Section 25
Chapter 24,208

Attempts to produce anaphylaxis in guinea pigs with a poly-saccharide from Serratia marcescens

Franke, F.E.

Jour Nation Cancer Inst 5(3): 173-177


Accession: 024207376

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A mixed filtrate of B. prodigiosus [Serratia marcescens) and the streptococcus of erysipelas has been used for many yrs. to treat lym-phosarcoma and Hodgkin's disease. The toxic effects limit its use in tumor therapy. The filtrate of B. prodigiosus is a poly-saccharide, apparently protein-free. To avoid a preservative a lyophilized prepn. of the polysaccharide (P-21) was made. The lethal dose of P-21 when injd. subcut. into guinea pigs was found to be 5.0 mg./kg. and when injd. into the heart 1.0-2.2 mg./kg. Anaphylaxis was not clearly demonstrated in any of the 64 guinea pigs injd. with a sensitizing dose and a shock-inducing dose. Some evidence of tolerance to the lyophilized prepn. of the polysaccharide from B. prodigiosus was found.

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