Section 25
Chapter 24,190

A simple method of isolation of obligate anaerobes excluding facultative anaerobes by means of Replica technique

Suzuki, S.

Acta Sch Med Gifu 3(7): 496-499


Accession: 024189773

Diluted specimens are smeared on plates of solid culture media and incubated anaerobically; the developed colonies on the culture plates are pressed gently by the surface of a velvet cloth attached to a wooden plate. Then the cloth impresses, as to seal, on 2 fresh culture plates, the one incubated anaerobically and the other aerobically. Colonies capable of growing on both culture plates are facultative anaerobes and colonies developed only on the anaerobically incubated plates are obligate anaerobes. The ratio between them is thus easily calculated. The principle of this method is quite similar to that of the Lederberg's Replica technique to isolate nutritional mutants of bacteria.

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