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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 24200

Chapter 24200 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Freestone, Norman William, 1942:
An electroencephalographic study on the moment of stuttering

Singh, I.; Sehra, K.B.; Inderjit Singh, (Mrs) Sunita, 1945:
An electrolyte-free medium for the frog heart and graded responses of the heart muscle

Baldwin, F.M.; Panzer, B.I., 1946:
An electro-magnetic sphygmograph of new and simple design

Ingram, M., 1947:
An electrometric indicator to replace starch in iodine titrations of sulphurous acid in fruit juices

Lobanovskii, G.I., 1965:
An electrometric study of the permeabilty of the stratum corneum in diseases of the skin caused by rust preventive

Liebman, F.M.; Kussick, L., 1965:
An Electromyographic Analysis Of Masticatory Muscle Imbalance With Relation To Skeletal Growth In Dogs

Breitenfeldt, Dorvan, H., 1963:
An electromyographic investigation of respiratory muscle activity during normal and simulated nasalized vocalization

Harrison, Virginia, F., 1964:
An electromyographic investigation of the patterns of activity of the triceps brachli m and blceps brachii m

Person, R.S., 1958 :
An electromyographic investigation on coordination of the activity of antagonist muscles in man during the development of a motor habit

Carlsoo, S., 1956:
An electromyographic study of the activity, and an anatomic analysis of the mechanics of the lateral pterygoid muscle

Macdougall, J.D.B.; Andrew, B.L., 1953:
An electromyographic study of the temporalis and masseter muscles

Bearn, J.G., 1961:
An electromyographic study of the trapezius, deltoid, pectoralis major, biceps and triceps muscles, during static loading of the upper limb

Bassel, Alex Ida Robinson, 1964:
An electron and fluorescence microscope study of the development of a melanotic tumor induced by 7,12-dimethylbenz anthracene in the Syrian golden hamster

Shakov, A.A.; Golubkova, B.M., 1960:
An electron micro-scope study of chloroplasts of plants with root systems kept at low temperatures

Dirksen, E.R.ter; Cailleau, R., 1967:
An electron micro-scopic study of the leukemia virus in AKR and hybrid mice inoculated with ascites passages or tissue-cultured leukemic cells

De Robertis, E., 1949:
An electron microscope analysis of nerves infected with the B virus

S.V.Perry; R.R.ed; Astbury, W.T.; Spark, L.C., 1948:
An electron microscope and X- ray study of the synaereses of actomyosin

Spark, L.C., 1947:
An electron microscope and x-ray study of actin II X-rays

Laitinen, E.A., 1960:
An electron microscope investigation of the connective tissue in the alveolar wall of the normal and the bronchiectatic human lung

Margaretten, W.; Csavossy, I.; Mckay, D.G., 1967:
An electron microscope study of a case of meningococcemia in man

Groniowski, J., 1962:
An electron microscope study of abnormal mitosis in a cancer cell

Weinstein, H.J., 1954:
An electron microscope study of cardiac muscle

Parker, F., 1958:
An electron microscope study of coronary arteries

Cox, R.C.; Little, K., 1961:
An electron microscope study of elastic tissue

Fischman, D.A., 1967:
An electron microscope study of myofibril formation in embryonic chick skeletal muscle

Snellman, O.; Erdos, T., 1948:
An electron microscope study of myosin, actin, and actomyosin

Ascenzi, A.; Bonucci, E.; Bocciarelli, D.S., 1965:
An Electron Microscope Study Of Osteon Calcification

Rennels, E.G., 1962:
An electron microscope study of pituitary autograft cells in the rat

Anderson, T.F.; Richards, A.G., 1942 :
An electron microscope study of some structural colors of insects

Burgos, M.H.; Fawcett, D.W., 1956:
An electron microscope study of spermatid differentiation in the toad, Bufo arenarum Hensel

Gee, M.M.; Sun, C.N.; Dwyer, J.D., 1967:
An electron microscope study of sunflower crown gall tumor

Threadgold, L.T.; Houston, A.H., 1964:
An electron microscope study of the chloride cell of Salmo salar

Slayter, E.M., 1965:
An electron microscope study of the conformational change in bovine serum albumin at low pH

Whitear, M., 1960:
An electron microscope study of the cornea in mice, with special reference to the innervation

Charles, A., 1960:
An electron microscope study of the eccrine sweat gland

Sheldon, H., 1956:
An electron microscope study of the epithelium in the normal mature and immature mouse cornea

Donn, A., 1961:
An electron microscope study of the rabbit corneal endo-thelium in relation to its uptake and transport of colloidal particles

Manton, I.; Bryan, C., 1952:
An electron microscope study of the spermatozoid of Sphagnum

Threadgold, L.T., 1962:
An electron microscope study of the tegument and associated structures of Dipylidium caninum

Morris, V.B.; Shorey, C.D., 1967:
An electron microscope study of types of receptor in the chick retina

Aninga, S.; Van Den Hooff, A., 1956:
An electron microscope study on the shape of the spores of Bacillus polymyxa

Myers, A.; Preston, R.D.; Ripley, G.W., 1959:
An electron microscopic investigation into the structure of the Floridean pit

Guba, F.; Vandra, E., 1960:
An electron microscopic study of Mycobacterium phages

Hashimoto, K.; Lever, W.F., 1967:
An electron microscopic study of Pemphigus vulgaris of the mouth and the skin with special reference to the intercellular cement

Cummings, Donald, J., 1963:
An electron microscopic study of T2 bacteriophage in thin sections

Glees, P., 1968:
An electron microscopic study of astrocytes in the lateral geniculate body of blind monkeys

Evans, J.P.; Tani, E.; Raimondi, A.J., 1961:
An electron microscopic study of brain swelling

Lesseps, Roland, 1961:
An electron microscopic study of dissociated embryonic cell surfaces

Arhelger, R.B.; Darlington, R.W.; Gafford, L.G.; Randall, C.C., 1962:
An electron microscopic study of fowlpox infection in chick scalps

Maaloe, A., 1958:
An electron microscopic study of plasmas containing desoxyribonucleic acid I The nucleoids of bacteria in active growth

Reidbord, H.E., 1967:
An electron microscopic study of the alveolar-capillary wall following intratracheal administration of saline and water

Sweeny, P.R.; Bather, R., 1968:
An electron microscopic study of the chorioallantoic membrane following infection with Rous sarcoma virus

Meyer, H.; Musacchio, M.de.O., 1965:
An electron microscopic study of the final and initial forms of Plasmodium gallinaceum in thin sections of infected tissue cultures

Leeson, T.S., 1959:
An electron microscopic study of the mesonephros and metanephros of the rabbit

Margaretten, W.; Csavossy, I.; McKay, D.G., 1967:
An electron microscopic study of thrombin-induced disseminated intravascular coagulation

Iannaccone, A.; Cicchella, G., 1962:
An electron microscopic study of tht adenohypophysis of the rat in chronic benzene poisoning

Erie, M., 1960:
An electron microscopic study of various mammalian thyroid glands

Zeruolis, Leonas, 1963:
An electron microscopic study of vitamin D induced aortic calcification

Dalgaard, O.Z., 1960:
An electron microscopic study on glomeruli in renal biopsies taken from human shock kidney

Pak Poy, R.K.F.; Robertson, J.S., 1959:
An electron microscopical study of the glomerular changes in experimental hydronephrosis in rats

Blumberg, W.E.; Reisach, J., 1965:
An electron spin resonance study of copper uroporphyrin III and other touraco feather components

Hashimoto, Yukichi; Yamano, T.; Mason, H.S., 1962:
An electron spin resonance study of migrosomal electron transport

Huennekens, F.M., 1962:
An electron transport particle from yeast purification and properties

Jones, D.G., 1967:
An electron-microscope study of subcellular fractions of Octopus brain

Theron, J.J., 1961:
An electron-microscopic study of Kaposis haemangiosarcoma

Johnson, Clement, 1964:
An electron-microscopic study of sexual reproduction in Chlamy-domonas moewusii

Glezer, I.I.; Gaskin, L.Z., 1967:
An electron-microscopic study of the pituitary and adrenals of rabbits after the injection of serum from patients with schizophrenia

Anderson, Thomas, F., 1943:
An electron-microscopic study of the pneumococcal capsular swelling phenomenon

Lofqvist, J.; Stenram, H., 1965:
An electronic actograph for automatic registration of animal locomotion

Langridge, D.F., 1962:
An electronic aid to beekeeping The apidictor

Koyama, T., 1961:
An electronic alarm giving notice of an O2-concentration drop in water

Henry, F., 1942:
An electronic apparatus for testing fatigue by the visual flicker method

Mccombs, R.K.; Herrod, C.E.; Mackay, R.S.uart, 1954:
An electronic cardiac defibrillator and pacemaker

Peyraud, C.; Bastien, C., 1961:
An electronic light chopper used for study of luminous stimulation

Mengoli, H.F., 1959:
An electronic method for measurement of cell volume

Cleary, E.J., 1963:
An electronic monitor system for river-quality surveillance and research

Voisey, P.W.; Miller, H.; Kloek, M., 1966:
An electronic recording dough mixer L The apparatus

Kloek, M., 1966:
An electronic recording dough mixer IV Applications in farinography

Crittenden, E.C.; Shipley, R.E., 1944:
An electronic recording flowmeter

Clark, Allen Whipple, 1965:
An electronmicroscopic study of four invertebrate photoreceptors

Ziegler, Hubert, 1958:
An electronmicroscopic study of symbiotic bacteria from higher plants

Poison, Alfred, 1945:
An electrophoresis apparatus for the rapid routine analysis of sera and other protein solutions

Hardt, C.R.; Huddleson, I.F.; Ball, C.D., 1946:
An electrophoretic analysis of changes produced in blood serum and plasma proteins by heat in the presence of sugars

Leland, S.E.; Lindquist, W.D.; Lillevik, H.A., 1955:
An electrophoretic and chemical fractionation study of sera from rats immunized against the nematode Nippostrongylus muris

Ispolatovskaya, M.V.; Bakaeva, O.A.; Ostrovskaya, N.N., 1960:
An electrophoretic and immunochemical study of serum proteins in guinea pigs during development of brucellosis

Hesselvik, L., 1940:
An electrophoretic investiga-tion on synovial fluid

Moore, D.H.; Van Der Scheer, J.; Wyckoff, R.W.G., 1940:
An electrophoretic study of antipneumococcal horse sera

Kraut, Nathan, 1938:
An electrophoretic study of sera from rats artificially infected with and immunized against the larval cestode Cysticercus~ fasciolaris

Bjorck, G.; Jacobsson, S.O., 1964:
An electrophoretic study of the blood serum of cows with traumatic peritonitis

Bain, J.A.; Deutsch, H.F., 1947 :
An electrophoretic study of the egg white proteins of various birds

Gelkina, T.A., 1961:
An electrophoretic study of the protein fractions of Bacillus Breslau and Escherichia coli and of variants of Escherichia coli obtained by assimilation of products of Bacillus Breslau

Murzaliev, A., 1967:
An electrophoretic study of the spinal fluid proteins in patients with cerebral glioma

