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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 24368

Chapter 24368 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

De Temmerman, L.; Waegeneers, N.; Claeys, N.; Roekens, E., 2009:
Comparison of concentrations of mercury in ambient air to its accumulation by leafy vegetables: an important step in terrestrial food chain analysis

Lawrence Charnas; Elsa Shapiro, 2009:
Comparison of concordance ratios of symptom onset in metachromatic leukodystrophy MLD Sib pairs suggests clinical benefit of preymptomatic hematopoietic cell transplant HCT

Bulygin, I.A.; Itina, L.V., 1960:
Comparison of conditional reflexes elaborated on the basis of exteroceptive and interoceptive reinforcements

Liberson, W.T.; Gratzer, M.; Zalis, A.; Grabinski, B., 1966:
Comparison of conduction velocities of motor and sensory fibers determined by different methods

Tajima, Toshihiro, 1960:
Comparison of conduction velocity of sensory and motor fibers in ulnar nerve in man

Swett, W.W.; Graves, R.R.; Miller, F.W., 1932:
Comparison of conformation, anatomy and skeletal structure of the cow and bull of a dairy breed

Knerer, G.; Plateaux Uqnu, C., 1967:
Comparison of construction and architecture of nests of firylaeus hymenoptera halictidae with a ray of cells

Munro, J.F.; Maccuish, A.C.; Wilson, E.M.; Duncan, L.J.P., 1968:
Comparison of continuous and intermittent anorectic therapy in obesity phentermine gastro intest human

Seebacher, C., 1967:
Comparison of continuous and noncontinuous treatment with micronized griseofulvin anti infect in onycho mycosis abstract from ddr mykosen 9 3 126 129 sept 1966 human fungus

Cahill, C.; Shetlar, C.L.; Shetlar, M.R.; Stidworthy, G., 1956:
Comparison of continuous and strip paper electrophoresis technics for study of serum glycoproteins

Hughes, L.; Mortensen, F.; Shourie, L., 1961:
Comparison of continuous long-term heparin and oral anticoagulation in clinical coronary atherosclerosis

Surtshin, A.; Schmandt, W.P., 1956:
Comparison of continuously collected urines from the two normal kidneys and some effects of unilateral denervation

Petersen, C.F.; Sauter, E.A.; Lampman, C.E.; Wiese, A.C., 1963:
Comparison of controlled and free-choice feeding of calcium upon calcium intake and egg shell quality

Bramlage, W.J.; Southwick, F.W.; Sawyer, F.M.; Fergenson, P.E., 1966:
Comparison of controlled atmosphere and airstored McIntosh apples after various lengths of storage

Thomas, R.L.; Sheard, R.W.; Moyer, J.R., 1967:
Comparison of conventional and automated procedures for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium analysis of plant material using a single digestion

Tsuji, A.B.; Sogawa, C.; Sugyo, A.; Sudo, H.; Toyohara, J.; Koizumi, M.; Abe, M.; Hino, O.; Harada, Y-nobu.; Furukawa, T.; Suzuki, K.; Saga, T., 2009:
Comparison of conventional and novel PET tracers for imaging mesothelioma in nude mice with subcutaneous and intrapleural xenografts

Anonymous, 1956:
Comparison of cooled and frozen meat by its action on the gastric secretion of dogs Referat Zhur, Biol, 1957, No 19790

Suit, R.F., 1952:
Comparison of copper fungicides for melanose control

Van Luit, B., 1966:
Comparison of copper slag meal with copper sulfate on pasture-land

Waldroup, P.W.; Greene, D.E.; Harris, R.H.; Maxey, J.F.; Stephenson, E.L., 1967:
Comparison of corn, wheat, and milo in turkey diets

Alekseev, V.A., 1959:
Comparison of coronary tone and the tone in other arteries

Grossner, B.I.; Sweat, M.L.; Berliner, D.L.; Dougherty, R.F., 1962:
Comparision of cortisol metabolism by two variants of cultured fibroblasts

Ansell, B.M.; Bywaters, E.G.; Isdale, I.C., 1956:
Comparison of cortisone and aspirin in treatment of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis

Stanzler, R.M.; Tannen, R.L.; Alexander, S.; Sasahara, A.A., 1963:
Comparison of countershock with direct and alternating current in external cardiac defibrillation. Report of a case

Duitschaever, C.L.; Ashton, G.C., 1968:
Comparison of counts using a breed-type smear and millipore membrane methods on fresh and preserved milk samples

Volk, Gaylord, M., 1962:
Comparison of covered to non-covered side dressings of urea, ammonium nitrate, Uran, Feran and calcium nitrate on sweet corn

Selkurt, E.E., 1952:
Comparison of creatinine and inulin clearance in the dog during hypoxia

Harvey, A.M.; Malvin, R.L., 1965:
Comparison of creatinine and inulin clearances in male and female rats

Harvey, A.M.; Malvin, R.L.; Vander, A.J., 1966:
Comparison of creatinine secretion in men and women

Broadbent, B.M.; Bliss, C.I., 1936:
Comparison of criteria of susceptibility in the response of Drosophila to hydrocyanic acid gas. 2. Recovery time

Horsten, G.P.; Winkelman, J.E., 1962:
Comparison of critical fusion frequency in diurnal and nocturnal retina of vertebrates

Schwimmer, Sigmund, 1944:
Comparison of crude and purified preparations of a leucylpeptidase associated with beef muscle

Linn, R.H.; Leask, W.H.; Gunderson, M.P.; Slack, J.M., 1942:
Comparison of crystal-violet antigen, thiosulphate antigen and the tube method in testing S. pullorum sera

Redmond, D.L.; Kotcher, E., 1963:
Comparison Of Cultural And Immunofluorescent Procedures In The Identification Of Haemophilus Vaginalis

Brightwell, G.; Clemens, R.; Adam, K.; Urlich, S.; Boerema, J., 2009:
Comparison of culture-dependent and independent techniques for characterisation of the microflora of peroxyacetic acid treated, vacuum-packaged beef

Hvidsten, H.; Hole, G., 1965:
Comparison of cultured skim milk and dried skim milk fed to young calves with and without addition of antibiotics

Brennan, Michael, J., 1967 :
Comparison of cumulative survival functions for breast cancer series differing in treatment plan

Breslow, E., 1964:
Comparison Of Cupric Ion-Binding Sites In Myoglobin Derivatives And Serum Albumin

Dejours, P.; Armand, J.; Verriest, G., 1968:
Comparison of curves of carbon di oxide dissociation in water respired by a teleost and an elasmobranch

Ferris, H.W.; Turner, T.B., 1938:
Comparison of cutaneous lesions produced in rabbits by intra-cutaneous inoculation of spirochetes from yaws and syphilis

Quan, S.F.; Bahmanyar, M.; Chen, T.H.; Meyer, K.F., 1962:
Comparison of cutaneous routes for infecting mice and guinea pigs with Pasteurella pestis

Treichler, F.R.; Collins, R.W., 1965:
Comparison of cyclic and continuous deprivation effects on wheel running

Jondorf, W.R.; Grünberger, D., 1967:
Comparison of cycloheximide effect on hepatic protein synthesis at the microsomal level in vivo and in vitro

Vaughn, J.R.; Klomparens, W., 1952:
Comparison of cycloheximide with ten other fungicides for the control of turf diseases

Frommeyer, Walter, B., 1964:
Comparison of cyclophosphamide and uracil mustard in chronic granulocytic leukemia

Kusaka, T.; Sato, R.; Shoji, K., 1964:
Comparison of Cytochromes in Mycobacteria Grown in Vitro and in Vivo

Car, G.Lbert, I.En.H.Nning, B.And, V.Ughn, H.Sn.K.Nta, M.Chae, S.Avik, 2009:
Comparison of cytolethal distending toxin and invasion abilities in campylobacter jejuni isolated from clinical patients and poultry

Chaudhry, A.P.; Schmutz, J.A.; Hanks, C.T., 1967:
Comparison of cytologic and histologic findings in induced neopl carcinoma di methyl benz anthracene carcino hamster

Bora, K.C., 1955:
Comparison of cytologic effects produced by 220 kVp roentgen rays, radio-iridium Ir192 gamma rays and 30 MeVp roentgen rays in the microspores of Tradescantia bracteata

Nechaeva, T.I.; Savchenko, E.P.; Astrakhantsev, F.A., 1966:
Comparison of cytological and histological studies in bronchopulmonary cancer

Pierce, M.I.; Murphy, M.L.; Shore, N.A.; Sitarz, A., 1965:
Comparison of cytoxan therapy administered orally or intravenously in 2 groups of children with acute leukemia

Polansky, F.; Viznerova, A.; Vodrazkova, A.; Kirschnerova, Z., 1968:
Comparison of czechoslovak methods for the isolation of mycobacteria with a modification of petroffs method

Sessions, J.T.; Sheehy, T.W.; Csaky, T.Z.; Garcia, F.T.; Sapp, O.L., 1962:
Comparison of d-xylose and 3-o-methylglucose urinary recovery rates in normal subjects and patients with tropical sprue

Anonymous, 2009:
Comparison of daily extreme temperatures over Eastern China and South Korea between 1996a“2005

Requin, J.; Granjon, M.; Bonnet, M., 1968:
Comparison of data obtained by simultaneous exploration of tendinous and hoffmann reflexes during preparation for motor activity in man

Eron, L.D.; Banta, T.J.; Walder, L.O.; Laulicht, J.H., 1961:
Comparison of data obtained from mothers and fathers on child-rearing practices and their relation to child aggression

Vasyuk, N.M., 1968:
Comparison of data on the development of strokes as related to meteorological factors human

Lehmann, J.F.; Johnston, V.C.; Mcmillan, J.A.; Silverman, D.R.; Brunner, G.D.; Rathbun, L.A., 1965:
Comparison Of Deep Heating By Microwaves At Frequencies 2456 And 900 Megacycles

