Section 25
Chapter 24,368

Comparison of cultured skim milk and dried skim milk fed to young calves with and without addition of antibiotics

Hvidsten, H.; Hole, G.

Tidsskr Norske Landbruk 72(10): 314-323


Accession: 024367046

No significant difference in gain, feed utilization, or carcass quality was found when cultured skim milk was partly replaced by dried skim milk. The addition of the antibiotics aureomycin and bacitracin resulted in reduction in the incidence of souring, especially during the 1st 6 weeks of the experiment. The increase in gain was most marked with calves given zinc bacitracin. No clear decrease in the activity of the antibiotics was found during 9 months storage of the dried skim milk with added auromycin or zinc bacitracin.

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