Shinn, Lawrance, E., 1931:
An electrophoretic study of the sterile filtrates of cultures of the streptococci of scarlet fever and erysipelas

Schumann, George, O., 1957:
An electrophoretic survey of multiple haemoglobins in some fresh-water fishes

Janssen, L.W., 1949:
An electrophoretical study of the proteins present in the vesicle lymph in foot-and-mouth disease and the isolation of the virus protein

Edmands, R.E.; Greenspan, K.; Fisch, C., 1967:
An electrophysiologic correlate of ouabain intropy in canine cardiac muscle

Pshennikova, M.G., 1958:
An electrophysiological analysis of how non-impulsive effects spread along neuromuscular structures from X-irradiated areas

Burnstock, G.; Greenberg, M.J.; Kirby, S.; Willis, A.G., 1967:
An electrophysiological and pharmacological study of visceral smooth muscle and its innervation in a mollusc, Poneroplax albida

Guest, Richard Thornton, 1960:
An electrophysiological approach to the study of repellency in Phormia regina

Hind, J.E., 1953:
An electrophysiological determination of tonotopic organization in auditory cortex of cat

Peimer, I.A., 1958:
An electrophysiological investigation of the effects of brief strong flashes of light on the retina and brain of man and rabbits

Zislina, N.N.; Novikova, L.A.; Tkachenko, N.M., 1963:
An electrophysiological study of inhibitory and excitatory influences of the hippocampus

Sokolova, A.A.; Bu, K.S., 1957:
An electrophysiological study of the dominant focus in the cerebral cortex of a rabbit produced by the action of a continuous current

Kitahata, Masahiko, 1960:
An electrophysiological study on the sensory blocking mechanism of inhalation anesthetics nitrous oxide, ether, and cyclopropane

Donaldson, P.E., 1965:
An electrophysiological unit for students' use

Sneath, P.H.; Cowan, S.T., 1958:
An electro-taxonomic survey of bacteria

Arrhenius, Sven, 1961:
An ellipsoid fluorimeter

Gose, K., 1966:
An elmidae larva from afghanistan pamir insecta coleoptera 1 text figure

Trew, J.A.; Nilson, E.V., 1965:
An elution technique for the estimation of dehydrogenase isoenzymes in agar gels

Smith, R., 1967:
An embedding mould for small pieces of tissue

Fitch, N., 1957:
An embryological analysis of two mutants in the house mouse, both producing cleft palate

Celli, Ofelia, 1943:
An embryologic study of the Almeria grapevine

Dalith, F., 1964:
An Embryological Concept For The Prevalence Of Atherosclerotic Lesions In The Abdominal Aorta

Subramanyam, K., 1949:
An embryological study of Lobelia pyramidalis Wall, with special reference to the mechanism of nutrition of the embryo in the family Lobeliaceae

Mladentseva, M.S., 1960:
An embryological study of hop

Van Der Merwe, R.B., 1957:
An embryological study on Themeda triandin Forsk

Wilson, L.R.; Venkatachala, B.S., 1963:
An emendation of Vestispora Wilson and Hoffmeister, 1956

Sabol, Joseph William, 1960:
An emendation of the description of Nodosaria catesbyi, DOrbigny

Clark, E.W.; Osgood, E.A., 1964:
An emergence container for recovering southern pine beetles from infested bolts

Renshaw, Arnold, 1943 :
An emergency method for the sterilisation of water

Leon, R.L.; Martin, H.W.; Gladfelter, J.H., 1967:
An emotional and educational experience for urban migrants

Jones, R.J.; Goulder, N.E., 1950:
An empiric approach to the interpretation of the low frequency, critically damped ballistocardiogram

Watson, W.G.egg; Nancy, W.C.sey; John, E.O.Reilly; Wayne, E.E.aias, 2009:
An empirical approach to ocean color data Reducing bias and the need for post-launch radiometric re-calibration

Druce, A.P., 1960:
An empirical method of describing stands of vegetation

Broida, Helen, 1963:
An empirical study of sex-role identification and sex-role preference preference in a selected group of stuttering male children

Robertson, Leon Spurgeon, 1963:
An empirical study of some relationships among parental roles and reaction to frustration

Burton, Jean Lucille, 1957:
An empirical study of the effects of anxiety and failure-success upon the performance of a complex task

Brooks, H.E.; Henry, F.J., 1958:
An empirical study of the relationships of Catholic practice and occupational mobility to fertility

Rodwan, A.S., 1964:
An Empirical Validation Of The Concept Of Coherence

Richards, Rowland, 1956 :
An emulsifiable concentrate for pyrethrum and similar insecticides

Borota, Jan, 1965:
An encounter with elephants

Hazard, F. 0, 1940:
An endamoeba parasitic in Opalina chorophili

Walton, Mary, 1956:
An endemiological study of enteric virus infections Poliomyelitis Coxsackie and orphan viruses isolated from normal children in two socioeconomic groups

Pohl, Richard, W., 1955:
An endo-spermous dicotyledon seed for botanical instruction

Fingerman, M.; Fitzpatrick, C., 1956:
An endocrine basis for the sexual difference in melanin dispersion in Uca pugilator

Goldberg, G.M.; Goldberg, S.; Gold, J.J., 1961:
An endocrine mechanism involved in testicular changes produced by a dl-ethionine supplemented diet: a study of morphologic changes and endocrine dysfunction

Hortling, H.; Chapelle, A.; Johansson, C.J.; Niemi, M.; Sulamaa, M., 1967:
An endocrinologic follow-up study of operated cases of cryptorchism

Glass, G.B.J., 1968:
An endogenous gastric secretory inhibitor in thoracic duct lymph abstract dog human rat gastrone

Costa Lima, A.D.; Guitton, N., 1962:
An endogenous parasite of the larva of Hermetia illucens

Jiangping Deng; Ruizhi Chen; Jianyu Wang, 2010:
An enhanced bit-wise parallel algorithm for real-time GPS software receiver

Levin, D.A.; Smith, D.M., 1965:
An enigmatic Phlox from Illinosis

Haines, Henry, G., 1930:
An entomological sheep in wolfs clothing

Miwa, Yushiro; Chujo, Michio; Mitono, Takeo, 1932:
An enumeration of Coleoptera from Kotosho , with the description of new species

Cufodontis, Georg, 1965:
An enumeration of Ethiopian Spermato-phyta

Koyama, Tetsuo, 1955:
An enumeration of Hayata s Indo-Chinese collection of Cyperaceae Carex and Cyperus

Koyama, Tetsuo, 1957:
An enumeration of Hayatas Indo-Chinese collection of Cyperaceae

Sun, Y.Z., 1932:
An enumeration of Labiatae from Kweichow collected by Y Tsiang in 1930

Cleland, J.B.; Black, J.M., 1927:
An enumeration of the vascular plants of Kangaroo Island

Cheng, W.C., 1933:
An enumeration of vascular plants from Chekiang I, II

Childers, N.F.; Brody, H.W., 1940:
An environment-control chamber for study of photosynthesis, respiration, and transpiration of horticultural plants

Harvey, R.W.; Phillips, W.P., 1961:
An environmental survey of bakehouses and abattoirs for salmonellae

Mornet, P.; Orue, J.; Bachir, S., 1950:
An enzootic of Newcastle disease in Dakar

Lafenetre, H.; Cortez, A.; Rioux, J.A.; Pages, A.; Vollhardt, Y.; Quatrefages, H., 1960:
An enzootic of cutaneous tumors among hares

Korman, E.F.; Shaper, J.H.; Smith, R.A., 1962:
An enzymatic cleavage and phosphoryl transfer reaction involving monothiolphosphate

Staple, E.; Lynn, W.S.; Gurin, S., 1956:
An enzymatic cleavage of the cholesterol side chain

Wieland, Otto, 1957:
An enzymatic method for the determination of glycerine

Keilich, G., 1965:
An enzymatic method for the kinetic study of endohydrolases Determination of the activity of -amylase

Wilson, L.G.; Bandurski, R.S., 1956:
An enzymatic reaction involving adenosine triphosphate and selenate

Uziel, M.; Hanahan, D.J., 1956:
An enzymatic route to L-alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine

DeMoss, J.A.; Wegman, J., 1965:
An enzyme aggregate in the tryptophan pathway of Neurospora crassa

Chiga, M.; Plaut, G.W., 1959:
An enzyme system from mitochondria catalyzing adenosine diphosphate-adenosine triphosphate and orthophosphate-adenosine triphosphate exchange reactions

Selim, A.S.M.; Greenberg, D.M., 1959:
An enzyme that synthesizes cystathionine and deaminates L-serinel

Chaikoff, I.L., 1960:
An enzymic defect in fatty acid synthesis by alloxan-diabetic rat liver

Furcolow, Michael, L., 1957:
An epidemic illness associated with a recently recognized enteric virus I Epidemiologic and clinical features

Belle, E.A., 1968:
An epidemic of dengue like illness in jamaica 1963 human virus aedes aegypti mouse

Kokko, U.P., 1946:
An epidemic of dysentery on the Karelian Isthmus in the summer of 1944

Greenwald, P.; Bashe, W.J., 1964:
An Epidemic Of Erythema Infectiosum

Stable, G.; Philpott, I.G., 1948:
An epidemic of gastro-enteritis in infants

An epidemic of influenza type B occurring in Victoria during 1953

Aagenaes, O.; Bach, H.; Budolfsen, S.E., 1954:
An epidemic of inoculation hepatitis

Rankin, A.M.; Philip, P.J., 1963:
An epidemic of laughing in the Bukoba district of Tanganyika

Rich, Murray, L., 1932:
An epidemic of motor neuritis in Cincinnati, Ohio, due to drinking adulterated Jamaica ginger With pathological report by A R VONDERAHE, and epidemiological report by T J LeBLANC, and W E BROWN

Swanston, W., 1968:
An epidemic of parainfluenza infection in trinidad abstract children respiratory disease bronchitis pneumonia

Kaji, M.; E.A., 1961:
An epidemic of pharyngoconjunctival fever among school children in an elementary school in Fukuoka prefecture

Chambon, L.; Wone, I.; Bres, P.; Cornet, M.; Ly, C.; Michel, A.; Lacan, A.; Robin, Y.; Henderson, B.E.; Williams, K.H.; Camain, R.; Lambert, D.; Rey, M.; Mar, I.D.op; Oudart, J.L.; Causse, G.; Ba, H.; Martin, M.; Artus, J.C., 1967:
An epidemic of yellow fever in Senegal in 1965

Villegas Canevaro, O., 1959:
An epidemio-logical and parasitological survey of the population of the North Hospital area of Iquique

Clark, E.G.; Morsell, J.A., 1952:
An epidemiologic approach to the study of high blood pressure

Foley, George, E., 1945:
An epidemiologic approach to the study of the biochemical mechanism of motor neuron disease Landrys paralysis

Talbert, C.R., 1967:
An epidemiologic study of hypertension among racial groups of Charleston County, South Carolina The Charleston Heart Study, Phase II

Heard, T.W.; Linton, A.H. , 1966:
An epidemiological study of Salmonella in a closed pig herd

