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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 24271

Chapter 24271 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Tamolang, F., 1950:
Bur. Forestry, Manila. Control of Rhizoctonia dam ping-off of ahoho by soil treatment and by special growing media

Howard, W.L., 1943:
Burbank's work with amaryllids

Askhaev, M.G., 1958:
Burbot Lota lota. L Fishes and fishery in the basin of the Lake Baikal

C.J.D.xon; J.C.V.koun, 2009:
Burbot resource selection in small streams near the southern extent of the species range

Mckay, M.H.M., 1938:
Burchell's index to the aboriginal African and Dutch names of the plants of Southern Africa

Cannon, R.C., 1945:
Burdekin potato crops in 1944 and 1945

Vos, T.; Barker, B.; Begg, S.; Stanley, L.; Lopez, A.D., 2008:
Burden of disease and injury in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples: the Indigenous health gap

Santos, M.Soares.; Ribeiro, G.de.Sousa.; Oliveira, T.Queiroz.; Santos, R.Cardoso.Nery.; Gouveia, E.; Salgado, Kátia.; Takahashi, D.; Fontes, C.; Campos, L.Carvalho.; Reis, M.Galvão.; Ko, A.Icksang.; Reis, J.Neves., 2008:
Burden of group A streptococcal meningitis in Salvador, Brazil: report of 11 years of population-based surveillance

Panatto, D.; Amicizia, D.; Ansaldi, F.; Marocco, A.; Marchetti, F.; Bamfi, F.; Giacchino, R.; Tacchella, A.; Del Buono, S.; Gasparini, R., 2009:
Burden of rotavirus disease and cost-effectiveness of universal vaccination in the Province of Genoa (Northern Italy)

Bush, Monroe, 1967:
Burdened acres-the people question

Bhatia, S.B.; Mandwal, N.K., 1960:
Burdigalian Ostracoda from the Surat-Broach area, western India

Mockle, J.A., 1960:
Burdock: History, botany, chemistry, therapeuti pharmacology

Unspecified, 1943:
Bureau of Agricultural Economics U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. A graphic summary of farm animals and animal products.

Stansby, M.E.; Butler, C., 1958:
Bureau of Commercial Fisheries oil research progra

Cottrell Dormer, W., 1926:
Bureau of Sugar Experiment Stations Combating insect pests Prosperine and Mackay Districts

Longhurst, A.R., 1968:
Bureau of commercial fisheries fishery oceanography center lajolla california usa fiscal year 1968 annual report

Strasburg, D.W., 1966:
Bureau of commercial fisheries operations with the submarine asherah and ichthyological results of these operations

Crowther, H.E., 1968:
Bureau of commercial fisheries washington dc usa role in farming of the sea

Easterby, H.T., 1926:
Bureau of sugar experiment stations. The Director's annual report. I

Hughes, C.G., 1954:
Bureau tests with P. M. A

Chatron, M., 1933:
Burette a reservoir pour dosages en serie

Natelson, S.; Zuckerman, J.L., 1947:
Burette for microtitration; Vernier applicable to the capillary microburette

Huey, W.S.; Travis, J.R., 1961:
Burford Lake, New Mexico, revisited

Merkens, J., 1930:
Burgelijke veeartsenijkun-dige dienst. Afdeeling: kleinveeteelt. Bijdrage tot de kennis van het soembavarken

Gerhardt, W.F., 1933:
Burgerlijke veeartsenij-kundige dienst. 6. Diermeel en vleeschmeel in rantsoenen voor jonge kuikens

Ojima, K., 1968:
Burgers vector of dislocations in pure iron crystals deformed at low temperatures abstract inst electron microscope

Henderson, S.; Damann, K.E., 1966:
Burgner Acres Natural area of Eastern Illinois University

Ravaz, L., 1930:
Burgundy mixture Note on proper method of preparing this fungicide

Anonymous, 1962 :
Burgundy: A new purple hull southern pea

Pant, D.D.; Nautiyal, D.D., 1966:
Buriadia heterophylla g and its female fructification abstract

Loosanoff, V.L.; Nomejko, C.A., 1957:
Burial as a method for control of the common oyster drill, Urosalpinx cinerea, of Long Island Sound

