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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 24355

Chapter 24355 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Shevchenko, I.T.; Rodzaevskii, A.P.; Pasechnik, P.L.; Shaposhnikov, V.I., 1966:
Combined diagnosis of esophageal carcinoma

Scheibel, I.; Bojlen, K., 1948:
Combined diphtheria and tetanus immunization

Jones, F.G.; Moss, J.M., 1939:
Combined diphtheria toxoid and tetanus toxoid, alum precipitated

Calalb, G.; Poenaru, E.; Stanica, E.; Saragea, A.; Kranzdorf, H.; Maximesco, P.; Esrig, M.; Stoian, C., 1958:
Combined diphtheria-tetanus toxoid. I

Tkachuk, V.N.; Volovich, L.Y.; Sklyarchik, A.K., 1967:
Combined disease with tuberculosis of the reproductive and urinary systems in women

Kalashnikov, K., 1962:
Combined disinfectant preparations for corn seed

Utkin, V.V.; Okhrimenko, N.N.; Bakhur, V.T., 1968:
Combined disorders of the coronary and cerebral circulation

Lambert, J., 1947:
Combined displacement of the P-R and R-T segments of the electrocardiogram

Black, Ralph, J., 1962:
Combined disposal of sewage sludge and refuse

Esposito, F.; Mulert, C.; Goebel, R., 2009:
Combined distributed source and single-trial EEG-fMRI modeling: application to effortful decision making processes

Chalmers, Thomas, C., 1960:
Combined diuretic and steroid therapy in cirrhosis with ascites In New diuretics and antihypertensive agents

Seller, Robert, H., 1965:
Combined diuretic regimens

Bressler, R., 1968:
Combined drug therapy

Lingl, F.A., 1964:
Combined Drug Therapy Compared With Electric Shock In Psychotic Depressions

Boeszoermenyi, M.; Fauszt, I.; Kanitz, E.; Schweiger, O., 1963:
Combined Drug Therapy Of Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Dorfman, Wilfred, 1963:
Combined drug treatment

Cohn, M.L.; Middlebrook, G.; Russell, W.F., 1959:
Combined drug treatment of tuberculosis. I. Prevention of emergence of mutant populations of tubercle bacilli resistant to both streptomycin and isoniazid in vitro

Mandel, W.; Heaton, A.D.; Russell, W.F.; Middlebrook, G., 1959:
Combined drug treatment of tuberculosis. II. Studies of antimicrobially-active isoniazid and streptomycin serum levels in adult tuberculous patients

Heaton, A.D.; Russell, W.F.; Denst, J.; Middlebrook, G., 1959:
Combined drug treatment of tuberculosis. IV. Bacteriologic studies on the sputum and resected pulmonary lesions of tuberculous patients

Russell, W.F.; Kass, I.; Heaton, A.D.; Dressler, S.H.; Middlebrook, G., 1959:
Combined drug treatment of tuberculosis. III. Clinical application of the principles of appropriate and adequate chemotherapy to the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis

Kano, E., 1968:
Combined effect in the radiologic and immunologic treatment of a neopl malignant homo graft mouse neopl ehrlich ascites cell

Mathur, I.S.; Gupta, S.K., 1963:
Combined effect of 2-p-chloroanalino-5-p-chloro-phenyl-3,5-dihydro-3-isopropyliminophenazine with p-ethylamino-p'-aminodiphenyl sulfone or p,p -diaminodiphenyl sulfone-N,N'-didextrose sulfonate in experimental tuberculosis in mice

Nadtoka, V.L., 1965:
Combined effect of 6-azaurldine-riboside neocid in an experiment Antibiotics

Kimbrough, R.D.; Gaines, T.B.; Hayes, W.J., 1968:
Combined effect of DDT, pyrethrum, and piperonyl butoxide on rat liver

Lakoza, G.N., 1966:
Combined effect of Lanatoside C and aminophylline

Kalina, V.K., 1967:
Combined effect of X-rays and a VHF electromagnetic field on the organism

Livshits, N.N.; Meizerov, E.S.; Zakirova, R.M.; Tikhaya, V.A., 1967:
Combined effect of accelerations and ionizing radiation on the conditional reflexes of rats

Grechishkin, L.L., 1966:
Combined effect of acetylcholine and histamine on the pepsin production in the stomach

Rokseth, R.; Lorentzen, F.V., 1954:
Combined effect of alcohol and hypoxia on flicker fusion frequency

S.F.M.xis; E.C.ouliara; M.G.K.ntominas, 2009:
Combined effect of an O2 absorber and oregano essential oil on shelf-life extension of Greek cod roe paste tarama salad stored at 4 °C

Naumenko, I.M.; Frolov, A.F., 1968:
Combined effect of an electric welding aerosol and influenza virus on lung tissue

Stone, M.J.; Wissler, R.W., 1961:
Combined effect of anti-Ehrlich ascites tumor antibody and Egypt 101 virus on the growth of the solid form of the Ehrlich ascites tumor

Salakaya, R.G., 1967:
Combined effect of antibacterial preparations and pentoxyl in the treatment of an experimentally-induced infection in white mice caused by a drug resistant urostrain of Escherichia coli

Finn, G.R., 1968:
Combined effect of antibiotics on sensitive and resistant typhoid fever bacteria

Togawa, Satoru, 1951:
Combined effect of antibiotics on staphylococcus

Leiby, George, M., 1933:
Combined effect of antuitrin S and theelin on weights of pituitary, adrenal and thyroid in the normal rat

Lang, H.; Hennrich, N., 1967:
Combined effect of bromelin and pancreatic enzymes in substitution therapy 23rd Convention of the German Society for Diseases of Digestion and Metabolism, Vienna, Austria., 23-25 September, 1965

Liihkachev, A.Y., 1968:
Combined effect of carcinogenic agents rat dog mouse guinea pig methyl cholanthrene di methylamino azo benzene di methylamino stilbene benzpyrene ortho amino iso toluene di methyl benz anthracene acetylamino fluorene carcino

Ishidate, M., 1964:
Combined Effect Of Carcinogens And Co-Carcinogens On Metabolic Process

Pevzner, I.Ya, 1968:
Combined effect of catecholamines and hydrocortisone on the coronary blood flow and myocardial oxygen exchange f Engl sum

Tregubenko, I.P.; Semenov, D.L., 1966:
Combined effect of chelating agents and diuretics on the behavior of emitters in the organism

Meisel', M.N., 1933:
Combined effect of coal-tar and ultra-violet rays on the yeast development.

Janda, W.E.; Fried, W.; Gurney, C.W., 1965:
Combined effect of cobalt and testosterone on erythropoiesis

Gupta, S.K.; Mathur, I.S., 1964:
Combined effect of d-2,2 - -di-l-butanol with other tuberculostatic agents against different strains of mycobacteria

Arieli, R.; Boaron, E.; Abramovich, A., 2009:
Combined effect of denucleation and denitrogenation on the risk of decompression sickness in rats

Bukhonova, A.I., 1967:
Combined effect of deoxycorticosterone-acetate and hydrocortisone on skin regeneration following injury

Apanasenko, Z.I., 1967:
Combined effect of double exposure to vibration and chronic irradiation on the functional state of the vestibular apparatus guinea pig leukocyte peripheral blood inst electro myograph space flight

Imshenetski, A.A.; A.A., 1932:
Combined effect of dyes and X-rays on yeast

Anonymous, 2009:
Combined effect of environmental pollutants nickel, chlorpyrifos and temperature on the ground beetle, pterostichus ob

Tsyrlina, E.V., 1966:
Combined effect of extract from eleutherococcus senticosus roots and thiotepa on metastasizing tendencies of ssc tumor in rats

Ebenezer, L.; Sadasivan, G.S., 1968:
Combined effect of formalin and carbolic acid on chromosomes

Ivanov, V.I., 1968:
Combined effect of gamma irradiation and heat shocks on arabidopsis thaliana d seeds

Janke, A.; Kraus, H., 1953:
Combined effect of heavy metal compounds and surface active substances of fungi

Grosman, I.S.; Koz'minykh, E.M., 1966:
Combined effect of hydrocortisone and some water-soluble vitamins on the barrier function of the focus of inflammation

Popov, A.S., 1966:
Combined effect of hydrogen peroxide amino acids on paramecia

Popov, A.S., 1965:
Combined effect of hydrogen peroxide and nucleic compounds on Infusoria

Casazza, A.M.; Gaetani, M.; Ghione, M.; Turolla, E., 1965:
Combined effect of influenza virus infection and urethan treatment on the incidence of lung tumors in mice

Romanenko, E.A.; Nivinskaya, M.M.; Avdeeva, I.A.; Mazaeva, V.G.; Sedakova, L.A., 1968:
Combined effect of inst x rays and anti neoplastic antibiotics chrysomallin anti neoplastic and olivomycin anti neoplastic on neopl transplantable tumors of animals mouse rat

Schildt, B.; Karlsson, K.A.; Thal, E., 1968:
Combined effect of ionizing radiation and bacterial toxin in mice

Zolotukhin, A.N., 1968:
Combined effect of low concentration of carbon mon oxide and hypoxia on the visual analyzer flight crew purkinje phenomenon

Vlasyuk, P.A.; Klimovitskaya, Z.M., 1958:
Combined effect of micronutrient elements on the metabolic processes in sugar beets

Ratner, E.I.; Akimochkina, T.A., 1964:
Combined effect of molydenum and some B group vitamins on the productivity of symbiotic nitrogen fixation in the soybean Bibliography includes 32 references

Sharoubeem, H.H.; Naim, M.S.; Habib, A.A., 1967:
Combined effect of nitrogen supply and Fusarium infection on the chemical composition of cotton plants

Durnev, V.I., 1968:
Combined effect of norepinephrine and atp on the course of hemorrhagic shock in dogs

Katakami, N.; Sakamoto, K.; Kaneto, H.; Matsuhisa, M.; Shimizu, I.; Ishibashi, F.; Osonoi, T.; Kashiwagi, A.; Kawamori, R.; Hori, M.; Yamasaki, Y., 2009:
Combined effect of oxidative stress-related gene polymorphisms on atherosclerosis