Lilienthal, B.; Amerena, V.; Gregory, G., 1965:
An epidemiological study of chronic periodontal disease

Slepushkin, A.N., 1959:
An epidemiological study of laboratory infections with Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis

Hughes, Jane Murphy, 1961:
An epidemiological study of psychopathology in an Eskimo village

Lopez, R.; Salvador, J.W.tt; Doull, J., 1942:
An epidemiological study of reported cases of typhus fever in Puerto Rico

Prasad, B.G., 1963:
An epidemiological study of yaws in Madhya Pradesh Historical and geographical

Hadjimarkos, D.M., 1960:
An epidemiological study on dental carles among high-school students in Athens, Greece

Johnsen, Thomas, N., 1959:
An epiphytic prickly-pear cactus

Wallin, J.R., 1951:
An epiphytotic of corn rust in the north central region of the United States

Kanitz, S.; Lamedica, G., 1958:
An episode of toxic alimentary infection with atypical enterobacteria

Williamson, W.M.; Simon, J.; Hatton, E.H., 1956:
An epithelial ependymoma in an ostrich

Hurpin, B., 1965:
An epizootic caused by Nosema melolonthae in the larva of the cockchafer Melolontha melolontha

Hill, W.C.Osman; Neal, R.A., 1954:
An epizootic due to Entamoeba invadens at the Gardens of the Zoological Society of London

Capponi, M.; Sureau, P., 1955:
An epizootic of canine rabies in Dalat, central Vietnam

Scherago, M., 1937:
An epizootic septicemia of young guinea pigs caused by Pseudomonas caviae, n sp

Collier, W.A., 1948:
An epizootic with pneumonia and arthritis among white mice

Shalamov, B.S., 1957:
An equalizing amplifier for titration

Rowe, Paul Preston, 1960:
An equation for unsaturated flow based upon the Darcy equation and an analogy of the Poiseuille equation

Hockenyos, Geo, L., 1948:
An equipment assembly for spraying alleys with DDT

Mather, A., 1966:
An erythrocyte reference for hematological control

Pakula, R.; Walczak, W., 1955:
An erythrocyte-sensitizing factor common to staphylococci and haemolytic streptococci

Nicol, David, 1964 :
An essay on size of marine pelecypods

Machlin, L.J., 1955:
An estimate of the leucine requirement of the laying hen

Kallman, K.D., 1964:
An Estimate Of The Number Of Histocompatibility Loci In The Teleost Xiphophorus Maculatus

Sullivan, T.W., 1960:
An estimate of the phosphorus requirement of Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys, 8-20 weeks of age

Wilson, E.O.; Taylor, R.W., 1967:
An estimate of the potential evolutionary increase in species density in the Polynesianant fauna

Nadyrova, G.G., 1967:
An estimate of the therapeutic effectiveness of tsibutin anti infect preparation 403 anti infect in diphtheria carriers according to clinical experimental data

Blumenthal, H.J.; Lewis, K.F.; Weinhouse, S., 1954:
An estimation of pathways of glucose catabolism in yeast

Schmidt, E.G., 1942:
An ether extraction method for the determination of urine phenols

Tinbergen, N., 1953:
An ethological contribution to animal psychology

Iwanowski, Lech, 1961:
An etiologic and pathogenic study of cerebral apoplexy

Watters, Ray, 1960:
An evaluation instrument for the school health service program

Hayes, Mark, A., 1960:
An evaluation of 9g-bromo-ll-ketoprogesterone in the treatment of metastatic breast carcinoma

Halde, C.; Newcomer, V.D.; Wright, E.T.; Sternberg, T.H., 1957:
An evaluation of amphotericin B in vitro and in vivo in mice against Coccidioides immitis and Candida albicans, and preliminary observations concerning the administration of amphotericin B to man

Smith, L.B.; Pires, J.M.rca, 1956:
An evaluation of Benjaminia Martius ex Benjamin

Okigbo, Bede Nwoye, 1960:
An evaluation of Hessian fly incidence and damage in wheat as affected by fertilizer treatments under field conditions

Flatman, G.E., 1963:
An Evaluation Of Schirmer's Lachrymation Test In Carcinoma Of The Nasopharynx

Richart, R.M., 1968:
An evaluation of a 1 slide cervical cytology method for the detection of neopl cervical intra epithelial neoplasia woman

Snapper, I.; Robinson, B.D.; Rosenthal, D.J., 1951:
An evaluation of a fractional intravenous sodium benzoate test for liver function

Hawk, D.R., 1968:
An evaluation of a grade 1 dental health program

Livingston, Jerome Stanley, 1958:
An evaluation of a photographically enlarged form of the revised Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale for use with the partially seeing child

Fries, J.H., 1958:
An evaluation of allergenic and non-allergenic incitants of gastro-intestinal symptoms

Fife, C.V., 1959:
An evaluation of ammonium fluoride as a selective extractant for aluminum-bound soil phosphate II Preliminary studies on soils

Crowley, L.V.; Jensen, D.R., 1965:
An evaluation of an automated system for determination of proteinbound iodine

Price, T.R., 1960:
An evaluation of certain coal tar creosote fractions for their resistance to marine borer attac

Latham, A.J.; Linn, M.B., 1965:
An evaluation of certain fungicides for volatility, toxicity and specificity using a double petri dish diffusion chamber

Bowen, Clotilde, D., 1960:
An evaluation of chemotherapy in pulmonary tuberculosis High doses of isoniazid and PAS

Sidbury, J.B., 1961:
An evaluation of clinical studies of the assessment of different types of glycogen storage disease

Carpenter, C.M.; Boak, R.A., 1953:
An evaluation of commercial prophylactics in experimental syphilis

Tayback, M.; Scally, L., 1963:
An Evaluation Of Community Nursing Services In The Care Of The Mentally Ill

Orning, O.M., 1968:
An evaluation of direct current shock treatment of atrial arrhythmias immediate results and complications in 437 patients with long term results in the 1st 290 of these

Menaker, G.J.; Hagen, F.V.n, 1959 :
An evaluation of distention and stasis in the pathogenesis of experimental pseudomembrous enteritis

Warren, James, V., 1952:
An evaluation of dye-dilution method of measuring cardiac output and so-called pulmonary blood volume

Wagner, Clifford, C., 1932:
An evaluation of egg count data in parasitic infestation of the dog, and a comparative study of methods of fecal examination for evidence of parasites

Birchfield, R.I.; Wilson, W.P.; Heyman, A., 1959:
An evaluation of electroencephalography in cerebral infarction and ischemia due to arteriosclerosis

Brooks, J.R.; Sturgis, S.H.; Hill, G.J., 1960:
An evaluation of endocrine tissue homotransplantation in the millipore chamber: with a note on tissue adaptation to the host

Carlucci, A.F.; Pramer, D., 1960:
An evaluation of factors affecting the survival of Escherichia coli in sea water. I. Experimental procedures

Carlucci, A.F.; Pramer, D., 1960:
An evaluation of factors affecting the survival of Escherichia coli in sea water. II. Salinity, pH, and nutrients

Zieve, L.; Hill, E., 1955:
An evaluation of factors influencing the discriminative effectiveness of a group of liver function tests. I. The utilization of multiple measurements in medicine

Zieve, L.; Hill, E., 1955:
An evaluation of factors influencing the discriminative effectiveness of a group of liver function tests. III. Relative effectiveness of hepatic tests in cirrhosis

Zieve, L.; Hill, E.; Hanson, M., 1955:
An evaluation of factors influencing the discriminative effectiveness of a group of liver function tests. V. Relative effectiveness of hepatic tests in viral hepatitis

Judkins, Wesley, P., 1949:
An evaluation of fertilizer practices on tree and small fruit crops

Harris, Kenton, L., 1953:
An evaluation of five procedures for the determination of internal insect infestation of wheat II Gelatinization in sodium hydroxide

Ratner, Irving, P., 1961:
An evaluation of foot insulation for aircrew personnel

Stout, P.R.; Money, J.W.; Wineberg, M.P., 1953:
An evaluation of four feed sampling devices

Polish, Edwin, 1967:
An evaluation of gastric freezing

Abrams, S., 1964:
An Evaluation Of Hypnosis In The Treatment Of Alcoholics

Cobb, L.A.; Thomas, G.I.; Dillard, D.H.; Merendino, K.A.; Bruce, R.A., 1959:
An evaluation of internal-mammary-artery ligation by a double-blind technic

Okano, H., 1967:
An evaluation of long term chemo therapy in the treatment of pulmonary cancer

Campbell, N.J., 1968:
An evaluation of marine data exchange among nations

Ingle, J.I.; Zeldow, B.J., 1958:
An evaluation of mechanical instrumentation and negative culture in endodontic therapy

Greenberg, L.A.; Lester, D.; Dora, A.; Greenhouse, R.; Rosenfeld, J., 1957:
An evaluation of meprobamate in the treatment of alcoholism

Qureshi, A.H., 1966:
An evaluation of o o o 1 o 1 tetra methyl o o 1 thiodi p phenylene phosphorothioate insectic against some stored products insect pests araecerus fasciculatus callosobruchus maculatus sitophilus zeamais oryzaephilus mercator trogoderma granarium tribolium castaneum

Urdaneta, L.F.; Gilsdorf, R.B.; Leonard, A.S., 1968:
An evaluation of pedicle infiltration, organ perfusion, and prevention of vascular collapse during canine kidney procurement for transplantation

D.Luzio, N.R., 1965:
An evaluation of plasma triglyceride formation as a factor in the development of the ethanol-induced fatty liver

Zupko, A.G., 1954:
An evaluation of prantal cream in localized hyperhidrosis

Berne, R.M.; Jones, R.D.; Cross, F.S., 1961:
An evaluation of procedures designed to enhance coronary blood flow

Itoi, S.; Kusunoki, T., 1960:
An evaluation of prostatic serum acid phosphatase in prostatic diseases, especially in prostatic carcinoma

Nightingale, D.A.; Richards, C.C.; Glass, A., 1965:
An evaluation of rebreathing in a modified T-piece system during controlled ventilation of anaesthetized children

EssexHiram, E., 1952:
An evaluation of replacement fluids in laboratory animals following control hemorrhages

Morgan, T.; Stephen, D.; Mcrae, J.; Coorey, G.; Sands, J., 1967:
An evaluation of screening procedures in the diagnosis of reno vascular hypertension

Marshall, H.R., 1957:
An evaluation of sociometric-social behavior research with preschool children

Bauer, Norman, 1958:
An evaluation of some available data on radioactive fallout in southern Utah in relation to radiostrontium and radioiodine burdens

Taylor, A.W.; Gurney, E.L.; Lindsay, W.L., 1960:
An evaluation of some iron and aluminum phosphates as sources of phosphate for plants

Lambou, V.W.; Stern, H., 1958:
An evaluation of some of the factors affecting the validity of rotenone sampling data

Sparapani, A.; Berry, R.E., 1965:
An Evaluation Of Standard Deviations In Clinical Chemistry

