Correlation of the results obtained by beef-digestion, gelatin-digestion, and milk-clotting methods of measuring the proteolytic activity of papain

Hinkel, E.T.; Zippin, C.

Annals of the new York Academy of Sciences 54(2): 228-235


ISSN/ISBN: 0077-8923
PMID: 14830113
Accession: 024413082

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The results obtained by the 3 methods on 60 samples of papain were compared. The results obtained by both gelatin-digestion and milk-clotting methods are highly correlated, and the 2 methods, therefore, measure the same property of papain. Beef-digestion results agree with the results obtained by the gelatin-digestion and milk-clotting methods only when the papain is activated prior to testing by the latter methods. This agreement is adversely influenced by the inherent variability in the beef method. The speed, reproducibility, and sensitivity of the milk-clotting method make it the method of choice for measuring the activity of papain.