Beef cattle feeding investigations: progress report

Blizzard, W.L.

Oklahoma Agric Exp Sta Bull 184: 4


Accession: 024224222

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A group of 25 cows was divided into 3 lots of 10, 7, and 8 head per lot respectively. Those in lots 1 and 2 were scrubs, while those in lot 3 were high grades. A scrub bull was mated to the cows in lot 1 and a pure bred bull to the cows in lots 2 and 3. There was no significant difference in cost of maintaining any of the lots. The calves dropped in the different lots were weaned on Nov. 1 and were given a grain ration until Jan. 12 when they were placed on full feed for 205 days. There were 8, 4, and 6 calves in the respective lots. The ration fed consisted of shelled corn, cottonseed meal, and alfalfa hay, with cottonseed hulls the 1st 156 days. Body wt. and measurements of 11 parts of the body were made at beginning and end of the experiment. The average daily gains were 1.69, 1.85, and 1.83 lb. per head in the respective lots. Lot 1 had the highest feed cost per 100 lb. of gain, followed in order by lots 3 and 2. Lot 3 attained the highest finish and sold for $1.25 more per cwt. than lot 2, and for $3.50 more than lot 1. The profit per head, including pork, was approximately twice as great in lot 3 as in lot 2, and the latter lot returned a profit nearly 5 times as great as lot 1. Final measurements showed a decided increase in width of hind quarters during the test, especially in lot 3, indicating that quality cattle show a greater development in the high-priced cuts.