Hallock, R.J.; Van Woert, W.F.; Shapovalov, L., 1961:
An evaluation of stocking hatchery-reared steelhead rainbow trout in the Sacramento River system

Murphy, J.M.; Stuart, O.M.; Reed, F.I., 1952:
An evaluation of the CAMP test for the identification of Streptococcus agalactiae in routine mastitis testing

Ewart, J.A.; Sturtevant, H.N.; Sullivan, B.H., 1960:
An evaluation of the Einhorn string test

Pelton, W.L.; King, K.M.; Tanner, C.B., 1960:
An evaluation of the Thornthwaite and mean temperature methods for determining potential evapotrans-piration

Pegg, D.E.; Antcliff, A.C., 1965:
An Evaluation Of The Vickers Instruments J12 Cell Counter

O'malley, W.J.; Christian, J.E., 1960:
An evaluation of the ability of antiperspirant compounds to reduce perspiration flow

Wesley Kime, S., 1960:
An evaluation of the acidifying capacity of the chronically diseased kidney in the experimental animal

Kupfer, G.A.; Gordon, W.G., 1966:
An evaluation of the air bubble curtain as a barrier to alewives

Peterka, E.S.; Higdon, M.J., 1968:
An evaluation of the anion exchange resin test for rapid diagnosis of porphyrinuria

Zwerlingi, W.Lder, J.F., 1964:
An Evaluation Of The Applicability Of The Day Hospital In Treatment Of Acutely Disturbed Patients

Kagan, I.G.; Norman, L.; Allain, D.S., 1963:
An Evaluation Of The Bentonite Flocculation And Indirect Hemagglutination Tests For The Diagnosis Of Filariasis

Smith, Hobart, M., 1960:
An evaluation of the biotic province concept

Grechishev, E.K., 1959:
An evaluation of the botanical method of G I Galazii

Mccall, M.L.; Reinhold, J.G., 1945:
An evaluation of the clinical significance of serum amylase and lipase determinations

Inozemtsev, A.A., 1962:
An evaluation of the effect of Muscicapa hypoleuca Pall, on insects

Thompson, D.S.; Eason, C.N.; Thompson, B.W., 1967:
An evaluation of the effect of halothane on liver function and disease

Weaver, W.F.; Salassa, R.M.; Burchell, H.B., 1959:
An evaluation of the electrocardiogram and the acidity of the urine as a screening test for primary aldosteronism

Schoen, I.; Strauss, L.; Bay, M.W., 1953:
An evaluation of the eosinophil count in patients undergoing major surgery

Boulanger, P.; Konst, H., 1952:
An Evaluation of the Haemagglutination Test of Middlebrook and Dubos for the Standardization of Bovine Tuberculin

McGavock, H., 1966:
An evaluation of the heated thermocouple method of recording skin blood flow

Hunter, J.L.; Johnstone, J.M.; Kemp, J.H., 1967:
An evaluation of the lipiodol test for the detection of steatorrhoea

Kurihara, H.; Noguchi, A.; Oozeki, Y.; Sato, S., 1965:
An evaluation of the long-acting thyroid stimulator in hyperthyroidism

Tagaja, I., 1965:
An evaluation of the mass vaccination with oral antipolio-myelitis vaccine in Japan and problems related to poliomyelitis virus following mass vaccination

Kelly, J.W., 1956:
An evaluation of the metachromasy of anionic dyes. I. Visual observations on tissue sections

Minton, J.P.; Moody, C.D.; Dearman, J.R.; Mcknight, W.B.; Ketcham, A.S., 1965:
An Evaluation Of The Physical Response Of Malignant Tumor Implants To Pulsed Laser Radiation

Troen, P.; Rynearson, E.H., 1956:
An evaluation of the prophylactic use of cortisone for pituitary operations

Fix, Ivor, 1966:
An evaluation of the radiotherapuetic management of intra-cranial glial tumors without prior surgery

Nuttall, John, R., 1939:
An evaluation of the risk of biopsy in squamous carcinoma A clinical experiment

Gamble, J.F.; Gibbs, G.W., 2008:
An evaluation of the risks of lung cancer and mesothelioma from exposure to amphibole cleavage fragments

Finkelstein, Arthur, 1958:
An evaluation of the roentgen changes in acute pancreatitis Correlation with clinical findings

Sapero, J.J.; Johnson, C.M., 1939:
An evaluation of the role of the food handler in the transmission of amebiasis

Henson, H.L., 1968:
An evaluation of the specific characters of ochetosoma magnum trematoda digenea

Smithwick, R.H., 1949:
An evaluation of the surgical treatment of hypertension

Westcott, G.F., 1955:
An evaluation of the treatment of schizophrenia with the antidiuretic hormone of the posterior pituitary

Campbell, D.J., 1966:
An evaluation of the urograph method for blood urea nitrogen estimation

Cohen, Burton Herbert, 1958:
An evaluation of three associational rationales of verbal generalization

Ross, J.V., 1964:
An Evaluation Of Tolbutamide In The Treatment Of Chronic Occlusive Arterial Disease Of The Lower Extremities

Shea, James, G., 1956:
An evaluation of twenty-two patients with acute and chronic pulmonary infection with Friedlanders bacillus

Daniel, W.H., 1961:
An evaluation of varieties, strains, and types of Kentucky bluegrass

Walker, David Whitman, 1959:
An evaluation of various methods of controlling insects infesting stored grains

Moore, H.D., 1954:
An evaluation of venography and venous pressures in the study of the leg veins

Pienta, R.J.; Bernstein, E.H.; Groupe, V., 1961:
An evaluation of virus-induced Rous sarcoma as an experimental model in chemotherapy

Keith, L.B., 1964:
An evaluation of waterfowl regulations and local harvest in wisconsin usa ducks geese coot

Haddy, F.J.; Alden, J.F.; Ferrin, A.L.; Hannon, D.W.; Adams, W.L.; Baronofsky, I.D., 1953:
An evaluation of wedge pressures in dogs under conditions of normal and elevated pulmonary vascular pressures

Wallace, Robert, F., 1956:
An evaluation of wildlife resources in the state of Washington

Fujii, S., 1938:
An evidence for the presence of inert regions in the autosomes of Drosophila virilis

Araki, Y., 1966:
An evidence of direct biosynthesis of bilirubin from delta amino levulinic acid in rat liver

Schneirla, T.C., 1959:
An evolutionary and developmental theory of biphasic processes underlying approach and withdrawal

Suneson, Coit, A., 1956:
An evolutionary plant breeding method

Donato, R.A.; Strumia, M.M., 1952:
An exact method for the chamber count of eosinophils in capillary blood and its application to the study of the diurnal cycle

Trawinski, B.J., 1965:
An exact probability distribution over sample spaces of paired comparisons

Plackett, R.L., 1947:
An exact test for the equality of variances

Easton, K.; Feigenbaum, K., 1967:
An examination of an experimental set to fake the Rorschach test

Hines, H.C., 1967:
An examination of bovine blood typing antibodies by inst gel filtration analysis rabbit sheep

Knight, Robert Jackson, 1958:
An examination of certain evolutionary trends in the Convolvulaceae

Ham, A.J.; Dean, E.D.M., 1940:
An examination of electrokinetic charge density as a function of the thickness of the double layer

Hedges, A.J., 1966:
An examination of single-hit and multi-hit hypotheses in relation to the possible kinetics of colic in adsorption

Chiba, Y., 1967:
An examination of the accelerated coagulating capacity in thrombosis abstract human

Takahashi, K., 1967:
An examination of the adaptation of blocking of stellate ganglia abstract human surgery

Wright, B.S.; Sage, B.P., 1965:
An examination of the antivaccinial action of isatin- B-thiosemicarbazone in tissue culture

McCurry, A.L., 1928:
An Examination Of The Fields Of Vision In The Last Weeks Of Pregnancy

Schnedorf, J.G.; Ivy, A.C., 1939:
An examination of the hypnotoxin theory of sleep

Pulvertaft, R.J.V., 1929:
An examination of the pathological effects of streptococcal toxin and haemolysin on rabbits, with special reference to the aetiology of purpura fulminans

Chambers, V.H., 1946:
An examination of the pollen loads of Andrena The species that visit fruit trees

Nath, V.; Dhawan, R.M., 1954:
An examination of the yolk-nucleus of the spider Plexippus paykulli under the phase contrast micro-scope

Luttges, M.; Johnson, T.; Buck, C.; Holland, J.; McGaugh, J., 1966:
An examination of "transfer of learning" by nucleic Acid

Macklin, M.T.urlow; Moore, S.A., 1935:
An example of a similar type of malocclusion in identical twins

Mabry, J., 1960:
An example of a strong conditioned reinforcer in animal-experimenter interaction

Jones, S.B.Jr, 1968:
An example of a vernonia d hybrid in a disturbed habitat

Penczak, T., 1967:
An example of blicca bjoerkna deprived of pectoral fins and pelvic girdle

Stoner, D.; Stoner, L.C., 1945:
An example of bumblefoot in the Great Horned Owl

Hendry, P.I.; Simmons, R.T., 1955:
An example of polyagglutinable erythrocytes, and reference to panagglutination, polyagglutination and autoagglutination as possible sources of error in blood grouping

Blake, Charles, H., 1951:
An example of sexual bias in trapping

Bustamante, B.Alfredo, 1962:
An example of the application of the 7th approximation

Thill, A., 1968:
An example of the condrusian ash d the ash d of the jannee estate

Chris, M.B.ierley; Alan, J.T.orpe; Matthew Collins, 2009:
An example of the dependence of the transient climate response on the temperature of the modelled climate state

Pearson, G.A.; Wadsworth, F.H., 1941:
An example of timber management in the southwest

Kaufmann, B.P., 1943:
An exceedingly complex chromosomal rearrangement

Janowitz, H.D.; Grossman, M.I., 1951:
An exception to Cannon's law

Smith, C.W., 1939:
An exchange of grasshopper parasites between Argentina and Canada, with notes on parasitism of native grasshoppers

Rodio, G., 1966:
An exciting problem of biology the climacteric of the inflorescences of the araceae m

Brown, Frank, A., 1958:
An exogenous reference-clock for persistent, temperature-independent, labile, biological rhythms

Little, John, W., 1967:
An exonuclease induced by bacteriophage H Nature of the enzymatic reaction

Ennis, J.Harold, 1964:
An expedition for Iowa nesting birds in August

Hussein, M. , 1939:
An expedition to Arabia for locust investigation

Vallega, Y.J., 1938:
An expedition to Chile in search of seeds of plants cultivated by the aborigines

Hindle, Edward, 1942:
An expedition to North China

Winterbottom, J.M., 1954:
An expedition to Western Sesheke

Solomchenko, N.I., 1965:
An experi-mental study of the action of Galenical preparations of the hedge hyssop-O

Nakasato, Masasuke, 1960:
An experi-mental study on the influence of vitamin B2 upon the occurrence of white rat hepatoma caused by dimethyl-amino-azobenzerie

Mokeyev, A.Ye, 1957:
An experience in the fattening of hybrid young bulls

Yoshida, Takamitu, 1962:
An experience in the use of Osbil

Katuzo Inoue, K.M.tsuyama; Jichio Matsuura, S.Y.masaki; Haruo Taziri, 1960:
An experience in the use of Rontyl

