Certain comparative studies on physiological and synergistic actions of gibberellin, with indole- and naphthalene acetic acids

Hasman, M.; Inanc, N.; Verter, C.

Physiol Plant 14(2): 290-302


Accession: 024296702

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In this investigation, an attempt was made to compare the effect of gibberellin (GB) alone and together with indole- (IAA) and naphthalene acetic acid (NAA) upon the water exchange process, and its responsible factors: suction potential (S.P.), tensility and water permeability (Pwen). Potato tubers were chosen as experimental objects and the determinations were carried out gravimetrically. GB had an auxin-like effect on the water uptake at the early period (3 hours) this being slightly above the value of IAA of the same exposure time. From the 6th hour onward, there appeared a gradual diminishment in the absorption process, the effect of GB at these periods being different from that of an auxin. The obtained synergistic results of GB with IAA on the water uptake was remarkably high and significant throughout the experimental period compared to that of IAA; but GB with NAA brought forth a distinct retardation in relation to the pure NAA effect. GB had no effect on the S.P.-values, but produced a decreasing action on the tensility, whereas the synergistic action of GB on IAA increased the known effect of IAA on the tensility. The cause of the water uptake enhancement of GB at the 3d hour was due to the increase in the Pwen. During this period of time, the synergistic action exerted by IAA -GB on the permeability was less than that of NAA-GB. This value was reversed at the 6th hour in favor of IAA-GB whose action on the Pwen by far exceeded that produced by NAA-GB.