Section 25
Chapter 24,371

Comparison of water absorption by paddy and upland rice under upland field conditions

Hasegawa, S.'ichi; Nakayama, K.; Usui, K.

Proceedings Crop Science Society Japan 28(3): 279-280


Accession: 024370608

The paddy rice required slightly less water. The ratio of amount of water transpired after heading time to total loss during the season was higher under paddy field conditions and with early heading, and in every case higher in paddy rice. The paddy rice has more roots in the upper 10 cm of soil, causing lower water content there than at lower levels in the soil. At both levels, the weight of roots was less in the paddy rice than in upland rice. It was therefore concluded that paddy rice requires more irrigation water supplied at more frequent intervals, especially after it has headed.

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