Badania nad rodzina Hysterocinetidae Diesing. Studies on the family Hysterocinetidae Diesing

Raabe, Z.

Ann Mus Zool Polonici 14(4): 21-68


Accession: 024220143

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The systematic position of the family is discussed and the following genera and spp. from Poland are reviewed PROTOPTYCHOSTOMUM (p. 35), for P. simplex (Anoplophrya s. Andre); Hysterocineta paludinarum, H. benedictiae, H. cheissini, in Bithynia tentaculata Ptychostomum saenuridis and other spp.; KYSTHOTHIGMA (p. 54), for K. bacteriophila.(Ptychostomum b. Miyashita); COTYLOTHIGMA (p. 55), for C. rhynchelmis (Ptychostomum r. Heidenr.) The silver-line system and fission processes are descr. for the family.