Section 25
Chapter 24,349

Cohesion of loose sands and sand bases in sand pits near the railway station Straznice-Privoz

Slavonovsky, F.

Spisy Prirodoved Fak Univ J E Purkyne Brne 477: 341-353


Accession: 024348771

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The study deals with psammophytes and with their effect on the cohesion of sand in sand pits. Cohesion was determined by a Czech modification of the Kacinsky apparatus. It was found that cohesion against compression in sand bases was 7 times that of the cohesion of loose sand. In a sand pit which was not worked for 3 years, the cohesion difference was only 3-fold. The comparision throws light on the cohesive activity of psammophytic plants. Tables of psammophytic plants identified in various sand formations and in dunes indicating their distribution density are presented.

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