E.B.rolossy, A.W.; Buttle, G.A.H., 1950:
Combined effect of penicillin and of sulphonamides in infections with Gram-negative organisms

Glebova, S.N., 1966:
Combined effect of penicillin and tetracycline on postvaccinal immunity against typhoid fever under experimental conditions Abstract only

Chukichev, E.M., 1966:
Combined effect of penicillin, levomycetin, and some water-soluble vitamins on aseptic inflammation and phagocytosis

Kharlampovich, S.I.; Podsosov, S.P., 1966:
Combined effect of plasticized resin and gamma-irradiation from cobalt-60 on carcinogenesis

Gupta, S.K.; Mathur, I.S., 1963:
Combined effect of purified protein derivative or killed-tubercle bacilli with subeffective dosages of isoniazid and dihydrostreptomycin sulfate in experimental tuberculosis of vaccinated guinea-pigs

Ubaidullaev, R., 1967:
Combined effect of small concentrations of furfurol, methanol and hydrolysis ethanol in an experiment

Rouissi, K.; Ouerhani, S.; Marrakchi, R.; Ben Slama, M.R.; Sfaxi, M.; Ayed, M.; Chebil, M.; E.G.aied, A.Benammar., 2009:
Combined effect of smoking and inherited polymorphisms in arylamine N-acetyltransferase 2, glutathione S-transferases M1 and T1 on bladder cancer in a Tunisian population

Eisen, M.J., 1964:
Combined Effect of Sodium Warfarin and Phenylbutazone

Gertsuskii, D.F.; Petrovnin, M.G.; Alekseenko, L.V., 1968:
Combined effect of space flight factors in the earth satellite cosmos 110 on plants lettuce d

Frank, G.M.; Livshits, N.N.; Arsen'eva, M.A.; Apanasenko, Z.I.; Belyaeva, L.A.; Golovkina, A.V.; Klmovitskii, V.Y.; Kuznetsova, M.A.; Luk'yanova, L.D.; Meyzerov, E.S., 1966:
Combined effect of space flight factors upon some functions of the biological organism

Black, E.C.; Bosomworth, N.J.; Docherty, G.K., 1966:
Combined effect of starvation and severe exercise on glycogen metabolism of rainbow trout, Salmo gairdneri

Aivazyan, S.A.; Babayan, V.O., 1968:
Combined effect of streptomycin and radiation on the green shoots of wheat m

Szeberenyi, S.; Fekete, G., 1964:
Combined effect of stress and prednisolone on adrenocortical steroidogenesis in the rat

Yaremenko, K.V.; Moskalik, K.G., 1967:
Combined effect of stress effects and Eleutherococcus extract on inoculation of tumor cells administered intravenously

Moskalev, Y.L.; Buldakov, L.A.; Koshurnikova, N.A.; Nifatov, A.P.; Reshetov, G.N., 1965:
Combined effect of strontium-90, cerium-144, and plutonium-239 on the rat organism

Lovdal, A.; Arno, A.; Schei, O.; Waerhaug, J., 1961:
Combined effect of subgingival scaling and controlled oral hygiene on the incidence of gingivitis

Fang, H.S.; Northup, D.W.; Va.L.Ere, E.J., 1953:
Combined effect of tetraethylammonium chloride and hypoxia on intestinal motility in rats

Petrov, I.R.; Yarokhno, N.Y., 1967:
Combined effect of the ultra high frequency of electromagnetic waves and of the inhaling of gaseous mixtures with a high oxygen content on animals human

Shakhbasyan, G.K.; Savitskii, I.V., 1963:
Combined effect of thiol poisons and high ambient temperature on the organism

Braginskaya, L.L.; Polyanskii, V.A., 1968 :
Combined effect of toxic substances and physical loads on the working capacity and energy processes in the muscles and liver of white mice

Zhak, S.P., 1967:
Combined effect of toxins from Clostridium perfringens, Clostridium oedematiens and Clostridium septicum in experiments conducted in vitro and in vivo

Roskin, G.; Levinson, L.B., 1930:
Combined effect of ultraviolet and salvarsan on Spirochaeta duttoni

Hutchings, L.M., 1948:
Combined effect of ultraviolet light and heat upon first cleavage of Arbacia eggs

Gol'dat, S.Y.; Sokolova, R.V., 1964:
Combined effect of ultraviolet light and ultrasonic oscillation on Actinomyces aureofaciens spores

Fogh, B., 1957:
Combined effect of vaccination and chemotherapy in mice

Mazurenko, N.P.; Lemberg, A.A., 1957:
Combined effect of vaccinia virus and X-rays on the transplantability of mouse ascites tumour

Lisunkin, Y.I., 1965:
Combined effect of vanadium and some phenylacetic acid derivatives on the acetylating ability of the liver in rats

Livshits, N.N.; Meyzerov, Y.S., 1967:
Combined effect of vibration and ionizing radiations on the conditioned reflexes of rats noise space flight

Sokurova, Y.N.; Meysel, M.N., 1957:
Combined effect on ultraviolet and X-rays on Bac anthracoides spores

Kumari, R.; Singh, S.; Agrawal, S.B., 2009:
Combined effects of Psoralens and ultraviolet-B on growth, pigmentation and biochemical parameters of Abelmoschus esculentus L

Fleischmann, W.; Nimaroff, M., 1954:
Combined effects of x-irradiation and testosterone propionate on accessory sex organs

Forney, R.B.; Hughes, F.W., 1968:
Combined effects of alcohol and other drugs

Friedman, S.M.; Gustafson, B.; Hamilton, D., 1966:
Combined effects of aldosterone, vasopressin, and corticosterone on salt and water distribution in the neurohypohysectomized adrenalectomized rat

Lamela, M., 1965:
Combined effects of antiarrhythmic drugs on the experimentally induced fibrillation of isolated rat's atria

Green, J.P.; Giarman, N.J.; Salter, W.T., 1952:
Combined effects of calcium and potassium on contractility and excitability of the mammalian myocardium

Kim, J-W.; Brown, G.E.; Dolinsek, I.J.; Brodeur, N.N.; Leduc, A.O.H.C.; Grant, J.W.A., 2010:
Combined effects of chemical and visual information in eliciting antipredator behaviour in juvenile Atlantic salmon Salmo salar

Duran-Reynals, M.L., 1963:
Combined Effects Of Chemical Carcinogenic Agents And Viruses

Anderson, T.A.; Geber, W.F., 1965:
Combined effects of chronic audio-visual stress and thiouracil administration on the cholesterol-fed rat

Labussiere, J., 1966:
Combined effects of different parameters of function of the milking machine

Danechmand, L.; Casier, H.; Hebbelinck, M.; D.S.haepdryver, A., 1967:
Combined effects of ethanol and psychotropic drugs on muscular tone in mice

Gama-Flores, Jé.Luis.; Sarma, S.S.S.; Nandini, S., 2009:
Combined effects of exposure time and copper toxicity on the demography of Moina macrocopa (Crustacea: Cladocera)

Mcmichael, Scott, C., 1960:
Combined effects of glandless genes gl2 and gl3 on pig-ment glands in the cotton plant

Sun-Young Lee; Dong-Hyun Kang, 2009:
Combined effects of heat, acetic acid, and salt for inactivating Escherichia coli O157H7 in laboratory media

Harvey, S.C., 1958:
Combined effects of hexamethonium and tetraethylammonium

Relkin, R., 1968:
Combined effects of hypothalamic lesioning and light in the advancement of puberty

Guiheneuf, F. {a}; 1 ; Mimouni, V.; Ulmann, L.; Tremblin, G.; 1 Email: virginie.mimouni@univ-lemans.fr, 2009:
Combined effects of irradiance level and carbon source on fatty acid and lipid class composition in the microalga Pavlova lutheri commonly used in mariculture

Duran-Reynals, M.L., 1963:
Combined Effects Of Methylcholanthrene And Vaccinia Virus In Cortisone-Treated And Untreated Mice

D.O.A.J.C.; Jimene.D.Az.C.; Grande.F., 1952:
Combined effects of nephrectomy and small doses of alloxan in the production of experimental diabetes

Brust, M., 1965:
Combined Effects Of Nitrate And Caffeine On Contractions Of Skeletal Muscles

Allende, L. {a}; 1 ; 1 Email: lallende@ege.fcen.uba.ar, 2009:
Combined effects of nutrients and grazers on bacterioplankton and phytoplankton abundance in an Antarctic lake with even food-chain links

Friedman, S.M.; Sreter, F.A.; Nakashima, M.; Friedman, C.L., 1962:
Combined effects of pitressin and aldosterone on adrenal and neurohypophyseal deficiency

Braune, Wolfram, 1963:
Combined effects of potassium permanganate and p-benzoquinone on the conidla of Fusarium decemcellulare

Namiki, M.; Okazawa, Y.; Matsuyama, A., 1961:
Combined effects of radiation and inorganic reagents during irradiation on radiosensitivity of bacterial cells

Edwards, B.F., 1963:
Combined effects of supragravitational forces and irradiation on the growth of cells in tissue culture

Stutzman, W.J., 1967:
Combined effects of temperature and immunosuppressive drug therapy on allograft rejection in goldfish

Davis, H.C.; Calabrese, A., 1964:
Combined effects of temperature and salinity on development of eggs and growth of larvae of M. mercenaria and C. virginica

Chang, K-Lung.; Cheng, H-Ling.; Huang, L-Wen.; Hsieh, B-Shan.; Hu, Y-Chen.; Chih, T-Tung.; Shyu, H-Wen.; Su, S-Jem., 2009:
Combined effects of terazosin and genistein on a metastatic, hormone-independent human prostate cancer cell line

Rao, N.S.; R.A., 1964 :
Combined effects of thermal neutrons and diethyl sulphate on mutation frequency and spectrum in rice

Alpen, E.L.; Alexander, J.A.; Davis, A.K., 1954:
Combined effects of total body x-irradiation and radiant energy thermal burns on the osmotic and mechanical fragility of the erythrocyte