Matsumoto, F., 1967:
An experience of anesthetizing a 6 hour old new born baby abstract surgery umbilical hernia

Brumberg, I.E., 1966:
An experience of application of vital dye staining of cells for the purposes of carcinolytic studies of the blood of oncological patients

Vladimirova, V.V., 1966:
An experience of mass breeding of Aedes aegypti

Yamamoto, T., 1968:
An experience of using cardiotonic glycoside proscillaridin

Chiba, R., 1967:
An experience of using the new inst va type camera for examining diseases of the stomach abstract

Aida, H., 1968:
An experiment by irrigation method report 10 supplement to the study of the effect of adrenalin epinephrine noradrenalin norepinephrine atp on sugar metabolism of the liver abstract toad

Belash, T.I., 1955:
An experiment in advancing corn toward the north Referat Zhur, Biol, 1956, No 7 1946

Timokhina, A., 1956:
An experiment in applying fertilizer to hops

Tavistock, 1926:
An experiment in aviaries

Farmer, C.M., 1943:
An experiment in biology teaching

Verduin, Jacob, 1960:
An experiment in biology teaching

Schmidt, Walter, 1966:
An experiment in calculating the alveolar surface of the human lung With a mathematical contribution by A Hennig

Walton, A.; Prawo Chenski, R., 1936 :
An experiment in eutelegeneais

Dowling, M.A., 1955:
An experiment in mosquito control using dieldrin dispersed as a dry fog

Phillips, Winifred, M., 1955:
An experiment in rabbit control

Potanina, N.D., 1957:
An experiment in selecting pollinators

Bychenko, N.I., 1957:
An experiment in the control of the pear bug

Popov, G.P., 1958:
An experiment in the differential application of fertilizers to cotton at the collective farm Im Sverdlov Cotton growing in USSR

Golikov, A.I., 1957:
An experiment in the fall planting of eucommia

Saunders, L.H., 1941:
An experiment in the propagation of the kola

Klots, V.I.; Babayants, R.A.; Sultanov, A.S.; Ryazantsev, V.A.; Aminevskii, G.Z., 1966:
An experiment in the prophylaxis of infectious hepatitis with gamma-globulin in children ranging in age from six months to seven years

Suleymanova Ramazanova, D.N., 1956:
An experiment in the study of the influence of potassium iodide, on the elimination of barrenness in cows and on increasing the milk production of cows

Ustyantsev, V.P., 1965:
An experiment in the study of the various models of the virus-cell system based on tests of respiratory activity Questions of the etiopathogenesis and epidemiology of viral infections

Gukasyan, A.B.; Kolomiyets, N.G., 1957:
An experiment in the use of silkworm bacilli in the control of the Siberian silkworm

Abbott, D.P.; Blinks, L.R.; Phillips, J.H., 1964:
An experiment in undergraduate teaching and research in the biological sciences

Marapulets, L.A., 1966:
An experiment involving an epi-demiological investigation of the population in the area of an alpine plague focus

Faberge, A.C., 1940:
An experiment on chromosome fragmentation in Tradescaatia by X-rays

Hawkins, W.W.; Barsky, J., 1948:
An Experiment on Human Vitamin B6 Deprivation

Patterson, H.D., 1960:
An experiment on the effects of straw ploughed in or composted on a three-course rotation of crops

Rotenberg, S.; Kaventskii, A., 1964:
An experiment on the enrichment of chicken meat with cobalt

Rozova, N.D., 1932:
An experiment on the planting of cuttings of leguminous fodder plants

Fraser, James, H., 1935:
An experiment on the powers of survival of animals and plants from a pool above high-water mark

Eyles, D.E.; Bishop, L.K., 1943:
An experiment on the range of dispersion of Anopheles quadrimaculatus

Berendyaeva, E.L.; Bibikov, D.I.; Rapoport, L.P.; Popov, V.K.; Varivodina, T.A., 1966:
An experiment on the study of intrapopulation contacts of Marmota baibacina by means of radioactive labelling

Cornes, M.A., 1965:
An experiment to compare the effects of carbon tetra chloride and phostoxin on the germination and subsequent growth of maize m insects

Jones, B.M., 1947:
An experiment with DDT against pests of stored products

Aubert, Jacques, F., 1961:
An experiment with cotton wad shows that the volume of the host intervenes as an essential factor in the determination of sex in Ichneumonidae Pimplinae

Svedberg, H., 1950:
An experiment with mixture of storage butter and fresh butter

Robinson, P.J.M., 1960:
An experiment with moths on the effectiveness of a mercury vapour light trap

Hancock, D.A., 1967:
An experiment with overcrowded cockles cardium edule

Corbaz, J., 1942:
An experiment with potato varieties

Boughton, D.C.; Reid Davis, L., 1943:
An experiment with sulfaguanidine in the treatment of naturally acquired bovine coccidiosis

Mayer, Thomas Carl, 1963:
An experimental analysis and description of the melanocytes in the leg of PET mice

Nickerson, Mark, 1944:
An experimental analysis of barred pattern formation in feathers

Travis, Roland, C., 1945:
An experimental analysis of dynamic and static equilibrium

Seward, J.P., 1943:
An experimental analysis of maze discrimination

Fisler, George, F., 1967:
An experimental analysis of orientation to the homesite in two rodent species

Holtzer, Howard, 1956:
An experimental analysis of the development of the spinal column V Reactivity of chick somites

Marconi, J.; Yudelevich, R.; Munoz, L., 1961:
An experimental analysis of the hallucinatory delusional type of reaction

Ishkawa, Tamotsu, 1961:
An experimental and clinical study on intramuscular anesthesia with thiopental sodium III Analysis of EEG in case of intramuscular anesthesia by thiopental sodium

Scammon, Richard, E., 1937:
An experimental and quantitative analysis of local anesthesia of the frogs isolated sciatic nerve

Eriksen, C.W.; Browne, C.T., 1956:
An experimental and theoretical analysis of perceptual defense

Long, Dallas Crutcher, 1961:
An experimental and theoretical study of the possible relation between subjective time and behavior

Kulov, G.I., 1965:
An experimental application of the passive hemagglutination test in exploratory work in a natural focus of the plague Epidemiology and epizootology of highly dangerous infections

Ceppelini, R.; Curtoni, E.S.; Leigheb, G.; Mattiuz, P.L.; Miggiano, V.C.; V1setti, M., 1965:
An experimental approach to genetic analysis of histocompatibility in man

Pawan, G.L.S., 1963:
An experimental approach to the mechanism of weight loss II A comparison of effects of thyroxine, fat-mobilizing substance and food deprivation in achieving weight loss in mice

Sorrel, William Edwin, 1963:
An experimental approach to the prediction of success with electroshock therapy, by symptoms and related factors A study of 308 cases

Anthony, E.J., 1957:
An experimental approach to the psychopathology of childhood: encopresis

Shelford, V.E., 1953:
An experimental approach to the study of plant and animal re-productivity and population with a life science building plan

Lazo, W.R., 1964:
An experimental association between Chlorella xanthella and streptomycetes

Johnson, D.R.; Thorngate, J.H.; Reinhardt, P.W.; Davis, F.J., 1965:
An Experimental Calibration Of Fission Foil Threshold Detectors

Suleimanov, A.S., 1966:
An experimental clinical and morphological study of the periodontium during functional overloading of it with cantilever prostheses

Bliss, C., 1946 :
An experimental design for slope-ratio assays

Mugnaini, E.; Walberg, F., 1967:
An experimental electron microscopical study on the mode of termination of cerebellar corticovestibular fibers in the cat lateral vestibular nucleus

Sanford, J.P.; Evans, J.R.; Prendergast, P.A.; Balch, H.H.; Hughes, C.W., 1957:
An experimental evaluation of the usefulness of antibiotic agents in the early management of contaminated traumatic soft tissue wounds

Mack, Walter, 1957:
An experimental infectious bronchitis virus vaccine inactivated with beta-propiolactone

Singer, B.R., 1956:
An experimental inquiry into the concept of perceptual defence

Warthin, Aldred Scott, 1927:
An experimental investigation as to a possible etiologic relationship of Monilia psilosis to pernicious anemia A control of E J Woods work

Koons, Paul Birely, 1960:
An experimental investigation of exhibitionism and scoptophilia

Komarova, T.F.; Maiorov, F.P.; Firsov, L.A., 1959:
An experimental investigation of sleep in anthropoid apes

Rosenberg, Israel Henry, 1961:
An experimental investigation of some effects on stutterers of Pacatal-aided group psychotherapy A comparison of the effects on male adult stutterers of group psychotherapy with and without the tranquilizer Pacatal as an adjuvant

Schein, Jerome Daniel, 1959:
An experimental investigation of some psychological functions in detection of brain damage

Vasil'eva, E.I., 1957:
An experimental investigation of the effect of radioactive phosphorus on the cardiovascular system

Rappaport, Sidney, M., 1960:
An experimental investigation of the effects and persistence of set directed toward increasing responses on the color variables in Rorschach

Kikaion, E.E., 1959:
An experimental investigation of the importance of local obstruction of the blood flow in the development of atherosclerotic changes in the arteries

Goldby, F., 1939:
An experimental investigation of the motor cortex and pyramidal tract of Echidna aculeata

Sperling, H.G., 1961:
An experimental investigation of the relationship between colour mixture and luminous efficiency

Levi Montalcini, R., 1946:
An experimental investigation on the determination of acoustic placode in the chick embryo

Levi Montalcini, R., 1946:
An experimental investigation on the origin of glosso-pharingeal and vagal ganglia in the chick embryo

Sheinberg, S.Ya, 1968:
An experimental model for quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the regeneration of tendon tissue

Karrer, K.; Humphreys, S.R.; Goldin, A., 1967:
An experimental model for studying factors which influence metastasis of malignant tumors

Klochkov, A.M., 1963:
An experimental model for studying the interrelations between the cerebral cortex and subcortex formations

Arbuzov, N.M., 1957:
An experimental model of an epithelial tumor of the larynx in a rabbit

Sirotinin, N.N.; Ovsievskaia, I.V.; Brodskaia, E.A.; Gromashevskaia, L.L., 1958:
An experimental model of dysentery infection

Gault, Frederick, P., 1963:
An experimental model of temporal lobe epilepsy Studies of the convulsant properties of cocaine

Ukolova, M.A., 1959:
An experimental neurosis due to lack of sleep

Greatorex, C.A.; Ireland, H.J., 1964:
An Experimental Scanner for use with Ultrasound

Abbele, F.M.rino; Pizzichinl, M., 1963:
An experimental study about -Revere Safety test regarding a group of workmen of both sexes, using machine tools

Endo, Shinichiro, 1949:
An experimental study by the electroencephalogram of brain injuries

Jarry, L.; Uhthoff, H.K., 1958:
An experimental study concerning accelerated consolidation of fractures

