Section 25
Chapter 24,326

Cholesterol Vehicle in Experimental Atherosclerosis. VII. Influence of Naturally Occurring Saturated Fats

Kritchevsky, D.; Tepper, S.A.

Medicina et Pharmacologia Experimentalis. International Journal of Experimental Medicine 12: 315-320


ISSN/ISBN: 0543-3002
PMID: 14333350
Accession: 024325246

Naturally occurring, saturated fats containing long-chain fatty acids have been used as the cholesterol vehicle in the induction of atheromata in rabbits. In one experiment, coconut oil (iodine value 10) was more atherogenic than lard (iodine value 63) which was, in turn, more atherogenic than corn oil (iodine value 124). Palm oil (iodine value 53) was more atherogenic than cocoa butter (iodine value 35) and both were more atherogenic than corn oil.

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