Davis, N.S.; Silverman, G.J.; Keller, W.H., 1963:
Combined effects of ultrahigh vacuum and temperature on the viability of some spores and soil organisms

Grundig, Julius, 1928:
Combined effects of veratrin and curare on the striated muscle of the frog

M J Walsh, N.Maguire, S.B Powl, S., 2009:
Combined effects of wheat competition and 2,4-D amine on phenoxy herbicide resistant Raphanus raphanistrum populations

Allusisi, E.A.; Chiles, W.D.an; Hall, T.J., 1964:
Combined effects of__ sleep loss and demanding work-rest scheduled on crew performance

Bartlett, W.M.; Carter, J.B.iley, 1943:
Combined electrocardiography, stethography and cardioscopy in the early diagnosis of heart disease

Bartlett, W.M.; Carter, J.B.iley, 1941:
Combined electrocardiography, stethography and cardioscopy in the selection of pilots

Sweel, A., 1956:
Combined electroconvulsive-electrostimulatory therapy and therapeutic shifting of affect

Francois, J.; Derouck, A., 1966:
Combined electroretino-encephalography in macular disease

Noble, J.E.; Fielding, P., 1965:
Combined enteric and cholera vaccination by the intradermal route

Melville, K.I., 1932:
Combined ephedrine-pituitary extract therapy in histamine shock

Morris, J.A.; Wisseman, C.L.; Aulisio, C.G.; Jackson, E.B.; Smadel, J.E., 1967:
Combined epidemic typhus and Q-fever vaccine: adjuvant effect of Coxiella burneti

Anastassiadis, P.A., 1960:
Combined estimates in colorimetric determinations with high variability

Pincus, Gregory, 1966:
Combined estrogen-progestin therapy in contraception

Kennedy, B.J.; Brown, J.H., 1965:
Combined Estrogenic And Androgenic Hormone Therapy In Advanced Breast Cancer

Krivoruchko, B.I.; Pukhov, V.A., 1968:
Combined ethymisol and sodium barbital effect on the course of cerebral anemia in albino rats

Hutman, L.B., 1965:
Combined evaluation of phonoelectrocardiograms of fetuses in utero

Schmidt, H.A.; Goebell, G.; Bode, C.; Martini, G.A., 1968:
Combined examinations of the gastric and pancreatic secretion in liver cirrhosis

Saltykov, R.A.; Zemskov, E.M., 1960:
Combined experimental immunization with live and chemical vaccines - Combined vaccination with adsorbed anaerobic toxoids and live plague or tularaemia vaccine

Kupchik, B.M., 1967:
Combined experimental treatment of parotid gland tumors

Nutter, J.E.; Eigelsbach, H.T., 1961:
Combined exposure of the guinea pig to sublethal X-irradiation and Pasteurella tularensis strains of reduced virulence

Rajama, J.; Makela, P., 1967:
Combined extraction and paper chromatographv of food preservatives

Furmanski, O.; Gajavelli, S.; Lee, J.Woon.; Collado, M.E.; Jergova, S.; Sagen, J., 2009:
Combined extrinsic and intrinsic manipulations exert complementary neuronal enrichment in embryonic rat neural precursor cultures: an in vitro and in vivo analysis

Szapiro, M.; Dzialek, E., 1961:
Combined facilitation of extension responses

Reussi, C.; Altman, R.; Rouvier, J.; Maino, R., 1966:
Combined factor VIII and IX inhibitors in a girl

Semedo, J.L., 1967:
Combined faculty of self fertile lines of maize m from the center for plant improvement

Oliver, W.J.; Collins, W.R., 1960:
Combined familial proteinuria and hyper-cholesteremla

Johan, B.; Szabo, A.; Keresztessy, E., 1959:
Combined fermentation Trichothecium-Penicillium fermentation

Thomas, E.W.; Wexler, G., 1944:
Combined fever and arsenotherapy in the intensive treatment of early syphilis

Van, D.L.o, J.; Rosenkranz, K.A.; Drews, A.; Fritze, E., 1963:
Combined fibrinolytic: Anticoagulant treatment of myocardial infarction

Zirkle, Conway, 1940:
Combined fixing, staining and mounting media

Gross, F., 1948:
Combined fluid and sodium chloride administration in normal and adrenalectomized dogs

Chen, Y-Min.; Guo, L-Hong., 2009:
Combined fluorescence and electrochemical investigation on the binding interaction between organic acid and human serum albumin

Konyukhova, O.N., 1966:
Combined fluothane and nitrogen oxide anesthesia in electrosurgical operations of tumor patients

Jorda, P., 1968:
Combined forms of charcot marie tooth disease abstract human neurology hereditary

Onopko, B.N.; Lyubomudrov, V.I.; Aleksanova, A.M.; Basamygina, L.Y.; Lomova, A.A.; Ovcharenko, N.V.; Titova, A.N., 1965:
Combined forms of pneumo-coniosis and vibration disease

Thomlinson, Brian, C., 1942:
Combined frozen and paraffin method for rapid sections

Lemesheva, L.M., 1968:
Combined functional load tests low partial pressure of oxygen and dosage muscular tension as a technique for the early diagnosis of latent coronary insufficiency in soviet aviators

Muskatblit, E., 1941:
Combined fungous infections. Report of six cases with a review of thirty-six cases from the literature

Abrahamsen, A.M.; Humerfelt, S.; Sigstad, H., 1963:
Combined guanethidine and hvdrochlorothiazide therapy in hypertension

Fischer, C.C.; Muller, H., 1955:
Combined health unit and 40-bed hospital

Wickner, Ira, 1945:
Combined helium and epinephrine therapy

Galbiati, F.; Givogri, M.I.; Cantuti, L.; Rosas, A.Lopez.; Cao, H.; van Breemen, R.; Bongarzone, E.R., 2009:
Combined hematopoietic and lentiviral gene-transfer therapies in newborn Twitcher mice reveal contemporaneous neurodegeneration and demyelination in Krabbe disease

Yakymenko, T.M.; Kobzyeva, M.H., 1965:
Combined hemolytic effect of hemotoxins from Proteus and some enteric microflora species

Robertson, J.H.; Trueman, R.G., 1964:
Combined hemophilia and Chirstmas disease

Hill, J.M.; Speer, R.J., 1955:
Combined hemophilia and PTC deficiency

Katz, L.N.; Elek, S.R., 1944:
Combined heparin and chemotherapy in subacute bacterial endocarditis

Glueck, H.I.; Strauss, V.; Pearson, J.S.; Meguire, J., 1948:
Combined heparin-dieumarol of myocardial infarction. A clinical and pathological study

Anonymous, 2009:
Combined high pressure-mild temperature processing for optimal retention of physical and nutritional quality of strawberries Fragaria — ananassa

Dougherty, William John, 1965:
Combined histochemical and electron microscopic studies of dividing cells of regenerating rat liver, with special reference to lysosomes

Ritter, H.B.; Oleson, J.J., 1950:
Combined histochemical staining of acid polysaccharides and 1,2 glycol groupings in paraffin sections of rat tissues

Sammour, M.B.; Iskander, S.G.; Rifai, S.F., 1967:
Combined histologic and cytologic study of inst intra uterine contraception

Roizin, L.; Forrest, I.; Forrest, F., 1963:
Combined histopathologic and biochemical studies following long term chlorpromazine therapy

Paullada, J.J.; L.Boris Rubio; Montano, G.; Perches, R.D.az; Castaneda, E.; Munguia, H.; Durazo, F., 1962:
Combined hormonal and irradiation therapy in advanced cancer of the uterine cervix

Leonov, P.M., 1965:
Combined hormonal and radiation treatment of patients with an inoperable cancer of the mammary gland

Hollister, L.E., 1955:
Combined hydrogenated alkaloids of ergot in mental and nervous disorders associated with old age

Paramsothy, P.; Knopp, R.; Bertoni, A.G.; Tsai, M.Y.; Rue, T.; Heckbert, S.R., 2009:
Combined hyperlipidemia in relation to race/ethnicity, obesity, and insulin resistance in the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis

Cohen, A.A.; Lawrence, S.H., 1957:
Combined hypersensitivity reaction to sodium para-aminosalicylate and associated antibacterial drug concurrently administered

D.Pádua, F., 1966:
Combined hypertrophy

Wins, M.H.; Levy, E.; Kaplan, I., 1968:
Combined hypo thermia and hypo tension in primary excision of massive cavernous hem angiomata of the head and neck

Singleton, E.B., 1968:
Combined immune deficiency disease its inst radiographic expression human

Gubina, E.A., 1957:
Combined immunization against brucellosis and tularaemia

Hamilton, P.M.; Knouf, E.G., 1944:
Combined immunization against diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis

Winter, P.A.; Mason, J.H.; Kuhr, E.; Schaafsma, A.W.; Robinson, M.; Saayman, L.R.; Spence, R.G., 1963:
Combined immunization against poliomyelitis, diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus and smallpox

Otten, L.; Hennemann, I.P., 1939:
Combined immunization against tetanus

Pontecorvo, M.; Soprano, D., 1957:
Combined immunization against typhoid, paratyphoid and tetanus

Vorob'yev, A.A.; Bron, L.B., 1957:
Combined immunization with a purified adsorbed tetanus toxoid and a tetravaccine

Klets, E.I.; Kolesnik, R.S.; Potapova, E.P.; Vyborov, G.P.; Shvets, K.L., 1958:
Combined immunization with live vaccines

Maclean, Jan; Holt, H.; Holt, L.B., 1940:
Combined immunization with tetanus toxoid and T. A. B

Powell, H.M.; Jamieson, W.A., 1939:
Combined immuno and chemotherapy of pnemococcus rat infections

Calne, R.Y.; Wheeler, J.R.; Hurn, B.A.L., 1965:
Combined immuno-suppressive action of phytohaemagglutinin and azathioprine on dogs with renal homotransplants

Simmons, Richard, L., 1968:
Combined immunosuppresion for canine renal allograft prolongation Anti-lymphocyte serum plus prednisolone or azathioprine