Mueller, J.H., 1927:
An Experimental Study Of Gye's Cancer Theory

Detwiler, S.R., 1926:
An experimental study of Mauthners cell in Amblystoma

Spies, T.D.uglas; Grant, J., 1933:
An experimental study of a so called pellagra-producing diet

Kerby, G.P.; Muller, J.C., 1950:
An experimental study of antibiotics for their activity in the Schwartzman phenomenon

Levaditi, C., 1949:
An experimental study of antituberculosis effect of antibiotics of fungal and plant origin

Lam, C.R.; Aram, H.H.; Munnell, E.R., 1952:
An experimental study of aortic valve homografts

Epstein, J.A.; Epstein, B.S.; Smulewicz, J.; Jacobs, G., 1964:
An Experimental Study Of Cerebral Lesions Produced By The Balloon Cannula Method Of Stereoencephalotomy

King, R.L.; Beams, H.W., 1938:
An experimental study of chromatin diminution in Ascaris

Mori, Sigetami, 1958:
An experimental study of chronic copper poisoning in animals, with especial reference to its effect on male and female genital organs and to the body condition of young animals born of copper-poisoned mother animals

Polk, A.; Buddingh, G.J.; Goodpasture, E.W., 1938:
An experimental study of complement and hemolytic amboceptor introduced into chick embryos

Goldstein, Alvin George, 1956:
An experimental study of depth perception from the viewpoint of the sensory-tonic field theory of perception

Hesser, F.H.; Langworthy, O.R.; Kolb, L.C., 1941:
An experimental study of gastric activity released from cortical control

Fukami, Teruo, 1958:
An experimental study of germ-cell impairment in chronic alcoholism

Mynors, L.S.; Heard, D.H.; Coombs, R.R., 1950:
An experimental study of haemolytic disease of the newborn due to isoimmunization of pregnancy: II. Report of an attempt to produce anti-red cell isoantibodies in guinea-pigs, together with a note on the blood picture of one-day-old guinea-pigs

Dollahite, James, W., 1939:
An experimental study of homologous hyperimmune serum in the prevention of acute dysentery of new-born calves

Cole, J.W.; Krohmer, J.; Bonte, F.J.; Schatten, W., 1956:
An experimental study of intrahepatic distribution of portal blood

Dzhezhev, A.M., 1968:
An experimental study of isolation of volatile substances during thermic action on plastics

Wolfson, Fruma, 1945:
An experimental study of mixed infections with Plasmodium cathe-merium and Plasmodium lophurae in ducks

Batthyany, Carlos, 1960:
An experimental study of oxytetracycline Local genital absorption and diffusion, and placental transmission to the blood of the umbilical cord and to the amniotic fluid

Tjossem, Theodore David, 1960:
An experimental study of perceptual defense

An, Guihang, 1960:
An experimental study of portal hypertension II Antigen-antibody reaction and the reticuloendothelial system

Allison, L.W., 1932 :
An experimental study of reflex and voluntary eyelid responses

Palmer, J.M.; Guernsey, J.M.; Connolly, J.E., 1963:
An Experimental Study Of Selective Renal Hypothermia

Gaulden, Mary Esther, 1945:
An experimental study of somatic pairing

Detwiler, S.R., 1934:
An experimental study of spinal nerve segmentation in Amblystoma with reference to the plurisegmental contribution to the brachial plexus

Nero, R.W.; Emlen, J., 1951:
An experimental study of territorial behavior in breeding red-winged blackbirds

Khlopotova, G.P., 1965:
An experimental study of the action of strophanthin on the healthy heart when injected into the blood at different rates

Yusupov, I.A., 1968:
An experimental study of the anastomoses of the lymphatic pathways

Poljak, S., 1927:
An experimental study of the association, callosal and projection fibers of the cerebral cortex of the cat

Bolwig, Niels, 1955:
An experimental study of the behavior and host-recognition in Schistosoma cercariae

Heilbrun, N.; Hubbard, R., 1938:
An experimental study of the biphasic Van den Bergh reaction

Sukovatykh, L.S., 1964:
An experimental study of the change in the spinal fluid following the intracisternal injection of bicillin

Heard, Brian, E., 1953:
An experimental study of the changes taking place in homogeneous whole-blood clot introduced into the pleural sac of the rat

Reimov, R., 1957:
An experimental study of the color vision of the dwarf suslik in the field

Endryukaitis, V.I., 1965:
An experimental study of the combinations of anthel-mintics used in the treatment of Trichocephalus infections Information on the 1965 conference of the All-Union Society of Helminthologists

Kiesewetter, W.B.; Shumacker, H.B., 1948:
An experimental study of the comparative efficacy of heparin and dicumarol in the prevention of arterial and venous thrombosis

Cooper, Ruth Snyder, 1943:
An experimental study of the development of the larval olfactory organ of Rana pipiens Schreber

Hillemann, Howard, H., 1943:
An experimental study of the development of the pituitary gland in chick embryos

Thompson, Helen, B., 1926:
An experimental study of the effect of low ash feeding on the growth of the albino mouse in subsequent periods on a complete dietary, with special reference to the economy of food consumption

Sekiya, Yoshiharu, 1958:
An experimental study of the effect of various antibiotics on bacteria in bile 1 A fundamental study of excretion of antibiotics in bile

Zvyagintseva, A.M., 1955:
An experimental study of the effectivity of combined antibiotic therapy in patients suffering from chronic dysentery Referat Zhur, Biol, 1956, No 12569

Holyoke, Edward, A., 1962:
An experimental study of the effects of a fetal test extract on the reproductive system of embryonic mice

Cochran, D.Q.; Almond, C.H.; Shucart, W.A., 1963:
An experimental study of the effects of barium and intestinal contents on the peritoneal cavity

Rohrer, J.H.; Edmonson, B.W., 1956:
An experimental study of the effects of individual and group presentation of the Rorschach plates

Reynolds, E.W.; Weller, D.A., 1965:
An Experimental Study Of The Electromotive Forces Of The Heart

Hansen, Harold Norman, 1960:
An experimental study of the empirical validity of hypnotically induced amnesia and regression

Kline, Donald Franklin, 1959:
An experimental study of the frequency of stuttering in relation to certain goal-activity drives in basic human behavior

Yacorzynski, G.K.; Davis, L., 1945:
An experimental study of the functions of the frontal lobes in man

Tang, P.S., 1931:
An Experimental Study Of The Germination Of Wheat Seed Under Water, As Related To Temperature And Aeration

Ter Pogosyan, R.A., 1961:
An experimental study of the influence of ultraviolet light upon the causative organisms of coli-enteritis

De, S.N.; Chatterje, D.N., 1953:
An experimental study of the mechanism of action of Vibrio cholerae on the intestinal mucous membrane

Collias, N.E.; Collias, E.C., 1962:
An experimental study of the mechanisms of nest building in a weaverbird

Zaeva, S.P.; Alekseeva, L.N.; Ratenberg, N.S.; Koptelova, M.N., 1958:
An experimental study of the new chemotherapeutic preparation furazidine

Bergman, R.A., 1958:
An experimental study of the non-fibrillar components in frog striated muscle

Bridgman, C.S.; Car Michael, L., 1935:
An experimental study of the onset of behavior in the fetal guinea-pig

Schrier, J.E.; Hamilton, H.L., 1952:
An experimental study of the origin of the parathyroid and thymus glands in the chick

Hurevich, M.I., 1961:
An experimental study of the pathogenesis of arterial hypertonia

Voneida, Theodore, J., 1960:
An experimental study of the pathway and destination of fibers arising in the head of the caudate nucleus in the cat and monkey

Yale, Charles, E., 1962:
An experimental study of the physiological and bacteriological changes of strangulated intestinal obstruction

Cherednichenko, V.M., 1966:
An experimental study of the possibility of using papain for zonulolysis in the intracapsular extraction of catar-acts

Hughes, H., 1956:
An experimental study of the post-natal growth of tendon

Sasaki, Tetsuya, 1959:
An experimental study of the relation of a chronic toxicosis by nicotin to tuberculosis

Radzikhovskaia, R.M., 1958:
An experimental study of the role of antibodies in immunity to tumors

Aiello, R.G.; Enquist, I.F.; Ikezono, E.; Levowitz, B.S., 1960:
An experimental study of the role of hepatic lymph in the production of ascites

Chernigovskn, V.N., 1960:
An experimental study of the role of interoceptive signalization in the alimentary behaviour of animals Zhur

Gamble, H.J., 1956:
An experimental study of the secondary olfactory connexions in Testudo graeca

Boyce, Frederick Fitzherbert, 1935:
An experimental study of the so-called liver death syndrome in biliary surgery

Vorob'eva, R.S., 1966:
An experimental study of the toxic properties of 2-mercaptothiazoline The hygienic estimation of environmental chemical factors

Keohane, K.W.; Metcalf, W.K., 1960:
An experimental study of the use of Romanowsky stains for estimating the hemoglobin content of red cells

Grace, David Paul, 1960:
An experimental study of the validity of Barrons ego strength Scale

Castenholz, Richard, W., 1963:
An experimental study of the vertical distribution of littoral marine diatoms

Imamura, Moriya, 1959:
An experimental study of toxicosis by rhodamine B

Tate, George Thomas, 1962:
An experimental study of two aspects of schizophrenic interpersonal relationships

Greaves, F.C.; Draeger, R.H.; Brines, 0. A.; Shaver, J.S.; Corey, E.L., 1943:
An experimental study of underwater concussion

Tanaka, Akio, 1958:
An experimental study on absorption from the tympanic cavity

Sasaki, E., 1968:
An experimental study on alterations in serum fatty acid in various hepatic lesions

IIda, Yasuo, 1960:
An experimental study on bladder-regeneration with special reference to histological findings of regenerated bladder-epithelium

Nagamori, Hajime, 1961:
An experimental study on cadaveric phenomena II On the postmortem change of pH-values in several organs

Yosio, Mihashl, 1960:
An experimental study on chromium poisoning and on chromium contents of nervous system, endocrine organs and the other parts of poisoned rabbit

Sawada, Akira, 1960:
An experimental study on chylothorax with special reference to disturbance of fat absorption following rupture of the thoracic duct

Maeda, Y., 1968:
An experimental study on prevention of intestinal adhesion

Kambayashi, H., 1968:
An experimental study on production of staphylo coagulase and its antigenicity

Parnas, Jozef, 1967:
An experimental study on the Miyagawanellae-M ornithosis, M psittacosis, M lymphogranuloma venereum, and M abortus ovis

Sakai, R., 1968:
An experimental study on the causative factor of hepatic coma

Aukland, K., 1961:
An experimental study on the connection between lower aortic surgery and acute renal failure

Wang, C., 1965:
An experimental study on the developmental potency of the egg of chinese bitterling rhodeus sp fundulus salmo carassius

Foltz, F.M.; Matzke, H.A., 1960:
An experimental study on the origin, course and termination of the cerebellifugal fibers in the opossum

Nishida, Toshiyuki, 1956:
An experimental study on the oviposition behavior of Opius fletcheri Silvestri , a parasite of the melon fly

Bamba, M.; Sakai, T., 1966:
An experimental study on the quantitative relationship between the size of the remaining antrum after antrectomy with vagotomy and gastric acidity of the remnant stomach