Karl, H.; Tannel, B., 1957:
Comparison of dehydrated plants in their ability to prevent scale in a sea-water evaporator

Kuck, N.A.; Redin, G.S., 1960:
Comparison of demethylchlortetracycline with tetracycline in the control of experimental infections in mice

Shaw, J.H.; Griffiths, D.; Wollman, D.H., 1962:
Comparison of dental caries activity in strains of laboratory rats

Fairpo, C.G., 1968:
Comparison of dental caries experience in identical and like sexed fraternal twins abstract human genetics

Dahlberg, A.A.; Kobayashi, S.; Tomita, K., 1963:
Comparison of dental traits in different age groups within the same population

Giudicelli, R.; Najer, H.; Lefevre, F., 1965:
Comparison of depletions of cardiac noradrenaline fnorepinephrinei caused by N-B-guamdino-ethyl aza 6 spiro octanei and by quanethidine

Alvarez, R.R., 1962:
Comparison of depressive and brain-injured subjects on the trail making test

Yoneta, Tadashi, 1960:
Comparison of depressoric action of extracts of blood or brain medullary tissue of normal as well as hypoglycaemic rabbits

Holmes, Francis, O., 1936:
Comparison of derivatives from distinct strains of tobacco-mosaic virus

Rose, J.T.; Westhead, T.T., 1964:
Comparison Of Desipramine And Imipramine In Depression

Papaevangelou, G.; Papavassiliou, J., 1967:
Comparison of desoxyribonuclease activity to some other criteria of Staphylococcus pathogenicity

Cheng, Yung Shu; E.A., 1965:
Comparison of destructive effects of five antitumor agents on various normal tissues in mice

Loosll, R., 1959:
Comparison of developmental potential in normal, grafted and mutant haltere-imaginal discs of D. melanogaster

Gropper, A.L.; Cockrell, E.W.; Raisz, L.G.; Pulaski, E.J., 1952:
Comparison of dextran and oxypolygelatin in treatment of hemorrhagic hypotension

Hehre, Edward, J., 1943:
Comparison of dextran synthesis by Leuconostoc enzyme with starch synthesis by potato phosphorylase

Alder, F.E., 1968:
Comparison of di ploid and tetra ploid rye grasses m in animal production experiments cow sheep

Meiklejohn, G.; Rust, E.; Brunetti, O., 1949:
Comparison of diagnostic methods for western equine and St. Louis encephalitis

Troquet, J.; Petit, J.M.; Damoiseau, J.; Delhez, L.; Pirnay, F., 1962:
Comparison of diagrams of the pressure/volume maximums of the thorax obtained by the static method and by the kinetic method

Behre, C.Edward, 1926:
Comparison of diameter tape and caliper measurements in second-growth spruce

Maculans, G.A., 1964:
Comparison Of Diazepam, Chlorprothixene And Chlorpromazine In Chronic Schizophrenic Patients

Hare, H.P., 1963:
Comparison Of Diazepam, Chlorpromazine And A Placebo In Psychiatric Practice

Hardman, H.F.; Barboriak, J.J.; Meester, W.D., 1963:
Comparison of dichloroisoproterenol , nethalide and N-isopropylmethoxamine as blocking agents against the positive inotropic action of epinephrine

Bucher, K., 1959:
Comparison of differences of some respiratory values within a group with the corresponding changes of respiration in a single individual

Wetterau, H.; Lengerken, J.V., 1967:
Comparison of different N sources in in vitro experiments

Uutela, Päivi.; Ketola, R.A.; Piepponen, P.; Kostiainen, R., 2009:
Comparison of different amino acid derivatives and analysis of rat brain microdialysates by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry

L.E.li; T.J.nas; R.M.ister, 2009:
Comparison of different automatic methods for estimating snow water equivalent

Glatzel, H.; Rettenmaier, G., 1963:
Comparison of different breads in the physiology of nutrition. V. Differences in venous and capillary blood sugar levels

Nikolaevsky, V.V., 1967:
Comparison of different c reactive protein precipitating sera human

Adler, P.; Bruszt, P.; Hradecky, C., 1952:
Comparison of different caries-indices

Kubica, George, P., 1967:
Comparison of different digestion-decontamination methods for recovery of mycobacteria from sputum A suggested method for field processing of sputa

Siebenmann, Charles, 1932:
Comparison of different diphtheria antitoxin sera with regard to their rate of flocculation

Omar, A.; Jouvenceaux, A., 1966:
Comparison of different enzyme testsinsearch of anti-Rh antibodies

Morteza Sedighi; Seied Hashem Tabatabaee; Mehdi Najafi-Alamdari, 2009:
Comparison of different gravity field implied density models of the topography

Mayer, V., 1962:
Comparison of different in vitro and in vivo methods for the detection of small quantities of various tick-borne encephalitis viruses

Kozlowska, Jadwiga, 1963:
Comparison of different kinds of filters used for nematode filtration Symposium on Nematology, 1963

Pekkarinen, A.; Rinne, U.K., 1967:
Comparison of different long-acting corticotropin preparations in the two-day corticotropin test in man

Silva-Carvalho, M.Cícera.; Teixeira, L.Arneiro.; Ferreira, F.Antunes.; Ribeiro, A.; Ferreira-Carvalho, B.Teixeira.; Figueiredo, A.Marie.Sá., 2009:
Comparison of different methods for detecting methicillin resistance in MRSA isolates belonging to international lineages commonly isolated in the American continent

Hoather, Roy, C., 1964:
Comparison of different methods for measurement of turbidity

Fernandez, A.E.ther; Okuda, T., 1967:
Comparison of different methods for nitrate determination in sea water

Rethy, L.; Kiss, I.; Elek, G.; Koos, R., 1965:
Comparison of different methods for purifying the diphtheria toxoids

Narvanen, S.; Kosunen, S.; Suomalainen, P., 1968:
Comparison of different methods for the determination of magnesium in serum inst colorimetry inst fluorometry inst atomic absorption spectrophotometry

Chebotareva, E.D., 1961:
Comparison of different methods of determining thyroid function with radioactive iodine

Parras, Vicente, 1939:
Comparison of different methods of germinating bitaog

Leukel, R.W.; Stanton, T.R.; Stevens, H.L.nd, 1938:
Comparison of different methods of inoculating oat seed with smut

Wartenhorst, Aloys, 1927:
Comparison of different methods of judging the amount of plant nutrients in the soil

Anonymous, 1957:
Comparison of different methods of purifying and concentrating tetanus toxoid and a study of its properties in a polyvalent vaccine Referat Zhur, Biol, 1959, No 52462 Courtesy of NSF 1963

Supran, M.K.; Powers, J.J.; Rao, P.V.; Dornseifer, T.P.; King, P.H., 1966:
Comparison of different organic acids for the acidification of canned pimientos

Gracza, Rezsoe, 1962:
Comparison of different parameters indexing the average particle size and specific surface of flours and air-classified flour fractions

Okonogi, Eidi, 1929:
Comparison of different parts of a large root for seed-pieces of Ityo-imo, a variety of edible yams

Kelly, R.; Stephens, M.W., 1964:
Comparison of Different Patterns of Social Reinforcement in Children's Operant Learning

Letelier, A.Elias, 1957:
Comparison of different phosphates on wheat

Letelier Almeyda, Elias, 1954:
Comparison of different phosphorus fertilizers on wheat and its residual effect on the yield

Javier Erro; Angel M Zamarreño; Jose M Garcia-Mina; Jean-Claude Yvin, 2009:
Comparison of different phosphorus-fertiliser matrices to induce the recovery of phosphorus-deficient maize plants

Watzman, N.; Barry, H.; Kinnard, W.J.; Buckley, J.P., 1966:
Comparison of different photobeam arrangements for measuring spontaneous activity of mice

Leser, V.; Drobne, D.; Pipan, Z.; Milani, M.; Tatti, F., 2009:
Comparison of different preparation methods of biological samples for FIB milling and SEM investigation

Wahl, R.; Drach, G., 1963:
Comparison of different preparations of Streptococcus pyogenes as detectors of delayed experimental allergy in rabbits

Allen, Frederick, M., 1940:
Comparison of different preparations of amorphous and zinc crystalline insulin

Davide Vione; Marco Ponzo; Daniele Bagnus; Valter Maurino; Claudio Minero; Maria Eugenia Carlotti, 2010:
Comparison of different probe molecules for the quantification of hydroxyl radicals in aqueous solution

Bartmann, K.; Krautward, A.; Wandtke, V., 1949:
Comparison of different procedures for producing reflex vasodilatation in the lower extremities

Anonymous, 1966:
Comparison of different proteic sources of plant origin in fattening chickens

Burger, H.C.; Va.M.Laan, J.B.; De.B.Er.D., 1952:
Comparison of different systems of vectorcardiography

Richter, P.; Toth, I., 1960:
Comparison of different techniques for gamma-globulin production

Klusacek, J., 1967:
Comparison of different technological procedures applied in pig fattening

Schulte, J.W.; Tainter, M.L.; Dille, J.M., 1939:
Comparison of different types of central stimulation from analeptics

Andrews, L.D.; Mcpherson, B.N., 1963:
Comparison of different types of materials for broiler litter

Trzecki, Istanisaw, 1962:
Comparison of different ways and times of top dressing fertilization of spring barley and winter wheat

Brown, L.R., 1962:
Comparison of diffusion of different microbial growth factors, alone and in combination, through extracted human teeth

Fritz, J.C.; Burrows, W.H.; Titus, H.W., 1936:
Comparison of digestibility in gizzardec-tomized and normal fowls

Szaniawski, Andrzej, 1960:
Comparison of digestibility of foodstuffs with different protein ratios for calves of domestic cattle and of bison, Bison bonasus