Trapani, R.J.; Tignor, G.; Kline, I., 1964:
Combined in vitro cytotoxicity studies of cancer chemotherapeutic compounds

Brydak, L.; Bagdasarian, G., 1967:
Combined induction of penicillinase in Bacillus cereus by means of various inducers. II. Simultaneous action of various penicillin derivatives on extracellular penicillinase formation in B. cereus

Bagdasarian, G.; Brydak, L., 1967:
Combined induction of penicillinase in Bacillus cereus by means of various inducers. I. Relative ability of various penicillin derivatives to induce extracellular penicillinase in B. cereus

Olson, O.O.; Van Heuvelen, W.; Vennes, J.W., 1968:
Combined industrial and domestic waste treatment in waste stabilization lagoons

Benkwitz, K.B.; Hunter, W.C., 1937:
Combined infantile and adult coarctation of aorta with coincident occlusion of vena cava superior

Tokar', R.G., 1965 :
Combined infection of chick embryos with the influenza virus and staphylococcus

Francis, T.; D.T.rregrosa, M.V., 1945:
Combined infection of mice with H influenzae and influenza virus by the intranasal route

Hofmann, W., 1953:
Combined infections causing sterility in cattle

Gerone, P.J.; Ward, T.G.; Chappell, W.A., 1957:
Combined infections in mice with influenza virus and Diplococcus pneumoniae

Wunder, C.C.; Herrin, W.F.; Crawford, C.R., 1959:
Combined influence of gravity and temperature upon growth of fruit fly larvae

Koffler, H.; Johnson, F.H.; Wilson, P.W., 1947:
Combined influence of temperature and urethane on the respiration of Rhizobium

Zirkle, Raymond, E., 1941:
Combined influence of x-ray intensity and intracellular acidity on radiosensitivity

Liachko, N.; Davidowitz, R.; Lee, S.Sylvia., 2009:
Combined informatic and expression screen identifies the novel DAF-16 target HLH-13

Fisher, B.; Zuckerman, G.H.; Douglass, R.C., 1954:
Combined inheritance of purpura simplex and ptosis in four generations of one family

Muranyi, A.L.; Dedhar, S.; Hogge, D.E., 2009:
Combined inhibition of integrin linked kinase and FMS-like tyrosine kinase 3 is cytotoxic to acute myeloid leukemia progenitor cells

Lavrov, S.V.; Eremkina, E.I.; Orlova, T.G.; Galegov, G.A.; Soloviev, V.D.; Zhdanov, V.M., 1968:
Combined inhibition of the influenza virus reproduction in f chick embryo cell culture using interferon and amantadine

Stone, M.J.; Dzoga, K.; Wissler, R.W., 1962:
Combined inhibitory effect of antitumor antibody and an oncolytic virus on the solid Ehrlich tumor

Gordon, Scannell, J., 1947:
Combined injection and dissection studies to demonstrate variations of the bronchopulmonary segments of the upper lobe

Genxing Pan; Ping Zhou; Zhipeng Li; Pete Smith; Lianqing Li; Duosheng Qiu; Xuhui Zhang; Xiaobo Xu; Shengyuan Shen; Xuemin Chen, 2009:
Combined inorganic/organic fertilization enhances N efficiency and increases rice productivity through organic carbon accumulation in a rice paddy from the Tai Lake region, China

Howe, Burton, 1964:
Combined inotropic effects of quindonium bromide and ouabain

Lund, F.; Hellstrom, L.; Frisch, P., 1968:
Combined inst arteriography and regional thrombolytic therapy enz protease i hematol aspergillin hematol aspergillus oryzae human

Hohling, H.J.; Hall, T.A.; Boyde, A.; Von Rosenstiel, A., 1968:
Combined inst electron probe and inst electron diffraction analysis of prestages and early stages of dentine formation in rat incisors abstract inst electron microscopy measurement of calcium phosphorus sulfur weight fraction

Alekseev, A.E., 1959:
Combined instrument for thermal and pain stimulation

Horowitz, W.A.; Kalinow Sky, L.B., 1947:
Combined insulin coma and electric convulsive therapy in schizophrenia

Fabrykant, M.; Ashe, B.I., 1959 :
Combined insulin-tolbutamide therapy in the management of insulin-dependent diabetes

E.Dieb, A.A., 1963:
Combined intra and perivesical pneumocystography in investigation of lower urinary tract lesions

Hulka, J.F.; Bisel, H.F., 1965:
Combined Intra-Arterial Chemotherapy and Radiation Treatment for Advanced Cervical Carcinoma. the Mccall Technique and Results

Novak, E., 1926:
Combined intra-uterine and extra-uterine pregnancy. With a report of two hundred seventy-six cases, including two new cases observed by the author

Burkhart, K.P.; Mule, J.G.; Begneaud, W.; Kohen, J., 1963:
Combined intrauterine and extrauterine gestations progressing to viability

Mulla, N.; Johns, W.C., 1958:
Combined intrauterine and ovarian pregnancy

Yonemoto, R.H.; Byron, R.Ljr; Jacobs, M.L., 1967:
Combined irradiation intra arterial chemo therapy and surgery for the treatment of neopl sarcomas of the extremities human

Vinichuk, S.M., 1968:
Combined isobarin cardio vasc and hypothiazide cardio vasc treatment of patients with hypertension human octactin cardio vasc

Rubio de la Torre, E.; Luzón-Toro, B.; Forte-Lago, I.; Minguez-Castellanos, A.; Ferrer, I.; Hilfiker, S., 2008:
Combined kinase inhibition modulates parkin inactivation

Fabricius, Bryan, 1949:
Combined kymographic and electrocardiographic studies of the duration of the presphygmic period

Galford, J.R.; Peacock, J.W., 1968:
Combined laboratory and greenhouse techniques for year round rearing of the minosa webworm homadaula anisocentra gleditsia triacanthos

Nesis, A.I.; Merkulova, N.F., 1964:
Combined large-frame fluorog-raphy for revealing the X-ray symptoms of silicosis and antraco-silicosis The control of silicosis

Zaslavski, L.I., 1967:
Combined lesion of the urinary bladder caused by carcinoma and urolithiasis

Savitsky, J.P., 1960:
Combined lethal effect of desoxyribonucleic acid injection and cholesterol feeding

Mateer, J.G.; Baltz, F.W.H.rtman J.I.; Fallis, L.D.; Mcgraw, A.B.; Steele, H.H., 1948:
Combined liver biopsy and and liver function study in 132 cases of cholelithiasis and 31 cases of peptic ulcer

Allen, R.A.; Lisa, J.R., 1949:
Combined liver cell and bile duct carcinoma

Semenenko, Y.F.; Vashantsev, A.A.; Popov, N.G., 1968:
Combined local anesthesia in operation on the maxillo facial area

Zubzhitskii, Y.N.; Barskii, I.Y., 1960:
Combined luminescent-phase contrast microscopy

McCann, C.M.; Waterman, P.; Figueiredo, J-Luiz.; Aikawa, E.; Weissleder, R.; Chen, J.W., 2009:
Combined magnetic resonance and fluorescence imaging of the living mouse brain reveals glioma response to chemotherapy

Schlesinger, F.G.; Schwarz, F.; Der Kinderen, P.J.; Parren, H.G.; Verbiest, H., 1964:
Combined Malignant Exophthalmos of Graves' Disease and Diabetic Retinopathy, Treated by Hypophyseal Stalk Section

Beversluis, J.R., 1940:
Combined management of small private woods and forests by experts

Boldyrev, M.I., 1963:
Combined measures for controlling the currant stalk gall midge

Morgan, A.D.; Loughridge, L.W.; Calne, R.Y., 1966:
Combined mediastinal and retroperitoneal fibrosis

Mazel, M.S., 1958:
Combined medical and surgical management of coronary heart disease

Tietzen, A., 1964:
Combined medical treatment in depressive conditions in private practice

Vassiliadis, P.; Politi, G., 1968:
Combined medium for the detection of enz urease production and l phenyl alanine deamination bacteria

American Phytopathologal Society, 1965:
Combined meetings of the 4th Annual Meeting of the Caribbean Division of the American Phytopathological Society and the Sociedad Mexicana de Fitopatologia , Mexico City, 26-30 July, 1964

Schierbaum, L., 1968:
Combined membrane and alginate filtration for virus concentration in water

Trakhanov, D.F., 1961:
Combined method for controlling rats

Holden, C., 1954:
Combined method for the heat and cold stabilization of wine

Askerov, M.K., 1965:
Combined method of Daphnia culture for young sturgeons

Triodin, E.P., 1965:
Combined method of treatment of cervix uteri carcinoma in obese patients Problems of modern surgery

Shpatserman, M.D., 1960:
Combined methods for the examination of higher nervous activity in psychopathic states

Grinenko, N.V., 1964:
Combined methods of taeniarhyncho-sis treatment

Neuhoff, V.; Schill, W.B.rnhard, 1968:
Combined micro-disc electrophoresis and micro-immuno-precipitation of proteins

Stein, H.B.; Abrahams, O.L., 1956:
Combined mild PTC and factor VII deficiencies

Nahmias, A.J.; Del Bueno, I.; Rose, R., 1968:
Combined millipore filter fluorescent antibody techniques for the diagnosis of group a streptoccal pharyngitis abstract child

Morrow, A.G.; Awe, W.C.; Braunwald, E., 1962:
Combined Mitral And Aortic Stenosis

Lam, C.R.; Knights, E.M.; Ziegler, R.F., 1953:
Combined mitral and pulmonary atresia

Shubin, H.; Levinson, D.C.; Rosenfeld, M.H., 1957:
Combined mitral and pulmonic stenosis

Conen, P.E.; Erkman, B., 1966:
Combined mongolism and leukemia. Report of eight cases with chromosome studies

Wanko, T.; Tower, D.B., 1964:
Combined morphological and biochemical studies of incubated slices of cerebral cortex

