Section 25
Chapter 24,337

Clean dishes and clean pans hospital sanitization

Bryan, Mary, D.Garmo

Sanitarian 3: 91-98


ISSN/ISBN: 0096-560X
Accession: 024336679

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The importance of clean dishes in a hospital is emphasized. Dish-washing by machine, both 1- and 2-vat, using a detergent, is described. Time intervals and temps, used in current practice are discussed in relation to the results to be expected. A rinse is necessary with the single-vat machine but is provided in the 2-vat unit. Racked dishes are subjected to a hot water rinse under pressure of 25-50 lbs. from a hot water line at 180[degree] F for 10-15 sec. Drying will result due to evaporation, but warmers are desirable. Water softeners are sometimes desirable to prevent cloudy glassware. Use of towels is avoided. Machine efficiency rests to a great extent on the thorough scraping of dishes. The controlled operation of the machine and its specific characteristics are also important considerations. Easily cleaned machines preferably with stainless steel tanks are recommended. Sinks are discussed briefly. Proper instruction of kitchen help is necessary. Inspection by health authorities would prevent much carelessness and avoid difficulties in complying with the law.

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