Section 25
Chapter 24,192

A study of the respiration of Micrococcus lysodeikticus in the presence of lysozyme

Peniston, F.L.; Harris, J.O.

Trans Kansas Acad Sci 56(1): 67-73


DOI: 10.2307/3626191
Accession: 024191377

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Crystalline lysozyme prepns. in concns. greater than 1.6 [mu]g. per ml. inhibited almost completely O2-uptake by M. lysodeikticus in dilute suspensions. Smaller concns. of lysozyme (0.52 [mu]g./ml.) caused an increase in the rate of respiration of Na acetate and ethyl alcohol. Several mechanisms which may cause this stimulation are discussed. It is suggested that lysozyme may hydrolyze its specific substrate, a mucopolysaccharide, from the cell membranes thus rendering them more permeable to the substrate molecules. Exptl. evidence indicates that such may occur.

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