Wyckoff, John, 1926:
Comparison of digitalis doses in auricular flutter on the auricle and A-V conduction

Chen, E.K.; Hargreaves, C.C.; Robbins, E.B.own, 1942:
Comparison of digoxin, digilanids A, B and C, and deacetyldigilanids A and B

Levaditi, C.; Vaisman, A.; Levy, P., 1949:
Comparison of dihydrostreptomycin and streptomycin from the point of view of their antituberculous effect in vivo

Armelin, E.; Donald, D.E.; Wood, E.H., 1964:
Comparison Of Dilution Technics Using Aortic Injection With Upstream Sampling For Assessment Of Aortic Regurgitation

Hiller, H.C.arlotte; Brown, R.S., 1967:
Comparison of dimensions and fibril angles of loblolly pine tracheids formed in wet or dry growing seasons

Pullman, Maynard, E., 1951:
Comparison of diphosphopyridine nucleotide with desamino DPN in various enzyme systems

Pullman, M.E.; Colowick, S.P.; Kaplan, N.O., 1952:
Comparison of diphosphopyridine nucleotide with its deaminated derivative in various enzyme systems

Goldstein, S.; Killip, T., 1962:
Comparison of direct and indirect arterial pressures in aortic regurgitation

Shuler, R.H.; Kupperman, H.S.; Hamilton, W.F., 1944:
Comparison of direct and indirect blood pressure measurements in rats

Ulrych, M.; Burianová, B.; Hornych, A.; Mydlík, M.; Dousa, T.; Hejl, Z., 1966:
Comparison of direct and indirect methods of measurement of arterial blood pressure in man

Walsh, S.Z., 1963:
Comparison of direct and photographic electrocardiographic registration

Kotler, S.; Lubs, H.A., 1967:
Comparison of direct and short-term tissue culture technics in determining solid tumor karyotypes

Pascarelll, E.F.; Bertrand, C.A., 1963:
Comparison of direct brachial and femoral arterial blood pressures in man: A reappraisa

Rhoton, A.; Goldring, S.; O'leary, J.L., 1960:
Comparison of direct cerebral and cerebellar cortical responses in the cat

Haddy, F.J.; Molnar, J.I.; Borden, C.W.; Texter, E.C., 1962:
Comparison of direct effects of angiotensin and other vasoactive agents on small and large blood vessels in several vascular beds

Burkwall, M.K.; Hartman, P.A., 1964:
Comparison of Direct Plating Media for the Isolation and Enumeration of Enterococci in Certain Frozen Foods

Head, L.R.; Kezdi, P.; Zaks, M.S., 1962:
Comparison of direct vision mitral valvuloplasty with closed mitral commissurotomy in similar groups of patients treated surgically for mitral valve disease

Study, R.S.; Shipley, R.E., 1950:
Comparison of direct with indirect renal blood flow, extraction of inulin and diodrast, before and during acute renal nerve stimulation

Lewis, Don, 1953:
Comparison of direct-vision and mirror-vision performance on a pursuit rotor

Bolinger, R.E.; Stephens, R.R., 1964:
Comparison Of Disappearance From Plasma Of Insulin I-131 And Of Insulin-Like Activity

Ceccaldi, H.J.; Daumas, R.; Zagalsky, P.F., 1967:
Comparison of distribution in amino acids of caroteno lipo proteins of ovaries of 3 marine crustacea and 1 marine mollusk cancer pagurus plesionika edwardsi homarus americanus pecten maximus

Ganguly, J.; Deuel, H.J., 1951:
Comparison of distribution of carotenoid component in tissues of several species

Lawson, H.C.; Shanklin, J.D.; Chacalos, E.H., 1962:
Comparison of distribution spaces for labeled and unlabeled cells and plasma in dogs

Kellogg, R.H.; Burack, W.R.; Isselbacher, K.J., 1954:
Comparison of diuresis produced by isotonic saline solutions and by water in rats studied by a steady state method

Thiermann, E.; Reyes, H.; Niedmann, G., 1960:
Comparison of diverse treatments applied in different periods of experimental toxoplasmosis of mice

Hong, S.K., 1963:
Comparison of diving and nondiving women of Korea

W.S.Y.; Smuckler, E.A., 1968:
Comparison of dna dependent enz rna polymerase activity in isolated rat liver nuclei after a single oral administration of olive d oil amino azo benzene carcino and di methylamino azo benzene carcino abstract

Lindsey, A.A.; Schmelz, D.V., 1964:
Comparison of donaldsons woods in 1964 with its 1954 forest map of 20 acres

Talley, R.C.; Johnson, C.E.; Goldberg, L.I.; Mcnay, J.L., 1968:
Comparison of dopamine cardio vasc and isoproterenol cardio vasc in therapy of human shock abstract

Jayle J F.; Moretti, J.; Marcais, J., 1966:
Comparison of dosage for hapto globin seromucoid and sedimentation rate in inflammatory and clinical states film abstract

Wingate, C.L.; Page, N.P.; Ainsworth, E.J., 1967:
Comparison of dose patterns in a dog exposed to neutrons and x-rays

Dmitriev, Y.S., 1964:
Comparison of double and single reversals of conditional reflexes for evaluating the mobility of nervous processes in rodents

Kempe, C.H.nry; Hobday, R.L.; Rao, A.R.; W.Downie, A., 1961:
Comparison of dried smallpox vaccine with fresh Indian buffalo calf lymph in revaccinations against smallpox

Rao, A.R.; Kempe, C.H., 1963:
Comparison of dried vaccine with fresh Indian buffalo-calf lymph in revaccination against smallpox In: Seance de l'Association Internationale des Societes de Microbiologie, symposium international sur la vaccination antivariolique, Lyon, France, 7-9 decembre, 1962

Lederer, L.G.; Putnam, L.E., 1958:
Comparison of drowsiness induced by bonamine and marezine

Barry, Herbert, 1962:
Comparison of drug

Brown, Barbara, B., 1951:
Comparison of drug action in auricular flutter of aconitine and of circus movement origin

Barry, H.; Miller, N.E., 1965:
Comparison Of Drug Effects On Approach, Avoidance, And Escape Motivation

Kaelbling, R.; Larson, D.M., 1966:
Comparison of drug treatment before and during psychiatric hospitalization

Paley, H.W.; Mcdonald, I.; Wee3sler, A.M., 1964:
Comparison of drug-induced positive inotrbpy and chrono-tropy on left ventricular volume and performance in man

Tepperman, H.M.; Tepperman, J., 1967:
Comparison of drug-metabolizing and olefin-forming systems in rat liver

Ohman, J.H.; Anderson, N.A.; French, D.W., 1959:
Comparison of dry and chemical girdling to prevent sporulation of the oak wilt fungus

Solomon, C.; Silberblatt, J.M.; Hyman, R.M., 1957:
Comparison of dry smear technics with wet technics for the cytologic study of urine

Rodgers, C.; Mangel, M.; Baldwin, R., 1963:
Comparison of dry-heat cooking methods for round steak

Ivan, M., 2008:
Comparison of duodenal flow and digestibility in fauna-free sheep inoculated with Holotrich protozoa, Entodinium monofauna or total mixed protozoa population

Kessler, W.B.; Borman, A., 1957:
Comparison of duration of action of progesterone and 17-a-hydroxyprogesterone- 17-n-caproate

Freidman, M., 1967:
Comparison of duration of activity of corticotrophin gelatin hormone and corticotrophin carboxymethyl cellulose hormone human

Jacobs, M.B.; Manoharan, A.; Goldwater, L.J., 1962:
Comparison of dust counts of indoor and outdoor air

Griffiths, J.T.; Stearns, C.R.; Thompson, W.L., 1952:
Comparison of dusting and spraying over a three year period

Lunde, M.N.; Jacobs, L.; Wood, R.M., 1963:
Comparison of dye and hemagglutination tests on sera of suspected cases of toxoplasmic uveitis

Shadle, O.W.; Ferguson, T.B.; Gregg, D.E., 1952:
Comparison of dye dilution cardiac output with a rotameter and the pressure pulse contour method

Kerby, G.P.; Taylor, S.M., 1962:
Comparison of dye-binding capacity of AM and PM plasma proteins in rheumatoid patient

Korner, P.I.; Uther, J.B.; Chalmers, J.P.; Nicks, R., 1960:
Comparison of dye-dilution and flowmeter estimates of pulmonary valve incompetence in dogs

Novgorodskaya, E.M., 1960:
Comparison of dysentery bacteria isolated and classified in the USSR with cultures from foreign collections classified in terms of the international nomenclature

Gurun, Y.; Sayman, A., 1968:
Comparison of early and late post operative results of patients with cross jones and starr edwards prosthetic valves for mitral insufficiency title

Schneider, C.R.; Blair, L.S.; Schardein, J.L.; Boche, L.K., 1968:
Comparison of early litomosoides carinii infections in cotton rats and gerbils bdellonyssus bacoti vector sigmodon hispidus meriones unguiculatus

Greer, W.E.; Felsenfeld, O., 1966:
Comparison of early response to phenolized cholera vaccine and to vibrio lipopolysaccharide in patas monkeys

Parencia, C.R.; Ewing, K.P., 1950:
Comparison of early-season, late-season, and early-season plus late-season insecticide applications for cotton insect control

Mueller Dombois, D.; Krajina, V.J., 1968:
Comparison of east flank vegetations on mauna loa and mauna kea hawaii usa

Coufalikova Hatl; Dolezel, F.; Skarda, J.; Bartos, S., 1968:
Comparison of effect of 2 diets on the milk fat precursor level in the omasum content and in the venous and arterial blood of milch cows abstract hay feeding groat feeding milk fat levels

Feldman, Paul, E., 1963:
Comparison of effect of 2-methyl-3-piperidinopyrazine on target symptoms of anergic schizophrenics