Bert Hidding; Bart, A.N.let; Mennobart, R. van Eerden; Matthieu Guillemain; Marcel Klaassen, 2009:
Burial depth distribution of fennel pondweed tubers Potamogeton pectinatus in relation to foraging by Bewicks swans

Maurer, Don, 1967:
Burial experiments on marine pelecypods from Tomales Bay, California

Vasu, V.M., 1944:
Burial ground of elephants

Jakob, H., 1955:
Burial ground research and Phosphate method. A row grave field of the Carolingian age as test

Helvey, T.C., 1964:
Burial in space

Mcgregor, John, C., 1943:
Burial of an early American magician

Byrd, J.L.; Bath, C.H., 1941:
Burial of garbage by controlled tipping at Cristobal, Canal Zone

Shimanskii, V.N., 1953:
Burial of nautiloids

Shouye Yang; Wyss, W.-S.Y.m; Min Tang; Guangqing Huang, 2008:
Burial of organic carbon and carbonate on inner shelf of the northern South China Sea during the postglacial period

Selyakov, S.N.; Zal'tsman, I.G., 1959:
Buried Quaternary soils of Ob river area plateau

Sakamoto, T.; Ito, Y.; Akutsu, J., 1967:
Buried channel in the naka terrace japan and fossil diatoms from the channel fillings

Moore, Barrington, 1937:
Buried forests in bogs in southwestern Ireland

Galenieks, P., 1928:
Buried peat deposits in the plain of the lower course of the Venta

Goss, W.L.; Brown, E., 1939:
Buried red rice seed

Lessig Heber DeLong, 1959:
Buried soils of Globe Hill, Upper Ohio Valley

Selyakov, S.N., 1961:
Buried soils of the middle and upper Oligocene of Kulunda

Frye, J.C.; Leonard, A.B.ron, 1967:
Buried soils, fossil mollusks, and Late Cenozoic paleoenvironments

Norris, S.E., 1959:
Buried topography and its relation to an important aquifer in Franklin county, Ohio

Adamson, R.S.; Currin, M.M., 1951 :
Buried trees on the Cape Flats

Ditman, L.P.; Smith, F.F.; Geo, 1947:
Burkhardt. Liquefied gas aerosols for pea aphid control: Third report

Williams, N.L.; Kloeze, E.; Govan, B.L.; Körner, H.; Ketheesan, N., 2009:
Burkholderia pseudomallei enhances maturation of bone marrow-derived dendritic cells

Deepak, R.Narayana.; Crawley, B.; Phang, E., 2009:
Burkholderia pseudomallei identification: a comparison between the API 20NE and VITEK2GN systems

Titball, R.W.; Russell, P.; Cuccui, J.; Easton, A.; Haque, A.; Atkins, T.; Sarkar-Tyson, M.; Harley, V.; Wren, B.; Bancroft, G.J., 2009:
Burkholderia pseudomallei: animal models of infection

Elliott, G.N.; Chou, J-Hsing.; Chen, W-Ming.; Bloemberg, G.V.; Bontemps, C.; Martínez-Romero, E.; Velázquez, E.; Young, J.Peter.W.; Sprent, J.I.; James, E.K., 2008:
Burkholderia spp. are the most competitive symbionts of Mimosa, particularly under N-limited conditions

Belmustakov, E., 1951:
Burkhu geologiiata na Izdremetskata sinklinala mezhdu selata Iskrets i TserovoSur la geologie du pli synclinal dIsdermetz dans la region entre Iskretz et Tzerovo

Santapau, H.I.H., 1960:
Burkill in India

Sastry, A.R.K., 1968:
Burkilliodendron a new generic name in fabaceae d leguminosae d new combination

Pope, J.H.; Achong, B.G.; Epstein, M.A.; Biddulph, J., 1967:
Burkitt lymphoma in New Guinea: establishment of a line of lymphoblasts in vitro and description of their fine structure

Clifford, Peter, 1966:
Burkitt on Burkitt's lymphoma

Stewart, S.E.; Landon, J.; Lovelace, E.; Parker, G., 1965:
Burkitt tumor: brain lesions in hamsters induced with an extract from the SL-1 cell line

Burkitt Tumor: Tissue Culture, Cytogenetic and Virus Studies

Twomey, Jeremiah, J., 1966:
Burkitt s lymphoma in an arid part of Texas

Courtois, D., 1966:
Burkitt's disease in Upper Volta

Willemin-Clog, L.; Cavaroc, M.; Menut, G.; Raynaud, J.E., 1967:
Burkitt's disease outside of Africa

