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Chlorophyll: An experimental study of its water-soluble derivatives. I. Remarks upon the history, chemistry, toxicity and anti-bacterial properties of water-soluble chlorophyll derivatives as therapeutic agents

Smith, L.W.

American Journal of the Medical Sciences 207(5): 647-654


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-9629
Accession: 024323767

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A brief resume of current concepts regarding the composition and chemical behavior of chlorophyll is presented. Exptl. evidence is introduced to demonstrate the total absence of toxic effects of the water-soluble derivatives of chlorophyll when administered, subcut. or intraven., to animals or man. Bacteriologic studies are reviewed which point towards an interference with the oxidation-reduction mechanism of bacterial respiration as explaining the rather striking bacteriostatic effects noted in the use of water-soluble chlorophyll derivatives clinically, and experimentally in animals, in the treatment of infected surface wounds.

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