Chen, K.K.; Herrmann, R.G.; Tust, R.H., 1956:
Comparison of effect of valmid and other hypnotics on brain respiration in vitro

Rivers, S.L.; Whittington, R.M.; Patno, M.E., 1963:
Comparison of effect of cyclophosphamide and a placebo in treatment of multiple myeloma

Knowlton, A.I., 1960:
Comparison of effect of desoxycorticosterone acetate and cortisone acetate on rat skeletal muscle electrolytes

Chowers, I.; Hammel, H.T.; Stromme, S.B.; Mccann, S.M., 1964:
Comparison Of Effect Of Environmental And Preoptic Cooling On Plasma Cortisol Levels

Chowers, I.; Hammel, H.T.; Eisenman, J.; Abrams, R.M.; McCann, S.M., 1966:
Comparison of effect of environmental and preoptic heating and pyrogen on plasma cortisol

Wang, J-Yong.; Sun, W-Dong.; Wang, X-Long., 2009:
Comparison of effect of high intake of magnesium with high intake of phosphorus and potassium on urolithiasis in goats fed with cottonseed meal diet

Greenberg, R.; Lambeth, C.B., 1952:
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Comparison of effect of progesterone and 11-ketoprogesterone upon the glycosuria of the partially depancreatized rat

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Comparison of effect of radioactive cobalt and X-rays on formation of antibodies and on the healing of inflammatory foci after local irradiatio

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Comparison of effect of reserpine and syrosingopine on gastric acid secretion

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Comparison of effectiveness of adsorbed and crude tetanus toxoids in revaccination in man

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Comparison of effectiveness of aminopoly carbonic acids antidote in experimental zinc cadmium mercury poisonings

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Comparison of effectiveness of some antimotion sickness drugs using recommended and larger than recommended doses as tested in the slow rotation room

Comparison of effectiveness of three testosterone preparations in man and rats

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Comparison of effectiveness of various methods of administration of insulin

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Comparison of Effects of X-Rays and Thermal Neutrons on Dormant Seeds of Barley, Maize, Mustard, and Safflower

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Comparison of effects of a stress on the glycosuria of partially depancreatized-adrenalectomized rats

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Comparison of effects of acidosis and alkalosis on the renal action of diamox

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Comparison of effects of atom decay and beta-ray radiations on the inactivation and mutation of a mycobacterium

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Comparison of effects of chemotherapy and local irradiation on the vascularity of a transplanted mouse lymphosarcoma

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Comparison of effects of cobra venom and morphine on unanesthetized cat

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Comparison of effects of concentrations of malachite green anti infect and acriflavine anti infect on fungi associated with diseased fish saprolegnia parasitica saprolegnia ferax achlya flagellata achlya oblongata achlya racemosa achlya ambisexualis allomyces macrogynus sesame d seed

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Comparison of effects of d- and 1-isomers of amidone and isoamidone on cholinesterase

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Comparison of effects of deuterium oxide and x-ray irradiation on multiplication of poliovirus

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Comparison of effects of dexamphetamine and LSD-25 flysergic acid diethylamide on perceptual and autonomic function

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Comparison of effects of disease or resection of proximal and distal small intestine in man

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Comparison of effects of electric stimulation with effects of intermittent compression on the work output and endurance of denervated muscle

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Comparison of effects of epinephrine and norepinephrine on carbohydrate metabolism in the rat

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Comparison of effects of frontal and caudate lesions on timing and discrimination in monkeys

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Comparison of effects of milk and its lipid and carbohydrate constituents with those of other dietary fats and carbohydrates on serum lipid concentrations in man cream butter cotton d seed oil oral

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Comparison of effects of phlorizin and phloretin 2'-galactoside on the renal tubular reabsorption of glucose in dog

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Comparison of effects of protamine and polybrene, with special emphasis on the factor VIII deficiency induced

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Comparison of effects of purine nucleotides on gluta-mate dehydrogenases from different sources

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Comparison of effects of simple sugars on 3T3 mouse fibroblasts and 3T3 cells transformed by infection with oncogenic viruses

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Comparison of effects of soaps and synthetic detergents on hands of housewives; clinical method

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Comparison of effects of sodium pentobarbital or ether-induced anesthesia on rate of flow and cell content of rat thoracic duct lymph

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Comparison of effects of static and dynamic work on blood pressure and heart rate

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Comparison of effects of sub-thalamic and thalamic limited stereotaxic lesions

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Comparison of effects of thyroidectomy with propylthiouracil treatment on renal hypertension in rats

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Comparison of effects of thyropathic drugs on experimental dental caries and salivary gland function

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Comparison of effects of various brands of ACTH on normal subjects

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Comparison of effects of various phosphate compounds and aluminum silicate on isolated frog heart

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Comparison of effects of vasopressor administration and various types of fluid replacement on fetal bradycardia and hypoxia induced by maternal hemorrhage

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Comparison of effects on hypertension of hexamethonium and pentapyrrolidinium injected subcutaneously

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Comparison of effects on tissue oxygenation of hyperbaric oxygen and intra vascular hydrogen per oxide rabbit

Anonymous, 2009:
Comparison of efficacy of commercial one dose and two dose PCV2 vaccines using a mixed PRRSVa“PCV2a“SIV clinical infection model 2a“3-month post vaccination

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Comparison of efficacy of new insecticides on the rape beetle

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Comparison of efficacy of phenoxymethyl penicillin and buffered penicillin G in treatment of streptococcal pharyngitis

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Comparison of efficacy of various drugs in treatment of epilepsy

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Comparison of efficiency for growth of methionine and calcium hydroxymethylthiobutyrate

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Comparison of efficiency of large and small doses of INH in combined treatment of pulmonary tuber culosis patients

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Comparison of efficiency of the rapid whole blood agglutination test with the serum agglutination test for pullorum disease

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Comparison of efficiency-increasing and toxic effects of theophyllinated scillaridin on isolated cat heart

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Comparison of egg yolk containing selective media for the quantitation and isolation of coagulase positive staphylococci in foods

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Comparison of eggs in 3 species of Gryllus and their hybrids

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Comparison of eight statistical treatments of experimental data in fractions

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Comparison of eighteen phreatophyte communities on the Rio Grande in New Mexico

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Comparison of elastins from various sources

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Comparison of elec-troencephalographic activity derived by surface and transcortical electrodes Abstract

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Comparison of electrical and magnetic stimulations to assess quadriceps muscle function

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Comparison of electrical and mechanical processes in the myo cardium and phasic analysis of systoles of the left ventricle in patients with endemic goiter

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Comparison of Electrical and Mechanical Recording of Spontaneous and Evoked Muscle Activity. the Clinical Value of Continuous Recording as An Aid to the Rational use of Muscle Relaxants During Anesthesia

Berezhnitskii, M.N., 1967:
Comparison of electrical electro mechanical and mechanical systoles in chronic cor pulmonale human

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Comparison Of Electrical Parameters And The Quality Of Electro-Anesthesia

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Comparison of electro encephalographic effects of chlorpromazine octoclothepin and methiothepin in rabbits

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Comparison Of Electrocardiograms And Vectorcardiograms In Congenital Aortic Stenosis

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Comparison of electrocardiograms of small animals using an oscilloscope and direct-writer

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Comparison of electrocardiographic and ballistocardiographic findings with those obtained by coronary arteriography

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Comparison of electrode and flame photometer methods for sodium analysis of soil water

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Comparison of electroencephalograms before and after the action of weak impulse currents and constant current on the brain

Korchinskaya, E.I., 1965:
Comparison of electroencephalograms of patients with patients having pfropfschizophrenia and those with uncomplicated malignant forms of schizophrenia

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Comparison of electroencephalographs of young rats from dams on synthetic and on normal diets

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Comparison of electromotive effect of concentration on tissues, proteins, and other substances

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Comparison of Electromyographic and Microswitch Measures of Auditory Reaction time

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Comparison of electron absorption gas chromatography with bioassay using Daphnia magna for the determination of pesticide residues

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Comparison of electron transport systems in vegetative cells and spores of Bacillus cereus

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Comparison of electronically calculated and graphically determined values of the acid-base status

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Comparison of electrophoretic patterns of human sera obtained in phosphate and in diethylbarbiturate buffer

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Comparison of electroretinal response to x-rays and to light

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Comparison of embryo yield and pregnancy rate between in vivo and in vitro methods in the same Nelore (Bos indicus) donor cows

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Comparison of emission from excited state produced in proteins and amino acids by ultraviolet light and ionizing radiation

Yeargers, E.; D.V.ughn, N.; Nag Chaudhuri, J.; Carter, J.; Augenstein, L., 1963:
Comparison of emission from excited states produced by ultraviolet light and ionizing radiation

N.H.dson; G.A.A.oko, 2009:
Comparison of emission rate values for odour and odorous chemicals derived from two sampling devices

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Comparison of emulsions and techniques in electron microscope radioautography

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Comparison of enantioselective HPLC separation of structurally diverse compounds on chiral stationary phases with different teicoplanin coverage and distinct linkage chemistry

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Comparison of endogenous and exogenous creatinine clearances in man

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Comparison of endogenous and exogenous gastrin in stimulation of acid and pepsin secretion

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Comparison of endothelial cells from abdominal aorta and from abdominal aorta prosthesis abstract dog

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Comparison of endotoxin blockade by estrogenic substances and hydrocortisone

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Comparison of endotoxins of Salmonella enteritidis obtained by various methods of extraction

Fengnian Shi; Rob Morrison; Andrew Cervellin; Fraser Burns; Fiesal Musa, 2009:
Comparison of energy efficiency between ball mills and stirred mills in coarse grinding

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Comparison of engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae and engineered Escherichia coli for the production of an optically pure keto alcohol

