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Atherosclerosis, serum lipids and nutrition. II. Effects of a diet rich in non-saturated fatty acids and poor in saturated fatty acids on the serum cholesterol of twenty patients

Choquette; Gaston; Drouin, N.ud, Colette; David, P.

Union Med Canada 88(11): 1401-1409


Accession: 024205370

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A diet high in unsaturated fatty acids and low in saturated fatty acids was experimented on 20 hypercholesterolemic subjects. It proved to be effective on 19 of them when they were submitted to the study during a period of 3-17 months. During that period, a 20.3% mean drop in serum cholesterol level was observed. The results' showed that the higher the initial cholesterol level, the greater the percentage of the fall. However, it did not demonstrate that the effectiveness of the diet was in relation to the age of the patients. It was concluded that in spite of the difficulties pertaining to the food habits of our people, the majority can possibly adhere to a diet high in unsaturated fatty acids and low in saturated fatty acids. Such a diet can provoke a significant as well as a sustained fall in the serum cholesterol level of almost every hypercholesterolemic subject.

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