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Coccidia of swine

Coccidia of swine

J Parasitol 51(6): 897-912

Previous descriptions of coccidia of swine have been reviewed to ascertain the valid species and their synonyms. Fecal samples from 403 swine in 6 localities (Oregon, Utah, Alabama, Georgia and 2 areas in Illinois) were examined for oocysts of coccidia. Eight species of Eimeria, including 3 new species, and one species of Isospora are accepted as valid: (1) E. debliecki Douwes, 1921 (syn. E. scrofae Galli-Valerio, 1935; E. polita Pellerdy, 1949) with oocysts 20 to 30 (24.9) by 14 to 19 (17.0) ,[mu] and sporocyts 15 to 20 (16.9) by 6 to 7 (6.5) [mu]; (2) E. suis Noller, 1921, previously a synonym of E. debliecki, is reinstated as a valid species with oocysts measuringT3 to 20 (16.9) by 11 to 15 (13.3) [mu] and sporocyts 8 to 12 (9.9) by 4 to 6 (4.8) [mu]; (3) E. scabra Henry, 1931 (syn. E. romaniae Donciu, 1962) with oocysts 28 to 42 (31.9) by 20 to 24 (22.5) [mu] and sporocysts 14 to 18 (16.3) by 7 to 9 (8.5) [mu]; (4) E. perminuta Henry, 1931 with oocysts 12 to 15 (13.3) by 10 to 13 (11.7)[mu] and sporocysts 6 to 8 (6.9) by 4 to 6 (5.0) [mu]; (5) E. spinosa Henry, 1931 with oocysts 16 to 23 (19.5) by 12 to 17 (13.3)[mu] and sporocysts 10 to 14 (11.3) by 5 to 7 (6.3) [mu]; (6)E. neodebliecki sp. n. with oocysts 17 to 26 (21.2) by 13 to 20 (15.8) [mu] and sporocysts 12 to 14 (12.9) by 5 to 7 (6.3) [mu]; (7) E. porci sp. n. with oocysts 18 to 27 (21.6) by 13 to 18 (15.5) [mu] and sporocysts 8 to 12 (9.9) by 6 to 8 (7.9) [mu]; (8) E. cerdonis sp. n. with oocysts 26 to 32 (28.9) by 20 to 23 (21.3) [mu] and sporocysts 15 to 18 (16.9) by 7 to 9 (7.9) [mu]; and (9) I. suis Biester, 1934 with oocysts 17 to 22 (19.5) by 17 to 19 (17.3)[mu] and sporocysts 11 to 14 (13.0) by 8 to 11 (9.3) [mu]. These nine species are described and illustrated. I. almataensis Paichuk, 1953 and Merocystis sp. were not found.

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