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Chapter 24,300

Change of the chemical composition of the water in ponds fed from bogs by fertilization at the Mushas fish-hatchery in order to increase their fish production

Matisone, M.N.; Mezhule, I.G.

Tr Inst Biol Akad Nauk Latviisk Ssr 19: 71-108


Accession: 024299258

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Mineral fertilizers were applied twice a month from May through August and vegetable fertilizers once a month in July and Aug. The result of such fertilization was an increase in the O2 content up to 14.8 mg/l, pH of the water to 8.6, and a reduction of the free CO2 content to zero. The greatest increase of the O2 content was provided by the mineral fertilizers in ponds where lime had been used in previous years. Studies of the initial production of plankton and fish productivity of the ponds showed that bogwater ponds require the use of a combination of mineral fertilizers. Standards for fertilization are presented.

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