Lendle, L., 1929:
Combined narcosis. H. N2O and ether

Lendle, L., 1929:
Combined narcosis I Ether and chloroform

Lendle, L., 1929:
Combined narcosis. IH. Narcylene and ether

Gregory, Charles, T., 1943:
Combined nematode-wilt attack on muskmelons in Indiana

Christiansen, Rud, 1955:
Combined nesting of the wren and hedge-sparrow

Adams, J.F.; Ledingham, I.M.; Jackson, J.M.; Smith, G., 1963:
Combined nitrogen mustard and hyperbaric oxygen therapy in advanced malignant disease

Terry, R.D.; Hyams, V.J.; Davidoff, L.M., 1959:
Combined nonmetastasizing fibrosarcoma and chromophobe tumor of the pituitary

Eitzman, D.V.; Shanklin, D.R., 1968:
Combined obstetrical pediatric pathology correlation conference abnormal fetal growth infants woman neopl placental hem angiomas pregnancy

Blanquet, P.; Delorme, G.; Vilayleck, S.; Pascal Suisse, P., 1968:
Combined oentgenography and scintigraphy

Baranov, A.F.; Konopkhina, T.A.; Uglova, S.V., 1966:
Combined onychomycosis therapy with griseofulvin and local therapy

London, Mckinley, 1939:
Combined oral and subcutaneous treatment for ragweed pollinosis

Jackson, W.P., 1962:
Combined oral therapy in diabetes, sulphonylurea plus diguanide

Bini, A.; Paolella, P., 1968:
Combined paralysis of the rhomboid and biceps muscles due to occupational trauma

Frick, M.H.; Heikkilä, J.; Kahanpää, A., 1967:
Combined parasympathetic and beta-receptor blockade as a clinical test

Waring, A.J.; Smith, M.H., 1944:
Combined penicillin and sulfonamide therapy in the treatment of pneu-mococcic meningitis

Peckham, G.B.; Chrysohou, A.; Aldridge, H.E.; Wigle, E.D., 1964:
Combined Percutaneous Retrograde Aortic And Transseptal Left Heart Catheterization

Kris, E.B.; Gerst, D., 1964:
Combined Perphenazine-Amitriptyline As Adjuvant Therapy In Psychiatric Aftercare

Ordman, D.; Grasset, E., 1948:
Combined pertussis-diphtheria prophylactic antigens; an experimental study to determine the specific immunizing value of these antigens used in combination

Noël, Séphanie.; Cambier, C.; Baert, K.; Gustin, P.; Denooz, R.; Massart, L.; Hamaide, A., 2010:
Combined pharmacokinetic and urodynamic study of the effects of oral administration of phenylpropanolamine in female Beagle dogs

Monroe, R.R.; Wise, S.P., 1965:
Combined phenothiazine, chlordiazepoxide and primidone therapy for uncontrolled psychotic patients

Rui, S.Nchez, F.; Naranj, G.Anda, E., 1959:
Combined phenylbutazone and tetracycline in the treatment of typhoid fever

Liu, S-Shen.; Song, X-Qing.; Liu, H-Ling.; Zhang, Y-Hui.; Zhang, J., 2009:
Combined photobacterium toxicity of herbicide mixtures containing one insecticide

Zatz, Leslie, M., 1965:
Combined physiologic and radiological studies of bladder function in female children with recurrent urinary tract infections

Shapiro, I.; Karelin, G., 1962:
Combined plantings of corn and beans reduce the damage to corn plants of the frit fly

Anonymous, 1962:
Combined plantings of corn and legumes

Berezovskii, V.G.; Ismailov, F., 1959:
Combined plantings of fodder grasses and corn

Pontecorvo, M., 1960:
Combined poliomyelitis, diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus vaccination

Winbury, M.M.; Howe, B.B., 1966:
Combined positive inotropic interacion of quindonium and ouabain

Dubrow, H.; Kuder, K., 1958:
Combined postpartum and family-planning clinic

Rockenmacher, M., 1960:
Combined potentiometric determination of serum bicarbonate and chloride

Anon, 1967:
Combined pre operative irradiation and surgery for neopl carcinoma of the esophagus clinical experiences and late results human

Hathaway, H.R.; Vasquez, E.C., 1961:
Combined pregnancies with survival of both babies

Kaclova, J.; Nesnidalova, R.; Plichalova, I., 1963:
Combined premedication with tranqullizers in dentistry

Borgstrom, Stig, 1949:
Combined preoperative thiouracil and lugol treatment in thvrotoxicosis

Kulick, G.; Rousselot, L.M., 1959:
Combined pressure control and signal apparatus for safer emergency management of bleeding esophagogastric varices

Goldberg, Emanuel; Torach, R.M., 1960:
Combined primary and secondary hyperparathyroidism. Two case reports and a review

Shen, J.T., 1965:
Combined Private Practice Of Pediatrics And Adolescent Medicine. An Analysis And Discussion Of Some Personal Experiences

Brindley, H.H., 1963:
Combined program: Orthopaedic Research Society and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

Sonea, S.; Borduas, A.; Frappier, A., 1958:
Combined protective action of human gamma globulin and antibiotics when administered simultaneously in experimental staphylococcal infections

Mitchell, J.P., 1967:
Combined protein and DNA measurements in plant cells using the dinitrofluorobenzene and feulgen techniques

Kaplan, H.I.; Freedman, A.M.; Nagler, S.H., 1966:
Combined psychiatric residency and psychoanalytic training

Gerz, H.O., 1965:
Combined psycho and pharmacotherapy of schizophrenia

Schulte, W., 1966:
Combined psycho-and pharmacotherapy in melanchollaca Problems of pharmacopsychiatric combination and long term treatment, 29-30 May, 1965

Pennington, Veronica, M., 1962:
Combined psychopharmaceutical treatment in 460 neuropsychiatric patients

Michaux, M.H.; Kurland, A.A., 1963:
Combined Psychotropic Drug Therapy

Spicknall, C.G.; Terry, L.L., 1948:
Combined quinine-plasmochin and quinine-pentaquine treatment of relapsing vivax malaria

Manwaring, W.H., 1944:
Combined Quinine-Sulfathiazole Therapy

Friedman, M., 1961:
Combined radiation and chemotherapy of cancer: Clinical studies with interior controls

Krementz, E.T.; Schlosser, J.V.; Rumage, J.P., 1966:
Combined radiation and regional chemotherapy in the treatment cf retinoblastoma

Nealon, T.F.Jr; Camishion, R.C., 1967:
Combined radiation and surgery to treat neopl carcinoma of the esophagus human

Goldman, J.L.; Silverstone, S.M.; Rosin, H.D.; Cheren, R.V.; Zak, F.G., 1964:
Combined Radiation And Surgical Therapy For Cancer Of The Larynx And Laryngopharynx. Ii

Poppe, E.; Efskind, J., 1968:
Combined radiation and surgical treatment in neopl bladder tumors human

Parker, E.F.; Gregorie, H.B., 1965:
Combined Radiation And Surgical Treatment Of Carcinoma Of The Esophagus

Paullada, J.J.B.R.bio; Montano, G.; Diaz Perches, R.; Castaneda, E.; Munguia, H.; Franco, E.; Durazo, F., 1962:
Combined radio and hormonal therapy in the late stages of cervix and uterine neoplasm

Souliotis, Anthony, G., 1964:
Combined radiochemical-neutron activation analysis method for the determination of sulfur and phosphorus in high-purity paper and beer

Veenema, R.J.; Guttmann, R.; Uson, A.C.; Sagerman, R.H.; Dean, A.L.; Ciardullo, L., 1967:
Combined radiotherapy, surgery and chemotherapy in carcinoma of the bladder

Villa Santa, U., 1968:
Combined radium therapy and radical hysterectomy with pelvic lymph adenectomy in treatment of invasive neopl cancer of the cervix woman

Berry, R.L.; Bray, H.P., 1962:
Combined Rauwolfia-diuretic therapy in hypertension

Thorner, R.M.; Packer, H., 1961 :
Combined record and data processing system in a glaucoma clinic program

Edmunds, L.K., 1964:
Combined relation of plant maturity, temperature, and soil moisture to charcoal stalk rot development in grain sorghum

Rosenthal, M.W.; Smoler, M.; Lindenbaum, A., 1968:
Combined res stimulation and long term intermittent di ethylenetriaminepenta acetic acid therapy in poisoning by polymeric plutonium

Shubich, M.G.; Lopunova, Z.K., 1967:
Combined revealing of DNA and RNA by means of combined application of the Feulgen's reaction and staining with hallocyanine or methylene blue

Shramenko, A.I., 1962:
Combined rigid applicator for treating cervical cancer with radioactive cobalt

Jackson, J.E.; Mansi, M.G., 1965:
Combined rotations experiment

Arne, L.; Fenelon, J.; Roger, P., 1968:
Combined sclerosis of the medulla and related syndromes metabolism of vitamin b 12 abstract human

Rasmuson, Marianne, 1964:
Combined selection for two bristle characters in Drosophila

Skjervold, H., 1968:
Combined selection livestock breeding

Hill, K.E.; Motley, A.K.; May, J.M.; Burk, R.F., 2009:
Combined selenium and vitamin C deficiency causes cell death in guinea pig skeletal muscle

Goplen, N.; Karim, M.Zunayet.; Liang, Q.; Gorska, M.M.; Rozario, S.; Guo, L.; Alam, R., 2009:
Combined sensitization of mice to extracts of dust mite, ragweed, and Aspergillus species breaks through tolerance and establishes chronic features of asthma

Loewenthal, H., 1939:
Combined serum and sulphanil-amide in the treatment of streptococcal infections in mice

Billig, O.; Bradley, J.D., 1946:
Combined shock and corpus luteum hormone therapy

Berezovskii, A.A., 1961:
Combined silage for swine and fowl

Melichar, Jos, 1935:
Combined silviculture and agriculture in Orava and its effect on the soil, the biological environment, and the forest stands

Kiess, I.F., 1962:
Combined sludge-garbage composting

Jain, R.K.; Tsou, L.K.; Hamilton, A.D., 2010:
Combined solid/solution phase synthesis of large surface area scaffolds derived from aminomethyl-benzoates