Hughes, A., 1962:
An experimental study on the relationships between limb and spinal cord in the embryo of Eleutherodactylus martinicensis

Nakata, Yukieumi, 1967:
An experimental study on the vascular lesions caused by obstruction of the vasa vasorum

Kawamura, Yutaka, 1930:
An experimental study on the virus of fowl-pest II Observations on the nature of the virus passed through pigeons

Takahashi, Takao, 1957:
An experimental study on transplantation of the aortic arch II

Haydock, C.Erwin, 1964:
An experimental study to control oyster drills in Tomales Bay, California

Bowden, Wray, M., 1960:
An experimental taxonomist examines the classification of grasses

Lucerni, Giuliano, 1966:
An experimental technique in the Civic museum of Natural History in Milan for the preparation of a polyester model for naturalization of mammals

Pushkar', L.H.; Gerasimov, L.I.; Troitskii, V.B., 1966:
An experimental-clinical study of the blood substitute zhelatinol

Giolli, Roland, A., 1961:
An experimental-study of the accessory optic tracts in the rabbit

Bell, N.H.; Schedl, H.P.; Bartter, F.C., 1964:
An Explanation For Abnormal Water Retention And Hypoosmolality In Congestive Heart Failure

Grant, W.M.; English, F.P., 1963:
An explanation for so-called consensual pressure drop during tonography

Canary, J.J., 1968:
An explanation for the diabetes of obesity abstract plasma immuno reactive insulin human hyper insulinemia

Williams, Austin, B., 1954:
An explanation for the distribution of a North American crayfish

Schulz, M.E., 1953:
An explanation of the adhesive powers of cheese-curd grains

Harvey, E.N.; Tsuji, F.I., 1955:
An explanation of the apparent phosphorescence of Cypridina luciferin solution

Neuwald, F., 1948:
An explanation of the cause of the increased efficiency of Folia Digitalis and its preparations

Fish, Jeanne Eloise, 1960:
An exploration of developmental aspects of body scheme and of ideas about adulthood in grade school children

Hartman, F.C.; Barker, R., 1965:
An exploration of the active site of aldolase using structural analogs of fructose diphosphate

Joy, R.J.; Beisel, W.R., 1960:
An exploration of the antihypertensive action of chlorothiazide

Marcus, Marc, A., 1962:
An exploratory study of personality differences in allergic and nonallergic college freshmen

Massell, Theodore, B., 1956:
An exploratory study of personality factors in thromboangiitis obliterans A study of 18 patients

Triantafyllou, Triantafyllos, T., 1959:
An exploratory study of some processes of thinking with physically handicapped and non-physically handicapped children

Naecker, S., 1968:
An exploratory study of the use of 2 response keyboards as a means of communication for the severely handicapped child

Panzer, J.D.; E.A., 1957:
An explosion inoculation technique

Basmann, R.L., 1960:
An expository note on estimation of simultaneous structural equations

Mellinger, G.D.; Manheimer, D.I., 1967:
An exposure-coping model of accident liability among children

Tdronsky, E., 1946:
An expt on extirpation of horse-tail by overshading

Taylor, E.C., 1961:
An extension of range of Barbula agraria

Perl, W., 1963:
An extension of the diffusion equation to include clearance by capillary blood flow

Stein, Carol, B., 1962:
An extension of the known range of the Asiatic clam Corbicula fluminea in the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers

Gregg, R.E., 1956:
An extension of the range for the ant, Pheidole lamia Wheeler

Svihla, Arthur, 1931:
An extension of the range of Dicamptodon ensatus

Bille, B.; Mellbin, T.; Nordbring, F., 1964:
An extensive outbreak of gastroenteritis caused by Salmonella Newport

Gordon, R.F.; Garside, J.S.; Dobson, N.; Reid, J., 1941:
An extensive outbreak of tuberculosis in ducks

Stacy, B.D., 1962:
An exteriorized ureter in the sheep

Mills, A.A., 1962:
An external core-retainer

Wilcke, H.L., 1936:
An external measure of egg viscosity

Mercer, R.D.; Keller, M.K.; Lonsdale, D., 1963:
An Extra Abnormal Chromosome In A Child With Mongolism And Acute Myeloblastic Leukemia. Report Of A Case

Pesek, J.; Dumenil, L., 1956:
An extra dividend from fertilizer use

Tamburro, R.F.; Johnson, C.E., 1966:
An extra small metacentric chromosome in a female child

Brakke, M.K., 1950:
An extracellular amylase from Rumex virus tumors grown in vitro

Martin, S.M.; J├Ânsson, A.G., 1965:
An extracellular protease from Aspergillus fumigatus

Beishir, L., 1964:
An extracellular rennin-like enzyme of Streptococcus faecalis var liquefaciens

Marshall, M.; Hankinson, J.; Leslie, W.G., 1964:
An Extracorporeal Circuit For Unilateral Brain Perfusion And Cooling

Haines, L.Courtney, 1956:
An extraordinary bilateral gynandromorph butterfly

Colle, G., 1968:
An extrapyramidal disease associated with a pigmental dystrophy with a reticulo dentato nigral and meningeal predilection with disseminated nodular proliferative angiomatosis abstract human

Harkema, R., 1966:
An extreme case of diaphragmatic hernia in the cat

Yust, H.R.; Fulton, R.A., 1943:
An exudation associated with the feeding location of the California red scale

Guignot, F., 1957:
An haliplid and two new dytiscids from Madagascar

Brabner, George, 1965:
An hebbian approach to the study of the visual perception of deaf children

An hemagglutination test for titration of antibodies to polioviruses

Catsch, Alexander, 1948:
An hereditary disturbance of the mechanism of movement in D melanogaster

Fraser, C., 1942:
An hermaphrodite tiger

Boyd, Mark, F., 1941:
An historical sketch of the prevalence of malaria in North America

Kaplan, H.I.; Kaplan, H.S., 1956:
An historical survey of psychosomatic medicine

Rosen, Robert, 1961:
An hypothesis of Freese and the DNA-protein coding problem

Kuroda, T., 1931:
An illustrated catalogue of the Japanese shells

Bradbury, M.G.; Cohen, D.M., 1959:
An illustration and a new record of the North Pacific bathypelagic fish Macropinna microstoma

Guttman, L.; Guttman, R., 1959:
An illustration of the use of stochastic approximation

Iltis, Hugo, 1949:
An immigrant conquers a continent The story of the wild garlic

Shope, R.E., 1961:
An Immunizing Substance For Semliki Forest Virus In The Livers Of Immune Mice : I. The Initial Observation Together With A Consideration Of The Attending Conditions

Dekleva, N., 1968:
An immuno neurological approach to differentiate properties of neurons and glia abstract monkey anti neuronal antibodies experimental allergic encephalo myelitis

Lepow, I.H., 1960:
An immuno-pathologic study of avian nephrotoxic nephritis in the rabbit

Vyazov, O.E.; Sazhina, M.V., 1961:
An immunobiological study of the regeneration of the crystalline lens of the triton

Peng, C.T., 1960:
An immunochemical assay of human insulin

Fox, A.C.; Klein, M.D., 1966:
An immunochemical comparison of myosin from canine heart and skeletal muscle

Gitlin, D.; Janeway, C.A., 1952:
An immunochemical study of the albumins of serum, urine, ascitic fluid and edema fluid in the nephrotic syndrome

Schwartz, S.O., 1968:
An immunologic comparison of 5 murine leukemia viruses grown in tissue culture s 63 virus gc virus moloney friend rauscher virus neopl j 111 cells rabbit anti serum

McCrone, J.D.; Netzloff, M.L., 1965:
An immunological and electrophoretical comparison of the venoms of the North American Latrodectus spiders

Karp, A., 1954:
An immunological purification of typhus Rickettsiae

Zabriskie, J.B.; Freimer, E.H., 1966:
An immunological relationship between the group. A streptococcus and mammalian muscle

Oginsky, E.L.; Allen, O.N.; Creech, H.J., 2018:
An immunological study involving carcinogenic hydrocarbons

Kushner, D.J., 1960:
An immunological study of Bacillus subtilis penicillinases

Kirkbride, M.B.; Hut Ton, A.I., 1926:
An immunological study of an atypical meningo-coccus strain

Munshi, S.R.; Rao, S.S., 1965:
An Immunological Study Of Sheep Pituitary Luteinizing Hormone

Yashika, K.; Kosin, I.L., 1967:
An immunologically detectable change in the egg white of chicken eggs following pre-incubation storage

Harris, C.L.; Siegel, P.B., 1967:
An implantable telemeter for determining body temperature and heart rate

Derrick, J.R., 1968:
An implanted electronic module used to produce experimental myo cardial infarcts abstract dog

Luparello, T., 1968:
An important factor for the determination of airway resistance abstract human asthmatic subject broncho motor response

Holsendorf, B.E., 1931:
An important source of original rat infestation on newly constructed vessels

Lott, Richard, V., 1931:
An important varietal characteristic of the red raspberry

Thrupp, T.C., 1938:
An impregnation method for staining starch grains

Arnold, Edgar, L., 1951:
An impression method for preparing fish scales for age and growth analysis

Ross, S.M., 1963:
An Improved Ecg Luer-Lok Adaptor

Barritt, M.M., 1944 :
An Improved Pappenheim Stain for Gonococci

Wimber, Donald, E., 1956:
An improved acetic-lachmoid squash technic for orchids

Kemp, J.H., 1963:
An improved air-jet manifold

Inglis, A.S., 1964:
An Improved Amino Acid Analyzer

Herrnfeld, F.P.; Sjaardema, H., 1940:
An improved amplifier for electro-encephalography

Frobisher, Martin, 1931:
An improved antigen for the complement-fixation test in yellow fever

Perraju, A., 1962:
An improved apicultural appliance The drone trap

Abrahamson, E.M., 1949:
An improved apparatus for the microdetermination of cholesterol

J.Guy, Rochefort, 1965:
An improved assay of corticosterone in rat serum and adrenal tissue

Schoeppner, R.F.; Whitsel, R.H., 1967:
An improved carbon dioxide sticky cylinder trap

Neurath, H., 1941:
An Improved Cell for Optical Diffusion Measurements on Solutions

Munro, T.R., 1963 :
An Improved Chamber For Micromanipulation Work With Cell Cultures, And A Chamber That Facilitates Comparison Of Living And Stained Cells

Pyarnik, T.; Keerberg, 1966:
An improved chamber for the short exposure of leaves to an atmosphere of radioactive carbon dioxide

Ravin, H.A., 1961:
An improved colorimetric enzymatic assay of ceruloplasmin

Carpenter, H.M.; Prater, T.F., 1964:
An Improved Continuous-Flow Co2 Incubator

Hooper, Frank, F., 1951:
An improved cordage for limnological hand lines

Newton, R.G., 1935:
An improved electrical conductivity method for the estimation of carbon dioxide and other reactive gases

Woodburne, R.T.; Lawrence, C.A., 1952:
An improved embalming fluid formula

Whitfield, C.J., 1930:
An improved evaporimeter

Schroeder, W.A.; Robberson, B., 1965:
An improved gradient for ion exchange chromatography of peptides on Dowex-1