Knott, W.; Scott, W.J., 1968:
Comparison of enide herbic n n di methyl 2 2 diphenyl acetamide herbic and botran fungic 2 6 di chloro 4 nitro aniline fungic with ddt pestic with respect to toxicity to fish and wildlife abstract bobwhite quail mallard ducks

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Comparison of enterococci and coliform microorganisms in commercially produced pecan nut meats

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Comparison of enterogastrone derived from various sections of the intestine

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Comparison of environmental temperature variations at several locations

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Comparison of enzymatic and membrane methods for determination of coli titre of water, and the combined use of the methods

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Comparison of enzymatic reduction of diphosphopyridin nucleotide with ammonia and urea

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Comparison of enzyme activites in hepatomas of different growth rates

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Comparison Of Enzyme Activities Of Arterial Samples From Sexually Mature Men And Women

Kirk, John Epsen, 1963:
Comparison of enzyme activities of arterial samples from sexually mature men and women In 47th Annual meeting of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, 1963

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Comparison Of Enzyme Activity In Malignant And Adjacent Uninvolved Tissue

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Comparison of enzyme distribution in liver of normal, fasted and hypoxic guinea pigs

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Comparison of enzyme induction by the porphyrinogenic drug allylisopropyl acetamide metab and pheno barbital metab abstract rat liver

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Comparison of enzymic hydrolysis of proteins and peptones

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Comparison of eosinophil and circulating 17-hydroxycorticosteroid responses to epinephrine and ACTH

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Comparison of eosinophil responses in human subjects during flights in aircraft, decompression to 40.000 ft., and exposure to cold

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Comparison of epinephrine and ACTH action on the circulating eosinophils of mice

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Comparison of equations for the construction of tables for standard volumes of pinus pinaster g thesis abstract

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Comparison of ergometric studies in algerians and czechs

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Comparison of ergot alkaloids

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Comparison of errors with the three-weekly or four-weekly milk testing

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Comparison of erythro kinetics in macrocytic and microcytic anemias

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Comparison of erythrocyte 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenases of man and various ungulates

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Comparison of erythrocyte glocuse-6-phosphate dehydrogenases of man and various ungulates

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Comparison of erythrocyte numbers in normal and hormone-treated brown Leghorn fowl

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Comparison of erythropoietic response in normal and adrenalectomized rats following hemorrhage

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Comparison of essential amino acid patterns

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Comparison of esters of strophanthidin in cats

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Comparison of estimated peptic activity by RISA and the hemoglobin methods of crystalline pepsin solutions, of human gastric secretions and with the addition of antipeptic sulfated polysaccharides

Tanabe, Y., 1964:
Comparison Of Estimates For Thyroxine Secretion Rate Determined By The Goiter Prevention Assay And By Measuring The Activity Of Serum Alkaline Phosphatase In The Chicken

Loeb, Howard, A., 1958:
Comparison of estimates of fish populations in lakes

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Comparison of estimates of numbers obtained by the methods of release of marked individuals and complete removal of rodents

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Comparison of estimates of under-nutrition for pre-school rural Pakistani children based on the WHO standard and the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) reference

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Comparison of ethambutol-INH versus INH-PAS in original treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis

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Comparison of ethionamide with isoniazid in original treatment cases of pulmonary tuberculosis. XIV. A report of the Veterans Administration--Armed Forces cooperative study

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Comparison of ethylenedioxyphenyl and methylenedioxyphenyl compounds as extenders for pyrethrins

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Comparison of evaporation data from standard Weather Bureau and Plant Industry type evaporation pans

Schlenker, F.S., 1932:
Comparison Of Existing Methods For The Determination Of Ammonia Nitrogen And Their Adaptability To Plant Juice

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Comparison of excited phases after sedatives and tranquilizers

Carter, J.G., 1963:
Comparison of excited state emissions produced in proteins and amino acids by u v light and ionizing radiation

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Comparison of excretion analysis with whole-body counting for assessment of internal radioactive contaminants

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Comparison of excretion of bromsulphalein and sodium cholate after intravenous injection, separately and combined

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Comparison of excretion rates of linear glutamyl peptides in humans and dogs

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Comparison of existing theories on the function of germinal centers

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Comparison of experimental asthma in animals and human bronchial asthma

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Comparison of experimental binding data and theoretical models in proteins containing subunits

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Comparison of experimental cardiac activity of various aspartates

Nikodemusz, I., 1966:
Comparison of experimental pathogenic power of Bacillus cereus and Bacillus laterosporus administered orally

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Comparison of experimental tuberculosis in cortisone-treated and alloxan-diabetic albino rats

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Comparison of experimentally induced and naturally occurring sensitivity to leucine hypoglycemia

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Comparison of external loss of sodium with loss from sucrose space in adrenalectomized rats

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Comparison of extracellular enz phosphatases of mayorella palestinensis with intra cellular enz phosphatases abstract

Letassy, B.R.; Huyck, C.L., 1963:
Comparison Of Extractive Procedures For Digitalis

Mackin, R.J.; Shirley, H.V.; Goff, O.E., 1968:
Comparison of f 1 and f 2 generations of layers abstract

Goode, J.W.; Blaber, L.C., 1966:
Comparison of facilitatory and de polarizing drugs on the mammalian motor nerve terminal

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Comparison of factored dimensions of peer and superior ratings on a situational-type rating scale of intellectual aptitude

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Comparison of factors affecting Warner-Bratzler Shear values of beef steaks

Kennedy, W.K.; Lancaster, R.J., 1957:
Comparison of faecal nitrogen for the estimation of feed-to-faeces ratio of pasture-fed cattle

Bergman, E.N.; Sellers, A.F., 1960:
Comparison of fasting ketosis in pregnant and nonpregnant guinea pigs

Hollett, C.; Meng, H.C., 1956:
Comparison of fat emulsion clearing activities of postheparin plasma and pancreatic lipase

Vasilev, T.; Benkov, M.; Stefanova, S.; Sobev, D., 1968:
Comparison of fat in young swine with and without exercise

Caldwell, L.D.; Odum, E.P.; Marshall, S.G., 1963 :
Comparison of fat levels in migrating birds killed at a central Michigan and a Florida Gulf coast television tower

Stirton, A.J.; Hammaker, E.M.; Herb, S.F.; Roe, E.T., 1944:
Comparison of fat-splitting reagents in the Twitchell process

Hucko, V.; Botto, V.; Pelech, O., 1968:
Comparison of fattening abilities and meat utility of the slovak spotted and black spotted bulls

Evans, Laura, 1964:
Comparison of fatty acids from the lipid classes of serum lipoproteins and other lipids in the bison

Kacar, A.; Gungor, F., 2010:
Comparison of fecal coliform bacteria before and after wastewater treatment plant in the Izmir Bay (Eastern Aegean Sea)

Arnold, G.W.; Dudzinski, M.L., 1967:
Comparison of fecal nitrogen regressions and in vitro estimates of diet digestability for estimating the consumption of herbage by grazing animals

Haley, T.J.; Mccormick, W.G., 1956:
Comparison of fee effect of ergotamine and Hydergine on muscle and skin blood flow in the anesthetized dog

Kaori Takagi; Akihiko Yatsu; Hiroshi Itoh; Masatoshi Moku; Hiroshi Nishida, 2009:
Comparison of feeding habits of myctophid fishes and juvenile small epipelagic fishes in the western North Pacific

Lucas, I.A.M., 1968:
Comparison of feeding methods and energy levels of diets from weaning to slaughter abstract pig barley m wheat m

Byers, J.H., 1965:
Comparison Of Feeding Value Of Alfalfa Hay, Silage, And Low-Moisture Silage

Huey, William, S., 1961:
Comparison of female Mallard with female New Mexican duck

Wuberflein, R.D.; Smiley, R.H.; Campbell, G.S., 1967:
Comparison of femoral artery, femoral vein, and total hind limb bloodflow in dogs

Conner, Ray, M., 1957:
Comparison of fermentation tube and membrane filter techniques for estimating coliform densities in sea water

Arnon, D.I.; Tagawa, K.; Buchanan, B.B.; Bachofen, R.; Tsujimoto, H.Y.; Mcswain, B.D., 1964:
Comparison of ferredoxin-dependent reactions in isolated chloroplasts and in extracts of a photosynthetic bacterium

Laskowski, S., 1967:
Comparison of fertilizer effect of stubble and crops planted between 2 main crops on light soils in crop rotation

Saeki, Yuichi; Brown, Keith, I., 1961:
Comparison of fertilizing ability of ejaculated and vasa deferentia spermatozoa in turkeys

Solomon, J.M., 1963:
Comparison of fetal and adult ABH antigens by the quantitative hemagglutination technic

Howell, M., 1965:
Comparison Of Fibrinolysis And Coagulation In Nigerian And European Men

Harris, E.D.; Green, V.E., 1959:
Comparison of field corn varieties for resistance to corn earworm and stored grain insect injury in the Everglades

A.P.sonen; O.L.ino; M.M.ltamo; A.K.ngas, 2009:
Comparison of field sampling methods for assessing coarse woody debris and use of airborne laser scanning as auxiliary information

Gaskill, John 0., 1942:
Comparison of field seeding of sugar beets and mangel wurzels with two methods of transplanting

Liu, Q.; Liu, Y.; Guan, Y.; Jia, L., 2009:
Comparison of field-enhanced and pressure-assisted field-enhanced sample injection techniques for the analysis of water-soluble vitamins using CZE

Chris Maple, P.A.; Gunn, A.; Sellwood, J.; Brown, D.W.G.; Gray, J.J., 2008:
Comparison of fifteen commercial assays for detecting Varicella Zoster virus IgG with reference to a time resolved fluorescence immunoassay (TRFIA) and the performance of two commercial assays for screening sera from immunocompromised individuals

Craig, J., 1961:
Comparison of fine structural alterations in aminonucleoside nephrosis with human nephrosis

Small, P.A.; Dray, S., 1964:
Comparison of fingerprints of B chains in -globulin from rabbits of different genotype

Eckert, K.H., 1961:
Comparison of first generation stands of Nothofagus forest with European beech .