Guo-Liang Shi; Xiang Li; Yin-Chang Feng; Yu-Qiu Wang; Jian-Hui Wu; Jun Li; Tan Zhu, 2009:
Combined source apportionment, using Positive Matrix Factorization-Chemical Mass Balance and Principal Component Analysis/Multiple Linear Regression-Chemical Mass Balance Models

Lukashev, A.A.; Omarov, T., 1961:
Combined sowing of leguminous crops with corn

Serebrenikov, S.V., 1959:
Combined sowings of corn

Groves, A.R.; Chappell, M.A.; Woolrich, M.W., 2009:
Combined spatial and non-spatial prior for inference on MRI time-series

Weisberger, A.S.; Bonte, F.J.; Piovella, C., 1954:
Combined splenic aspiration and splenographv

Holsti, L.R., 1964:
Combined Split-Course Therapy With 5-Fluorouracil And Megavoltage Irradiation

Kapur, A.P., 1946:
Combined spraying trials against the San Jose scale and peach leaf-curl in Kashmir

Keitt, G.W.; Moore, J.D., 1946:
Combined spraying: Results of ground and tree experiments in Wisconsin

Morgan, W.L.; Hely, P.C., 1941:
Combined sprays for late tomatoes

Szabo, I., 1965:
Combined Staining Of Central Nervous System Tissue With Luxol Fast Blue And Basic Fuchsin

Kwaan, H.C.; Hopkins, R.S., 1964:
Combined Staining of Fat and Elastic Tissue

Strassmann, G., 1950:
Combined staining of iron and fat in frozen sections

Giovanni Barbera; Antonino, L.G.udice; Paolo Mazzoleni; Anna Pappalardo, 2009:
Combined statistical and petrological analysis of provenance and diagenetic history of mudrocks application to Alpine Tethydes shales Sicily, Italy

Grater, W.C., 1960:
Combined steroid-antibiotic therapy in respiratory allergy associated with infection

Natsik, V.G., 1962:
Combined stimulator and time recorder for physiological investigations

Vasilyeva, A.G., 1957:
Combined streptomycin - PAS therapy in metastatic tuberculosis of the eyes

Gyllensvard, N., 1950:
Combined streptomycin-PAS treatment of tuberculosis of the urinary tract

Kirchhoff, H.W.rner; Burkhart, K.; Griebsch, A., 1966:
Combined studies of circulation and respiration in different forms of oxygen deficiency

Griebsch, Anton, 1965:
Combined studies of circulation and respiration in different oxygen deficiencies II Behavior in constant work load

Burkhart, Kurt, 1965:
Combined studies of circulation and respiration with differential oxygen deficiency 1 Behavior at rest

Vandekerckhove, D., 1957:
Combined studies of luteal function

Vasilenko, Y.K., 1968:
Combined studies of some functional and metabolic processes in digestive organs rat

Semennikova, T.K., 1967:
Combined study of the functional condition of the right ventricle in cases of silicosis human inst vector cardiography inst kineto cardiography inst ballisto cardiography inst electro cardiography

Krall, L.P.; Balodimos, M.C., 1967:
Combined sulfonyl urea bi guanide therapy of diabetes mellitus

Bourassa, M.G.; Campeau, L., 1963:
Combined Supravalvular Aortic And Pulmonic Stenosis

Denk, W.; Karrer, K., 1961:
Combined surgery and chemotherapy in the treatment of malignant tumors

Katzin, H.M.; Meltzer, J.F., 1966:
Combined surgery for corneal transplantation and cataract extraction

Kirikae, I.; Abe, H.; Sato, Y.; Takahashi, H.; Watanabe, N.; Morita, M., 1968:
Combined surgery radiation and regional chemo therapy of malignant neoplasms of the nose and paranasal sinuses

Stromberg, L.R.; Mclaughlin, M.M.; Donati, R.M., 1968:
Combined surgical and radiation injury iii the effect of pre irradiation radio protective drug treatment rat mercapto ethylamine radio protect 5 hydroxy tryptamine radio protect s 2 aminopropyl phosphoric acid radio protect

Stromberg, L.R.; Woodward, K.T.; Mahin, D.T.; Donati, R.M., 1968:
Combined surgical and radiation injury part 1 effect of timing on wounding and whole body gamma irradiation on 30 day mortality and rate of wound contracture in the rodent

Stromberg, L.R.; Woodward, K.T.; Mahin, D.T.; Donati, R.M., 1968:
Combined surgical and radiation injury part 2 effect of bone marrow shielding on wound healing in x irradiated rats

Stromberg, L.W.; Woodward, K.T.; Mahin, D.T.; Donati, R.M., 1968:
Combined surgical and radiation injury. The effect of timing of wounding and whole body gamma irradiation on 30 day mortality and rate of wound contracture in the rodent

Koldovsky, P., 1962:
Combined surgical removal and specific immunotherapy of experimental tumours

Bross, W.; Wrezlewicz, W.; Bross, T.; Czereda, T., 1966:
Combined surgieal-cytostatic treatment of gastric cancer

Miller, D.Paiva, L., 1967:
Combined syndrome schizophysiology and epilepsy psychosomatic and psychoanalytic factors of epilepsy

Swanson, Homer, 1939:
Combined syphilitic aortitis and rheumatic disease of the heart

Suh, T.H.; Merritt, H.H.uston, 1938:
Combined system disease without obvious evidence of pernicious anemia

Dressler, D.P.; Skornik, W.A., 1967:
Combined systemic and topical therapy of experimental burn wound sepsis

Goldfarb, A.F., 1961:
Combined systemic and topical therapy with metronidazole for vaginal trichomoniasis

Johnson, R.E., 1963:
Combined Systemic Chemotherapy And Central Nervous System Irradiation In The Treatment Of Mice With L1210 Leukemia

Burstall, S.W., 1958:
Combined taper and volume tables for European larch - New Zealand, 1956; all stands

Burstall, S.W., 1955:
Combined taper and volume tables for Pinus ponderosa Southland, 1954 Unthinned stands Pinus nigra var calabrica Southland, 1954 Thinned stands

Lischi, G., 1948:
Combined tartar emetic and X-ray therapy in chronic myeloid leukemia

Drees, E.Meijer, 1949:
Combined taxation and Presence in analysing and comparing association tables

Kovalevskii, L.S., 1968:
Combined technique of replacing bone defects in the calvarium anatomical and experimental study

Sergeev, K.K., 1965:
Combined technique of silver impregnation and the Feulgen reaction

Eiken, O., 1961:
Combined teflon-autologous vein grafts for small artery replacement in dogs

Falkson, G.; Sandison, A.G.; Jacobs, E.L.; Fichardt, T., 1963:
Combined telecobalt and 5-fluorouracil therapy in cancer of the stomach

Edsall, G.; Altman, J.S.; Gaspar, A.J., 1954:
Combined tetanus-diphtheria immunization of adults: use of small doses of diphtheria toxoid

Gupta, S.K.; Mukherji, B., 1956:
Combined therapeutic action of p-ethylamino-p'-aminodiphenvl sulphone and dihydro-streptomycin in experimental tuberculosis of guinea-pigs

Gupta, S.K.; Mukherji, B., 1956:
Combined therapeutic action of p-ethylamino-p'-aminodiphenyl sulphone and isoniazid in experimental tuberculosis of guinea-pigs

Bartelloni, P.J.; Sheehy, T.W.; Tigertt, W.D., 1967:
Combined therapy for chloroquine-resistant, Plasmodium falciparum infection. Concurrent use of long-acting sulphormethoxine and pyrimethamine

Shafer, N., 1966:
Combined therapy for the treatment of hypertension: pargyline hydrochloride and methyclothiazide

Dooner, H.; Saavedra, J.; Labrin, T., 1959:
Combined therapy in amebiasis

Lind, H.E.; Trafton, H.M., 1958:
Combined therapy in chronic urinary infections: Sulfisoxazole and oleandomycin

Schmitt, W., 1966:
Combined therapy in depressive syndromes Problems of pharmacopsychiatric combination and long term treatment, 29-30 May, 1965

Bronstein, E.; Geller, W., 1966:
Combined therapy in malignant lymphoma

Goldberg, R.L.; Shuman, F.I., 1964:
Combined therapy in treatment of coughs secondary to upper respiratory infections and acute and chronic bronchitis

Churbanova, A.K., 1963:
Combined therapy of associated purulent infection against the background of preceding gamma-irradiation injury

Maryasis, K.D.; Kuzmina, Z.P., 1967:
Combined therapy of complicated foot mycoses caused by Epidermophyton Kaufmann-Wolf, with griseofulvin and a specific vaccine

Kuhn, R., 1968:
Combined therapy of depressive conditions

Mordkovskaya, N.M., 1964:
Combined therapy of diabetes mellitus with sulfanilamides and insulin

Emmons, C.W.; Piggott, W.R., 1962:
Combined therapy of experimental coccidioidomycosis with X-5079C and amphotericin B

Makeeva, O.O., 1966:
Combined therapy of experimental tuberculous meningitis with metazid in combination with streptomycin

Chaudhuri, R.N.; Sha, T.K., 1966:
Combined therapy of human amoebic dysentery

Ariagno, R.P.; Lutterbeck, E.F., 1961:
Combined therapy of intrinsic aural carcinoma

Powell, H.M.; Jamieson, W.A., 1939:
Combined therapy of pneumococcic rat infections with rabbit antipneumococcic serum and sulfapyridine

Hudgins, P.T., 1968:
Combined therapy radiation and surgery in the treatment of neopl bladder cancer

Cater, D.B.; Silver, I.A.; Watkinson, D.A., 1964:
Combined Therapy With 220 Kv Roentgen And 10 Cm Microwave Heating In Rat Hepatoma

Cater, D.B.; Grove, C.A., 1966:
Combined therapy with 220 KV roentgen and 5-hydroxytryptamine or cyproheptadine in rat hepatoma

