Section 25
Chapter 24,203

Antihistaminic prophylaxis and treatment of respiratory infections

Brown, S.F.

Journal-Lancet 70(8): 293-294


ISSN/ISBN: 0096-0233
PMID: 15428765
Accession: 024202815

A study was made of the effect cf thonzylamine HCl (Neohetramine) in preventing and aborting common respiratory infections in pediatric patients at the Elizabeth Kenny Inst., Minneapolis. For a period of 31 days, 26 controls receiving no medication were compared with 25 patients receiving thonzylamine twice daily. Doses ranged from 12.5 mg. (25 mg. daily) for patients under 25 lb. to 25 mg. (50 mg. daily) for patients over 40 lb. During a 2d period of 35 days, 34 controls were compared with 24 patients receiving the same doses of thonzylamine 3 times daily. No reliable differences were found in the incidence of respiratory infections in the 2 groups, in the avg. duration of the colds, or in the avg. number of days of fever. Thonzylamine in the doses used is ineffective either in prophylaxis or in treatment of common colds in children.

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