-known Sesiid Bembecia joesti BETTAG, 1997 from Morocco is discussed. The taxon Bembecia karel HERRMANN & HOFMANN, 1997 syn. nov. represents merely a colour variant and is thus a new synonym of B. joesti. Both taxa were known only in the male sex, all specimens having been captured with the help of synthetic pheromones. The locality data of all existing specimens known by me are listed. The life history is described. The larva has a two-year life cycle boring in the roots of Hippocrepis unisiliquosa (Fabaceae). Specimens of both sexes were reared; the female is described for the first time and the male is redescribed in detail on the basis of fresh specimens. Within the western palaearctic members of Bembecia HUBNER, [1819] the species is noteworthy by its marked sexual dimorphism.