Ross, C.A.; Velasco, H.A.; Sokal, J.E.; Ambrus, J.L.; Stutzman, L.; Webster, J.; Bardos, T.J., 1962:
Combined therapy with AB-132 and radiation in bronchogenic carcinoma

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Combined therapy with cholinolytics spasmolytics and tranquilizers on patients with peptic ulcer and chronic gastritis in sanatoria and prophylactoria

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Combined topical-intraarticular therapy with hydrocortisone and phenylbutazone

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Combined transthoracic left and percutaneous right heart catheterization: Its risk and value in evaluation of the lesions of the mitral and aortic valves

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Combined tranylcypromine-trifluoperazine therapy in newly admitted depressed patients

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Combined tranylcypromine-trifluoperazine therapy in the treatment of patients with agitated depressions

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Combined treatment and chemo therapy of patients with neopl laryngeal carcinoma according to materials of the ear nose and throat clinic of the odessa medical institute for 1949 1962 title

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Combined treatment for carbon monoxide poisoning in the home

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Combined treatment of acute leukemia

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Combined treatment of acute radiation sickness

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Combined treatment of breast cancer, according to the data from the Oncological Institute in 1954-1960

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Combined treatment of cancer of the stomach and breast cancer with radiogold

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Combined treatment of cancer of the thyroid gland

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Combined treatment of cancerous ascites and pleurisy with thioTEPa and Au198

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Combined treatment of cardioesophageal cancer

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Combined treatment of cervicouterine cancer with dichloracetil serin and radiotherapy A preliminary report

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Combined treatment of chemical burns of the esophagus in children Abstract only

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Combined treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia

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Combined treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia and lymphogranulomatosis with aurantin and X-rays

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Combined treatment of chronic tonsillitis

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Combined treatment of complicated necrosis with iodine iontophoresis, sulphanilamide and camphenol

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Combined treatment of diabetes with biguanidines and sulfonamides and urea sulfonyl respectively

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Combined treatment of diphtheria with specific vaccine and specific serum

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Combined Treatment Of Eclampsia With Hypotensive Drugs, Magnesium Sulfate, And Saluretics

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Combined treatment of experimental brucellosis of white mice with oxytetracycline, biomycin, levomycetin, brucellosis vaccine and specific gamma-globulin

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Combined treatment of experimental melioidosis

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Combined treatment of experimental pituitrin-induced hypertension with Gangleron and oxygen

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Combined treatment of experimental trypanosome infections by chemotherapeutic agents

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Combined treatment of hodgkins disease

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Combined treatment of larynx carcinoma Problems of clinical oncology of the respiratory tract, facio-maxillary region, and ear

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Combined treatment of leprosy with sulfone J.51 at the Saint Antoine Leprosarium, Harar

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Combined treatment of lymphogranulomatosis from data assembled at the Chernigov Oblast Oncological Dispensary

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Combined treatment of malignant melanoma of the skin

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Combined treatment of malignant tumors of the mediastinum

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Combined treatment of myelomatosis with radiophosphrous and sarcolysine

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Combined treatment of neglected forms of stomach carcinoma

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Combined treatment of neopl hodgkins disease human surgery radiation chemo therapy

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Combined treatment of neopl tumors of the urinary bladder human

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Combined treatment of patients with acute leukemia

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Combined treatment of patients with carcinoma of the stomach

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Combined treatment of patients with carcinoma of the thyroid

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Combined treatment of patients with chronic pyelo nephritis antibiotics sulfonamides nitro furans cortico steroids anabolic hormones human

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Combined treatment of psychosomatic disease conditions Problems of pharmacopsychiatric combination and long term treatment, 29-30 May, 1965

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Combined treatment of pulmonary metastases with irradiation and cytostatic drugs

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Combined treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis with deoxyribonucleic acid-pantothenate, isoniazid and para-amino salicylic acid in continuous infusion

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Combined treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with gold and hormones

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Combined treatment of seeds with phosphorobacterin and Ceresan

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Combined treatment of sterility with human menopausal gonadotropins and clomiphene citrate

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Combined treatment of superficial tuberculous lymph nodes with steroids and antibiotics

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Combined treatment of supralethal X-irradia-tion and subsequent late effects

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Combined treatment of symptomatic paresis with penicillin and fever produced by continuous typhoid vaccine

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Combined treatment of thyroid cancer with the use of radioiodine

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Combined treatment of thyroid carcinoma

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Combined treatment of transplantable rat tumors with serotonin and X-rays

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Combined treatment with anti leprotic stimulating and de sensitizing drugs

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Combined treatment with chemical preparations and anti reticular cyto toxic serum used in elderly and aged patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

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Combined treatment with chlorpromazine and procaine

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Combined treatment with cortico steroid hormones and tranquilizers in patients with psoriasis

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Combined treatment with high energy radiation and cytostatics with special consideration of podophyllum-glucosides, SPG 827 Sandoz, Base

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Combined treatment with metyrapone spironolactone and prednisone in severe edema

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Combined treatment with minocycline and prednisone attenuates experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis in C57 BL/6 mice

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Combined treatment with roentgen rays and streptomycin in experimental tuberculous lymphadenitis in guinea-pigs

Children's Hospital, O.First Shanghai Medical College, 1959:
Combined treatment with tea leaves and coptis of bacillary dysentery

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Combined treatment with ultraviolet irradiation and diadynamic currents of the pain syndrome in herpes zoster

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Combined Trial Of Acetohexamide And Two Diguanide Preparations

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Combined trial of five selected improved strains of Corchorus capsularis and C. olitorius

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Combined trichloroethylene anesthesia in neurosurgery: clinical aspects of anesthesia and the change in vascular tone

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Combined trisomy 18 and congenital rubella abstract child

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Combined tuberculin-antibacterial treatment of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

Pugh, R.C.B.; Thackray, A.C., 1964:
Combined tumor

Nicholson, H.P.; Gaines, T.B., 1948:
Combined typhus-malaria control residual spray operations with five percent DDT emulsion

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Combined urea and thio urea denaturation of normal human serum

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Combined Use Of Ab-132 (Meturedepa, Turloc) And X-Irradiation In The Management Of Advanced Bronchogenic Carcinoma

Valle Morales; María Luz Sanz; Pedro J Martín-Álvarez; Nieves Corzo, 2009:
Combined use of HMF and furosine to assess fresh honey quality

Cuaron, Alfredo, 1964:
Combined use of I131 rose bengal hepatic photoscan and splenoportography, in the diagnosis of liver abscess and tumors

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Combined use of MSWI bottom ash and fly ash as aggregate in concrete formulation: environmental and mechanical considerations

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Combined use of a sodium fluoride prophylaxis paste and a spray containing acidulated sodium fluoride solution

Gubergrits, A.Y.; Leshchinskii, L.A., 1968:
Combined use of adonis vernalis d cardio vasc with cardiac glycosides strophanthidin derivatives during the treatment of patients suffering from circulation insufficiency human

Stewart, G., 1962:
Combined use of an antibiotic and a cortico-steroid for postoperative sequelae in endodontic practice

JOHNSON.A.L.; McRAE.D.L., 1948:
Combined use of angiocardiography and cardiac catheterization in the diagnosis of congenital anomalies of the cardiovascular system

Tanaka, A., 1968:
Combined use of anti cancer drugs with proteolytic enzyme

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Combined use of antibiotics for treatment of complex lesions

Zaglukinskaia, E.N., 1960:
Combined use of antibiotics in experimental concurrent whooping-cough and pneumococcal infection

Sia, S.M., 1959:
Combined use of areca nut and pumpkin seed in treatment of Taenia saginata infections

Egorenko, G.G., 1963:
Combined use of bacterial preparations and ratindan

Semenov, L.F.; Barkaya, V.S., 1968:
Combined use of chemical protectors and local hypoxia in the prevention of radiation sickness

Gusev, A.F., 1965:
Combined use of chemotherapy and gamma teletherapy for cancer of the urinary bladder

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Combined use of chemotherapy and surgical treatment in malignant tumors

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Combined use of chlorthalidone and reserpine in the management of hypertension

Stangel, T., 1964:
Combined use of colistin and penicillin in infections of the urinary tracts

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Combined use of d - methylmeta-tyrosine and reserpine to associate norepinephrine with excitation and serotonin with sedation

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Combined use of dimensional analysis and modern experimental design methodologies in hydrodynamics experiments

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Combined use of diuretics in refractory edema in patients with mitral disease

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Combined use of gluco corticoids in the treatment of exudative pleurisy

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Combined use of hexafluorenium bromide relaxant and succinyl choline relaxant in general anesthesia mylaxen relaxant fluothane cent depress human

Strel Chuk, S.I., 1968:
Combined use of induced mutations and poly ploidy in plant selection corn m

Mast, N.; Liao, W-Li.; Pikuleva, I.A.; Turko, I.V., 2009:
Combined use of mass spectrometry and heterologous expression for identification of membrane-interacting peptides in cytochrome P450 46A1 and NADPH-cytochrome P450 oxidoreductase

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Combined use of methylic antigen and streptomycin for the cure of tuberculosis in laboratory animals

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Combined use of microbiological and chemical control methods for insect pests

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Combined use of non-invasive techniques for improved functional localization for a selected group of epilepsy surgery candidates

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Combined use of olitoriside and aminophylline

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Combined use of optical and radar satellite data for the detection of tillage and irrigation operations Case study in Central Morocco

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Combined use of penicillin and bacteri-ophage in the treatment of certain suppurative processes

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Combined use of pneumoperitoneum and pneumoretroperitoneum in tumor diagnosis

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Combined use of regular and crystalline protamine insulins in the treatment of severe diabetes

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Combined use of scanning and spleno portography during liver tumors

Rubinstein, H.S., 1942:
Combined use of testosterone propionate and psychotherapy in treatment of hypogonadal behavior-problem boys

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Combined use of ultraviolet irradiation and beta propiolactone sterilization of sera infected with a virus

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Combined vaccination against diphtheria and pertussis. Epidemiological survey

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Combined vaccination against diphtheria and tetanus