Schleicher, E.M., 1953:
An improved hematoxylin-eosin stain for sections of marrow units

Crout, J.R.; Jennings, R.B., 1957:
An improved histochemical method for the demonstration of potassium

Fuller, W.H., 1961:
An improved indicator for the determination of calcium in plant material

Minohara, A., 1968:
An improved measurement of plasma renin level

Kodicek, E.; Mistry, S.P., 1949:
An improved medium for microbiological assays with Lactobacillus casei

Yoshimoto, C., 1964:
An Improved Mercury Acceleration Transducer And Its Medical Applications

Nash, Clinton, B., 1956:
An improved method for drop recording

Lapin, J.H.; Horonick, A.; Lapin, R.H., 1958:
An improved method for isolating viable human leukocytes from peripheral blood

Harrington, W.F.; Johnson, P.; Ottewill, R.H., 1956:
An improved method for measuring degree of polarization

Roovers, J.; Evrard, E.; Vanderhaeghe, H., 1968:
An improved method for measuring human blood bile acids

Lowenstein, J.M.; Corrill, E.M., 1966:
An improved method for measuring plasma and tissue concentrations of digitalis glycosides

Venkateswarlu, P.; Armstrong, W.D.; Singer, L., 1966:
An improved method for micro-estimation of fluoride using aluminium-eriochromecyanin R system

Diehl, W.W., 1929:
An Improved Method for Sealing Microscopic Mounts

Hammond, D.M.; Davis, L.R.id, 1944:
An improved method for sporulating oocysts in bovine fecal material

Youmans, Guy, P., 1944:
An improved method for testing of bacteriostatic agents using virulent human type tubercle bacilli

Evans, D.G.; Perkins, F.T., 1954:
An improved method for testing the ability of pertussis vaccines to produce agglutinin

Weatherall, D.J., 1965:
An improved method for the characterization of human haemoglobin mutants Identification of 2 2 95G haemoglobin N

Gagge, A.P., 1941:
An Improved Method for the Continuous Measurement of the Rate of Oxygen Consumption for Human Subjects

Johnston, H.W., 1951:
An improved method for the control of electric autoclaves

Szita, J.; Czeh, K.; Bognar, S., 1961:
An improved method for the cultivation of bacteria from blood

White, E.C., 1940:
An improved method for the detection of bacterial urease

Plummer, A.J., 1952:
An improved method for the determination of 5-iodo-1-thiouracil in biood

Chou, C.Y.an; Wang, H.C.ou; Lee, C.Y.an, 1949:
An improved method for the determination of ascorbic acid in colored food extracts

Iyengar, N.K.; Sehra, K.B.; Mukerji, B., 1941:
An improved method for the determination of prothrombin time

Trown, P.W., 1965:
An Improved Method For The Isolation Of Carboxydismutase. Probable Identity With Fraction I Protein And The Protein Moiety Of Protochlorophyll Holochrome

Power, H.E., 1962:
An improved method for the preparation of fish protein concentrate from cod

Resvyakov, N.P., 1940:
An improved method for the preparation of non-polarizable Du Bois-Reymond clay electrodes

Marais, J.P., 1966:
An improved method for the preparation of two spray reagents for the detection of sugars on chromatograms

Mcdonald, C.E., 1962:
An improved method for the preparation of wheat gliadin

Eakins, J.D.; Brown, D.A., 1966:
An improved method for the simultaneous determination of iron-55 and iron-59 in blood by liquid scintillation counting

Sumner, F.B.; Doudoroff, P., 1943:
An improved method of assaying melanin in fishes

Strain, Roy, W., 1934:
An improved method of bleaching and clearing leaves

Cusick, F.J.; Cole, H., 1959:
An improved method of breeding golden hamsters

Morton, D.J.; E.A., 1960:
An improved method of disinfecting barley seed of Ustilago nuda

Barany, E.; Wirth, A., 1954:
An improved method of estimating rate of flow of aqueous humour in individual animals

Stafford, M.W., 1960:
An improved method of labeling frosted-end microslides used in exfoliative cytology

Kojima, M., 1951:
An improved method of oxydase reaction

Srb, V.; Hluchovsky, B., 1965:
An improved method of plasmolysis aimed at establishing osmotic changes in the cell

Newell, I.M.; Van Den Bosch, R.; Haramoto, F.H., 1951:
An improved method of rearing field-collected fruit fly larvae

Lowe, Charles, H., 1943:
An improved method of snake feeding

Gittens, G.J.; James, A.M., 1960:
An improved microelectrophoresis apparatus and technique for studying biological cell surfaces

Kruszynski, J., 1955:
An improved microincineration technique for the demonstration of mineral elements in cells

Schreck, C.E.; Gouck, H.K.; Smith, N., 1967:
An improved olfactometer for use in studying mosquito attractants and repellents

Strickler, H.S.; Wilson, G.A.; Grauer, R.C., 1961:
An improved p-nitrophenol method for estrogen determination employing a commercial fluorimeter

Pearse, K.; Pechanec, J.F.; Pickford, G.D., 1935:
An improved pantograph for mapping vegetation

Perloff, W.H., 1951:
An improved pellet implanter

Lipton, A., 1967:
An improved programmed controller for sequential laboratory operations

Sowls, L.K.; Schweinsburg, R.E., 1967:
An improved propulsion system for short-range projection of immobilization darts

Doolen, O.K., 1961:
An improved recording system for gas chromatography

Cannon, P.R.; Marshall, C.E., 1940:
An improved serologic method for the determination of the precipitative titers of antisera

Schmidt, E.; Schmidt, F.W.; Mohr, J., 1967:
An improved simple chromatographic method for separating the isoenzymes of malic dehydrogenase and glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase

Punnett, Hope, H., 1964:
An improved squash techniques for human male meiotic chromosomes Softening and concentration of cells; mounting in Hoyers medium

Smith, Karl, U., 1940:
An improved stabilimeter method for recording activity in laboratory animals

Cain, J.C., 1938:
An improved stain technic for opsonophagocytic testing in brucellosis

Mori, M.; Farrell, R.K.; Leader, R.W., 1965:
An improved staining method for Neorickettsia helminthoeca

Churney, L.; Ohshima, H., 1964:
An Improved Suction Electrode For Recording From The Dog Heart In Situ

Winter, H., 1952:
An improved swine erysipelas vaccine: a review of recent developments by European investigators

Dittmer, K.; Herz, W.; Chambers, J.S., 1946:
An improved synthesis of B-2-thienylalanine

Wolfrom, M.L.; Thompson, A.; Hooper, I.R., 1946:
An improved synthesis of N-methyl-1-glucosaminic acid

Hoffmann, R.L.; Evans, C.D., 1966:
An improved tank for development of preparative thin-layer chromatograms

Sarkany, Imrich, 1961:
An improved technic for obtaining uniformly thin sheets of skin

Javid, J.; Horowitz, H.I., 1960:
An improved technic for the quantitation of serum haptoglobin

Masri, Shawki, S., 1967:
An improved technique fcold treatment for studying spore germination of Sclerotinia laxa

Hoyle, L., 1947:
An improved technique for inoculation of fertile eggs

Colless, Donald, H., 1958:
An improved technique for permanent mounts of small insects and nematodes

Ellner, Paul, D., 1959:
An improved technique for the growth of Chlorella in C14O2

Curtis, G.H.; Ferrier, R.P.; Murray, R.T., 1967:
An improved technique for ultra-high resolution electron diffraction

Castillo, C.A.; Zarnstrff, W.C.; Crumpton, C.W., 1962:
An improved transmission oximeter using interference filters

Perkins, H.J.; Tyrrell, C., 1961:
An improved two-dimensional scanner for radio-chroma tograms

Aoki, I.; Hosoya, Y.; Matsuo, T., 1960:
An improved urine foam test for the diagnosis of cancer

Savier, A., 1961:
An improved yield of a factor which clears plasma Abstract

Itano, A., 1930:
An improved, portable pH apparatus

Lin, R.C.; Yeoh, T.S., 1965:
An improvement on Vane's stomach strip preparation for the assay of 5-hydroxytryptamine

Ben-Dov, E.; Kramarsky-Winter, E.; Kushmaro, A., 2009 :
An in situ method for cultivating microorganisms using a double encapsulation technique

Trimble, A.S., 1968:
An in vitro assessment of aortic insufficiency related to valve size after homo graft valve replacement abstract calf

Frieden, E.H.; Fishbein, J.W.; Hisaw, F.L., 1948:
An in vitro bioassay for intermedin

Plager, J.E.; Matsui, N., 1966:
An in vitro demonstration of the anti-insulin action of cortisol on glucose metabolism

McCabe, R.M.; Keyes, P.H.; Howell, A., 1967:
An in vitro method for assessing the plaque forming ability of oral bacteria

Nash, R.A.; Marcus, A.D., 1960:
An in vitro method for the evaluation of sustained release products

Fajarda, O.P.; Grossman, L.I.; Mcshane, J., 1956:
An in vitro study of antiseptics and antibiotics used in endodontics

Fowler, J.H., 1964:
An in vitro study of erythroid differentiation in spleen colonies

Robertstad, Gordon Wesley, 1960:
An in vitro study of extracted antigens of Vibrio fetus isolates

Fauconneau, G., 1961:
An in vitro study of the influence of aqueous extracts of forage on the growth of rumen bacteria

Horn, E.C., 1955:
An in vivo effect of nucleoprotein from Ehrlich ascites tumor cells

Brody, D.A., 1951:
An in vivo method for determination of tonus changes of pyloric sphincter

Maiorov, V.N., 1957:
An in vivo method of observing nerves in frog urinary bladder

Huang, R-Bo.; Du, Q-Shi.; Wang, C-Hua.; Chou, K-Chen., 2008:
An in-depth analysis of the biological functional studies based on the NMR M2 channel structure of influenza A virus

Jensen, K.E.; Senterfit, L.B.; Chanock, R.M.; Smith, C.B.; Purcell, R.H., 1965:
An inactivated mycoplasma pneumoniae vaccine

Wells, Murray, M., 1964:
An incidence of albinism in Taricha torosa

Morita, Richard, Y., 1958:
An incidence of pink oysters in Galyeston Bay, Texas

Corner, J., 1960:
An incident of destruction of honeybee colonies in the interior of British Columbia by an ant, probably Formica integra Nylander

Alekperov, U.K.; Shcherbakov, V.K., 1967:
An incomplete metaphase block and other effects accompanying the action of ionole on mitosis

Wishart, George, 1944:
An increase in the multiple generation of the European corn borer in Ontario and its relation to parasite establishment

Vlasyuk, P.A.; Holykova, O.P., 1958:
An increase in the natural radio-activity of plants

Savin, V.N.; Shutov, A.A., 1966:
An increase in the productivity of barley after the pre-sowing exposure of the seeds to gamma-irradiation

Noufflard, H.; Berteaux, S., 1960:
An increased effect with increased dosage of isoniazid in experimental tuberculosis

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