Beltran, German; Baez, Atilio; Correa, Pelayo, 1966:
Burkitt's lymphoma in Colombia

Burkitt, D., 1967:
Burkitt's lymphoma outside the known endemic areas of Africa and New Guinea

Bernard, J., 1966:
Burkitt's tumor in 1966

Sachs, Robert, L., 1966:
Burkitts tumor in California

Wright, D.H., 1966:
Burkitt's tumor in England. A comparison with childhood lympho-sarcoma

Chaves, E., 1966:
Burkitt's tumor in the state of Paraiba, Brazil: Report of two cases

Aramsri, B.; Piyaratn, P.; Kambhu, P.; Thitathan, S., 1967:
Burkitt's tumour in a Thai patient

Chedd, G., 1968:
Burkitts progress human neopl burkitts lymphoma viral carcino cause mosquito transmition malaria

Pike, M.C.; Williams, E.H.; Wright, B., 1967:
Burkitts tumor in the west nile district of uganda 1961 1965

Belmustakov, E., 1951:
Burku geologiiata na Izdremet-skata sinklinala mezhdu selata Iskrets i Tserov. Sur la geologie du pli synclinal d'lsdermetz dans la region entre Iskretz et Tzerovo

Winder, C.G., 1954:
Burleigh Falls and Peterborough mapareas. Ontario. Canada. Dept. Mines and Resources

Mosley, J.M.; Harlan, W.R.; Hanmer, H.R., 1951:
Burley tobacco

Mcdonald, Iain, 1962:
Burley tobacco culture

Atkinson, W.O., 1968:
Burley tobacco d variety management study

Heggestad, Howard, E., 1948:
Burley tobacco disease situation in Tennessee, 1948

Bennett, R.R., E.Al., 1951:
Burley tobacco plant production guide

Youngquist, W.; Miller, A.K.; Downs, H.R., 1950:
Burlington conodonts from Iowa

Barrington, A.H.M., 1932:
Burma forest soils

Bartram, Edwin, B., 1943:
Burma mosses

Wroughton, F.H., 1940:
Burma teak and its extraction

Matuda, Eizi, 1953:
Burmanniaceae in Chiapas

Lutz, B., 1950:
Burmeisteri distincta A. Lutz. Vb. Aplastodiscus perviridis A. Lutz

Saul, John, M., 1967:
Burmeisteria accraensis, A new homalonotid trilobite from the Devonian of Ghana

Pal, B.P., 1931:
Burmese Charophyta

Ward, F.Kingdon, 1928:
Burmese species of Meconopsis

Gruenhagen, R.H.; Riker, A.J.; Richards, C.A.drey, 1947:
Burn blight of jack and red pine following spittle insect attack

Fisher, A.J.G.; Sender, B.; Engelbrecht, J.A.; Harris, F.; Van Der Riet, R.L.S., 1968:
Burn coma due to dressings impregnated with hexylene glycol animal human

Ben Hur, N.; Giladi, A.; Neuman, Z., 1968:
Burn disease evaluation of the problem and the modern therapeutic approach

Brown, S.O.; Sorg, V.; Jones, J.T., 1962:
Burn healing in rats maintained on diets containing different levels of pyridoxine

Kochetygov, N.I., 1963:
Burn induction in rabbits by isolated heating of the skin

ARTZ, C.P., 1963:
Burn Infections

GUBLER, E.V., 1965:
Burn Shock as a Process of Automatic Regulation

Boswick, J.A.; Raffensperger, J.A., 1966:
Burn wound complication

Foley, F.D.; Shuck, J.M., 1968:
Burn-wound infection with phycomycetes requiring amputation of hand

Isaev, A.S., 1961:
Burned-out areas of larch in the Amur region as foci for the reproduction of trunk pests on a large scale

Beveridge, W.I.B.; M.F., 1946:
Burnet The cultivation of viruses and rickettsiae in the chick embryo

Best, F.C., 1966 :
Burnet and forester moths

Pontes, J.Fernandes, 1965:
Burnett's syndrome on lacteo-alkaline syndrome

Kwan, K.Y.; Corey, D.P., 2009:
Burning cold: involvement of TRPA1 in noxious cold sensation