Kartono, R.Agus, 1958:
Comparison of fishing efficiency between A Longline and Rawai , B Trawl and Dogol, C Various types of Pajang

Murakami, A.; Kondo, S.; Tazima, Y., 1965:
Comparison of fission neutrons and gamma-rays in respect to their efficiency in inducing mutations in silkworm gonia

Knuttgen, Howard, G., 1961:
Comparison of fitness of Danish and American school children

Daza, J.; Muller, L.E., 1965:
Comparison of five chemical methods for available phosphorus determination in some tropical soils

Bartonícek, V., 1967:
Comparison of five clinically used inhibitors of monoamine oxidase using the fluorescence microscopy method

Hardin, L.J.; Sarten, C.T., 1962:
Comparison of five extraction procedures for the recovery of DDT residues in field-treated collards

Nestler, R.B.; Bailey, W.W.; Williams, W.D., 1944:
Comparison of five major cereals in the maintenance diet of bobwhite quail

Borth, R.; Menzi, A., 1964:
Comparison Of Five Methods For The Extraction Of Human Pituitary Gonadotrophin From Urine

Monis, B.; Wasserkrug, H.; Seligman, A.M., 1965:
Comparison of fixatives and substrates for aminopeptidase

Suboski, M.D., 1965:
Comparison Of Fixed And Variable-Ratio Schedules Of Reinforcement

Sleesman, J.P.; Wilson, J.D., 1943:
Comparison of fixed coppers and bordeaux mixture in the control of insects and diseases on muck-grown Irish cobbler potatoes

Mann, J.B.; Mcintire, J.M., 1961:
Comparison of flavor and some other chemical properties of instantized and non-instantized nonfat dry milk

Tompkins, M.D.; Pratt, G.B., 1959:
Comparison of flavor evaluation methods for frozen citrus concentrate

Muller, W., 1928:
Comparison of flaxes in variety tests of the German Agric. Soc. in 1926

Garcia Hurtado, J., 1962:
Comparison of flaxseed varieties in El Bajio, Mexico

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Comparison of fluorescence microscopy with the Ziehl-Neelsen stain for detection of acid-fast bacilli in smear preparations and tissue sections

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Comparison Of Fluorescent Antibody, Precipitin, And Bacitracin Disk Methods In The Identification Of Group A Streptococci

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Comparison of fluoride contents of human dental and skeletal tissues

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Comparison Of Fluorochromes For The Preparation Of Fluorescent-Antibody Reagents

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Comparison Of Fluorometric Corticoids And Porter-Silber 17-Hydroxycorticoids During Fasting

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Comparison of Foetal Pulmonary Fluid with Foetal Plasma and Amniotic Fluid

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Comparison of forest ecosystems in different climatic zones

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Comparison of four barley varieties after extended analyses of the barley and of the produced malt, wort and beer

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Comparison of Four Methods of Determining Arterial Carbon Dioxide Tension in Patients with Pulmonary Disease

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Comparison of four methods of isolating salmonellae from foods, and elaboration of a preferred procedure

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Comparison of four methods to measure pain

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Comparison of four nasal sampling methods for the detection of viral pathogens by RT-PCRaA GA2LEN project

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Comparison Of Four Regimens In Newly Admitted Female Schizophrenics

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Comparison of frozen foam spray dried freeze dried and spray dried eggs 3 baked custards prepared from eggs with added corn m syrup solids

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Comparison of frozen inst foam spray dried inst freeze dried and inst spray dried eggs i gels prepared with milk and whole eggs containing corn m syrup solids

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Comparison of fructose and glucose in the diet of alloxan-diabetic rats

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Comparison of full calipering and measurement of samples

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Comparison of gene expression profiles in HepG2 cells exposed to arsenic, cadmium, nickel, and three model carcinogens for investigating the mechanisms of metal carcinogenesis

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Comparison of general combining ability of S3 lines and their S4 derivatives in maize

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Comparison of genetical and morphological methods for a study of biological differences

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Comparison of geobotanical investigation methods

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Comparison of geomicrobiological prospecting methods used by various investigators

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Comparison of germination percentages obtained for highland bentgrass seed tested at different temperature alternations

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Comparison of gestational age and weight as standards of prematurity

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Comparison of giant pangola, signal grass, and common pangola as pasture crops in the mountain region of Puerto Rico

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Comparison of gill surface morphology across a guild of suspension-feeding unionid bivalves

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Comparison of glacial and non-glacial-fed streams to evaluate the loading of persistent organic pollutants through seasonal snow/ice melt

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Comparison of glucocorticoid activity of some synthetic adrenocorticoids by a new method based upon intravenous glucose tolerance curve in rat

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Comparison Of Glucocorticoid Effects On Brown And White Adipose Tissue Of The Rat

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Comparison Of Glucuronide Synthesis In Developing Mammalian And Avian Liver

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Comparison of glycerol and trehalose as nutrients for the growth of tubercle bacilli

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Comparison of glycolytic enzyme activities in a series of human and rodent neopl hepatomas rat

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Comparison Of Graded And Quantal Virulence Tests For Bacillus Anthracis Spores

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Comparison of grades of beef rounds; effect of cooking times on palatability and cost

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Comparison of grain supplements to potato flattening ration for pigs based on linear programming

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Comparison of groundwater recharge estimation methods for the semi-arid Nyamandhlovu area, Zimbabwe

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Comparison of growth and autolysis of two strains of tubercle bacilli

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Comparison of growth and primary shunt product formation by Claviceps purpurea cultured on succinic acid and glucose as carbon sources

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Comparison of growth in PI Hereford X Shorthorn crossbred heifers

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Comparison of growth of four strains of oysters raised in Taylors Pond, Chatham, Mass

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Comparison of growth of various races of shirosugi.

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Comparison of growth performance and germination behavior of seeds of cassia tora d and cassia obtusifolia d

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Comparison of growth potential of the growth-promoting factor of tissue in young and adult rabbits

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Comparison of growth rates in various animal species

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Comparison of growth rates of some pelagic fishes of the Black and Adriatic Seas

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Comparison of growth stage of sorghum m forage types as to yield and chemical composition sudan grass m

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Comparison of guinea pig Y1 - and y2- immunoglobulins by peptide mapping

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Comparison of hallucinogenic and nonhallucinogenic congeners on regional serotonin 5 hydroxy tryptamine metabolism in brain abstract mouse n n di ethyl tryptamine cent stim lysergic acid di ethylamide cent stim 2 bromo lysergic acid di ethylamide cent stim 6 fluoro n n diethyl tryptamine cent stim

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Comparison of hand and machine thinning of sugar beets

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Comparison of hand-operated machines for cotton pest control in Uganda I Description of machines under test

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Comparison of hand-operated spraying machines for cotton pest control in Uganda II. Entomological assessment

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Comparison of hatchability and fertility among Broad-breasted Bronze and Beltsville Small-type White turkeys and their reciprocal crosses

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Comparison of heart sounds and murmurs in man and animals

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Comparison of heart vectors calculated with different systems of leads

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Comparison Of Heated And Unheated Serum For The Culture Of Human Amnion Cells

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Comparison of helium and nitrogen in production of bends in simulated orbital flights

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Comparison of hemagglutinins and preclpitins in amebiasis

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Comparison Of Hematologic And Febrile Response To Endotoxin In Man

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Comparison of hematologic changes during incorporation of some radioisotopes and after external irradiation

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Comparison of hematologic effects of internally deposited radium and plutonium in dogs

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Comparison of hematologic stains in sheep and man

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Comparison of hemepeptides from Chromatium hemeproteins

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Comparison of hemodynamic effects of closed- and open-chest methods of cardiac resuscitation in normal dogs and those with acute myocardial infarctio

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Comparison of hemodynamics in pulmonary and systemic circulations in various diseases

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Comparison of hemoglobin production in experimental anemia of severe and moderate degree

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Comparison of hemoglobin test with that of heparin

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Comparison of hemopoieticactivity of serum containing vitamin B-12

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Comparison Of Hemosiderin Estimation In Bone Marrow Sections And Bone Marrow Smears

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Comparison of heparin cardio vasc and enz strepto kinase cardio vasc in the treatment of recent myo cardial infarction abstract from nederl t geneesk 110 49 2159 2163 december 3 1966 human acenocoumarol hematol

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Comparison of heparin induced lipid clearing activity in human thoracic duct lymph and plasma

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Comparison of heparin specimens isolated from bovine, porcine, and whale organs

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Comparison of hepatic protein synthesis in normal and cyclo heximide metab treated rats

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Comparison of hepatic structure and function in acute and chronic ethionine intoxication

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Comparison of herbicides on yields of 1 year old strawberry d plants

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Comparison of heritabilities in crossbred and purebred cattle. In: 55th Annual national meeting of the American Society of Animal Science, 1963

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Comparison of high acuity scores on Snellen and ortho-rater tests

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Comparison of high and low dosage levels of 131-I in the treatment of thyrotoxicosis

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Comparison of high and low protein corn for growing-fattening pigs in drylot

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Comparison of high and low test weight sorghum m grain abstract chicks diet protein amino acid

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Comparison of high energy phosphate fractions in muscles of control, alloxan diabetic and depancreatized rats

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Comparison of high vs low fertilization and irrigated vs dry land produced sorghum m grain abstract chicken feed protein content

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Comparison of high-quality and low-quality hays for raising dairy calves

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Comparison of higher dosage levels used in the co-seasonal treatment of pollinosis

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Comparison of histamine metab and carbachol metab effect on vitamin b 12 metab absorption in man radio cobalamine metab

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Comparison of histochemical and biochemical methods for the polysaccharides of cartilage

