Section 25
Chapter 24,206

Atmospheric nitrogen fixation by purple-sulfur bacteria cultured in organic and inorganic media

Hui Fang, Yang

Mikrobiologiya Transl 31(5): 628-631


Accession: 024205818

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Of the 4 strains of purple-sulfur bacteria, considerable growth on N-free media was produced by Rhodopseudomo-nas strains-II and-IV from Odessa estuaries and Chromatium strain-VI from a pond in the Peking Botanical Garden. Rhodopseudomonas and Chromatium fixed atmospheric N when cultured in an inorganic medium containing NaHCO3 and Na2S and various organic-acids. Rhodopseudomonas yielded the largest cell harvest with N fixation in media containing acetic-, succinic-, malic-, or butyric-acid, and Chromatin-in media containing acetic-, succinic-, or malic-acid. The purple-sulfur bacteria fixed N most efficiently when utilizing fumaric-acid.

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