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Cretaceous Ammonites from Texas and northern Mexico

Cretaceous Ammonites from Texas and northern Mexico

Univ Texas Bull 2748: 143-312

Ammonites ranging in age from Cenomanian to Maestrichtian and cited in an accompanying paper on the Cretaceous and Tertiary deposits of southern Texas and northern Mexico are described and the relations of the faunas of the Albian and later beds discussed at length. The fauna of the Pawpaw beds is interpreted provisionally as representing the uppermost Albian (bed XIII of Folkestone); of the Weno and Denton beds as representing bed XII; of the Duck Creek beds as representing beds X and IX; of the Kiamichi beds as representing bed VIII; of the Goodland beds as doubtful. The faunas of the uppermost Georgetown beds and the Del Rio clay are interpreted as lower Cenomanian; of the Buda limestone as upper Cenomanian. Other faunas permit correlation with the Salmurian (lower Turonian), upper Turonian, Coniacian, Santonian, Campanian, and Maestrichtian of Europe. The following are described: Albian: In-oceramus (Actinoceramus) subsulcatiformis* (p. 189) and Stoliczkaia adkinsi*(p. 193), Texas. Cenomanian: Turrilites brazoensis*Roemer, Acanthoceras cunning-toni Sharpe yar.*, Tetragonites brazoensis*(p. 203), Texas, Turrilites bosquensis* Adkins, Baculites cf. baculoides* Mantell, Stoliczkaia uddeni*(p. 211) Texas, S. aff. dispar* D'Onbigny, Mantelliceras wacoense*(p. 215) Texas, M. brazoense* (p. 220), Mexico and Texas, Scaphites bosquensis* (p. 224) and S. subevolutus*(p. 225) Texas, Engonoceras bravoense* (p. 229), Texas and Mexico, ADKINSIA (p. 232), resembling Flickia, (genotype A. adkinsi*, p. 237, Texas), A. sparsicosta* (p. 238), Texas, A. tuberculata*(p. 240), Texas, A. bosquensis*(Flickia? b. Adkins) (p. 242), A.semiplicata* (p. 246), Texas, Euhystrichoceras remolinense* (p. 247), Mexico, Mantelliceras mantelli* Sowerby, M.laticlavium v. mexicanum* (p. 253), Mexico, BUDAICERAS (p. 255), (Acanthoceratidae) (genotype B. mexicanum*, p. 259, Mexico). Upper Turonian: Prionotropis woollgari v. mexicana* (p. 262) Mexico. Coniacian: Proplacenticeras aff. fritschi* Gross. Peroniceras. aff. subtricarinatum* D'Orbigny. Upper Santonian: Gau-dryceras kayei* Forbes, Placenticeras syrtale* Morton. Campanian: Placenticeras whitfieldi* Hyatt. Maes-trichtian: COAHUILITES (p. 279), resembling Liby-coceras and Sphenodiscus, (genotype C. sheltoni*, p. 283 Mexico), C. orynskii* (p. 287) and C. cavinsi*(p. 290), Mexico, Sphenodiscus lenticularis* Owen, S. intermedius* (p. 295), S. prepleurisepta* (p. 298) and S. aberrans*(p. 301), Mexico, S. pleurisepta* Conrad, Parapachydiscus cf. colligatus* Binkh.

Accession: 024417848

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