Section 25
Chapter 24,401

Contributions to the cell wall research in plant tissue culture: III. Studies on the constituents effecting the cell wall ontogenesis in the coconut

Koblitz, H.

Qualitas Plant Mat Veg 14(1/2): 70-78


Accession: 024400935

The composition of a new nutrient medium for the in vitro cultivation of carrot plant tissues is described, in which natural sources of stimulating substances such as coconut milk, fraction Gl [a fraction from coconut endosperm] are substitutedvby defined chemical compounds. The new medium contains high amounts of [gamma]-amino-butyric acid showing very strong rhizogenic qualities and-resembling in this way the fraction Gl. Gibberellin suppresses this root formation and can be compared with the coconut milk. Both kinetin and gibberellin increase the lignin production; this activity is eliminated by the [gamma]-aminobutyric acid. A scheme relating these results and decar-boxylation and transamination was attempted.

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