Contribute allo studio delle batteriemie chirurgiche con emoculture comparate I. Batteriemia pre- e post-operatoria negli interventi asettici

Baiocchi, P.

Gior Batteriol E Immunol 21(1): 63-86


Accession: 024390890

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The presence of bacteria in the circulating blood before and after a large number (44) of aseptic operations was determined. Cultures of patients' blood were made in glucose bouillon and in a commercial medium "Liquoid Roche." Pre-opera-tive bacteremia was negative in all cases cultured in glucose bouillon; positive in 13% of cases cultured in Liquoid Roche. Post-operative bacteremia was positive in 15% of the cases by the 1st method, and in 50% by the 2d method, a greater frequency than observed by others. The organisms recovered were non-pathogens: Staphylococcus albus, IS. aureus, an enterococcus, and a gram positive microdiplococcus.