Mcmurphy, W.E.; Anderson, K.L., 1965:
Burning Flint Hills range

Duvall, V.L., 1962:
Burning and grazing increase herbage on slender bluestem range

Valleau, W.D.; Johnson, E.M., 1935:
Burning and non-burning strains of tobacco mosaic

Vareschl, V., 1962:
Burning as an ecological factor in Los Llanos

Mikell, H.K., 1968:
Burning assistance and rural fire protection programs

Airman, J.M., 1955:
Burning in the management of prairie in Iowa

Wells, H.D.; E.A., 1958:
Burning of dormant Dallisgrass shows promise of controlling ergot caused by Claviceps paspali Stev. and Hall

Scurti, F.; Pavarino, G.L., 1934:
Burning of grapes. Exps. with the Regina var

Perry, J.P.; Rachie, K.O.; L.J.M.rtinez, 1958:
Burning of ground cover and fertilization of corn in Campeche

Sewell, T.G., 1948:
Burning of montane tussock grass-land

Benlloch, Miguel, 1943:
Burning or scorching of olive leaves by Stictis panizzei

Nemchinov, A.A., 1932:
Burning over in the reclaiming of bogs and its influence on the increase of productivity of peat soils CCCP

Anonymous, 1963:
Burning tepee aids air pollution studies at Riverside

Clinton, H.F., 1944:
Burnley egg-laying competition

Clinton, H.F., 1943:
Burnley egg-laying competition Results of winter test

Robinson, H.G.; C.A., 1945:

Clarkson, Patrick, 1963:

Chamberlain, John, W., 1966:

Nakamura, I., 1968:
Burns abstract human skin leukocytosis anemia

Dalgaard, J.B., 1958:
Burns and freezing. As a cause of peptic ulceration

ZIMMER, J.G.; DEMIS, D.J., 1963:
Burns and other skin lesions: microcirculatory responses in man during healing

Wilkinson, A.W., 1944:
Burns and scalds in children, an investigation of their cause and first-aid treatment

Dam, A., 1958:
Burns as a problem in meat inspection

Snyder, C.C., 1963:
Burns By Electricity

R.N.Leidner, 1966:
Burns harbor Waste treatment planning for a new steel plant

Carayon, A.; Gruet, M., 1964:
Burns in African children

Logie, Norman, J., 1944:
Burns in warfare

Nakasugi, I., 1968:
Burns of coal mine worker caused by gas explosion abstract human inst high pressure oxygen therapy

Orszulok, Jan, 1965:
Burns of the hand and their sequelae

Krotkova, A.V., 1966:
Burns of the stomach with cauterant poisons

Bukharin, P.D., 1958:
Burns of wheat leaves occurring near the soil

Alessandrini, Augusto, 1960:
Burns prevention and treatment

Anon, 1968:
Burns the neglected trauma human treatment

Pick, F, 1943:
Burns treated with viacutan With special reference to the face and hands

Arturson, Gosta; Ponten, B., 1962:
Burns: Their causes, mortality and preventability. A review of 669 cases

Goetzinger, 1930:
Burnt lime or calcium carbonate?

Leitch, R.H., 1934:
Burnt or caramel flavour in milk and its products

Pilsbry, H.A., 1932:
Burnupia capensis striatis-sima, n subsp

Hatton, R.G.; Wormald, H.; Witt, A.W., 1928:

Rehder, Alfred, 1936:
Burretiodendron, a new genus of Tiliaceae

Weiser, H.H., 1940:
Burri technic discussed

Swingle, Charles, F., 1927:
Burrknot formations in relation to the vascular system of the apple stem

Scheffer, Theo, H., 1945:
Burrow associations of small mammals

Clarke, R.H., 1968:
Burrow frequency in abyssal sediments

Nel, J.A.J., 1967:
Burrow systems of desmodillus auricularis in the kalahari gemsbok national park south africa

Dianhu, K.; Xi.L., 2009:
Burrow use by Tibetan Ground Tits Pseudopodoces humilis coping with life at high altitudes

Froeschner, Richard, C., 1968:
Burrower bugs from the Galapagos Islands collected by the 1964 expedition of the Galapagos scientific project

Druzhelyubova, T.S., 1962:
Burrowing Noctuidae Distribution of pests and diseases of agricultural crops in the RSFSR in 1961 and a prognosis for their emergence in 1962