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Comparison of histochemical and chemically determined fat content in liver biopsies

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Comparison of histologic lesions incited by the inoculation of Hansen's bacillus and by several other acid-fast bacilli in the white rat

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Comparison of histologic lung cancer types in captive wild mammals and birds and laboratory and domestic animals

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Comparison of histones from avian erythroid tissues by zone electrophoresis

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Comparison of histopathologic and vital microscopic findings in the terminal blood stream in degenerative diseases of vessels

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Comparison of histopathological results obtained in testing Sabln poliovirus type 3 and poliovirus strain USOL-D in rhesus and cvnomolgus monkeys

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Comparison of histoplasmin sensitivity rates among human beings and animals in Boone County

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Comparison of home and clinic rehabilitation for chronically ill and physically disabled persons

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Comparison of homologous 4 -alkoxy-stilbylamides and optical antipodes for their mitotic inhibitory effect

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Comparison of homologous bone grafts preserved by acetone and by freezing: experimental and bacteriologic studies

Sabanas, A.O.; Janes, J.M.; Dahlin, D.C.; Heilman, F.R., 1955:
Comparison of homologous bone grafts preserved by acetone and formaldehyde and by acetone alone: experimental studies

Yalcuk, A.; Ugurlu, A., 2009:
Comparison of horizontal and vertical constructed wetland systems for landfill leachate treatment

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Comparison of human MM, NN, and MN blood group antigens

Yasui, S.; Whipple, G.H.; Stark, L., 1964:
Comparison Of Human And Computer Electrocardiographic Wave-Form Classificiation And Identification

Brian, D.B., 1926:
Comparison of human myxosarcoma and the Rous sarcoma

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Comparison of human post-embryonic, multipotent stem cells derived from various tissues

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Comparison of human tolerance to accelerations of slow and rapid onset

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Comparison of human-bite and instrument puncture tests of cucumber texture

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Comparison of hydrocortlsone and cocaine potentiatlon

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Comparison of hydroxyzine-meperidine and promethazine-meperidine for analgesia during labor

Kumbhani, A.P., 1968:
Comparison of hygroton reserpine cardio vasc and reserpine cardio vasc alone in cases of hypertension

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Comparison of hypo glycemia produced by bordetella pertussis vaccine and by antigens in the rat

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Comparison of hypotensive action of sodium azide in normotensive and hypertensive patients

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Comparison of hypotensive and emetic dosages of Crvptenamine and other veratrum extracts in humans

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Comparison of hypothermizing effects of neuroleptics on the cerebral and rectal temperatures in the rabbit

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Comparison of image quality : 35mm., 70 mm., and full size films

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Comparison of immune and naturally-occurring antibodies as test reagents for blood grouping diabetic patients

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Comparison Of Immunochemical Methods With The Rat Ovarian Hyperemia Test In Routine Assays Of Human Urinary Chorionic Gonadotropin

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Comparison of immunologic determination of HCG

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Comparison of impulse ego and superego functions in better adjusted and more poorly adjusted deUnguent adolescent girls

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Comparison of in vitro action of cellulases from Aspergillus terreus and Pencillium variabile with fungal decomposition of jute and its modified products

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Comparison of in vitro activity of various species of Lithospermum and other plants to inactivate gonadotrophin

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Comparison Of In Vitro And In Vivo Activity Of Spiramycin And Erythromycin Against Mycoplasma Gallisepticum

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Comparison of in vitro assay methods for studying metabolic mechanisms that affect paraoxon pestic toxicity abstract rat liver plasma

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Comparison of in vitro bile acid binding capacity and in vivo hypocholesteremic activity of cholestyramine

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Comparison of in vitro fermentation and chemical solubility methods in estimating forage nutritive value

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Comparison of in vitro leukocytolysis produced with PPD and with polysaccharide I fraction from culture filtrate of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

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Comparison of in vitro rumen fermentation procedures

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Comparison of in vitro sensitivity of cloxacillin with other antibiotics in gram positive field

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Comparison of in vitro serum protein binding of thyroxin and triiodothyronine

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Comparison of in vivo and in vitro effects of triiodothyronine

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Comparison of in vivo and in vitro growth of the rat fetus teratogenesis

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Comparison of in vivo and in vitro techniques in ruminology studies

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Comparison of in vivo effects on components of the canine fibrinolytic enzyme system of trans 4 aminomethyl cyclo hexane 1 carboxylic acid fed at varying dose levels

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Comparison of in-vitro effectiveness of various sulfonamides on 110 strains of Staphylococcus aureus

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Comparison of incidence and treatment of meningitis over a ten year period

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Comparison of incidence of caries in the adult population of Hungary with that of the United States, Czechoslovakia and Italy

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Comparison of indirect hemagglutination and gel precipitation in three meningococcal types

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Comparison of indirect method to direct arterial blood pressure measurements in the turkey

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Comparison of indirect methods of measuring arterial blood pressure

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Comparison of individual and group performance related to heterogeneous wrong responses size and patterns of inter action human

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Comparison of individual pituitary gonadotropin preparations and reference standards from pooled urine

Comparison of induced electrolyte disturbance in normal and sensitized guinea pigs

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Comparison of infection types with respiratory patterns in Salmonella

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Comparison of influence of alpha methyl tyrosine cardio vasc and phenoxybenzamine cardio vasc on circulatory effects of ganglionic stimulation in anesthetized dogs abstract

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Comparison of influence of different solutes and methods of administering on the absorption velocity of penicillin

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Comparison of influenza B virus strains from the 1950 epidemic with strains from earlier epidemics

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Comparison of inhibitors of enzymatic blackening abstract potato d

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Comparison of inhibitory action of gamma-aminobutyric acid and B-hydroxy-gamma-aminobutyric acid on the motor system of higher animals

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Comparison of injury to sexually immature and mature rats by high doses of X-rays

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Comparison of inlet and outlet spawning runs of rainbow trout in Loon lake, British Columbia

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Comparison of insect pest complexes in different Philippine dryland rice environments population densities, yield loss, and management

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Comparison of insecticides for cabbage maggot control

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Comparison of insecticides for the control of corn ear worms

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Comparison of insecticides for the potato beetle

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Comparison of insecticides, insect pathogens and insecticide-pathogen combinations for control of cabbage looper, Trichoplusia ni

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Comparison of inst electro cardiographic and pathological anatomical data during myo cardial infarction

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Comparison of inst electrophoretic characteristics of blood serum proteins with immunological state of the organism in experimental neopl hepatomas mouse

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Comparison of inst luminescent microscopic and histochemical results of studies conducted on healthy dental pulp in man

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Comparison of inst microscopic counting techniques for estimation of leukocyte concentrations in milk

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Comparison of inst ultrasound and inst radiography in the diagnosis of abdomino pelvic masses human

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Comparison of insulin and 2-deoxy-D-glucose-induced glucopenia as stimulators of growth hormone secretion

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Comparison of insulin sensitivity of adrenalectomized and hypophysectomized dogs

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Comparison of interferon production in mice by bacterial endotoxin and statolon

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Comparison of intestinal penetration of cortisol and convallatoxin: demonstration of a transport mechanism for cardiotonic steroids

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Comparison of intra dermal and serologic tests for the diagnosis of amebiasis human hyper sensitivity monkey guinea pig entamoeba histolytica

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Comparison of intra-and extracellular action potentials of the muscle fiber and giant axon by means of the coaxial pencil-type microelectrode method

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Comparison of intracardiac and intravascular temperatures with rectal temperature

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Comparison of intracardiac and intravascular temperatures with rectal temperatures in man

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Comparison of intracellular localization of Nubp1 and Nubp2 using GFP fusion proteins

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Comparison of intradermal and ocular methods of testing for sensitivity to diodrast

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Comparison of intradermal test and patch test using nickel sulfate and formaldehyde. A quantitative approach

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Comparison of intradermal tests with agglutinability and certain in vitro tests of streptococci, staphylococci, Micrococcus catarrhalis, and colon bacilli isolated from persons suspected of having chronic infection

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Comparison of intraluminal pressures and motility patterns in the gastrointestinal tract of human beings when recorded by balloon and direct pressure systems

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Comparison Of Intramuscular And Oral Administration Of Chlorpromazine And Thioridazine

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Comparison of intraperitoneal and intracerebral infective techniques for evaluating typhoid vaccines in mouse protection tests

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Comparison of intravenous and topical effectiveness of various vasoconstrictors on the terminal vascular bed of the rat mesoappendis

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Comparison of intravenous anesthetics for short oto-rhino-laryngologic procedures

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Comparison of intravenous glucose tolerance and intravenous tolbutamide response in ischemic cardiovascular disease

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Comparison of intravenous injections of glucose, levulose andgalactose

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Comparison of inulin and creatinine clearance in the normal dog

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Comparison of inulin and endogenous creatinine clearances in young children

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Comparison of investigations on the structure of the vascular terminals of kidney corpuscles of fresh and salt water fish IV. Symposium of the Society for Nephrology on current problems in nephrology

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Comparison of investigations with an electric drag net using different kinds of current

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Comparison of Iodide Peroxidase-Like Activity of Thyroid and Nonthyroid Preparations

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Comparison of ionospheric F2 peak parameters foF2 and hmF2 with IRI2001 at Hainan

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Comparison of iproniazid with other amine oxidase inhibitors, including W-1544, JB-516, RO 4-1018, and RO 5-0700

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Comparison of irrigated summer forage crops with respect to their nutritive value

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Comparison of irrigation methods in terms of water waste

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Comparison of isoantibodies in serum, colostrum, and umbilical plasma

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Comparison of isolates of Mycoplasma hyorhinis by indirect hemagglutination

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Comparison of isoniazid and Ftivazid -hydrazine in efficacy and side effects 17th Tagung des Tuberkulose-Instituts der Medizinischen Akademie der Sowjetunion

