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Changes in sea surface temperature in western South China Sea over the past 450 ka

L.L.; Hui Wang; JianR.L.; MeiXun Zhao; PinXian Wang

Chinese Science Bulletin 54(18): 3335-3343


ISSN/ISBN: 0023-074X
DOI: 10.1007/s11434-009-0083-9
Accession: 024302518

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Sea surface temperature over the past 450 ka was obtained by the unsaturation of molecular fossil-long chain alkenone with a resolution of about 1 ka from the western South China Sea. This is the longest temperature profile in the South China Sea at such high resolution. The U37k-SST results revealed similar glacial-interglacial cycles as the 18O profile of planktonic foraminifera, with SST variability of 2325.5C for glacial and 2528C for interglacial periods. The highest SST (28.4C) was recorded at MIS5.5 and lowest SST (22.6C) during MIS2. The SST record preceded the planktonic foraminiferal 18O on five glacial-interglacial transitions. Comparison of temperature records from the Southern and Northern Hemispheres indicated a more Southern Hemisphere-like pattern for the temperature variation in the SCS. Strong precession and semiprecession signals in the spectra of our SST record manifest the tropical phenomena.

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