Heatwole, Harold, 1960:
Burrowing ability and behavioral responses to desiccation of the salamander, Plethodon cinereus

Sawyer, Philip, J., 1959:
Burrowing activities of the larval lampreys

Williams, Stanley, C., 1966:
Burrowing activities of the scorpion Anuroctonus phaeodactylus

Boyette, J.G., 1966:
Burrowing and nesting behavior of the pine mouse pitymys pinetorum pinetorum

Roots, B.I.; Phillips, R.R., 1960:
Burrowing and the action of the pharynx of earthworms

Dinamani, P., 1964:
Burrowing behavior of Dentalium

Kirsch, J.A.W., 1968:
Burrowing by the quenda isoodon obesulus

Medcof, J.C., 1950:
Burrowing habits and movements of soft-shelled clams

Ansell, A.D., 1967:
Burrowing in Lyonsia norvegica

Ansell, A.D.; Trueman, E.R., 1967:
Burrowing in Mercenaria mercenaria

Armstrong, Lee, R., 1965:
Burrowing limitations in Pelecypoda

Warme, J.E.; Marshall, N.F., 1968:
Burrowing marine invertebrates in calcareous terrigenous rocks of the pacific coast abstract petrographic analysis x radiography bivalves polychaetes sipunchlids crustacea

Reid, D.M., 1938:
Burrowing methods of Talorchestia deshayesii

Ford, H.W., 1967:
Burrowing nematode resistant rootstocks as biological barriers in citrus d groves radopholus similus

Brooks, Maurice, 1946:
Burrowing of Plethodon jordani

Von Borowsky, Lisa, 1944:
Burrowing owl in Hernando County

Kopischke, E.D., 1968:
Burrowing owl in watonwan county minnesota usa observation

Patton, F.A., 1926:
Burrowing owls, homed larks

Mollaret, H.H.; Karimi, Y.; Eftekhari, M.; Baltazard, M., 1963:
Burrowing Plague

Estcourt, I.N., 1967:
Burrowing polychaete worms from a New Zealand estuary

Edge, Elton, R., 1934:
Burrows and burrowing habits of the Douglas ground squirrel

Pisano, R.G.; Storer, T.I., 1948:
Burrows and feeding of the Norway rat

Eisentraut, M., 1928:
Burrows and hibernation of the hamster

Kennedy, William James, 1967:
Burrows and surfaces traces from the Lower Chalk of Southern England

Weimer, R.J.; Hoyt, J.H., 1964:
Burrows of Callianassa major Say, geologic indicators of littoral and shallow neritic environments

Howell, B.F., 1954:
Burrows of Foralites from the Cambrian of New York

Dinesman, L.G.; Metel'tseva, E.P., 1967:
Burrows of mammals as the object of paleobotanical investigations

Dinesman, L.G.; Shterenberg, L.E., 1967:
Burrows of mammals witnesses of forest fires during the Holocene

Miller, Milton, A., 1957:
Burrows of the Sacramento Valley Pocket Gopher in flood-irrigated alfalfa fields

Anonymous, 1958:
Burry biscuit expands bulk handling system

Good, R.A., 1968:
Bursa equivalents of bursaless vertebrates

Voss, H., 1967:
Bursa mucosa between the pars profunda of the retinaculum musculorum extensorum inferius and the talus

Mair, R., 1927:
Bursa mucosa of the shoulder joint

Yufarkina, N.I., 1968:
Bursa synovialis in the knee joint

Ottaway, C.W.; Worden, A.N., 1940:
Bursae and tendon sheaths of the horse

Stringfellow, F., 1968:
Bursal bosses as a diagnostic character in nematodirus of domestic sheep ovis aries in the usa

Leenhouts, P.W., 1956 :

Fraenkel, G.; Hsiao, C., 1965:
Bursicon, a hormone which mediates tanning of the cuticle in the adult fly and other insects

Takahira, H.; Nacimiento, A.C., 1962:
Burst discharges of cere-bellar Purkinje cells

Anonymous, 2009:
Burst-Pulse Sounds Recorded from White-Beaked Dolphins Lagenorhynchus albirostris

Fredette, V.; Frappier, A., 1947:
Bursting action of non-toxic filtrates of Clostridium perfringens cultures in experimental gas gangrene

Gruber, A.J.; O'Donnell, P., 2009:
Bursting activation of prefrontal cortex drives sustained up states in nucleus accumbens spiny neurons in vivo

Specken, J.J.H.; D.B.uyn, J.C., 1950:
Bursting of aneurysm of splenic artery as a development of child birth

Susaeta, Jose, M., 1926:
Bursting of the spermatozoa of decapod crustaceans

Scheinin, T.M.; Viljanto, J., 1966:
Bursting pressure of healing gastrointestinal wounds in the rat

Tsunoda, Y., 1968:
Bursting properties of the human uterine tube

Anonymous, 1961:
Bursting strength of paper and paperboard.