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Comparison of isotope dilution methods for estimation of plant-available soil phosphorusT

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Comparison of isotopic and non-isotopic methods of estimating histidine decarboxylase activity

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Comparison of isozymes of serum and placental enz leucyl beta naphthylamide hydrolase in normal human pregnancy

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Comparison of iv and ia infusion of vasoactive agents on dog forelimb blood flow

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Comparison of japanese official lane eynon method for the determination of sucrose in sweetened condensed milk with inst polarimetric method

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Comparison of jumping capacity on the ground level and at the simulated altitude of 2300 meters in the rats

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Comparison of juniper populations on an Ozark glade and old fields

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Comparison of juvenile skulls of the mustelid genera Taxidea and Meles with comments on the subfamily Taxidiinae Pocock

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Comparison of kanamycin resistance test of tubercle bacilli between modified Lowenstein medium and Kirchner agar medium

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Comparison of labeled beta and gamma globulin metabolism in multiple myeloma

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Comparison of laboratory and field studies in the estimation of driving speed

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Comparison of laboratory reports upon release diphtheria cultures

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Comparison of laboratory stock diets in pellet and mash forms

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Comparison of laboratory tests for the diagnosis of Hashimoto's thyroiditi

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Comparison of ladino and Louisiana white clover in three grass sods

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Comparison of lag time in LH release between the turkey and chicken

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Comparison of lambs from Western ewes sired by rams of four Down breeds

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Comparison of land surface temperature LST modeled with a spatially-distributed solar radiation model SRAD and remote sensing data

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Comparison of large and small doses of hormones in the treatment of acute rheumatic carditis

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Comparison of large and small kerneled wheat as to yield, grown alone, and intermixed in the row

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Comparison of laxative action of bisacodyl suppositories and glycerin suppositories in acute myocardial infarction

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Comparison of leaching and fixation of potassium and rubidium in soils using the isotopes K42and Rb86

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Comparison of leaching characteristics of heavy metals in APC residue from an MSW incinerator using various extraction methods

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Comparison of lead arsenate methoxychlor and benzene hexachloride for control of white pine weevil

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Comparison of lead contents in canned foods in cases of using low-lead and high-lead solders

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Comparison of learning a fine motor task with learning a similar gross motor task, using kinesthetic cues

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Comparison of left ventricular volumes by dye dilution and angiographic methods in the dog

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Comparison Of Lethal + Semilethal Frequencies In Second And Third Chromosomes From A Natural Population Of Drosophila Melanogaster

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Comparison of leukocyte response to ACTH and bacterial pyrogen

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Comparison of lichen floras of New Zealand and Tasmania

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Comparison of ligation of inferior vena cava and spencers plication as methods of preventing pulmonary emboli

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Comparison of light and electron microscopic studies of bacteria

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Comparison of light distribution above and below water

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Comparison of light harvesting and resource allocation strategies between two rhizomatous herbaceous species inhabiting deciduous forests

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Comparison Of Light Magnesium Carbonate And Amberlite Sponge Adsorbants In The Measurement Of The Latent Iron-Binding Capacity Of Serum

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Comparison of Lignin-Like Polymers Produced Peroxidatively by Cinnamic Acid Derivatives in Leaf Sections of Phleum

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Comparison of limb and precordial vectorcardiographic systems

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Comparison of limestone and sodium bicarbonate as neutralizes for phosphoric acid oat silage

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Comparison of linear energy transfer and event size distributions

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Comparison of linecrosses with inbreds and line-cross hybrids with single cross hybrids in sweet corn

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Comparison of lipid composition of pleuropneumonia-like and L-type organisms

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Comparison Of Lipid Extraction Methods

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Comparison of lipid metabolism of chicken embryo organs and cells in culture

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Comparison of lipids and lipopolysaccharides from the bacillary and L forms of Proteus P18

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Comparison of lipomobilizing effects of noreplnephrine and phenyl-t-butyl-noroxedrine in vitro

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Comparison of lipoprotein lipase and clotting activity in lymph and plasma after heparin

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Comparison of liquid and solid nitrogen phosphorus and potassium fertilizers for barley m

Mustafa Özer, 2009:
Comparison of liquid limit values determined using the hard and soft base Casagrande apparatus and the cone penetrometer

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Comparison of liquid propane and liquid nitrogen in tissue preservation

Anonymous, 2009:
Comparison of litterfall and nutrient return in a Vaccinio uliginosia“Betuletum pubescentis and an Empetro nigria“Pinetum forest ecosystem in northern Poland

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Comparison of Littman and cycloheximide mediums for primary isolation of dermatophytes

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Comparison of liver biopsy and serochemical investigation in the control of chronic hepatitis

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Comparison of liver cancer and cirrhosis in nine areas in trans-Saharan Africa

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Comparison of liver fatty acids from rats fed different rations

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Comparison of liver function tests

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Comparison of liver kynurenine formamidases from rat and guinea pig. Preliminary communication

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Comparison of liver scanning with surgical and hiatologic findings

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Comparison of liver-glycogen deposition and work performance tests for the bio-assay of adrenal cortex hormones

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Comparison of living autogenous and homogenous grafts of cancellous bone heterotopically placed in rabbits

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Comparison of local anesthetic activity of substituted pyrrolidine derivatives by the method of action potentials

Paget, G.E.; Scott, H.M., 1957:
Comparison of local effects of various intramuscular injections in the rat

Li, L.; Ma, J.; Wen, Q., 2009:
Comparison of local transfer function classifier and radial basis function neural network with and without an exhaustively defined set of classes

Delzant, O., 1968:
Comparison of local treatment of skin diseases with fluocortolone dermatol fluocortolone capronate dermatol and other cortico steroids abstract from sem ther 42 9 522 525 nov 1966 human

Rochow, W.F.; Ross, A.F.; Siegel, B.M., 1955:
Comparison of local-lesion and electronmicroscope particle-count methods for assay of potato virus X from plants doubly infected by potato viruses x and Y

Czyhrinciw, N., 1954:
Comparison of locally extracted orange juice with the imported product

Chhabria, S.; Chinwala, S.; Dalal, M.; Kulkarni, R.D., 1965:
Comparison of long acting Sulfonamldes

Jordi Giménez; Maria, J.B.rque; Antonio, J.G.l; Pedro Alfaro; Antonio Estévez; Emma Suriñach, 2009:
Comparison of long-term and short-term uplift rates along an active blind reverse fault zone Bajo Segura, Se Spain

Dontas, A.S.; Papanicolaou, N.T.; Cottas, C.S., 1966:
Comparison of long-term effects of saluretics and of anabolic steroids on renal functions

Anonymous, 2009:
Comparison of low- and medium-pressure ultraviolet lamps photoreactivation of E coli and total coliforms in secondary effluents of municipal wastewater treatment plants

Schwarz, Hugh, W., 1951:
Comparison of low-temperature evaporators

Serge Laplante; Nathalie Souchet; Piotr Bryl, 2009:
Comparison of low-temperature processes for oil and coenzyme Q10 extraction from mackerel and herring

Jordan, P.; Randall, K., 1962:
Comparison of lucanthone hydrochloride and TWSb in the treatment of Schistosoma haematobium infections in Tanganyika

Lagerquist, Rune, 1960:
Comparison of lucerne strains

Balo, J., 1966:
Comparison of lung tumours in animals and man

Shonk, Carl, E., 1965:
Comparison of lycolytic enzymes in surgical biopsies and autopsy specimens

Whitby, J.L.; Black, H.J., 1964:
Comparison of Lymecycline with Tetracycline Hydrochloride

McFarland, W.; Heilman, D.H., 1966:
Comparison of lymphocyte transformation and intradermal reactions to tuberculins

Nelson, S.D.; Bridges, J.M.; Mcgeown, M.G., 1965:
Comparison of lymphocyte-transfer test and white-blood-cell grouping for organ donor selection

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Comparison of lymphoid cells of bone marrow and lymph nodes of rabbits and guinea pigs

Eliel, L.P.; Pearson, O.H.; Katz, B.; Kraintz, F.W., 1950:
Comparison of lymphoid tumor and muscle electrolyte composition in patients treated with ACTH and cortisone acetate

Doepfner, W.; Cerletti, A., 1958:
Comparison of lysergic acid derivatives and antihistamines as inhibitors of the edema provoked in the rat's paw by serotonin

Truhla, P.; Steda, A.; Kralik, V.; Hajkova, Z., 1959:
Comparison of macerated spines and the X-ray findings in ankylosing spondylitis

Hansen, Arild, E., 1941:
Comparison of macro- and microgravimetric technic for lipid analysis of serum

Kenyon, Alice Mae, 1964:
Comparison of macro- with microchromosomal fre-quencydistributions of viabilities for caged Drosophila melanogaster

Hall, C.E.; Hall, O., 1962:
Comparison of macromolecular hypertension due to polyvinyl alcohol and methyl cellulose, in respect to the role of sodium chloride

May, G.; Barnes, B.A., 1960:
Comparison of magnesium and potassium efflux from incubated rat diaphragms

Falcon, W.W.; Haro, E.N., 1964:
Comparison of malabsorptive and metabolic effects of cholestyramine and neomycin in jaundiced patient

Janssens, P.G., 1962:
Comparison of malarial parasites obtained by the study of cutaneous scarification and by samples of peripheral blood

Van, D.nther, J.B.M., 1962:
Comparison of malathion. DDT and HCH for control of T. pityocampa

Suzuki, M.; Hasegawa, K., 1957:
Comparison of malic dehydrogenase activities of rat heart and mouse liver homogenates

Holtkamp, D.E.; Hill, R.M., 1951:
Comparison of malonate and malondialdehyde in vitro oxygen uptake studies

Aberle, S.B.D., 1934:
Comparison of mammary glands of normal and ovariectomized rhesus monkeys