Section 25
Chapter 24,216

Azoksodon : a central nervous system stimulant

Polezhaeva, A.I.

Med Rtom Sssr 20(3): 53-54


Accession: 024215163

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When given to experimental animals it increased motor activity. In mice and rats this effect occurred when the drug was given at a dose of 25 mg/kg. In cats motor excitation, dllitation of the pupils, and symptoms resembling hallucinations were noted when Azoksodon was given at doses of 10-20 mg/kg. In experiments on rats Azoksodon considerably shortened the period of sleep induced by barbamyl or hexanal. In mice Azoksodon given at doses of 25-50 mg/kg considerably reduced or eliminated hypothermia and depression caused by chlorpromazine and reserpine. Studies conducted on non-anesthetized cats that were rendered immobile (Inactive) by Diplacine (the dichlortde of 1, 3-di([beta]-platenecin-iumethoxy) benzene) showed that at doses of 20-40 mg/kg Azoksodon activates the bioelectric potentials of the brain. Azoksodon does not cause any substantial changes in arterial pressure. Under clinical conditions Azoksodon had a pronounced effect on patients with astheno-depresslve, anxiety depressive, sluggish-apathetic syndrome of various etiology with attendant symptoms of sluggishness fatigue, etc. Favorable results were also obtained at obstetrical-gynecological clinics where Azoksodon was used as a stimulant of the central nervous system when difficulties arose during delivery.

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