Shaposhnikov, Y.G., 1965:
Bursting strength of the gastric walls

Peter, L.K.empel; Millicent Masters; Arthur, B.P.rdee, 1965:
Bursts of enzyme synthesis in the bacterial duplication cycle

Davy, J., 1940:
Burt. Note on Dalbergia retusa Baill

Wolbach, S., 1947:
Burt Vitamin-A deficiency and excess in relation to skeletal growth

Mack, Warren, B., 1948:
Burton E Livingston, 1875-1948

DODGE, O.G.; LUNN, H.F., 1962:
Buruli ulcer: a mycobacterial skin ulcer in a Uganda child

Connor, D.H.; Lunn, H.F.etcher, 1966:
Buruli ulceration: A clinicopathologic study of 38 Ugandans with Mycobacterium ulcerans ulceration

Mazokin Porshinkov, G.A., 1953:
Burying beetles Coleoptera, Necrophorini of northeastern China

Hodge, Walter, H., 1944:
Buscando cinchona en los Andes peruanos

Knoblich, R.; Failing, J.F., 1963:
Buschke-Lowenstein tumor of the rectum

WRIGHT, J.T., 1961:
Buscopan and oesophageal achalasia

Murray, J.P., 1966:
Buscopan in diagnostic radiology of the alimentary tract

Deichmann, W.B.; Rakoczy, R., 1953:
Buscopan in treatment of experimental poisoning by parathion, ind systox

Bazilevskata, N.A.; Anonymous, 1928:
Bush Astragalus of the section Ammodendron from Central Asia

Aitken, T.H.G.; Jonkers, A.H.; Worth, C.B.ooke, 1963:
Bush Bush bonanza: A study of virus-vector relationships in a Trinidadian forest

Kunkel, G., 1956:
Bush and forest in southern Chile. On the type of the remaining stands of forest and the scattered bush in the deforested region of the Fundo Mininco in the Prov. of Malleco

Marshall, Franz, 1948:
Bush bean varieties of Switzerland

Scott, J.C., 1967:
Bush encroachment in South Africa

Barykina, R.P., 1964:
Bush formation by raspberries and dewberries with regard to their vegtative propagation

Vas'kovskii, G., 1962:
Bush formation in cucumber plants

Van Meter, Ralph, A., 1928:
Bush fruit production

Lloyd, J.W., 1928:
Bush lima beans as a market garden crop

Galka, A.T., 1959:
Bush muskmelons and pumpkins

Toerien, M.J., 1961:
Bush-Bantu hybrids and Central African Pygmies

H.P.H.Behrens, 1947:
Bush-fence barrier

Rigg, T.; Askew, H.O., 1936:
Bush-sickness at Glenhope, Nelson, New Zealand

Earle, K.V., 1941:
Bush-tea haematuria

Hayter, B., 1962:
Bushbuck transported by lorry

Spence, L.; Anderson, C.R.; Aitken, T.H.; Downs, W.G., 1967:
Bushbush, Ieri and Lukuni viruses, three unrelated new agents isolated from Trinidadian forest mosquitoes

Boynton, Damon, 1945:
Bushels versus color

Cochrane, G.Ross, 1966:
Bushfires and vegetation regeneration

Wells, L.H., 1960:
Bushman and Hottentot statures: A review of the evidence

Shaw, E.M.; Woolley, P.L.; Rae, F.A., 1963:
Bushman arrow poisons

Tobias, P.V., 1957:
Bushmen of the Kalahari

Pihoda, A., 1950:
Bushy growth of lime seedlings caused by P. pubescens

Peel, D.; Lloyd, G.; Lord, A., 2009:
Business Improvement Districts and the Discourse of Contractualism