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Combined vaccination against typhoid, paratyphoid and tetanus with an acetone-dried vaccine in one or two doses

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Combined vaccine against black leg, malignant edema and pasteurellosis

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Combined vaccine and toxoid therapy of staphylococcic infections of the skin

Burdov, A.N., 1962:
Combined vaccines against anthrax and anaerobic infections

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Combined vaccines in human and veteririary medicine

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Combined variety and N fertilizer trials in wheat and oats

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Combined variety and nitrogen dressing tests with barley at the Swedish Seed Association at Svalof in the years 1943-1945

Josefsson, A., 1948:
Combined variety and nitrogen dressing trials with root crops performed at the Swedish Seed Association in the years 1927-1945

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Combined variety and nitrogen fertilizer trials with winter wheat at Ultuna and Svalof in 1942-1946

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Combined Vasodilator And Tranquilizer Therapy In Angina Pectoris: A Comparative Study With Statistical Analysis

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Combined vasodilator therapy in peripheral vascular diseases

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Combined ventilatory and breath-holding evaluation of sensitivity to respiratory gases

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Combined ventral and lateral pyramidotomy in the treatment of paralysis agitans

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Combined Ventricular Enlargement During the first Months of Life; a Vectorcardiographic Study of the T Loop

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Combined ventricular hypertrophy

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Combined ventricular hypertrophy in infancy Vectorcardiographic observations with special reference to the Katz-Wachtel phenomenon

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Combined Ventricular Hypertrophy: a Vectorcardiographic Study in Tetralogy of Fallot with Systemic-Pulmonary Anastomosis

Paul, Milton, H., 1963:
Combined ventricular hypertrophy A dynamic vectorcardiographic analysis in tetralogy of Fallot with systemic-pulmonary anastomosi

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Combined ventricular overloading and mitral regurgitatio

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Combined Vinblastine and Chlorambucil Therapy of Hodgkin's Disease

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Combined viral and bacterial infection. An in vitro analysis of the population dynamics and factors influencing the enhancement of virulence of hemophilus influenzae in combined infection with influenza virus in embryonated eggs

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Combined vitamin B12 and folic acid therapy in iron deficiency anaemias

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Combined waste treatment at grand island nebraska

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Combined water in living beings

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Combined x ray examination during malignant esophageal tumors

Rozhdestvenskaya, A.I., 1967:
Combined x ray study in the diagnosis of benign bronchial and pulmonary tumors

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Combineduse of anabolic steroids and antihist-amines in treating allergic diseases in young children

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Combiners for tea breeding

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Combining 3D-QSAR, docking, molecular dynamics and MM/PBSA methods to predict binding modes for nonsteroidal selective modulator to glucocorticoid receptor

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Combining ALS and NFI training data for forest management planning a case study in Kuortane, Western Finland

Gemma Villorbina; Albert Tomàs; Marc Escribà; Mireia Oromí-Farrús; Jordi Eras; Mercè Balcells; Ramon Canela, 2009:
Combining AlCl3·6H2O and an ionic liquid to prepare chlorohydrin esters from glycerol

Gaël Forget; Bruno Ferron; Herlé Mercier, 2008:
Combining Argo profiles with a general circulation model in the North Atlantic Part 1 Estimation of hydrographic and circulation anomalies from synthetic profiles, over a year

Gaël Forget; Herlé Mercier; Bruno Ferron, 2008:
Combining Argo profiles with a general circulation model in the North Atlantic Part 2 Realistic transports and improved hydrography, between spring 2002 and spring 2003

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Combining Biogeographic and Phylogenetic Data to Examine Primate Speciation An Example Using Cercopithecin Monkeys

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Combining cluster analysis, feature selection and multiple support vector machine models for the identification of human ether-a-go-go related gene channel blocking compounds

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Combining Contingent Valuation and Choice Experiments A Forestry Application in Spain

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Combining information from cancer registry and medical records data to improve analyses of adjuvant cancer therapies

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Combining multiple results of a reverse-engineering algorithm: application to the DREAM five-gene network challenge

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Combining proteomics and metabolite analyses to unravel cadmium stress-response in poplar leaves

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Combining TMS and EEG offers new prospects in cognitive neuroscience

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Combining two-stage testing and interval mapping strategies to detect QTL for resistance to bonamiosis in the european flat oyster Ostrea edulis

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Combining a large aperture scintillometer and estimates of available energy to derive evapotranspiration over several agricultural fields in a semi-arid region

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Combining ability among single crosses and predicting double cross performance in poultry

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Combining ability and line crossing as a means of utilizing the desired characters in Piitrain pigs

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Combining ability for seed characteristics in Bromus inermis Leyss

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Combining ability of S1 and derived S3 lines of corn

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Combining ability of different strains vs varieties of cabbage

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Combining ability of five inbred lines of Leghorns

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Combining ability of homozvgous diploids of corn relative to lines derived by inbreeding

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Combining ability of maize inbred lines containing genes from Zea diploperennis for resistance to Striga hermonthica Del Benth

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Combining ability of some corn inbreds, established by diallel crossing

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Combining ability of specific crosses in asparagus using a perfect flowered male parent

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Combining ability of tomato d plants evaluation of segregating progenies in massal population

Bond, D.A., 1967:
Combining ability of winter bean inbreds

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Combining ability studies in blrdsfoot trefoil

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Combining biological data from European corn borer experiments over locations and years

Sisson, D.V.; Brindley, T.A.; Bancroft, T.A., 1965:
Combining biological data from European corn borer experiments over years

Karp, H.N.; Karls, J.M., 1966:
Combining crisis therapy and mental health consultation

Salim, A.; Hultman, C.; Sparén, Pär.; Reilly, M., 2009:
Combining data from 2 nested case-control studies of overlapping cohorts to improve efficiency

Sisson, Donald, V., 1963:
Combining data over year

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Combining distances of ballistic and myrmecochorous seed dispersal in Adriana quadripartita Euphorbiaceae

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Combining docking and comparative molecular similarity indices analysis COMSIA to predict estrogen activity and probe molecular mechanisms of estrogen activity for estrogen compounds

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Combining frequency and time domain approaches to systems with multiple spike train input and output

B.G.bremedhin; G.F.F.cetola; S.N.deri; H.-R.R.zaei; C.M.udet; D.R.oux; G.L.ikart; Ø. Flagstad; W.T.uiller; P.T.berlet, 2009:
Combining genetic and ecological data to assess the conservation status of the endangered Ethiopian walia ibex

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Combining genetically different samples for correlation analysis

Birnbaum, Allan, 1954:
Combining independent tests of significance

Anonymous, 2009:
Combining linear programming and principala“agent models An example from environmental regulation in agriculture

T.M.klit; M.V.n Meirvenne; S.V.rstraete; J.B.nroy; F.T.ck, 2009:
Combining marginal and spatial outliers identification to optimize the mapping of the regional geochemical baseline concentration of soil heavy metals

Gamer, M.; Verschuere, B.; Crombez, G.; Vossel, G., 2008:
Combining physiological measures in the detection of concealed information

Marco Moretti; Colin Legg, 2009:
Combining plant and animal traits to assess community functional responses to disturbance

Schlossberger, H.; Wich Mann, F.W., 1927:
Combining proportions of dysentery toxin and antitoxin

Fabio Maselli; Dario Papale; Nicola Puletti; Gherardo Chirici; Piermaria Corona, 2009:
Combining remote sensing and ancillary data to monitor the gross productivity of water-limited forest ecosystems

P.J.G.J.H.llegers; R.S.ppe; C.J.P.rry; W.G.M.B.stiaanssen, 2009:
Combining remote sensing and economic analysis to support decisions that affect water productivity

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Combining resistance to wildfire, mosaic, black root rot, and Fusarium wilt in Burley tobacco

Patricia Mateo-Tomás; Pedro, P.O.ea, 2009:
Combining scales in habitat models to improve conservation planning in an endangered vulture

J.E.zahar; A.C.ehbouni; J.H.edjes; D.R.mier; N.B.ulain; S.B.ubkraoui; B.C.ppelaere; L.D.scroix; B.M.ugenot; F.T.mouk, 2009:
Combining scintillometer measurements and an aggregation scheme to estimate area-averaged latent heat flux during the AMMA experiment

Schechter, I.; Sela, M., 1965:
Combining sites of antibodies to L-alanine and D-alanine peptide determinants

Schechter, I.; Schechter, B.; Sela, M., 1966:
Combining sites of antibodies with L-alanlne and D-alanlne peptlde specificity and the effect of serum proteolytic activity on their estimation

Widjaja, I.; Naumann, K.; Roth, U.; Wolf, N.; Mackey, D.; Dangl, J.L.; Scheel, D.; Lee, J., 2008:
Combining subproteome enrichment and Rubisco depletion enables identification of low abundance proteins differentially regulated during plant defense

Berridge, Ashley, 1942:
Combining the Christmas tree plantation and livestock pasture on cut-over lands of good fertility

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Combining the RMR, Q, and RMi classification systems

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Commen-salism and parasitism in the larvae of the Ephemeroptera

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Commensal Actinobacilli From The Bovine Tongue

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Commensalism of the larva of D. brevipalpis

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Commensalism or mutualism conditional outcomes in a branchiobdellida“crayfish symbiosis

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Comment On the sufficiency of autocorrelation function as eeg descriptors

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Comment augmenter la production de nos sols

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Comment choisir les varietes de betterave sucriere

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Comment cultiver nos principaux legumes

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Comment de sont formees les especes vivantes?

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Comment deceler analytiquement la presence des organomercuriels dans une preparation pharmaceutique

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Comment determiner dans un pain une addition do son a une farine type?

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Comment developper la lutte contre lerosion?

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Comment et pourquoi nous devons manger du sel

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Comment etudier physiologiquement la formation des antitoxines.

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Comment faire intervenir l'eau dans le calcul des reactions diastasiques?

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Comment fut decouverte l'existence d'une hormene lactogene dans le lobe anterieur de l'hypophyse

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Comment le choc agit-il sur le metabolisme?

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