Matsuno, K., 1968:
Business crime a study on stealing mails

Anonymous, 2007:
Business highlights

Anonymous, 2009:
Business or leisure? Economic development and resource protectionaConcepts and practices in sustainable ecotourism

Hadelan, L.; Njavro, M.; Par, V., 2008:
Business performance of former state-owned large farms agrocombinats after economic system change Deductions from the Croatian Stock Market

Anonymous, 2009:
Business to the rescue private sector actors and global environmental regimesa legitimacy

Gomes, G.; Causey, O.R., 1959:
Bussuquara, a new arthropod-borne virus

Ashbel', S.I.; Yakub, I.L.; Pokrovskaya, E.A., 1967:
Bust-induced bronchitis as one of the forms of pneumoconiosis

Wightman, J., 1968:
Bustards behavior display reproduction habitat

Lehman, S.G., 1944:
Busting soybeans for control of bacterial pustule

Herre, A.W., 1930:
Busuanga Herre, new Genus

Galton, D.A.G.; Till, Morwenna; Wiltshaw, E., 1958:
Busulfan : Summary of clinical results

Anonymous, 2009:
Busulfan Produces Efficient Human Cell Engraftment in NOD/LtSz-Scid IL2RgammaNull Mice

Wilson, J.F., 1968:
Busulfan anti neoplastic associated broncho pulmonary dysplasia in 2 patients with neopl chronic myelogenous leukemia abstract myleran anti neoplastic

Earll, J.M.; May, R.L., 1965:
Busulfan anti neoplastic therapy of neopl myelocytic leukemia during pregnancy woman

Perol, C.; Najean, Y.; Tanzer, J.; Jacquillat, C.; Boiron, M.; Bernard, J., 1967:
Busulfan aplasia during the neopl chronic myeloid leukemia abstract human leukopenia

Murphy, W.P.; Frost, J.W., 1965:
Busulfan for myelocytic leukemia

Williams, D.W., 1966:
Busulfan in early pregnancy

Haut, A.; Abbott, W.S.; Wintrobe, M.M.; Cartwright, G.E., 1961:
Busulfan in the treatment of chronic myelocytic leukemia. The effect of long term intermittent therapy

Oishi, N.; Swisher, S.N.; Troup, S.B., 1960:
Busulfan therapy in myeloid metaplasia

Dugdale, M.; Fort, A.T., 1967:
Busulfan treatment of leukemia during pregnancy. Case report and review of the literature

Bridges, J.M.; Hayes, D.M.; Nelson, M.G., 1961:
Busulphan in the treatment of chronic granulocytic leukemia

Heard, B., 1968:
Busulphan lung abstract mouse inst electron microscope cells human

Stohler, Rudolf, 1962:
Busy-cotypus canaliculatus in San Francisco Bay

WEINBERG, A.M., 1965:
But Is the Teacher also a Citizen?

Baumgartner, Leona, 1967:
But what about people?

Moore, Walter, G., 1959:
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Buying a stud beef bull

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Buying fertilizers for turf

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Buying replacement cows free from Brucella abortus infection

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Buzzard feeding on sand-lizard in winter

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Buzzard stooping at healthy lamb

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Buzzard stooplng at human being

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Bx, another allele of the ABO locus and its heredity

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By Argas persicus ticks

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By catch in the german shrimp fishery crangon crangon in 1967

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By how much and how can spray volume be reduced

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By intravenous application of an egg vaccine

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By sight or cytology?

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By the vegetative reproduction

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By the wayside

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By the wayside

Besadny, C.Dennis, 1954:
By the wayside

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By what route does carbon tetrachloride reach the liver fluke in domestic animals?

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By-laws and inner regulation of the Societe Zoologique de France

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By-passing the right ventricle

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By-products of aversive control

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By-products of citrus in Florida

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By-products of microorganisms and plant residue decomposition toxic to plant growth

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By-products of refining of soybean oil as fat supplements in practical broiler rations

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By-products recovery and methods of handling spent sulfite liquor

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Bycatch in gillnet fisheries a“ An overlooked threat to waterbird populations

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Bypass shunt A useful adjunct to the twin-coil artificial kidney

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Byproducts of the meat-packing industry

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Byproducts of the sugar industry

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C e kindersley

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C w mayo md dies at age 70 abdominal surgeon

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